Best 100 Weight Loss Blogs To Read When Considering Weight Loss

Top Weight Loss Blogs

These Best Weight Loss blogs are inspirational and informational resources offering weight loss guidance in the form of tips, techniques, tools, recipes, diet plans, advice’s, guides, how-to, workouts, exercises, and more.

Backing your weight loss attempts with the best information online, we have created this collection of Worlds Best 100 weight loss blogs. These top hundred weight loss blogs are ranked on the basis of relevance and sided with a quick insight. Read on.

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  • Huffington Post HuffPost presents weight loss feeds in various shapes and sizes, and also formats, that is videos and written feeds. Under the latter are myriad feeds covering healthy living, sports and parents among others. Women and men also can benefit tremendously from the feeds shared here.

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  • POPSUGAR A famous fashion blog, POPSUGAR discusses fitness in depth. Sided with healthy recipes, like for healthy dinners, POPSUGAR brings interesting feeds and advices on weight loss and fitness, especially through tips, including beginner fitness tips, healthy eating tips, while covering holiday fitness and more on the go.

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  • Fitbit Fitbit, a wearable product, changing the way we move, has done its bit in informing us about weight loss, done so phenomenally. From feeds on eat well to manage weight, Fitbit proves a major gamechanger not only with its product but also its blog. There’s lot be inspired from on Fitbit’s blog.

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  • Nerd Fitness Level up your life with Nerd Fitness. The Nerd Fitness blog helps remove mental physical and emotional barriers that stop people from changing lives for better. Made available here are guides, including beginner’s guides; how-tos, best practices, and more feeds on weight loss and fitness.

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  • Pop Culture An entertainment media company, Pop Culture feeds gabs and news to a generation that’s passionate about celebrities and entertainment franchises. You can expect to find feeds on the same, like before and afters, celebrity weight loss, fitness and more, only that revolves around fitness in the weight loss section.  

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  • Anytime Fitness Anytime Fitness presents inspiration and tips in order to support your journey. Between health and nutrition coverage is weight loss covered extensively, offering stories and success stories, best practices, suggestions, how-to guides, and more helping and inspiring you reach your goal.  

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  • Nutri System Here’s where to get tips and recipes from the leaf. Nutri System features inspiring and informational feeds on fitness, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle clustered in the bubble of weight loss. Up for grabs here, along with the stated, are healthy how-tos, tips, recipes, and how-to guides in general and at large.

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  • Skinny Ms. Offering varied weightloss videos is Skinny Ms., thereby helping you transform your body. Feeds are up on the Skinny Ms.’s blog covering cleanse and detox, weight loss foods, weight loss tips, and more. For those looking to loosing belly fat will find ample information on this blog by Skinny Ms.

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  • Tru Weight A weight management company, Tru Weight offers nutrition counselling, and a wide range of superfoods, helping people attain optimal weight loss. The peculiar weight loss section of the Tru Weight blog features myths and facts, while the blog at large features healthy cooking, fitness and exercises, and health snacks among other things.

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  • Healthify Me By what’s self-admittedly the world’s first and largest Indian Calorie Tracker, HealthifyMe, is this blog with feeds that help you get inspired. More is made available here in terms of recipes, success stories, diet and life in general. That sure include workout videos and yoga feeds.

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  • Lose Weight By Eating Lose Weight By Eating is a blog authored by Audrey Johns. And Audrey has been heavy with the largest being 275 lbs. On her blog, she shares her recipes, and guides us with tools and tips, and how-tos, among other things.

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  • IdealShape Catch IdealShape’s blog for healthy recipe guide. Along with recipes comes varied informational feeds like health facts that are horrifying, or morning weight loss hacks, or the times when you shouldn’t eat, or steps for stopping emotional eating, and more to learn and draw inspiration from.  

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  • Dietburrp Laying an interesting question down for us, saying why starve when you can plan your food, is Dietburrp with its myriad feeds covering diet plans; yoga for weight loss; varied recipes; Indian version of various diets like Paleo diet, military diet and more; and how-to guides among other things.  

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  • Diet Blog From Diet Blog you can pick aplenty tips and guides on losing weight and avoiding weight gain, and also diet tips for workaholics along with other things. Also served on platter here are tools covering calorie maintenance levels and more, followed by feeds on healthy eating, and diets, plus myths.

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  • Phentermine Phentermine, or Oral Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL), is for weight loss. Featured on the Phentermine blog are numerous feeds on diet pills, that is Phentermine, and supplements; on food, that is nutrition and recipes; and on emotional eating, and weight loss in general, including weight maintenance.  

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  • Wheat Belly Blog The man behind this blog called Wheat Belly Blog, is Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, and interestingly, a health crusader, that is, a seeker of truth in health. His blog features success stories, and recipes between varied feeds, including how-to guides, lessons and more.  

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  • 12 Week Body Transformation Topped with tricks and sided with how-to guides is this blog by 12 Week Body Transformation. You have lots to pick from this blog, say recipes for starts. That is followed by workouts, like for shaping your thighs; insights; best practices; and more. Plus, there is more on nutrition, fitness, and mindset.

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  • Carrots ‘n’ Cake This blog by Carrots ‘n’ Cake features many interesting posts. Created and Curated by Tina, here are numerous recipes, workouts, fitness feeds, and more. She is a thirty something lady living in Massachusetts. Here she shares her love for food, fitness, and healthy life. Read on.

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  • Paleo For Women For stunningly healthy womanhood there is Paleo For Women and its weight loss blogroll. Created and curated by Stephani Ruper, the lady behind Paleo For Women, are busted myths, best practices, reasons, how-to guides, weight loss plan, and plenty more.  

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  • Fit Bottomed Girls Catch weight loss tips for runners on Fit Bottomed Girls. There’s more to catch, though, brought to you by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead – the duo that began Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008 – and their team. More sure includes things to do, personal stories, how-to help, and more.

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  • Andie Mitchell Andie Mitchell, the name and brain behind this blog, is a thirty-one-year-old writer, and healthy recipe developer along with being a New York Times bestselling author. From three hundred pounds ten years ago, she is now a diva sharing her story, tips, ideas, advices, suggestions and more on the weight loss segment of her blog.  

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  • The Fit House Wife Low carb living is made easy here by The Fit House Wife, aka Jen              , who gained ninety pounds after her second child, and after her third child, she loses that weight through workouts. This blog is her medium for sharing advices, tips, guides, and more, and yours, for gaining all that information.

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  • Simply Taralynn Taralynn of Simply Taralynn is a twenty something living in Charlotte, NC. She brings you aplenty informational updates and feeds like with her recap posts. There are more feeds updating her readers of what she’s up to, for instance, her travels, recipes, favorite products and fitness challenges among other things.

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  • The Gabriel Method Transform your body, transform your life says Jon Gabriel, creator and author of the Gabriel Method. About mind-body approach to sustainable weight loss, The Gabriel Method features tips and tools, weight loss strategies, recipes and more including news and articles especially on natural wellness.  

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  • Fitness Vs Weightloss What to eat and what not are the prime pieces of information you’ll find on Fitness Vs Weight Loss. Another useful feature you’ll find on this blog is exercises, topped with gabs on various diets, including differences, plus how-tos, tips, and lots more.  

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  • Run Eat Repeat Packed with a wonderful exercise in its very name is Run Eat Repeat. Monica, the mind behind this blog is up to running more and eating less for losing weight. On her blog she shares diet tips, race reviews, recipes, and more to help you get that ideal weight you have been seeking.  

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  • Instant Knockout Instant Knockout comes packed with almost all the apt aid needed to lose weight. For starts there are fat loss tips, and how-to guides, and myths and more. Next, there is fat burner news with interesting ideas and info. Then, there is coverage on fat burner ingredients  , and workout guides.

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  • Lifetime Weight Loss Inspiring you to reach your ideal weight is Lifetime Weight Loss with its success stories. Inspiration is not the only thing available on this blog but also information coming from myriad articles covering exercise, recipes, supplements, nutrition, healthy cooking and much more.  

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  • The Holy Mess Balancing faith, family and fitness is Sara, the creator of The Holy Mess. Here she helps women find that balance in their busy lives as well. Apart from exercise motivation, there are weight loss feeds to catch, from recipes to how-to guides, and plenty in between.

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  • Nutright A team of health professionals who endeavor to help people live a healthy and active life with right food at the right time and right work out, is what makes Nutright so special. The teams coverage on weight loss on the blog makes abundant information available to you, with interesting insights and updates.

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  • Health Total Health Total looks after diverse needs pertaining to nutrition and health management. Its weight loss segment of the blog presents weight loss articles, with diet tips, how-to guides, success stories, and more. This blog also features plenty other feeds including health tips for health and fitness enthusiasts

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  • Man V Fat Catch articles about men’s weight loss on Man V Fat. These articles widely cover the weight loss segment with news and updates and informational feeds helping you gain insights and knowledge on the best practices, right ways and steps through guides and so much more.

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  • Runs For Cookies Katie runs this blog called Runs For Cookies. She’s a thirty something wife and stay-at-home mom to two boys, living in Michigan. Having lost hundred and twenty-five pounds she discusses weight loss off of her experience while sharing her acquired knowledge and wisdom topped with updates and insights.

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  • Slimming Solutions Catch diet news on this blog by Slimming Solutions. That is topped by weight loss motivation with feeds that cover intricacies of the same, through best breakfast suggestions, teatox tips, dieting tips, healthy lifestyle tips, superfoods, and a lot more.  

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  • Black Weight Loss Success Black Weight Loss Success, an award winning official blog of the Black Women Losing Weight Community, encourages its readers to look for greater wellness. Ebony Ajima is the founder Black Women Losing Weight, a holistic health coach and a social media expert. Catch tips and recipes here, with before and after stories, resources, and monthly challenges among others.  

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  • Mexico Bariatric Center Mexico Bariatric Center has lots to offer in terms of information, for its blog is sufficiently loaded with information on matters like weight loss surgery, nutrition, both pre and post-op diet and recipes, and also pre and post-of medical advices among others.  

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  • Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss This weight loss blog called a Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss is a woman’s quest for health, healing and happiness. That woman is Erika, and she’s interestingly known as Evil Fitness Barbie or The Fitness Fairy Godmother. She’s a NASM certified trainer specializing in weight loss, nutrition and women’s fitness, making it wonderful to learn from her and her blog.  

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  • Healthy System Here’s an Indian Weight Loss Tips blog by Seema Joshi, a mother to two. Motivated by her aim of losing thirty kilos, she shares her experience on her blog called Healthy System. She has presented her weight loss exercises, tips, food, diets, along with her journey, adding more to the info frequently.

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  • Upcoming Health You have lots to catch on this blog called Upcoming Health. The team of writers here share weight loss tips, fitness plans, meal plans, healthy lifestyle feeds, and healthy recipes among others.

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  • Body Science A unique company with strong ideals, Body Science presents this blog and its special coverage on weight loss. Presented by the folks here are fitness advices, exercises, fitness tips and myriad feeds talking benefits, and more with discussing weight loss intricately.  

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  • Feel Great In 8 8 Week Challenge is the prime focus of Feel Great In 8, with an intriguing coverage on weight loss matters, presented and brought to you by Tiffany, the creator of this blog. She shares best practices here and best ways, tips and more, which are slightly limited in numbers.

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  • Shape Me The only online diet plan so far, giving you access to Susie Burrell, a renowned Australian dietitian, and has published three books, is Shape Me. Covered under weight loss here are myriad matters, like non-diet weight loss approaches, or steps to take when diet doesn’t seem to be working.  

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  • Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth is a blog by Catherine, a twenty something health nut, and weight loss blogger. You can catch her transformation on the blog. There are many interesting feeds and updates which she keeps sharing on the blog.  

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  • Masala Body Masala Body is brought to you by Nagina. She helps smart and busy women loose ten pounds of weight and more. You have her coverage on weight loss to learn from, which presents many recipes, guides, tips, how-tos, and lots more.  

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  • Yum Yucky Josie Maurer is the lady behind Yum Yucky, a blog dedicated to helping people achieve their healthy living goals with a stress-free and sensible approach, one that won’t have you starve for your favorite food. That said, there are exercises here to catch, and how-to guides to pick, among other things.  

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  • Biggest Loser Resort Here’s the health and weight loss blog by Biggest Loser Resort. Shared on this blog are articles from Biggest Loser Resort’s team of experts which discuss about losing weight and how to do so, while improving the overall health. So, read on.  

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  • Healthy Girls Kitchen To inspire your plant based journey, there are stories and recipes, and tips and tricks on Healthy Girls Kitchen. Wendy is the creator and lady behind this blog, and interestingly she doesn’t drink smoothies including the green ones. That’s how far she has come. Least said, it will be incredible reading and learning from her.  

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  • Red Mountain Weight Loss Red Mountain Weight Loss provides expert care under their Bariatric Physicians direction. Its blog extends motivation and inspiration through myriad feeds with more to help you stay healthy and happy. About the food, this blog offers interesting ideas and healthy recipes too.

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  • Escape From Obesity Here comes your motivation to escape obesity, in the form of this blog called Escape from Obesity. An interesting blog to draw inspiration from, it is also a wonderful source of information with useful feeds like medifast foods tips and recipes, and recipes at large.  

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  • A Merry Life With a focus on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, and emotional health, A Merry Life began as a weight loss blog. Having said that there’s plenty help you’ll find on losing weight here on this blog, like with its Bariatric Surgery series.  

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  • Shrinking Guy With, self-admittedly, nothing of a spectacular story but remarkable nonetheless, Tim, the man behind this blog, put on weight gradually over thirty years and the story follows. His blog, Shrinking Guy, provides tips, and many useful feeds on food, training, exercise, and more.

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  • Center For Medical Weight Loss On this blog by Center For Medical Weight Loss you have much information to learn about weight loss and obesity. From what helps in losing weight to required actions, what’s good for losing weight to tips for reducing weight, expect to read it all on Center For Medical Weight Loss Blog.

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  • Slender Body Solutions Here’s the weight loss and nutrition blog by Slender Body Solutions. This one has your weight worries covered with guiding feeds stuffed sufficiently with information like portion control strategies, organic nutrition benefits, health tips, and lots more pm Slender Body Solutions blog

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  • Lose Stubborn Fat By author of several ebook, Josh, comes this blog called Lose Stubborn Fat. It has interesting stories and feeds, say for instance covering celebrity fitness, fitness and fat, and nutrition among others, that overall are motivational, informational and inspirational, totally worth a read.  

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  • Barb Raveling Catch tools, tips and bible studies here on Barb Raveling to renew your mind. From helping you choose weight loss boundaries to aiding you stop boredom eating, there’s a lot this blog has and a lot that it shares which shows the folks here care.  

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  • Motivation A blog full of fun and recipes, Motivation motivates you to reach your goals knowing someone’s there to help you when you are stuck. This one helps you so with its feeds and posts stuffed with tips, logics and reasons, interesting ideas and suggestions, and lots more.  

alexa 2,744,297
  • Robard From leaders in weight management, this is the Robard blog. Robard Corporation, the one that brings you this blog and its feeds, is a provider of health care professionals along with non-medical, and medical obesity treating programs. Coming from the folks there are feeds on healthy lifestyle, and more including many on weight loss say about its maintenance, business etc.

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  • 127 Kgs 127 Kgs comes with intrepid and interesting feeds. But what’s makes it excessively unique is its creator, Shane, his knowledge and his story. While you sure would be pulled towards reading the story, take a couple minutes more to read his advices which are adequately based on few simple, but mind-blowing principles.

alexa 3,372,859
  • Weight Wise On this list wise is one who is weight wise. With that name this weight loss blog is a wise choice to follow, more so for all the information and motivation available inside on diets, exercises, health, options for weight loss, video blogs and more on weight loss surgery among other things.  

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  • Clinical Nutrition Center Clinical Nutrition Center’s medical weight loss blog digs deeper into the matter to bring you pretty detailed feeds Covered here together with weight management and loss are health and wellness, nutrition, strategies for losing weight, obesity medicine, diet and more.  

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  • Riverside Surgical Weight Loss This blog by Riverside Weight Loss Center has big weight things discussed and detailed, from science to philosophy of it. Available here are info on bariatric diet and nutrition, medical weight loss, lap band complications, bariatric surgery exercises and more with interesting and helpful insights.

alexa 3,663,245
  • Call A Slim Spa From a medical weight loss center called Call A Slim Spa comes this blog and it’s varied feeds on weight loss. Consider benefits of eating clean as your motivation and ways to boost energy as your guide, reasons to have more fiber as your information, with lot more of each available on this blog.  

alexa 3,677,796
  • 300 Pounds Down This is about the story of a four-hundred-and-seventeen-pound woman losing it, that is the weight. That’s the motivation and inspiration you are looking for. 300 Pounds Down is not just a blog it’s a journey, a journey with plenty knowledge and wisdom. And you can read and learn that from varied feeds inside this blog.

alexa 4,295,962
  • WeMake7 By Bonnie, a New England Blogger, mother to five, and business owner is this blog. WeMake7 is Bonnie’s weight loss journey and her experience and the knowledge she acquired. It’s also about the aid she extends in helping you lose your weight, become fit and healthy.  

alexa 4,586,219
  • WLSA This blog is a wonderful way to binge on weight loss stories and get inspired. The befores and afters here are phenomenal, perhaps pleasantly capable of setting fire in your heel and inspiring you into taking that road to fitness, be it by walking or running.  

alexa 4,693,851
  • Wildly Alive Weight Loss Have fun and lose weight. This inspiration comes from Wildly Alive Weight Loss blog, brought to you by Nichole. Her journey through losing weight might become the driving force for you, and the lessons from her journey, your information, preparing you well in advance with the dos and don’ts among other help.  

alexa 5,450,918
  • Health Surgeon For those in diet or wishing to lose the extra pounds is this weight loss blog by Health Surgeon. Stocked with tips and helpful informational feeds to help you lose weight fast, this blog makes one strong resource for backing your fitness efforts and other efforts behind reaching your ideal weight.  

alexa 5,547,210
  • Medifast Blog Hope, health and happiness are three driving forces behind any weight loss endeavor. Topped with the three, the Medifast blog here provides tips, tools and stories to motivate your endeavors and back your efforts with information. Plus, find their support here, along with info about their products, programs, and more.

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  • Step It Up With Steph Steph, aka Stephanie Mansour, of Step It Up With Steph is on a mission to help women out there lose weight fast and then, make it last. Along with being the CEO of Step It Up With Steph, she is also a lifestyle and weight loss coach for women, and health fitness expert, and a tv personality. Read and listen what she has to say, and find ways in which she helps on the blog.

alexa 5,674,949
  • My Mind Coach Weight Loss coverage on My Mind Coach is intriguing with how-to aids to begin with. Further inside the blog are gabs on best practices like for getting your fitness back on track. Also, available here is info, advices, and suggestions on diet, eating, emotions and more.  

alexa 5,867,693
  • Dr. G’s Weight Loss From learning the importance of maintaining an ideal body weight to the importance of controlling portion size in weight loss diet processes, expect to learn it all on Dr. G’s Weight Loss blog. Plus, various how-tos, tricks, and exercises among others.

alexa 6,231,082
  • Valley Medical Weight Loss Valley Medical Weight Loss blog has recipes to help you take that first step to fitness and losing weight. The folks behind this blog perhaps have a fine understanding of the significance of food for fitness, and hence discuss nutrition and more, along with tips et al.

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  • Red Mountain Weight Loss Simple and minimalistic, red mountain weight loss blog talks everything, well almost, related to weight, be it food, or calories. From how to go about jumpstarting your day to covering stages of food grief, this blog brings myriad matters light before discussing them in depth.

alexa 6,417,575
  • Foot Hills Weight Loss It’s your time, says Foot Hills Weight Loss, one with board certified surgeons, and trained staff. Its blog discusses surgeries for weight loss in detail helping you gain deeper insight into the matter. There also are stories to read and draw inspiration from.  

alexa 6,557,945
  • Double Chin Diary A humor weight loss and healthy living blog, Double Chin Diary is a breath of fresh air, brought to you by two sisters, Alyssa and April. The duo has in store for you tips and tales, first for information and the other for inspiration, with myriad interesting feeds in between.

alexa 7,141,221
  • Diary Of An Aspiring Loser On what’s brilliantly named Diary of An Aspiring Loser you have stories and surprisingly intriguing feeds. The lady bringing you this blog and its feeds is Michelle, a forty-something living in Marin County, Northern California. Among other interesting feeds she shares tips for your aid.

alexa 7,583,822
  • Skinny Jane This is one of the blogs to look for inspiration, considering varied success stories available on this blog. That is not all there is, for you have aplenty tips to pick, read and learn from, including about avoiding holiday weight gain, or for surviving summer workouts.  

alexa 7,796,945
  • Slim By Nature Catch weight loss tips and recipes on this blog. Slim By Nature is created and curated by Zhanna Gee, a qualified empathic expert, and qualified in health, weight loss and nutrition. She and her team has discussed matters like diet, health, nutrition and more along with weight loss.

alexa 8,460,379
  • Real Weight Loss Real Women Cookie, the lady behind Real Weight Loss Real Women, has over twenty years of experience in the weight loss field. This blog by Real Weight Loss For Real Women, makes losing weight easier with the how-to guides, episodes, whats and more on binge eating, self-care, and habits among others.

alexa 8,714,996
  • Idaho Weight Loss Idaho Weight Loss boasts of real doctors and real staff who have real credentials. It’s from folks at Idaho Weight Loss that this blog gets its myriad updates and information on obesity, weight loss, et al. Though limited in number the feeds come packed with information and motivation.

alexa 8,460,379
  • Weightalogue Weight Loss is one of the many matters covered on Weightalogue – a website with an itemized list of anything relating to weight. Up for grabs and reads here are how-to guides like for losing weight; workouts, like ones that are low impact but still burn major calories; among others.  

alexa 10,211,103
  • Ujay Blog They say its your one stop blog for diet tips and weight loss. Ujay Udegbe, the lady behind this blog is a certified weight loss trainer and expert with over seven years of experience. One of the many interesting features of this blog is the weight loss transformation. So, do check.

alexa 10,857,792
  • True Quick Weight Loss Lose weight in real, mentions True Quick Weight Loss. With feeds on diet plans, food and exercise, there also are tips to pick and read. About the goods and bads of certain food and a certain diet; and how-tos and whys of weight is just a puny glimpse of what this blog is all about.  

alexa 11,314,240
  • Ideal Healthy Weight Loss A blog that is ideal in many ways than one, Ideal Healthy Weight Loss has lots to peak your interest and to back that interest with information. What’s left then is motivation and inspiration, the duo this blog has sorted too with success stories.

alexa 12,154,292
  • Fen Fast For the seekers of informationally backed aid on losing weight, this is one blog to consider reading and learning from. Fen Fast features healthy diet tips to help maintain the healthy along with losing numbers on that weighing scale. When talking about weighing scale, you have exercise tips to picks here too.

alexa 13,380,003
  • Lean MD Medically supported weight loss is the key at Lean MD. Focusing on the matter of the moment, there are fresh facts to pick on Lean MDs blog. These facts widely cover weight loss, and its aids like exercise, meals and more. Also, for your aid here are tips and strategies among other things.  

alexa 14,093,010
  • Fatso A Weight Loss Blog It’s about the journey of one girl who has been overweight all her life. That girl is Jackie Nagle with interesting educational background. She is a charmer, something you’ll find through her feeds, one of the interesting segment of which is transformation Tuesday.  

alexa 15,120,968
  • Chick A Dee Weight Loss One interesting blog to read about weight loss from. Chick A Dee Weight Loss is Robyn’s mind and soul at helping you lose weight. She talks many things on the blog, some of which are nutrition, anxiety, self-care, exercise, and recipes among others.  

alexa 16,012,681
  • Losing My Fat Lovingly Losing her fat lovingly here is Evette, originally from Arkansas, but lives in Raleigh, North Carolina now. Her blog, Losing My Fat Lovingly, is a representation of her journey, that is her everyday challenges, dreams and hopes. Read along, and who knows, you may find a friend.

alexa 17,914,086
  • Weight Loss Louisiana With methods both natural and medically sound Weight Loss Louisiana helps in losing weight by relying on proper nutrition and metabolic optimization. Its blog discusses various factors affecting weight in depth, like sleep, between sharing tips, advices, suggestions and more.  

alexa NA
  • Coach Mindy Catch terrific team on this blog by Coach Mindy, a weight loss coach in Washington D.C. providing fun, friendly and physician supervised individualized coaching. Her blog features interesting tips, how-to guides, and varied feeds including on healthy eating, and dieting among others.

alexa NA
  • Aesthetic Pharmacist Learn and understand weight loss with Aesthetic Pharmacist, by means of its blog. The weight loss coverage on this blog will have you reading about results, about strategies, tricks, apps, best practices, benefits of various things, guides and so much more.  

  • TLC For Weight Loss Blog Developing unique weight loss programs that are a blend of personalized eating plans, and support and guidance of TLC For Weight Loss Coach, is the USP of this one. The TLC For Weight Loss Blog provides tips, recipes, and inspiration through success stories among other things.  

  • Physicians For Weight Loss Centers Physicians For Weight Loss Centers in Columbia, Maryland, design weight loss programs based on your medical profile, and body composition analysis. The Physicians For Weight Loss Centers Blog aids in serious weight loss that only a physician can deliver, with its tips, busted myths, and other feeds.

  • Weight Loss Tips And Tricks Vinnie, Weight Loss Helper, presents Weight Loss Helper Blog with interesting and useful feeds like the ways protein might be making you gain weight, or recovery plans, how-to alienate carbs, homemade shakes for weight loss, and many more to learn from.

alexa NA
  • Ruzele Strauss Ruzele, the name and brain behind this blog is a twenty-something living in California having struggled with weight loss. She shares and documents her journey on this blog. But that is not all. She also has this blog as a place for discussions and conversations on weight loss, mental health and life.  

alexa NA
  • Mindy Nienhouse Mindy Nienhouse, a holistic health coach and personal trainer, presents this blog and its feeds. A former couch potato, she has grown to love many forms of fitness. Catch her tips, podcasts, reasons, thoughts and more covering weight loss on this blog.  

  • Vegan Weight Loss Mentor Weight loss is made easy with plant based eating on this blog called Vegan Weight Loss Mentor. Nicki, aka Vegan Weight Loss Mentor, was a fat child and that is how her career as a weight consultant come about. She shares vegan recipes as an invitation for you to include plant based dishes in your meal.

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  • Gonutry Go Find encouragement along with motivation and inspiration to get fit for life on Gonury Go. This blog teach you to make easy healthy meals. It also presents ideas and techniques of getting in shape the right way. There are diet plans to read about, too, among other things.  

This culminates our journey through Worlds Best 100 weight loss blogs. Having treaded all the way to the bottom, we can say with certainty, these top hundred weight loss blogs are the ultimate resource for gaining best weight loss advice, diets, recipes, info and updates.

Take the road to weight loss success with these best weight loss blogs and achieve your weight goals, with a certain ease. Then, help us learn about your journey and experience with a quick chat or a long email; we’ll be waiting.


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