Best 100 Sewing Blogs To Get Inspired

Top Sewing Blogs

These Best Sewing Blogs are the online hosts which share their acquired knowledge or wisdom on sewing through sewing projects, ideas, inspiration, tutorials, sewing-along, patterns, how-to, best sewing tips and techniques on various things including dresses, tops, skirts, bags, quilts, and more.

It is to help ease the task of finding those best sewing blogs that we have curated this list. Here, at one single place, you would be able to siffle through a hundred, read the top 100 sewing blogs on the web.

Each of these blogs have been ranked on the basis of relevance. So, what you receive is the top creme of the mix.

Here, help yourself to the wide galore of sewing information and inspiration.


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  • Reddit The place of information, Reddit has a very special dedication to sewing and it calls that Threddit. As cool as that sounds, the contents of Threddit are even cooler. Inside hot, rising, controversial, and top are some of the world-wide webs best articles, sewing blogs, and much more.

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  • Huffington Post The sewing blog by the Huffington Post has both style and subtlety blended into one surreal blog. From a gallon of blogposts here, you might be drawn to pick plenty in one go. Style DIYs and crucial DIYs cover majority of the feeds here. Other sewing blogposts cover sewing news, teen sewing, impact of sewing, and much more.

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  • Interweave An art and craft media company, Interweave has a lot to share with its readers, especially on the blog. It is a bearer of almost everything that can be developed with a needle, long or small, broad or thick. From knitting to crochet, it is, however, sewing that wins the battle. Pickup dimensions of a scarf or glassbeads, there’s plenty presented on the Interweave blog.

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  • McCall Here’s The McCall Pattern Company Blog with its varied posts. Prepare yourself to find pattern news, and sewing tips and tutorials. The folks at McCalls also offers a behind the scenes sneak peek where you are free to witness how they make their patterns. So, sewalong, we mean tag along this one for all that and more.

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  • Purl Soho Purl Soho makes sewing a lovely affair. Offering you plenty ideas and inspiration in numerous categories, this one ensures your need or desire to sew is met pleasantly, and easily. This one holds a wide galore of sewing feeds on accessories, bags and pouches, felt, garments, blankets and quilts, and more.

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  • Mood Sewciety Mood Sewciety carries a very happy kinda mood of sewing. That is how everything you find here just fills you with excitement; excitement for sewing it yourself and making it your own. You’ll find many free sewing patterns, here. It’s like heaven meets heels sort of thing for us style divas.

alexa 85,750
  • Pattern Review Here’s Pattern Review reviewing patterns, so you know what’s best and what’s worth a miss. There is a huge variety and myriad of pattern reviews. Picked from wide resources, the Pattern Reviews brings you the best off the web sewing patterns at one place. It’s a keeper, you guys!

alexa 92,207
  • So Sew Easy So Sewing Easy indeed makes sewing so easy. What with all those easily available sewing tips, free patterns, tutorials, and videos. The folks here have even made the effort to share their projects. So, you get an incessant supply of inspiration off of So Sewing Easy.

alexa 136,819
  • Sewing Parts Online Don’t we all just need plenty information to keep our dear sewing machines working. Well, true to that, this blog called Sewing Parts Online offers a lot of that information on a platter, that is easily and a lot of it. From product reviews to feeds covering maintenance and repair

alexa 180,430
  • Melly Sews Melly, aka Melissa, aka the author and creator of this blog, sewing marvelously. This is justified in all that she has sewed and shared with us in the form of tutorials, free patterns, tips and techniques, even her sundress series. And for days when you don’t feel like sewing, there’s plenty not sewing projects she has shared here, along with tips and techniques.

alexa 204,587
  • Sew Can She Caroline is the author and creator of Sewing Can She? And how she sewing is totally fascinating. You can find that in her sewing patterns and tutorials where she helps you make some really cool stuff, like bags, big pocket baby clutch, among other things. Her blog carries more ideas, inspirations, and tutorials.

alexa 216,946
  • We All Sew We All Sewing not only wins our hearts with that name but also with its quilt-alongs, sew-alongs, and all those videos. A lot of how-tos here make for a perfect bragging opportunity, with a simple sewing and wear. Did we mention there are loads of tips and tricks here, too?

alexa 223,917
  • Colette HQ Sarai founded Colette in 2009, and in 2017 it is a wide resource of tutorials, inspiration, and projects. It is loaded with useful information on monthly favorites to keep you updated with trends of sewing, where to buys, sewing books, and a lot more. Collect all the information you can off of this one.

alexa 224,479
  • Polka Dot Chair Polka Dot Chair is a blog by Melissa. She has shared plenty inspiring sewing projects on Polka Dot Chair. From how to sewing a half circle skirt to details on sewing a bow tie that ties, fabric basket sewing tutorial to romper sewing pattern, this one has a wide variety of sewing inspiration and information to pick from.

alexa 239,745
  • Sew Over It Sewing Over It realigns our goals of sewing something magnificent. This one does that by sharing multiple sewalongs. Then, through all these new projects which Lisa, the one behind Sewing Over It, is sewing. It’s a whole giant chunk of subtle meets surreal, to speak the least.

alexa 270,821
  • Anuschka Rees Anuschka Rees is a writer from Germany, and also the creator and author of this blog bearing her name. Here she shares ideas on curating a perfect wardrobe. Along with that are feeds on style and confidence, fashion, lifestyle, shopping, sewing trends and defining your personal style.

alexa 283,626
  • See Kate Sew See Kate Sewing presents sewing 101. Well, that’s for starters. For others are many tutorials covering clothing, baby stuff, home stuff, bags and pouches, and accessories. There’s more. Free patterns, anyone? See Sewing Kate is where to grab them for Kate, the brain behind this blog, has shared them all.

alexa 290,173
  • The Sewing Loft Blog For the information to reclaim your creativity, that is one stitch at a time, check out The Sewing Blog. Heather, an outgoing creative dreamer and also the creator of this blog has ensured her blog helps you do that with plenty free patterns, tutorials, sewing tips, and much more.

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  • Merricks Art Merricks Art, the blog here sure makes sewing an arty affair. These tutorials carrying details on sewing lovely dresses like midi wrap, linen shirt dress, lace-up sweatshirt, boxy pleated top, slouchy tunic, pom-pom beach shorts, polka dot pants, and lots more.

alexa 310,110
  • Tilly And The Button Tilly is the name and brain behind Tilly And The Button. On her blog she shares sewing tips, and inspiration. Of course, there’s also the latest news on Tilly And The Buttons. Plus, she has also shared sewing space tours, and the stuffs folks following her have sewed off her patterns, and more.

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  • Closet Case Patterns Coming from a sewing pattern design and education company, Closet Case Patterns is also home to useful blogs bearing sewing and DIYs. Heather Lou is the founder of Closet Case Patterns and a charming lady to say the least. Learning more about her through the blog is quite a delight.

alexa 332,769
  • Husqvarna Viking Husqvarna Viking blog makes a strong case in favor of inspiration. To be inspired from Husqvarna Viking is to see yourself walking a path of purpose. Beyond inspiration here are sewing projects, carrying a wide variety of sewing, and plenty more blogs of sewing.

alexa 361,428
  • By Hand London Charlotte, Elisalex, and Victoria are the ladies behind By Hand London. Their independent sewing pattern label has this interesting sewing blog. Run Along their sewalongs for some fancy and fashionable sewing, like shoulder ruffle maxi dress, beach cover-up kaftan and more.

alexa 368,211
  • Oliver Rands Designing and offering sewing patterns for folks who love to sewing, or wish upon learning to sewing, Liesel Gibson and the team here shares many sewalongs and tutorials for kids and their mothers. See what all cool ideas make Oliver Rands one of the best sewing blogs.

alexa 374,050
  • National Sewing Circle As a resource full of new sewing ideas and information, National Sewing Circle presents many helpful videos along with blogs. The tips provided by National Sewing Circle are quite informational, much like the how-tos here. There is plenty to learn off this blog if you can make the run

alexa 379,922
  • Grain Line Studio Grain Line Studio makes your learning easier with the aid of sewalongs, sewing tutorials, and pattern tutorials. Learn and create farrow dress, Morris blazer, willow tank and dress, and more through sewalongs. And to avoid getting stuck with your sewing, don’t forget to check the tips and tricks of sewing here.

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  • Curvy Sewing Collective Curvy Sewing Collective is a resource dedicated to curvy divas. From aplenty articles to myriad patterns, there’s all that your sewing skills would love seeing and sewing, and your body would love wearing. Read it all, then make it all, and before you know you’ll be rocking that street style.

alexa 402,885
  • Made By Rae Rae, creator of this blog, loves to sue. Once a physics teacher now sews, and makes patterns, and shares them with us too. Her presentation is phenomenal. She makes it so easy to pick up new ideas and the techniques behind sewing, so much that you would want to grab your machine and fabric as soon as you see the tutorials and its final product.

alexa 445,483
  • Sew Sweetness Sara, the mind behind Sewing Sweetness, blogs about her love for sewing and all that she has sewed. The latter is something that she often shares in the form of videos. Also, we must mention, she makes some really fancy bags. Go checkout from our best sewing blogs.

alexa 463,870
  • Patchwork Posse Becks is the creator of Patchwork Posse, and also the one sharing sewing tutorials with us. Covered under sewing by her are embroidery, appliques, embroidery, bags, crochet, and clothes. Each is filled with various ideas and styles. See what catches your fancy.

alexa 467,909
  • Noodlehead Noodlehead is a blog by Anna, named after her first daughter who had the curliest blonde hair per Anna, and hence was nicknamed Noodlehead. Tag along Anna as shares pretty cool clothes, bags, wallets, and baby and kids stuff sewing tutorials, among sewalongs and techniques.

alexa 477,865
  • Sewessential Sewessential is the online sewing superstore it says. Packed with sewing essentials, this superstore has a super essential blog sharing sewing techniques, sewing patterns, how-tos, and a lot more. Put this wide galore of information to great use. We know you would.

alexa 481,369
  • Mimi G Style Mimi G is the Editor-In-Chief of this blog bearing her name. Mimi G Style sure has a unique style, something she apparently carries with confidence. A lot of what she wears comes from her sewing skills, something she shares exuberantly and can be found on her blog, in the form of tutorials and sewalongs.

alexa 517,732
  • Nancie Zieman Nancie Zieman, the name and brain behind this blog, is also an author and designer for the McCall Pattern Company, the very company whose blog is one of the leading contenders on this list. Nancie Zieman’s blog discusses a lot about sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more.

alexa 550,759
  • The Foldline Kate and Rachel are behind The Foldline which is a social network kind of thing where tips are shared and patterns are stored. The Foldline has a pretty impressive layout and some fascinating and unique sewing things like The Sewing Reporter, The Sewing Down, and Sewing The Trends among others.

alexa 568,526
  • While She Naps From a sewing pattern designer, craft book author, writer, and teacher Abby Glassenberg, While She Naps is a blog also about sewing stuffed animals. You’ll find many of her patterns here for free. Along with plenty softie design tutorials, and more.

alexa 579,982
  • The Cottage Mama The Cottage Mama is a blog about all things domestic, that includes sewing, cooking, and crafting. By Lindsay Wilkes, this blog showcases many sewing project tutorials which Lindsay has

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  • Sew DIY Beth, the brain behind this blog, is an art director and a graphic designer by the day and whenever she finds any spare time she invests it in making things. With her creative ingenious, and experience working on creative things, her sewing blog bears

alexa 621,044
  • Cashmerette Cashmerette is a blog for curvy divas showcasing myriad tutorials and how-tos, from full bust adjustment to small bust adjustment, retrofitting a FBA in a knit t-shirt to change the height of a bust dart. Cashmerette help you find solutions for many of your sewing troubles with easy tutorials.

alexa 686,904
  • Cluck Cluck Sew Allison is the founder and author of Cluck Cluck Sew. Her love for blogging and quilting is the reason behind us getting these wide variety of tutorials. Consider these as examples, diagonal strip quilt, simple heart quilt, scrappy strips quilt, grassy doe quilt top, and many more sewing tips.

alexa 757,747
  • LLadybird Lauren Taylor loves sewing, and we love how she shares her sewing experiences and more on her blog LLadybird. And she is quite humble to have put up all those tutorials for us folks. She even lets us lurk her closet, from the latest to as old as 2010, even older. See that and all the cool stuff she’s got on her blog here.

  • Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing is packed with inspiration; most of it coming from the blogger herself, through the dresses she wears and the way she styles and carries them. For our aid, she has also provided many sewalongs. Also, she has created and presented useful posts to ease our regular sewing experiences.

alexa 799,937
  • Sew In Love Sewing In Love is by all means a lovely blog reveling in handmade slow living. Rin, the author and creator of this blog is a sewing enthusiast. Perhaps, that is the reason how she understands our enthusiasm so well, and have provided many free sewing patterns here, along with tutorials, and sew-alongs, among other things.

alexa 855,321
  • Make It Coats Make It Coats is a blog by Coats and Clarks, one of America’s leading sewing and needlework products seller. Their blog discusses and presents many useful sewing stuff like fabric crafting, quilting, and sewing. They have also made available many free patters, tutorials, and how-tos.

alexa 853,902
  • Sew News In operation for over thirty-five years, Sewing News is a sewing source publish six times a year. Its blog brings the latest news on sewing, including updates from Project Runway, a leading show in America. Besides that, Sewing News’ blog presents many sew-alongs, sew DIYs, and many more useful feeds.

alexa 952,290
  • Guthrie & Ghani Guthrie & Ghani is a blog by Lauren, who runs her own shop and creative studio. On her blog here she discusses fabrics, wardrobe, fabrics, books, latest sewing experiences and sews, sewing plans, and more. Lauren comes off as a sewing champ who know what she’s doing and bring outstanding sewing results.

alexa 856,809
  • Sew Daily Bringing the right doses of inspiration, this is the Sewing Daily blog. It’s loaded with sewing tools and resources, and plenty how-tos. But it’s the blog, really, that steals the show. There are chances you’ll find a whole new direction of sewing when on Sewing Daily.

alexa 993,257
  • What Katie Sews Katie, aka Kate, from What Katie Sews is a sewist, and web designer. Her blog here is her way of presenting inspiration in the form of her sewing and aid in the form of tips and tutorials. Her wardrobe, aka sewing studio is a pure delight to look at and draw inspiration from.

alexa 1,020,291
  • Very Purple Person Novita, the brain behind this blog, is the very purple person who has Asian roots, having born in Indonesia and currently residing in Tokyo. We see it the lively way. You may like the fact that she has not only provided many free patterns on her blog but has also shared many sewing inspiration and tutorials.

alexa 1,081,577
  • Stitching Sewcial It’s all about passion for sewing on this blog, theirs and yours, something that the folks here feed with posts on sewing, embroidering, quilting, and applique. These cover guidance, sewing projects, tips and insights, to help you use your fabric stash and create something cool and wonderful.

alexa 1,094,793
  • Sew Country Chick Justine, a designer, writer, mother, and also the creator of Sewing Country Chick, shares plenty sewing tutorials, including on pattern drafting, printing, and dying. That’s for the adults. There’s much on sewing for girls as well. So, pick the ideas and inspiration here to create something for yourself and your little girl.

alexa 1,111,601
  • Sew Caroline Sew Caroline is a blog with a peculiar vibe. It’s subtle and clean, and packed with modern sewing inspiration. The blog bears many DIY tutorials, for babies, kids, and adults, helping sewing lovers and enthusiasts create something cool. So, inspire and inform yourself for your next sewing adventure.

alexa 1,147,764
  • Sew Fearless Sew Fearless helps you overcome your fear of needles. It encourages you, and informs you enough about sewing which help you to set yourself free and pick the fabric to create your first sewed piece. Jodi is the mind behind it and also the one helping you with ideas and more on Sew Fearless blog.

alexa 1,176,839
  • By Gum By Golly Tasha is the host and creator of By Gum By Golly, which is a lot about knitting sewing and living a DIY Life, that is with vintage flair. To get the idea of vintage flair begin with her vintage wardrobe. Once done, get right onto the sew-alongs to put all that inspiration to good use.

alexa 1,181,636
  • Did You Make That Well, did you know creativity is contagious? Did You Make It expresses that with a lot more creativity. So, you are likely to get hit by creativity when on this sewing blog. We say while you have it, get the most out of it by picking sewing ideas and aid off the blog in the form of how-tos, tips and more.

alexa 1,265,397
  • Cali & Co. Here’s a sewing blog for the fabric obsessed, it says. Cali &Co. shares sewing tips for a better sewing experience and a great result. It also discusses ideas that are likely to add a little or plenty information to your info galore and help you sharpen your skills.

alexa 1,284,629
  • Mood Sewing Network There are a variety of bloggers under the Mood Sewing Network who bring interesting and useful sewing updates for you. Plus, they are here to inspire you with interesting ideas and advices, and reasons behind specific details which the bloggers here themselves have followed while sewing.

alexa 1,342,474
  • Feather’s Flights Feather’s Flights is Heathers blog, the one who sews, thrifts, upcycles, designs fabric, and also teaches sewing. On her blog, she has spread the joy of sewing with free patterns, and inspiration off of her sewing projects. That is not all, for she has provided many tutorials and sewing 101 for our benefit.

alexa 1,416,674
  • Orange Lingerie Orange Lingerie comes off as a helpful resource for lingerie sewing. The blogger here, in 2o1o, got tired of toiling around Wall Street and hence came her custom bra and lingerie making business. On this blog, you’ll come across many how-tos, useful feeds of sewing, and much more.

alexa 1,471,412
  • Lazy Girl Designs Lazy Girl Designs is a blog by Joan Hawley who discusses about sewing and stuff revolving around sewing, including quilting. She has provided many how-tos, and created other useful feeds, helping you pick the right stuff of sewing and use what you have picked to your best advantage.

alexa 1,532,070
  • Handmade By Caroline Handmade By Caroline presents the author’s thoughts on sewing, knitting, and between that, looking her best. To learn what she can create or has been creating, check her patterns. Then, come right back to her blog of sewing and see what else she has been up to.

alexa 1,544,841
  • Lucky Lucille Rochelle, the mind behind Lucky Lucille, is a versatile personality with abundant creativity. Here she has provided many tutorials on sewing and partly sewing various things, including many on knits. Swim through her tutorials to fill your bag of useful sewing information like how to sew a 1940s collar.

alexa 1,559,534
  • Erica Bunker Erica Bunker, the name and brain behind this blog, is a fashion sewing blogger who discusses DIY style here and the art of cultivating a stylish wardrobe. Apart from creating and providing useful feeds and updates of sewing, she has also shared many tutorials, including pleated sleeve blouse to give you a quick view.

alexa 1,640,134
  • Sewing With Sarah Sewing With Sarah is quite inspiring. That is after looking at the photo gallery here showcasing both kids and adults clothing. Moving on to information, Sewing With Sarah provides tutorials and sew-alongs, which are descriptive and explanatory to follow.

alexa 1,835,809
  • House Of Pinheiro House of Pinheiro is a blog by Rachel, who has a charming personality. And charm is something she puts in her sewing. You can see that in her closet here, from coats to dresses, shorts to jumpsuits, and swimwear to bags and accessories.

alexa 1,858,554
  • Oonaballoona Oonaballoona is a blog by Marcy Harriell, who is also an actor, singer, and dancer, and also a sewist and player. Her blog is as colorful as her thoughts, and just as versatile. Right from her dresses and clothes to the way she carries them, this one is loaded with inspiration and ideas of sewing.

alexa 1,878,924
  • Man Sewing Rob is the man behind Man Sewing, and this blog is his way of sharing his love and knowledge of sewing with masses, despite the gender. He has provided sewing tutorials with many interesting stuffs to create from bag to pouch, applique basics to drawstring bag and more.

alexa 1,885,467
  • Whip Stitch Deborah is the blogger of Whip Stitch, who before trying her hands at sewing was a teacher, and then an archaeologist. On Whip Stitch, she writes about sewing, seamstresses, how-tos, knitting, and more inspiring and informing us about sewing and her sew-awesome life.

alexa 1,952,816
  • Brooklyn Craft Company Coming from a Brooklyn Craft store and DIY shop, the Brookly Craft Company’s blog is a representation of their endeavors, ideas, thoughts, and experience about sewing. Their blog manifests many DIYs, patterns, and more that are sure to help any sew enthusiast and seamstress in their next creations.

alexa 2,066,310
  • This Blog Is Not For You It’s a dress making blog, and if you love that and sewing this blog is for you. All about things that are handmade, This Blog Is Not For You is a blog that Charlie, its author, has loaded with tutorials, and updates from her own sewing experiences.

alexa 2,160,572
  • Sew Bon Sew Bon is a blog by Erin who loves to make pretty things. So, your love for pretty is going to find a pull from this blog. Sew Bon of course has tutorials which are versatile and intriguing. From camera strap to toasted sweater, Delia beanie to wrap scarf, you’ll find fascinating options and intriguing feeds about sewing here.

alexa 2,215,563
  • Goodbye Valentino Goodblye Valentino follows forward wishing big hello to needles and thread. Sarah Gunn is the author of this blog who has once given up buying clothes and vowed to make her own, for herself. Her sewing blog follows her sewing experiences among discussing other sew-stuff.

alexa 2,211,975
  • Modern Domestic PDX For sewers and sewing enthusiasts, Modern Domestic PDXs blog provides plenty information. Various bits of sewing from toolbox to embroidery software, collections to colors, inspiration, tutorials, gallery and more, are shared and discussed on Modern Domestic PDX.

alexa 2,283,478
  • Jennifer Lauren Vintage Jennifer Lauren Vintage designs modern sewing patterns with a touch of classic vintage attire. She is also the author of this blog bearing her name and the very place where she shares her finished projects for you to draw inspiration from, and tutorials and sew-alongs for you next sewing.

alexa 2,337,597
  • Style Sew Me Style Sew Me is the kind of resource that will add benefit to your sewing hobby or passion. Eryn, a sew-a-holic, runs this blog and has shared many useful feeds discussing into the art and science of sewing. Try her fashion tutorials for quick inspiration.

alexa 2,370,583
  • Dragonfly Fabrics Sewing, and a close camaraderie of sewing, fabric is discussed in detail on Dragonfly Fabric’s blog. To pick are plenty sewing patterns displaying interesting ideas and inspiration; sewing instructions and tutorials, and trends, among other things. For those who fancy fabric, there is enough to see and read.

alexa 2,505,201
  • Fabrickated Fabrickated is the blog that needs a read for its detailed feeds on sewing trends. Like menswear, for instance, have you noticed their trousers getting shorter? That is one thing. The other is patterns, and inspiration under the same from various ages. There’s a lot more here to pick and read.

alexa 2,660,993
  • Tadah Sewing Tadah Sewing’s blog has patterns and sewing as it foremost priority. So, you can expect to find pattern hacks, sew-alongs, inspiration and more on kids clothing. It’s like cuteness and technique packed in one single place. That’s Tadah Sewing blog for you.

alexa 2,882,721
  • American Sewing Guild Believing in advancing sewing as an art and life skill, American Sewing Guild presents sewing from a newer perspective. Sharing feeds on sewing, remotely and closely related, the American Sewing Guild blog makes a strong is in favor of learning more about sewing than just patterns and tutorials.

alexa 2,940,114
  • Laura Mae Designs Laura Mae Designs follow vintage vibes, and that is something Laura Mae, the name and brain behind this blog, extends through her patterns. One thing that is clearer than that is Laura carries vintage like dap. Draw the inspiration from this sewing blog, along with ideas as shares the feeds on her sewing blog.

  • Allie M Jackson Allie M Jackson, the blogger, brand and name behind this blog, is building a vintage inspired fresh and feminine wardrobe. You can learn more about that through her style and her blog that also helps you with tutorials, followed by sewing inspiration.

alexa 3,195,327
  • Sewing Like Mad Sewing Like Mad is Mie’s blog who loves sewing. Apart from the fascinating story that she has to share, there are also sewing tutorials which cover a wide variety of dresses in various shapes and sizes, cardigans, tops and more. Pick the one that catches your fancy, and walk through others for inspiration.

alexa 3,637,711
  • Sewing In Nomans Land Sewing In Nomans Land is Kelly Crawford’s blog who was raised in Southern California but now resides in the fashion city, Paris. Her sewing blog is a visual retreat, packed with inspiration, for both women’s clothing and kids. In case fascination strikes you hard on her blog, she has provided many tutorials of sewing to recreate your own.

alexa 3,725,013
  • Blueprints For Sewing Blueprints For Sewing is an assorted collection of feeds covering sewing in a relatively newer fashion. You’ll be intrigued to learn attention grabbing stuff like making your own clothing labels with the help of stamps, and many new patterns for clothes and bags.

alexa 3,836,603
  • Idle Fancy Mary is the maker and author of this sewing blog. She is a writer who sewing and sews so well. It is her experience that she shares on Idle Fancy. The blog feeds she has shared here cover pattern hacks, her latest creations, and more.

alexa 3,899,389
  • Charlotte Kan Charlotte Kan, the one running the blog bearing her name, designs PDF patterns that are easy to sewing, she says. She has shared many how-tos and tutorials neatly covering the details for you to recreate the design of sewing easily. Between the two, are helpful tips making your sewing experience easy and worthwhile.

alexa 4,404,731
  • Live Journal For everything that this one is, it sure is not ‘your grandma’s sewing circle’ mention this blog. Live Journal comes bearing loads of inspiration. That’s the beginning. The matter gets real when this one starts discussing your real problems, like times when needles get stuck, and offers the right solutions of sewing.

alexa 4,471,031
  • May Chappell Sewing can get really tough when the machine starts facing problems. The range of those problems could be numerous, you can expect to find many of the answers on May Chappell. From tools to needles, bobbins to rulers, this one has covered it wide.

alexa 4,919,576
  • Avery Lane Sewing Avery Lane Sewing offers sewing patterns for eighteen inched doll along with sewing patterns. The blog here comes packed with many tutorials for doll’s clothes. There’s a lot here that you can pick for sewing with your kids, making doll clothes together.

alexa 5,277,503
  • Almond Rock Amy, the author of Almond Rock, is the Editor of Love Sewing, a UKs sewing magazine. Her blog showcases her latest sewing adventures and the results of it. Watch her recreate interesting designs as she tries them on and discusses about those on the sewing blog. Total case of inspiration there, between information.

alexa 5,456,466
  • Sewing Report Here’s one helping you learn more about sewing through various videos here. You’ll find as many feeds on sewing stuff here, as on sewing per se, including sewing equipment, tools, stitches and more. Try their free tutorials to learn more about sewing.

alexa 5,651,934
  • Tanya Maile Tanya Maile, the creator and name bearer of this blog, is a Californian Ranch girl with a love for sewing. She has prepared and presented many tutorials on her blog ranging from pattern grading to pattern fitting, pattern hacks to sewing how-tos, and more, among others.

alexa 6,080,256
  • Brooks Ann Brooks Ann, the one writing and naming this blog, is an independent designer and couture dressmaker. Her blog comes bearing bountiful information on sewing and her latest sewing projects. She has also ensured her readers get information on sewing it right through her blogs.

alexa 6,217,243
  • Cyber Daze Cyber Daze is a blog by Catherine Daze who shares her sewing projects here. There are many, read plenty projects here to see and get inspired by her sewing. You might find her options suiting her style and a few, as she clearly admits, doesn’t. See what would fit your style and then, sew it.

alexa 8,277,503
  • Nice Dress! Thanks, I Made It Nice Dress! Thanks, I made it is a sewing blog that presents interesting how-tos, like making a recycled denim handbag, many blogs from the blogger’s routine, and more. See all that the blogger has made, here on the sewing blog, with feeds going as back in time as 2013.

alexa 8,317,766
  • Sew Busy Lizzy Sew Busy Lizzy sews by the seashore, as it says on the blog. The blogger here, was a craft magazines editor. Now, she runs this blog and shares her sewing projects and a lot from her life. Interesting thing is much of what she creates has been worn by her in outer spaces. So, you would get an idea of how all that will look as you walk out wearing it.

alexa 8,482,091
  • Unsung Sewing Patterns Unsung Sewing Patterns is an archaeology of home sewing, it says here. The details are pretty appealing, both of the blog, and in the blogposts. With a hope that the documenting and sharing the ongoing experiment of sewing new clothes from old patterns will make our understanding of history of home sewing richer, Unsung Sewing Patterns wins our hearts.

alexa 9,088,551
  • That Black Chick Michelle, aka That Black Chick, has a background in Fashion Design. On her blog, she shares her sewing projects. Loaded with interesting designs, That Black Chick is a powerbank of inspiration. Mostly modelled by Michelle’s daughter Mori, That Black Chick has sewing and designs which will add to your bag of ideas.

alexa 15,277,503
  • The Crafty DBA Here’s a techie who loves sewing, knit, and quilt. Renee is that techie, a database administrator to be precise. On The Crafty DBA, she shares her sew projects in detail. She shares her ideas, and latest picks here, which by way of presentation teaches a lot.

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  • English Girl At Home We all need inspiration. And when it comes in loads, we are just overwhelmed. Here’s one blog bringing back the overwhelming inspiration with all those sewing and creations or recreations by the English Girl At Home. Plus, there’s all that she is still making or has had made with details to be read and explored and read in this sewing blog.

This may be the end of our hundred best sew blogs list, but this is, or could become, the beginning of something new for you. And by that we mean a new sew.

While inspiration is in abundance here, grab those pieces of information, prepare yourself, and then make that piece of dress, top, bottom wear, or anything it is that catches your fancy.

What about us, you ask? We would just be waiting here for an update from you, a comment carrying your new sew, or idea, or all that you would wish to discuss. See you in comments.


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