Best 100 Photography Blogs List With Best Photography Hacks

Top Photography Blogs

These Best Photography Blogs are the galore of magnificent photos captured by talented photographers; such photographers as an epitome of generosity who share their knowledge, experience, and acquired wisdom in the form of tips and tricks, useful tools, design trends, interviews, opinions, photography equipment, Light-room tips, photography hacks, photo inspirations, and so much more from their particular genres.

To help all you photographer folks, and photography enthusiasts make the most of your passion for photography, here we have curated a list of top photography blogs.

These have been picked off the internet after great scrutiny and analyses, all with one prime interest of bringing the best to you.

So, go ahead, dive in.

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  • Shutterstock The infamous content licensing website, majorly images, is here on our lists of best hundred photography blogs for its myriad helpful feeds. For photography enthusiasts, there is a lot to learn from here, like tips and tutorials on design, images and more; design trend reports, inspiration et al.

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  • Digital Photography Review Here’s a pretty substantial top Photography blog for followers, and pursuers of digital photography. What you can expect to find here are digital photography gear reviews, useful tools, among other things. Those other things widely include techniques, videos, interviews, opinions, show reports, book reviews, tips, photography news, to name a few.  

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  • Peta Pixel Let’s begin with Peta Pixels podcasts. There are over two hundred podcasts here, with many discussing about incredible photography tips, and even techniques. It’s one of the best bets for photographers to learn the whys and hows and hacks of photography, including much about photography equipment and tools.

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  • Fstoppers Fstoppers could easily be compared to those couture fashion show’s showstoppers. From editing to photography tricks, this one has you covered. In fact, it has you sorted for much more. Interesting discussions from the industry, including films, from the latest or upcoming events involving photography.Reach out for this top Photography blogs now.

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  • PhotoShelter PhotoShelter is your one stop for news from the photo industry, best Photography industry blogs, along with plenty resources, like guides and databases. Expect to find feeds covering business of photography, and business through photography; gears info and more; photo inspiration with something called ‘who shot it better’, among plenty other things.

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  • Digital Photography School Best things usually catch the eye first. And to help you begin with the best, here’s a tip. We say, start with the tips here. Digital Photography School has brilliantly begun by laying down tips for the beginners. That is followed by tips for folks interested in portrait photography and landscape photography.  

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  • Creative Live Creative Live’s photo and video blog is an inspiration in itself. The photo challenges here make us crave for more, simply for the sheer pleasure of staring at such creative genius. Then, looking at all those ideas, tips, Photography blogs, interesting introductions and feeds, that are nothing short of phenomenal, make our days run so much better.  

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  • Photography Life Being represented and worked by tremendously talented and experienced professionals, Photography Life is a blog that you should be visiting soon. Beginners and professionals alike can find plenty useful tips for either; including advanced photography tutorials, wildlife photography tips, post-processing tips, best Photography blogs and lots more.  

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  • DIY Photography DIY Photography is a powerhouse of photography feeds, all incredibly helpful, and brilliantly useful. Take the tutorials for example. Or DIYs. Or photography news. There is no dearth of photography wisdom being shared here. Even gears, their how-tos, and more are a major aid for every photographer. Browse this best Photography blog now.  

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  • EyeEM To have your fix of weekly best photography, visit EyeEm. Gabs on various followable facts, and reasons behind doing so, make just a small chunk of this massively potent photoblog. Consider inspiration off new talents. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Consider again, only this time market trends and how much you need to know more about this top Photography blog.

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  • 360 Cities 360 Cities stocks 360 degrees panoramic images for masses to benefit from, topped by videos for VR. That’s what they bring. What they offer, on the other hand, are interesting articles about VR, amazing shots, editor’s photo picks for inspiration and widening your horizons, among many other things. Check out this top blog now.  

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  • 1X Since we are reading about best photo blogs of 2018, why not begin with photos on this photoblog. Something mind-numbing, something awe-inspiring, something magnificent, and something beyond creativity. That is the kind of photographs you are most likely to witness on 1X, classified under myriad categories, that is for genre followers.

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  • The Phoblographer The Phoblographer brings the psychology of creative photography to the screen near you. Seriously, there is a lot to learn from this best Photography blog. For instance, tips, lots of them, some even from pro photographers like Ira Block, National Geographic Photographer. For another instance, news, which carries the latest model updates, websites to use, and more.  

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  • iPhone Photography School When the difference between iPhone photography and DSLR photography, for beginners let’s say, becomes minimal, that is where we applaud iPhone Photography School. Like clicking mind-blowing portraits from your iPhone, say with a blurry background, which has much of the same clarity as that of a DSLR-clicked portrait. Check this cool photography blog now.

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  • Sigma Photo How do you fancy lenses? What if we said, there is one place which can help you understand them better? Alright, though Sigma Photo’s blog list talks a lot about Sigma lenses, it’s a good place to gather knowledge nonetheless, considering it’s coming from the pros, who have been making lives of photographers much easier since long.

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  • Popular Photography Popular Photography is a top class photography blog rendering you a better hand at photography. How? With its multiple feeds list covering buying guides for both cameras and lenses, detailed how-to guides helping you master the technique, plenty inspiration off photo galleries, among many other things.

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  • Light Stalking Light Stalking calls photographers and photography enthusiasts for improving their photography with folks at Light Stalking’s photography blog. A long list of what to learn a lot about the photography and photographers, and photographer’s photography, Light Stalking here talks about cameras and lens, tools, how-tos, and more.

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  • Expert Photography Expert Photography has by far extended the widest tutorial aid. There’s a lot for beginners. There’s plenty for you folks to master photography composition. There are myriad photography techniques. There is latest news. There are many interviews, and gear reviews, and recommendations, and more.

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  • Photo Jojo Photo Jojo shares many photography techniques to help photographers click that picture worth a thousand words. And to back that up with ideas, the folks at Photo Jojo have also put lots up on their best photography blog list for inspiration. Between that to help you get the most off your skills, they have discussed many gears and their benefits.  

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  • Adora Mapix Photos that make our hearts go melting are the ones worth viewing. These are the kinds you will find on Adora Mapix. This top photography blog showcases list of myriad inspirational photos, from various talented photographers. Between that to help you pro your photography skills, this best photography blog relays many tips too.

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  • Samy’s Samy’s is a top photography blog that carries incredible list of inspiration. Take professional photographer files, and famous photographers for instance, the very beings who can lift any photographer’s spirit and inspire them for good. Then, of course to master our game and use our skills to the best, this one has shared tips and tricks, gear reviews, videos and more.

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  • Eric Kim Photography Eric Kim Photography is the kind of best photography list blog that leaves the reader both in awe, and awe-inspired. For photographers that means loads of inspiration, and aplenty lessons from the masters of the industry. Amidst this, it also means grabbing more details on street photography and personal photography.

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  • ORMS Direct ORMS Direct is a photographers safe haven, where they can enter serenely and take bags of wisdom with them as they leave. The whole idea of learning through these photography blogs can really be marvelled at through ORMS Direct’s photography blog bearing how-tos, film photography, inspiration and more.

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  • Lightroom Killer Tips First, must we talk about some quick list & tips? Yes, we know you need them, because we know we do. Scott is the mind behind Lightroom Killer Tips. He is a photographer and author from Florida. There is a lot that Scott has shared here off on this top photography blogs, his experience and knowledge, a lot that we folks can benefit from.  

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  • Photo Focus This top class photography blog called Photo Focus focuses on list of plenty things in the realm of photography. One, photography per se, shooting photos, photography gears and lighting. Two, gear guides. Three, news from the industry. Four, gear guides. Five, learning photography, HDR, Lightroom. And more.  

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  • The Photo Argus The Photo Argus is a smart & best photography blog to visit for resources, like lists, DIYs, tutorials, books, ideas, tools, and more. It is also a place to enter for inspiration, beautiful, stunning pictures. Between that, it never hurts to gain more tips, guides, how-tos, gear guides et al.

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  • FroKnows Photo FroKnows Photo shows something called 5 min portrait. It also offers many quick tips. Behind that are beginner’s guides, video guides, flash guides, video editing guides. Apart from that, you may like to get latest photo news, reviews, read interviews, among list of other various things.

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  • Junebug Weddings June Bug Weddings is majorly a wedding blog that also is bitten by the Photobug. The Photobug blog here showcases phenomenal photos from many pro and renowned wedding photographers. So, if wedding photography is your thing, The Photobug blog by Junebug Weddings is the apt place for you.

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  • PDN Pulse PDN Pulse makes for a top photography blog, something that swoons you with its photography knowledge and ingenious. If you fancy reading, about photography of course, they have listed and hinted some brilliant reads. Feel free to take the cue, and learn as much as you want.

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  • Photography Concentrate For photography hobbyists, photography pros, and folks thinking about and working towards becoming a pro, here’s what you need to read. Lauren and Rob, the creators of this top photography blog, and also the fellows whose life changed with photography, share ideas, how-tos, what’s and a lot more on Photography Concentrate.  

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  • ISO 1200 Matt, the mind behind ISO 1200, admittedly loves photography. What you are likely to find here are many hands-on reviews; plenty useful tips and hacks; hows and whats of photography equipments, both individually and together; and much more, making one of the top photography blog worth reading.

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  • Clickin Moms Promising to offer better photography one day at a time, the Clickin Moms is pretty cool photography blog dedicated mostly to photographer moms, or moms who love to click. So, if you are a mom, and have been on a lookout for ideas, tips, hacks and more, here’s where to look.  

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  • Stuck In Customs Stuck In Customs is Trey Ratcliff’s way of sharing his love for photography. So deep is his love, that being blind in one eye hasn’t come in his way to becoming a photographer. Calling that a gift, Trey comes off as a pretty humble guy who shares HDR tutorials, reviews, his photo adventures among other things on this best photography blog.

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  • Chase Jarvis Having created plenty still and moving pictures, many for himself and still many for others, Chase Jarvis is a photographer and author, creator of this top rated photography blog list. Slightly humorous, much talented, Chase Jarvis and his photography blog is a delight to both watch and read. Watch for the inspiration. Read for the knowledge. In the end, it’s all sorted!

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  • Flickr One of the best sites online today for storing, organizing, and sharing photos, Flickr’s is a blog photographers and photography enthusiasts might strongly consider following. Packed with pictures, lists, both mind-numbing and heart melting, Flickr’s photography blog is a great resource to pick a thing, a tip, a lesson or twenty from.

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  • Photo Doto Photodoto believes that photography is for everyone. Perhaps, that is the reason behind all those freely shared tips and how-tos. It appears the folks here are quite in mood to back you as well. And hence, recommended some photo gears and discussed about some more.  

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  • 121 Clicks With a heartwarming purpose of inspiring and guiding fellow photographers into bettering their art, 121 Clicks apparently meets the cause hands down. First, the folks here inspire you with list of loads of incredible photographs, showcases, and photo stories. Then, they help you better your art and technique with lots of tutorials. Watch this top photography blogs list now.

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  • Ming Thein Attending to a diverse international client base, Ming Thein has many credits, like being appointed Hasselblad Global Ambassador in 2016. Ming is a genius photographer, something that is evident in his library of over 250,000 high resolution images. On his top photography blogs list, he shares a lot of his experience, updates, about photography equipment, opinions, photo essays and more.  

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  • Scott Kelby Scott Kelby, the name and brain behind this top photography blog is a photographer, and an award winning author. His best photography blog list features many interesting and useful tips, plenty discussed in detail, plus plenty magnificent pictures that will make you fell in love with the object much more than photography.  

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  • Photogrist As a site designed to help photography enthusiasts and photographers discover beautiful pictures, Photogrist has done a commendable job. Showcasing list of stunning pictures by talented photographers, and many interviews, this top photography blog is a striking combination of beauty with brain.  

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  • Loaded Landscapes We know photography tips from pro sure is the thing hard for any passionate photographer to say no it. Here’s a benevolent top photography blog loaded with tips for photographers. Apart from that Loaded Landscapes has many useful resources, all in good interest to extend professional aid.s  

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  • The Inspired Eye The Inspired Eye is a photography magazine showcasing its very own street photography blog list here. Stocked with galleries of amazing photographs, The Inspired Eye stands true to its name. This one is truly packed with inspiration for those who have an eye for it.

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  • Photography For Real Estate This one’s helping real estate photographers be successful. Photography For Real Estate provides many how-tos concerning photography from various angles apt for final real estate presentation. Doing a commendable job in its genre, this truly is a one of the best photography blog list.

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  • Lenscratch Lenscratch is your daily dose of fine art photography. Must we mention Lenscratch showcases plenty brilliant photographers. Their talent is something you can check here on Lenscratch and get inspired from. Plus, you can also seek inspiration off all those interviews they have stocked here.

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  • Photography Blogger A creative photo journal for bloggers, Photography Blogger features helpful tips for photographers. This top photography blog contains a good listed source of inspiration, where photos and videos shared are the work of some pretty talented photographers and artists. Beyond that, this one offers videos and reviews too.

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  • Thomas Fitzgerald Photography A professional writer, blogger, and photographer, Thomas Fitzgerald sure has a peculiar eye; something that is visible in his best photography blogs and photography. Helping fellow photographers with many tips and how-tos through his photography blog, Thomas here makes a strong case for professional camaraderie.  

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  • Karl Taylor Photography Karl Taylor, the name and brain behind this one of the best photography blog, is a professional photographer with over twenty years of experience. His photography is striking, vivid, and might we say incredible vivacious and lively. He is definitely the photographer you should be learning a thing or ten from.  

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  • Jasmine Star Jasmine Star is a marketing and branding professional who had left law school in favor of her camera. On her best photography blog list you can sift through various inspiring pictures, ideas, how-tos, gears, and more on wedding and engagement photography, and photography per se.  

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  • Dive Photo Guide A comprehensive underwater photography blog resource, the Dive Photo Guide’s photography blog list shares photography news, underwater photography galleries, feeds on photography equipment, photography techniques, guides, angles, videography techniques, reviews and more. So, make the most of this wide galore of wisdom and inspiration.

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  • A Photo Editor A Photo Editor’s photography blog is curated under the editing expertise of Rob Haggart, who has formerly been the director of photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. With almost equally talented contributors, A Photo Editor showcases photography books, projects, and more.

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  • Wet Pixel Wet Pixel favors underwater photography, something it shares extensively about. From mindblowing underwater photography to various mindboggling underwater, photography, and underwater photography blogposts, from underwater expeditions to divefilm, Wet Pixel has you covered. Read this best photography blog list now.

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  • Camera Jabber If you are a photographer, chances are you must be irrevocably in love with your camera. Now, when we are talking about cameras, let’s talk in detail. Or not, for that is what Camera Jabber does the best. Get your hands on camera reviews, action camera reviews, accessory reviews, along with buyers guides on Camera Jabber.  

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  • Joe McNally This one here is a top photography blog by an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer, Joe McNally, whose name makes the heading of this best photography blog. Moving on to the contents of the photography blog list here, expect to be enchanted by a touch of absolute uniqueness, new ideas, and newer presentation.

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  • Brendan’s Adventures Brendan’s Adventures is a travelogue and of course a top photography blog. There is plenty to choose from for reading on Brendan’s Adventures. Take 4k videos as your first pick or a day in the life, getting the shot or take the road to the blog list, it’s all going to inspire you, one a little more than the other.

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  • Drizzle And Dip Sam, the creator of this top photography blog is a food stylist, recipe developer, and a food photographer. And what a food photographer she is. Whatever it is that she makes, forgetting her outstanding recipes for once, the pictures make us craving for just a tiny piece of the dish. This one sure is an inspiration for food photographers out there.

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  • Food Photography Blog Christina Peters here, the author of this one of the best photography blog list and also a food photographer, teacher and photography blogger with over twenty-five years of professional experience. Her blog reeks of that experience and her expertise. For a remarkable number and brilliance of photo categories, ranging from camera setting to food styling, checkout this best photography blog now.

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  • Photo Eye Fans of photography might adore this top photography blog. Photo Eye’s Photo Eye Gallery is a remarkable piece of professional excellence. There are interviews with many talented professional photographers inside Photo Eye that would make just any photography enthusiasts day. That level of inspiration.

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  • Lin And Jirsa Blog Coming from a premier wedding photography and videography studio based in LA, the Lin and Jirsa photography blog is a delight to watch. It sure can come as a major piece of inspiration for wedding photographers. With impactful photography and brilliant shots, not to forget the wide resource for fellow photographers interested in wedding photography, this one steals the show.  

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  • Arjun Kartha Photography From the colorful land of India, Arjun Karth Photography is a photoblog by an Indian wedding photography studio. For those looking to find colors in their photography, or wedding photographers willing to experiment, Arjun Katha Photography’s blog is the one for you.

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  • Zach And Jody Empowering photographers to run great businesses, Zach and Jody here share plenty about shooting. Layering shots, shooting at sunset, mastering group portraits, contrast and curves, and a lot more is discussed on Zach And Jody. Apart from shooting, discussions are available on off-camera lighting as well.  

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  • Dan Carr Photography With a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Dan Carr’s love for mountains and photography, perhaps, was deeper. From a man whose work has been featured in over a hundred publications, his top photography blog on our list of best hundred list is no coincidence. Prepare yourself to be swoon over by his extensive blog feeds about behind the shot, gear posts and reviews, industry news, and more.  

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  • Photography Spark To add a spark of creativity to your photographs and photography business, you may find this one of the best photography blog called Photography Spark quite helpful. From how-tos like building photography portfolio website to tips like those helping your photography business stand out, to photography resources, there’s no dearth of aid this one extends.

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  • Silber Studios Silber Studios draws its name from Marc Silber, who has a book in his name called Advancing Your Photography. This one of the best photography blog, Silber Studios, is home to numerous photography tips, and how-tos, including one of shooting like a pro. Backed by creative angles and impressive, out-of-the-box ideas, Silber Studios has what a top photography blog should to call your attention.  

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  • Anthony Morganti Having established his first business, Creative Edge Photography, in 1980’s, Anthony Morganti is your man to get some inspiration and wisdom from today. Loaded with Lightroom quick tips, Anthony Morganti’s top photography blog is an amiable place for folks struggling with Lightroom.

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  • The Wandering Lens Lisa, founder of The Wandering Lens, is an Australian photojournalist. She seemed to have taken tremendous efforts all in our best interest. So, when you visit The Wandering Lens one of the best photography blog, all you see is multiple opportunities to learn, that is through photo tips, feeds on underwater photography, setting the scene and more.

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  • Master Beauty Photography Master Beauty Photography is a top photography blog by Julia Kuzmenko McKim, an internationally published professional beauty and portrait photographer. It’s the kind of blog where beauty and photography go hand in hand. From beauty photographers to beauty models, all can benefit from this one of the best photography blog.  

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  • Moose Peterson Covering the history of endangered wild life and wild places through his lens, Moose has spent well over three decades of his life following his passion and serving that purpose. His top photography blog, bearing his name, is a brilliant wildlife photography blog, with one-of-a-kind photography, hard to find elsewhere.  

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  • Candid Shutters A wedding photography blog that cares about bringing the soul of every moment or emotion captured right into the picture. Through the varied list of blog feeds here, wedding photography enthusiasts can draw plenty inspiration and ideas, especially off those colorful venues and backgrounds. Reason behind that is the origin country of Candid Shutters, India.  

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  • Media Novak Let’s look into the photography tips and tricks offered by Media Novak. For those who are associated with the profession or hobby of photography know how much these mean. It’s evident these means quite the same to Media Novak. Hence, collect abundant tips and hacks here, that run wide between photography business and photography per se.  

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  • Hoffer Photography Your love for weddings, and wedding photography is going to spike up after visiting the Hoffer Photography’s blog. Looking at all those photographs of happy-in-love couples and their families, will make your hearts swoon. And glancing at those mesmerizing photos with brilliant backgrounds, poses, techniques and ideas will blow your mind away.  

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  • Lightroom Blog Struggling with Lightroom is acceptable. But making that a habit, not quite so. Let’s sort the trouble out once and for all. If you agree, we present the Lightroom one of the best photography blog to you. Here’s where a high concentration on photography and special emphasis on Lightroom and Lightroom add-ons will solve your dilemma.

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  • Nanpa Get prepared to be wowed, and that on a weekly basis. How? Courtesy Nanpa’s Weekly Wow. A delightful experience awaiting and watching it, we must mention. Did we mention Nanpa focuses on the art and science of nature photography. Well, now we did. And, you know what to do next.

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  • Scott Wyden Welcome Scott Wyden Kivowitz – a blogger, photographer, also an educator from USA, plus the name and brain behind this blog – and his creative genius and expertise. As an experienced photographer, he has showcased much of his skills and much more of his wisdom for fellow photographers to pick and learn from.

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  • Tiffinbox Tiffinbox is a photography blog by Seshu, a photographer based in Connecticut, USA. Creating relaxed portraits of couples and families, Seshu shares a lot of his acquired knowledge on the this top photography blog. Along with that are many mesmerizing photographs to take inspiration from, and interviews to learn from.

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  • The Little Umbrella If photography is technique and art, its application is science. From The Little Umbrella printable, here’s a blog list about both photography and interesting applications. Between that is plenty inspiration to draw from photography by talented photographers, in various genres and categories.

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  • Street Photography Magazine Street Photography is one genre strongly capable of turning heads. With the aid of useful posts on the Street Photography Magazine’s photography blog, you could become the one turning heads with your photography. Up on this top blog list are features on street photographers, who you can learn a lot from.

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  • Abby Grace Blog Aby Grace, the one gracing this top photography blog with her name, is an international anniversary and wedding photographer. Her crush on old-school chic and classic things can be seen much in the photographs on her top photography blog list. That is something she has showcased in abundance, for all us photography lovers.  

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  • William Beem We love to learn. When the lessons come from an experienced photographer who understands our confusion, learnings become all the more intense. So, Willam Beem, the name and brain behind this one of the best photography blog list, is a portrait photographer. His blog has many podcasts, tips, how-tos and more. All for our benefit.

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  • Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk here, who owns the name of this top photography blog including the blog, is trying to publish a million hand-crafted and processed photographs before he dies. Well, we say with that aim, you ought to visit one of the best photography blog once. And this man is talented. And experienced. Do we know the drill? Yes, we do.

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  • Skip Cohen University Skip Cohen University provides online education, with a personal touch, to professional photographers. Their top photography blog here discusses about various elements of photography, including being or becoming a photographer. There is a lot to learn and pick off here and make the most of your skills.

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  • Chookooloonks Chookooloonks is an award-winning lifestyle, travel, inspiration, and one of the best photography blog. While there’s a lot to read on either, let’s focus on the latter. About and on photography, you can siffle through the blogs here, which will only end up widening your horizon and lend you creative ideas.

alexa 2,310,898
  • The Fashion Camera A visual treat, The Fashion Camera is a marvelous sight to behold. Now, as photographers, and photography enthusiasts we know how fashion and photography blend together. From Liselotte Fleur, based in Netherlands, The Fashion Camera is a personal photography blog where she shares stories, photography tips and more.

alexa 2,313,777
  • Beyond The Wanderlust Beyond The Wanderlust is Jessica’s way of sharing her passion for photography with the world. This one of the best photography blog showcases her family through camera lens. Apart from that, there are many other moments in varied people’s lives covered and showcased here for inspiration.

alexa 2,371,206
  • Nancy Ray Photography There’s so much love on this top photography blog. We mean, looking at all those wedding, pre-and post, pictures just fills the aura around with immense love. Nancy Ray Photography could be the real deal, and pure delight for wedding photographers and photography enthusiasts. And also, a place to learn a thing or ten.

alexa 2,747,313
  • Love Me Do Photography A peaceful sight, that is what Love Me Do Photography offers with every click and scroll. It showcases the love of photography through love between two people and people who love those two people, aka wedding photography. See and realize how much you can swoon right here on this one of the best photography blog.

alexa 2,794,955
  • Marianne Taylor Photography Marianne Taylor, the name and heart behind this top photography blog, loves photographing people in love. You get the idea what to expect here? Wedding photography, that’s right. See how beautifully moments are captured here, with each picture denoting a separate emotion.  

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  • Fotographee Yaopey is the creator of this top photography blog, and believes Fotographee is perfect for those liking HDR Photography, but are tired of the HDR-look. Let’s make it simpler. Care for realistic images without relying on HDR Software. Allow Yaopey and Fotographee to make it possible and easier for you through his blog list.  

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  • Zac Wolf Photography Here’s a top photography blog from the one who has captured wedding all over northeast, going as far as Tokyo, Japan. So, for those of you still wondering on the contents. There’s inspiration off myriad photographs. Read lots, and lots of it.

alexa 3,549,908
  • NY Through The Lens The photo heaven is right here. It beholds photographs of various places, telling a different story, quite how a photograph should. All you got to do here is look left and right and scroll down. And then, watch the magic of colors and genius of Vivienne Gucwa, the creator of NY Through The Lens and fine art photographer, unfold.

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  • The Snap Society Jamie Larsen, founder of The Snap Society, and her team wish to start a revolution of generosity. That is what they do at The Snap Society, by way of sharing tips and tricks, talks and interviews with fellow photographers, inspiration and more.

alexa 4,622,198
  • Tripaphy Tripaphy is a German top photography blog. But as they say creativity has no language. So, simply tag along and let google translator do its job. That is while you witness the magic of Niklas Moller’s photography. Also, upon finding the language of your interest learn a thing or twenty that Niklas has shared.

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  • Graddy Photography Graddy Photography has many awards to its credit from Minnesota Bride Magazine and The Knot Magazine. Justin Graddy, founder of Graddy Photography, is an award-winning wedding photographer. For finding out why, and catering all the inspiration, check out this one of the best photography blog.

alexa 5,227,759
  • Seniorologie A place for high school senior photographers to connect, learn and seek inspiration while growing their senior business, Seniorologie captures fresh talent and from fresh talent. Despite your age, there is something or the other intangible thing to take away from this one of the best photography blog.

alexa 5,388,531
  • Hope Taylor Blog Hope Taylor, founder of this top photography blog, has once revoked her admission to college in favour of pursuing her dream. Filled with resources, she has made her one of the best photography blog list as much an inspiration as a powerhouse of knowledge. From wedding photography to tips, engagement photography to steps for improving your Instagram, her blog list has it all.

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  • Candace Jeffery Photography Candace Jeffery Photography has this remarkably magnificent photography blog. You would find inspiration here from boudoir sessions, destination wedding photography, pregnancy photography, portrait photography, styled shoots, wedding, and more. And there’s more in the galleries. They say inspiration can come from anywhere. Let that anywhere be here.  

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  • Aspire Photography Training About photography training and photography business, Aspire Photography Training offers photography training at different levels. This top photography blog list form Aspire Training Photography inspires you to follow your dreams and passion, through feeds and stories. So, you can either get inspired here, or aspired. How about you break the rules, and get both.

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  • Versatile Photographers Specializing in contemporary and candid photography, Versatile Photographers capture social events, architecture, wildlife, scenery, features, and documentaries. You’ll find much of their work on this top photography blog list. Feel free to take inspiration from here or simply read and learn.  

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  • Caroline Logan Photography Caroline Logan, the name and brain behind this one, shot her first solo wedding at fourteen. Her one of the best photography blog and shots she has captured reeks of her experience and expertise. There’s as much magic and serene aura coming off her blog list, as through her shots. See for yourself.  

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  • Tom Leuntjen’s Photography Tom Leuntjen is a wedding photographer from Belgium. Inspiring fellow photographers to step outside their comfort zones, Tom presents an example in doing quite the same. That is something clearly apparent in his one of the best photography blog list, via all those enchanting photographs of wedding he has shot.  

As our list comes to an end, let’s root for the excellent beginning in the making – a beginning of your remarkable photography career, whichever genre you choose be an expert in; or a beginning for a grand expansion of your horizons, as a professional photographer.

Grab as much as you can, and then grab some more wisdom and inspiration off of each of these top photography blogs in the list. And when you have applied the lessons, or shot a masterpiece, courtesy all that inspiration, meet us here. We would love to see the magic you captured and created.

See from you soon…


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