Best 100 Vegan Blogs For A Healthy Lifestyle

Top Vegan Blogs

It’s a good day, knowing there is one more plant-based believer in healthy diet for healthy mind. While we were at the job, curating the best vegan blogs for you to benefit from,

we ensured that only the top vegan blogs with detailed information on staying healthy with intricately curated vegan recipes make to the top of this list. As you’ll proceed, you will land upon much more than just vegan recipes and how to go about living your vegan life. You will be introduced with tens, if not hundreds, of different ways of staying fit while not compromising on your nutrition intake, including protein.

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  • Authority Nutrition Here’s the gem of all the rest, taking away the crown with its weekly meal plans and fact based data written by experts. This one’s every vegan’s paradise, what with all the DIY egg analysis, tips on preventing blood sugars, tapping the benefits of chlorella, jotting down health benefits of a myriad of vegan products, guides to low-FODMAP diet. Phew!

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  • Minimalist Baker lright vegans and bakers and vegan bakers, get ready to replicate the heart eyes emoji. Here comes the deliciously inspiring blog, missing the top rank by just a notch. Their drool-worthy recipes like peanut butter fudge, gluten-free crackers, cornbread stuffing, pear and cranberry champagne cocktails et al are to die for. What’s more? They have their own cookbooks, gorgeous kitchen essentials and pantry items, and photography and lighting equipment. Concisely, pure vegan nirvana!

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  • Skinny Taste Has that name turned your alert mode on? Cool, high five and let’s move on. This website gets a nine on ten from us. It’s clean, simple and uncluttered. Interestingly they have divided recipes by course and recipes by ingredients. The same brilliance is bestowed on special diets. Your choice among vegetarian, under thirty minutes, gluten-free and low carb diets is just a click away. And so is the meal plans. We were totally flattered by the idea of seasonal recipes. Why not go flatter yourselves too?

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  • Whole 30 Let’s tempt you with the fact that they have four New York Times bestselling books. Best thing is they come with a thirty-day dietary plan. Cool Fact - millions of people have successfully completed this whole thirty-day dietary plan. In case you are wondering, go ahead, we won’t mind you sneaking a quick peek.

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  • Oh She Glows Alright, the only other set of three words enough to catch any girl’s attention are- Oh She Glows. Which self-loving girl doesn’t want an extra glow, huh? So, the first thing we saw on this blog was a sumptuous pasta made in, hold your breath, ten (fill in the word) minutes. Angela, the blogger of Oh She Glows, has loaded a collection of super-tempting and super-healthy recipes. Enough said already, go check it out.

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  • Happy Cow Close your eyes and imagine a fully vegan world. Now, open your eyes to Happy Cow, the accomplished vegan world of the whole wide web. It’s like a complete package with a massive amount of vegan blogs. Don’t go about asking the range unless you want to spend hours glued to this blog. While we are at this, don’t forget to check out their long list of categorized recipes. Hint: Go Vegan, Go Asian! Or African, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Malaysian and a lot of ese.

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  • Oh My Veggies First of all, ten on ten just for that name. Don’t we vegans love them already? Vegan avocado desserts! That’s like every It Girls dream dessert, isn’t it? Fun DIY: Point the arrow on Vegetarian tab and see those three magical words- ‘Make It Meatless’. They have a list of interesting tips and hints with things like Saturday six and ingredient spotlight. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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  • Vegan Richa This one’s like a conglomeration of fancy Asian food. And when it’s not, there is always an intriguing fusion to look forward to, like peanut bean carrot burger, lentil walnut burgers, chickpea pumpkin veggie pizza, spicy tofu peas stuffed naan calzone and many more. A little beyond that is Blogger Richa’s interesting cookbooks. Clearly, she is not someone shying away from sharing her blogging resources.

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  • Veg Kitchen Raising a very valid point about protein intake and staying vegan, this one grabbed our attention almost instantly. As if that wasn’t enough, they have got our vegan dog’s diet covered too. And then, what luscious recipes? It’s like all the thoughts running through our head are passing right into theirs and inside this blog. Ah, not enough to tempt you, you say? Black bean and zucchini tortilla casserole, says Vegan Kitchen.

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  • default Perfect choice of name there. And what we realized after stopping by this blog, there’s an imaginary three dot addition to that name. Nothing that a fit foodie needs seems missing from this very blog. From recipes- count breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and dietary- to fitness workouts, this sure has got us covered. And to top it all, Lee, the Fit Foodie blogger happens to travel a lot. More for us there.

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  • Veg News That’s some news, isn’t it? To give you a glimpse of what we mean there, let’s say they have got the latests from your favorite Starbucks and intriguing daily vegan news from around the globe. What we love the most are there innovative recipes with fancy names, like peach cobbler parfait. Plus, this blog has got your travel feet covered too. Win-win.

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  • Naturally Ella It’s different! Not many things we come across, have us yell that almost instantly. But this one’s got the vibes. Fascinating as it may sound, you will find a great deal of aid here for finding an ingredient and stocking up your pantry. And we mean it when we say, it’s covered every ingredient under the sky.

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  • 101 Cookbooks Look at that list of categories! It’s appalling in every right way possible. We love the fact that Heidi personally picks some fabulous recipes from a myriad of cookbooks for us to relish. If there is one thing in her blog we are head over heels for, it’s the amount of colors over white background. Might we mention, oh, surely we must, just how lovely her kitchen collections are.

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  • Purple Carrots Look at their elaborative menu. Certainly, one to die for. The first thing you’ll imagine if you are a girl, and more so in a relationship, it would be candle light dinners. That’s the effect of purple carrots menus. Quite like role play, you become the chef, plan your menu, present it on the table and then, our favorite part, slurp on the dishes.

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  • Love and Lemons The first thing you are bound to feel after landing on love and lemons blog is pure vintage. And then, you’ll fell in love with their food photography. Now, if there’s any room left for more, then their recipes would swoon you away. Our expert points in a very worthy direction too- the cookbook.

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  • Deliciously Ella We totally second their choice of name for the blog. If it looks anything, it sure is delicious, much so with those dishes ready to pop out of the screen. After digging a tad deeper it was fun to find her very own book on smoothies and juices. Any health-conscious person would know the incredible benefits of juice cleansing.

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  • Connoisseurus Veg There tagline says it all- ‘Delicious Vegan Recipes’. Again we are bowled over by their food photography. Their quiches, layer cakes, soups, vegan cobblers, enchiladas and fritters will certainly put you to action. If the ambience is all you go to a restaurant for, then that will be the case no more.

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  • Fat Free Vegan ‘And I love good food’, says Susan, the blogger of Fat Free Vegan. And throughout the blog, she has given us every reason to love her, her recipes, her blog, her food, and the very idea of fat free vegan food. Trust her to take care of your entire fat free day, you might have to dig a bit because this one undoubtedly is a treasure hunt.

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  • My New Roots You ought to trust someone with an education in Holistic Nutrition- whatever that really means. Having said that she has bought our heart with her fascinating video blogs. Did we mention how crazily awesome her recipe index is? It’s a whole different world of words, we mean recipes, waiting to be explored.

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  • Lunchbox Bunch The first thing you’ll realize after looking at this site is just how much you love eating food, even if you don’t. Better yet, it will make you feel like walking in a garden of food. While you are at the blog, do not forget to read about Kathy, the blogger of Lunchbox Bunch. We are certain you’ll find her as adorable as we do.

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  • Green Kitchen Stories If there ever comes a ranking for the best food calendar, despite being a food blog, Green Kitchen Store will win the title hands down. It’s delicious vegan recipe is going to take you down a trip, and we, being as creative as we are, would love to call it a slurp trip. Oh, and if you ever wondered whether there is anything called vegan meatballs, there is.

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  • Simple Vegan Blog How simple is too simple that it looks simply awesome? Well, Simple Vegan Blog is your answer to that question. The array of simple and delicious and simply delicious vegan recipes you’ll find on this blog, has no match in the whole world wide web. Every picture, every recipe is like an unspoken description of how much we love food.

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  • Lexis Clean Kitchen Clean website, clean blog, clean kitchen. If ever our task was so easy, that’s how we would have described this website. This is your complete go to blog for recipes, cookbook, meal plans, and beauty. Yes, that too. Be prepared to be surprised by just the sheer number of categories of her recipes. Rest, is simply as delicious as you could imagine.

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  • The First Mess At first look, this might appear as a plain, black and white, artistic blog, but just as you scroll down, the first word you are ought to utter is- ‘Holy Heavens’. Her quirkiness is as much evident in her recipes as in her writing. This one sure is a livewire of food, if at all one exists. Though, we are very certain now, one does.

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  • The Full Helping And boy, does it justify that name. If out of the box is what you have been looking for, then dear ones, look no further. There’s fusion, there’s innovation, there’s taste and there sure is a second, third and fourth helping with this one. Let Gena’s, blogger of The Full Helping, credentials take you for a drive down the slurp lane.

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  • Vegan In The Freezer If you are done with having leftover Chinese taken away and kept back in the freezer, then we have tipped the right freezing point. Vegan In The Freezer is the lifeboat for all of us leftover lovers. Best part is, Ginny, VITF blogger serves you with recipes you can relish now or freeze for your future meals.

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  • I Love Vegan How can you not trust someone whose very blog says, I Love Vegan? It’s like telling the traveler he knows nothing about travelling. I Love Vegan is a cuteness overload, just as much as it is a drool overload. Fitness fighter are sure going to love this blog for its simple and luscious recipes.

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  • The Roasted Root It’s beautiful. It ignites our taste buds. It tempts us enough to keep scrolling down, checking the recipes and popping our eyes out. You might want to check out their paleo raspberry crumble, morning glory quick bread, zucchini, goat cheese and tomato frittata, apple cinnamon baked oatmeal and cassava flour mint fudge brownies.

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  • Holy Cow Vegan The first thing that intrigued us about this blog was their very own spice mixes. Rephrasing the very golden words of Holy Cow Vegans blogger Vaishali, Indian cooking is nothing if not a perfect blend of the right spices. While you get your perfect dose of spices, don’t miss out on the mouth-watering recipes listed on this blog.

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  • Blissful Basil The name in itself is like a cool glass of mojito in the scorching heat on a summer noon. And boy, does that stand true for the blog? Not only would you be taken on a joy ride by the recipes in this blog, but the names will intrigue you beyond words too.

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  • Running On Real Food This blog, right from its name, is the perfect answer to all the carnivores out there. Once through with this blog, you would know just what to say to all those poking you about going vegan. There is nothing about this blog that you should not check out. It’s like all your vegan queries, desires and needs are bundled up in one place, from recipes to nutrition to fitness to lifestyle, phew!

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  • Peaceful Dumpling Not only does this blog deal with food, but it very clearly comforts us with the emotions of food. Every recipe tempts not only your taste buds but your psyche to rise up, run towards that hardwood kitchen floor of yours and get to action. You’ll be surprised by the variety of bars and bites this one carries.

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  • Sprouted Kitchen Minimalist, Sprouted Kitchen runs on the idea of simple diet, simple life. We are enchanted by their brilliant and detailed descriptions of each recipe. Must see in this blog are the dessert recipes. They are tantalizing, innovative and leave a taste in your mouth you would wish to feel for real.

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  • Simple Veganista Simple Veganista makes up for a flattering vegan blog with cool and fun recipes to satisfy for cravings for almost any kind of food any given time. Once that’s sorted, follow Julie, the Simple Veganista to her kitchen essentials. That sure is every veganistas simple but most admired treasure.

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  • The Vegan 8 While that name had us in flux for a good twenty seconds until we landed on the Vegan 8’s blog page, the reason totally bowled us over. Every recipe in this blog is made with eight or less ingredients. Fascinating enough, isn’t it? No, fascinating is how this blog leaves you with the warmth of a personal touch, like someone’s holding your hand walking through it. Perhaps, it’s Brandi’s hand.

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  • This Rawsome Vegan Life It’s difficult not to fell in love with Em, especially after reading about her. Though she loves putting Tahini on everything, we are glad her recipes doesn’t reflect the same. What her recipes does reflect is love for vegan food, interesting combinations and a whole lot of flavors, not necessarily literally.

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  • My Whole Food Life We were fascinated by the name at the first sound of it. So we went straight to learn more about them and were we right. It’s super fun to learn how two parents desire set an example for their daughters actually ended up doing that for all of us. There healthy versions of a myriad of unhealthy foods have us bowing down to their creativity and of course, generosity for sharing the same with us.

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  • Isa Chandra When a blog makes you smile at the first sight of it, you should know you are up for something awesome. Isas’ recipes has such delightful combinations like samosa-spiced latkes with pear chutney. She has as much flair with words as she has with her ingredients. It was fun peeking into her blog and stealing a couple of recipes for our small gatherings.

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  • Yup It’s Vegan We have got all the cool vibes from this particular blog, right from its name and down to its recipes. Shannon, the Yup It’s Vegan’s, founder had us intrigued with her BBQ Pulled Carrot Tacos. She has a quirkiness about her, which she hardly shies away from using in her recipes.

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  • Namely Marley Namely Marley might be just namely Marley for Pete’s sake but it’s namely much more than just that. For example, it’s brilliant Marley with her spicy sesame zoodles, vegan Irish soda bread, vegan cheeseburger soup recipe and her vegan banana chia pudding with blackberry sauce among others.

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  • Fork and Beans Fork and Beans is actually a breath of fresh air. One thing is for certain, you are going to fell in love with Cara, blogger of the Fork and Beans, plating skills. She’s a genius with her recipes, no doubt, but it’s her display that bought our hearts. She is witty, cool and fun to follow.

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  • Urban Vegan There is something very inviting about this blog. And that very certainly is its elaborative list of categories ranging from recipes to bath and body to cleaning to food to makeup to haircare to nutrition and health. The list doesn’t end here for there is something for your skincare and then there are supplements. Do not forget to check their fancy list of products.

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  • Mark Bittman Interesting things are hard to miss our sight. The same is the case with Mark Bittmans blog. With about twenty acclaimed books under his folio, including the award-winning book, Food Matters, Mark had us gripped instantly. Then, once we were inside his blogs photo gallery, there was no looking back.

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  • Keepin It Kind It’s hard not to be inspired by Kristy, the one with the mojo of ‘Keepin’ It Kind’. Her vegan travel blogs are as much entertaining as inspiring and informational. Interesting thing, however, is the fact that the story doesn’t end there. You can always count on a traveler to fill you in with the most creative and mouth-watering vegan recipes.

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  • Vegan Outreach Vegan outreach has truly outreached the realms of a traditional vegan blog. They are not only dealing with vegan stuff but are on a life changing mission of driving the society distant from hunting and eating animals and their products. Having said that, it will be a sure shot delight for every vegan to read, follow and support this blog.

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  • Oh Lady Bakes Isn’t the name enough to tease your sweet tooth? Well, if it was, then the blog will leave no stone unturned to test your taste buds with its enticing recipes. And no, there’s not just cakes but doughnuts, cookies, brownies, mousses, bars, bites, muffins, waffles, pancakes, rolls, puddings and much more. In short, your perfect go to for a desert date.

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  • The Almond Eater Being written and run by a food obsessed food photographer, Erin, The Almond Eater is your perfect recipe for a pajama weekend at home or a subtle date with your bae or hosting a small party at your place. Erin has all sorts of delectable and fancy recipes curated for you.

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  • Olives For Dinner This blog manages to capture the attention enough to go as far as planning an entire days meals around this very blog. Or better yet, have an all vegans Olives for Dinner themed pot luck party where the greed to feed could go as far as pressed maitake buns with Gochujang-Hoisin Glaze or loaded baked potato hash brown waffles or vegan s’mores or crispy Vietnamese crepes.

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  • Sweet Potato Soul Everything about this blog reeks of serenity, right from the very theme. As funky and cool as Jenne’, the Sweet Potato Soul blogger, may sound trust her recipes to be everything from fun to fabulous to whoa to are-you-kidding-me awesome. Teaser: Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuits. Not possible to scroll without a quickie on this one.

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  • Pickles N Honey If health is on your mind and taste on your mouth, then look no further. Pickles N Honey is your pilgrimage with such mindboggling conglomeration of recipes, including those for Kombuchas. Its simple structure is fancy enough to engage you within seconds, just as its enticing recipes, enough intrigue you within nano-seconds.

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  • Plant Powered Kitchen All vegans will find solace in this plant powered blog. Right from the very green beginning to the culinary, Dreenas blog will take you on a whole new plant powered trip, starting from her recipes and ending in her cookbooks. This blog carries a very peculiar spirit for healthy living which, very truly, is the cherry on the top.

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  • Food Heaven Made Easy There’s nothing you have been looking for in a food blog which you won’t find here. Yummy Recipes? Check. Inspiring Food Photography? Check. Engaging Podcasts? Check. Healthy Cookbooks? Fancy Products to shop? Check. Vegan Spirit? Check. If the sheer sight of its recipes won’t make you smile, then nothing will.

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  • The Vegan Woman The Vegan Woman is an extraordinary blog which at first sight might come across as just any other vegan blog. Its conscious efforts into creating something for all has hit all the right chords. Consider such smart vegan demarcations as vegan family, vegan gal and conscious vegan. And then, there’s a whole new chapter of home and garden.

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  • Veggies Don’t Bite How cool is that name? Take a moment and think about it. Now, we say take another and check it out. This blogs fun-loving mama of three makes kitchen life look so easy, what with such life-saving recipes. Baked protein packed vegan buffalo cauliflower dip, we mean, think about how enticing that sounds.

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  • The PPK Can there be something like, you know, punk and kitchen, like a punk kitchen put together? Yes. Wait, you mean for real. Yes, pretty much. The very questions you are bound to ask upon landing on this one. It’s like a cool rock show with unlimited supply of delectable food, only that the venue is your very kitchen.

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  • Vegan Miam Life gets so much better with high doses of mouth-watering food at unwavering intervals. That’s the kind of pure nirvana you are bound to feel with every downward scroll on this vegan blog. We would write pages of praises for this one, but they would mean nothing when compared to experiencing this blog for real.

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  • Vegan Lovlie Fusion-Mauritian Cuisine. All vegan. We just wanted to share the kind of goodly good experience we had upon reading this blog. Its’s like your fingers suddenly forget how to stop scrolling down. Lemon thyme peach filled buckwheat crepes. And we did it again, didn’t we?

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  • The Vegan Kind Ever heard of vegan fashion? Nah, we neither, but only until we encountered this offbeat vegan kind. Coming off the charts being a global subscription box for vegans, there was no way we were going to keep you away from the magic of a brilliantly curated lifestyle box filled with vegan stuff and beauty box filled with skincare and beauty products.

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  • Vegan Yack Attack Be prepared to be acquainted to a whole new world full of fancy vegan food, creatively curated to entice your taste buds. Jackie, a self-proclaimed beer snob and ingenious blogger of the Vegan Yack Attack, has a myriad of vegan recipes for every meal of the day, including those special occasions around the year.

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  • Sweet Simple Vegan This blog is like a tropical sunny day, mid-summer, filled with chilled Pina coladas by the beach and recurring supplies of heavenly food. Consider your weekends sorted with such engaging recipes and videos. A piece of advice, lock away your precious food delivery numbers and websites for you are soon ought to forget about their existence altogether.

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  • Vegan Family Recipes If this blog is anything, it is simply awesome. They say you can tell a lot about people by the books they read, we say you can tell a lot about people by the blog they read and keep. This one with assorted family recipes, read again family recipes, is going to blow your mid away.

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  • GolubKa Kitchen The best thing to do about this blog is find a cool spot, sprawl and scroll through the enticing dishes this blog has curated. You’ll be surprised by the kind of intriguing but delightful combinations bloggers Anya and Masha has successfully experimented with. And we are not exaggerating when we say that, what with hibiscus ginger latte or mango curry with fennel and parsnip.

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  • Vegan Heaven This blog possibly runs on a game changing motto of – ‘Something for all’. True to that statement, there really is something for all categories, quick bakers, slow makers, on the go, let’s take it slow, first home date, second worst day, the list simply never ends. It truly is a vegans heaven.

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  • The Minimalist Vegan We were fascinated by a chunk of words within the first ten seconds of visiting this blog. They were – balance, eating well, living mindfully. Who would want to walk away from that blessing of a lifetime? There is much more to vegan than just food and recipes, and that is something you are ought to find out on, and might we say as, minimalist vegan.

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  • Spa Bettie Spa Bettie comes off as a fascinating fusion, quite like the most desired business merger of all time, between healthy and sumptuous food. Consider, for example, the idea of vibrant protein rich pineapple chia pudding or dark chocolate dragon fruit coconut treats. You’ll find on this blog what your mind couldn’t imagine, only much better.

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  • default Amber, the Fettle Vegan Bloggers, ideologies about going vegan because the foods, animals and their products, were making her unhappy, sick and unhealthy. Quite the dilemma leading every transition to vegan. Her blog is a wonderful place to explore the adventures post such transition with added perks of tummylicious recipes.

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  • My Darling Lemon Thyme Your quick cheque to the vegan delight is the very signature of this blog. What would you feel if we say apricot, pistachio, passionfruit, ice-cream bars. Slurp, won’t you? And then how would you feel if we say that is just the beginning? Bring it on, won’t you?

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  • Well Vegan One thing this blog has got which very few have shown before, is there detailed vegan starter guide. There’s a quick add-on of the weekly plans which we are certain would be healthy and delectable. And we can say so because of the enticing collection of recipes Well Vegan presents.

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  • Bittersweet Blog Something which we can say with absolute certainty about this blog will be it is anything but bitter. Believe it or not, this nothing bitter, only sweet blog has literally gone ten steps farther and gone ahead with offering amazing knit vegan patterns. And what recipes!

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  • Carrie On Living Could there be any more inspiring a blog than this one? We don’t want to consider the options in answer to that question. A must check on this one is there intriguing book club if you are a reader. Do it anyway, we would say. If you fancy quick bites, or even sips, stop by their recipe index and delight yourself.

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  • The Colorful Kitchen Until now, who knew a colorful kitchen could be so delicious. And so could be raw food items, like easy spiralized raw zucchini peanut noodles. Ilene, blogger of the colorful kitchen, sure knows her way around a vegan heart. Open the door and ‘entrée’ this colorful kitchen for your own dose of vegelicious colors.

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  • The Plant Strong Vegan You are going to fell in love with The Plant Strong Vegan, Margaret’s, food presentations. Her intriguing choice of words for naming her recipes is going to win you over for the entirety of your vegan life. Consider rainbow zoodle spring rolls or no-bake peanut butter cup cheesecake bites before you write us off.

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  • Diannes Vegan Kitchen Dianne is not just one of the three words on this blogs name but also a Holistic Health Counselor, Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Plant-Based Diet Nutrition Specialist and Plant-Based Chef. Wouldn’t it be cool follow a Dianne with her health tips and healthy recipes? And then, wouldn’t it be cool to be coached by her?

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  • The Flexitarian One reason to follow the Flexitarian is for their recipe of the week. And another is for their healthy flexitarian diet. And yet another would be their friendly but fun competitions. This one is a little off-track with occasional inclusions of meat, but when that’s not, it is a fun one to track.

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  • Tinned Tomatoes Just as you are, we were also intrigued by the blogs name. But leave the explanation to Jacqueline, the mind behind Tinned Tomatoes. Her recipes are off beat with least to none tinned tomatoes. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out their 5:2 diet and blog challenges.

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  • The Conscientious Eater Fascinating fact about this blog is, it was started to show how Faith, the conscientious eater, maintains a plant based diet while living in China. And trust someone with such credentials to come up with and offer mind-boggling sumptuous recipes, for they are created straight from a foodie’s heart.

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  • default A light hearted blog with all things good. Apart from the delightful recipes, JL Fields of JL Goes Vegan offers you cooking and coaching classes. With four books under her folio, trust her to offer you the best in the business guidance and support together with her specially curated meal plans.

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  • One Arab Vegan Leave it on Nada, aka One Arab Vegan, to introduce you to the enticing world of arab cuisine. On top of that, her lifestyle blogs on health, hair and wardrobe care has plenty to offer. So does her fitness techniques and ideas. Her travel experiences make for a fascinating read with a top-of-the-charts-addition of her health and wellness take.

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  • Sassy Kitchen A clean, concise, no non-sense blog with elaborative recipe index. You may choose to find your kind of recipe through meals with an additional inclusion of special weeknight meals. In another scenario, pick one the dietary recipes from vegan to gluten-free, dairy-free or grain free. And then, of course, by season.

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  • Vegan SA There’s a pleasant kind of simplicity about this blog, with a straight-from-the-heart conversation style that is sure to envelope you with a cool aura. Covering the international vegan news, interviews and product reviews, this blog is your gateway to world class information about not one or two but plenty of subjects.

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  • The Veg Space Packed with interesting ideas and recipes, the veg space is in this category for all the right reasons. Bringing out recipes like exotic mushroom and cashew chilli noodles, and celeriac and hazelnut soup, Kate of The Veg Space sure has a knack of mixing and matching. Check her vegan store for an idea about her supplies and spices.

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  • Fried Dandelions Sarah’s fried dandelions caught our fancy for the special column of food recipes which she talks about. It is interesting to read how someone, who could create such amazing recipes, could be so kind hearted as to go about discussing food allergies and its various kinds. Also, must check her kid-friendly recipes.

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  • That Was Vegan This one’s your guide to finding Vegan restaurants, not necessarily exclusively vegan, in USA. Perhaps, that could be one of the reasons why her recipes are a breath of fresh air. They are simple, easy and made with readily available ingredients, at least for most of them. And boy, are they healthy!

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  • Delicious From Scratch Find your way around delightful vegan options by going delicious from scratch. A brilliant assortment of tempting vegan recipes, including enticing cocktails like gin and tonic with grapefruit, and aperol spritz. Also, might we suggest their deliciously appealing halloumi recipes. And while you are on the page, grab a quickie on their shopping list too.

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  • An Unrefined Vegan An Unrefined Vegan is coolness personified. And how much we would like to mention, the same goes for the mind behind it, Annie. Pleasantly delightful photography paves the way for a mesmerizing experience of reading this blog. Her main dishes have primarily caught our fancy and induced in us an urge to share.

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  • Ally Sonkramer The very first visit on this blog is going to leave you awestruck, a tad with its simplicity, a bit with its magnificence and the whole lot rest with its recipes. We loved the twirls of their carrot applesauce cake and we know just how much you love to show that off at your brunch gathering. Side them up with peppermint hot cocoa cupcake and count yourself a star in your vegan club.

alexa 1920925
  • Two Green Peas It’s interesting how some simple dishes are presented with a twist on this blog. Their fine collection of dessert recipes make up for a fun Sunday brunch or a laidback weekend dinner with your bae. Their pop on the go appetizers appear a quick and easy fix for a busy day.

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  • Kimberly Elsie We find it fascinating how Kimberly and Elsie of the blog have played with colors and themes to arouse minimality with this blog. Their categories under names love and delicious are pretty intriguing too. Leave it on them to entice you and lure you into staying vegan for a period much longer than you would imagine.

alexa 2046125
  • Happy hearted Kitchen A happy, happy blog with all the good vibes. While their recipes are to die for, their travel updates are to live for. Arousing your inner veganista, they have every intention to keep it company by awaking the traveler in you. Jodi of the happy hearted kitchen, to us, appeared the perfect happy ambassador for her own blog.

alexa 2098939
  • Vegukate Nothing like anything you won’t have already seen, only this one’s a delightful procession to the rest. Again, we are bowled over by her, Kate of Vegukate’s, mesmerizing food photography. On a closer, deep read, her recipes appeared fascinating and deserve your IRL preparation and tasting. A thumbs-up for sure.

alexa 2131659
  • Planet Veggie Planet Veggie is indeed the perfect choice of name for this blog, especially with a plethora of vegan options to choose from. There is something intriguing about their 3 day detox and body chef. Take some time out to check that and their entire recipe index for a joyful ride around, what we would love to call, the planet veggie.

alexa 2179997
  • Eco Vegan Gal If we might then we must say there is some kind of a magical healing power vested in this blog. You’ll realize what we are referring to within seconds of visiting the blog. It’s a pleasant change from the regular vegan blogs we have seen so far. Their vegan dedication goes way farther than just food and recipes.

alexa 2217525
  • Made By Luci Are you a fan of honesty? Then tag along for a fun, honest to the core vegan dineout, made by Luci. Fun aside, recipes made by Luci seem appealing, and worth spending your precious time on. Plenty of them are simple, easily makeable at home. What she promises, is a cool combination of some healthy, some not so healthy food recipes.

alexa 2340259
  • Vegan Food Quest Who could ever tire from a good vegan food quest? We mean look at us. And then, look at Vegan Food Quest in its absolute glory. In addition to a good chunk of restaurant reviews, they have gone farther into reviewing some of the vegan luxury hotels. Apart from these, you must check long list of engaging vegan travel guides.

alexa 2413087
  • Veg Annie All those on a sojourn to weight-loss, let Annie of Veg Annie guide your way. As a weight loss expert and Holistic Health Coach, she has curated some pretty awesome vegan recipes to help you reach your goals in a fun and easy way. To exemplify fun and easy, consider healthy carrot cake bites, healthy macaroons among others.

alexa 2515882
  • The Little Blog Of Vegan It would be right to call Holly an It girl of the vegan world. Her blog is a charming delight, a breath of fresh air with its minimalist yet fascinating style. Ladies going vegan in desire of a glowing skin would love her beauty choices and mentions. Plenty of her recipes seem enticing enough to be tried at least once.

alexa 2598492
  • Brown Vegan Brown Vegan comes with an interesting blend of ideas curated in the form of recipes, pretty healthy to be baked and had. Though it makes a strong case in favor of quality over quantity, this blog sure is on the right track for making it to the top of the list sooner than later.

alexa 2604025
  • The Veracious Vegan A very late entry into the list, the Veracious Vegan has some enticing quality about its recipes, especially dips, gravies, spreads and sauces. Coming in a wide variety with fascinating ingredients like cashew pine-nut ricotta, ghost pepper salsa, edamame-mint sauce among others.

alexa 2705396
  • Veganopoulous Carrying a minimalistic eminence, veganopolous appears a fine blog to begin with. But as we go further, there are some fine blend of recipes capable of grabbing attention for all the right reasons. There’s super simple peach melba, we are pretty certain plenty are going to try. Same goes for Kritharaki.

alexa 2983917
  • Veggie Runers Might we call it a complete vegan fitness blog with free running mixes. A fun informational blog to stop by and fetch a couple recipes from. Run by Jane and Bibi Rodgers, who happily call themselves sweaty betty ambassadors and veggie cooking chatterboxes. This one seems to conjure all the good vibes.

Well, there you go with a good hundred bundle of vegan blogs, some enticing, other loaded with intriguing information. We hope you have had as much fun in reading them as we had in listing them. In case you have already skipped plenty to reach this section and read our final wise words of wisdom, we steal this chance and see the glass as half full, hoping they served the purpose. Having said much already, might we overstay our welcome into saying how much we would love to hear the value this blog added to your day and determination of a healthy vegan living. Make our day by telling us how it helped, and how you would like us to better your experience.


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