Best 100 Self-Help And Personal Development Blogs To Read For Inspiration And Support

Top Self-Help And Personal Development Blogs

These Best Self help & personal development blogs are phenomenal places to look for inspiration, motivation, guidance and support for personal growth, self-improvement, self-love, empowerment, productivity, time management, mindfulness, meditation, tips, techniques, tools, hacks and more.

To aid in your growth and to help you reach your goals, we have created this collection of worlds best self-help and personal development blogs. Backing them up with a quick note and ranking them on the basis of relevance, we present here top self-help and personal development blogs.

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  • Psychology Today Catch the latest on self-help inside Psychology Today. Along with blogs like theory of happiness, attention training, and communication success, there also are tests here like for setting goals, and testing your anxiety among others, making it an intriguing blog to pick and learn from.

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  • Thought Catalog Thought Catalog lists little and big things that make for a perfect read. With fancy thoughts shared on a myriad matters, say on turning twenty, the Thought Catalog comes across as an overall development blog making you learn as much about pain and anxiety as about fashion and fun.

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  • Elite Daily For and by those women who are discovering the world and also their own selves, Elite Daily is a blog bringing almost everything that you need to learn about the things you care the most about, be it acing an interview or to perfect a flawless cat-eye, ending a toxic relationship to gaining reassurance.

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  • Art Of Manliness Established in 2008, the Art of Manliness talks style and grooming, for a confident you. On how to style a polo shirt to the guide to sharp dressing, finding a good tailor to packing for a business trip, expect to find it all on Art Of Manliness.  

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  • Mind Body Green Mind Body Green discusses mindfulness in depth. It talks about workouts, say the anti-stress, and anti-insomnia kinds. It shares hacks, like for sustainable beauty routine. It also helps in development, say by teaching about letting go of anger and resentment. It’s got lots more.

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  • Tim Tim, aka Tim Ferris, the name and man behind this blog and also The Tim Ferris Show, has been listed as one of the Most Innovative Business People by Fast Company, and also one of the Fortune’s 40 Under 40. You can read his thoughts and wisdom on matters like filling the void, mental performance, mini-retirements and more.

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  • Brain Pickings A subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, along with being Maria Popova’s, the brain behind Brain Picking, record of her own becoming as a person, Brain Pickings is a beautiful blog brings brilliant lessons from myriad new and old writers and their work.  

alexa 20,460
  • Success A wonderful blog for those seeking success, be it in business or personal development, Success shares thought-provoking and useful feeds elevating your level of self-love. It’s got genius tips, say for getting more decisive, and how-tos say for gaining confidence, and much more.  

alexa 22,032
  • Nerd Fitness Helping you lose weight, get stronger and live better is this blog by Nerd Fitness. From understanding body types to getting a grip, this blog has lots to fancy your mind, for only a fitter outside can propel a fitter inside.

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  • Blog Talk Radio With lots to catch, like self-help radio online podcasts, interviews, and talk radio shows, the Blog Talk Radio makes for a brilliant blog to binge on and then follow. The discussions here run front and center around goal, self-help, empowerment, professional development and more.  

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  • Mark Manson Mark Manson, the name and brain behind this blog, is a New York Times Bestselling author, internet entrepreneur and blogger. Here on his blog, he writes and shares blog ideas between sharing life advice, and interesting feeds like on books,

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  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich Personal Development on I Will Teach You To Be Rich is interesting and helpful. With guides at your disposal helping you, for instance, in being successful or to upgrading social skills, this blog comes across as a helpful hand, more so with its feeds on life hacks, productivity, and positive psychology among others.

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  • Brian Tracy Brian Tracy, the name and man behind this blog is the chairman and CEO of the company called Brian Tracy International, that specializes in training and development of individuals and organizations. You can catch plenty on myriad matters like personal success, time management, and public speaking among others.  

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  • Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt presents Lead To Win, weekly leadership lessons for lasting success. It has a peculiar aura to it considering varied features showcased here discussing about science of achievement, anatomy of a tough talk, beating burnout culture and some others.

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  • Addicted 2 Success Addicted 2 Success has plenty to provide you with. First, this one has feeds on life like one discussing about things to do in order to accomplish anything in life. Next it provides success advice, like the lessons we can learn from Hollywood. And more.  

alexa 52,994
  • Do Something Motivating inspiring you to Do Something is this blog. You have staff wisdom to catch here, that range between tips on increasing engagement on social media and reasons an advisory board is a hero, tips shared by someone who hates talking to people and how someone’s spreading love to seniors.

alexa 60,551
  • Spring Spring’s Psy Blog makes understanding and upgrading personality relatively easier with its wonderful feeds. You can learn lots about not only your personality and psychology but about others as well, say about the strangest sign of a psychopath, learning personality through walks, among others.

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  • Barking Up The Wrong Tree This blog called Barking Up The Wrong Tree features science based answers and expert insight on being awesome at life. Eric, the man behind this blog, is an author, bringing you mind-blowing feeds, helping you variedly, like on using mindfulness for making better decisions.  

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  • Marc And Angel Hack life with this blog by Marc And Angel Chernoff, who are professional coaches, and admirers of human spirit. With this blog they provide you with tools to help you identify and change the limiting beliefs which have been keeping you stuck.  

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  • Marie Forleo Marie Forleo, the name and brain behind this blog and also the founder of Marie TV and B-School, is an entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. On her blog she discusses and myriad things for your benefit, like mental exercises, things to do when feeling alone and useless, among others.

alexa 74,008
  • Keep In Spring Here’s where inspiration is served with a heavy dose of reality. For self-help and personal development, you have much to read and grow with. First there are quotes to inspire you, followed by feeds on growth, success, productivity, and more.  

alexa 80,073
  • Science Of People A fancy blog with a fancier name, Science of People presents myths, how-tos, best practices, plans and more including sciences, like science of perfect handshake. It’s a blog by Vanesa Van Edwards, who is a published bestselling author and behavioral investigator.

alexa 83,179
  • Project Life Mastery Inspiring change and transforming lives is Project Life Mastery, brought to you by Stefan James. He’s an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, world traveler and philanthropist. You can expect to read about mindset, productivity and time management, spirituality and more.  

alexa 87,175
  • Develop Good Habits Develop Good Habits is a blog by Steve “SJ.” Scott. His interest in self-improvement is a boon for you folks as it helps you read from him about various habits like learning habits, spirituality habits, success habits, healthy habits, work habits, and good daily habits among others.

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  • Live Bold And Bloom Here’s where to find life passion along with getting relationship help. Live Bold And Bloom is a blog by Barrie Davenport, a bestselling author with seventeen books. On her blog you receive useful tips and guides that will help make your life better.

alexa 93,932
  • Steven Aitchison Personal Development feeds by Steven Aitchison is delight to read. By means of these feeds he helps you better your life, say by telling you how to covert pain into opportunity, or about those unconventional things to stop doing, among others.  

alexa 96,980
  • Pick The Brain There’s aplenty to pick and benefit from on Pick The Brain’s blog. As a comprehensive collection of self-improvement articles focused on motivation, productivity and confidence, this blog’s special dedication to self-improvement brings motivational tips, advices, how-tos, and more to your screen.

alexa 98,560
  • Positivity Blog Gain as much positivity as you can on the Positivity Blog. From timeless tips to timeless guide to life, there is no end to the aid this blog extends. And about positivity and motivation, those seem unceasing too, with awesome quotes, smart and simple ways of various things and much more.

alexa 104,126
  • Personal Excellence Personal Excellence is Celestine Chua’s way of helping people at large with tips, how-to guides, and various intriguing and many times unique viewpoints. Celestine Chua is the founder of Personal Excellence and also a life coach. Catch her aid and ideas on this blog.  

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  • Steve Pavlina Steve Pavline, the name and brain behind this blog, uncopyrighted his articles, podcasts and videos and donated most of his creative work to public domain in 2010. Coming from such a kind-hearted inspiration are brilliant feeds loaded with information, and motivation.  

alexa 108,282
  • Scott H Young Having started as a series of philosophical ramblings, this blog now has over a thousand articles, a couple free ebooks and guides. You can read all those and Scott H Young’s philosophy filled feeds on the blog. The man behind this blog, that is Scott H Young is a programmer, writer and traveler.  

alexa 111,864
  • Menprovement Building better men here is Menprovement. For all the men out there, looking for self-improvement and personal development, this is one blog that will give you major inspiration and intriguing information, in the form of feeds, guides, how-tos, podcasts, videos and more.  

alexa 116,178
  • Asian Efficiency A brilliant blog for those interested in time management and productivity, Asian Efficiency captures how Asians approach work and life and what makes them efficient. The answers are available on this blog, thus helping you gain maximum output from the invested efforts.

alexa 116,198
  • Actualized Catch infinite insights on Actualized’s insights section. This blog helps you tap into the potential you possess, between presenting miscellaneous bits of wisdom on philosophy, personal development, epistemology, life purpose, nonduality, and psychedelics among others.  

alexa 116,866
  • Early To Rise It’s about health, wealth, and a life well lived on Early To Rise. This blog and its special dedication to self-improvement is a wondrous inspiration. On self-improvement, this blog features fascinating observations and feeds like discussing the value of recognition.  

alexa 123,796
  • Dumb Little Man Get tips for life on this blog called Dumb Little Man. On top of that, there is a lot more to gain from this blog, courtesy its extensive coverage of matters like success, relationships, health, money, how-to, lifehacks, and happiness.

alexa 125,656
  • No Meat Athlete No Meat Athlete helps in understanding how a plant-based diet can make one fitter, faster and happier. Beginning with recipes and moving on, this blog features interesting challenges to motivate you between other pieces of motivation and myriad feeds to back the understanding with information.

alexa 126,198
  • Jack Canfield A motivational blog on life, self-improvement and mindfulness, Jack Canfield helps you in maximizing your potential. That said, there are tips to aid that, interviews, how-to guides and more. Jack Canfield, the name and brain behind this blog, is also a success coach and originator of the series called Chicken Soup For The Soul.  

alexa 126,703
  • Brendon Burchard The Charged Life Blog by Brendon Burchard brings inspiration to life. Coming from a man having over a hundred million YouTube views, and over five million Facebook fans, are helpful how-tos, secret to happiness, strategies, and much more. So, lean on.  

alexa 128,792
  • Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin, the name and brain behind this blog, is an influential and thought-provoking observer of human nature and happiness. She’s an author, and has been interviewed by Oprah. Her blog presents her experiments in pursuit of happiness along with good habits.  

alexa 129,676
  • Daring To Live Fully Helping you live the length and breadth of your life is this blog called Daring To Live Fully, brought to you by Marelisa Fabrega. She’s a lawyer and an entrepreneur. On self-growth she presents numerous helpful feeds with how-to guides, like one helping you make your life more meaningful, and tips, among other things.  

alexa 130,185
  • Bold And Determined Bold And Determined is where to draw inspiration and motivation from. It is one of those extensively enthusiastic blog ready to help you in more ways than one. From how to cure anxiety to how to get stronger, from productivity to diet, there’s whole lot to learn from this blog.

alexa 135,720
  • Planet Of Success Checkout the Planet of Success for myriad quotes. That’s for starts. Up and about, there are extravagant motivational feeds, followed by bountiful other feeds on productivity, management, meaning of life, happiness, spirituality, self-confidence, success, and limiting beliefs among others.  

alexa 136,569
  • Getting Things Done Getting Things Done is a blog by David Allen. It’s a work-life management system helping individuals and organizations in bringing order to chaos. The blog carries similar essence and shares numerous community stories, productivity tips, educational tools, and podcasts among others

alexa 139,907
  • Your Dost Self-improvement is one of the best things to read about on this blog called Your Dost. Sharing tips, best practices, advices, guides, hacks and other motivational, informational and observational feeds like habits of successful people, this blog brings positivity to readers life and mind.

alexa 141,462
  • Robin Sharma Famous author Robin Sharma is the man behind this site and blog. One of the premier speakers in the world, talking about leadership and personal mastery, Robin Sharma, discusses about leadership growth, innovation, productivity, and personal mastery on his blog. Read on.  

alexa 145,090
  • Everyday Power Blog Everyday Power Blog justifies its name with the feeds. It is a wonderful resource for daily motivation, coming from such feeds as ones with inspirational quotes, and many others on self-improvement, life skills, success skills, mindset skills, and much more.

alexa 156,169
  • Ryan Holiday The incredible inspirational author Ryan Holiday, with books like The Obstacle Is The Way, is the man behind this blog. Here he offers bagful of motivation and interesting ideas on living well and happy, with feeds on books, best practices, stories, and more intriguing reads.

alexa 162,739
  • Penelope Trunk Catch advice on the intersection of work and life on Penelope Trunks blog. She has founded four startups, with her most recent being Quistic. She talks about careers, education, coaching, and more, thus guiding you to reach your highest point and go further than that.  

alexa 165,566
  • Be More With Less With these adoring words as simplicity is love, Be More With Less is a power packed, we mean consider its very name. You have much to draw inspiration from here, mostly focused on living with less, or in other words, the minimalistic life. On that note, catch how-tos, best practices, and more on this blog.

alexa 165,886
  • Motivation Grid For catching lifehacks Motivation Grid might prove an interesting choice. And when it comes to inspiration it is one power house, we mean consider features like Harvey Specter quotes or Emma Watson quotes and more. On motivation there’s more, like how to gain motivation when feeling down. There are success advices to catch here too.  

alexa 168,779
  • Skip Prichard Skip Prichard is where to gain leadership insights from. A lot about personal development, this special section of the Skip Prichard blog talks about the magic of personal development for starts. Once, the magic unfolds, you may find yourself transforming positively to a better you.

alexa 178,728
  • Success Consciousness You have got skills for success, inner peace and positivity to catch on this blog. Success Consciousness brings you motivational tips, like those for depression, and plenty more feeds on concentration and mind power, goal setting, personal development, mindfulness, meditation and tips for life among others.

alexa 181,648
  • Chris Guillebeau Learn about the art of non-conformity on the Chris Guillebeau blog. The man and name behind this blog Chris Guillebeau is New York Times bestselling author. As a home of unconventional people who are doing remarkable things, this blog brings intelligence in the form of feeds on life, work, travel, and et cetra.  

alexa 201,208
  • Location Rebel A cool blog with cooler feeds, Location Rebel talks about life in general and guides you into living it to the fullest. Sean, Head Rebel at Location Rebel, helps people build small businesses that provide freedom and flexibility to work from any corner of the world. Catch him and others here talk about that and more with hacks, tips, and how-tos among others.

alexa 206,617
  • A Life Of Productivity With a name like that, who wouldn’t be attracted. A Life of Productivity has more brilliance to offer on top of the name. Helping you gain focus, and become more awesome this blog has myriad feeds, like one talking about important habits. This one also talks about time, health, tech, and others.

alexa 211,033
  • The Emotion Machine A psychology and self-improvement in twenty-first century blog, The Emotion Machine makes kindness cool again. The latter is just a glimpse of what rests inside. There are many more cool feeds on this blog discussing about self-improvement, work-life, self-awareness and others.  

alexa 213,429
  • Raptitude Get better at being human with Raptitude. Brought to you by David, Raptitude is a kind-of street-level look at human experience. Talking about Raptitude and its essentials, you have lots to pick, read and learn from feeds like self-improvement experiments, and secret to self-discipline among others.

alexa 215,484
  • Write To Done Pick unmissable articles on writing on Write to Done blog. This one shares tips for writers, and that’s a good place to begin this blog with. There also are resources for writers here, how-to guides, news and more in the form of fiction feeds and posts helping you to be productive.

alexa 219,446
  • Purpose Fairy With myriad ways to be happy, this is Purpose Fairy and her blog helping you lead a purposefully brilliant life. Luminita Saviuc, aka the Purpose Fairy, aka founder and Blogger-In-Chief of the Purpose Fairy, talks personal development, personal growth, happiness and meditation on this blog among other things.  

alexa 254,247
  • Productivityist A blog offering lots to learn, Productivityist focuses on self-care and productivity. And those are the two you’ll find most feeds discussing about on this blog. Other matters discussed here include learning, inspiration, home life, perspective, mindfulness, work-life and more

alexa 278,528
  • Brain Blogger One for the brain, Brain Blogger makes health and science an easy feat. An award-winning health and science blog and brain-themed community, and also an official undertaking of Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF), Brain Blogger talks about neuroscience and neurology, psychology and psychiatry, and health and healthcare, which in turn help in self-development.

alexa 285,573
  • Louise Hay Talking about self-esteem marvelously is Louise Hay, the name and brain behind this blog. She’s an author and known as one of the founders of self-help movement. Along with self-esteem, she talks about forgiveness, healing, happiness, prosperity, love, and inspiration on this blog.  

alexa 287,535
  • To Write Love On Her Arms There is a wonderful way self-care is talked on this blog called To Write Love On Her Arms. Coming from a team of dreamers and doers, are myriad helpful feeds like on overcoming depression, yoga, readdiction, and much more discussed so personally and beautifully.  

alexa 294,785
  • Aha Now About self-improvement Aha Now makes a strong case, and that’s something easy to decipher from its myriad feeds. From motivation tips to life and inspiration, feeds on health and wellness to posts on love and relationship, addiction and rehab to parenting, there’s so much to read on this blog.

alexa 303,315
  • Finer Minds Created in 2007, Finer Minds is a hub of personal wellness information and also of enlightened ideas. This blog inspires us, and motivates us with its myriad feeds on happiness, mind power, personal growth, spirituality, health and fitness, and more, both through feeds and videos.  

alexa 308,856
  • Agile Lean Life Helping you become the best version of yourself, Agile Lean Life blog offers data driven personal development. Having said that, there are life-changing guides to read here between varied feeds including how-tos, tricks and techniques, advices, and strategies among plenty others.  

alexa 322,366
  • Life Optimizer Maximizing personal effectiveness is Life Optimizer, brought to you by David Latumahina, who’s passionate about information technology and personal effectiveness. He shares proven tips, like for gaining motivation to work out, and also shares interesting viewpoints on various matters like learning, time management, innovation, and purpose among others.

alexa 348,140
  • Paid To Exist Motivating you to live and work on your own terms is Paid To Exist – a blog about erasing the gap between what you are paid to do and that what you love to do. Consider it one source to find answer for most of your questions like how to go about quitting day job or why that what solve all the problems. And then, learn from some personal experiences.

alexa 369,842
  • The Blissful Mind Here’s your guide to finding calm in the everyday life. It comes in the form of The Blissful Mind. This blissfully pleasant blog discusses about self-care, personal growth, minimalism, mindfulness, productivity, and more. So, read on and learn all that you can under the blissful guidance of Catherine, the author of this blog.  

alexa 424,407
  • Advanced Life Skills This is where to pick life skills for successful living. On Advanced Life Skills you receive proven tips, say for a happy marriage, how-tos like for enjoying more every day, posts on personal excellence, and much more, brought to you by Keith Matthew, the one behind this blog.  

alexa 427,293
  • Possibility Change When considering change as a possibility, consider Possibility Change as your guide. On Self Discovery this blog brings extensive pieces of insights and information, many coming of personal experiences. Founded and edited by Peter, Possibility Change focuses on his story, but is about us all.

alexa 446,878
  • Wake Up Cloud Wake Up Cloud is a positive addition you can bring to your life. A blog by Henri, Wake Up Cloud presents interesting how-tos, say for stopping negative thoughts, or for making great decisions, and other fascinating and useful viewpoints and insights.

alexa 478,252
  • Vidya Sury Collecting smiles here is Vidya Suri, writer, editor and blogger, who started this blog in 2003 as a fun experiment. Here, on her blog, she talks about self-love, and personal development, among others which include gratitude, mindful living, parenting, and inspiring quotes.

alexa 534,762
  • Good Life Zen This one’s providing weekly, practical inspiration. A warm community, Good Life Zen is brought to you by Mary Jaksch, an authorized Zen master, author and psychotherapist. There’s much information and insights available on happiness, personal growth, wellness, and productivity among others.

alexa 541,220
  • The Bridge Maker Find inspiration when you need it on The Bridge Maker. It shares inspiring simple paths to giving a break, to finding happiness, and more. There also are tips, say for making each day count; best practices, say to keep moving forward in life, and inspiring stories among other things.  

alexa 561,933
  • Start Gaining Momentum This blog called Start Gaining Momentum features timeless lessons, a wonderful way to begin with this blog. Moving further, help yourself to myriad feeds on matters like discipline and willpower, lifestyle, philosophy, psychology, self-development, and learning among other things including practical tips.

alexa 600,497
  • Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra, the name and brain behind this blog, is an endocrinologist, a New York Times bestselling author, and founder of The Chopra Foundation. Through his numerous posts he discusses about matters like meditation, fear of failure, getting what you want and more.

alexa 631,956
  • The Urban Monk Helping learn how to up the energy, and step into your passion, this book called The Urban Monk is a brilliant one. Motivating you to take some tips off of it and step into your own greatness, The Urban Monk, especially the blog, shares secrets, steps, how-tos, and more for your betterment.

alexa 650,108
  • Jodi Chapman Inviting you to soar together is Jodi Chapman, the name and brain behind this blog, and also an author, blogger, and publisher. Having started the blog in 2011, sharing some of the miracles experienced by her, she now also shares her insights viewpoints and more helping us along the way.

alexa 661,516
  • Alden Tan Alden Tan, the name and brain behind this blog, writes about self-improvement in all areas of life. Sometimes he also writes tales of fiction. Read the various insights, experiences, and viewpoints he has shared, between how-tos, and observations, which are quite peculiarly presented.

alexa 748,951
  • Simple Mindfulness Find simple steps to a happier life on Simple Mindfulness. Talking about personal growth, this blog features how-to guides, say for conquering fear and managing stress. Inspiring and helping you explore ways of living more fulfilled life through myriad feeds is Paige Burkes, the lady behind this blog.

alexa 749,578
  • Smart Twenties Smart Twenties is a smart blog brought to you by Sam, a twenty-something from Brisbane, Australia. Here she talks about personal growth in depth, which is something she is obsessed with. Catch her discussing about alternatives, best practices, and sharing advices between other feeds.

alexa 756,344
  • Positive Writer Inspiring you to create the work that matters is Positive Writer. Brought to you by Brian Hutchison, who is a writer, Positive Writer helps you in overcoming the writer’s doubt and extends inspiration. So, read on and make magic with your words as a writer.  

alexa 803,688
  • Evelyn Lim Evelyn Lim, the lady behind this blog, specializes in helping aspiring business owners. Here, on a special segment of this blog, she shares tools and techniques for self-help. That’s for starts, there’s a lot more under law of attraction, and conscious living that you can read and benefit from.

alexa 986,270
  • Forward Steps Blog Here’s one that’s adding wings to your unique life journeys. Forward Steps Blog is a remarkable way to inspire yourself by reading feeds like manifesting wishes into your life, and those with techniques, things to do, and lessons among others.  

alexa 1,047,320
  • Embracing Simple Blog Embracing Simple Blog offers inspiration to create a life you love. With self-care ideas, numerous tips, best practices, and more Christina, the creator behind this blog helps, encourages and inspires those wishing to begin living a simple and fulfilling life.  

alexa 1,047,555
  • Dragos Roua Expect a variety on this blog. Having said that, it talks about personal development variedly, including all that can fit from thoughts to hardware, coaching to medication. Dragos Roua, the man behind it all, is a self-published author with other fascinating credentials and an even more fascinating story.  

alexa 1,107,701
  • Meant To Be Happy With a name like that, who could keep themselves from leaping forward and grabbing what it’s got to offer. Meant To Be Happy is a blog about, as you would have assumed, happiness. Sharing his thoughts about living a happy life is Ken Wert, the founder of Meant To Be Happy.

alexa 1,270,035
  • Blisspot Find on Blisspot articles to feed your soul, and to support your growth, from emotional to physical well-being. Expect to read on this blog about mind, spirit, relationships, body, and more to propel a positive overall personal growth and development.

alexa 1380890
  • Skimbaco Lifestyle Skimbaco Lifestyle spreads motivation through its blog. There are fascinating features frequently shared here, like one discussing how dreams come true, dressing well for improving confidence, or explanation on why scents are important. Collectively the feeds bring a sense of positivity.  

alexa 1,685,114
  • Self Help Daily Here’s one self help inspirational blog with a save the world complex. On self help this one features creative and intriguing ideas and posts like dealing with freshman depression, tracking mindfulness, finding more time for reading and so many others.  

alexa 1,944,064
  • Positive Provocations This one’s about healing with positivity, and love and happiness. Positive Provocations is Zeenat’s little piece of heaven where she share her heart, soul and knowledge, thus helping you heal completely. Read from her interesting features like one about ways of calming chaos in life.

alexa 2,071,879
  • Process Specialist This blog called process specialist brings you numerous feeds on self-improvement. It’s increase sales blog talks about clarity of purpose, about freedom intrinsic to our motivation, about smart goals in sale and why they fail, and lots more to help your growth.

alexa 2,240,397
  • The Self Improvement Blog Talking about things related to self-growth and self-improvement, The Self Improvement Blog brings tips for you and posts discussing best practices like ways to manage anger, and ways to improve yourself. There’s also plenty on happiness, health, finances, low and relationship, and more.

alexa 2,389,995
  • Anne Sophie Anne Sophie Reinhardt, the name and brain behind this blog, is a body-confidence expert, and anti-diet coach. Her blog talks about eating right, and dieting, between exercises, and other pieces loaded with inspiration. So, go on, explore this other side of self-improvement.  

  • Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Happiness will follow you. Sri Chinmoy Inspirations writer Tejvan Pettinger ensures that you stay your positive self with various self-improvement feeds. Sri Chinmoy, aka Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, is the founder of the Global World Harmony run that began in 1985. Read from him about winning, losing and happiness among myriad other things.

alexa 3,067,599
  • Life Coach On The Go Here’s the bite sized wisdom for busy people. Life Coach On The Go talks self-care extensively. There are myriad feeds circling best practices say with ways to break out of thinking spiral, or to brighten up your day. And then, there are abundant feeds on confidence and authenticity, mediation, loving yourself, decision making, and kindness among others.

alexa 3,178,627
  • The Self Hipster This blog called The Self Hipster mixes self-help, personal growth, books and more to bring you this absolutely fascinating resource online. Through various podcasts and feeds Lianne, the lady behind this blog, helps you in becoming your best self and keeping the inspiration flowing.  

alexa 3,333,219
  • The Daily Awe Catch intuitive guidance for everyday life on The Daily Awe, brought to you by Lindsay Curtis. She is a spiritual intuitive, and reiki practitioner living in Toronto. On personal growth, she presents how-to guides, inspiring posts, and helpful feeds like one talking about the art of letting go.

In the end, it’s a lot about how you perceive yourself and your actions. With these worlds best self-help and personal development blogs, you have a whole new avenue opened to you. Juggle through blogs and its feeds, and find the one that inspires you, motivates you, and guides you to the right direction, the one best suited to your lifestyle.

While you are on the journey, do tell us how these top self-help and personal development blogs helped. We would we waiting to hear about it all.


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