Best 100 Quilt Blogs Every Quilter Should See

Top Quilt Blogs

These Best Quilt blogs are the online presentation of quilt designs, quilt styles, quilt patterns, quilting tips, quilting tutorials, quilting techniques and more from experienced – ranging between mildly and vastly – quilters, with varied quilting stories of their own.

To help you flourish in your quilting ventures and endeavors, here we present the top, these top 100 quilt blogs from across the world wide web. These have been ranked on the basis of relevance, topped with a brief description for your benefit.

alexa 51,865
  • The Cutting Table The Cutting Table brings you the best of quilting blogs with top notch tutorials, for we know they are very important. The story goes deeper here though with all those incredible insights and behind the scenes from the Missouri Star Quit Co, the brain and men and women behind this best quilt blog, and the company offering these feeds.

alexa 190,414
  • The Quilt Show The Quilt Show brings the daily quilt blog featuring interesting quilt feeds and ideas to inspire you for your next quilt stitch. By Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, there is this TV show bringing you the top quilters in the world. Also, see and find various quilting processes by talented quilters.

alexa 264,191
  • Accuquilt AccuQuilt comes as a cool resource for fabric die cutting. There is plenty covered and featured and shared on the Accuquilt blog, including tutorials, quilting funnies, quilting inspiration, patterns, quilting news, quilters spotlight, and AccuQuilt news among various other things.

alexa 264,672
  • Keepsake Quilting Keepsake Quilting is an American quilt shop established in 1986. Loaded with myriad feeds covering quilting fabric, quilt ideas, quilt tips, how-tos, projects, quilt kits, patterns, tools and notions and even news and events, this one makes for the kind of best quilt blog to fix your quilting needs.

alexa 290,872
  • Superior Threads Superior Threads has a subtle layout, making it easier for quilters and quilting enthusiasts in picking various posts of interest. That said there is almost everything of interest for you folks, including feeds about needles, threads of various types, bobbins, reference guides, technical education and more. One of the best quilt blog to read from.

alexa 461,275
  • Quilting Daily Quilting Daily blog makes it easy to meet other contemporary quilting and fiber art enthusiasts, while learning new tips and techniques from various artists, teachers and other experts. That is not all, for there’s more from new quilt and fabric designers and authors. Plus, there are some top quilting blogs tutorials, too read from.

alexa 473,453
  • Diary Of A Quilter Diary Of A Quilter is one of the top quilt blog by Amy Smart, who is a quilter, a pattern designer and fabric hoarder. Feel free to look at her quilts, which she has very generously shared to inspire you folks. Also, she has shared some best quilting blogging tutorials to back your quilting desires, and varied needs.

alexa 475,741
  • Generations Quilt Patterns Generation Quilt Patterns here is helping you every stitch of the way. Help yourself to the various free quilt block patterns, and free paper piecing patterns. What’s more? Design inspiration, awaiting to inspire you into quilting something fabulous, quite like your fab self.

alexa 497,749
  • Fons And Porter This top quilt blog carries Fons and Porter’s love of quilting. Curated by talented quilting staff of Fons and Porter, this one provides quilting techniques, tips and tricks from various best quilting blogging experts. Also, there is varied information on quilting styles and blocks, among other things.

alexa 500,694
  • McCalls Quilting McCalls Quilting blog has a number of feeds, bountiful dating as far back in time as February of 2009. And packed inside those feeds and all those that are frequently updated are tips, on stitch and sewing, and more. Get your hands on various styles here as well, and more that is provided for your benefit.

alexa 553,082
  • Suzy Quilts Suzy From Suzy Quilts is completely addicted, smitten and obsessed with making quilts as she puts it. Backed by such obsession Suzy shares her desire to craft unique and contemporary textiles while offering us quilters and quilting enthusiasts free tutorials, product reviews, inspiration, and patterns.

alexa 574,337
  • Cluck Cluck Sew Cluck Cluck Sew. Isn’t that just the sound a quilter adores? Packed with great stuff for quilters and quilting enthusiasts, this top quilt blog shares tutorials and tips. That is not all, for there are quilts to inspire you and motivate you to quilt more.

alexa 720,638
  • Pat Sloan Pat Sloan here has been teaching quilters to create and have fun on the way, every day. This one of the best quilt blog is a grand hub of inspiration. To exemplify, consider finding spelling bee style quilts. Plus, for more ideas and wisdom there’s her quilting podcast to hear. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

alexa 863,890
  • Happy Quilting Cut, sew, quilt, repeat. That’s Happy Quilting for you. By Melissa Corry, a quilter devotee, you can pick all the nit bits, pieces of your need on Happy Quilting, like best quilt tutorials. And when in need for more, go for more tutorials here. For more thereafter, pick video tutorials.

alexa 949,954
  • Red Pepper Quilts Red Pepper Quilts are indeed some fancy quilts you’ll find online. A top quilting blog by Rita Hodge, Red Pepper Quilts offers you modern, fresh and simple in construction quilts. You can make way for these varied fancy quilt tutorials shared exuberantly on Red Pepper Quilts.

alexa 972,132
  • Quilting Is My Therapy While many of us will simply head-straight agree with the name of this top quilting blog, Quilting Is My Therapy, the remaining of us will take sigh in the view of all those readily available tutorials and free patterns. That is not all, for this top quilt blog is quite a benign guide at helping you up your quilt game.

alexa 1,041,919
  • Stitched In Color This one of the leading quilt blog called Stitched in Color is a powerhouse of inspiration, right from the very sight of it. Brightened with beautiful color scheme, further enhanced by the myriad quilts, and their source of inspiration, Stitched In Color can easily be called the virtual place of your quilting expedition. So, get set, go.

alexa 1,104,908
  • Geta’s Quilting Studio For fresh ideas for quilts and bags, here’s where to look. Geta’s Quilting Studio has what it takes to motivate you, subtly and calmly. It also has pretty much all of that is required to inspire you. And of course, a lot of that is required to guide you, inform you and help you, like techniques, tutorials, and designs among other things. Choosen as one of the best quilting blogs in 2018.

alexa 1,138,828
  • In Color Order Here we go wandering through the creative adventures in sewing, quilting, and knitting, of Jeni Baker. In Color Order is one of the best quilting blog to look out for all of Jeni’s adventures while learning a trick or twenty of quilting which Jeni has very generously shared here.

alexa 1,189,606
  • A Quilting Life This quilting blog is Sherri’s A Quilting Life. Her love for all things fabric, quilts and sewing is quite evident on this top quilting blog, quite like her experience in quilting. From design to inspiration, she has made way for almost every possible feed of use to keep you hooked on quilting and help you create awesome quilts.

alexa 1,288,785
  • Machine Quilting From Meander Publishing Inc, here’s the top Machine Quilting blog you might be incited to read. Reason number one for that is colors, lots of them to inspire you, like with color story for the fall. Reason number two are mind-blowing techniques, like curving, and abstracting among others. Reason number three and more can be checked directly on this best quilting blog.

alexa 1,411,504
  • Electric Quilt Behind The Mouse is the Electric Quilt Blog loaded with matters of your utter interest. Let’s consider the Sunday Stiches, for we all know Sundays are relatively free days, offering us time to stitch. Along with that consider quick tips. And then there are mini-Friday funs and artist spotlight among other things.

alexa 1,466,064
  • Quilting In The Rain With a fancy name as that Quilting In The Rain is the offering of a creative mind. The lady rightful owner of that creative mind is Jera brandvig, from the rainy city of Seattle. Hence the name (of this top quilting blog). Check her tutorials and quilting blogs for ideas, inspiration and more.

alexa 1,539,854
  • Connie Kresin Freemotion By The River is one of the best quilting blog by Connie Kresin Campbell. Connie Kresin is an ambassador for Island Batik. And she loves to create and share quilt tutorials and patterns. This is her love you’ll find in abundance on her quilting blog, that is tutorials and patterns, along with inspiration.

alexa 1,547,047
  • Fresh Lemons Quilt Fresh Lemons Quilt is about modern quilts, home décor, and handcrafted clothing. Faith is the maker of quilty things here. And she has shared many samples for your inspiration drawing purposes, along with tutorials, finished quilts and more quilting blogs for ideation and creation.

alexa 1,547,360
  • Love Patchwork And Quilting At Love Patchwork and Quilting, it’s about sharing your passion for quilting. And while we are at it, that is talking about love, let’s quickly mention the love that’s shared here freely, in the form of free quilt patterns. Then, moving on, there are myriad tutorials, ideas and of course, information.

alexa 1,646,480
  • Laundry Basket Quilts Laundry Basket Quilts is Edyta Sitar’s passion for fabric put to wonderful use. A designer expressing her surroundings through her designs, you are likely to be blown away by Edyta’s unique designs, and interesting choice of colors. So, tag along Edyta for some information and some top quilting blogs information.

alexa 1,809,233
  • Christa Quilts Here’s to making it yourself and making it your own. Christa of the Christa Quilts loves to quilt, if that hasn’t already been evident in the aforementioned words. You can see some of a lot that in her quilts as well which she has shared. For your benefit she has shared tutorials, reviews, and her best quilting blogs as well.

alexa 1,899,149
  • The Crafty Quilter Julie Cefalu is The Crafty Quilter expressing her creativity to us through her quilting blogs. Helping your creative side with tips and inspiration, Julie doesn’t shy away from extending further aid in the form of techniques and tutorials. How generous and caring, isn’t she?

alexa 1,907,991
  • Blossom Heart Quilts Alyce is the lady with a blossom heart that quilts. Her quilting blog Blossom Heart Quilts is her expression of love that she feels when making, giving and cuddling quilts. She is a quilt designer, and her designs are something you can easily look at and get inspired from on her best quilt blogs. Get informed too, for she has shared tutorials as well.

alexa 1,956,892
  • During Quiet Time Amy Friend is the delightful mind behind During Quiet Time. It’s quite obvious that she quilts and sews in her quiet time, well mostly. She has been a museum collections curator previously and has studied art history. Expressing her creative side through sewing and pattern design, there’s a lot to learn from and pick on During Quiet Time’s quilting blogs.

alexa 2,089,372
  • Jay Bird Quilts Julie Herman, the lady and quilt lover behind Jay Bird Quilts, is a bestselling author, speaker, quilt pattern and rule designer. On her top quilting blog here she discusses about quilting and various related things like binding. She also shared her quilts, finished ones, various patterns and processes and tutorials.

alexa 2,153,102
  • Clover And Violet Jennie presents to you Clover and Violet, a magnificent quilting blog. Along with being the mind behind this top quilting blog, Jennie is also a quilter, pattern designer, bag maker, and fabric hoarder. With such experience, she guides you through quilting with her blogs covering fabric, sharing free patterns, showcasing quilting and more.

alexa 2,174,351
  • From My Carolina Home From My Carolina Home is the quilting blog where you can widely read feeds covering quilting, cooking, crafting, sewing, gardening, photography and more. It’s the kind of top quilting blog helping you draw inspiration in more ways than one, while collecting aplenty information.

alexa 2,180,248
  • Piece And Quilt Piece And Quilt is a top quilt blog by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting, where Natalia has been enjoying quilting tops for more than twenty years and Kathleen has been sewing for as long as she remembers. Backed by their combined love for quilting, there is abundant inspiration along with many quilt alongs, machine quilting, patterns and more.

alexa 2,235,000
  • Mary Quilts Mary of Mary Quilts is a self-taught quilter with focus on donation quilting, together with quilt blogging, knitting, and designing. With myriad likes and a mind-blowing self, Mary shares posts about her family, dog and travels along with quilting, which often comes off as a happy place to catch deets on quilts and quilting.

alexa 2,321,419
  • Film In The Fridge Film In The Fridge is one of the coolest places to look for fabric and photos. This top quality quilt blog is quite visually appealing, while of course being contextually intriguing. As mentioned, photos shared here make this one of the best quilting blog all the more inspiring, helping you ideate your next creation phenomenally.

alexa 2,321,419
  • Amy’s Creative Side Amy’s Creative Side is a quilt blog showcasing, well, Amy Ellis’s creative side. Amy here loves to sew, who learnt to sew garments as a girl and then taught herself to quilt as a young woman. From someone who has been writing books and patterns for last five years, this top quilt blog is full of wonders and wonderful quilts.

alexa 2,386,778
  • Gnome Angel Angie is the Gnome Angel, living in Australia. There are plenty fascinating things about Angie, the most however, right here would undoubtedly be her passion for quilting, something that has got us this magnificent quilt blog and with it all those incredible sew-alongs and the helpful quilters planners among other things.

alexa 2,389,434
  • Quilty Love Quilty Love is Emily Dennis’s quilt love, a quilting blog that she has filled with quilty inspiration, free quilting tutorials and resources, and modern quilt patterns. That said, there’s free flowing inspiration coming off the material Emily uses, off of the colors she pairs, and the designs she showcases.

alexa 2,491,954
  • Pile O’ Fabric Pile O’ Fabric is a modern quilting blog by Alyssa Lichner, who lives in Arizona. She is a freelance web and graphic designer turned sewist. You can use her modern quilting tutorial which she avidly writes and shares, along with techniques and inspiration among other things.

alexa 2,579,860
  • Artistic Artifacts Artistic Artifacts presents creative finds for creative minds. You might be enchanted by how artistically colorful elements of this quilt blog are. Bringing such outstanding pieces of fabric together, this one fuels exuberant creative energies into quilting, and ultimately creating such genius masterpieces.

alexa 2,607,017
  • Bonjour Quilts Kirsty, the creator and curator of Bonjour Quilts, is an Australian, and a biking fanatic. In her view, quilting is a creative and practical undertaking. And we couldn’t agree more. Here, she has helped, and keeps helping you with a myriad functionally appealing quilt patterns and tutorials.

alexa 2,609,851
  • On Point Quilter Kari Schell is the creative mind behind On Point Quilter. She is also an electric quilt expert, a certified art and stitch instructor, and a pattern designer. For us quilters, she has laid down the details for interesting quilt designs, that might leave you in awe, at least that is where the chances are pointing at.Look at her top quality quilting blog now.

alexa 2,651,305
  • Freshly Pieced Freshly Pieced is a top quilting blog by Lee Heinrich, a modern quilter, pattern designer, and an author living in Wisconsin. With her own line of quilt patterns, Lee Heinrich shares tutorials, sampler quilts, mini quilts, quilt alongs and more. See her best quilt blogs to catch the latest quilting aid she has shared on Freshly Pieced.

alexa 2,652,265
  • A Few Scraps Christina Cameli, the creator and curator of A Few Scraps, likes quilting, telling stories and making people laugh. Her quilting blog has a peculiar essence picked from her likes, and so does her quilts which are a delightful representation of her own colourful spirit.

alexa 2,661,835
  • Katy Quilts Katy of Katy Quilts made her first quilt more than twenty-five years ago. Having branched from traditional into art quilting, her transition is incredible, something you are likely to find as you wander around her best quilting blog. Expect to find a variety of quilts from art to babies, bed to beginner and more.

alexa 2,689,666
  • Butterfly Threads It’s easy to deduce colors from a name as vividly colorful as Butterfly Threads. The quilts stitched and presented on this quilting blog are impactful and the color combinations used therein are, well, delightful. So grab the time in hand and check out the myriad colorful features from Butterfly Threads, among other feeds.

alexa 2,694,641
  • Kitchen Table Quilting Erica is the lady and quilt lover behind Kitchen Table Quilting. Drawing her sense of purpose from quilting along with using it as an outlet for her creativity, Erica gives many of her quilts away in gifts, some in charity, and many still are scattered around her house. You can see her quilts and projects on her quilting blog, while using varied tips and tutorials.

alexa 2,777,821
  • Quilting Jet Girl Yvonne is a the Quilting Jet Girl, that is the mind behind this top quilting blog. She seems to have an inkling towards active and caring quilt learners or those who desire to learn quilting into such people as those who approach quilting with joy. With posts as powerful as motivation, quilt theory designer corner, among tutorials and more, this is one blog to mark under def-check list.

alexa 2,925,342
  • She Quilts A lot Peta is the she from She Quilts A lot. And chances are so are you, that is someone who quilts a lot. Starting from the start, Peta here has shared many tutorials to ensure your ‘a lot’ from She Quilts A lot stays the same. Also shared here are many quilt-alongs and DIYs among other things.

alexa 3,318,375
  • Blank Quilting Blank Quilting Corporation here presents this quilting blog featuring blank quilting news and the Blank Quilting Corp news. Between that there are Tales From A Fourth Generation Textile Executive and more posts from Scott Fortunoff. Check this top quilting blog for a fascinating blend of creative and business.

alexa 3,341,828
  • Gen X Quilters Annemarie Chany of Gen X Quilters had a love at first sight with quilting. She is a self-taught quilter and enjoys creating her own designs. You can make see her designs on the blog as well as learn to make some of them yourselves through the tutorial she has shared on Gen X Quilters.

alexa 3,517,034
  • Tall Grass Prairie Studio Rethink quilting with Tall Grass Prairie Studio. It’s interesting how they have shared varied feeds with a high potential of escalating creativity. Something extremely capable of intriguing and inspiring here are the varied uses the folks here have put quilts to, or simply the way they have showcased quilts. Read there top quilting blogs now.

alexa 3,705,060
  • American Quilting American Quilting here has what it takes to intrigue you, inform you, inspire you and incite the passion of quilting back again. With its varied feeds widely covering how-tos, tips and tricks, samplers, fabric, appliques and events among other things, there’s plenty in the name of ideas as well.

alexa 4,078,599
  • Mama Love Quilts Wonder, explore, and create with Mama Love Quilts. Mama, of the Mama Love Quilts, is Nicole Neblett, who draws inspiration from everyday objects and places. You can see her vividly fascinating quilts on the blog, along with making the best use of all those tutorials and tips shared on Mama Love Quilts.

alexa 4,347,466
  • Wombat Quilts Wombat Quilts is an Aussies adventures in quilting. Cath is that Aussie. On Wombat Quilts she records her quilting adventures, majorly involving colors and plenty paper piecing. The latter, that is, paper piecing patterns are something she has freely shared on Wombat Quilts, and by that we mean for free.

alexa 4,379,162
  • Quilt Alliance They document. They preserve. They share. And by the we mean the folks behind Quilt Alliance. Expect to find and read here the stories of quilts and quiltmakers, which the folks here document, preserve and, as we mentioned earlier, share. Feel free to sift through this top quilt blog here for more.

alexa 4,417,143
  • Lily’s Quilts Lily of Lily’s Quilts is Lynne, a modern British quilter. The name Lily comes from her long suffering Welsh husband, as she mentions, who calls her Lily. Having worked as a Lawyer in the 80s she is now a quilter with a quilt blog called, of course, Lily’s Quilts where she shares tutorials, fabric news, and more.

alexa 4,472,884
  • Carried Away Quilting Carried Away Quilting is a blog by Taunja Kelvington, an enthusiastic quilter, crafter, pattern designer, and home decorator, must we mention thrifty. On Carried Away Quilting, she shares her latest quilting experiences, which sure are captivating, feeds about fabric, and sometimes her patterns among other things.

alexa 4,557,466
  • Quilt Ville Quilt Ville is like the storehouse of top quilting blogs. You can expect to explore ideas while sneaking into a quilter’s life, that bears the capability of sort of reminding you of your own on occasions, while inspiring you on others. Along with that, there are high chances of major learning awaiting to be experienced on Quilt Ville.

alexa 4,579,440
  • Fig Tree Quilts Fresh Figs from Fig Tree Quilts is a quilt blog by Joanna Figueroa, who is a textile designer, author and owner of Fig Tree & Co., a quilt and sewing pattern company. On this best quilting blog, she shares and/or discusses about blocks, fabric, quilts, and more.

alexa 4,813,177
  • Love Bugs Studios Cut, quilt, love with Love Bugs Studios. This top quilting blog here discloses matches made in fabric, a delightful feed to read. Then, there are discussions about stuffs and matters closely or remotely linked to quilting, like sewing machine, quilt festivals, stitches, cutting dies, how-tos, and best practices among other things.

alexa 5,459,600
  • Quilts Of Love Quilts of Love is the place Margaret Solomon Gunn, the creator and maker of this quilt blog, shares her sometimes colorful life, together with sometimes opinionated thoughts, and many quilting stories. Check her top quilting blogs to catch fascinating feeds on quilting and inspire yourself.

alexa 5,629,953
  • Kelly Cline Quilting Kelly of the Kelly Cline Quilting is in love with all things family, friends and fabric, and most importantly anything that can be quilted, especially on a long arm. Also, a Handi Quilter Ambassador, Kelly shares her quilting adventures on Kelly Cline Quilting. So, feel free to read this best quilting blog now.

alexa 5,784,012
  • 3and3 Quarters 3and3 Quarters is a modern quilting blog by Amanda, a modern quilter and fabric lover. She has extensively shared about quilting on her blog, including matters about crafts, floristry, patchwork and quilting, sewing, embroidery, and sampler quilts among other things.

alexa 6,091,644
  • Grass Roots Quilting Grass Roots Quilting shows us what quilting in the present with a feel for the past could look like. And as far as the eyes can see, it looks pretty dap. You might be enticed at the sight of subtle and clean quilting, justifying their words.

alexa 6,385,394
  • Karen’s Quilting Karen from Karen’s Quilting has been quilting for lot many years and she loves needle turn applique and can hand quilt, hand piece and machine piece. You can easily see her quilts on the top quilting blog, her varied color choices, her sewing room, and various how-tos, techniques and appliques she has shared among other things.

alexa 6,467,546
  • 13 Spools Striking modern quilts by Amy Garro can be found on 13 Spools. This is where Amy, a stay at home mom, and a quilter with a Theology degree shares her quilting experiences, with discussions around fabric, patterns, quilts, finishes and finished quilts, among other things.

alexa 6,916,069
  • Swim Bike Quilt Swim Bike Quilt presents modern quilts by Katie Blakesley. Loaded with interesting styles, Swim Bike Quilts has a lot to offer along with modern quilts like quilt blocks, patterns, sew alongs, sewing with kids, tutorials, vintage quilts, and improve sewing among other things.

alexa 7,626,895
  • Quilt Story Share, inspire, and connect at Quilt Story. Powered by Fresh Poppy Design, Quilt Story presents blog tours, quilts, paper piecing, and lots and lots of quilting inspiration, through designs, through style, through stitches, through fabrics, and through colors and ideas.

alexa 7,981,728
  • Quiltscapes Deonn is the creator and quilt maker at Quiltscapes. This is where she presents her style of quilting, and her styles are pretty interesting. Along with styles she shares myriad tips and tricks, and tutorials to help us quilters and quilt enthusiasts nail that quilting game.

alexa 8,395,042
  • McTavish Quilting Let’s first point in the direction of inspiration, that is gallery of quilts which showcases some masterpieces. Then back at McTavish Quilting’s quilting news, showcasing quilter of the year, various master quilters, and lots and lots of quilts. It can easily be called a quilters wonder-quilt-land.

alexa 8,531,829
  • Moosetash Quilting Calico Joan, the creator and quilter of Moosetash Quilting has been quilting for fifty years now and she is here to inspire and entertain us down this quilting lane. That said, she does present some pretty fancy and interesting mix of quilts.

alexa 8,739,610
  • Twiggy And Opal Here’s our three cheers to quilting a new twist on an old tradition. While Jayne, the beauty and brain behind this top quilting blog, may have some fancy way of writing, it’s her quilts that are the showstoppers hands down. Making her artistic statement with quilts she sure has a flair for lines – which one, though, that is something we leave on you to decide.

alexa 8,758,083
  • Late Night Quilter Stephanie Palmer is the Late Night Quilter and the maker and creator of this best quilting blog. She believes in making something beautiful each day and openly embrace imperfection. With such heart melting thoughts, the kindhearted Stephanie discusses about fabric, and shares tips and tutorials, quilt patterns, and sew-alongs among other things.

alexa 8,893,386
  • Quilter’s Connection Here’s a magazine for Canadian Quilters. With posts dating as far back in time as May of 2009, Quilter’s Connection has myriad features talking about quilts and other things, including about Canada. While most of everything is directed towards quilters, there’s a lot on quilting here that would simply fill your quilting with flavor.

alexa 9,301,511
  • Sisters Choice Sisters Choice has everything your quilter self would like, including care for your quilter self. Expect to find feeds on appliques, about blocks, crafts, embroidery and entertainment, about patterns and musings and quilting, while presenting sew-alongs, tips, tools and tutorials,quilting blogs among other things.

alexa 9,357,304
  • Nancy Rink Designs Nancy of Nancy Rink Designs is a quilter, pattern designer, and a dye artist, and has also won several awards for her quilting. You can look at her various quilts on the blog and be awed at her choice of colors, their placement and the varied styles she has designed.

alexa 9,690,572
  • Sweet P Quilting and Creations Sweet P Quilting & Creations is a top quilting blog and other good things. Paulette the skilled quilter and author of this quilting blog is a retired school teacher and a crafter, who loves quilting, stitching felting, making jewelry and scrapbooking. Checkout her quilting experiences on the blog.

alexa 9,828,308
  • Orchid Owl Quilts To expect anything less from a quilting blog with as fancy a name as Orchid Owl Quilts will be quilt-a-mistake. Not only are the discussions pretty intriguing here, but also the presentation which you’ll find around feeds presenting fabric, designs, tutorials and quilts among other things.

alexa 10,151,457
  • Quilt Matters Michele Renee Charbonneau is the creator and quilter of Quilt Matters. On a creative journey, M-R, as she prefers to be called, talks quilts and talks quilts in detail, something you might feel drawn towards on Quilt Matters. That said the matters to read about and check on Quilt Matters are quilt hacks, top quilting blogs,tutorials and works in progress among other things.

alexa 10,566,564
  • Crazy Mom Quilts Amanda Jean is the crazy mom of the Crazy Mom Quilts. Also co-author of the Sunday Morning Quilts, she has widely shared various quilt/block tutorials, quilt making basics, quilt blogs and other tutorials, which sharing her quilting experiences in detail.

alexa 10,803,141
  • Material Obsession This is Kathy Doughty’s Material Obsession. A passionate quilter and designer from Sydney, Australia, Kathy has a peculiar way of sharing updates about her obsession and passion. It’s so cool that chances are you may soon end up feeling like a part of Kathy’s quilting life.

alexa 12,183,209
  • Adele Mogavero Quilt, bake and create with Adele Mogavero. Her fiber art and quilting takes you into her quilting adventures, where you may feel like taking the journey with her. Also, she keep discussing about quilting and quilts and the various aspects of it that might land you in a déjà vu sort of a state.

alexa 12,386,778
  • Quilting In The Loft Robin, a professional long arm quilter, pattern designer and teacher is the mind and quilt maker behind Quilting In The Loft. Her passion about all things quilty can very well be witnessed on this top quilting blog along with various feeds sharing free patterns, tools and techniques, and tutorials among other things.

alexa 12,389,434
  • Lucie the Happy Quilter Tales of a seasoned quiltmaker are brilliantly presented on Lucie The Happy Quilter’s blog. Lucie, the lady behind this one of the best quilting blog, is passionate about quilt making, a passion that this blog reeks pleasantly of. Expect to load yourself of inspiration off of Lucie The Happy Quilter’s blog.

alexa 12,491,954
  • Modern Quilt Studio Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr are the founders of Modern Quilt Studio in Illinois and also are professional quiltmakers. The Craft Nectar from Modern Quilt Studio shares intriguing feeds, some about quilting, others about myriad other stuff, but all engaging to say the least.

alexa 12,491,954
  • Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild The duo behind Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild are inspired to promote and teach modern quilting in association with The Modern Quilt Guild. You can expect to find various board meeting minutes on this quilting blog and motivate yourself on creating something cool while learning all that you can.

alexa 12,689,666
  • Silly Mama Quilts Silly Mama Quilts share fresh and fun handmade projects. The creative home of Brooke Sellman, Silly Mama Quilts presents Brooke’s quilts and projects, that means inspiration for you off of Brooke’s beautiful quilts. Also shared here are many giveaways. So, it’s a win-win.

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  • Quilted Moose Debbie Roberts is the mind behind and maker of Quilted Moose. A crazy quilt of fabric bolts, accessories, kits and more, Quilted Moose has more in the name of hints, tips, tricks, inspiration, and a lot more, sure to enthrall your own creative mind.

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  • Doris Lovadina-Lee Doris Lovadina-Lee the name and brain behind this top quilting blog makes visiting, reading and learning from the blog a delightful experience; so full of colors. Must we also mention the brilliantly unique creative eye and mind that she has. Tag along as she sojourns.

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  • Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Seattle Modern Quilt Guild presents this top quilting blog featuring craft workshops, samplers, and more. It’s like a union of like-minded people of sorts, where creativity meets knowledge and experience. Now, you can very well imagine how outstanding the result would then be.

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  • Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild This quilting blog by Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild brings imaginative quilts to life. Sharing meeting recaps and with it fascinating quilt picks, Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild makes a remarkable place to draw inspiration from considering the plethora of people presenting their interesting ideas.

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  • Quilt With Love Quilt With Love is a blog dedicated to everything RJR. From talks shades to presenting quilts, Quilt With Love brings lovely quilt to your sight, created with sharp imagination and a delectable color combination. You know that’s just the kind of place where ideas pop out from.

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  • Quilting For The Rest Of Us Sandy is the awesome lady behind Quilting For The Rest Of Us, who started a podcast with the same name because she missed talking to her mom about quilting. She’s all three, a traditional quilter, a modern quilter and an art quilter. And you can see a lot of that on her best quilting blog.

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  • Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild A community for quilters to share and inspire each other, Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild beholds a vision to promote the craft of modern quilting. You can witness some remarkable quilts on this top quilting blog as the folks here cover various events and places and share quilts from myriad quilters.

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  • The Last Piece The Last Piece is a quilting blog by Sarah Fielke, who is a quilter, a fabric designer, a teacher, and an author. On this top quilting blog she shares her quilting experiences and escapades while presenting many blog tours, blocks, and more. Catch the gabs here.

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  • Timna Tarr Coming from a long line of quilters Timnna Tarr herself has designed and quilted thousands of quilts, and owns nationally award-winning quilts. On her best quilting blog she talks about quilts and quilting, while throwing a cat photo, well occasionally she mentions.

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  • Mandalei Mandalei Quilts discusses extensive quilting matters and discusses them in depth, mostly. Sharing interesting designs, she lends you a grander leap into creating something magnificent yourself. Perhaps, why she has shared those techniques and tutorials here.

And that brings us to the last strand of the best hundred quilt blogs. This is where we revel in the numbers and marvel at the quality. What designs! What ideas! And what quilts! Magnificent, won’t you agree?

Tread alongside any or each of these quilt blogs and catch the latest in quilt style, the new emerging ideas, the current color shades and more. And when you imagine a new design, create it for real and put it to the use you imagined, come share it with us. We’ll be waiting for you, your views, suggestions, advices or quilts a little underneath here, down at the comments.



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