Top 100 Social Media Blog List With Best Social Media Hacks

Top Social Media Blogs

These Best Social Media Blogs are the widest floor stocking detailed information on social media trends, best social media practices, social media tips, social media tools, latest social media news, social media marketing techniques, social media channels, social media strategies, social media statistics, social media hacks, social media analytic, social media guides, content marketing, and content curation among other things.

For the businessmen, leaders, social media enthusiasts, and more folks searching for the best social media gabs off the internet, we have curated this list of best 100 social media blogs list. The following list names the top hundred social media blogs online and also concisely describes them for you to get a quick sneak peek. Indulge yourself in all the social media wisdom these blogs readily share.

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  • Reddit Reddit, the smart bearer of almost all necessary information, is here on our list for its phenomenal job, yet again, at offering widespread information. This time on social media. Here’s your chance at grabbing the best online social media tips, observations, views, news, and a lot more. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.

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  • Adobe Adobe has a particular style, unlike any other, with which it does most of all that it does. The social media blog it presents here is no different. Prepare your minds to be left blown by its varied feeds portraying and relaying intriguing concepts, ideas, and the latests from the digital world.  

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  • Hootsuite Now, Hootsuite is a brilliant one. It’s dedication to making our works simpler and easier is simply remarkable. For your quest of the latest and best on the crucial topic of social media, expect to find social media strategies, advices, tips, and a lot more. Much from what they say, you can use these aforementioned things several times a day. Find out more on this amazing and best Social Media blog now.

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  • MOZ The infamous Moz blog is here on our list for its gullible following, courtesy the incredible social media blogfeeds here. What you are up for finding, and simultaneously stuffing in your bags, are advices, how-tos, insights, and more from the industry experts, including many from Moz’s founder, and a big name in the industry, Rand Fishkin.  

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  • Sprout Social Sprout Social makes a strong case in favor of strengthening your social media skills. But it’s not all advices here. There are intriguing and engaging feeds on social media, including analytics, statistics, tools, strategies, tips, hack and a lot more, all to help you be on the top of your social media game. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.  

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  • Social Media Examiner Social Media Examiner is apparently your guide to the social media jungle, much in their words. The folks at Social Media Examiner have extended enough help for fellows at various businesses, and in numerous industries, by providing these deeply detailed and extensively researched feeds.  

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  • Later Much of all the questions on social media that have been surfing in the highs-and-low tides of your thoughtful mind are answered here. Covering feeds on all major social media channels, including Instagram, ecommerce, pinterest, snapchat, and more, Later ensures you stay updated with the current social media trends, besides learning it better. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.  

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  • Buffer App Here’s your fix for the latest social media and marketing trends of the year. Well, that’s for starters. For a whole full-fledged meal, you have got more than enough on the platter. There’s the science of social media covered in detailed feeds. There’re also many guides and courses, the details in and about which are all presented here. There’s a lot more here, to say the least.  

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  • Melt Water Melt Water’s one of the best social media blog is a lot about content and that content’s visibility on social media. You would be surprised by the sheer variety and in-depth coverage of it on Melt Water. Once here, you’ll find as much on content as on communication. Yes, there is a major line of difference between the two. Let Melt Water explain you that, along with a lot on social media marketing.  

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  • Social Media Today We present the ultimate source of information and the latests on and about social media marketing. From the upcoming changes to the upcoming events, the social media tools to social media tips, from how-tos to whats, whys, and whens, Social Media Today makes everything comprehensible, that is after making almost everything available, in context of social media.  

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  • eMarketer This wide galore of social media wisdom by eMarketer offers social media articles, reports, charts, and interviews. Inside each is myriad helpful information, including social media news, updates, trends, and a lot more that can majorly benefit the businesses stepping into social media. Visit top social media blog to know more.

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  • Post Cron Post Cron, your one of the best bets at scheduling social media posts, also has one of the best social media blogs. Now, it goes without saying that a blog with such magnificent services would have nothing less of a smartly loaded blog and brilliant feeds. See for yourself.  

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  • Agora Pulse Whatever be your need from and on social media, there are high chances Agora Pulse’s blog will support you with information and help you fulfill your needs with more information bearing ideas, tips, tools, guide, and data. That’s not all. This top social media blog also senses in advance what you might need, or would require to learn more about. Yes, it’s that smart.  

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  • Sprinklr We are infatuated by how Sprinklr has sprinkled its social media blog with pure genius. From plenty feeds discussing customer experience to many discussing leadership, from ideas and tips on marketing to analytics of social data, Sprinklr has you covered.  

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  • Key Hole What’s trending in social media marketing? What tools to adopt? How to make the most of social media, including Instagram and Facebook? These are but a few questions budding in your mind. Key Hole’s blog answers all of them, in fact more. Feel free to find those answers, and better your understanding of social media here. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.

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  • Small Biz Trends You might be surprised by just how incredibly helpful this blog called Small Business Trends is. For why’s and how’s running in your heads, consider bountiful of feeds on marketing, management, technology and finance. Also, add to the mix lots of advices and resources. These are but the categories. It’s brilliance living inside those.

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  • Convince And Convert Convince And Convert – with that name, you know you are already intrigued. Now, to intrigue you further, let’s throw some light on the many versatile blogs about social media marketing on Convince and Convert’s media blog. There are trends, tips, how-tos, feeds on content marketing, and more.

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  • Dream Grow If your dream is to grow while making the most of social media, Dream Grow is one of the best social media blog you need to check. As your source of social media and content marketing information, Dream Grow backs your vision with immensely detailed and helpful blogs like social media writing tips, content curation, visual content marketing strategy, among many others.

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  • Social Media Week Social Media Week brings you the latest news from the digital world. There is more. Consider the booming tech and trending tools supporting social media, exceptionally covered here. Also, consider brainy posts on social media marketing, and business of and through social media and digital world covered.  

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  • Amy Porter Field Amy Porter Field is a self-made entrepreneur with a pretty intriguing story. We say, if you are an entrepreneur, or running a small business, do read her story. Once done, channel your energies back into learning all that Amy has curated, off her knowledge and experience, for you to make the most of your incredible idea, and business through social media. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.

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  • Quintly Here’s your way to professional social media analytics, for that is what Quintly deals in. Their blog is a testimony to their expertise in the said genre, and something they don’t shy away from using in order to help businesses grow. There are many helpful feeds here analyzing elements of social media, laying down trends, and helping you further and farther.  

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  • Devumi We are overwhelmed by the incredible topics of discussions on Devumi one of the best social media blog. We mean they have picked some pretty fascinating segments of leading social media channels, and attempted at helping folks in and with businesses learn how to make the most of those. For instance, using twitter cards, and LinkedIn’s photo comment feature to your best advantage.

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  • Nuvi This one’s loaded with interesting ideas and blogposts. Wouldn’t you want to know how leaders are making the most of social media? Yes, including President Trump. And then, about the tricks and tips to reap maximum benefits from social media? They have them in abundance here.  

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  • Digimind Here’s where you can find bountiful blogposts on insight driven marketing. Siffle through the posts discussing about building strategy, executing them, and then measuring your ROI (Return On Investment) as well. Also, there are plenty videos here to learn from as well. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.

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  • Maximize Social Business Maximize Social Business offers wide social media for business resource. There are many stories here, including case studies which can be read to enhance your understanding of latest social media trends. There is ample here on social media per se, among many strategies, how-tos, and more.

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  • Blog2Social Blog2Social one of the best social media blog offers many how-tos on social media that you can benefit from. Coming to the blog-posts here, you are in for a treat, that is if you fancy social media, or are out to make the most through the various channels of social media. Between tricks, and tactics, there are guides, and tools, among other things.

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  • The Social Media Hat Ever heard of promotionology? That is one of many intriguing things that The Social Media Hat discusses, talks, and writes about. Others include not only tools, but also underused tools, so you could stay a smidge ahead of the game. Plus, behind all those posts, you can also learn a thing or ten through their communication style on the blog.  

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  • Votigo Votigo’s one of the best social media blog is here to help you grow your business using cross-channel social promotions, and campaigns. Now that this one has caught your attention, let’s get you a quick sneak peek into the contents, which apart from content marketing, also includes feeds about social media contests, keywords, promotions, and more.

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  • Heyo Heyo’s blog provides feeds on social media marketing for businesses. You can feel free and delighted to make the most of all those how-tos on content, and basically all sorts of feeds on content, including gabs on strategy, visual content, and more. Between that there is plenty on social media that you can deploy.  

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  • Dustn Dustn’s blog has got social media, blogging, and design feeds for you. From growing your email lists to promoting blogposts; social media management tools to branding guides; detailed feeds on twitter dashboard to writing engaging content; there is plenty to pick from Dustn’s top social media blog.

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  • The Social MS We can’t help but mention the vast tools list that The Social MS has created. Moving on, this blog by The Social MS provides many interesting feeds like copywriting hacks, best digital marketing practices, marketing lessons, digital marketing books to read, and myriad more.

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  • Martech Martech’s social blog offers many social media marketing products, services, and news. On top of that there are also many social media tips, and best practices which marketers can choose to pick and follow. Tag along Martech, and put all those analytical, and detailed feeds on social media marketing, that they have created, to your use. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.

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  • Sorav Jain Sorav Jain, an entrepreneur, a social media marketing consultant, author, and a speaker, is also the name and brain behind this blog. Here he discusses all things digital and social media marketing, that is from digital marketing courses in India to new things in digital, that is to give you a smidgen idea.  

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  • Post Fifity Post Fifty’s top social media blog is a giant galore of tips and guides, and tricks on social media marketing. That’s about what’s up front. Talking about the blog, Post Fifty offers many how-tos, tools, social media strategies, ideas, and a lot more. So, don’t shy away from learning in abundance through this one.

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  • Social Beat Social Beat talks about the ROI (Rate of Interest) driven digital marketing. They have discussed many of their ideas, and thoughts through articles covering that and lots more about social media marketing like, AdWords, Instagram tools, digital marketing trends, among other things.

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  • Socially Sorted This one’s named Socially Sorted, and what we deduce through the widely covered blogposts here, this one sort of aims at making other business fellows Socially Sorted as well. Our deduction here has branched out of the blogposts, like we said, writing on matters like social video statistics to help you reanalyze the option of video. Visit top social media blog to know more.

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  • Lilach Bullock Lilach Bullock helps you generate leads that convert, as it says here. The blog here is full of how-tos, guides, and tools. Along with that there are also many research backed blogs discussing marketing and business in depth, mostly through the digital angle.  

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  • Sotrender With trends in its very name, Sotrender’s blog gently discusses, talks, and writes about the same. There are also discussions around campaigns to render deeper insights to fellow businessmen. Other top social media blogs overtly cover various social media channels, multiple products, and more.

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  • Unmetric What’s ‘Inside Unmetric’? Something extremely wonderful. That said, it’s a must-check. Then, must we move right on to social media strategies, which are in abundance and extremely loaded with information. Also, up for grabs are industry reports, how-tos, campaign analysis, among various other things.  

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  • Social Media Explorer Social Media Explorer is the bearer and presenter of tools and tips, cases and causes on social media marketing. For the seekers of news among us, feel free to read them on Social Media Explorer. Also, those who fancy strategies, tips, tricks, tools, et al pick them off here as well. Find out more on this amazing and best Social Media blog now.  

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  • Top Dog Social Media Top Dog Social Media’s blog talks and writes about social media marketing for the benefit of all. Consider their brick and mortar retailers guide if you are a retailer with an outlet. For others there are many tips, tools, strategies, and further blog feeds extensively covering the subject of social media marketing.

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  • Digital GYD Digital GYD writes about online marketing for small business owners. Our fellows here, who are members of that club, aka are small business owners can pick tips and ideas, and learn from this one of the best social media blog here which widely discuss online marketing, including topics like SEO Plugins, boosting blog traffic, On Page SEO techniques, to give you quick idea.

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  • Rebekah Radice Rebekah Radice is an award-winning marketer with about twenty years of marketing experience. She is also the founder of Radiant LA, a training and development company. As the name and brain behind this blog, which such remarkable credentials, she offers wisdom and knowledge on social media, digital marketing, and strategy.

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  • Live World Live World provides strategy, advice, and inspiration for social media experts. On this one of the best social media blog here, you can pick many handy guides, and ideas like these – managing adverse events in social media; role of chatbots; about brands creating emotional connections; and many others.  

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  • Likeable Likeable’s media blog offers guides and how-tos for folks running businesses and/or dealing in social media. Not only that but Likeable’s blog also discusses about various social media mistakes we shouldn’t be making. Plus, there are many tips here, too.  

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  • Peg Fitzpatrick The name and brain behind this top social media blog is a popular social media speaker, trainer, and also an author. We are talking about Peg Fitzpatrick. Her blog delightfully speaks of her genius through those mindboggling blogposts. Find her strategies, tools, tips and more here.

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  • Ignite Social Media This blog by Ignite Social Media has been consistently ranked among the best social media marketing blog, as it reads on their page here. Answering many of your unasked questions, including many hows, like how fake accounts on Instagram are likely to alter the influencer marketing game, it makes for a perfect read.

alexa 408,742
  • Shoot Order With a fancy name like that, chances of your expectations soaring high are, well, high. To meet your expectations head on, the folks at Shoot Order have left no stone unturned. They discuss many offbeat things like history of pay per click, among many helpful stuffs like tools, analytics, and more. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.

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  • BlogPaws BlogPaws runs on this intriguing concept of writing about and supporting pets through social media. Now, there can’t be any better place to learn tried and tested techniques than this global community of pet enthusiasts. There are many tips on marketing, and how-tos and whats, all answered, among other details on BlogPaws.

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  • Brand Networks Brand Networks top social media blog provides useful feeds that cover social media and digital marketing in depth. They discuss about various social media channels and how to make the most out of them. There are also discussions around the latest trends and tech in social media. And there is plenty more.  

alexa 465,447
  • Spider Working Spider Working offers social media help for small businesses. Having said that, feel free to walk yourself to the digital shelves here stacked with intriguing details on the present trends, including the things that work differently, or do not work at all, now, like edits on facebook links.

alexa 2,233,682
  • Awario Awario’s top social media blog rounds up the latests in social media for us. It also lays down tips and tricks on various themes and topics that sure revolve around social media. It also presents many case studies for us to learn from. Plus, there are ideas on stuff like selling unattractive products on Instagram. And there’s a lot more.

alexa 2,298,410
  • Katy Wagner Social Media As a team of journalists, founded in 2010, Katy Wagner Social Media, helps businesses in creating relationships with their customers and audiences. The same can be learnt through their manner of blogging. With subtle, easy, and such friendly language, this blog provides incessant knowledge.

alexa 2,425,415
  • Solomofy Solomofy simplifies social media with its detailed top social media blogs. Responding to many of the solicited yet unasked how-tos, Solomofy also presents many strategies, ideas, and advices. You can learn multiple ways here for boosting your business through social media channels and digital marketing.

alexa 2,557,913
  • Social Media This one offers social media news and trends. Between that there are many feeds discussing other interesting things, like book reviews, social media hacks, content marketing and it is or is not working, and more, all with the motive of helping you use social media to its maximum power for your and your business’ advantage.  

alexa 2,697,544
  • Mike Gingerich Mike Gingerich is the co-founder of TabSite one of the best social media blog, and owing to his more than ten years of experience in Internet Marketing, he now offers straight talks for helping businesses grow online. His supremely beneficial social media blogposts reek of the same experience and expertise.  

alexa 3,215,254
  • Send Social Media Send Social Media’s blog amalgamates social media, email and sms tech into its blog. This is to help businessmen grow their businesses, and then monitor activities to track results. Much of what Send Social Media’s blog discusses about through agency marketing, content marketing, how-to’s and more.

alexa 3,339,667
  • Hiplay App Hiplay App here writes quite interesting social media features. From discussing various features of Hiplay App to content marketing strategies, this one offers few but interesting reads that sure leaves teaching businesses and social media enthusiast’s plenty things on marketing and leveraging social media. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.  

alexa 3,704,779
  • Socialfly NY Socialfly NY is a keeper, offering plenty posts with the oldest dating back in 2012. The blogs here are immensely descriptive too. Discussions here fare between optimum utilization of social media channels, that is speaking collectively, and social media influencers; social media marketing and social media advertising.

alexa 4,033,902
  • Social Media Delivered Social Media Delivered has plenty of services in its bag of offerings, which revolves around social media. By means of this top social media blog here they put their expertise and experience for masses to benefit from. So, make the most of the detailed blogs here to grow your business online.

alexa 4,210,793
  • Sociable Blog Sociable Blog is defined in three words – simple, social, and sensible. Sharing social media news with us, this blog also prepares us for upping our social media game with the help of all those handy tactics, strategies, tips, guides, and a lot more, that they have created and curated for us.

alexa 4,659,456
  • Metter Media Calling themselves total social media nerds, the folks bringing us Metter Media’s blog sure have an interesting style. The USP of this one of the best social media blog is its Metter Media Social Report which are mostly weekly reports of social media trends and updates. Quite informative, totally helpful, is how we find these.

alexa 4,727,322
  • Virtual Social Media This blog by Virtual Social Media, offers feeds on online reputation and managing negative and defamatory links about one’s business on Google. There are also feeds on content building and management. Apart from that, plenty feeds here also discuss about social media marketing particularly in detail.  

alexa 5,290,749
  • Blue Archer What Blue Archer discuss on their top social media blog is nothing less than phenomenal. Overall, there are blog-posts on social media, design, marketing, and tech among others. Once here, you will find latest news, updates, and insights, along with their very own Blue Archer Musings.

alexa 5,402,309
  • Ed Social Media There are the kinds of blog on Ed Social Media which will inspire you, motivate you, and most importantly impart knowledge on trends, insights, and updates from the digital world. There are social media marketing blunders to be read here, and also best social media marketing practices to name but two.

alexa 5,618,265
  • Schneider B Schneider B Media blog has a wide range of blogs for you to read and learn from. From making good marketing videos to the secret of getting ahead are discussed here. There are plenty blogposts that will help you get a deeper understanding of the whole social media hype. Find out more on this amazing and best Social Media blog now.  

alexa 6,015,540
  • Rose McGrory Rose McGrory’s social media blog talks a lot about social media channels, and influencers. Then there are varied posts covering marketing budget, marketing metric, social media stats, case studies, hacks, and a lot more. Read and see what fits your marketing style.  

alexa 6,040,317
  • Conversation Agent Conversation Agent offers insights and ideas to help you build better user and/or customer experiences. This top social media blog is quite appealing in terms of the matter it shares. A lot on commerce and a lot more on business, online mostly takes major space on this blog.  

alexa 6,391,157
  • Viral In Nature Here’s Viral In Nature capturing the power of social media, something you are likely to witness on their blog. Answering many unasked hows, and relaying many how-tos, this blog renders a wider view and deeper understanding of social media and digital marketing. For more information on social media and digital marketing, see their blogs on tools, marketing talks with experts and more.

alexa 6,589,917
  • Infinista Concepts Infinista Concepts are these kickass bloggers sharing fresh topics and unique content, that is much of how they say it. There are myriad informational and helpful posts on digital marketing, among others. These carry detailed talks on crucial matters like reasons why your Facebook data may not be matching your Google analytics data. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.  

alexa 6,740,451
  • JC Social Marketing Here it prompts you to get more out of your digital and social media marketing efforts. The how-tos discussed here are quite peculiar and distinct. Also, their feeds on stories like how to collect stories or types of stories for non-profits, are rather intriguing and informative.  

alexa 7,207,056
  • Nickle Communications Nickle Communications have many posts discussing various introduction to social media training courses. Then there are feeds discussing about social media in particular. Plus, they have posted many feeds on social media marketing, personal brand management, digital content and more. Visit this one of the best Social Media blog now.

alexa 7,436,590
  • Social Media Marketing This blog by Social Media Marketing presents plenty blogs covering features on various social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat and more; social media advertising and marketing in whole; content and other strategies, and much more. There is also something called monthly link roundup that you should check here.

alexa 7,564,256
  • Strella Social Media Strella Social Media’s blog deeply discusses social media and its various elements. There is plenty on online marketing here to be read like online marketing shams. Much is discussed on content marketing as well. Again, there are many feeds on social media too. So, you have the hint what to expect and look for when visiting this one of the best social media blog.

alexa 8,286,913
  • Smart Bird Social Smart Bird Social has displayed and detailed many blogging tips and more helpful feeds on blogging for its readers, let’s note that first. Moving on, in fact, staying right on track, this blog has created and curated more helpful feeds on content, sales, traffic generation, and more.  

alexa 8,406,724
  • Tech Divine This digital marketing top social media blog by Tech Divine talks about social media channels and how you can use the varied features to make the most of your social media marketing efforts. There are feeds on blogging as well which you can majorly benefit from.  

alexa 8,571,513
  • Honey Bar Media Honey Bar Media helps real estate businesses attract leads, sales and referrals online. No there’s no cold calling or door knocking, they say. So, folks with real estate businesses can learn a lot from their blog. Here they have put forth many how-tos, real estate tools, and more.

alexa 8,890,694
  • Social Media Marketing Guide Interesting part about this top social media blog called Social Media Marketing Guide is its plethora of blogs covering almost every bit of social media marketing. There is a separate dedication in the menu for Social Media, which extensively covers blogposts on these social media channels, namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vine, and Snapchat.

alexa 8,935,390
  • Japan Buzz With Japan in the name, and London in the contact information, Japan Buzz, the blog here discusses renders Japan Digital Insight in general, and in fashion and luxury. For the takers of either, or both, there is plenty on the platter from influencers and influencer marketing, to social media trends et al.

alexa 9,217,236
  • Social Media For Learning Social Media For Learning aims at helping you in exploring numerous ways you can later deploy to interact with your customers and target audience online using social media and various tools accompanying it. So, consider this as your learning space and grab bountiful wisdom off this one. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.

alexa 9,482,816
  • The Friedman Group The Friedman Group’s blog offers social media information that they consider you desire, or in their words, you’re hungry for. There are blogposts here covering marketing trends, plenty discussing inbound marketing, also stuff on social media marketing in particular, and digital marketing.

alexa 9,615,627
  • Socially Aware Blog Socially Aware Blog discusses about the law and business of social media. As fancy as that sounds, they seem to have left no stone unturned in bringing you detailed new age information on the same. So, for all the interesting topics and their respective feeds they have created, checkout this one of the best social media blog.

alexa 10,361,030
  • Thin Pig Media The Thin Pig Media blog is where you can find the latest social media trends and best social media practices. With smart, crisp, clean presentation, also topped with picture and/or infographics mostly, and supported with easily understandable yet detailed information, makes Thin Pig Media’s blog a must read.

alexa 10,851,124
  • Gemma Went Gemma Went’s social media and content marketing blog brings subtle packages of information, discussing things you can’t miss reading. Gemma Went, the name and brain behind this top social media blog, is a Digital Strategist and Business Mentor. Here she shares wisdom on digital marketing, business strategy, and social media.  

alexa 10,980,648
  • Social Media Collective Social Media Collective is a part of the Microsoft Research Labs in New England and New York. It is a network of social science and humanistic researchers, including full time researchers, postdocs, interns, and visitors. Coming from such intellectual people are rich contextual information on social and cultural dynamics which underpin social media technologies.

alexa 12,817,541
  • Social Media Magazine Social Media Magazine, as an online resource and community for professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, et al, aims at proclaiming such information as related to social media, including tips and news. You’ll find tips on various social media channels, along with plenty feeds on social business and content marketing, and marketing per se. Check-out this top Social Media blog now.

alexa 13,566,942
  • Turbo Medical Marketing Turbo Medical Marketing has over seven years of experience working on digital marketing strategies, which they have done for the aesthetic industry. Here seekers of digital marketing information in the similar industry can likely find their safe haven, courtesy all these blog feeds.  

alexa 14,515,509
  • Social Media For Law Firms Social Media For Law Firms is by Samantha Collier, who is a social media strategist. Owing to her over ten years of law firm experience, she now simplifies social media for lawyers. On this top social media blog here, she has shared much of her wisdom and knowledge to help you lawyers and/or law firms make the most of social media.  

alexa 14,758,919
  • Hot Potato Social Media The folks at Hot Potato Social Media overtly believes in their streamlined process, i.e. plant, grow, and harvest. This in term of social media is rather quite intriguing, and something you must check as someone looking to scale your business higher with social media.  

alexa 16,791,343
  • Digital Dandy Digital Dandy is a communication and digital marketing agency based in Tasmania. On their one of the best social media blog here, Jen, the founder, here shares he knowledge of social media for fellow businessmen to benefit from. With a touch of individuality and peculiarity, the social media and marketing blogs here mostly are nothing like anything you would have ever read before.  

alexa 17,608,494
  • BLG Business Solutions BLG Business Solutions’ blog provides information on social media marketing in particular, including social media tools, guidelines, and also resources for businesses. There are many detailed posts here to lend you deeper insights into dealing with social media, among other things.  

alexa 18,515,509
  • The Social Observer The Social Observer offers perspectives on new media. It is a collaboration of old and new, past and present graduate students, coming from various backgrounds but with diverse experience in marketing, and social media among others. Being prepared by such diverse folks, you know the ideas here are going to be exemplary, and they quite are. Find out more on this amazing and best Social Media blog now.

alexa 18,578,687
  • ZC Social Media ZC Social Media blog is run by a team of experienced professionals. Zoe Cairns is the founder here, and is also a proficient Social Media Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and a TV Commentator. The blog by ZC Social Media goes deeper into discussing social media – news, tips and updates.  

alexa 19,825,509
  • Internet And Social Media Law Blog The Internet And Social Media Law blog discusses the business and legal issues that have been and/or are affecting social media, and the game industries. This top social media blogs here are a brilliant amalgamation, in no particular quantity, of law and social media, which can be benefited by fellow both inside and outside the industry.  

alexa 20,566,942
  • Jyoti Web Jyotindra Zaveri, the name and brain behind this blog, provides professional digital marketing, social media, and ecommerce services. On the blog, there are ample discussions on social media marketing and its various elements like influencer marketing, Facebook marketing, and more.  

alexa 20,851,124
  • Roaring Pajamas Roaring Pajamas is a venture by Melanie Yunk. Together with her team she provides creative digital solutions. Roaring Pajamas one of the best social media blog discusses about social media trends, including starting a social media trend, and tips, and content, among other things.  

alexa 25,817,541
  • Legendary Social Media The Legendary Social Media has a vivacious social media blog where they share many feeds on social media marketing, and how to make the most of various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and others, including SEO, and social media per se.

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  • More In Media More In Media’s blog attempts remarkably at preparing you well to fare your and/or your business’ social media journey well. From plenty how-tos like successfully broadcasting Facebook Lives to grabbing video audience’s attention, More In Media covers wide and narrow of social media marketing on this top social media blog.

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  • Sam Flynn Sam Flynn is a social media speaker and a trainer. This is Sam Flynn’s blog where she shares much of her wisdom and experiences and acquired techniques to help you make the most of your social media marketing activities.  

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  • BizWiz UK BizWiz UK was set up by Ann Davies, after spending eleven years running other businesses. Alongwith supporting clients in various aspects of online marketing, the folks at BizWiz also run this top social media blog where they discuss a lot about best social media practices.  

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  • Hashtag Creative Hashtag Creative is headed by Sue Powers Hoffman who has over twenty years of strategic marketing experience. Specializing with inbound marketing, Hashtag Creatives runs this blog discussing a lot about marketing, both social media and inbound, through blogs and case studies.  

Moore’s law states the powers of computers are likely to increase exponentially for the number of transistors which can fit in an integrated circuit/silicon-chip, doubles every two years, well almost.

Now replace transistors with social media users and you’ll have the exponential value of where social media is heading.

That sure states this is the time for you as a businessman, or leader, to impact your customers and target audience through Social Media.

These best hundred social media blogs list relayed and discussed above carrying advices, tips, tricks, tools, insights and more will help you reign.

While you put them to optimum use, do come back to tell us about the techniques you adopted off these best social media blogs, or the new ones you created and successfully implemented. We’ll be waiting right here.


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