Best 100 Survival Blogs For When SHTF

Top Survival Blogs

Best survival Blogs are the conglomerate of deeply researched and at times, experientially supported feeds on survival hacks, tips and tricks, preparedness skills, doomsday preps, self-sufficiency, defense mechanisms, DIYs and a lot more.

Making up for all the thoughts spent outside the contingency box, sticking to the positivity stick, this list of best hundred survival blogs, that we present here, will help you regain the momentum of time and perhaps face the reality of the times swiftly approaching. Each of these blogs carries vast galore of survival hacks. They will help you build a strong defense mechanism around you and become mentally prepared for surviving just any contingency or disaster, hands down.

  • Zero Hedge The top right section of this blog’s homepage reads ‘On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero’. With an as deep a thought as that Zero Hedge reaches the top of our best hundred survival blog list. Reason, apart from the one stated above, is its vast variety of feeds on survival, including news from around the globe befitting brilliantly our demand of survival techniques, and more.

  • The Art Of Manliness The Art Of Manliness was established in 2009. As a close camaraderie to the top position, The Art Of Manliness dwells deep into survival tactics, covering every area of survival including finances. So, your urge to splurge your thoughts on health and sports, money and career, relationships and family are all sorted, topped with feeds on manly skills and grooming.

  • Survival Life How does a Survival Life look like? Pretty dap, so far at least. On this blog, expect to find the core of all survival stuff you need on this day. When we say that, you decipher the meaning with a cluster of survival gears, surviving with food, defense and other survival tactics, and camping ideas and tips and tricks.

  • Off The Grid News Off The Grid News offers better ideas for off the grid living. It’s by far the biggest conglomerate you’ll find on surviving today. From discussing the kind of threats likely to infuse one with sleepless anxiety to extreme survival tactics to basic gardening for survival, growing your own food, there is no dearth of aid on this blog. Check for more.

  • Outdoor Life You know outdoor life in general is the most dangerous one of all, loaded with foreseen and plenty unforeseen threats. Being engulfed with all those, learning how to keep going and breathing is the best bet one could get to make here. And betting it on Outdoor life’s ideas, tips and tricks and tales to get out of whatever it is you get yourself into is the smartest bet you’ll make today.

  • The Economic Collapse Blog The Economic Collapse Blog is to prepare you for the much anticipated economic collapse and the next great depression whenever that is due to happen. It is there to back you up with loads of financial advice and information pieces to help you create a strong foothold and make a smart survival through the economic thunderstorm and its possible aftershocks.

  • Survival Blog The Survival Blog is here to prepare the individuals living in uncertain times as these. Flowing through the current unsteady currents, you can read yourself into a great survival by holding on to the rope. Here that rope is the Survival Blog and its wide galore of resources and retreat areas.

  • Survival Frog For the times when SHTF, Survival Frog helps you prepare in advance with its smartly put survival tips and tricks. There’s as much to be had on survival and read for survival on this blog that you’ll be surprised how fast and quickly you achieve proficiency in this art.

  • Survivopedia Here’s the encyclopedia of survival, the a to z, the north to south and east to west. Survivopedia is your chance at grabbing uncommon wisdom for dangerous times. How to survive on water, with water, with or without food and still maintain a good health, is all put and presented on the Survivopedia.

  • SHTF Preparedness Consider yourself secured against the mishaps when SHTF, if you have taken solace in this blog. SHTF Preparedness brings you the best prepping, survival and homesteading articles from around the world. Add the articles on DIY to the mix too and you have the perfect formula for surviving just about anything.

  • Urban Survival Site So, do you know how to survive in a city that is being or has been struck by a disaster? No, neither do we but they do. Urban Survival Site is the space online to find the apt ways of making a run for survival with enough knowledge to save yourself and the ones with you. Plus, there’s a lot more on the states and guns and psychology and all the more on survival.

  • Modern Survival Blog It’s more than just surviving. It is preparedness for life. The Modern Survival Blog hands you down with enough ideas and tips and tricks to back your living with ample support against attacks, be them natural or manmade. With a whole survival library at your disposal, you know your life is worth much more than you ever thought it was.

  • Back Door Survival Best way to advance towards surviving is by building a solid optimistic ground. Back Door Survival prepares you for the worst by first handing you down with survival basics and prepping you for the imminent threats. It then lends you the guide to surviving by handing you down the keys to backdoor surviving.

  • The Prepper Journal The Prepper Journal is a survivalist’s smart pick on learning how to survive and what tactics to apply in doing so. This blog renders you a finer view on all that could happen and all that you could do to survive that, right from teaching you the basics of surviving to laying down the preppers resources, The Prepper Journal stands firm on their objective of preparing you for the worst and helping you survive through the worst.

  • The Survival Podcast The Survival Podcast says that it helps us live a better life, much so when times get tough, and also when they don’t. Here we see plenty of posts on the right methods of functioning through our daily routines and certain other situations. These are supported by their respective advantages and applications.

  • More Than Just Surviving What could be More Than Just Surviving? It’s living. This blog helps us not only survive the contingencies but also live through it and live well. On survival and prepping they have gigantic feeds from basic routine things to ignored routine things to ultimate contingencies and defense mechanisms against those, including wilderness survival among others.

  • Skilled Survival Skilled Survival is about preparing, adapting and overcoming the basic and enormous challenges laid down by life in general and world at large. Skilled Survival, as a blog on surviving is pretty skilled at helping us survive with the help of its wide assortment of feeds on financial survival, outdoor and indoor survival with food and water and through fire and going as far as surviving nuclear stuffs.

  • The Ready Store Being ready for anything and prepared for everything is the way of living through the present times. The Ready store helps you prepare yourself and your loved ones for just that. Through this blog on survival, The Ready Store ensures you learn the nicks and knacks of living through simple and tough times when indoors and outdoors, be it camping, accidentally driving into the water, much unlikely though, building shelter and much more.

  • Alt Market About surviving the economic meltdown, depression and market crashes, Alt Market has the best tips and tricks. What can be expected from the times to come, that is looking into the future of all things in economy and surviving that downward curve is much what Alt Market talks and discusses about.

  • Prep For SHTF They say, knowledge is the key to survival on occasions when the SHTF. Creating your basis for survival and helping you Prep For SHTF through its feeds, this blog builds out phenomenal basis for your survival against natural threats and others. In doing that, there how to’s, survival gears, survival tactics and others would come to the rescue.

  • Prepper Website So, when we speak of survival, aren’t we always dreaded by our personal nightmares? That’s true, all those nightmares wrecking our minds, giving birth to multiple questions on the ifs and buts about their happenings and hows and whats of surviving. We mention this here because, all those questions are deliberately and elaborately answered by the Prepper Website.

  • The Survival Mom Moms are known to wreck their heads by overthinking about the worsts. The Survival Mom here is the savior all the moms around the world need to worry less and enjoy their families more. This blog’s here to help moms in gardening, financing and shopping, home schooling, food and healthy living, and most importantly, preparedness for the worst they worry about the most.

  • Off Grid Survival Off Grid Survival makes even the thoughts of surviving easier. How? The answer lies in its off the grid, incredible blend of detailed blogs on multiple reasons and ways of surviving numerous disasters. Checkout their blog for enormous tips and tricks under neatly piled categories.

  • Survival Monkey Survival Monkey has the magnificence of an angel when it comes to being a savior. The blogs you are likely to find on Survival Monkey works wonders when applied in real life. To prepare you for this one, though there are high chances, don’t be surprised by the genius of this blog, simply tread along and take in all that you can.

  • Gray Wolf Survival When the top of the blog reads something like, ‘emergency preparedness from a counterintelligence agent’, you know you found your apt mentor and guide and that you can go through anything now, take up any shiz. Learn as much as you want, and all that you can, on surviving by reading feeds on the survival skills and more on the Gray Wolf Survival.

  • Survival Sullivan Survival Sullivan is like that deep breath that relaxes and soothes the nerves in the face of a tragedy. By relaying a giant assortment of blogs and feeds on survival, it has done a pretty good job at keeping us safe. Now it is up to us, how much we read and deploy these in real life.

  • Knowledge Weighs Nothing Truly, Knowledge Weighs Nothing. To know and learn about something, anything for that matter, is as good a bend towards the probability of something happening as that very knowledge we just gained on something coming to rescue. Having said that this blog prepares you for the best and the worst by rendering you the wisdom on almost everything.

  • Survival Cache Survival Cache is the gear site for the survivalists they say. But we find it deeper and wider than that. Now this is backed by reason and our findings of feeds on survival strategies, and weapons. So, you know when you are prepared for the worst and are aware of your ways in and out, chances of anything affecting you terribly reach their lowest numbers.

  • Preparedness Advice They say they have the answers to your prepping questions. With such confidence, their blogs act as a catalyst in enhancing the probability of surviving the unforeseen. Through their prepper library and blogs you can create your own support system, built and bended by you for all sorts of worst case scenarios.

  • Doom And Bloom How to bloom during and/or after the doom is what Doom and Bloom is much about, we reckon. It has brilliantly built and brought lots and lots of survival strategies to live through a myriad of situations, conditions and contingencies. Plus, coming from a surgeon and a nurse practitioner, with ample feeds on survival medicines and first aid tips this blog is all you need to follow.

  • American Prepper Network American Prepper Network is everything a prepper needs, be he/she a pro prepper or a new or non-pro prepper. The APN corner on this blog connects you to the expert panel and prepper reviews among other things. Apart from that, there is survival guidance, preparedness feeds, how to’s and much more to learn from.

  • Mom With A Prep Mom With A Prep is a storehouse of power packed survival tips and tricks. There is something on everything for moms here, be it preparedness quick tips or organizing food storage. Even gardening is included with plenty discussions and on chickens and more.

  • Willow Haven Outdoor Looking for some survivor hacks? Willow Haven Outdoor has plenty of them along with stuff about survival resources. You can find a lot on food, water, shelter, the three basic necessities of life and hows and whats and whys of them, accompanied by plenty more.

  • Preppers Will We have the will to outlast everything, they say. And rightly they say so. We particularly like the doomsday scenarios on this blog. But that is not all they prepare you for and with. Their feeds on survival, preparedness, economy and investment and politics and government pretty much speaks for themselves.

  • Modern Survival Online Their bountiful of posts on modern day catastrophe survival are right on point. Modern Day Survival prepares a modern man for any sort of contingencies through sharing informational posts on everything from communication to cooking to economic collapse and much more.

  • Survivalist Prepper Survivalist Prepper is the place where preparing is surviving. This blog lends much insight on the nows and laters of surviving, the pre-contingency and post contingency, at least wherever it is that they can. Keep a tab on this one to enhance your surviving skills and knowledge.

  • UK Preppers Guide UK Preppers Guide offers survival guides for UK and global disasters. Through its articles on surviving and prepping it creates an information loop around it, the kind which is strong enough to help ourselves save ours and other lives when the need arises. They also serve basis for learning about new and helpful equipment as they review and discuss those.

  • Preppers Unlimited If you are one who dig knives and keep them close to avoid or stay in face of catastrophes, Preppers Unlimited might prove a major ally. Their detailed posts and reviews on a myriad of knives may act as a major aid when dealing with the worst. There’s much more, however, to be benefitted from, say feeds on firearms, hunting and gardening.

  • Northern Homestead Northern Homestead is the best blog you’ll read on homesteading today. It formulates and fetches numerous feeds on everything related to homesteading from growing in the garden, much from their experiences, to raising and building and even preserving, they discuss it all on Northern Homestead.

  • Storage Prepper Storage Prepper makes lots and lots of sense with almost each and every post. We personally like their survival blogs, though goes without saying, but still needs a mention for all their efforts. A little right from that is the straightforward modernist talk on preparedness, gardening, guns and economic collapse.

  • Bio Prepper Self-Sufficiency is the thing, bigger than any other, even self-esteem. To be able to achieve the apt level of self-sufficiency, you might like to check the Bio Preppers blog. Everything on self-sufficiency that one could think from prepping, gardening to homesteading is up on this blog. And above that of course, there’s much on survival and how tos among others.

  • SHTF Blog SHTF Blog is quite the blog of all the blogs with its incredibly on-point feeds. From relaying news in a particularly peculiar manner to asking questions nobody has been asking and looking for their answers to help folks like us, SHTF Blog leaves us in awe with a gush of intriguing thoughts.

  • Tin Hat Ranch What is Tin Hat Ranch? If that had been your question we’ll answer it plain and simple. It’s the, The ultimate source of survival. We know what’s happening in the world. We know what would be the repercussions of it. But what this blog gives us is a pretty cool analytical review. And when it’s not doing that, then it answers plenty of how to’s and lays down several guides.

  • Prepper Fortress This indeed is the fortress of the preppers where they can head when the world’s coming down. Though we suggest you head here before the world comes down and learn a trick or ten on surviving the natural calamities, unforeseen contingencies, economic collapse through a lot DIYs including hunting.

  • Paul Kirtley Paul Kirtley’s blog brings stuff on wilderness bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor life to your windows. What’s more? Free tips and advice if you fancy that kind of stuff. We do. And we also fancy films and we fancy Paul Kirtley’s suggestions on them. See for yourself.

  • Ed That Matters Ed That Mattes is about preparedness and the kind of preparedness that comes with mindfulness for they say preparedness is an educated choice. Their blogs tell us not only the present of and about survival but something from the times to come too. That’s some good shiz we should be reading, won’t you agree?

  • Freedom Prepper Alright, let’s clear the air first by mentioning they have loads of feeds on preparedness and survival for you to borrow a tip or twenty from. Now, if you have been seeking news too, rejoice, it’s a perfect match again. So, go on, read it after our hundredth blog here on the list.

  • Be Survival Be Survival comes from surviving, prepping, and homesteading experts, they say. Their why questions about surviving are pretty interesting to read. Yes, they are backed with answers. What we found is that this blog is a warehouse of survival guides, tips and tricks, homesteading and gear reviews.

  • Survival Common Sense How much honesty do you prefer in your recipe for survival? And then, how much common sense to build the base? Enough, if that’s your answer you’ll like the Survival common sense and with it, Leon Pantenburg, its blogger. Survival Common Sense is the most sensible blog with its surviving skills, gears, knives, make fire cooking, hunt fish and much more.

  • Rethink Survival Rethink Survival. Why? Because your survival depends on it, they say. Damian, of Rethink Survival, is a thinktank at least when it comes to staying alive and surviving. We can say so because we have been there, on his blog, and seen how he sees and picks the crucial areas none have possibly discussed before. And those observations and ideas are mind boggling.

  • My Daily Informer My Daily Informer prepares you for the worst by bringing you the new and upcoming from the crucial and hard-hitting regions of the world. You can read more on that through their prophecies. Beyond that prep yourself for self-sufficiency and strengthen your survival instincts and skills through their fully loaded sectional feeds.

  • The Modern Survivalist The Modern Survivalist brings to you, reality based survival for tough times. Read their disaster preparedness to meet the tough times strongly. And then sort your finances right before the doomsday under their fair direction. For self-defense and guns, you know now where to look.

  • default Are you one like us, we mean a daily survival reader? If yes, then tread along, you are in for a major treat from the Prep Blog here. They say they offer a moderate approach to prepping one and all for a myriad of disasters which have high probability of affecting you and your loved ones. And they totally do what they say.

  • Food Storage And Survival One of the major things we need to be prepped for survival is food and its storage. Teaching and bestowing wisdom on that is the Food Storage and Survival blog. A clear and crisp preparation and presentation of blog feeds on food storage, survival, homesteading and survival tips and tricks is what you’ll read here.

  • Apartment Prepper Apartment Prepper is the best thing to read if you are an urban one living in an apartment setting, much so with your family. Through their blogs, you can learn the best tips and tricks on prepping and surviving your family and yourself in an apartment setting.

  • Survival Pulse This is the kind of survival blog that catches the pulse of the society and the world at large to present the up to date round ups on noteworthy news as they say. That and being backed by sufficient articles on the survivalist and the prepper community makes it a much noteworthy survival blog.

  • Survival Spot Packed with minimalist layout, smartly fabricated to enhance the experience of reading all those fascinating, encouraging and informational blogs on surviving and prepping, Survival Spot makes for a worthy read every time. Follow it for gabs on all sorts of surviving equipment, how to’s, resources and news.

  • Survival Joe Survival Joe is packed with the kind of blogs you would sip as you read your morning coffee. Confused? Not quite. This is the result of their deeply engrossing detailed blogs on survival, including many on economics, emergency preparedness, expatriation and more. They’ll truly make you forget the rest.

  • True Prepper What are the kind of true risks that bother a True Prepper? The answer lies in the conglomerate of blogs on accidents, attacks and natural disasters covered under true risks by the team of True Prepper. There’s more, covering the details on survival kits, specialized kits et al.

  • Preppers Survive Preppers Survive helps you make the most of this time, these hours and days and weeks and months, possibly years before something major happens. Prepping you for that elusive or not but major things under process is their blogs on protection, kits, communication, first aid, warmth, light, food and more.

  • SHTF School This is the sort of virtual school that sees no age, only need, the need to survive. SHTF School prepares you well for the unforeseen, difficult times with their neatly laid and detailed survival blogs. Talking about stuff from skills and training to plenty more.

  • Security And Self Reliance Security and Self Reliance seems to be prepping well for prepping you well to survive the troubles in the making or those unforeseen ones. Helping you learn how to survive with minimal food and to make the most of available substances, Security and Self Reliance ensures your safety, more so with their blogs on health and medical, gears and communication.

  • Survival Hax Survival Hax displays clearly a very significant message about survival and prepping. It says, you don’t need it until it’s too late. True to the core, Survival Hax offers the advices, suggestions and hacks on prepping well for every minor and major thing from travelling to camping, floods to office emergency among others.

  • default How amazing would it be if indeed all became self-sustained, won’t you agree? Well, at least that’s what they seem to be trying to achieve. With their widely collected and inspired themes and smartly curated blogs, not only on survival but also on self-sufficiency and preparedness, they appear to be training us well.

  • Reality Survival Reality Survival is your preparedness for everyday life. And how does this blog do that? Answer lies in their blog which carries solutions, new problems and their new answers on prepping for and surviving all sorts of things from urban survival to wilderness survival, through words written and spoken in the form of blogs and videos, among other themes like disaster preparedness.

  • Survival Punk There is so much punk on this website. Even survival which is guided with much punk attitude. Diving through the punk, we find lots of educational and informational feeds on surviving, with plenty made easy by their intriguing yet offbeat ideas. See their episodes for more.

  • Let’s Talk Survival Yes please, let’s do. Let’s Talk Survival now. So, on survival, this blog not only curates and presents feeds, but also aids in prepping by going as far as pulling up interviews with the folks around knifemaking and surviving which is pretty cool to follow. Oh, and before we miss it, there’s plenty fun stuff too.

  • Survivalist Daily Survivalist Daily brings and shares the best survival tips from around the world wide web. Now as their words ring in our ears, or eyes in this case, we search and gladly find much truth. With tips, tricks and hacks, they intrigue us enough to keep wishing for more.

  • Survival School Survival School is The Institute of Self Reliance. Being a blog budding out of such an institution, Survival School makes man vs wild an easy thing to understand, learn and apply. Their blog feeds on surviving, tracking, wilderness hacks, and plenty more add positively to our preparation for those unforeseen days of doom or calamities or others.

  • In The Rabbit Hole We are no Alices and this is no wonderland we are living in. It’s high time we prepped ourselves as much as we can before the doomsday. In the Rabbit Hole prepares us well for that with its extensive podcasts on surviving plenty contingencies and calamities. Behind that are many more articles on prepping and more, all bought at our disposal to survive in and out of the rabbit hole.

  • Backdoor Prepper Learning from our mistakes is one thing but learning from others mistakes is the thing we should be doing. And much of that can be done and learnt learn from the Backdoor Preppers feeds on survival. They totally do their homework brilliantly in posting all those enormously helpful feeds from the past, present and the future.

  • Plan And Prepared Plan And Prepared have a very interesting point of view. They believe chance favors the prepared. It seems right, quite like their blogs on surviving. Nothing to worry if you are new to prepping for they have prepped ingeniously to prep you well. For the pros, dig in, the world is yours to survive by grabbing a trick or twenty from Plan and Prepared.

  • Survive UK We know when it comes to surviving and prepping for the worst only the best would do. And that stands particularly true for the equipment. Sharing the same thought as yours Survive UK reviews many equipment discreetly, and that very certainly stands the same for gears too.

  • Survival Tek Survival Tek makes prepping easier by discussing many significant things required for surviving when lost or stuck in an unamiable condition. Talking and discussing in detail about navigation and signals, they serve pretty helpful feeds on matters that matter when it comes to surviving.

  • Survivors Fortress Prepping us for everything is the Survivors Fortress with its deeply researched and analytically relevant blogposts on surviving. Survivors Fortress is loaded with numerous survival hacks for people who take the action. Also on the platter are preparedness tips and articles on knives and gears.

  • Family Survival Planning The most significant ones attracting our undivided attention and care are undoubtedly our family members. Family Survival Planning cares much for your unaltered care, and hence, offers tips, tricks and survival hacks plus preparedness tips on survival planning for you and your family.

  • Survival Ring They are a rich Fleetwood on survival and preparedness, they say. And their words stand true to their commitment. With their extensive feeds on awareness and community they make a strong case in favor of the same. Somewhere between that, if the need arises, and when backed with ample time, check out the news and other feeds on surviving and preparedness.

  • Living Life In Rural Iowa Living Life in Rural Iowa while preparing for tomorrow, says she, a single mom of four and the blogger of this one. The apt place to learn surviving from, if you too are a single mom from the rurals, or a mom per se. Catch all the smart tips and tricks on survival and preparedness, and the apt ways of teaching your kids about it all too.

  • Year Zero Survival Year Zero Survival is a rich blog on survival with a long list of feeds and features on surviving, preparedness in general and camping, DIYs, economic collapse, guides and more in depth. Stick a while longer and find all they have created and prepared for that one day when things go awry.

  • Last Minute Survival It’s never too late to prepare, you’ll often read them saying and the one thing you’ll see as soon as you land on their website. Last Minute Survival is one such blog you’ll read whenever hit by nightmares. Their blogs covering news and updates and survival aids are pitch perfect, to say the least.

  • DIY Survival Kit The name says much of what they present because truly when it comes to surviving it’s all DIY for no one’s going to come and do it for us. As your virtual DIY Survival Kit they have brought the best SHTF tips online at your disposal. Feel free to stay a while longer and read more of their feeds on other important stuff like gears, knives and backpacks.

  • Canadian Prepper Network On the path of self-reliance lies the preparation for any emergency, mentions the Canadian Prepper Network. Their blog is quite the spirit of survival you need on any day. Their vast coverage of topics closely related to survival are all talked and discussed about in depth. See what they are discussing today.

  • Practical Survival Blog True, when it comes to nightmares and dealing with the worst of them we are ought to go a tad superficial. That’s where we need a firm grip of practicality. To help us do that is this Practical Survival Blog with its posts and features on surviving and guide on the hows and whats of doing so.

  • Surviving Prepper They refer themselves, the Surviving Prepper, as the community of and place for friends and folks to discuss and talk on SHTF Situations, preparedness, self-reliance and more. Now, you being here, reading our blog proves your involvement in the above-mentioned stuff. Feel free to tag alongside the other members and catch the latest updates on survival, their, at Surviving Prepper.

  • default Sometimes, the best thing we can follow is our own instincts. Talking much about that is the Instinct Survivalist with his reviews, both gear and books and equipment on sides. More is up for grabs of course on survival, be it wilderness or urban or DIY projects or economic calamity or, perhaps see for yourself.

  • Doomsday Moose Don’t fear the end, says the Doomsday Moose. We now know why. The answer lies in preparedness. The kind of preparedness that fills one with confidence on his surviving skills. That kind of confidence can be attained by preparing yourself for the worst through The Doomsday Moose survival hacks.

  • Clever Survivalist Clever Survivalist, right from the name to their actions, points at creatively, smartly, shrewdly and cleverly dealing with the ultimate calamities, collapses and contingencies. Clever Survivalist prepares you for that kind of thought process ending in the respective actions through videos, podcasts and a lot more on survival.

  • Patriot Direct Patriot Direct seems to be directing plenty of its energies into making survival easier for you. Perhaps that reason justifies all their creatively thought and resourcefully written feeds on surviving about anything, with almost anything and how. Find more on Patriot Direct.

  • Inch Survival Inch Survival gear blog is a dedicated resource on preparedness and surviving in the face of disasters. No trouble is small and none too big to deserve our lives, be it economic, financial, wilderness or others. Preparing you for all is the Inch Survival with its blogs ranging between survival through a lot, say archery for instance, and home defense.

  • Free Survivalist If Free Survivalist frees you of one thing, then it undoubtedly frees you from the fear of facing disasters. And it does so such brilliantly that you’ll totally be in awe of all their guidance and support. But that’s not all, bringing you some quick quirkiness on things that may or may not happen, is the Free Survivalist for you pals.

  • Around The Cabin Catch Around The Cabin for all the self-reliance techniques, survival hacks and tricks, primitive skills and their application, homesteading ways and preps, life hacks, and feeds on critical thinking, all on videos, well mostly.

  • Total Survivalist Total Survivalist covers much of everything on survival with many deeply researched feeds. So, occasionally you land on such extensively discussed feeds that you feel a certain strong pull from the chair you have been sitting on, making you finish reading the stuff you are hooked on here in one go, noting all the points that you can.

  • Survival Central Survival Central is particularly centered at preparing, staying safe and ultimately surviving. Add to your survival checklist their survival videos, which covers almost every section of surviving through pretty descriptive video feeds. Learn as much as you can from this one.

  • Bug Out Survival Bug Out Survival makes you survive through four simple steps. The first is planning, all the business graduates would know what we are referring to here. The second step is preparing, followed by escaping and ultimately staying alive. Read much of how to accomplish that through their varied blog feeds.

  • Disaster Survival Skills Disaster Survival Skills makes surviving easy for kids, mostly school kids and their families by discussing and preparing the survival skills apt for surviving a school’s preset conditions. On their blog, parents and teachers can benefit from ample skills on first aid and other surviving hacks.

  • Survival Ready Blog Here’s the blog that simplifies survival for you. Survival Ready Blog prepares you for disasters with its subtly laid ideas and tips and tricks. The blog feeds here help you acquire, at least through the written data, such survival skills as will help you survive the wild through hunting, trapping, fishing, besides urban and even financial survival.

  • Survival Skills Guide There’s your guide to learning survival skills from pros. Survival Skills Guide brings you many survival stories and ebooks to be read on surviving. Other than that, you can read about various gears, be it for wilderness surviving or others.

  • US Preppers Be prepared, not scared they mention. US Preppers makes surviving essential by laying down such vast variety of feeds on disasters that may strike and options to deploy in surviving them. Follow their blog to stay updated with prepping techniques and survival skills among others.

  • default This is Your Survival Blog. And we say that with such pleasure, for here is another resource dedicated to your wellbeing, your safety, your life and most importantly, your survival. On this blog, you can expect to find ideas on survival gifts, survival gears, survival hacks and more.

  • Suz Survival Blog All the moms would instantly like the mom blogger of this survival blog. The blogger here presents plenty tips on surviving disasters with kids, by helping you prepare your kids in advance. Quite like a training for you all. And for those other days, there are mentions of and more on survival kits. Feel free to indulge.

Surviving is as crucial to life as breathing. And with the world’s population on surge, things are fast approaching the point where there’s no second approach but survival of the fittest. To be that fittest is the thing you and we are betting on.

Let’s now dive deeper into this vast sea of survival hacks and see what fits the best for which kinds of occasions and then, let’s master our skills for the times when SHTF.


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