Best 100 Tennis Blogs That Are Right On Mark

Top Tennis Blogs

Tennis Blogs are the epitome of tennis discussions in words, pictures, videos, and podcasts available on the court of world wide web.Blogs dedicated to the sport of tennis carry tips, tactics, strategies, news, gossip, descriptions, details, advice, suggestions, guides, and a lot more on the sport of tennis.These best Tennis Blogs are the most prevalent and widely used mediums of enhancing one’s knowledge and understanding of tennis, and improving one’s game.

Thus, making tennis blogs an extensively used tool by all, be it coaches or players, toddlers or grownups, parents or fans.For the benefit of all, here we present a detailed list of best 100 tennis blogs off the same court of world wide web.

There is plenty to be picked and applied to one’s game, or read and recited about one’s favorite players. Grab all that you can.

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  • Reddit From hot to new to rising, Reddits dedication to bring the best and latest off tennis field to your computer screen is unwavering. The posts here are full of discussions and details on this exceptionally entertaining sport, aka Tennis, and its remarkably sharp and brilliant players.

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  • ESPN ESPN, the sports news broadcaster has its own tennis blog that is nothing less of phenomenal. Bringing the latest from tennis to you, like it has ceaselessly been doing with almost every other sport, ESPN keeps you posted, so you don’t miss a single detail and date of the tennis match/es.

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  • Sky Sports We do need as many gabs on the latests in Tennis as we can get. This one serves latest tennis feeds fresh off the oven, covering matches and players in-depth. Also, our fascination with player profiles and ranking find an amiable match here.

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  • SBNation From where Djokovic played the latest tennis match to how Nadal swatted at the tennis court, SB Nation apparently provides every bit of information on the sport. Having said that there is as much about the players, that is shared on SBNation, as on the sport itself.  

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  • Recreation Recreation is a tennis blog by The University of British Columbia. Details about the sport in particular are extensively shared here under Josh’s Fresh Take, mostly prepared and presented by Josh Martin, the Coach and Communication Lead. Many feeds here also discuss about the UBCs tennis matches.

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  • ATP World Tour ATP World Tour shares news from the world of tennis. Covering the latest on and off the court, ATP World Tour’s tennis section helps you stay updated with what your favorite players are up to, even after the matches are over, and even when no matches are lined up.  

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  • Wimbledon Wimbledon’s tennis blog fetches the latest gabs and goss off the court for you. There are live updates to be read here, along with interviews with your favorite players. Also, you can grab the latest scores and schedules of tennis matches, and more information on players, including profiles and stats.  

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  • Sports Net Sports Net makes tennis news more accessible to us tennis fans. Who stunned who? Who got eliminated? Who’s planning an early exit? Who’s got an injury? And all that is there to learn about Tennis and Tennis player/s, you’ll find it all, in fact more, on Sports Net.  

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  • WTA Tennis WTA Tennis talks about Tennis tournaments, scores, stats, and ranking. The folks here have also made sufficient arrangements to help you stay updated about your favorite players. Coming to the sport, you can easily get your hands on the latest Tennis News, and feel free to thank the folks at WTA Tennis for that.

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  • Tennis This blog called Tennis is all about, well, tennis. From tournaments to scores, videos to details on players, rankings to gears, count them all discussed and detailed here. Now, coming to all of ours favorite section, aka hot, sizzling latest tennis news, here’s plenty of it, served on a sizzler platter.

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  • The Guardian The Guardian has always been at the front of just any race when it comes to presenting the latest news. Tennis shares the same fate as others on The Guardian. Every bit of a news on Tennis, from players playing, to players missing a title, can be found here swiftly.  

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  • Betfred Breaking news from the world of tennis can be read on Betfred. Whether it is about preparations or the final game, about injuries or warnings, or players missing a tournament, Betfred has it all captured and presented, so you get the latest on tennis at the earliest, or with a click of the mouse.

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  • Yardbarker Yardbarker brings to you rumors, gossip, opinion, and humor from the best sports blog, much in their words. The blog here discusses about tennis in depth, providing you the latest feeds on who won the match, and who lost, who misses the season, and who is about to make the leap.

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  • Tennis TV Tennis TV is a visually appealing blog, something that catches the sight as soon as one lays an eye here. The stories captured and the ways news is presented here is equally appealing. What to watch and what to expect are but a few streamlines of their blogposts.

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  • Tennis Express Tennis Express, the place with all things tennis, including shoes, clothes, bags, and racquets, also is the place to find the latest goss on Tennis. From Tennis Fashion to Tennis Tournaments, you can expect to find info on all right here.  

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  • William Hill William Hill’s tennis section covers much about Australian Open. You can fetch the details on numerous rounds of various tournaments here. Bringing day to day coverage to you, William Hill scores multiple extra points just for their commitment to deliver incessant Australian Open tennis news.  

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  • Tennis Abstract The Tennis Abstract talks about tennis matches in detail. Jeff Sackman here shares the Tennis analytics, which tennis lovers all over might in fact be intrigued to read. The number of blogs here are myriad, and the categories, bountiful. This one is a keeper, fellows.  

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  • Universal Tennis Here’s to making a great game better. Universal Tennis shares the latest news on Tennis. Quite intriguing along with that are the feeds on the sport that Universal Tennis shares, for instance – the ways to win. If you fancy UTR, aka Universal Tennis Rating system which provides a common scale to determine the level of play, then there is plenty here to be read on the system too.  

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  • Khel Mart Khel Mart, the online sports company, runs a tennis blog too. It’s your gateway to finding rad reviews of tennis rackets. The knowledge that backs such exemplary knack for finding the best rackets is commendable, and rather beneficial for folks looking for a light weight racket with great design.

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  • Tennis Channel Tennis Channel is your fix for latest tennis goss. Top stories making headlines in the world of tennis can be picked off this channel. Also, the questions on wins and losses that have been budding in your head are openly discussed and attempted to reach an amiable conclusion.  

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  • BetBright BetBright’s dedication to tennis is a lot about tennis betting. The latest betting news can be picked from this blog, along with tennis betting previews. The feeds here run as far back as 2014, thereby, in a way, helping folks interested in betting in learning the game and bets better through past trends too.

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  • Tennis Australia Tennis Australia presents the latest news on tennis in Australia. Plus, chances are the segment bearing Tennis at anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, might intrigue you. The free tennis events running near you is indeed the kind of thing that can make your day if you are a tennis lover

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  • Tennis Now Tennis Now simply loves tennis, quite like inside-out. The feeds this one carries not only includes the latest news about tennis on court, but off court as well. In fact, this one also discusses news like Adidas unveiling US open dress, or Dimitrov designing new Wilson Stick.  

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  • Unibet There’s a lot happening in the world of tennis, and there’s a lot of that covered in detail by Unibet’s tennis blog. From reactions on social media to tie breaks, Unibet has them all covered. So, pick the details off here, where bet is already in the name.  

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  • Tennis Europe Tennis Europe is one website that will give you all the details on everything of tennis, be it on under fourteen girls and boys tennis, or latest tennis news from Europe and around, this one has got it all collected and presented on the blog. Plus, there is European Tennis Calendar at your disposal, too.

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  • Rafael Nadal Fans Calling itself the largest community dedicated to Rafael Nadal is no small feat. It’s established that this blog reeks of confidence and that comes from their unwavering dedication to bring the latest details on Rafael Nadal, match highlights from Nadal’s win, and more of Nadal feeds, including videos and interviews.

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  • Women’s Tennis Blog To read the latest updates on tennis covering top WTA players, check Women’s Tennis Blog. This one covers the WTA matches and their respective results in detail. It also fetches the latest gabs from WTA players private lives, their fashion choices, public appearances, and even business ventures.  

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  • Australia Open Australia Open is one of those outstanding websites where you can visit to gain excessive knowledge about the court of tennis, tennis matches, even hospitality and travel packages for visiting to watch live tennis matches. There are even latest Aus Open tweets here to quickly grab information from.

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  • Global Tennis Network Global Tennis Network is about Tennis as a sport. Plenty of feeds on this blog are aimed at helping you better your sport. Consider blogs on tennis balls, adding power to your serve, tennis playing level, running a tennis team in high school, to preview just a few.

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  • Tribe Athletics Tribe Athletics covers men’s tennis in-depth. Expect to find men’s tennis schedule in various states of USA, followed by men’s tennis roster. For those of you who fancy stats, there are men’s tennis stats here too, dating as far back as 2002.

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  • Expert Table Tennis Expert Table Tennis is the brainchild of Ben Larcombe who resides in England. As a professional table tennis coach, Ben has bought much of his expertise and experience on the blog. Through his detailed blog, all parents, players, and coaches alike can learn sufficiently enough.

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  • The Grandstand The Grandstand stays true to its offering, that is, a front row view of the ATP Tour. Bringing you the match preview for starters, The Grandstand ensures your view of the game comes stays clear. For wider views, and understanding, this one also offers match highlights. And there is the latest tennis news, of course.

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  • Tennis X Tennis X makes for a remarkable blog when seeking latest tennis news, or should we say Xtreme tennis news. Apart from stats and rankings, including historical stats data, Tennis X also presents this intriguing section called ‘who’s got the funk’ and ‘who’s in the trunk’, for all we know that is exactly the kind of info you and us are looking for. Well, exactly one of the many kinds.  

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  • Tennis Canada Tennis Canada offers a pretty wide coverage of news on tennis in Canada. It covers the professional tennis, Canadian events, kids/junior tennis, Davis/Fed cup, among others. Also, up for read are quips and gabs from tennis experts, and the community. In addition, there is plenty buzz to catch here, too.

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  • Tennis Plaza Serving your game is the Tennis Plaza, where the folks discuss about various essentials of tennis, like the racquet. Consider the influence of various surfaces, like where tennis is played, on the players performance covered too. And the likes of such discussions on tennis is what you are likely to find on Tennis Plaza.  

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  • Grand Slam Tennis Tours The company, Grand Slam Tennis Tours, offers custom tourism to elite tennis events around the globe. On their blog, they have discussed about tennis, much through interviews with various folks from the court. Also shared here are news from the Grand Slam Tennis Tours.

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  • My Tennis Lessons Your gateway to tips, news, and pop culture of tennis is here, and it goes by the name My Tennis Lessons. The everyday tennis fans, like us, may likely enjoy the experience of reading tennis tips and news on this blog, for the sheer visual appeal.

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  • Tennis Guru For your quest of feeds on grand slams of Australia Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US open, this one appears to have made grand efforts for bringing you much of what you seek. And if you also seek latest tennis news in abundance, it’s a Deuce.  

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  • 138 MPH The author of 138 MPH has been playing tennis for fourteen years. The blog covers tennis and the latest matches, happenings, events et al in tennis. Much from the writers POV, 138 MPH also presents various match overviews, and predictions.

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  • Do It Tennis Do IT Tennis vastly covers tennis product reviews, from apparel to bags, court equipment to string, and shoes to racquets among others. Next, they have covered equipment reviews on videos. Beyond that are tennis how-tos, tennis news, tennis lifestyle, and youth sports.  

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  • Perfect Tennis Get your fix of grand slam feeds here, covering all four, the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open, and the Wimbledon. Plus, there is a whole giant section dedicated to Roger Federer where all the goss, gabs, highlights, and feeds on Roger Federer are stocked for your and our perusal.

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  • Tennis Evolution Tennis Evolution is first about the fun and easy ways one can improve his/her tennis. Those interesting, and many a times innovative ways, are offered through videos. And who offers those? It’s Jeff Salzenstein. He is a tennis coach who was a top 100 ATP pro in singles and doubles. He apparently also provides online tennis lessons.  

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  • Tactical Tennis A think-tank for improving the sports, Tactical Tennis works on the goal of providing insightful and in-depth ideas pertaining to tennis. From overviews to tactics to techniques, this one covers them all. Between that, there are many feeds covering interesting POVs, something tennis fans might find an intriguing read.

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  • Tennis Connected This one connects you with the world of tennis brilliantly. Presenting the latest tennis news, on matches and players, Tennis Connected also provides the tennis calendar, tennis rankings of both men’s and women’s singles and doubles, live scores, podcasts.

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  • Road To 4.5 Tennis Road To 4.5 Tennis offers lessons from a tennis Addict who is on a quest to become a 4.5 USTA player. From the founder of The Tennis Congress, a Tennisaholic P.J. Simons, Road To 4.5 Tennis is for other tennis addicts who started playing as an adult, quite like Simons.  

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  • Tennis Prose Tennis Prose apparently covers tennis with a unique kind of literary bend. That’s enough to fascinate tennis fans who love quirk too. The feeds here apart from being quirky and literary, are quite personal in the manner that would make you connect with the writer, or the storyteller almost instantly.

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  • Brain Game Tennis Coming from a widely recognized leader in teaching and analyzing tennis strategies, Brain Game Tennis is Craig O’Shannessy’s online business. More for teaching coaches, players, and fans the patterns of play, the blog of Brain Game Tennis provides a good glimpse of what he means and imparts in terms of teaching tennis.

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  • Moo’s Tennis Blog Covering women’s tennis, Moo’s Tennis Blog is James Peeling’s brainchild. Interesting thing here is James is quite fascinated with Tennis, the reason why he actively makes predictions, like every Tennis fan. Sadly though, they don’t always turn out to be successful. There’s more coolness inside.

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  • Tennis Fixation Are you fascinated by someone who is grounded? Then, chances are you might like Kim, who calls herself an ordinary tennis player. And must we mention she is the mind behind Tennis Fixation. Here she shares some intriguing ways of improving your game while having fun at the same time.  

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  • Tennis Head Tennis Head is your source for the latest tennis updates. The news on and from the current tours make headlines here. Almost every minute detail of matches are covered so you get a wider view the matches and matches’ events.

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  • Tennis Consult Finding a good tennis coach could be really tiring at times. This blog called Tennis Consult not only helps you learn tennis, and develop a strong tennis player, but also helps you find a good tennis coach. Almost every blogpost here bears a lesson, and/or a piece of wisdom.

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  • USTA Florida Tennis Consult is one volunteer organization which aims at and work towards helping people in playing tennis, and also helps in building communities. With a mission to develop and promote tennis for all. Their blog covers the latests from USTA and tennis in Florida, and tennis in general.  

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  • Grand Slam Gal The Grand Slam Gal, aka the mind behind this blog, aka Mel from Melbourne, has been a longtime tennis fan. Chances are longtime means since 1987. On her blog she shares her fascination with tennis, and about the grand slams she has attended, and about tennis in general, and tennis in particular.  

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  • The Ultimate Tennis Blog The Ultimate Tennis Blog comes from a man who started playing tennis at the tender age of eight. Having won many tournaments beating players with ATP rankings, the author of this blog discusses a lot about Tennis – matches and players – quite the expert way.

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  • High Gate Tennis High Gate Tennis is a joint cricket and tennis club. Their blog shares many highlights and updates from the club which has around five hundred member, almost half adults and half juniors. This blog is a good place for tennis fans and players to hang around and see what other players are up to.

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  • Change Over Tennis With emphasis on freedom and creativity, contemporary writing, and personal commentary, Change Over Tennis presents many tennis stories. Their out of the box analysis backed by humor and honesty makes a for great read, when in mood for some tennis fix.  

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  • Tennis Foundation Tennis Foundation is Great Britain’s tennis charity. They present the latest tennis news from Europe, mostly of matches played on wheelchairs. Doing a commendable job at making wheelchair tennis more accessible, Tennis Foundations blog comes as a must-read backed by lots of cheers.

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  • Love Tennis Blog Founded by three former friends of the Queen’s University Belfast, Love Tennis Blog prides itself it in being one of the popular destinations for tennis players, coaches, fans. From tennis racquet to trainers count them all covered. Having said that, Love Tennis Blog has bountiful reasons to be loved by tennis lovers.

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  • College Tennis Today We love the plethora of information available on the College Tennis blog, and how that information is categorized and relayed. You’ll find equally appealing and informational feeds on mens tennis as on womens tennis. On the sides is latest news on tennis, including those of transfers.

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  • Cheeky Chick Blog Cheeky Chick Blog presents tennis life hacks on a platter. First, let’s talks about the game. The details, including strategy and tactics, tennis rules, and even gears and accessories are neatly covered. About the food, the feeds here help you plan your tennis specific nutrition, and make the best use of healthy recipes provided on Cheeky Chick Blog. And there’s a lot more.  

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  • Open Court Up on the Open Court are news, topped with original reporting, exclusive photos and videos, sided with some wacky and some funny stuff. All this with the insights backed by about two decades covering tennis, a lot more playing it. Besides photos, videos, and Canadians on Tours, count grand slams covered here too.

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  • Tennis Gate The Team at Tennis Gate has worked for different tennis federations both nationally and internationally. Many with almost and/over twenty-five years of experience, work towards inspiring tennis lovers through their blogs on fitness, movement, net game, and much more. Plus, the plethora of blogs covering interviews, advices, and more will help you improve your game further.

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  • Tennis Camper Tennis Camper is about Adidas summer camps. Curating a fun, positive atmosphere for athletes, Adidas summer camps help athletes become better tennis players. Their blog is loaded with blogposts on tennis camps, benefits of playing tennis, and tennis per se.

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  • Austin Tennis Academy Austin Tennis Academy has a pretty packed blog, with the oldest blog dating as far bac as November 2010. Discussing a lot a lot about the events at Austin Tennis Academy and news about the same, the academy welcomes you and admires your love for tennis by way of this blog.

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  • Chatswood Tennis Chatswood Tennis Club appears to celebrate the spirit of true sportsmanship, and hence, calls itself a club for everybody. So, no matter you are a young player or old, a beginner or a pro, social or competitive, they help you all with the same fervor through their blog, and as it seems, through their services too.

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  • Volley Cam Robert Keppel, creator of Volley Cam created it with the intention of helping tennis players see and fix their flaws, quite like how he did. Similarly, through the Volley Cam tennis blog Robert Keppel helps us folks better our game through informational posts like tennis psychology, tennis racquets, tennis training aids and more.  

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  • Tennis Fitness Fitness is like a definite requisite for playing tennis, more so for playing a good game of tennis. Nathan and Giselle, the creators of this blog, have around sixteen years of experience in tennis fitness innovation and tennis fitness training. Through their blog they help players understand fitness well and include efficient fitness regimens in their daily routine

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  • New York Tennis Magazine New York Tennis Magazine features an interesting thing called tip of the week. That’s reason one to checkout their blog. Next, they share intriguing tennis stories from real life players which make for a marvelous read. That’s reason two. Reason three, four, and more, they feature latest from the tennis court, covers pro tours, and have curated and covered lots and latest on leagues, respectively.

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  • How To Play Tennis How To Play Tennis is a power packed blog by Billy Jean King who offers eye coaching. On the blog there are numerous tennis tips which you can benefit from. Also read real life stories of tennis lovers, tennis payers, and more.

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  • Real Life Tennis Tennis lovers and players among us may find this blog delightfully helpful. With blogposts on mental toughness, core stability, and quick fix drills you sure will learn a thing or ten on improving your game. All this and more is offered here on Real Life Tennis by Kevin Anderson, his wife Kelsey, and the former coach GD Jones.

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  • SE Tennis Club Scarborough East Tennis Club has its own remarkable blog dedicated to tennis. Located on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, Scarborough East is an indoor, outdoor tennis club. Their blog carries blogposts covering the latest on Scarborough East Tennis Club, including stuff on tennis.

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  • ProWorld Tennis Academy ProWorld Tennis Academy runs with a mission to inspire. That can be seen on their blog as well, which carries feeds on coaching, game development, role of parents, conditioning, and on players, and coaches as well. Plus, they fetch the latest from the tennis court too.

alexa 6,504,297
  • REC Tennis Having made tennis and lifeskills programs accessible for communities, that is around and across Pacific Northwest, REC Tennis extends aid to players through tips, advices, guides, support, information, and a lot more, all to help players make the most of their training and game.

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  • Tennis League Network With over eighty thousand players having participated in the last twelve years, and served thirty-five communities across United States, Tennis League Network shares tennis stories from and of players. And they have shared many player profiles here too.

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  • Racquet Sports Center To help us pick perfect racquets, Racquet Sports Center has curated and created this blog. From discussions and blogposts on grip size to best tennis strings, tennis racquet reviews to best tennis balls, best tennis shoes to best tennis bags, there is almost everything on tennis accessories here.

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  • International Tennis Performance Association Tennis International Tennis Performance Association provides tennis fitness education to trainers, coaches, and specialists. Their blog is a remarkable way to learn about fitness, your athletic development, various syndromes, tennis conferences, mental toughness, lateral movement, and a lot more.

alexa 7,439,280
  • The Racquet Club Of Columbus The Racquet Club of Columbus presents this tennis with detailed coverage on latest champions, and nationals. Plus they cover latest matches, both boys and girls at various levels. So see what all is happening inside the Racquet Clubs and tennis courts and more.

alexa 8,151,484
  • TPA Tennis The TPA Tennis blog shares interesting ideas, thoughts, advices, tips and more. Good thing is there is enough for both parents and coaches, and players. The new kind of things on tennis that you can learn from TPA Tennis include basket feeding, live ball rallying, improving footwork, among others.

alexa 8,521,729
  • Senior Tennis Blog Senios Tennis Blog is about Senior Tennis, both USA and International, with posts prepared and presented by Carolyn Nichols. From details on ITF World Championships to ITF Tournament Calendar, there is plenty on Senior Tennis Blog to keep one updated.  

alexa 8,756,275
  • HCFoo Having met Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet, and interviewed Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, and James Blake, HCFoo has seen and done plenty as a tennis lover, and tennis blogger. Here on his blog he shares latest tennis news, and goss from the tennis world.  

alexa 8,814,757
  • Towpath Tennis From the Towpath Tennis shop, here’s a tennis blog From The Tennis Desk. The depth and details of feeds on this blog have bud from many humane experiences. This adds a pretty personal quality to the blogposts here, and makes them a remarkable read.  

alexa 9,176,517
  • Basha Tennis Basha Tennis Blog bears a myriad of information pertaining to USTA Tournaments, tennis events worldwide, local collegian and high school tennis reports. That is not all, there are plenty tennis resources too, like how-tos, information on and about child development, safety tips and more.  

alexa 9,535,894
  • Tennis Abides Here is Dan Martin on tennis and life. Covering many matches, and making intriguing predictions on the same, Dan Martin offers a deep insight into tennis. For a tennis lover, Tennis Abides is a delight to read, recite, and follow.

alexa 9,653,315
  • Gulph Mills Tennis Julian Krinsky School of Tennis is at the Gulph Mills Tennis Club. The professionals at the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis have prepared and presented myriad tennis tips and tricks. Not only that but assistive devices, how-tos, and many more detailed posts.  

alexa 9,776,573
  • The Art Of Tennis For folks wishing and desiring the learn the game and to play it, and/or teach it, and/or run a successful coaching business The Art Of Tennis has made available many helpful feeds, including interviews. Rick Willsmore, Director of Tennis at Scarborough Tennis Academy in Perth is the one running this blog.  

alexa 10,037,020
  • Glam Slam Tennis For those on a lookout for tactics, tips, and how-tos of tennis, here is another brilliant you shouldn’t afford missing, even if you can. Grand Slam Tennis, apart from offering these interesting blog, also provides coaching to women league players.  

alexa 10,037,250
  • Fit In Tennis Here’s weekly tennis inspiration for all tennis players in Barcelona and around the globe. Fit In Tennis is a team of professional coaches with varied experiences teaching the game to kids and adults alike. Folks felling in the category of tennis learners will find more than just weekly inspiration.

alexa 10,198,192
  • Maximizing Tennis Potential Coming from an award winning coach, sports researcher, and also a popular international speaker, Frank Giampaolo, Maximizing Tennis Potential is a blog loaded with inspiration and information on improvement, building belief, emotional toughness, and a lot more.  

alexa 12,554,756
  • Tennis Itinerary For tennis travelers, aka tennis fans on a lookout for a cool tennis destination, Tennis Itinerary is both the blog, and the place for you. Loaded with information on where to travel, in-depth descriptions supported by high-definition photographs, user-reviews for each location, and personal interviews, Tennis Itinerary makes for a tennis lovers cool tennis travel pal.

alexa 13,185,329
  • Mcshow Blog This one is with a writerly served. As intriguing as it sounds, the blogs here are quite literary bent, making them not only hot with news or goss on tennis but quite a pleasant read. With a whole dedicated section on HRFRT (How Roger Federer Ruined Tennis, Mcshow Blog is what you would often like to read.

alexa 14,091,584
  • Tennis Served Fresh Tennis Served Fresh is a tennis flavored website bringing the latest in tennis fashion, lifestyle and business to us. For men, the fashion and style here is a quick fix of information and inspiration you need before shopping. Beyond that help yourself to tennis videos, and feeds on sports business.

alexa 15,198,192
  • Old Wilsonians The Old Wilsonians is a small, friendly club, and we are quite heartwarmed with the way they describe themselves. Their blog is equally endearing. From testimonials about tennis lessons to a 1956 Old Wilsonians reunion, their blog is a delight to read.

alexa 17,679,419
  • African Tennis For the tennis lovers from Africa, here’s tennis love packed inside a mind-blowing tennis blog called African Tennis. Expect to find the latest goss and gabs from the world of African Tennis, and tennis in Africa, including about various wins and losses, various championships and tournaments and more.

alexa 18,521,729
  • Mill Bay Tennis Mill Bay Tennis Club runs this tennis blog. Being founded in 1992, Mill Bay Tennis Club has steadily grown over years. Been in operation for almost twenty-five years, their experience and love for tennis is quite evident in their blog. Find tips, advices, and more interesting reads on their blog here.

alexa 19,498,740
  • Ad Court Ramble Bringing the latests from the world of men’s single tennis wrapped in the blanket of opinions. So, be prepared to read a more personal coverage on the latest news, with in-depth details. Help yourself to predictions, partnerships, previews, and more

alexa 20,198,192
  • Tennis Chick The tennis writer here, aka the Tennis Chick is obsessed with tennis, in her words. Sharing, by means of her blog, her take on the Psychology of Tennis, the writer here openly discusses about tennis, tennis players, and more. It’s a pure delight to rea this one.  

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  • Aspire Tennis A coaching service in Perth Western Suburbs, Aspire Tennis Professionals caters to toddlers and elites alike. They run this tennis blog with quite the same fervor that they coach tennis with. It’s got energy, innovation, and professionalism, in blogposts about Aspire Tennis, and tennis per se.

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  • American Sport Psychology American Sport Psychology is one of the apt places to be learning about tennis from. Reason being it not only discusses about sport but also about the sport psychology. In the long run, reading about the same could prove highly beneficial, especially when playing the sport, tennis or any other.

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  • Tennis on 11th Sonia Close, the Business Director of Tennis on 11th Palm Beach is a successful player who has represented Australia as a senior player on Australian and international grounds. This blog here shares a lot about players of Tennis on 11th and about tennis in general.  

alexa 35,198,192
  • Absolute Tennis Absolute Tennis admittedly brings tennis to everyone. Their blog discusses about tennis matches, mostly theirs, including annual club champions. Plus, there’s all these details on the cool stuff happening in the club which is indeed fascinating.

That’s a deuce! A hundred, read best hundred tennis blogs, are all here. And with that is your gateway to all the tips, tricks, tactics, strategies, news and goss about tennis.

From tennis clubs, tennis enthusiasts, tennis lovers, tennis followers, and simply tennis supporters across the globe, these top hundred tennis blogs carry the best of tennis wisdom, Knowledge, understanding and more, backed by years of experience playing, or coaching, or simply watching tennis.

While a sport is best learned through practice, it is knowledge of the latest’s, be it tricks, or events, that can change the game from a deuce to a win. So, which one is it for you- a deuce or a win? Feel free to share.


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