Best 100 Tea Blogs For Tea Curious And Tea Lovers

Top Tea Blogs

These Best Tea blogs are the best source of gaining latest news and updates on tea along with learning more about tea, with what’s and why’s of tea, how-to and guides on tea, tips and tricks, and recipes and lots more. Tea blogs are also a great way to indulge yourself in tea travel, and tea tastings virtually.

For all the tea lovers out and about, we have created the following collection of worlds best hundred tea blogs, ranked on the basis of relevance. Read on.

alexa 6,215
  • Talking Tea Now that we are talking tea, it’s only likely that we begin it with Talking Tea. This fascinating tea blog presents conversations on tea and tea culture. With lots to learn from, courtesy all these tea feeds here, following Talking Tea seems like a pretty smart decision.  

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  • Tea Box Still Sleeping? Here’s the tea blog that will blow your minds away and wake those minds right up. The blog by Tea Box discusses tea from various corners and sides of India, like Darjeeling and Assam. What’s more? You have feeds on techniques and classification of tea, varieties of tea, and differences between various teas among other things.

alexa 136,133
  • The Republic Of Tea Welcome to The Republic of Tea. Help yourself to its extensive news and notes which relay tea knowledge in abundance. From ways to gift tea to travelling with tea, what’s and why’s of tea and more to twist of teas, expect to read many such magnificent tea feeds on The Republic of Tea.

alexa 178,817
  • Boston Tea Party A blog by Tea Master Bruce Richardson, Boston Tea Party is a delight to read. Mr. Richardson, a leading tea expert, along with being a tea blender, photographer and writer has made available many intellectual tea posts covering guides, knowledge, even history, and more. Feel free to read from the owner of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Benjamin Press.

alexa 219,377
  • English Tea Store Here’s the official tea blog of the English Tea Store making myriad points about tea and around tea. We know the significance of tea bag storage and you know who knows it better than us? The English Tea Store. And they also know interesting tea recipes, new types and styles of tea, and they know so much more. Best thing: they share all that with us on the blog.  

alexa 274,866
  • Art Of Tea Don’t we simply want to learn the art of tea and that what’s behind this blog aptly called Art Of Tea. To begin with, you have tea profiles up for grabs. Following that, there’s history and culture of tea covered, brewing tea discussed, health and lifestyle sorted, topped with updates on Art of Tea and tea in general.

alexa 311,056
  • Jing Tea An impressive sight and more impressive read is what will follow your visit to Jing Tea’s blog. Available for read here are guides to various teas, from jasmine tea to scented tea; tea recipes; feeds on origins, from spotlights to tom’s travel; and a lot more.  

alexa 405,602
  • Tea and Coffee When there’s a debate between tea and coffee, which side would you rather pick? We say, pick Tea And Coffee, the blog, and read and relish the feeds on black tea, flowering tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea, white tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, and of course coffee, among others.  

alexa 523,861
  • Teaforia This one’s all about musings, history news and all things tea. A tea lover’s utopia, Teaforia new tea travel updates, ideas like ways to poach with tea, feeds on interesting types of tea like hunan hei cha, famous teas like liu bao hei cha, and more interesting feeds.  

alexa 523,958
  • Numi Tea Visit the tea garden of Numi Organic Tea. Virtually we mean. This tea blog brings latest tea updates right to our screens, strengthening our love for tea all the more. From DIYs to self-care, this is one blog to binge on every time you crave a cup of tea.  

alexa 546,835
  • Plum Deluxe Making moments matter is the Plum Deluxe blog, besides helping you slow down and connect with yourself, and those wonderful moments in your life. The folks here seem to not get enough of tea, life your very own selves, and hence their blog make a perfect match for your tea loving inquisitive selves.

alexa 568,713
  • World Of Tea It’s time now to explore the World Of Tea, and what a world it is. For anyone looking to learn a gigantuan sum about tea, this is your place to be in for World Of Tea shares abundance on tea culture, and ample feeds loaded with information on tea, opinions, and tools among other things.

alexa 587,754
  • Arbor Teas Here’s the blog by Arbor Teas, presenting the latest news. From postcards to field notes, this blog has myriad magnificent tea feeds to offer, making it as much a tea tantalizer as a visual masterpiece. Prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised by all these travels and visits from the folks here, and those visits’ coverage.  

alexa 641,559
  • World Tea News One for the business minded, Word Tea News brings business insights peculiarly for the specialty tea trade. The blog presents tea industry news, and world tea community news, while also covering new products and profiles, and tea health news and tea education among others.  

alexa 665,670
  • Ahmad Tea Catch news and lifestyle on Ahmad Tea’s blog. It features tea in various places like Kenya. It presents journey along the tea trail, to places like Ceylon, and Darjeeling. It talks tea in detail, including history like how tea came to Britain; and food like fruit cake infused with tea.

alexa 667,440
  • TeaTime Magazine TeaTime Magazine is one of the apt virtual places to rake your sensory nerves with the sight of all that tea and draw pleasure from tea as a gourmet beverage. That’s for starts. The more you see the more you’ll learn through tearoom profiles, and food features among others.

alexa 671,124
  • Tea Source Steeped in experience is Tea Source, and stocked with information is Beyond The Leaf, the Tea Source’s tea blog. Hop on this wagon and be delightfully introduced with updates, ideas and thoughts on tea. Having said that, ever wondered what getting drunk on tea would be like. Well, now that you have, look right here.  

alexa 677,885
  • Verdant Tea Coming to your screen from the Verdant Tea – which is a marketplace for small family tea farmers bringing tea directly from farms to your cups – is a powerhouse of tea feeds covering tasting journals, techniques, guide, craft and much more.  

alexa 769,803
  • Seven Cups Here’s the Seven Cups Tea blog for, what they intriguingly call, the serious curious tea drinker. First up, you have the seven cups news for that’s important. Next you have recipes with tea, followed by tea industry news, how-to videos and aplenty blog posts for the tea curious.  

alexa 878,193
  • Eco Cha Eco Cha shares the latest news on its blog, from updates of the Eco Cha Tea Club to Echo Cha in general. In between that, the tea blog by Eco Cha also shares interesting videos like one that shows making of the modern oolong tea, and interesting feeds like an organic tea farm’s rebirth.

alexa 1,001,356
  • Full Leaf Tea Company Full Leaf Tea Company presents the Loose-Leaf Tea blog, covering myriad varieties of tea in its posts. You will be surprised, pleasantly of course, by the sheer variety of tea stuffed options possible, for instance, consider the matcha honey hot chocolate, or blueberry mint matcha.  

alexa 1,014,528
  • Thirsty For Tea Modernizing a classic tradition is this blog called Thirsty For Tea by Bonnie Eng, a tea enthusiast. She presents wonderful feeds not only covering tea but tea cups and jars as well, that is from tea party ideas to DIYs like one converting tea tins into clocks. It seems, Bonnie Eng is one true tea enthusiast, after all.  

alexa 1,031,989
  • The Cup Of Life The Cup Of Life here sure is full of tea, and delightful tea feeds. Presented by Lu Ann Pannunzio, tea enthusiast and writer in Ontario, Canada, are these lovely tea feeds from guides to the bests like the best matcha green tea brands to various tea applications like DIY body scrub from green tea.  

alexa 1,164,748
  • The Daily Tea The Daily Tea has tea in various feeds to offer your tea enthusiastic senses. Tea feeds here do not come basic but bound in peculiar packs, that is packed with wellness, travel, taste, pop, inspiration, recipes, and news. Doesn’t that sound incredible already?

alexa 1,169,830
  • Essence Of Tea The Essence of Tea is splendid, not only figuratively, not only namely, but literally as well. This blog by Essence of Tea shares latest brand news, updates from tea clubs, and covers wide and far, deep and narrow of tea, including storages.  

alexa 1,173,441
  • Tea DB Here’s a site about tea that discusses tea delightfully. After all, it’s no small feat covering black tea, Chinese tea, white tea, yellow tea, Japanese green tea, and other teas, along with sharing varied coverage on tea musings, tea learning, storage, teaware and lots more.

alexa 1,197,925
  • Tching Tea. Design. Life. That’s what Tching is primarily all about. Deeply if we look, however, there are numerous tea posts ranging between history and spirituality, health and wellbeing and tea basics and tips, tea industry and travel, tea education and tea literature, among others.

alexa 1,225,376
  • Tea Coffee Spices Of India Brand India Plantations by India Brand Equity Foundation, a Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India establishment, presents Tea Coffee Spices of India and its blog sharing information and insights on exquisite varieties of coffee spices and tea from India.  

alexa 1,293,924
  • Marshal N Here’s a sneak peek into a tea addict’s journal. From a wide coverage on multiple things that are available on this blog, we focus on tea and tea specific feeds, and they are a charming read. Not only is tea covered left, right and center but bottom as well, we mean in-depth, as an example, consider a feed discussing about good tea.  

alexa 1,341,597
  • Oolong Owl One with the tea love and reviews, make way for the Oolong Owl. Up on Oolong owl are marvelous reads covering tea journeys, sharing tea recipes from side dishes to tea desserts, and updating us on tea gears from tea cups to tea pots, iced tea makers to even tea jewelry.  

alexa 1,390,017
  • Canton Tea Co Only, and mostly, a tea lover knows what tea knowledge means, apart from taste. A tea blog from an independent British tea company, that is Canton Tea Co., it features news, stockists and knowledge. Covered under the latter are recipes, and tea of the month among other things.

alexa 1,398,200
  • Jayshree Tea It is indeed an interesting experience reading the tea blog by Jayshree Tea for you cannot ever truly deduce what the folks here would surprise you with. For instance, consider feeds like tea coding, which answers most common questions on tea; or different tea grades; or tasting tea like a pro.

alexa 1,489,338
  • Suki Tea Packed with tea recipes, you have Suki Tea here, with a garnishing of tea facts and tea towels. Interestingly that is not all. The more you tread farther down the Suki Tea blog the more you learn about Suki Tea and tea in general, say, with this fancy feed called Tea of The Month.

alexa 1,507,591
  • Divinitea The divinity of tea is supremely presented on this blog by what’s aptly called Divinitea, a certified organic loose-leaf tea. This organic tea blog shares news and articles covering Divinitea, new harvests, and the wide and far of tea. Plus, it also features health benefits of tea and organic tea wholesaler guide. Read on.

alexa 1,607,664
  • Obubu Tea Here’s the tea blog from Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. The matters discussed on the blog range between Japanese tea and history, tea agriculture and brewing, tea recipes and tea wares, and tea at large. You would know how brilliant the details are when you read the Obubu’ Philosophy and about the Obubu Family.

alexa 1,685,966
  • Rare Tea Company With a name as fancy as Rare Tea Company, it’s only fair to expect something fancy from the blog. With your expectations the name is justified as well, for the feeds and the details indeed are rare, and hence, difficult to find elsewhere.

alexa 1,693,393
  • Teaspressa Tea Time blog by Teaspressa will certainly add flavor to your tea time when considering these myriad marvelous tea feeds. Along with tea recipes, there are tea times with interesting personalities, guides, travels and much more to read and relish.  

alexa 1,712,841
  • Tea Perspective Catch a different kind of perspective here. We are talking about the Tea Perspective. Almost every feed bearing tea in mind is what can be found here, from tea storage to new teas, tea recipes to matcha food recipes, sided with reasons and loads of tea feeds.

alexa 1,733,768
  • Kathy YL Chan Kathy YL Chan, the name and brain behind this blog, is a tea specialist born and raised in Hawaii but calls Manhattan home now. Archived in this blog is her life lived in the tea industry. One of her three works is consulting on product development, tea concepts and business etiquettes.

alexa 1,733,885
  • My Japanese Green Tea From Ricardo, the one drawn to Japanese culture and had studied Japanese language, comes this specially crafted blog dedicated to the Japanese culture and its delectable teas. His blog My Japanese Green Tea is tea glee stuffed with lots on matcha, from matcha syrup to tea guides.  

alexa 1,870,027
  • Tea Trunk Here’s a blog with enough power to become a tea drinkers delight. Tea Trunk, founded by a tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda, talks tea far and loud covering tea at movies, beginners guide to matcha green tea, tea party hosting guide, how to brew tea, and lots more.

alexa 2,023,086
  • Namhah From an idea that was conceived sipping tea at a roadside café in France, Namhah, located in Assam, India, offers high quality tea at an affordable price through subscription services. The blog on the other hand, is a galore of tea beauty talking about health benefits, recipes, reviews and more.

alexa 2,082,400
  • My Tea Drop A drop of tea might not satiate the tea craving but it may relieve your craving for feeds. Featured here are myriad recipes including matchata, a cocktail recipe; tips; how-to guides and more. But what steals the show away is the Q&As with interesting people like Freya, their new head of operations.

alexa 2,288,317
  • Australian Tea Masters Here’s the tea blog by the Australian Tea Masters, an organization for tea training and education in Australasia founded by tea master Sharyn Johnston. There’s latest news and updates available on the blog along with interesting features on and around tea.  

alexa 2,398,194
  • Postcard Teas From the folks who have introduced two key concepts on tea called provenance and small tea, you have the tea journal here by Postcard Teas. The blog presents news and updates between interesting tea feeds that may create a whole new aroma around you, thereby tantalizing the taste buds.

alexa 2,525,566
  • Tea For Me Please How we love saying this – Tea For Me Please. Your love for that sentence is to find a cool match in this blog by Nicole, a tea lover with a goal to make tea fun and accessible to her Tea For Me Please readers and her readers per se.  

alexa 2,550,939
  • Silver Tips Tea Here’s the blog by Silver Tips Tea, a retail arm of Eco-Prima Tea which is a wholesale tea import and trading company operating since 1995. Silver Tips on the other hand is a small independent tea room, which you’ll be surprised to know serves hundred varieties of tea. Reading about tea from these mavericks is incredible.

alexa 2,707,115
  • Tin Roof Teas The tea blog by Tin Roof Teas, from the very first sight is a breath of fresh air, perhaps that which is filled with aroma of freshly brewed tea. On the inside, Tin Roof Teas’ blog is amazing too, with coverage of tea news, company news, and features on iced tea, and useful feeds on tea in general.

alexa 2,715,048
  • Gopal Dhara India This blog by Gopal Dhara Tea Estate, one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling, India, with a legacy of over fifty years of tea production, shares features on a variety of tea, like Darjeeling oolong tea. It also presents information on tea, its benefits, uses, and more including recipes.  

alexa 2,726,517
  • Happy Earth Tea Bringing the greens and browns of earth through tea is the Happy Earth Tea blog with its happy tea feeds. The wide and far of tea covered on Happy Earth Tea Blog includes Chinese tea, Darjeeling tea, Columbian tea, tea news, tea history, tea pairings, health benefits, brewing tips and much more.  

alexa 2,795,540
  • Pinkie Bag Chloe, one who loves to eat and enjoy a cup of tea, is the creator and curator of Pinkiebag blog. Being allergic to cow milk, she now follows a dairy free and lacoste free diet. A lot about tea, this blog offers many reviews to help you find your next pick easily.  

alexa 2,876,468
  • Tea Views Up on this tea blog are reviews of the world’s finest teas, as is precisely mentioned here. A collective of tea lovers and reviewers from United States and Canada, Tea Views posts reviews from the members who receive free shipment of high quality tea samples. That’s not all, for Tea Views also shares thoughts, musings, posts and more on and around tea.

alexa 2,923,545
  • Teashed Welcome to the Teashed, we would like to say. For the tea lovers, Teashed is a blog to marvel at and make the most of, especially when considering all those how-to guides, say guiding on making raspberry and peach bubble tea.  

alexa 3,266,049
  • Dominion Tea Passionate and informed, it’s the Dominion Tea. Covered on the blog by Dominion Tea are varied interesting tea matters like tea culture, tea production, tea history, tea recipes, tea preparation, and types of tea, among others. Grab all the gabs on the Dominion Tea blog.  

alexa 3,377,834
  • Tea Huggers With a fancy name, here’s a fancy tea blog by Tea Huggers. Founded by Esther, who ironically was a coffee addict, Tea Huggers was bred out of passion for tea and health. Talking about the blog, it has lots on tea, and also lots on health. That bit is obvious, isn’t it?  

alexa 3,586,916
  • For Teas Sake All those who were looking to read For Teas Sake, here’s the blog by the same. It has lot to tantalize your tea loving tastebuds, like recipes, say homemade tea ice cream recipe, or like myriad benefits of tea including off beat benefits like as a remedy for sunburn, and much more.  

alexa 3,681,397
  • Sororitea Sisters Here’s a sorority of sisters who love tea. For us tea lovers these Sororitea Sisters have shared interesting teas from various places. That said, this blog is a good place to read and learn about new tea variants and tea brands.

alexa 3,933,711
  • Life Is Better With Tea The name bears a literal meaning which is in fact true in every sense. Life Is Better With Tea brings wonderful tea updates covering hot tea, and iced tea; tea latte, and tea cocktail; tea smoothie and tea dessert; and more. That all comes from an award-winning tea entrepreneur, Mary Ann, the mind and soul behind this blog.

alexa 4,127,369
  • Love Tea For tea lovers in here, and out there, here’s Love Tea’s blog. Inside this tea blog are myriad tea feeds, covering health at times, and spices. The beauty of this blog is indeed health feeds wrapped in the goodness of tea and flavor.  

alexa 4,292,832
  • Bigelow Tea Blog From family tea blenders, that is America’s Bigelow Classic, in operation since 1945, here’s the tea blog you might like. Along with Bigelow tea news and Bigelow family story, shared on this blog are tea tips, including tea history and tea recipes.

alexa 4,337,620
  • Mei Mei Tea Catch the latest news on Mei Mei Tea blog. That’s for starts. Further ahead, the blog features recipes, tea gift guide, and many interesting feeds like one discussing the truth about tea and pesticides or one helping you make switch from coffee to tea.

alexa 4,492,639
  • Far Leaves This blog by Far Leaves Tea talks smartly about tea and other things. From May flowers to June tea, you are up for some pretty indulging reads on the blog, say does April showers entice you. Least said, this blog is a breath of fresh air.  

alexa 4,676,238
  • Hello Tea Cup Say hello to tea cup with this blog by Hello Tea Cup. On tea, the folks here have made available interesting new ideas and viewpoints, like cakes paired with teas, followed by tea recipes, benefits and more. Along with that there also are interesting facts and feeds on and from tea industry.

alexa 4,691,311
  • Tao Tea Leaf On the blog by Tao Tea Leaf you have news and latest updates from the industry, including tea tours and tea tasting to feast on, virtually, that is frequented by how-to guides like to pry tea cake and brick, and tips and more.  

alexa 4,992,641
  • I Heart Teas Like you and us Rachel Rachana Carter heart teas too. A long time addict and health and fitness freak, Rachana Carter, the lady behind I Heart Teas shares myriad updates, facts, ideas and thoughts on fitness, tea, wellness, and more.  

alexa 5,001,735
  • The Devotea This is the Lord Devotea’s Tea Spouts’ blog called The Devotea. He drinks. He writes. And he is half a duo that creates and markets own new blends. From The Devotea you have swanky tea feeds with interesting insights, advices and ideas.

alexa 5,137,150
  • Sublime House Of Tea Inspiring awe is the Sublime House of Tea. And inspiring tea lovers, and informing them is the Sublime House of Tea’s blog. Up for grabs on this blog are gabs on tea benefits, feeds on tea time, bites of tea recipes and more.

alexa 5,181,737
  • Comins Tea From British fine tea merchants, the Comins Tea, you have this tea blog with latest news. The folks here are passionate about fine tea and the great British design. That’s the essence you’ll find here and there on the Comins Tea’s blog.  

alexa 6,062,299
  • Japanese Green Tea Harvested with love in Japan is tea by Japanese Green Tea. On its green tea and health blog you will be introduced to new ideas and tea trends and the reasons behind the trend, for starts. Then there are green tea facts, and recipes, and history, and a lot more.  

alexa 6,198,079
  • The Gilded Teapot When in search for gabs on Japan and its tea, head to The Gilded Teapot’s blog. From what is matcha to tea picking there’s much to catch. And so is there lots to catch on tea travel, and history, and tea in general. Plus, there are recipes, and guides here too.

alexa 6,589,447
  • Tea Geek Missives from the world of tea can be found on this blog. Michael J. Coffey, aka the resident Tea Geek brings you interesting and scientifically backed and reliable information covering the world of tea. That said, you have tea reviews, science, culture and history to catch on this blog.

alexa 7,155,583
  • Chai Safari Take this Chai Safari for a simplified journey of chai, aka tea. The blog by Chai Safari shares interesting informative feeds like one covering the tea cultures across the globe. Take a peek into various teas, like Nilgiri tea. Or bust tea myths and more. And more

alexa 7,229,780
  • Two Dog Tea Blog Topped with a surprising name, this tea blog has many little surprised packed inside the blog in terms of feeds. Paul, the owner of White2Tea, used to journals notes about teas he tasted, but now shares his interpretations of Puer tea, the market, and extends guidance to the Puer tea drinkers.

alexa 7,281,095
  • Tavalon The future of tea is here, in the form of Tavalon. That is something you can primarily pick gabs on, here at Tavalon’s blog. Shared on this blog are tea recipes, tea videos, tea feeds, how-to guides, health benefits and more.  

alexa 7,796,147
  • Teaxplorer Catch tea reviews and articles about tea on the Teaxplorer blog. Sadly, the author and founder of Teaxplorer, Drew has passed away after battling with cancer and Crohn’s disease. Now, Maria, his wife, looks after the blog. In spite of that, there’s lots already stocked to offer you ample insights and information on tea.

alexa 7,949,448
  • Mel Had Tea For tea lovers here’s a travel blog in the name of Mel Had Tea. The name and brain behind this blog, Mel Hattie, is an avid reader, explorer, and tea drinker. Coming from her are delectable tea feeds with impressive visuals and images.

alexa 7,967,859
  • Fong Mong Tea Here’s the tea blog by the Fong Mong Tea Shop. This one’s got indulge-worthy feeds, with many added frequently. From discussing about tea stems to helping you choose and buy tea with suggestions and info, this blog has much to add to your tea lover’s palette of tea knowledge.

alexa 7,997,250
  • discovering Tea Discoverer of Discovering Tea is Francois-Xavier Delmas, a passionate globe trotter who has been touring the world’s tea plantation extensively for over twenty years. He’s also the founder of Le Palais Des Thes. He talks about tea with such contagious fervor making it hard to stay away from this blog.

alexa 8,217,497
  • Notes On Tea Catch the Notes On Tea by Georgia, an urban forester by training. She is a tea drinker and a tea ware voyeur. You have her notes to read and marvel at here with sometimes unique and many times interesting features like unique Korean teas, and tea pairing 101.

alexa 9,147,160
  • Shineworthy Tea Talking about tea in delightful depth is the blog by Shineworthy Tea. It’s got interesting tea topics covered like green tea, black tea, white tea, iced tea, herbal infusions, health, tea and teeth, and more. Plus, there are recipes to explore too.  

alexa 9,269,179
  • Tea With Rachael It’s time for Tea With Rachel, a fancy blog with an aura of serenity around it. Soothing as it is, Tea With Rachael shares tea talks, including about new teas tried by the Rachael here, her tea travels, tea breaks, and more.

alexa 9,282,438
  • Tea Foodie With an interesting name the Tea Foodie is here, with the tea foodie journal of foods and recipes inspired by tea. Suzanne Kleil, aka the Tea Foodie, is a marketing executive, a recreational cook, and a tea geek sharing cooking with tea recipes on the blog.  

alexa 10,352,673
  • Tea Deviant Here’s the deviant blog by Tea Deviant, that is Cassandra Vincent. She is a performer who loves dark tales and a good cup of coffee. She shares interesting feeds here covering classic tea, infusions, tea and art, tea and music, recipes, tea types and more.  

alexa 10,589,624
  • Tea And Glory Catch tricks, tips, news, articles and more on the Tea And Glory blog. Presenting myriad feeds to help you get the most of your loose-leaf tea, the blog also presents interesting tea recipes, what’s and where’s of tea, and more.

alexa 10,870,433
  • Tea Happiness Happiness is in the air with Tea Happiness blog. A Brooklyn tea lover, Sara is the mind and soul behind Tea Happiness, and also behind the varied feeds and frequent updates on tea like tea pairing, tea recipes, reviews and more.  

alexa 12,047,588
  • Afternoon Tea Total A tea obsessive Natalie brings you the Afternoon Tea Total. Apart from making films for companies, websites and television, she also talks tea, about buying and making tea, shares recipes, and reviews like Berlin reviews, London reviews and global tea time.  

alexa 12,575,515
  • Green Root Tea Here’s the tea journal by Green Root Tea bringing you extensive coverage and intriguing gabs on detox tea, matcha tea, teatox, health benefits, recipes, caffeine, chamomile, bedtime tea, night time tea and tea in general and at large, among others.

alexa 12,836,955
  • Petit Tea Tea lovers may likely be intrigued by the Petite Tea news and updates. Starting with how-to guides, you have lots to learn and try like making loose tea without any teaware. Moving on to whats you have interesting answers about great teas. Further up there’s more to catch.  

alexa 13,291,089
  • Walker Tea Review In the form of this one you have video tea review and tea tasting blog. It’s interesting how the folks here have covered the nits and bits of tea along with tips like tea buying tips, tea resources, how’s like how to brew tea and more.

alexa 14,521,952
  • Informal Tea Interestingly, this one’s called Informal Tea. And how we all love informality here and there. Informally this blog talks about tea like the good, bad and ugly of tea, and shares weekly tea updates between news, recipes, ideas and more feeds.

alexa 14,940,125
  • The Tea Drinking English Rose How beautiful is beautiful, is something you’ll realize on The Tea Drinking English Rose blog. Charlotte Turton Wall, the lady behind this blog, has done everything she could to make the reads beautiful and memorable, and sometimes her adorable daughter Oliver does the same such effortlessly.

alexa 15,172,567
  • Bernideens Bernideen, the name and brain behind this blog, is officially retired and is here to share her love for all things tea including teapots, cups, and saucers. Her combination of feeds and decorating and presentation is phenomenal, and impressively fascinating.

alexa 15,396,645
  • Pardesi Trotter Here’s the tea blog called Pardesi Trotter with tea steeped stories, brought to you by Sherin, a tea enthusiast currently residing in the UAE. She Has tips stocked for you already along with recipes with tea, feeds on tea tastings, and more.  

alexa 15,772,689
  • Cuppa Geek It says if you know what a boomstick is, and has a liking for a cup of tea then this is the place for you. Cuppa Geek, that is Nichole with her boyfriend Jason, talk tea and all the lovely things around it, including life, books, food and more.

alexa 2,747,282 
  • Dragonfly Tea Dragonfly Tea shares the latest news and updates on the blog. Those news and updates include dragonfly’s announcements, competitions and more, and updates include notes, tips, tea feeds, what’s and whys and how’s and more, while others include interviews et al.  

alexa NA
  • Tea With Friends It’s for all of us, that is us folks who love all things tea. Tea With Friends blog shares tea and tea times feeds which are like a magnet for our tea loving senses. There are tea reviews here, teatime tales, tea room recipes, recipes with tea and more about and on tea.

alexa NA
  • Tea In Spoons It’s about tasting teas, one spoonful at a time. Tea In Spoons make delightful statements and feeds on teas of various kinds like white tea, black tea, yellow tea, purple tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, fermented tea and more tea.  

alexa NA
  • Books And Tea Talking about a wonderful pairing that is tea and books, here is the Books and Tea blog for you. Christina, the lady behind this blog likes tea and writing, something that is apparent in her myriad feeds. She talks about a fascinating variety of tea, between presenting her intriguing tea thoughts.  

alexa NA
  • Buddha Mom Tea This blog called Buddha Mom Tea journals one woman’s journey to making tea a daily meditative journey. This woman, a fiction writer, poet and creative editor of numerous publications, now turns to her new passion and presents it on the blog.  

alexa NA
  • Tea Weekly Tea Weekly, a newspaper published every Friday by Independent Publishing L.L.C., shares interesting tea updates online as well. It covers latest news and updates locally, making tea time interesting and full of information on local happenings and events in South Dacota.

There, there we have arrived at the bottom of this wonderful collection of worlds best hundred tea blogs. For all we know, after having curated this collection, your tea love is going to get a major upgrade and so is your tea time. And also, if we may add, your health, considering all the health benefits, discussed here, of green tea and other types of tea.Bes


Make the most of all the tea gabs, recipes, tips and more available on these top 100 tea blogs. And then, for a quick chat or a suggestion or an idea or anything else, feel free to write in to us. We’ll be waiting.


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