Best 100 Political Blogs List Every Citizen Needs To Read

Best 100 Political Blogs

These Best Political blogs are the torchbearers leading citizens, natives and residents of a nation to facts and data on the current political events and scenario, and politics and politicians per se of their country and the world at large.

It is through top politics blogs that the bloggers and writers with anywhere between little to abundant experience in the industry and background connecting them to politics, share their opinions on the state of politics and the political state. Such opinions help natives and people around the globe get a better idea of and newer perspective/s on the profile of the state, country and world at large, that is mostly politically driven.

We, at Worlds Best 100, have done our job herein at sharing the worlds top 100 political blogs list for you, while sharing a brief insight on the contents. These blogs are ranked on the basis of relevance.

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  • Reddit Reading politics from Reddit is like reading the best off the web in one single place. Loaded with new and latest updates from the political world with plenty opinions strong enough to widen the perspectives, Reddit’s top political blog is a remarkable way to stay updated.

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  • Political Ticker The infamous CNN presents the Political Ticker, tickling your cravings for latest political news and updates. With feeds vastly covering congress, security, the nine, trumpmerica and the state, Political Ticker brings the grand updates on world and what all is broiling inside the political bit of it.  

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  • NY Times By the renowned NY Times, here’s the quick fix of politics you need on the goon this one of the best political blog ever. What’s brewing in which part of the US and what all our political leaders are up to can all be tracked from this wide array of political feeds from the NY Times.  

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  • the Guardian The Guardian presents its coverage on politics and politicians while presenting the latest political news. To help you stay updated, the folks at The Guardian also share live feeds when covering a major piece of news. Keep a tab on this one, you never know what you’ll find, perhaps almost always a noteworthy update from the political world.  

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  • Huffington Post The intellects and journalists at the Huffington Post presents opinions, thoughts and views o politics and latest news from the political world with us news seekers. Many interesting personalities with various backgrounds also share their views, which ultimately make for a fulfilling read. Check-out this top political blog now.

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  • Telegraph Opinion by The Telegraph shares insights from the political world. Loaded with feeds revolving around politics and politicians, and reloaded frequently with recent updates, the Telegraph presents unique Telegraph view on politics, while remarkably covering ‘this day’. Have a look.

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  • WSJ The Wall Street Journal’s dedication to politics brings in view the latest events in the political world and key insights covering and on those events. Washington Wire by The Wall Street Journal is just right the place to grab an informal look at the capital. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

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  • Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times brings essential political news from the USA. Presenting the view as tides of the political world go high and low, Los Angeles Times helps its readers and seekers of politic updates gain a wider view, and most importantly a deeper insight.

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  • Politico Politico is a top political blog list bringing a lot to its readers, be it on print or digitally, including readers across the globe. For the ones who love to stay updated, and perhaps need their political feed first thing in the morning, Politico fetches the morning report, and many feeds on politics and policy.

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  • The Atlantic By way of its politics blog The Atlantic presents the future of American idea. From supreme court to congress, the presence of justice to policies, The Atlantic covers the world of politics and the politics in country widely and extensively.  

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  • Wired Wired, the essential science and tech blog, bestows the same excellence and expertise to politics and security by covering and presenting striking new updates. This amazing & one of the best political blog lists criminal justice, privacy, incompetence and more while presenting insightful opinions.  

alexa 1,129
  • Vox Politics and Policy updates by Vox is incredible. Bringing interesting facts and updates to light, Vox doesn’t shy away from presenting the volatile updates from the political world as well. So, take a leap and see all that Vox has shared and all that’s updated regularly.  

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  • FiveThirtyEight What is the USA appearing like when seen from the political lenses? Some of the answers rests inside FiveThirtyEight’s top political blog. From the trump administration to nuclear weapons, election to health care and more, FiveThirtyEight has covered the latest intriguingly.

alexa 2,744
  • Salon Politics on Salon is both read worthy and watch worthy. The current happenings in the political world, the kinds that us politic followers are looking forward to read more about are covered and presented on Salon. All that our political leaders in the USA are up to is shared vastly here.  

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  • Daily Kos Daily Kos extensively covers the political world, bringing latest updates on Donald Trump, health care, republicans, senate, elections and more, covering almost every fraction of new reports found in the prevailing politics. Siffle through the posts here to get a wider view on political matter impacting USA. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

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  • The Root The Root presents black news, opinions, politics and culture. On politics The Root shares feeds covering new updates and events in the political world, including about politicians and their activities that are affecting or may affect the country, and at times the world.  

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  • PoliticusUSA Founded in February 2008 by Jason Easley, who is now the Editor in Chief, PoliticusUSA is one of the best political blog that lists corporate-free political news and analysis. Coming across as a blog by people who truly care about sharing the news makes it one remarkable blog to follow.

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  • Political Insider Political Insider by AJC is a blog about Atlanta politics, Georgia politics, Georgia and Atlanta election campaigns, because as they say, all politics is local. For seekers of politics news from Atlanta, Political Insider is the apt place to look into.  

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  • Real Clear Politics Here’s one of those top political blogs bearing power-packed name and power-packed feeds. Real Clear Politics presents latest news on politics and policy, bringing wide array of viewpoints and coverages, through morning and afternoon edition, covering political landscape, congress and more.

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  • Boing Boing News from USA politics appears intriguingly on Boing Boing. Almost all of everything that makes the US politics, from republicans to elections, current events to happenings, senate to the President, policies to politicians, Boing Boing’s writers and editors share the latest news on and about all.

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  • Talking Points Memo From mini to big you’ll find all kinds of blogs covering politics and politicians on Talking Points Memo. Talking Points Memo lists all top political blogs over the web. Presenting livewire, live chat and editor’s blog, Talking Points Memo subtly proves why it’s different than the rest. Finally, owing to its ‘don’t miss’ section, it sure is one blog you might want not to miss.

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  • National Review Here’s The Corner on the world wide web you ought to check out. By National Review it’s ‘the one and only’ that provides new national updates, many from the political corner, including security, fed and federalism, U.N. and a lot more.

alexa 6,385
  • Think Progress Think Progress presents myriad blogs based on the recent coverage of politics in the USA, mostly, though the world is covered often too. It’s the conglomeration of major activities shaping the political world and the progress made under and over those activities is what’s primarily presented on Think Progress. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

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  • Mother Jones Winner of the Magazine of The Year Award 2017 by the American Society of Magazine Editors, Mother Jones is a reader-supported non-profit news organization. It does independent and investigative reporting on politics among other things. This blog on politics presents top news bringing latests in politics right at your screens.  

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  • The Gateway Pundit The Gateway Pundit was started in late 2004, and today it is one of the top political blog websites. TY learn about all that’s trending today, hop right on the The Gateway Pundit news wagon, that is the blog and quench your thirst for staying constantly updated with the events of the political world.  

alexa 7,956
  • White House White House’s content is perhaps the one to read and watch out for in order to learn firsthand news of USAs politics and government initiatives. There are top issues to read about here along with the administration, including about executive offices and special events.  

alexa 10,396
  • PJ Media PJ Media presents the latest in news and politics from the USA and around the world. It’s trending section is perhaps a respite for the followers of politics genre. Get to know all that’s breaking the grounds in American and international politics easily through Trending on PJ Media. Check-out this top political blog now.

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  • Hot Air Hot Air, the politics blog, presents headlines and then, some more headlines. If that might put you in haze thinking about what to read first and what second, the folks at Hot Air have made the right arrangements by fetching the trending.

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  • Sun Times Chicago Sun Times bring the latest politics news from Chicago. Latest stories both from the common people to the bureaucrats are shared on the Sun Times one of the best political blog ever, being frequently updated with every passing day, so you get the top feeds from Chicago with minimal efforts.  

alexa 13,903
  • Politico Politico, here from Europe, presents the latest news on Brussels, the commission, parliament and council. Besides that it presents latest updates on Brexit, foreign affairs, home affairs and politics, of course. There are also updates on policies from Europe that you can pick to read.

alexa 15,220
  • Reason Reason speaks of free minds and free markets. This top political blog here is called Hit & Run and provides updates on the ongoings of the political world, who’s behind what and what’s keeping who busy, the policies in the making and more are all discussed here on Reason.  

alexa 16,454
  • Twitchy Twitchy helps seekers of latest updates on US politics by providing the same frequently and fantastically. Serving opinions and thoughts with the detailed news this one makes reading about and watching politics, further supported by varied thoughts, a cakewalk.

alexa 17,139
  • Crooks And Liars With the name like this one, that is Crooks and Liars, it is likely your interest at reading politics would be piqued. At Crooks and Liars, you can not only lay your hands at the latest political news but also the ‘now buzzing’, making it a must-read one of the best political blog.

alexa 18,300
  • The Spectator The Spectator presents the Coffee House with all the mind boggling political news and updates. From most popular to Mr. Steerpike’s Sidebar of Shame, this one has all the right elements interest and engage you, while feeding you with the newest details.

alexa 22,641
  • News Busters News Busters speaks of exposing and combating liberal media bias. On that note, watch and read the latests in politics by some talented writers and presenters. Almost all the trending topics are also brilliantly covered here. For more, read columns by various intriguing journalists and writers here at News Busters, one of the best political blog ever.    

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  • Macleans Macleans has myriad authors discussing about politics, and covering major places from Washington to Ottawa, and USA to the whole world. Packed by plenty opinions Macleans politics blog reports all the latest happening and events, while presenting opinions freely and brilliantly.

alexa 26,041
  • Weekly Standard Here’s the Weekly Standard one of the best political blog with its weekly, we mean, daily updates on politics, reported and presented by various authors. Having said that, there are also many reports to be read, and podcasts to be heard, all on politics and politicians.  

alexa 31,938
  • Wonkette Wonkette calls itself the international home of resistance. On that note, we can’t help but commend the way latest political feeds are presented here. Intriguing as that is, the feeds presented here range widely from coverage on congress to elections courts to national politics to POTUS among others.

alexa 31,940
  • The Daily Signal The Daily Signal presents analysis, news and commentary on politics. Under news is shared the details about recent events and happenings in the USA political world. While commentary widely presents opinions and thoughts on various events by myriad writers of The Daily Signal one of the best political blog ever.  

alexa 32,258
  • Power Line Blog Power Line Blog provides feeds covering politics in a rather intriguing way. We are primarily referring to the titles the folks here put to describe the content inside a blog feed. Second, it is the details that presented under plenty of those feeds that are the absolute mind-bender.  

alexa 32,863
  • Guido Fawkes For those of us looking to read fresh politic stories, Guido Fawkes is one of the best political blogs to look into. Vividly different, this blog features updates and feeds that are likely to offer an alter perspective, making you wonder for a moment or twenty.

alexa 33,762
  • Political Wire Founded by Taegan Goddard, who has a decade of experienceas the managing director and chief operating officer of an investment firm in the New York City, Political Wire presents such political news as is varied and surprising at times, but totally worth reading.

alexa 34,664
  • MoveOn MoveOn one of the top political blog list presents democracy in action. Helping readers start and sign petitions, MoveOn treads towards social causes. About feeds this one shares stories and feeds covering MoveOn’s initiatives and news from the political world. MoveOn as an entity is an independent, digitally-connected organizing group in the USA.

alexa 42,113
  • Jihad Watch Robert Spencer is the Director of Jihad Watch and an author of seventeen books, two of which were New York Times bestsellers. On Jihad Watch the team endeavors to share the deeds done in the darkness and that they discontinue over a period of time.

alexa 43,783
  • Pamela Geller Pamela Geller, the name behind this one of the best political blog list, is also the founder, editor and publisher of The Geller Report. On this blog she shares latest news and her views around it, which coming from an author of two books broadly covering politics and a regular columnist of numerous publications are worth a read.  

alexa 44,170
  • The Political Insider The Political Insider mentions about offering a different view, from a team that is not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom. Here they share the latest details on politics, cover the events while presenting their varied views, ideas and opinions.

alexa 44,574
  • Wayne Dupree Wayne Dupree, the man and name behind this blog, is also a member of Project 21, a contributor to the political insider, Headline Politics among others. Here on his blog he discusses about politics, Donald Trump, and world affair and more with a peculiar writing style and of course, thought process. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

alexa 46,948
  • Activist Post Activist Post speaks of propaganda for peace, love and liberty. On that note, presented in terms of news and opinions on the Activist Post are feeds covering multiple fields like liberty, war, and activism among others, that is the prime categories falling under politics.

alexa 47,256
  • The Right Scoop For those on a lookout for The Right Scoop, both the blog and the meaning behind the name of this top political blog, are up to be welcomed with breaking news. Along with that, there are trending, top topics worth a read, ranked and presented here for quick pick.

alexa 50,028
  • Truthdig Truthdig believes in drilling between the headlines. When that sounds fascinating, the blogs feeds on Truthdig are more so, considering all those vastly intriguing opinions. So, dig deeper into this blog and you will be pleasantly fascinated further with the findings.

alexa 77,133
  • Balloon Juice Balloon Juice brings intriguing political updates and opinions from a myriad of writers with various backgrounds. The observations and opinions shared here by the writers lends a varied idea on the prevailing political scenario, while often being downright incredible. Check-out this top political blog now.

alexa 77,772
  • Washington Monthly Washington Monthly presents the political animal. Besides that, it also provides top stories covering politics of the USA. That is not all for there’s more under Republic 3.0. And inside each are latest, many mindboggling stories offering a deeper insight, a lot through coverage and a lore more through opinions.

alexa 86,736
  • Politics Politics shares latest news on politics and politicians, goes without saying. More that it offers on top of that are comments, analysis, features, interviews and reviews. You know what we are talking about. That is not all, for there are videos sharing and helping building an opinion. Visit this one of the best political blog now.  

alexa 87,581
  • Wings Over Scotland Wings Over Scotland soars above Scottish Politics as it mentions here. It is a Scottish political media digest, offering commentary and analysis, and covering political news, making it an apt space online to visit when in need of feeds on Scottish politics.  

alexa 89,869
  • Crikey Australian for independent journalism, Crikey, is more than just a word. It is an independent digital news and commentary publication, in operation for the last seventeen years. For you folks, looking for inside word on what’s going on in politics and government, this is where to look on this one of the best political blog ever.  

alexa 113,118
  • Feministing Run by and for young feminists, Feministing is an online community offering sharp, uncompromising feminist analysis of politics among other things. The posts here come from over a dozen editors, columnists and interns. So, you know the news and analysis here will be vivid and intriguing.

alexa 121,512
  • iPolitics Politics on iPolitics is engaging. The feeds here cover the latest events and happenings in the political world. Concisely discussions on iPolitics run between federal, provincial, cities, and international. From news to opinions to briefs, the feeds and their presentation here are true mind-benders. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

alexa 124,354
  • Conservative Home Conservative Home is the home of conservatism, goes without saying. It’s easy to catch the highlights on politics here. And so is to catch updates and news on local government. For those days when more is the need, pick a couple of interviews here to read.

  • American Historical Association Here’s the American Historical Association for you, because everything has a history. Presented here are updates and news on the American Historical Association with member spotlight and interviews, and also plenty opinions and views that would propel a thought or twenty. Check-out this top political blog now.  

alexa 154,865
  • Red Alert Politics The things that are happening in the current political scenario are discussed on Red Alert Politics. It is the opinions however that steal the show here. They are strong enough to force you to think beyond the current realms of politics. They are thought-provoking and ripe.  

alexa 156,862
  • Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin is the woman behind this top political blog that’s got her name. She is a conservative syndicated columnist and an author of six books. With such credentials her opinions certainly hold value and are worth reading to help enhance our own understanding of the current political scenario.  

alexa 159,433
  • The Cook Political Report An independent non-partisan newsletter analyzing elections and campaigns for the government majorly the US House of representatives, Senate, Governors and President, The Cook Political Report was founded in 1984. It also analyzes American political trends. So, watch out as they share analyst’s latest among other things.

alexa 192,312
  • LabourList LabourList presents news, views and debate about the center left. The folks here believe that UK is best served by a Labour Government. Launched in 2009 Labour List one of the best political blog shares opinions and news on the local government and also cover Scotland, Wales and the unions.

alexa 228,057
  • Little Green Footballs Little Green Footballs has been providing unique stories and opinion on politics among other things for sixteen years now. It was founded by Charles Johnson in 2004 who was a successful musician and is an accomplished programmer and system administrator.

alexa 229,940
  • Shadow Proof The presentation of Shadow Proof if anything, sure is intriguing. For example consider the dissenter, prison protest, sharp edges, and the bullpen making the major categories to surf here. Under each are powerful features worth reading and learning plenty from. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

alexa 243,399
  • Slugger O’Toole Slugger O’toole is a lot about conversation, politics and stray insights. It is an award-winning news and opinion portal taking a critical look at political politics in Ireland and Britain. Mike Fealty is the founding editor of Slugger O’Toole.

alexa 261,245
  • America Blog America Blog presents news, because it says, a great nation deserves the truth. Grab the top stories here covering US politics along with Trump and Russia on this one of the best political blog. When that’s done, and you feel like it’s time to act, you may consider signing the petitions here.

alexa 308,907
  • Miami Herald Miami Herald presents naked politics. Bringing vastly engaging opinions around latest political events and political situation, Miami Herald’s Naked Politics enhances the understanding by covering legislature, politicians, cabinet, court, and election among other things.

alexa 333,546
  • Left Foot Forward Left Foot Forward widely covers economy, public services, social security, immigration, sustainability and Europe. That said, you can read latest news from each of these fields with hard-hitting evidence based analysis of British politics, policy and current affairs shared extensively on Left Foot forward which is a top political blog list for progressives.  

alexa 345,826
  • Hugh Lewitt Professor Hugh Hewitt, the man behind this blog is a lawyer, law professor and broadcast journalist. He is also an author of about a dozen books, including two New York Times bestsellers. Read his views and opinions on current politics here on the blog.  

alexa 361,562
  • Liberal Democratic Voice An independent website by and for liberal democracy supporters, Liberal Democratic Voice is sure not the one paid by trade unions and millionaires. It is run by volunteers, collectively including Liberal Democrat members, activists and bloggers. That said, these top political blogs here sure demand your attention and bear impressive new thoughts.

alexa 369,038
  • Political Research Associates Political Research Associates here speak of challenging the right and advancing social justice. In operation since 1981, Political Research Associates produce investigative research and analysis on the U.S. right, thereby suggesting social justice and defending human rights. Here they have shared myriad resources, and discussed plenty issues calling your interest.  

alexa 402,402
  • Center For Politics By University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, it’s the Sabato’s Crystal ball. It bears the opinions of folks at the centre, offering a new perspective on past and current political events. Give it a read to see what thinkers here have got to say about the world of politics. Check-out this top political blog now.

alexa 584,256
  • Colorado Pols Colorado Pols provides feeds on politics and news and brings inside information. On that note, pick the coverage on campaign and politics, discussing about Colorado Senate and Colorado House along with many representatives. And then there are discussions on issues which go far and wide.

alexa 648,629
  • Flopping Aces Flopping Aces ins you on active discussions, bearing top political blog posts with most interest from other readers. The blogposts mentioned here have both a sunny side and a grey side to them. That said the feeds here brings latest political updates from the USA, while presenting many fascinating observations and thoughts.

alexa 985,037
  • John Redwoods Diary John Redwoods Diary presents opinions and coverage on incisive and topical campaigns, while offering commentary on the present day issues and also the problems of tomorrow. John Redwood, the man behind this blog, is a businessman who has also chaired a manufacturing company. He was also Chief Policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher in mid 1980s.  

alexa 1,106,644
  • Wizbang Blog A new media network, Wizbang focuses on news, politics and entertainment. The dialogue and discussion on this one of the best political blog here cover the political arena vastly, bringing captivating feeds that often appear downright honest. Having said that, the opinions here are nothing short of commendable.

alexa 1,281,635
  • TalkLeft TalkLeft apparently talks about the politics of crime. It’s your online source for liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. Bringing to you the latest political updates it presents direct feeds, easy on the mind yet completely mindboggling.

alexa 1,291,092
  • Labour Uncut Labour Uncut takes you inside labour injustice. As enticing as that sounds, the contents of Labour Uncut are all the more intriguing. On the ‘inside’ it is fascinating and under the ‘grassroots’ it is totally engaging. This one’s a keeper folks. Check-out this top political blog now.

alexa 1,297,941
  • Howey Politics Howey Politics Indiana is published by Howey Media LLC. The company is run by Brian A. Howey, who is a third generation Hoosier Journalist, and has a passion for political science and history. Howey Politics here is a nonpartisan political news website featuring analysis and commentary by Howey and various contributing columnists.

alexa 1,330,670
  • Y’all Politics Y’all Politics is one of those top politics blog that feeds you with intriguing information without consuming much of your time. Sounds just like your kind of blog? Well, it might just be. Check out their latest coverage, featured blog posts and press releases for quick updates.

alexa 1,375,697
  • Colorado Peak Politics Colorado’s conservative bully pulpit, in their words, this is Colorado Peak Politics, featuring latest politics news from Colorado. Along with that is presented fresh off the mind opinions that help ‘think hard’ while being easy on information. Perplexed? Reason enough for you to take a quick visit to Colorado Peak Politics.  

alexa 1,518,333
  • Iain Dale Iain Campbell Dale, the name and brain behind this one of the best political blog, is the host of a regular show on London’s LBC 97.3. Also a publisher, broadcaster and former conservative party politician, plus a couple more credential makes reading from him about politics, a worthwhile investment of your time.

alexa 1,612,510
  • Liberal Advocate Liberal Advocate is the place with news stories, opinions and articles written and presented by democrats, liberals and independents, for democrats and liberals and independents. To read here are the abovementioned on politics, elections, white house, congress, democrats, republicans, and states.

alexa 1,713,760
  • Tim Worstall Tim Worstall, the name and brain of this top political blog, has works that are published in The Times, and has been a long-term contributor to TCS Daily, while also blogging for The Business. From a person with these and many other varied experiences, reading about politics and views and opinions on current events is indeed quite engaging.

alexa 1,837,798
  • Buzz Machine Buzz Machine is a blog by Jeff Jarvis, an author. He is also professor and director of the Tow-Knight Center, and advices media companies, startups and foundations. With many more credentials and experiences, he writes Buzz Media sharing his opinions on current political events and scenario.

alexa 2,891,825
  • Lazulu Lazulu believes in free speech for everyone. Basis that, this one of the best political blog ever offers myriad feeds on politics ranging between conservative, the freemen report, and liberal. The best part is updates on politics are frequently posted, so getting your dose of latest updates is pretty easy here.  

alexa 3,423,766
  • Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie Ken Rudin of the Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie is a veteran political analyst who has been the eyes and ears of National Public Radio’s political coverage, as it says here, working as NPR political editor for most of past twenty years. As a weekly show Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie presents political news and moments from political history, hosted by, of course, Ken Rudin.  

alexa 3,588,222
  • Three Hundred Eight A nonpartisan site, Three Hundred Eight is committed to reporting on polls. You may want to look at their methodologies before digging deeper into this one of the best political blog which provides provincial political coverage, along with federal riding histories.  

alexa 4,224,404
  • Alastair Campbell Alastair Campbell is a writer, strategist and a communicator known mostly for his role as spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. His association with politics is still strong, which makes reading from him about politics an experience.

alexa 5,153,226
  • My Daily Dose My Daily Dose presents politics on the platter news and updates from the political world. Though the updates on this top political blog here show an uneven graph in terms of frequency of posts, reading the ones shared do render an interesting point of view.  

alexa 5,874,170
  • Prime Point Prime Point presents interesting insights on Indian politics. Sharing news and opinions through blog posts at times the folks at Prime Point offers updates by way podcasts too. Authored by K. Srinivasan, who is a communication consultant and a social activist.

alexa 6,373,395
  • Anna Raccoon Susanne Nundy, aka Anna Raccoon, who was a defender of liberty, freedom and truth, sadly passed away in her sleep in August, 2017. This is a tribute to her, and a way of restoring and sharing most of her work from the original Anna Raccoon website. You may read her work here, ranging from political poetry to politics to money and much more. Check-out this top political blog now.

alexa 7,507,906
  • CQ Politics CQ Politics, called here Roll Call, discusses latests in politics with an easy presentation of data. What’s more? It’s the opinion and analysis, which apparently are two enticing cherries on this cake. Bestowed with distinct views they help ideate well and look at things from a newer perspective.

alexa 7,793,971
  • Political Reform Political Reform is an Irish Politics Forum, a PSAI blog with discussions on politics, policies and political reform. To pick here are myriad feeds and pieces of information covering constitution, committee system, election, government reform, local government and judicial reform among others. Visit this one of the best political blog now.

alexa 10,907,050
  • The Politics Guys The politics guys in the Politics Guys are Michael Baranowski, Jay Carson and Trey Orndorff. Each with a background bringing politics in the picture renders reading this blog a sure shot way of feeding yourself some new opinions and views and updates capable of presenting a newer picture.

alexa 11,854,276
  • Old North State Politics Old North State Politics presents discussions of North Carolina politics. A top political blog by Dr. Michael Bitzer, the Old North State Politics provides random political ramblings on southern and American Politics. So, tag along to learn more about the abovementioned segments of politics in the USA.  

alexa 18,862,082
  • Alberta Liberal Party Here’s the site of Alberta Liberal Party providing information on politics per se while discussing about liberal party, definitions of various political terms, myriad examples, plus feeds on policy, comparisons and more. Catch the details on Alberta Liberal Party here too.  

alexa 19,862,083
  • Gary Has Issues Gary Has Issues is a top socio-political blog, discussing primarily about, of course, socio-political issues and covering socio-political news. Gary Kroeger, the man behind this one of the best political blog is creative at an advertising agency, and also an actor, writer, columnist, TV host, voice over artist and producer among others.

alexa 29,862,083
  • Not Legally Broken Not Legally Broken is a blog by Lorena Michelen who shares her opinions on various actions taken by the President and his administration, while discussing about current events. Here, she also tries to explain legal frameworks and structures, as she politely mentions, in a simpler way.

The best of politics is all up there for you to read, view and review. The best of politics bloggers with their intrepid opinions and engaging coverage on current political events and scenario makes for every bit of your time spent. For of course, a citizen, a resident of a state, a native of a country, should know what his/her leaders are upto and what they are leading him/her to along with other natives.

So, while you dig deeper inside each of these top political blogs for information and facts and data and point of views, do help us learn how that and this information aided you. We’ll be looking forward to your feed down at the comments.



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