Best 100 Writing Blogs List With Great Writing Tips And Ideas

Top Writing Blogs

These one of the Best writing blogs are the treasures carrying writing tips, ideas, inspiration, motivation, lessons, new books, more books worth reading, writing podcasts, writing tools and technology, writing feedback’s and much more on character building, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, writing various other genres, promoting and marketing works of writing, among plenty other things.

To help all the writers across the globe make the most of their peculiar writing talents, gifts, and acquired traits, we have collected, and discussed, world’s best hundred writing blogs list. These will impact you all the said wisdom, and aid you into smoothing and honing your writing skills.

  • The Balance The Balance has perfect balance of all the right ingredients, in the right balance, to become one of the leading best writing blogs on the internet today. Reason behind this is the continuous, almost unending stream of writing tips, mostly revolving around news writing. It is quite certain that a person following this blog religiously will get a brilliant knack for cracking the best news stories, and that is in fact a fact.

  • Grammarly Grammarly’s writing blog brings a writers genius back to life with all those incredible blogposts discussing about writing and writer’s block, writing stats, writing tools and technology for writing, constructive writing feedback, and improving writing skills among many other things. So, go on, find your fix.

  • Writer’s Digest Writer’s Digest believes in and promotes four magic words, which are – ‘write better, get published’. The question you are about to ask is valid. How do they do that? They have laid down the details with myriad blogs on stuff ranging from guides to planning, writing various genres to character building and more. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Copy Blogger Copy Blogger deals in words that work, and that is what they offer you here, including tips around words that work. So, if you wish to rock your content, or if you are bored with your blog, or if you are in need for a little inspiration, or if there is anything else bothering you, get right on Copy Blogger. You will find almost all your solutions here.

  • Problogger Here’s your pro at blogging. Problogger writes for the blogger in you, to help you bring that chap out and become one of the best writing blog list. Really, that is possible, considering all the informational and constructive blog-posts and podcasts here. The folks here have curated those to the best of their abilities. Now it is up to you to use these to the best of yours.

  • Daily Writing Tips We love the name and the reason behind the name. Writing tips here are updated daily, which is what every writer seeks. Daily Writing Tips makes writing a wonderful experience with all those writing tips and techniques done right. Follow this one for your daily dose of wisdom and writing tips to get you going far and strong.

  • Absolute Write Absolute Write advices you on writing hard, writing true, and then, just writing on. As a comprehensive informational one of the best writing blog, in their words, Absolute Write is a community for writers of all levels. This one, therefore, comes as a breather with its inspirational and informational interviews, and plenty other things sure to up your writing experience and game.

  • The Write Life The Write Life talks not only about art and craft of writing but also the finance of it, that is moneymaking. With blogs ranging from marketing your book to publishing it and then freelancing writing to blogging, this one has you covered with details and literal words of wisdom.

  • The Write Practice Guiding you straight into writing marvelously and engagingly is The Write Practice with its extensive coverage of topics on writing, from character relationships to character building, and tips on writing. That’s about the subtle discussions. The other discussions here are to be had with a couple of hours in hand, for you won’t be able to move away from all that wisdom imparted here. To know more please visit this one of the best writing blog now.

  • Goins Writer Go Ins Writer has engraved its name on our list of best hundred writing blogs. This one here is a brilliant writing blog bearing vividly distinct blogs and myriad guides, ideas, advices, and so much more. Must we also mention that Jeff Goins, mind behind this blog is a bestselling author of five books.

  • The Book Designer The Book Designer here provides practical advice to fellow writers and designers on building better books. It talks about authors, book marketing, book promotions, writers fatigue, book cover designs, printing, legalities, publishing, reviews, book printing, production, self-publishing, writing and so much more. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • The Creative Penn The Creative Penn is a blog by Joanna Penn, who is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author under thriller category. Having written over 23 books so far, she shares her wisdom with us fellow writers. Her offerings in terms of blog and aid, undoubtedly, are vast, both in coverage and numbers.

  • Jane Friedman Jane Friedman is your man, actually woman, for getting details on almost everything relating to publishing and getting published, that is finding a publisher or self-publishing. She is this genius writer with about twenty years of experience in the publishing industry. That is not all, she also holds expertise in building digital media strategy. So, in short, she is your man. Browse through this one of the top writing blog list now.

  • Poets And Writers Poets And Writers is a blog that covers both the writing majors, poetry and the vastness of writing. Bringing the latest news from the world of writing to you, Poets and Writers also prompts you to write with lots of inspiration through gabs on recommended published works and lots of other works.

  • Make A Living Writing Providing practical help for hungry writers, Make A Living Writing makes a special case in favor of writing. For those who write, the skill sure is first a gift, a talent before anything else. But that doesn’t mean it can work the same all the time. It needs to be sharpened. How? Let this one of the top writing blog tell you that and once you visit here, allow it to advice you on how to Make A Living Writing.

  • default Now Novel offers noble ways of writing a novel among others. This one very intricately not only discusses the structure of writing a novel but also on writing other great stuff from antagonist to their adversaries, plots to subplots, romantic scenes to fight scenes. Not only this but there are explanatory tips on plot development, characterization, and editing among other things.

  • Helping Writers Become Authors Helping Writers Become Authors is K.M. Weiland’s – the maker of this one of the best writing blog and award-winning author of bestsellers – way of extending her help to fellow writers. With such extensive experience and credentials, she offers major aid in writing with writing tips, guides, and a ot more.

  • Writers In Charge This one motivates you to take charge of your writing career, said in their words. Bamidale Onibalusi, the maker and writer of this blog, presents many ideas, opinions, tips and advices on writing and earning through writing. To help you better, he also features live examples of people who have got it right by taking charge.

  • Letters Of Note This one is about a commendable initiative. Letters of Note attempts at collecting and sorting letters, telegrams, postcards, memos, and even faxes. There are many letters from people discussing matters about stuffs, with many incidents dating as far back in time as the moment when Neil Armstrong set humanity’s first foot on Moon. To know more please visit this one of the best writing blog now.

  • Reedsy Reedsy extends helps to the writers who wish to successfully publish their work. Reedsy does that by preparing and providing descriptive blogs on writing both fiction and non-fiction. In deeper sense, there are discussions on themes of story, fiction editors and what to expect, writing for other fields and more.

  • Writers Relief Writers Relief was established in 1994. With such an extensive experience helping writers, you know there is a lot you can learn from this one. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, there are tips on writing, consider something as crucial yet difficult as writing the character and back story of a villain. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Terrible Minds Chuck Wendig, the author of this blog and many published novels is also a screenwriter and game designer. Here he shares much of all the wisdom he has gained over the years along with some creative ideas to lift you off your feet. See what he is up to in his amazing writing style on Terrible Minds.

  • Write To Done Write To Done presents plenty unmissable articles on writing. There are innumberable articles here to be read on two prime categories of writing, that is fiction and non-fiction. Apart from that, and just because we know how terrible writers blocks are, there are plenty articles on motivation followed by numerous tips on writing. Browse through this one of the top writing blog list now.

  • Writers Write Writers Write and how? That is discussed on this blog along with readers read and how, and again, watchers watch and how. That aside, this one’s got some pretty amazing tips from some pretty rad writers like John Grisham. There is also news from the writers world to be read here.

  • Writing Forward Writing forward has a giant library of top small business blogs in plenty categories. There are ideas, tips, opinions and lots more to read here on better writing, creative writing, grammar tips, story writing, poetry writing. There are many resources here to be found too, along with writing exercises and writing prompts.

  • Advanced Fiction Writing This blog has America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing, aka Randy - the writer of this blog. And he offers many fiction writing tips, which is always a good place to start, right? Right. When that’s established, watch Randy, aka America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing guide you through writing scenes, characters, dialogues and more.

  • The Passive Voice The Passive Voice brings a lawyer’s thoughts on authors, self and traditional publishing, as it reads here. And those thoughts are quite fascinating, quite like how the advice's here are intriguing. It is an interesting blend and point of view nonetheless, something you certainly should see than not. Browse through this one of the top writing blog list now.

  • Writer Unboxed Writer Unboxed unboxes here the craft and business of fiction. We all, at one point or the other, must have thought of writing fictions. This brings those thoughts to life with its nobly extended aid in the form of all these blogs. Read and collect as many from these as you can, for when you begin writing your piece of fiction, these pieces of wisdom are going to play a major role.

  • Go Dot Media Content is the prime force driving major brands and marketers. To know how, you got to visit this one of the best small business blog called Go Dot Media. Here there are lots of talks around content marketing, importance of content, engaging customers through content, and a lot more such cool content stuff.

  • Anna R Allen Anna R Allen, aka the name and brain behind this blog, and Ruth Harry talk about writing on this blog, goes without saying. Writing, however, is not all they talk about but everything, almost, enveloping it. These include writer’s block, and subsequent depression, writing success, editor and editing, and much more.

  • All Freelance Writing All Freelance Writing was founded in 2006; and since then the folks here have been providing jobs, market, forum, podcasts, books and resources on becoming a freelance writer and being the best one at it. You will learn a lot from these best small business blogs provided here discussing writing, being stuck, freelance writing schedule, among other things.

  • Be A Freelance Blogger This one helps you learn the art and science of making money from blogging. It talks about you as a blogger, and the challenges you face while struggling to make a name in the industry, and start earning off your work. Find the inspiration, the wisdom, the aid, the tips and the tricks, and be that genius freelance blogger who earns.

  • Two Writing Teachers Two Writing Teachers presents writing ideas, and simply shine light on teachers and their lives. There are many interesting pieces of writing here that teachers and writers can benefit from. We particularly like the smooth writing style and manner of presentation along with these top small business blogs.

  • Indies Unlimited One of the top fascinating things about Indies Unlimited is that it had been named by Publishers Weekly as one of the top six blogs for authors. When we found out why we were filled with admiration. It is for all those, read hundreds, thousands of posts on writing, reading and more.

  • Writers Helping Writers This one is a cool writing one of the best small business blog where writers help writers. It is the sense of camaraderie that we admire here. You will find extensive discussions on writing intricacies like character motivation, which are intriguing, especially coming from brilliant minds that are also experienced in the art.

  • Alexis Grant Alexis Grant is an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, who by way of this blog motivates and guides you into making your own luck in career and life. If you still need more motivation, read her blogs on inclusions in life, both work and personal, and also those motivating stories of real people here.

  • Eva Deverell Eva Deverell’s blog has something for all writers, readers and poets, in the form of reading lists, toolkits, ideas and imagination, and inspiration. These are vastly scattered over this one of the top small business blogs describing many things including plot formulas, scene ideas, writing study guides among other things.

  • Wow Women On Writing Wow Women On Writing blog offers latest news on writing and the writers world. This one discusses about writers, characters, art of writing, writing path among other things. There are also many interviews with authors, and folks from the industry to inspire and guide you.

  • New Pages New Pages one of the top small business blog helps creative writers engage readers. You can expect to find details on many literary magazines and publishing, and alternative media. The writing style here is subtle and flawless, which is in fact quite connectable and makes us lurching for more.

  • Funds For Writers This blog called Funds For Writers provides tips and tools for serious writers in order to help them advance their careers, as seen on the blog. That seems to stand true when driven through the piles of data backing their statement with book reviews, freelancing, readers and a lot more.

  • Bang2Write Bang2Write provides writing tips for screenwriters and novelists. These writing tips, as discussed here, are vaster and cover writing inside-out in the modern world, consider apps and accessories for writing as you travel, screenwriting software, improving writing through infographics among other things. Browse through this one of the top writing blog list now.

  • Live Write Thrive Live Write Thrive is a blog from the very creative mind of C.S. Lakin who is a novelist, copyeditor, writing coach, backpacker among other things. With such a diverse personality, think just how exemplary her writing, ideas, and tips on writing are going to be. That is something you will be awed at when reading her blog.

  • She Writes She Writes writes and discusses about all things related to writing – from editing to marketing, promotion to various genre, including a lot on writing in general. She Writes is a top small blog, as we must mention here, not written by one but many women. So, you know the amount of wisdom this one carries is in fact bountiful.

  • Men With Pens Men With Pens discusses world-class websites and copywriting. If those two things fancy you, tread along. There are participles to be discussed, passive voice to be heard, read about, freelance writers and their struggles to be talked about, and many more thing to be discussed, read and talked about.

  • Crofs Blogs Crofs Blogs, aka Writing Fiction, discusses on writing and publishing both novels and short fictions, in their words. This one goes deeper into discussing much more than what you would have thought and more of what you had, like someone stealing your novel idea. There are many more best small business blogs from writers, and folks from the industry.

  • Well Storied Well Storied is a clean, serene blog for writers to sharpen their writing skills. It is the kind of blog that gets you, that connects with you, and the kind that really understands you as a writer and/or an author. That is how the details, descriptions and discussions you find on Well Storied answers things you already seem to have been looking for.

  • Janice Hardy Janice Hardy’s Fiction University here provides aid in taking your writing to the next level. It helps you characterize your characters right, setting your characters to the best of your abilities and theirs, even if that means breaking them at one place or the other, challenges you into writing to the best of your skill. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Writers Center Australian Writer’s Center discusses a lot about writing and writers here. On their blog, Australian writers center lends a keen insight on the updates and news around the center, and also presents detailed discussion on words and writing for writers to benefit from.

  • Rachelle Gardner Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent, an experienced editor, and a writing and publishing coach. On her top small business blog, she provides helpful feeds on writing and publishing, including much wisdom on self-publishing and traditional publishing, and publishing per se, among other things.

  • Publication Coach Publication Coach’s blog takes the writers into the world of publishing through varied posts and features. This one talks as much about publishing as about writing. Words are the real player here, which this one discusses almost every week. See which word you will find this week.

  • Positive Writer Positive Writer creates work that matters, and it helps us folks do the same. How exactly though, you ask? By inspiring us and clearing our doubts, although it does those two through books of the author here, that is Bryan Hutchinson. The other things like effective tips, writing lessons, and a lot more are openly discussed for the benefit of us writers. Browse through this one of the top writing blog list now.

  • Nathan Bransford Nathan Bransford is an author of many books including the Jacob Wonderbar series. His blog bears his vivid writing style with which he discusses about writing, and many things around writing. It is a good one to read when in need for a quick fix, and even when in need for a long pleasant read.

  • Writers In The Storm Blog Writers In The Storm one of the best writing Blog is an initiative by seasoned writers to help other fellow writers or aspiring writers with their knowledge, experience and wisdom. This one talks commendably about writing and something called story spirits, for instance. What makes this one special is the myriad of ideas and advice's from numerous writers, with expertise in their genre.

  • Textbook and Academic Authors Association Online This blog called Textbook and Academic Authors Association helps you navigate your path to writing success, in their own words. This one discusses about journals, about textbooks, writing and publishing, self-help, creativity, and textbook authors and readers among other things.

  • Author Kristen Lamb Author Kristen Lamb, the name behind this one of the best writing blog, is the author of bestselling books, including ‘Rise Of The Machines – Human Authors In A Digital World’ among others. Her blog discusses her opinions, ideas, views and more about writing, characters, and a lot more.

  • The Writers Academy This is The Writers Academy by Penguin Random House. What it offers here is a writer’s toolbox, to back you with all the help needed to better your writing. There are lots of webinars here, plenty articles to siffle through and sort your writing demeanor before ultimately nailing the game.

  • Kathy Steinemann Kathy Steinemann, the author of this top writing blog, says she has loved words for way too long, more so when the words are frightening, funny or futuristic. We already admire her, don’t we? On her blog are more such reasons for admiration when she explains a subtle, simple thing in absolute detail, with examples, that you’ll never feel there was something you knew nothing about ever again. Hint: They concern word lists and ways.

  • Kill Zone Blog Kill Zone Blog provides insider perspectives – you read it right – from top thriller and mystery writers. That is enough to tempt you, if you are a thriller or mystery writer yourself, or planning to be a thriller or mystery writer. Along with tips and advices on writing thrillers and mystery novels, this one also discusses about writing and maintaining blogs. A win-win.

  • Publishing Crawl Pub(lishing) Crawl, as it is preferably called, is a group of authors and industry professionals who write and discuss all about writing, and how writing is similar to other things, publishing, and how you can have your book read and preferred by masses, and more. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Tara Lazar Tara Lazar, the author of this blog, is a writer of picture books for kids and her blog here is all about writing for kids, that is while raising them. With an exceptional style of writing, Tara Lazar’s blog will prove an alma mater in upping your writing skills, and writing cooler, fancier stuff for kids.

  • Inkwell Editorial Inkwell Editorial helps you learn and acquire the knack of making money through writing. This one discusses freelance writing in various genres and earning, writing books and publishing them, site and blog traffics, and a lot more about and around these things. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • The International Freelancer Mridu Khullar Ralf, the author of this blog, has written for many renowned publications like the New York Times, Time, CNN, ABC, Marie Claire among others. Her blog lends you a keen insight into freelancing, getting a project with your dream publication, and more.

  • Peter David Peter David is a prolific author with over two decades of writing experience, and some incredible books in his name. On his top writing blog, he shares feeds on other authors, and all that he is up to among other things. He sure is a man you can learn a trick or twenty from.

  • Elizabeth Spann Craig By the bestselling author of the Southern Quilting, and Memphis Barbeque mysteries, Elizabeth Spann Craig, the blog prepares you for writing mysteries brilliantly. This one presents tips, advices, motivation, publishing and so much more on writing and ultimately having your work out there in the world.

  • Books And Such Books And Such is a one-of-a-kind literary management and one of the best writing blog run by six sharp literary agents. This one discusses not only about writing but also publishing, and doing it the smart writers way. For that they have curated some wonderful tips and blogs to aid you become a published smart author, and make your story reach wider audience.

  • Inky Girl Inky Girl is a lot about children’s books, about reading, writing and illustrating those. There are innumerable words of wisdom here for writers going deep and deeper with tips, challenges faced by writers, creativity advices, and lots and lots of comics. So, go on writers, dig deep and see what gems you find here.

  • Novel Publicity Novel Publicity helps you take your book to new heights. That it does with descriptive blogs on writing, writing software and apps, author websites, scenes and chapters and characters, time management, tips and tricks, and a lot more which often come as a knight in the shining armor for your professional accomplishments. To know more go through this one of the best writing blog now.

  • About Freelancing All About Freelancing can be learnt on this blog, be it about freelance writing or managing multiple clients, deadlines and pushing those deadlines or the editorial calendars or online privacies, follow-ups or resources, moneymaking and making money through freelancing or anything else.

  • Sarah Peck Sarah Peck, the name and brain behind this top writing blogs, has already had her works published in The New York Times, and Fast Company among other publications. On her blog she talks about writing, hers and in general, reading, and all that she wishes to share from her life among other things.

  • Lauren Sapala Lauren Sapala, the name and mind behind this blog, is a writer, writing coach and also an INFJ – the rare kind of personality that is. Here on her blog she offers writing advices, tips and also discusses various other personality types. She seems to be knowing writers and their heads a little too much, and that shows in all that she writes.

  • default Quinn Creative’s one of the best writing blog has a peculiar sense of sharing. This one makes cases in favor of some fair points worth discussing. There are stories here, ideas and opinions, talks about creativity, discussions around some intriguing thoughts, and a lot more.

  • KM Weiland KM Weiland, the creator and curator of this blog, is an IPPY, NIEA and LYRA award winning author. Her blog is a breathtaking showcase of her writing creativity put to digital aesthetic. She writes about diverse topics, though many revolve around her work and life. Feel free to dwell deeper and rejoice at the findings.

  • Dani Shapiro Dani Shapiro, the one giving meaning to this one of the best writing blog’s name, is the bestselling author of memoirs including Still Writing, and Devotion among others, and novels including Black and White. Her blog reflects her thoughts and reading her writing in itself is an inspiration and lesson for us writers to better our writing.

  • Literary Rambles Literary Rambles is Natalie Aguirre’s blog throwing the spotlight on children’s book authors, agents, and publishing, in her own words. It is quite fascinating to read about all those authors, from all those authors. This one is a whole package stuffed with inspiration. Grab as much as you can.

  • Writing Thoughts Here are Writing Thoughts on copy-writing, blogging, and freelance writing among other things. There are plenty thoughts on all those, presented in a remarkable way on this top writing blog. This one talks so sensibly and smartly, it feels like a person sitting in front of you and guiding you.

  • Productive Writers What makes Productive Writers one of the best writing blogs online today is its deep coverage on boosting the productivity. Apart from that it imparts tremendous knowledge on time management, secrets of success in writing through successful meeting and there’s a lot more to prep you for attaining your maximum levels of productivity.

  • Untamed Writing Won’t you agree that is how writing should be, that is untamed. To learn more about how to accustom ourselves to Untamed Writing, check the blogs here. Karen Marston is the author of this one of the best writing blog and she has done a commendable job at surprising us, educating us, guiding us, and helping us be a better writer, or rather an untamed writer.

  • Alan Rinzler Alan Rinzler, the name and brain behind this blog, is a man who draws instant respect for his experience as an editor and publisher, and his unwavering respect for writers. His blog renders a wider view at the industry and writing in general. This one fills you with so much information that you would never be the same writer again.

  • Writers And Authors Writers And Authors, here is your place to be at. You will find almost everything in abundance here, be it interviews with other authors, writing intricacies, book showcases, excerpts, discussions on publishing, and lots of free words of wisdom and tips for promoting, presenting, and more. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Kid Lit 411 Kid Lit 411, as the name suggests, is dedicated to kids books and writers of kids books. There are lots of picture books here to inspire yourself from. There is bright spotlight on authors and illustrators to admire and get more inspired. There are many tips, advices and discussions on writing and writers to fill your bags of wisdom with.

  • Debbie Ohi Debbie Ridpath Ohi, the name behind this one of the top writing blog is that of a young girl who reads and illustrates for younger people. Her blog brings along an air of tranquility with posts that a writer writing for a younger audience can learn a lot from and get inspired along the path.

  • The Writers Alley Blog The Writer’s Alley Blog is the place where writers and stories meet, much of what their blog welcomes us with. Their range of discussions here run wide and wider with feeds on utilizing time, freedom, books by other authors, blogs by other authors, marketing tips and so much more.

  • Erika Dreifus Erika Dreifus, the blogger and author of this one of the best writing blog, is also the author of Quiet Americans: Stories. By means of her blog she discusses about the significant events, writing and writers, jobs for writers, words, more literary stuff, among many more things.

  • Jack Limpert Jack Limpert is the Editor of The Washingtonian. On his blog, under his name, goes quite without saying, he shares his views, opinions, and ideas around various intriguing topics, plenty trending. He also guides us novice writers on writing, for various industries including television.

  • Commune Writers Ajayi Olubiyi, the author of this top writing blog has also authored over a hundred and fifty articles on numerous magazines, blog etc. Commune Writers is a blog for writers across the globe to empower their words, as they say. Ajayi’s writing style adds an enchanting essence to this blog.

  • Time To Write Time To Write offers writing tips and ideas. Apart from that there is lots of inspiration here for writers and other creative folks. These all are provided here by Jurgen Wolff, who has written TV Movies for the Olsen Twins and a mini-series named Midnight Men, that starred Rob Lowe, among other things.

  • Peter Rey Peter Rey’s which is one of the best writing blog focuses on revitalising your creative energies by pressing on matters that matter/are significant. Consider knowing yourself more, rereading books, or taking vacations for that matter, or daydreaming. These are but a few. There is a whole lot of treasure out in the open here.

  • default By the internationally bestselling author of not one but twelve novels, MJ Rose is an inspiration in herself. Her blog here renders a wider view at her writing, others writing, and lots and lots of books. There is also much on the events in the writing industry that are covered in detail on her blog.

  • Christina Katz Christina Katz, the name and brain behind this top writing blog, shares over a decade of her experience and wealth of techniques here. With this she helps creative folks in becoming more expressive. Kudos, we say. Check her blog for gaining that creative confidence and confidence in creativity, even in bad times, among other things.

  • The Art Of Writing The Art Of Writing is a writers retreat in Tuscany, as it goes here. There are about sixteen authors writing on this blog, tutoring you into writing your best words. This blog, before anything, is a digital land of serenity, as visually pleasing as mentally.

  • Writing Class Radio A podcast of a writing class, Writing Class Radio is an intriguing one when it comes to discussing and talking writing. Many lessons are imparted, many more ideas bought to life. The peculiar way of writing and discussing is as much a reader delight here, as is a writer’s. Visit this one of the top writing blog to read more.

  • Write Now! Coach To help convert write maybe into write now, this blog provides many ideas and inspiration. It aims at accelerating creativity in writers, so more folks like us, the ones who write, do it to the best of their abilities; such abilities as are enhanced through all those inspiring and motivating posts.

  • Writing Rocks Writing Rocks is every writers most heartfelt words bought to life. There is a lot that is discussed here on writing and about writers to ultimately benefit the writers. A glimpse into the matter discussed and presented here, reveals how inspiration comes in many forms. To know more go through this one of the best writing blog now.

  • Angela Booth Angela Booth’s blog is for freelance writers writing fiction, non-fiction and/or copywriting or those fancied by writing in any way. Catch what all the frenzy on writing is all about. And in that process, learn more, understand more and ultimately use that learning and understanding as you sit to write.

  • The Procrastiwriter Because you could have been writing right now, this top writing blog, aka The Procrastiwriter, writes about the writers dilemmas and the stuffs they go through, like writers block. Shanan, the maker of this blog, is also one of us, a writer with the problem of procrastination. See here how she and the other writers deal with it.

  • Marshall Butch Armstrong This blog called Marshall Butch Armstrong, bears a very vivid style of writing and that is pretty much evident in the blogposts here. The posts here are intriguing, mostly owing to the ideas, and the unique writing style. You’ll be surprised by the variety of posts here.

  • October In April Let’s take a moment to ponder over that name. Now, when the excitement level to know more about this one of the best writing blog is up, here are the details. October In April, the blog, carries lots of posts on poems, prose, chapbooks and books per se, and lots of readings. Must we mention, Stephanie Anderson, the mind behind this blog, is the authors of three poem books.

  • Writer And Critic Through this we learn that in the world of writing there are three types of significant people, a) the writers; b) the readers; and c) the critics. This one discusses the a and c in detail. Understand things they are trying to explain through podcasts here and pick plenty new ideas of writing, that is after gathering all the inspiration.

  • default The Writing Whisperer is a top writing blog on writing stories and other things. An all-rounder writing blog covering almost all of writing, from motivation to inspiration, ideas to tips, advices to guide among other things, The Writing Whisperer offers many blogs with a wider perspective with one objective of helping us better our writing and use the available resources like social media for reaching out wider audience.

  • Little Writing Man Justin Barisich, a satirist, poet, performer, is your Little Writing Man. On his blog, he discusses poems, plenty written by him. So, if you are the kind who fancies poems, you might find them fascinating and wish to dwell deeper into the kinds of poems that Justin has written.

Here we are, after spotting and learning about a hundred amazing treasures bearing the best writing tips and ideas, inspiration and motivation, and lots and lots of discussions. Having an incessant supply of these – with something new added every day, increasing our chances of further exploration and understanding – would make our writing errands all the more enjoyable, ultimately leading to an incredible output, a genius creation of our own making.

There are many such moments of amaze and surprise awaiting you on the other side of this best writing blogs list, and the journey you are about to take. Do tell us though how it was and what all you created after siffling through this list. We will be waiting right here to learn.


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