Best 100 Soccer Blogs Kick Into The Football Season

Top Soccer Blogs

Soccer Blogs are the sacred football fields where fans come with the ultimate goal of scoring the information on and about their favorite club, team, players, leagues, championships, match previews, analysis, tactics and more. It’s the perfect way to stay updated with the insides and outs of the football field, including the transfer news. Not just the current feeds are what’s served hot on the best soccer blogs but the golden times as well.

Having said that there’s a lot of the history to be read too. Now, when has one does us any good. No, not even the goal, unless it’s the last one. So, here we have found and presented best hundred soccer blogs for you. Find your perfect match and play it on the field.

  • Goal Goal has goaled the top rank on our list of best hundred soccer blogs. Goal is your playground displaying all the soccer feeds and updates, including latest news. Learn more about your favorite soccer clubs here or about leading clubs per se. Plus, there’s all the buzz about the upcoming competitions too.

  • Who Scored Who Scored is aptly named to meet your soaring curiosity heads on. It displays the latest news right from the football ground thus, curbing your urge for more facts and information. If you have been a football fan for long, you might fancy taking a quiz or two here. Now, let’s see Who Scored!

  • 101 Great Goals 101 Great Goals comes with 101 reasons to be followed. Let’s begin here with the top two. One, it covers the sport of football wide and far, that is the latest updates, premier leagues, the social sector of football among others. Two, it gives swift updates and reports, along with live streaming.

  • Football Paradise For those who pray football, here’s the football paradise for you. Like gods can sift through time, Football Paradise captures and presents both the past and the present of football. Not only that, there are interviews with fellows from football fraternity at large.

  • This Is Anfield Alright folks, who likes ideas about and around soccer and varied views from soccer lovers and major soccer followers like you, more or less? Let’s settle with, almost all of us do. This Is Anfield is one of those nearly perfect places with all the right soccer gabs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find here.

  • Arse Blog Those who love football say, ay! Those who love Arsenal, say I! Much for the football fans and a little more for the Arsenal fans, Arse Blog is the place to goal. You are very likely to fall head over heels, in this case cleats, for there liveblog, all for the latest gabs on a running match.

  • Sportslens Captured from the Sportslens this soccer blog relays live scores, and latest soccer news from various trending parts of the soccer world. It’s your gateway to learning the running trends, latests about your favorite club and team and about premier leagues, also the upcoming championships.

  • Caught Offside Caught Offside is like your fav pal bearing all the latest news and updates on soccer and who’s got the ball, and in many cases even the players. By the latter we mean, the transfers. Presenting hot and latest transfer rumors to your very window, this one sure is ready to catch you off guard.

  • Bayern Central Bayern Central covers matches and also lends deep insight on the game off and on field. It’s your safe haven to find details on all the team schedules, transfer histories, matches won by a team, learn about the competitions and champions league along with news and podcasts, concisely all of everything on soccer.

  • Empire Off The Kop Get a wider view, caught from varied angles, on the sport of soccer along with the players of soccer. That’s about the opinions. Now about the news and match highlights, every detail is up for grabs here, with constant, intermittent updates, topped with feeds on the transfer rumors.

  • The Peoples Person Let’s first shine light on the things they do differently. One, they have the right gabs on players and almost all of theirs detailed profiles, with extensive posts on all, for you to admire the guys even more. Two, they fetch the latests from the academy. So, learning what’s happening on academic front is a cakewalk.

  • Who Ate All The Pipes Well, to be able to find the answer to that question, that is Who Ate All The Pipes, you’ll have to catch their blog. Available on the way are latest gabs on soccer, soccer players and the sport in general. Get your daily dose of soccer updates here and both begin and end your day with the right goal.

  • These Football Times These Football Times are dapper times. A lot of all that’s happening or will soon be happening on the football ground are covered and presented on These Football times, many through blogs and many others through podcasts. Choose between the ones you like and then set the ball rolling.

  • Soccer Pro The Center Circle of the Soccer Pro correctly states, this is where everything in soccer starts. Up for grabs here are loads on information and details on pro soccer players, soccer teams, latest in and on the game and more. Apart from that there’s lots to learn and see about student athletes despite the fact whether you are or not a student into soccer.

  • Stars And Stripes Be prepared to be overwhelmed here. First by all those detailed and descriptive posts on current and past matches and their players. Two, by all those incredible fan shots. It’s one thing to see from the professional photographers on the field and an entirely different thing to see those famous goals from a different angle.

  • The Mag This is the independent voice of Newcastle United since 1988, as is inscribed on the top of The Mag. Being major players in this league for almost three decades now, The Mag offers incomparable features on and off field, including the latest developments in the game and more. But it is their opinions and ideas that we fancy the most.

  • Toffee Web Well, we are talking again about another major flagbearer of latest and authentic soccer news. It’s none other than the independent Everton FC Website, relaying feeds since 1994. It’s clear that the kind of history of soccer and the past games this one can provide, could not be found elsewhere on the internet. That stands quite true for their varied opinions and latest news.

  • Outside Of The Boot Outside Of The Boot goes ten steps farther and wider to get you the soccer feeds that you need. For instance, tactical analysis of the games that had been played. Scout reports for another. And then comes the talent radar setting our game plan right. It’s Outside Of The Boot all the way for you.

  • World Soccer Talk Let the talk begin. You will thank us for every minute spent on this soccer blog, especially if you are a beginner. There’s loads on information for both. There’s news, schedules and streaming for the long-time followers. The beginners, however, can fix it once and for all with a to z, champions league to world cup, right here.

  • Soccer News While Football matches sounds enticing, being away from the screen when a match is live, especially at work, sounds downright haunting. To make life slightly similar even when you face that worst nightmare, Soccer News is the ultimate saving grace relaying live scores, soccer stats and news. And in advent on that nightmare when you decide to quit work, there are tickets here too.

  • Football Target While your target is to gain the latest gabs on football games and players, their target is to offer those before anyone out there has. Football Target, they say and say it aptly, in your source of football. Catch the full matches here, their scores, highlights, stories, much on leagues and more.

  • Dirty South Soccer An Atlanta United blog, the Dirty South Soccer offers numerous fan shots for all those you missed live, or wish to see how those appeared from different angles. That and to fill your appetite for soccer feeds right, they provide many fan posts to read and relish here on the Dirty South Soccer.

  • The Kop Times The Kop Times fixes your need to find the accurate match reports, by providing the same even the details on much that’s happening or has happened on the social media. Along with that they also discuss the sport in depth, and its players. Catch The Kop Times for more.

  • The Republik Of Mancunia Established in 2006, the Republik of Mancunia, a Manchester United blog reflects an optimistic United fan. Written by Scott, and as it reads is season ticket holding Mancunian, this blog offers all the cool gabs on the said team, aka Manchester United, so United fans can follow this blog for the common love of the team.

  • Le Grove Le Grove is the apt place for soccer fans at large to come and share their views on and experiences with Arsenal team and the sport. Others can tag along and read all that fans have shared. Help yourself to heartful and heartfelt feeds on the sport of soccer and rejoice.

  • Talk Chelsea As a Chelsea football club fan site, Talk Chelsea talks a lot about Chelsea. There are the latest gabs on and about Chelsea to be read here. Then there are the details on match previews, transfers and plenty goss from the matchday. Also, there are a lot of opinions and featured articles and talks about Chelsea on Talk Chelsea.

  • Rossoneri Blog Here’s Rossoneri fetching you the latest AC Milan News. Along with that this blog discusses in detail about the match, the line-ups and match reports. Also, get varied POVs on the latest happenings in the sport and teams and about the stuff that happened during the matches.

  • TBR Football TBR Football, aka The Boot Room, shares the same love for football as you. Why else would they bring all that detailed talk about and on the premier league and every club in it. To quench your quest for the details on Premier League, get right on to this blog’s exclusives section for the most interesting features on football ever.

  • Stats Bomb We know how much you need the feeds on stats. With us, this blog knows that pretty well too. The exact reason why they talk stats of almost every football match in detail. For instance, do you know how to scout for centre-backs but statistically? They do and they share that wisdom with you, gladly.

  • Back Page Football Offering diverse and award-winning football writing to you is Back Page Football. Their writings are as outstanding as the news and details they present. Catch the now, earlier and later of football on Back Page Football along with deep discussions on some smartly picked facts and ideas.

  • Online Gooner Online Gooner makes learning about football and footballers much easier. They discuss almost everything pertaining to the sport, be it the pace or progress. Catch more on soccer and clubs and players on Online Gooner through those podcasts, gallery, forums and more.

  • Off The Post Off The Post is one of your best shots at getting all the latest details and data, reading the feeds on some of the leading football clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham. To be had on top of news and details are the transfer news and gossip.

  • Zonal Marking Let’s discuss the football tactics now. But why stop at that? Why not analyze the matches as well, all the matches from past to present, continental to internationals and more? Let’s see who nailed it and how and who failed it and the reasons and logics behind it.

  • What A Howler This is one of the coolest soccer blog you’ll see all day. And once you see the dirty tackle inside What A Howler, your day will be made. From insides and out of football matches to inside and outs of football players life, well of course within the boundaries, it’s all here on What A Howler.

  • All Arsenal All Arsenal fans in the house, go cheer. This blog here is all about Arsenal and its players and about Arsenal fans, more or less. Read about all the latest gabs and features happening in Arsenal Football Club, including the transfer rumors. There’s much about and on the matchday as well.

  • Soccer Cleats 101 Soccer Cleats 101 is about, well soccer cleats, goes without saying. Get the gabs on the top cleat makers and sellers, which are Adidas, Nike, Puma primarily. Along with that read about various cool cleat stuff here, like cleatology, boot guides and modern athlete prints. For more, check this cleat blog.

  • Live 4 Liverpool Soccer fans, does any of you Live 4 Liverpool. Those who say yay, tag along. There’s much on and about Liverpool to be read here. You might like to check out this blog’s snack for football section. It’s dap, to say the least. Also, to be had here are a lot of fixtures and feeds on match day.

  • Tottenham Blog This one’s for the Tottenham fans. Making the latest news on the Tottenham Football Club accessible with such ease, the Tottenham Blog ensures your love for the club and its players is constantly backed by loads of information. So, when in mood for some history of Tottenham Football Club along with news, you know where to look.

  • The False 9 Football tactics get simplified on The False 9 blog here. If you are a beginner looking for a place to learn the tactics, then look no further. There are enough details and detailed feeds on football tactics for beginners. Now, if you are one of those who know the sport well, the only place to check on this blog is all the TF9 Plus and the England and Europe clubs.

  • Inside World Football Inside World Football is undoubtedly your best shot at getting the latest news and stories on the insides of the sport and its teams and players. Covering almost every competition and fraction of football be it premier leagues, finance, Asian football, football marketing and more, Inside World Football ensures your bags of information are always full.

  • Equalizer Soccer Equalizer Soccer captures the American and Canadian territories of soccer. A blog dedicated to women’s football, Equalizer Soccer captures and presents details on almost everything from NWSL to USWNT, Women’s World Cup to Canadian features and much more. Get it all on this womens football blog.

  • World Soccer World Soccer is your wide galore full of all things soccer. Available for reading and revering here are the latest news on football leagues, players, championships and more. That is closely followed by the goals and opinions and features, also including something fancy called football odds. Chances are you are betting on the right guess.

  • ACLF Arsenal On A Cultured Left Foot, the world is Arsenal. Laying down many intriguing feeds on and about Arsenal Football Club and the world surrounding it, ACLF Arsenal revers the fans pretty deeply. For that reason, this blog not only discusses the matches and AFC trophies but also reviews books

  • Westham Till I Die Iaine Dale crosses his heart and yells Westham Till I Die. If you are the one who would repeat the same with equal or all the more fervor then join Iaine here and see all that he has laid down for your perusal. A glimpse, sure. There’s a lot of Westham related stuff from tweets to websites, supporting journalists to supporting celebrities and more.

  • NUFC Blog There are incessant discussions on the New Castle United Football club here on the NUFC Blog. Help yourself to all those incredible feeds on NUFC which the makers of this blog have curated and presented. Also, they have paved the right paths for you to always stay updated with the latest news on NUFC.

  • Kingfut For the Egyptian football fans, Kingfut is your safe haven to stay updated with the football world day in and day out. Get your hands on the latest news and features here, which discuss not only Egyptian football but also African. Read all those interviews and profiles of your favorite players among other things.

  • Fifty Five Fifty Five brings you the voices from Soccer’s North. Along with that it provides you the angle, that is football updates seen and written from a varied, rather peculiar angle. And it’s an awesome angle to say the least. Plus, there are a lot of gabs on leagues and teams too. So, it’s a pure win-win.

  • Just Football This blog talks about Just Football and nothing else. Read here about almost all teams and leagues from Africa to Asia, Europe to North/Central America to South America. With that, read all the interviews with the players and folks in the football fraternity.

  • Juve FC Established in 2001, Juve FC is a blog made by Juve fans, and for Juve Fans as they say. Here’s your chance at getting the latest news on Juve and all the details through these deeply researched and detailed blogs. Also, read more about the matches here and about Juve transfers among other things.

  • Bundesliga Fanatic Helping you catch the past, present and future of Bundesliga league is this blog. So, if you too are a Bundesliga Fanatic like them, your visit to this blog will broaden your view on the league for good. Read all about the Bundesliga, from news to report cards, matches to best pages and more.

  • CFC Net This is the unofficial Chelsea site since 2000, they say. For the love of Chelsea they have laid down the match reports for you to read. Also available for grabs are the latest news on this football club, along with match previews, interviews, and plenty more feeds.

  • American Soccer Analysis Here’s your gatepass to entering the world of American Soccer through analysis. You might also fancy their intriguing goal explanations. That’s just the starters however, for the platter is so full of much more interesting feeds on American Soccer. See what you like the most.

  • Chelsea Daft A Chelsea fans blog, the Chelsea Daft offers plenty incredible feeds on Champions League and Europa League to start the day with. For the mid part of the day, there are blogposts on the premier league. And then, for the later part of the day as you get free from the hassles of work, indulge yourself with more feeds on distinct point of views.

  • Total Barca This football blog is almost all about the Barcelona Football Club and its admirers. For a Total Barca fan, or even those looking to learn about the said football club, this is the ultimate Barcelona football blog, unofficially so. Up for grabs here are latest news, point of views, analysis and more cool stuff, all about Barcelona Football Club.

  • Football Pink From the winners of the best-established blog award, Football Pink not only runs a football blog but also a quarterly print magazine discussing football. Read here the latest news and stories on the sport from around the world, along with various opinions and point of views, about histories, match memories and a lot more.

  • Pitch Invasion A football news site, Pitch invasion is also a gaming guide for online bettors. There extensively pulled details on various latest updates are quite intriguing. Read here what the gods of football are up to and where they are leading the sport of football.

  • Stretford End Bringing you the stretty rant is the Stretford End with its offbeat style and all the cool vibes. A die-hard Manchester United fan, that is curated by the fans and for the fans, this blog shares some pretty cool stuff, like chants and they are dap. A lot about the players, aka legends, their history, both the club and the players, and the latest news can be grabbed here.

  • Goalden Times Aptly named Goalden Times, this blog presents intriguing feeds from the golden times of football. But that is not all, for there is a lot more to be had from an alternative football media. For instance, originals, while you guess what that is, we enjoy these mind-blowing features on Goalden Times.

  • Paisley Gates Aptly named Goalden Times, this blog presents intriguing feeds from the golden times of football. But that is not all, for there is a lot more to be had from an alternative football media. For instance, originals, while you guess what that is, we enjoy these mind-blowing features on Goalden Times. constantly updated news to be swam through. When there’s so much to be had, who would not wish to spend longer hours on Paisley Gates.

  • Kop World Kop World is a Livepool Fanclub website and forum. Here you are likely to spend time watching some awesome videos. Also, chances point high at your daily, even hourly check of the latest news. Now, once you have hooked yourself to the two, you know you won’t walk away until having read about the LFC Squad.

  • A Villa Fan As an Aston Villa fansite, they have curated some pretty dap feeds. Feel as free to check all the podcasts here as the match reports and stadium guides and match previews. Save some extra time, though, to enjoy all those details on the Aston Villa players.

  • A Different League A Different League is actually a class apart. It’s your one of the best bets at getting the gabs and details on the Premier League and the Football League. Along with that they serve the latest feeds on football, football clubs, players, and much more.

  • Futbol Gra The best thing about Futbol Grad is its smart offering of the articles by region. So, you can easily pick the ones you would want to read. A quick glimpse, there’re feeds on Russia, South and North Caucasus, Balkans, Baltic States, Central Asia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

  • Soccer Metrics Soccer Metrics’ research on football is commendable. And so are all its incredible feeds which extensively cover football, leagues, clubs and players through interviews, podcasts, perspectives and various publications. Between that it talks more about these through its intriguing blogs.

  • Two Hundred Percent It’s a Two Hundred Percent love for football on this blog. That clearly reeks through its podcasts, feeds on the Premier League and the Football League, the varied history, the non-league and even the politics in football. Now that sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

  • 1000 Goals 1000 Goals gives you one thousand more reasons to love football. A portion of those reasons come from all the news that it shares. Another portion comes from all the highlights. But the major portion comes from all that fun stuff curated and presented on the 1000 goals.

  • Soccer Without Borders Well, isn’t that how it should be socially? But getting back to the game, Soccer Without Borders truly lives up to its name and offers us incredible posts on the sport from across the globe. Their stories are worth gluing your eyes to the screen for. See the blog for more.

  • Stretty News Stretty News travels fast, because it is caught and bought faster. It is perhaps one of the best places to catch the latest news on the sport from. Also available for reading here are perspectives and history. When in mood for more, look at the match coverage.

  • Football Pulp Football Pulp squeezes in all the information on the sport and presents it here for our perusal. There are detailed feeds on the Premier League, Champions League, along with plenty videos, plenty more photo feeds and lots and lots of love for the sport.

  • The Ball Is Round The Ball Is Round picks and presents some really intriguing and at times quirky ideas and perspectives. To get a glimpse of what we are referring to here, check the Non-League Notes or the Economic Theories. Okay, we have got you hooked, quite like how we were.

  • Red Rants A Manchester United Blog, unofficially, Red Rants is a lot about the said football club, its players, its latest updates and a lot more. Concisely, it is your one stop to capture all the latests and olds on the club by way of many extensively curated feeds.

  • Licence To Roam Licence To Roam since 2013, lays down tactics and analysis for us to read and learn. So, grab your piece of insight on the on-field aspects of the game, as they say. Look at the feeds on players and clubs here for a quick heads-up and then jump right onto formations.

  • Footy Blog Footy Blog fetches you all the feeds that the football fan inside you wishes to read. Let’s begin with Tactics. They have it here. Let’s jump to beer money. Fancy! We knew right. Then, there’s something called away days. To know more, you know where to look.

  • French Football Weekly French Football Weekly is a French footballer or fan’s perfect gateway to learning the intrepid details from the world apart. They discuss everything that you wish to read, from Ligue scores to league previews, interesting point of views to various podcasts and more.

  • 90 Soccer 90 Soccer is the football open source network. Here you can read these dexterously written features on football and the world that revolves around it. There’s plenty special stuff to be read too, along with an extensive coverage on international football, including US soccer.

  • The Scratching Shed The Scratching Shed is your online Leeds United Fanzine serving you interesting feeds since 2008. Get the gabs on the Leeds United, all curated and presented for your benefit. After that, help yourself to the news on transfer and plenty feeds on the match reviews.

  • Real Football Man Dan Tracey is your real football man, nothing more and nothing less. He’s a Tottenham Fan from London and for you he has prepared and presented various interesting feeds on the sport. Enjoy the swift and easy access to all the match previews, pre-match stats, transfer talks and more.

  • La Liga Blog The La Liga Blog is a Spanish football blog. It offers you widely thought and brought views and opinions to read and enjoy. Also available for you to read are various posts on Barcelona and real Madrid. Between that look for the ones to watch and your game will be sorted.

  • Friends Of Liverpool Friends of Liverpool fetches you the Livrepool Football Club news. Read what’s happening around this club, what all is making the news, the latest goss on transfer, trending Liverpool rumors and all the interesting stuff on and about the club, right here on Friends of Liverpool.

  • Benefoot Here’s your best fix of Belgian and Dutch football laid down in English. Let’s see what all it has to offer. There are plenty revelations to be surprised at. Plenty cooling down to be adjusted after that. And lots of podcasts to be heard. All on Dutch and Belgian football.

  • Football Action Football Action acts upon all that it says. So, you can expect to read football news on premiership, championship, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. Apart from that there is a lot more prepared and offered for a football fan like you, especially on the football fan like you and us.

  • Football Extras A footy blog, they say, Football Extras focusses on and hence brings to you the latest football news from around the world. It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Up for grabs here, besides the news, are blogs on EPL, LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

  • Beyond The Last Man 20th century football writing and nostalgia is what makes Beyond The Last Man a hotspot to be at and read all those blog feeds curated and presented in a skilled and cultured groove. There is a lot of vintage to be had here, if you are the one who loves digging the past or time travel.

  • Football Views What this one fetches you includes the latest football news and gossip on the sport of football. Catch the latest gabs on EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 here, yes including the gossip. Make the most of it and enjoy it while you can.

  • Clean Sheets All Around Clean Sheets All Around brings you the latest Premier League news. With that it provides the latest news on Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United. That’s like the top section of your needs sorted. For the rest they cover match reviews, player ratings, transfer news and more.

  • Game Of The People Flying the flag for football, they say, as it should be played. Game Of The People provides you deep insights on matters that matter in football. Along with that are all those podcasts to be heard. And on top of that are those 1001 Floodlit Dreams. Explore for more.

  • Up The Hammers Here’s your one stop shop for all the latest gabs and goss on the West Ham United, it says. Up The Hammers provides the latest newsfeed on the West Ham, along with many videos. Dive inside their wide range of feeds if you too are a fan of West Ham United like the folks here on Up The Hammers.

  • Football Republik Football Republik provides you the latest news on the sport, including the premier league and European segment of the sport. Plus, there are lots of featured articles and various perspectives and point of views on the events and trending bits on football field.

  • Gooner Daily Gooner Daily is your daily Arsenal Digest. It’s your one stop shop to catch the latest arsenal news. Also, available to view and dwell into are match previews and reports. Right beside all those competitions are plenty of feeds for the fans. Indulge yourself.

  • Natter Football This is the site, says the makers of Natter Football, for your views on football news. Here’s your platform for having the latest news on the trending bits in the football world. Created as a place for the football fans it scores big hearts each time.

  • The Arsenal Blog This blog’s aim to be among the best unofficial Arsenal Blogs meets the right ends with all those brilliantly curated feeds around Arsenal transfer news. All the analysis they have put out there for us fans is pretty on point and so is all of the up-to-date Arsenal news.

  • Fiesta Football Fiesta Football’s basic aim is to popularize the sport of football aka soccer, much like how it says there. With that aim, they already have our respect. Help yourself to all that premier league news, details on football extras, champion league news and a lot more.

  • East Lower It’s quirky and interesting. East Lower is from your Arsenal fan whose first game was the Charlie Nicholas and Niall Quinn 2-0 win against Liverpool in December of 1985. Learn more from an experienced fan about the trending in football and even the basics in football. Tag along the East Lower for more.

  • Surreal Football While there are many football matches we can call surreal, there is no surreal blog like this one. Surreal Football blog is the place to catch the trending in the field of footwear with a straight-faced smirk. As intriguing and quirky as it sounds, the blogs here are no different, totally intriguing and absolutely quirky.

  • The Football Saga The Football Saga is rather sagacious when it comes to football and footballers. Catch all the sagacious feeds on Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and more on the Football Saga. See what’s trending and enjoy all those details.

  • Into The Top Corner First things first. Into the top corner lays down top fives and top tens of the game and the gamers. Along with that it provides interesting feature posts about and around the game and more. Right beside these are all those match previews and analysis.

  • The Liverpool Tribune The Liverpool Tribune is the place where you can find the latest news, views and stats about Liverpool Football Club. Read all those detailed posts on Liverpool, covering their games, players, transfer news and rumors, and a lot more on The Liverpool Tribune.

  • Football Shoot Football Shoot is your place to read the latest football transfer news among a lot of other things including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. You see, learning and bragging those learnings among other football fans is going to be so much easy and fun.

  • West Ham United Here’s the place where you can find all the latest news, results, transfers and gossip around and about the West Ham United. There are all the cool feeds here to raise your love for West Ham United a notch higher and your cheers, ten notches higher.

  • Fat Back Four The Fat Back Four welcomes you to the world’s leading soccer new source, as they say, with such fervor. And to keep you posted they provide interesting feeds on soccer many of which revolve around various point of views and perspectives. Go dig.

And it’s a goal! A hundred goals so to say. Or a hundred goal attempts, though we doubt that’s the case. Call it opinions, perspectives or point of views, it’s all about what you like to read and what you like to hear, be it through podcasts or videos, blogs or written updates.

Again, it could be Manchester United or West Ham United, Barcelona or Chelsea. All of them kick the ball in one direction or the other. Now, whether it hits a goal or not is decided by you, the ultimate referee, of course for your field of interest. Do tell us, for we are keen to know, how many goals it scored.


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