Best 100 Pregnancy Blogs List To Read When Expecting

Top Pregnancy Blogs

Pregnancy blogs are the widest and the deepest pools of information on pregnancy, including facts about pre, present, and post pregnancy; pregnancy health; pregnancy myths; pregnancy symptoms; pregnancy tests; pregnancy diets; pregnancy heat; pregnancy cravings; prenatal yoga,; pregnancy fashion and style; maternity clothes; nursing pads and clothes; labor; delivery; childbirth; baby rooms; baby cords; infertility; fertility; IVF; surrogacy; egg donation; sperm donation breastfeeding; pregnancy stories; pregnancy motivation; birth plan; baby products; adoption; and a lot more, in different amounts, styles, shapes etc all depending upon the style and focus of the individual best pregnancy blogs.

We have endeavoured towards getting you loads and loads of this information, only more, through our undermentioned list of best hundred pregnancy blogs list. We have done our best to ensure you receive a pre-hand concise guide to the kind of matter that rests behind each of those hundred names. Make the most of this information, and all that is provided by these best hundred pregnancy blogs list.

  • The Chart By CNN CNNs dedicated section for pregnancy has apparently won many hearts; and the reason why it stands firm on the list of our best hundred pregnancy blogs. Mommys-to-be can find lots of details on diet and fitness here, along with parenting, and starting a family. And do not forget to note those vital signs here, for they are crucial.

  • NY Times NY Times has made a special case in favor of teenage pregnancy by prepping and providing all these informational feeds on teen parents, teen pregnancy, the state of teen pregnancy and moms, and more. There are plenty teen mom stories here as well, apart from latest teen pregnancy news and developments in the states.

  • US News Here is the US News with its inclination towards keeping girls and women, boys and men alike, updated on pregnancy. This one provides latest stories on childbirths. Also made available for reading by folks at the US News are coverage on hospitals, healthcare, pregnancy and its associated conditions, among other things.

  • Health Line Health Line’s pregnancy section is your quick fix for learning all about your pregnancy, and pregnancy per se. When thinking about pregnancy, there are infinite thoughts running in the heads. This one here has answers for almost all of them, in fact it has answers for the ones you haven’t even begun thinking yet.

  • Baby Center Baby Center’s blog is as much about post-pregnancy as it is about pregnancy. On the former they have presented widely covered posts on topics including breast-feeding, new moms, baby rooms, and more. On the latter, there are discussions on matter including, pregnancy constipation, antibiotics, deliveries and more. All these mentioned here are just to give you a tiny glimpse.

  • Economist On pregnancy and childbirth, Economist has put in great efforts to bring these elaborative posts. Covering pregnancy and childbirth in general, folks at Economists ensures to render a wider view at the state of it. You will be positively surprised by the kind of matters covered here.

  • Live Science Live Science here discusses about the science of pregnancy at large. The things pregnant women should, and should not do, backed by sufficient scientific facts and reasons are laid down on this blog, for one. Then there are these blogs on birth control, health problems, and about a lot more.

  • Just Jared Just Jared, an entertainment website, brings you gabs on pregnancy from the star-studded celebrity world. There is all the latest news here on celebrity pregnancy, updates on the gender, interviews and quotes from celebrities on pregnancy - theirs and in general - baby bumps and so much more.

  • Huffington Post Huffington Post’s pregnancy blog brings interesting and useful blogs on pregnancy, new parents and parents-to-be, family, mom bodies during and after pregnancy, among many other things. There are also discussions on maternity leave, early signs, abortions, conception, fertility and more.

  • Science Daily Science Daily brings latest news on pregnancy and childbirth. There are also reports, many the kind that would surprise you; for instance, a report on decline in sperm count among western men. This one will help you learn more about modern pregnancy, and the current developments in the pregnancy pharmacy, among other things.

  • Café Mom Café Mom apparently looks after your pregnancy as someone close to you, or someone you are closer to, would. What else could be the reason behind those impressive baby names, or toothpaste pregnancy, or pregnancy cravings, childbirth, and much more that’s discussed here.

  • Medical News Today Medical News Today discusses pregnancy and obstetrics with the latest news about and on the same. There are also lots of tips on various issues and things pertaining to pregnancy, like morning sickness and how to minimize it, childbirth and birth plan, malformations and more.

  • What To Expect This is about what to expect in times when you are expecting. About news in pregnancy and parenting, count them covered. They endeavor hard to ensure women around the globe receive detailed information on crucial pregnancy points, and even regular pregnancy stuff.

  • Scary Mommy Started in 2008 as a means for Jill Smokler to journal her days with her children as a stay-at-home mom. Today, however, Scary Mommy is a community of millions of parents. You will find extensive feeds on pregnancy, labor and delivery, health and wellness, infertility, kid names, and more here.

  • default Babble is a brilliant pregnancy blog, courtesy of Disney. Quiet as amazing as Disney’s other products and offerings, Babble makes pregnancy slightly easy, or at least it genuinely attempts to. The coverage here is vast, and tips and advices plenty. There are many pregnancy stories to be read here as well.

  • The Bump It’s all about The Bump here, aka the pregnancy bump. Here, you can find latest news on pregnancy, from healthcare to bills, and more. There are plenty feeds here on first, second, and third trimester, along with a week by week pregnancy, baby showers and more.

  • News Medical News Medical brings to you the details on pregnancy research, along with fetching the latest pregnancy news to you. About every stage of pregnancy, you can expect to find something or the other, with information on latest developments. It’s about looking after your unborn genius, keeping him/her safe, and ensuring a comfortable life for him once he steps out.

  • The Guardian The Guardian’s pregnancy blog shows care towards the present bearing the future of the world. Count all things discussed on pregnancy here, along with latest news, with immaculately picked and discussed stuff, considering that is coming from one of the leading newspapers of UK.

  • Fit Pregnancy Fit Pregnancy ensures a truly fit pregnancy for our mommys-to-be here, with its descriptive feeds on pregnancy. This one presents pregnancy news to-the-point and with a point. You can expect to make your pregnancy healthier and merrier through blogs prepped and presented here, like for instance, decorated baby bumps.

  • Baby Chick Baby Chick is a lot about pregnancy and parenting. Having said that, you’ll find as many tips on parenting as on pregnancy; for instance – tips for keeping kids healthy on the former, and third trimester checklist on the latter. Besides that there are many more helpful feeds on birth, newborns, and infertility among other things.

  • Ohio Health To know more about pregnancy and motherhood, or parenthood in general, check Baby Chick. To know some of the best ways to better your health during pregnancy, and your family’s health in general, visit Ohio Health. That is just a minute glimpse of what to expect off Ohio Health, when you are expecting, and after you hold that little one in your arms.

  • Everyday Family Everyday Family covers pregnancy elaborately. It talks about pregnancy myths, pregnancy and relationship alterations, pregnancy and its impact on health, pregnancy and alcohol, pregnancy and birth plan, among many, read plenty other things. See and learn from here how to look after yourself if you are pregnant, or after the pregnant one dear to you.

  • Mama Natural Mama Natural makes a point to provide inspiration and resources for the best and most natural birth. Having a natural birth from a healthy pregnancy since the very beginning, and with least modern science interventions, is like every mother’s dream. Mama natural here attempts at making that dream come true with its caring and informative posts.

  • Mother And Baby Relationship between a Mother And Baby, by far is the best relation in the world, and now also a blog that looks after you as you look after your unborn/newborn child. It provides detailed posts on almost every pregnancy fix, including post-pregnancy and pre-pregnancy, for instance from shopping for your pregnant self to shopping for your newborn.

  • The Indus Parent The Indus Parent writes about pregnancy in-depth, including pregnancy sex, termination, labor and delivery, and more. About all those pregnancy myths bothering you, they have encrypted the myths elaboratively for you to drop those concerns. And right, there are plenty feeds answering all those pregnancy concerns as well.

  • Alpha Mom Alpha Mom says that they are your pregnancy and parenting resource. Now, we leave the decision of whether this one is or not on you, and we’ll proceed to what we love to do, which is making it easier for you. So, here’s the preview. Alpha Mom talks about pregnancy, baby products, travelling with babies, childbirth, and more.

  • News Moms Need The news that both moms and mommys-to-be need are presented and provided here, on this blog called the News Moms Need. From the beginning of the pregnancy to getting discharged from the NICU, News Moms Need covers all, including protecting babies from various diseases.

  • Bubhub The Bubhub boasts subtly at the trust parents have shown towards this blog since 2002. That sure does melt our hearts, but what steals them away is the kind of pregnancy blogposts featured here. You could be the pregnant one, or looking after the pregnant one, but after visiting this blog, you sure can expect to become prepared for all that is happening or going to happen during the pregnancy, among other things.

  • DIY Maternity How amazing it would be to make cool stuff for you when you are pregnant, wouldn’t it be? Well, if you agree, DIY Maternity is for you. There are lots of DIY things here to make for yourself like maternity dress, nursing pads, nursing dress, and a lot more.

  • default Hello Bee keeps buzzing for you, and around you, with more and more feeds. This is to help you keep your baby safe inside you, and then welcome the baby most beautifully into the world. Hello Bee ensures exactly the same by providing lots and lots of information on pregnancy, including wardrobe, stories and more.

  • Pregnant Chicken Pregnant Chicken writes about pregnancy and presents stories about pregnancy. It is, in fact, one of those must-follow blogs that lends you a wider view of pregnancy, and products, and measures to be adopted and/or avoided during pregnancy and post it, for instance breastfeeding relationship and how a certain product can ruin it entirely.

  • Owlet Care Owlet Care apparently cares for your baby bump and you. It endeavors at bringing you the best of pregnancy information to lessen your hassle. The folks here have talked with as fervor about fashionable pregnancy and mom body as about pregnancy in whole, including the babies, for instance learning the meaning behind babies’ cries.

  • default Emma’s Diary here is a cute informational fix for your pregnancy needs. A lot is discussed on getting pregnant and having a baby; a lot more, in fact is discussed about having the best time with your baby, and about creating memories that last. So, feel free to know your bump and body better, and create a wonderful life for your beloved baby.

  • Bumps N Baby Bumps N Baby makes no concession in discussing about pregnancy and babies. That could be the reason behind a to z of motherhood discussed and talked here. On pregnancy, you are most likely to fill your bag of information with detailed posts on pregnancy symptoms, health and care, diet, delivery, and postnatal care.

  • Tommy’s Folks at Tommy’s say they provide support and information to empower pregnant parents. They do this by presenting efficient factual information, mostly based on evidences, often led by experts and users, all with the motive of making pregnancy information accessible to expecting parents.

  • Pregnant Pregnant, the blog here, provides various quickly accessible feeds and guides on pregnancy preparation, first, second, and third trimesters, with a week by week guide on the latter. There are also elaborative posts on nutrition, labor and getting pregnant, among other things.

  • Shady Grove Fertility This blog by Shady Grove Fertility talks about fertility and pregnancy in depth. There are a lot of questions likely to enter our minds when thinking about fertility. While our lookout for the information could be instant, it is better to seek expert guidance and POVs. This one here, the Shady Grove Fertility’s blog, provides exactly that.

  • Shishu World Shishu is an Indian Hindi word meaning a baby. So, apparently Shishu World is in fact baby world where all things baby, and many things mother, are discussed. There are many live sessions here with leading doctors and gynecologists discussing about before, during, and beyond pregnancy. You can also make use of this one’s detailed posts on babies, baby recipes and home remedies.

  • default Kids Stop Press fetches you everything, well almost, on pregnancy, including all the goss, well almost, from the starry life of celebrities. From conceiving sooner to interviews with celebrity moms or moms-to-be, prenatal depression to prenatal fitness, you have lots to read here.

  • Rookie Moms Rookie Moms – the blog here – talks about those times when the babies have already stepped out into the world. It is the life beyond pregnancy that this one discusses. There is almost all about everything that you would need to know about pregnancy and babies, like post pregnancy fitness, indulging your babies, nursing clothing, and a lot more.

  • Go Mama 247 Go Mama 247 knows that a mother’s job comes without a timeline. It runs all day, everyday. Hence to prepare you well, Go Mama 247’s blogs writes about pregnancy, diet and nutrition, care tips, fitness, prep for delivery and more. There is a lot on health during pregnancy as well.

  • Isabella Oliver Isabella Oliver’s blog talks much about maternity fashion here. You can expect to find about the style that fits comfortably during those days when a bump gives you such delight as nothing else. See here how to keep rocking in style with a bump and look your best self with that pregnancy glow.

  • La Maze La Maze International is a lot about pregnancy, babies, and parenting. This one has plenty wisdom to impart on a healthy pregnancy. You can expect to find myriad talks on pregnancy nutrition, signs of pregnancy, sex during pregnancy and more. Between that do remember to check all those pregnancy tips.

  • Negative Pregnancy Test Negative Pregnancy Test comes as one of those saviors for first time moms, dealing with their first pregnancy. All the wisdom, knowledge, tips, and more that you have been seeking, finds answers in Negative Pregnancy Test. There is a lot on pregnancy tests in particular, including tips as well.

  • Mother Rising Birth It says Mother Rising Birth is a holistic pregnancy blog. Mother Rising makes mothers more knowledgeable by presenting elaborative reasons behind the stuff that you encounter during pregnancy, perhaps for the first time, like those first contractions and how they feel like.

  • Belly Itch Blog Belly Itch Blog is as much about celebrity pregnancy and parenting as about parenting per se. For the seekers of both sorts of information, Belly Itch Blog will prove a major alma mater. For others, there is plenty on parenting to take a tip or twenty from.

  • Thrifty Nifty Mommy Janessa, the author of Thrift Nifty Mommy, started this blog in 2010 with lots of family-friendly product reviews. Today, apart from providing a sneak peek into her life with four amazing kids and a cool husband, she discusses many parenting ideas and offers many tips, and advices as well.

  • Pregnancy and Newborn Mag Pregnancy and motherhood are nature’s most precious gifts – something that should be loved and cared for with all our hearts. This is exactly what Pregnancy and Newborn Mag’s blog teaches through weekly updates of detailed posts. There are also feeds on most such things as you are likely to face during and beyond pregnancy.

  • IVF This blog called IVF discusses In Vitro Fertilization and fertility in depth. For those seeking information on IVF, this is one of the best places to look in. There is myriad information on the same, with a lot collected from and provided by the industry experts and veterans.

  • Pregnancy Magazine Pregnancy Magazine talks about the big day with such zeal. That doesn’t mean it has forgotten all about those crucial days of pregnancy. There are lots of tips on pregnancy, both during and post, and answers for almost all your questions, be it on breastfeeding or baby, caffeine and pregnancy, or others.

  • default Living And Loving evidently attempts at making pregnancy easier for parents with lots of useful blogs. Whether it is providing tips on healthy pregnancy, last weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy signs and more or busting your pregnancy fears, discussing weird pregnancy symptoms and more, they do it all for you and your beloved unborn or newborn.

  • Cord Life India Cord Life India, apparently, strongly believes in one life and one choice. This could be the prime reason why they have made such arduous efforts into loading you parents with bountiful of pregnancy information. There is almost as much here for moms-to-be during those pregnancy days, as for pops-to-be. So, learn and look after your pregnancy well.

  • Cherish 365 This one is almost literally a blog covering 365 of life, and parenting. Found between the two are feeds on pregnancy. Jennifer Borget, the maker and writer of Cherish 365, is a part-time journalist, and a full-time wife and mother. And she’s here to inspire you and help you make the most of everyday, something she follows herself.

  • My Baba My Baba provides daily scoops on family, food and lifestyle. Talking a lot about pregnancy, My Baba, aims at preparing pregnant parents for a healthy birth. You can find lots of detailed posts here on coping with various effects of pregnancy, including heat. There are many details here on fertility as well, and pregnancy fitness.

  • Pregnancy Exercise For a healthy and fit pregnancy, this blog called Pregnancy Exercises provides plenty exercises that moms-to-be can include in their daily routines. There are many interviews and chats around pregnancy exercises and fitness as well which will prove beneficial for you.

  • Birth Without Fear Birth Without Fear talks about labor and delivery and many things that revolve around it, for instance temper tantrums, antenatal depression, and more. There are also many stories here that you can read and relate with, while being on the brink of becoming a mother yourself, or already being a mother yourself.

  • The Spoiled Mama The Spoiled Mama talks about the luxury of being a mom and also about the luxury mom. You can find a lot on pregnancy fashion, dos and don’ts, tips and ideas, for starters. Then you can also pick food items and their nutritional value, along with mother gift ideas, and more.

  • Natural Birth And Baby Care Natural Birth And Baby Care’s blog discusses about pregnancy and parenting. The folks here seem quite understanding of an adult’s condition – both physical and mental – during and post pregnancy. And so, they endeavor at helping the parents with plenty information, details and ideas.

  • Conceive Plus This blog by Conceive Plus writes helpful tips and feeds on getting pregnant. Followed by that, they ensure people awaiting and attempting pregnancy stay motivated, which is the reason why they provide many success stories as well. There is a lot more you can learn about conceiving from Conceive Plus.

  • The Leaky Boob The Leaky Boob discusses about breastfeeding and the things revolving around it. There are many how-tos to help you walk through the phase easily. Also, to be read are many more posts here around post-pregnancy phase, parenting, postpartum depression, among many other things.

  • Lifetime Adoption Lifetime Adoption is about adopting. It is as much for those adopting as for those putting their babies for adoption. A lot can be learned about adoption through the detailed posts here, including adoption plans. There are also adoption stories for you to learn from and stay motivated.

  • Imperfect Parent Imperfect Parent provides plenty feeds on parenting. Hidden between the treasure here are these heartwarming and intriguing stories on pregnancy and giving birth. Though the posts here are limited, but then, sometimes it’s more about the quality than quantity. So, feel free to sneak a quick peek.

  • The Natural Parent Magazine The Natural Parent Magazine has a special dedicated section for pregnancy where they discuss all about pregnancy and birth. Women here can find details on mom body during and beyond pregnancy, including stuff on stretch marks, pregnancy stress, natural ways of having labor, pregnancy myths and a lot more.

  • Knocked-Up Fitness This blog by Knocked-Up Fitness is about pregnancy fitness. The folks here have loaded their blog with myriad tips, ideas, and exercises to help pregnant parents stay fit and calm for a natural birth. There are many interviews with experts here as well, all to help you gain as much knowledge as you possibly can.

  • BabyBerry Here is the blog by BabyBerry with many pregnancy tips and videos widely covering a to z of pregnancy, like pregnancy and maternity fashion including sarees, pregnancy cravings, pregnancy fitness, pregnancy mistakes, pregnancy diet and nutrition, pregnancy meditation, among many other things.

  • Body Belly Baby Here are the 3Bs that pregnant women often spend time thinking. These are, in no particular order, body, belly, and Baby. Taking care of all three is this blog called Body Belly Baby with details on looking after each through classes, exercises, massages, Pilates and more.

  • Plus Size Birth For the plus size moms-to-be, here’s the blog that will render you a wider view at pregnancy, covering everything around it, including plus-size babywear, nutrition tips for plus size women, plus size pregnancy stories, birth stories, and a lot more.

  • Mom’s The Word Mom’s The Word discusses about the bump and beyond. So, expect to find discussions on all sorts of clothing, both during pregnancy and post pregnancy, exercises during pregnancy, photographs, pregnant brain, and a lot more. Grab as much as you want from here.

  • RMA Of New York There is a lot pregnant parents can learn from this blog by RMA of New York. First, through those many discussions on embryos, including on patient with recurrent pregnancy loss; embryo transfers; among others; and also fertility. Besides, blogs on RMA of New York also offers guidance on matters related to infertility, IVF and more.

  • Prenatal Yoga Center Prenatal Yoga Center provides many blogs for moms-to-be. Apart from prenatal, this blog also talks about plenty other things including breastfeeding and epidurals, birth interventions, labor and delivery – during and pregnancy – mom stories and interviews, motherhood and more.

  • default Here’s a cool one, discussing experiences through confessions of a stay-at-home dad. There are lots of stories on the relationship between dad and son, and a completely opposite relationship of dad and daughters. Good thing is the dad here, aka Adrian, is kind of fun and quite quirky.

  • SCRC IVF Here’s the blog by Southern California Reproductive Center. This one discusses lots of treatments for getting pregnant, including laparoscopy, IVF and others. Apart from that, there are lots of talks about and around fertility, including egg freezing etc. That is not it. There is plenty more on pregnancy, considering the feeds here are coming from a reproductive center.

  • Sweet Miles Sweet Miles is a running and lifestyle blog that also discusses about pregnancy; and baby and motherhood. Sarah, the one behind this personal blog, relays her pregnancy story here. She reviews many maternity clothes as well. There are many things to read about baby showers too.

  • Giving Birth With Confidence Giving Birth With Confidence is a Lamaze blog for real women sharing and reading stories, finding answers, and simply supporting one another. This one prepares as much for birth as for post-delivery. There are many tips and tricks here to be had too, along with many news and stories.

  • This Mama Life This Mama Life is a blog about pregnancy, parenting, and lifestyle. There are lots of baby updates here from the Mama of this blog. Great thing is the Mama here shares the lookbooks of her baby, helping all you moms pick a trick or twenty on styling your kids.

  • The Birth Hour The Birth Hour is a birth story podcast. The categories of birth stories here run wide from adoption to waterbirth, cesarean to hypnobirthing, infertility to surrogate, homebirth to twins, loss to postpartum depression, VBAC TO Preemie, and more. There are blogs as well on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, among others.

  • Yoga Bellies Yoga Bellies writes about nurturing yoga for every life stage of women. There are lots of talks about Yoga and how it can benefit a comfortable birth. There are many yoga postures here as well which moms-to-be can practice daily, including those comforting them during many sorts of pains and ailments.

  • Positively Oakes On this section of Positively Oakes, Jess here, the author of this blog, discusses about pregnancy and parenting and family. You can expect to find and read blogs like tech products moms need, baby swaddles, nursing covers, pregnancy apparel, and a lot more.

  • Fearless Formula Feeder Fearless Formula Feeder presents formula feeder stories for new moms or second, third, nth time moms. Suzanne Barston is the writer of this blog. Earlier, she was the Editor-In-Chief of Los Angeles Family Magazine. She is also the author of Bottled Up – How The Way We Feed Babies Has Come To Define Motherhood, And Why It Shouldn’t.

  • Pregistry The Pulse By Pregistry is a blog that discusses the various sides of pregnancy in detail, including pregnancy cravings like those of wine, coffee, and chocolate, and whether they should be had or not. Among others are various conditions during pregnancy like swelling, opioid abuse, cesarean, and more.

  • Lilypod And Sweetpea Lilypod And Sweetpea is a blog by Jess, an apparently outnumbered mom and stepmom of boys. Though this blog begun as Jess’ way of documenting her pregnancy, today however it is a community bearing helpful advice and support, which is like the goodness of two in one.

  • Pregnancy After Loss Support We love it how this one talks about the pregnancy after loss. It says here that it is about ‘choosing hope over fear while nurturing grief’. Here’s to hope and ways of dealing with the loss by extending support in many ways. This one’s best when read than described.

  • Coco Mama Style Coco Mama Style brings you mamas a lot of style inspiration and there’s much for your bumps and babies too. From jewelries to accessories, essentials to apparels, Coco Mama Style has got you covered. Helen, the Editor of this blog, is a mama herself and a professional stylist. So, you know what’s coming to you is backed by professional experience and expertise.

  • B Baby Magazine B Baby Magazine provides plenty tips, ideas and feeds on pregnancy health. Consider most of your pregnancy health issues sorted with the blogs here, be them about better sleep or mindfulness, keeping your cool or exercises or any other thing during pregnancy.

  • Spoiled Yogi Spoiled Yogi talks about yoga, mostly prenatal yoga here. This blog is created and curated by Erica, a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. You can expect to find yoga poses here for each trimester individually, baby bonding in prenatal yoga, meditation for anxiety, and many other things.

  • Maternita Maternita is a maternity-concierge and baby planner. This blog here is mostly for German folks. Reason being most of the entries here are available in no other language but German. Still it never hurts to learn what they offer and how a maternity concierge and baby planner can help you as a neutral, independent consultant and facilitator.

  • First Encounters First Encounters provides ultrasound services. Through their blog here they discuss much of that, for instance – PGD and PGS, and about choosing gender, types of baby scans, and advices and suggestions on the same, ectopic pregnancy – its symptoms, causes, and impacts – among many other things.

  • Pregnancy To Parenting Pregnancy To Parenting provides information from health professionals. This blog brings a three-sixty-degree coverage on pregnancy, including feeds on stress and its effects on the pre, and present pregnancy; birth plans; depression during pregnancy; recipes; and tips for pregnancy health,; among other things.

  • Budding Smiles Hannah, the author of this blog called Budding Smiles, has two reasons to smile and one reason to be happy, that is she has two kids, aka the reason behind her smile, and a husband, the reason for her happiness. She shares a lot about the two on Budding Smiles, along with much on her life.

  • Northwell Fertility Northwell Fertility is a big name in reproductive and infertility medicine. It extensively researches on reproductive sciences. On the blog, they discuss about infertility and the ways of preventing it. There are also discussions about food that may impact fertility, and also those that can prevent infertility.

  • Mama Aligned The Mama Aligned is a body functional fitness and movement programme. On the blog, they discuss about movements that may impact pelvis, including the ones that would help creating more birth space in the pelvis, and more such movements and their benefits.

  • Birth Goddess Birth Goddess talks about that positive birth revolution. On their blog, they discuss about present and post pregnancy. There is enough motivation and spirituality here to keep you going. Also, there is plenty information to keep you informed on various things associated with pregnancy.

  • Yoga Janda Yoga Janda discusses yoga and pregnancy, many times individually, and still many times interconnectedly. You can expect to find details on postpartum depression, birth plan, cesarean, meditation, yoga, of course, prenatal yoga, labor and delivery, childbirth, and a lot more.

  • Frivolous Mama Erina, the Frivolous Mama, aka author of this blog, is a mama and a wife, in her words to a beardy husband, and she lives in North Hampshire. On her blog, she shares pieces of her life as a mama, rendering a wider view at parenting, and an experience certainly not worth a miss.

  • What Lola Likes What Lola Likes she shares on her blog. And by ‘she’ we mean Lauren, aka the author and curator of this blog. To look out for here, by mamas especially, is the section called ‘what baby likes’, where Luaren shares baby fashion, lookbooks and style inspirations: a must for your baby’s fashionable growth.

  • Lahlita Talita Sheedy, the author of this blog, is passionate about natural health, the reason why she studied and became a naturopath and started Lahlita Natural Medicine. On her baby naturopath blog, she presents her pregnancy journey, and also discusses about motherhood, breastfeeding, and more.

  • Pronatal Fitness Pronatal Fitness is inspired by love and informed by science, as it says on their website here. Discussing about fitness, this blog by Pronatal Fitness, provides tips on exercising during pregnancy; maternity leave and questions one should ask; skincare; nutrition tips; and more.

  • IVF Space IVF Space brings latest news from the IVF industry, including developments in the treatment and the industry. You can enhance your knowledge on not only IVF here, but also surrogacy, fertility, infertility, egg donation, sperm donation, clinics, and more, collectively discussing about pregnancy, and making a baby.

  • Tiffany Rose This blog by Tiffany Rose, a clothing brand dealing in maternity apparel, prepares moms-to-be for a fashionable journey to motherhood. You can find lots of inspiration here in the form of maternity styles and lookbooks, including a lot on celebrity maternity style as well.

Say Yay, moms-to-be, and moms per se. Now you have the most treasured wisdom on pre, present, and post pregnancy. It is like the best of all worlds, and your gateway to a healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal phase.

While the information here is plenty, courtesy all of these best hundred pregnancy blogs, the action, however, has to come from you. And we bear zero doubt about that. Reason being your love for the little one resting inside that bump, or yet, swinging serenely in your arms.

Make the most of it, dear ones.

And, do not forget to tell us how our efforts helped you in having a healthy pregnancy, and ultimately, a gorgeous, lovely, cute little one.


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