Best 100 Romance Book Blogs Every Romantic Must Read

Top Romance Book Blogs

These Best Romance Book Blogs are the visual manifesto of mind-blowing, and many a times heartwarming romance books and new releases, and are loaded and reloaded with many romance book reviews, author interviews, author spotlights, cover reveals, and lot more while covering myriad romance book genres like paranormal, regency, historical, sci-fi, medieval, and many more.

For romance book lovers, romance book readers and romance writers and others, we have sifted through the long lists of innumerable romance book blogs, and found these best hundred off of the list. Each of these blogs are briefly described for your benefit, and ranked on the basis of relevance. On that note, we wish you a romantic sojourn traveling through this top 100 romance book blogs.

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  • Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly presents authors and book life. A fantastical place for you to read about interesting new and established authors, about book cover designs, about first aka opening lines and more. Here on Publishers Weekly, you can also grab the ranks of bestsellers – a perfect way to know what to read next and pile up for later.

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  • Smart Bitches Trashy Books Smart Bitches Trashy Books get you all of the romance and none of the bullshit. Between that it gets you book reviews, helping you create or update your romance reading list. Also, when in mood for a change, switch from reading to hearing all the podcasts loaded and shared here.  

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  • Heroes And Heartbreakers Heroes And Heartbreakers helps you discover, share and obsess over romantic heroes. Helping you get your hands on exclusive excerpts, this blog also discusses about authors, book covers, best bets aka books to read, audiobooks and a lot more for you, romanticists and genre lovers.  

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  • Teen Reads Teen Reads is the kind of romance book blog that has almost everything that your romance book loving self would need. There are plenty reviews. There are author interviews. There are interesting features. On top of all, there are blogs discussing about romance books romantically.

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  • Dear Author Dear Author is a blog by readers for readers. Bringing you daily deals, this one truly shows they care. The folks here have reviewed many books so you would know what fits your taste and perhaps what won’t. Now, neither can we forget new releases nor they, something the folks here have shared extensively.

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  • Aestas Book Blog Aestas, the name and brain behind this blog, loves alpha male heroes. Starting this blog in April 2012 to write thoughts down, Aestas now shares her reading lists, latest new releases, recommendations and even pre-orders, making it a safe haven for romance book lovers.  

    • RT Book Reviews -

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  • RT Book Reviews RT Book Reviews presents this peculiarly intriguing romance blog providing exclusive excerpts, audiophile picks and blind dates with a book. Along with that is shared latest gabs from the romance book world, and that is something we all love to read more about, right? Right.  

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  • Forever Young Adult Forever Young Adult is a site for young adult readers, who are, as is specifically mentioned here, a little less Y and a bit more A. A place to let your inner lady nerd loose, Forever Young adult discusses about romance books, sharing book reviews, discussing about TV crushes. The folks here, it appears, aptly call it non-stop internet slumber party.

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  • All About Romance All About Romance is a team of readers and writers from all over the world, and was created in 1997. Bringing plenty book reviews, author interviews, industry commentary and more to you romance lovers. You’ll find a lot on historical romance, contemporary romance, and new adult romance here among others.  

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  • Maryse Maryse is a thirty-something mother of none and the creator of this Maryse’s Book Blog. Being obsessed with the things that go bump in the night, she is true romanticist sharing about her reading order lists, book reviews, about various book releases, and a lot more.  

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  • Natasha Is A Book Junkie Natasha Is A Book Junkie. She is also the creator this blog and a seeker of happily-ever-afters. Her blog is also for the desperate seekers of happily-ever-afters with a hint of spice. That said there are her book reviews to read and more about new releases and upcoming releases. She has also shared her favorite books.

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  • Indie Reader Indie Reader author blog has a special dedication to romance books, a big attraction for you romance book lovers and readers. That said there a aplenty book reviews to read and pick the ones that catch your fancy. Who knows, you might find your next all-time favorite here.

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  • Gay Book Gay Book Reviews is a M/M themed book reviews site. Gigi, aka Jennifer, is the new owner of Gay Book Reviews. With a new batch of excellent reviewers and an expansion of the genres, Gay Book Reviews provides you with release day reviews, mostly of gay romance books goes without saying, and reviews in general. There are audio reviews here too.

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  • Roni Loren Roni Loren, the name and brain behind this blog, is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling romance author. On her blog she shares about her books, books on her reading list, recent favorites, and plenty more sure to intrigue your romantic side.

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  • Avon Romance Avon Romance has romance in its very name. The essence of the blog is quite subtly romantic too. You can find the top romance books to buy and read today. When we are discussing about romance books, how can reviews stay behind. Count reviews presented too.

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  • Lorna Peel Lorna Peel, the name and brain behind this blog, is also an author of historical romance and romantic suspense novels set in the UK and Ireland. Coming from a romantic author, this blog has plenty to offer, like feeds on historical romance and discussions on books of the same genre.  

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  • Dark Love Stories Here’s a romance book blog that would particularly fancy dark love story readers. By Georgia, a writer and editor, Dark Love Stories brings weekly website updates, and story excerpts. That’s not all, for there are book reviews, and editing aid, which is quite helpful when coming from Georgia, who is an editor.

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  • Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay captures romance from the m/m angle. That said, all you folks who fancy m/m romance can find solace in this blog, which features series spotlight, m/m book reviews, cover artist spotlight, audiobook reviews, the books coming this week and more. Plus, it’s got theme weeks, so there’s the bonus.

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  • Steamy Reads This is the kind of blog that might heat the matters up. Featured here are books and reviews covering contemporary romance, new adult romance, romantic comedy, young adult romance, sports romance, paranormal romance, and m/m romance, among others.  

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  • Romance Divas Romance Divas is an award-winning website, founded in 2004. As a writer’s resource website and discussion forum, this one is dedicated to romance and writing community. Having said that, feel free to find what’s hot, promos of romance books, read articles and more.  

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  • Smexy Books First things first, Smexy Books presents a heart-melting viewpoint when mentioning love equals everyone. Bringing reviews of, might we say smexy books, this blog also features  book recommendations, something we all need. And then there are weekly wrap-ups, top reasons to read and even mini reviews.

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  • the YA Shelf The YA Shelf is about YA, that is young adult book reviews, fandom and geekery. By folks who love books more than people, The YA Book shelf has is this ultimate YA romance book blog with reviews of books for teens, making it easier for book lovers to search for some best young adult reads.  

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  • Elizabeth Lennox Elizabeth Lennox, the name and brain behind this blog is a writer who writes contemporary romance novels with sheiks, business tycoons, royalty and other sexy rich men. On her romance books blog, she introduces new romance books, and shares excerpts too.

alexa 1,862,791
  • Harlequin Junkie Harlequin Junkie is a romance book blog about being shamelessly addicted to love, laughter and happily ever-afters. Harlequin Junkie features reviews and spotlights on contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, new adult romance, historical romance and mystery-thrillers among others.  

alexa 1,874,802
  • Red Hot Books Red Hot Books is a romance book blog by not one but a number of readers, each with a story of her own. There’s plenty that you can read on Red Hot Books, beginning with reviews covering many romance sub-genres including urban fantasy, historical romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance and m/m. Also, to read here are reviews and opinions.  

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  • Shameless Book Club Shameless Book Club was founded in 2012. Interestingly it’s a club, an online book club to say, for women who hate book clubs. So, if you happen to be one of those women, this is the place for you fetching you a collection of recommended romance and smut books and details on where to buy them.

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  • Fiction Vixen Fiction Vixen is about books and beauty. Focusing on the former, this romance book blog satiates your quest for romance books by reviewing and presenting views on a myriad romance books, falling in a myriad romance sub-genres, like contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, and urban fantasy among others.  

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  • Under The Covers Book Blog Under The Covers Book Blog shares reviews of romantic books, plenty of them, and in a way that might put you in a flux, in a good way, making you think where to begin. We recommend start from the start or from whatever your cup of tea is. Apart from that, this one features some pretty dap things like romance rewind, rollback reads, author override and more.

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  • Novel Novice Novel Novice gently speaks of opening a book and opening your mind. On that note, Novel Novice is no novice when it comes to romance book blogs, considering the wide collection of books discussed and reviewed here. Feel free to check it out.

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  • Literature Young Adult Fiction Literature Young Adult Fiction might just overwhelm you with so many recommendations and suggestions and choices. To exemplify the statement, consider reading features like n number of books if you love, now this is the area where you need to fill in the blank or take a pick from all that the folks here have curated.  

alexa 2,511,326
  • Maya Rodale Maya Rodale, the one behind this blog, is a bestselling and an award-winning romance author. Here on her blog she discusses about author life and behind the scenes, while sharing excerpts, must reads, her novels, and various blogs about romance, romance heroines, and more.  

alexa 2,766,232
  • Star-Crossed Book Blog Star-Crossed Book Blog is romance book blog by women from around the world. Apart from gushing shamelessly over books and buddy reading, the women behind this blog share reviews, recommendations, even kindle deals, upcoming releases and cover reveals as well.

alexa 2,940,257
  • Ana’s Attic Ana’s Attic book blog discusses about alpha males in sexy tales. If that has piqued your interest the contents of this blog might pique it further. Apart from blog tours, new kindle releases, book reviews, and more there’s something called what to read after fifty.  

alexa 3,039,752
  • Rebel Mommy Book Blog Rebel Mommy Book Blog is about rebelling against reality, that is one book at a time. Grace is the rebel mommy here, that is the maker and author of this blog. Read reviews here that rebel mommy has presented, which includes contemporary fiction, chick lit, young adult and psychological thrillers, mostly.

alexa 3,191,777
  • Jae Fiction Jae, the name and brain behind this blog, is an author, a brilliant one at that for having written sixteen award-winning lesbian romances. Hailing in Germany, Jae reads plenty lesbian books, and shares about her writings here on the blog. She also shares nits and bits from her, that is writers life along with writing tips.

alexa 3,280,059
  • Book Binge Book Binge is in fact a calorie free indulgence, and a blog by Holly and Rowena. Here the duo discuss about books, ones they loved and even the ones they hated. That said, they review various novels including romance novels from young adult, new adult, sci-fi, erotica, urban fantasy and other categories.

alexa 3,369,016
  • Felicity Heaton Felicity Heaton, the name and brain behind this blog, is a NY Times, USA Today and an international bestselling British author. Her passion for paranormal romance books, which is also her niche as a writer, is the very essence of this blog where she talks about writing, something called manday hotties where name speaks enough, and shares excerpts among other things.

alexa 3,464,050
  • Maggie Shayne Maggie Shayne, the one who this blog belongs to, has spent years studying witchcraft, and about twenty-two years writing stories which were published by major houses in New York City. On the blog she discusses about books and reading, and more.  

alexa 3,482,452
  • Hot Stuff Romance Bestowed with an as powerful name as Hot Stuff Romance, this romance book blog has plenty to offer you romance book lovers. To begin with are interviews of various authors, rendering you a deep insight into the authors work and sometimes their life.

alexa 3,540,851
  • Book Thingo Book Thingo is a blog mostly for readers, browsers, and as they say it, compulsive book hoarders, mostly of romance novels. This one reviews books, though the writers here admit to be waffling upon stuff that they love. Read blogs or listen podcasts here, that is a choice we leave on you.

alexa 3,606,057
  • Coffee Time Romance Coffee Time Romance has a captivating name, won’t you agree. On that note, the stuff inside this blog is quite captivating as well. Reviews are a sure shot here, something you’ll find in plenty. Also available are interviews of authors to read,  

alexa 3,676,447
  • Dirty Girl Romance Dirty Girl Romance is about kink, spice and everything nice. Lana K, the owner and reviewer of this site, is a romance book addict. Adding spice to the blog with her snarky humor and cursing, she presents reviews, and features author spotlight and interview, cover reveals, excerpts and more.

alexa 3,891,456
  • The Reading Café The Reading Café speaks of being your one stop for everything pertaining to books and more. That stands quite true when sifting through myriad reviews, followed by interviews, author interviews, and interestingly model interviews. Plus, there are plenty themes backing those words of The Reading Café.

alexa 3,948,594
  • Harper Bliss Harper Bliss, the name and brain behind this blog, is the author of many Amazon bestselling lesbian romance novels. Through her blog she helps readers learn more about her work, her novels, novelettes, short stories, high rise, pink bean, and more.

alexa 3,966,314
  • Alexa Loves Books Alexa Loves Books and that is quite evident on her blog too. This is one place where Alexa - and by now you must have guessed already, she is the name and brain behind this blog – talks about things of her interest, books being on top of the list, and much of all that she has been up to lately.

alexa 3,979,704
  • Love Is Not A Triangle Love Is Not A Triangle is a book blog for people who perhaps carry other interests in the love category than the triangle variants. That said the other variants here are quite intriguing. Checkout the various books presented and discussed by the blogger here, with more updated frequently.

alexa 4,431,288
  • Donna Hatch Donna Hatch, the author of the bestselling Rogue Hearts series, believes in happily ever-afters. The blog here helps you gain a vivid yet completely intriguing view of the world of the romance novels. Her fascination with Jane Austen and places is also quite evident on the blog, as is with books.

alexa 4,478,710
  • Alpha Book Club Jaime, Mel and a team of reviewers is behind Alpha Book Club, that brings you a myriad review, along with blog tours, and release promotions. Reviewed here are a variety of romance genres, like contemporary, paranormal, gothic, erotica, inspirational romance, romantic suspense and more.

alexa 5,147,756
  • Cathy Macrae Author Cathy Macrae, the name and brain behind this blog is an award-winning Scottish historical romance author. Her Bits ‘n Bobs author blog discusses about books and other authors between writing about various romantic books from myriad genres, holiday reads, new books and plenty more.

alexa 5,166,975
  • Kelly’s Book Blog Kelly’s Book Blog focuses a lot on book reviews. Kelly, the lady behind this blog, is an avid reader and a passionate writer, with current focus on romance novels. You can find aplenty reviews of romance novels falling under adult romance, love triangle, holiday romance, dark romance, romantic comedy and other categories.

alexa 5,167,456
  • Typical Distractions Typical Distractions talks about distracting the world one click at a time. The Typical Distractions blog has a lot to keep your love for romance novels going. There’s cover reveal for every romance book cover has certain power to incite a reader. Then there are new releases, reviews, blog tours and more.  

alexa 5,451,423
  • Sherry Ewing Sherry Ewing, the name and brain behind this blog, is a historical and time travel romance author. With something called first kiss Friday, capable of catching all you romance book lovers fancy, Sherry Ewing offers a lot more on the platter to engage you, like Medieval Monday.  

alexa 5,524,240
  • Bronwen Evans Bronwen Evans, the lady behind this blog, is a USA Today bestselling author. Living in sunny Hawkes Bay in New Zealand, she presents this blog discussing about most things that would fancy a romance book reader, like physical attraction, diamonds, among other things.  

alexa 5,695,580
  • Audio Gals Audio Gals is a blog that features news, interviews, and gal talks including gals wishlist, recorded and written interviews among other things. Pick the reviews, new releases, currently playing and more stuff to read and indulge your romance loving self with.

alexa 5,786,057
  • Inspy Romance Inspy Romance invites you to fall in love with a good book. By a group of authors who are passionate about contemporary inspirational romance, Inspy Romance brings you romance book talks, their reviews, gabs on new releases and more interesting stuff to read.

alexa 6,077,440
  • Elizabeth Rose Novels Elizabeth Rose Novels covers various kinds of romance novels for romance book lovers like you. Presented here are Elizabeth’s contemporary books, medieval novels, paranormal among others. Feel free to read about her novels and some of what Elizabeth Rose is up to on this site.

alexa 6,158,051
  • Devika Fernando Devika Fernando is a romance novels author who has studied in Germany and hails from Sri Lanka. She writes sweet yet emotional romance stories. On the blog she discusses about books, hers and others, while throwing spotlight on myriad books and authors.

alexa 6,340,638
  • True Story Book Blog A blog by Lisa, True Story Book Blog has plenty to entice you romance book lovers. For starters there are books. Then there are book excerpts. And there are book giveaways. Lisa, the author of this blog is a book warm and adores a good romance, funny, hot and steamy, erotica et al.

alexa 6,348,210
  • Jeannie Moon Jeannie Moon encourages you to follow your heart. Jeannie, the name and brain behind this blog, is a contemporary romance author, a native Long Islander, and writes romance novels that are mostly about that special place to be called home and finding comfort. Over The Moon Blog carries various author interviews.

alexa 6,572,337
  • Up All-Night Book Blog Up All-Night Book Blog has a lot on the platter for you romance book lovers. Starting from the start there are book reviews of young/new adult, mature adult, adult contemporary, paranormal, erotic, and urban fantasy. Then, there are interviews, 5 star reads, m/m books and more.

alexa 6,583,286
  • Romance Junkies Romance Junkies is a romance book blog loaded with book reviews. To begin with there are contemporary book reviews. Moving on, there are romance suspense novels reviewed, followed by paranormal and futuristic romance novels, historical romance and erotic romance novels reviews.

alexa 6,589,533
  • Addicted To Romance Addicted To Romance is a blog by Bonnie Renee, in Provo Utah. Needless to say she is addicted to romance novels. She has her own listopia or recommendations which she has shared on the blog, along with book discussions and book reviews.

alexa 6,648,578
  • Romance Novels In Color Romance Novels In Color is by a couple of folks or readers, who are also romance lovers, advancing the awareness and appreciation of diversity in romance novels. On that note, expect to find many book reviews, book spotlights and general ramblings.

alexa 7,307,532
  • Collette Cameron Collette Cameron is a blog by – well, this one’s easy to deduce – Collette Cameron. And Collette is a USA Today bestselling author into writing Scottish and Regency historicals featuring rogues, rapscallions, the intelligent and the rakes and intrepid damsels. Her Blue Rose Romance Blog showcases new books and authors.

alexa 7,371,149
  • The Good, The Bad And The Unread The Good, The Bad And The Unread provides reading, ranting, and reviewing by readers. There quacking about section, particularly, features excerpts, news, romance land and the pond. Plus there are romance book reviews covering contemporary, paranormal, romantic thriller and more.

alexa 7,441,746
  • Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is a quarterly online magazine. Currently on a hiatus, but that sure doesn’t mean there’s nothing, for there’s a lot and that a lot includes editorial issues, cosmic lounge, reviews, mistress works, scopebox, interviews, sneak peeks, and opinion pieces among others, all from the archives.

alexa 8,045,909
  • Angieville Angie, the brain of Angieville is a lifelong bibliophile. She is quite fascinated with YA, urban fantasy, historical fiction, mystery novels and romance. On her blog she shares bibliocrack reviews, new novels and reviews at large. Read, pick and update your bucketlist.

alexa 8,212,194
  • Candis Terry Candis Terry, the name and brain behind this site, is a contemporary romance author, featuring her work and authors life for all you romance book lovers. Feel free to read her blog and perhaps her romance books if they entice you.

alexa 8,341,036
  • Beth Kery Beth Kery along with bestowing her name to this site has also brought many interesting updates about her work and excerpts from her book which you can read on her blog. Beth Kery is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books and novellas.

alexa 8,356,833
  • Schmexy Girl Book Blog Schmexy Girl Book Blog is romance book blog by three avid romance novel readers. Because sometimes you need a little schmexy in your life is the reason why Jesey, Jen and Roxie provide many book reviews, and discusses about releases among other things.

alexa 9,736,456
  • Wicked Women Book Blog Wicked Women Book Blog here is fueling your imagination one book at a time. This blog talks about books and in detail. To quench your quest for new books, plenty talks here revolve around new book releases as well. Then, of course there are cover design talks, for as readers we know they matter.

alexa 10,101,985
  • Gina Conkle Gina Conkle endeavors towards unlocking history’s secrets, one story at a time. Gina Conkle, the lady behind this blog, is loves all things historical romance and vouches for your common interest. On her blog she discusses about many such historical romances from myriad authors.

alexa 10,677,980
  • Romance Novel News For you know you wish to read news covering romance novels, here is the Romance Novel News. From cover reveal to book fair, book signing to deals and more. There are many reviews to read too and pick your next read.

alexa 10,736,456
  • The Bibliomaniac Book Blog The Bibliomaniac here reads and reviews a bit of everything. Gee, aka Georgia, is the bibliomaniac who reads YA, and adult fiction along with comics and graphic novels. You can see what she’s reading on her blog and find how she liked it through the reviews shared on The Bibliomaniac Book Blog.

alexa 11,105,299
  • Lindsay Detwiler Author Lindsay Detwiler writes romance novels, teaches high school English, and loves reading Shakespeare. On her blog she discusses about books, the new and the newer, while sharing about her life as an author and many helpful feeds, that are at times inspirational and at others informational.

alexa 11,271,649
  • Author Jenny Schwartz Author Jenny Schwartz writes paranormal romance. She also is a BA in Sociology and History and hails in Western Australia. On her blog she talks about books and her love for it. Interesting thing is how she makes everything about her books, mostly, like food and books.

alexa 11,480,919
  • The Romantic Reader Blog The Romantic Reader Blog offers lesbian romance novel reviews. So, you are most likely to find four things primarily here, which are 5 star rated books, 4 star rated books, 3 star rated books, and 2 star rated books between books per se.

alexa 11,812,473
  • Book Bitches Blog Book Bitches Blog is a strong one in terms of romance book blog offerings. Consider reviews, plenty of those on myriad romance books. Besides there’s plenty to satiate your cover love. Also available are gabs on new releases, sneak peeks, spotlights, and more.

alexa 13,231,390
  • A Fortress Of Books A Fortress Of Books is a romance book blog by Izy, who loves reading and reviewing along with convincing people to read. On A Fortress of Books blog she discusses about books by sharing reviews of and excerpts from a variety of romance books genres, like contemporary romance, new adult romance, among others. Also, discussed are book covers and book releases.

alexa 13,314,704
  • Liezel & Angie’s Book Blog Reading is a passion and obsession for Liezel and Angie, the duo behind the name and fame of this blog. Here on the blog they share about the books they have read through reviews. Plus, they share news on romance novels too through cover reveals.

alexa 14,002,148
  • Cathryn Hein Cathryn Hein, the lady and the name behind this blog, is a bestselling romance author from South Australia. Here, on the blog she shares her work and updates you romance book lovers about her work and of other authors, mostly under something fancily called Teaser Tuesday.

alexa 14,147,809
  • Theresa Romain Theresa Romain, the one behind this blog, is a bestselling historical romance author of the Matchmaker trilogy and others. This blog is where she shares about her various contests and giveaways, romance books, books covers, news about release days of her books, among other things.

alexa 14,250,985
  • The Romance Dish The Romance     behind this blog serves their thoughts on books, romance and life. What a combination, you say? Atta boy, we say. On that note there are plenty reviewed romance books which you can lay your hands on and update your reading list.

alexa 14,615,839
  • Anne Gracie Anne Gracie, the lady lending her name to the blog, has worked as a counsellor and taught English and now she writes romance books. To read here from Anne Gracie are feeds about writing, books, competition, events, writing advice and more.

alexa 15,166,975
  • Karen Barnett Books This blog draws name from and represents the work of Karen Barnett, author Karen Barnett we must say. She writes historical romances, and that forms the premise of her blog, where you can read about her works, and get a glimpse of her author and awesome life.

alexa 15,167,456
  • Just Paranormal Romance For the seekers of paranormal romance and those of you who love to read paranormal romance this is one of the best places to read Just Paranormal Romance. It’s where you’ll find featured books and read about authors behind various paranormal romance books.

alexa 15,641,340
  • BFF Book Blog BFF’s from the BFF Book Blog are Kiersten and Ann, two real life BFFs and neighbors. Backed by their common love for reading, this is the place where they share about the books they have been reading and recommend the ones they loved and/love. Now of course, BFF Book Blog is the place where you can read their reviews, find ratings, see cover reveals among other things.

alexa 15,735,731
  • Romance Between The Sheets Because we can all use a little romance, here’s Romance Between The Sheets. By three gorgeous women, who read obscene amount of romance, lots and lots of romance novels, and paranormal romance respectively, this blog showcases myriad reviews and author interviews.

alexa 16,486,533
  • Jane Godman Author Beyond ordinary romance is Jane Godman Author, as she puts it. Her forte lies in writing romance for Harlequin Nocturne, steamy historical romance, abd thrillers for Harlequin romantic suspense for Samhain Publishing. You can read more about her work on the blog along with interesting feeds on writing, especially her genre and news about her work.

alexa 17,465,422
  • Julie Stock Presenting contemporary romance from around the world is Julie Stock, an independent author of contemporary romance. This site is her way of showing you a glimpse of her indie writing and author life. Read about it all on her blog, along with all those author spotlights.

alexa 17,899,021
  • Shelli Stevens From a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, this site and its respective blogs takes you inside the author, that is Shelli Stevens awesome author life and her works. Coming from true pluviophile, that is a lover of rains, romance is in the very aura of this blog.

alexa 19,361,423
  • Marti Ziegler Here are ramblings from an optimist, that is Marti Ziegler, a historical romance author. Her blog is a place where she shares about her work and life, and between that about writing thereby helping writers, and about reading and books, thereby helping readers.

alexa 19,890,952
  • You Book Me All Night Long As fancy as the name, You Book Me All Night Long, sounds, the blog is in fact fancier, especially when we consider who this blog is from. And this blog is from Christina, a pretty good amateur trombonist and a reader. You can pick plenty mini reviews here.

alexa 23,231,390
  • Reading Romances Reading Romances subtly mentions about no promos, honest reviews, and original content. A blog by Nat, a fiction girl, and an avid romance reader and reviewer. With her own interesting rating system, it sure is fascinating reading the books that got five hearts from her.

alexa 23,314,704
  • Stefanie London A romance book blog by Stefanie London, who is a USA Today bestselling author having written ten contemporary romances with humor, heart and heat. Read about her books, excerpts from her book, her author life and more on her blog here.

alexa 24,002,148
  • Sandra Antonelli Sandra Antonelli, the beauty and brain and name behind this blog, writes quirky romance novels for grownups, and smart asses. Interesting fact about Sandra Antonelli is that she undertook a PHD in romance fiction. Checkout her blog with bite discussing about romance fiction, and mature content stockpile among other things.

alexa 24,147,809
  • Sexy Love Books Sexy Love Books is an author website and blog of Sweden Reese, who helps sexy book junkies in feeling less alone. And when she is not writing novels, she is reading them. That is why you can find plenty gabs about romance books on her blog, and as much about book lovers.

alexa 25,147,756
  • Wendy Lindstrom Wendy Lindstrom, the brain and beauty behind this blog, is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Dubbed by Romantic Times as one of romance’s finest writers, she has a pretty peculiar romantic side to her, something quite evident in the blogs she shares.

alexa 25,167,456
  • Clean Romance Reviews Clean Romance Reviews is about romances that would curl your toes but won’t make you blush. That said, covered here are myriad romance subgenres, including contemporary, medieval, historical, paranormal, regency, and sci-fi among others, with plenty books reviewed and discussed about under each.

alexa 34,564,050
  • Amy Quinton Amy Quinton, the lady behind this blog is a historical romance author, and an American wife of an Englishman among other things. Her blog presents her new releases, her books, and author life, between myriad guest author spotlights and featured books.

Can you believe that we are at the end of this list bearing best hundred romance book blogs? Then again, can you believe how much romance can fit in one single place? This is how much, or should we say a 100X romance, is how much.

With the power vested in your hands now, you can freely fly like a butterfly or a bird, picking the romances that catch your fancy inside any and/or all of these top hundred romance book blogs.

When you have tasted the sweet waters and imagined it all, courtesy bountiful books discussed about and reviewed in each of these hundred romance book blogs, do care to share your delight with us. Or simply stop by to have a chat. We’ll be waiting right here, down in the comments.

Catch you soon!


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