Best 100 Nutrition Blogs To Go Nuts For

Top Nutrition Blog

These Best Nutrition blogs are the bundles of facts, data and information, helping is learn and gain insights on health, nutrition, weight-loss, ageing, diabetes, diet, meal planning, vitamins and minerals, breakfasts, salads, desserts, food safety, fitness and more. These blogs also present nutrition news, apart from recipes that are both healthy and delicious.

In order to help you draw maximum benefits from these myriad nutrition blogs, we have deeply searched the world wide web and collected the top hundred nutrition blogs. These were then sorted and ranked on the basis of relevance by our team experts before presenting the following final collection of world’s best 100 nutrition blogs.

Here they are. Read along.

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  • Web MD A brilliant nutrition blog, Web MD smartly presents such nutrition information as you would need to better your health, from the avoidables to the consumables, and from what to do’s to how to do’s. Katherine Brooking, a registered dietitian, is the mind and driving force behind Web MD.

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  • Health Line Catch daily articles about nutrition, health and weight loss on Health Line. This blog features articles that bear scientific evidences, and are created, curated, written and checked by experts, something it overtly mentions. You can learn much from Health Line’s articles and blogs which carry ideas, advices, best practices and lots more.

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  • Dr. Joan Salge Blog Dr. Joan Salge is a nutrition professor, a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, an author and media expert among other things. Here on the blog she shares various hacks, interesting healthy options like for backpack lunches, and much more.  

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  • Quick And Dirty Tips Helping you do things better, pick food facts, and eat healthy with ease is the Nutrition Diva, aka Monica Reinagel, here on Quick and Dirty Tips. With tips in its very name, this blog and its special dedication to nutrition offers abundant nutrition tips, along with guides, how-tos, and more.

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  • Nutrition Facts Here’s the medical nutrition blog by Dr. Gregory. The feeds constantly updated and showcased on this blog not only discuss about nutrition in general and peculiar, topped with how to up the nutrition game but also about maximizing the benefits of your conscious and subconscious efforts like that of your nutrition absorption.

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  • Nutrition The American Society for Nutrition presents this ASN blog and its myriad feeds stocked with ample information. These feeds help you stay updated with the ASN meetings and also the current and latest nutrition topics. There are matters like clinical nutrition, nutritional epidemiology and others revolving around nutrition covered on this blog.

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  • Beach Body Here’s the nutrition blog by Beach Body. As the name suggests, this blog helps us learn aplenty about gaining beach body, from the right nutrition to sources of those nutrition, from techniques to best practices, and lots more rendering a finer idea into toning and shaping our bodies well.

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  • Legion Athletics One of the best blogs to help us gain deeper insight into the value of nutrition and diet is Legion Athletics. It talks about various staples and other food items, with many of theirs nutrition value, along with various diets and their details, and lots more presented by Mike Matthews, a bestselling health and fitness author and co-founder of Legion Athletics.

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  • Deliciously Ella Deliciously Ella is a blog that celebrates all that can be done with plant-based delicious ingredients. There are fancy nutritious recipes to pick from this blog and create, from miso soup to veg and chicpea soup to vegan Thai curry and lots more.

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  • Question Nutrition Catch the blog by Question Nutrition, which has all the right ingredients to become your next hangout for tasty and transformative lifestyle, as is endeavored hard by folks here through numerous feeds on fitness and transformation, and several delicious recipes.  

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  • Kath Eats Kath of Kath Eats is a registered dietitian from Charlottesville. This is her blog and she takes it quite seriously as is apparent through the myriad feeds she has already shared. There are how-tos to help you, recipes, and loads of information.

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  • Nutrition Stripped Nutrition Stripped is a phenomenal nutrition blog with enormous resources and aplenty recipes for breakfast, salads, sides, snacks, desserts and more. The simple and what’s visibly delicious recipes take the center stage on Nutrition Stripped, making it a sought-after blog

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  • Healthify Meter This blog by Healthify Meter shares insights from over one and a half million users. There are discussions and information relay on this blog around diet covering matters like eating habits. There are also features on workouts, and exercises and we all know how those help in staying fit.  

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  • Running On Real Food This blog is your gateway to reaching a healthy you with simple and delicious yet healthy plant-based recipes. There are cookies to cheesy roasted broccoli, baked apple chips to cacao tahini fudge balls, expect to find such delicious healthy food recipes on Running on Real Food.

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  • True Nutrition True Nutrition has a catchy name which is masterfully justified with its feeds. Consider oatmeal recipes, exercises for six-pack, workout splits, tips for improving bench press, among others, to understand all that you can expect to find on this nutrition blog by True Nutrition.  

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  • Hum Nutrition If you are devoted to healthy diets, which you certainly are, or has become, or are considering healthy diets, this blog by Hum Nutrition is for you. This one shares interesting recipes and food feeds including various sides of nutrition, thus making them healthy and fit to cook and revel in.

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  • Summer Tomato Upgrade your health style with Summer Tomato, a blog by Darya Rose. She has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, is an author, and a former dieter. On this blog she shares her experience, knowledge, learnings and wisdom, thus helping you learn interesting details about staying fit, healthy and losing weight without dieting.  

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  • Better Nutrition Better Nutrition is a shopping magazine for natural living. This blog presents Better Nutrition’s coverage on diet and nutrition. There are feeds on healthy dishes, followed by tips, best practices, trend updates, and lots more stocked with abundant useful information.

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  • Jessica Sepel Jessica Sepel, the name and brain behind this blog, has always wanted to be a nutritionist, and today she is a powerhouse of information on nutrition. She shares much of that information and knowledge on the blog while also sharing updates from JS Health and the JS Health programs

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  • Real Mom Nutrition Real Mom Nutrition is a blog for health conscious, created and curated by Sally. She is a registered dietitian and began this blog in 2009 to help fellow moms. She shares recipes here, talks about her latest finds and fascinations like books, et al while sharing advices, how-tos and more.  

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  • Mom To Mom Nutrition This nutrition blog called Mom To Mom Nutrition shares real-life stories, and tips. Katie is the mind behind this blog. She is a registered dietitian, mom and interestingly a mealtime negotiator, bringing you family-friendly recipes, and other tips, how-tos, reviews and more.  

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  • Kara Lydon Kara Lydon, bestowing this blog with her name and knowledge, is a foodie dietitian and a registered nutritionist, and also a registered yoga teacher. She is also quite generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge and interesting healthy recipes. Feel free to pick as many.

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  • Madeleine Shaw With a food philosophy entirely about enlivening the happiest and healthiest you, Madeleine Shaw presents this nutrition blog. She offers nutritional health coaching apart from all the amazing feeds on her blog which covers details on healthy diet and food, and more.

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  • Balanced Bites Balanced Bites is an idea executed to brilliance, founded and owned by Diane Sanfilippo – a certified nutrition consultant, and a New York Times bestselling author. There are podcasts and feeds here to gain knowledge from, that widely covers nutrition myths

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  • Picky Eater Backed by a fancy name, Picky Eater is a blog by Anjali. The lady has incredible wisdom and knowledge which she shares with us on her blog. Coming from her, a board-certified health coach, are healthy living tips, recipes and eating guides among other things.  

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  • Nutrition Over Easy When confused about fact or fiction of nutrition, checkout this nutrition blog called Nutrition Over Easy. It’s a blog by Monica Reinagel, a licensed nutritionist backed by a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition. She shares healthy eating tips between healthy recipes and more.

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  • Nashua Nutrition Catch news, updates and feeds on Nashua Nutrition. This blog covers a range of matters closely and remotely related to nutrition, namely recipes, health, fitness, supplements, weight loss, meal replacements, protein, bariatric and more. Here, you have a genius source of information in the form of Nashua Nutrition’s blog.  

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  • Nutritious Eats Nutritious Eats, tasty bites for healthy lives, is a blog by Melanie, a fitness enthusiast, and a registered dietitian. She is also a mom to four kids which is one of the reasons you’ll find these easy meal ideas and tips. She keeps sharing many how-tos to help us, followed by recipes, and many pieces of information.  

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  • Nutrition Twins Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos are the Nutrition Twins, that is the twins behind this nutrition blog. Both are registered dietitian nutritionists as well as personal trainers. The twins share interesting nutritious recipes, on their blog, that are dedicated to weight-loss.

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  • Abby Langer Nutrition Abby Langer of this nutrition blog called Abby Langer Nutrition is a food and nutrition expert based in Canada. She and her team talk about nutrition in detail, along with about various vitamins. They also share recipes here and diet reviews between tips, and more.

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  • Nourish Holistic Nutrition Bearing an intriguing name Nourish Holistic Nutrition has made available many intriguing feeds about nutrition for our benefit. From lowering our blood pressure to details on high blood pressure, food addiction to mystery illness, expect to widen your understanding of nutrition through this blog.

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  • The Nutritionist Reviews The Nutritionist Reviews is a blog about healthy recipes. It is also a blog that shares details on new products, on nutrition, and fitness as well as parenting. Amanda, a registered dietitian in Metro Detroit Michgan, is the nutritionist that reviews, and the mind behind The Nutritionist reviews.

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  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Functional Diagnostic Nutrition has so much brilliance showcased on the blog, and we are talking in terms of information and ideas. You have discussions here revolving around nutrition one way or the other, like coverage on Glutathione, which is a crucial antioxidant. And of course, there are recipes.  

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  • Nutrition Society Advancing natural science here is the Nutrition Society. It shares news on the blog to help you gain an insight into the industry. It’s blog extensively talks about diet and nutrition, health and exercise, and food and vitamins, and many more things thus covering nutrition brilliantly.

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  • Alissa Rumsey Alissa Rumsey, the name and brain behind this nutrition and wellness blog, is a registered dietitian and also a certified strength and conditioning specialist in New York City. She helps people tired of dieting rediscover the joy of eating, and she does the same on her blog too. Read along.

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  • Sarah Remmer This is the Sarah Remmer’s nutrition blog. She, along with being the mind behind this site, is also a child and family nutrition expert in Canada. She and her team bring you these delightful and informational feeds covering nutritional diets, some backed with knowledge and some topped with recipes.  

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  • Sinful Nutrition Here’s a blog with a fascinating name. Sinful Nutrition is the kind of blog that shares feeds on cooking healthy and delicious meals. When we are talking meals, you know you are up for some healthy yet delicious recipes, created and presented by Emily Cooper, a registered dietitian and the lady behind this blog.

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  • Nic’s Nutrition Nic of Nic’s Nutrition is a registered dietitian. He believes it’s not about diets but about the way of life. There are ample gabs that Nic, short for Nichola Ludlam Raine has shared on her blog covering nutrition and health, fitness, weight loss and healthy recipes. She is a registered dietitian.  

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  • Second To None Nutrition Catch specials in the form of articles on this blog by Second To None Nutrition. To render you an insight on the kind of blogs that lay inside, consider feeds on alcohol and how it affects your fitness goals, consider workouts like booty exercises, consider healthy habits, healthy hacks. And there’s more, lots more.

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  • Nutrition Therapy Institute This blog by Nutrition Therapy Institute instigates healthy living with its feeds. First up, there are aplenty recipes already shared, with many more nutritious recipes added frequently. Next is the information on and around nutrition and diet including tips. And then, there are latest updates and news on Nutrition Therapy Institute.

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  • A Nutritionist Eats Prepare to be positively intrigued to learn just what A Nutritionist Eats. Concisely, it is delicious super-healthy food that’s certain to bring food joy in just anybody’s life. You can catch the guides and how-tos and recipes for starts, brought to you by Emily, the nutritionist behind this blog called A Nutritionist Eats.  

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  • 80 Twenty Nutrition 80 Twenty Nutrition is a nutrition and food media company, headed by Christy Brissette, a registered dietitian and nutrition and food communication expert. She brings to you such luscious healthy recipes as will tantalize your taste buds right from the very first sight. Plus, she also talks brilliantly about food and the fault in it these days.

alexa 2,087,774
  • Nutrition Expert Mitzi Dulan is the Nutrition Expert sharing her expert knowledge and wisdom on this blog, which is her mixing bowl of cooking, baking, clean eating, and travelling, writing and sports. She talks food with nutrition value, when sharing recipes and more.

alexa 2,392,740
  • Paula Owens Paula Owens, the name and brain behind this blog is a clinical and holistic nutritionist and a functional health practitioner. She discusses and shares her knowledge on plenty interesting matters like brain health, emotional health, fitness, food and recipes, nutrients, health conditions and much more.

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  • Fraiche Nutrition This nutrition blog is brought to you by Tori. She is a registered dietitian, and by means of her blog she hopes to inspire us into making better choices. That is why you’ll see many healthy recipes presented by her, here on Fraiche Nutrition.  

alexa 2,467,164
  • Your Choice Nutrition Your Choice Nutrition talks about healthy life, your way. Created and curated by Brittany, a registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified diabetes educator among other things, Your Choice Nutrition presents nutritious recipes, book reviews, and more including information on health and nutrition.  

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  • Nutrition Blog Network Here’s one nutrition blog that is powered by dietitians. Nutrition Blog Network presents a collection of blog that are written by registered dietitians. Hence, it offers advices from nutrition experts which may prove highly beneficial for you nutrition conscious folks.

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  • Toby Amidor Nutrition Toby Amidor of Toby Amidor Nutrition is a dietitian and recipe developer with over eighteen years of experience in food and nutrition industry. She and her team present latest nutrition news on this blog, along with healthy recipes, and food safety information, among other things.  

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  • It’s Not About Nutrition Changing the conversation for good from nutrition to habits is this blog presented by what’s aptly named, It’s Not About Nutrition. Talking about the blog, this one offers guides and gabs topped with interesting facts and data, which are as good for a parent as for parent’s kids.

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  • Health Stand Nutrition Presenting a valid point in favor of taking a stand is Health Stand Nutrition. Because it’s your health, you ought to be more careful and find better ways of staying healthy. This blog by Health Stand Nutrition shares many of said ways while informing you about nutrition, eating habits and more.

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  • The Holistic Nutritionist Helping you rekindle the flame within is The Holistic Nutritionist. Yes, there are interesting ideas on eating healthy along with recipes. And yes, there also are useful pieces of information on nutrition and health like about meeting iron requirements during pregnancy.

alexa 3,729,797
  • Eleat Nutrition Expand your knowledge on nutrition and health with Eleat Nutrition. There’s lots to catch, pick and learn from this blog that covers matters like travel nutrition, meal planning, weight gain, sports nutrition, holiday eating, wellness and running among other things.  

alexa 3,782,761
  • Nutrition By Carrie Here’s the Nutrition By Carrie, a blog that talks health, and healthy living and healthy eating. Carrie of Nutrition By Carrie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a background in Journalism. She talks about healthy diet and its ingredients on the blog, and about health and nutrition science among other things.  

alexa 4,140,259
  • Healthy Nest Nutrition Healthy Nest blog by Healthy Nest Nutrition talks about clean eating. That’s for starts. Further up there are recipes and fascinating food facts. A little farther, and a little here and there, you also have nutrition guides to pick and learn from, followed by feeds on weight loss, and more.  

alexa 4,164,738
  • First Step Nutrition First Step Nutrition presents this remarkable blog for parents and their babies. Available to learn from here are piles of information covering meals and meal planning, how-tos and guides, recipes and reviews, and answers for many how’s and what’s among other things.

alexa 4,323,704
  • Bloom Nutritionist With a fancy name here’s Bloom Nutritionist. Lucy Taylor is the lady behind this blog, and also an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and an Accredited Nutritionist in Melbourne, Australia. She shares ample information on nutrition, and nutrition issues; vitamins; diet quality; minerals and more, followed by tips and tricks.  

alexa 4,384,091
  • Hunger Under-Nutrition Under-Nutrition is a pain to the economy and society at large, something that the folks behind Hunger Under-Nutrition aim at discussing and promoting an informed dialogue about. Besides, they also endeavor to empower people at all levels to take right measures and do the required for reducing and slowly eradicating undernutrition and undernutrition related deaths.

alexa 4,544,908
  • Euphoria Nutrition A visually genius blog, Euphoria Nutrition talks health, fitness and nutrition in depth. Charlene, a registered dietitian and nutritionist is the creator and curator of this blog and its abundant feeds. You can catch gabs on matters like post-workout nutrition, healthy desserts, exercise and more.  

alexa 4,585,750
  • Nancy Clark RD Nancy Clark, the name and brain behind this blog, is a sports nutritionist and an author. On this blog she talks about food and health, both of which are closely connected to nutrition. She also discusses about sports nutrition and nutrition in general, among other things between sharing recipes and more.

alexa 4,761,685
  • Health Bean This nutrition blog called Health Bean is brought to you by Selena, a registered dietitian, living with a celiac disease. Therefore, on Health Bean she brings better clarity on that disease, its do’s and don’ts between discussing about nutrition in general, and heathy eating with ideas and more.

alexa 4,919,133
  • The Brown Paper Bag The Brown Paper Bag is Jaqueline Alwill’s brainchild. She is a qualified and practicing nutritionist, a personal trainer and a whole foods cook. Her interesting experience and qualification backed by vast knowledge is quite evident on her blog, which is a brilliant source of healthy recipes, and info on healthy eating and living.  

alexa 4,984,455
  • Nutrition By Nazima Catch wide array of information on nutrition and more on this blog called Nutrition By Nazima. There are healthy recipes like peanut butter chocolate date balls, that Nazima Quereshi, the lady behind this blog, has shared here, among gabs on nutrition, like the benefits of nuts.  

alexa 5,208,580
  • Megan Ware RD Megan Ware of Megan Ware RD is a registered dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Diabetics. On her blog you can find healthy tips, and lots and lots of recipes from breakfast to sips and smoothies, salads and soups to main dishes, and pizza and pasta to desserts

alexa 5,337,713
  • A Little Nutrition Here’s one using real food to manage weight and weight loss. You have meal planning inspiration to catch on A Little Nutrition’s blog. On top of that you also have interesting feeds to read on healthy eating, with recipes and more.

alexa 5,345,457
  • Champagne Nutrition Champagne Nutrition is a blog by Ginger Hultin. She is an integrative dietitian nutritionist health writer based in Seattle. Her inclination towards eating and going out is apparent in her feeds, which covers nutrition and simple healthy recipes and more.  

alexa 5,376,445
  • Andy The RD Andy of Andy The RD is a registered dietitian in Toronto. He shares his expertise, knowledge and wisdom on various matters including sports nutrition, digestive health, weight loss, and nutrition in general. He also shares recipes and opinions which certainly are fascinating.  

alexa 5,404,600
  • Sol Nutrition The Sol Nutrition blog has much to feed your inquisitive mind. The folks here understand the grave value of nutrition and hence share abundant nutrition tips. They also discuss about mindful eating with numerous posts. They also share recipes and food inspiration which you can pick on the blog.  

alexa 5,502,448
  • Market Basket Nutrition Market Basket Nutrition is created and curated by Cindy Silver, a registered dietitian. This nutrition blog by Market Basket Nutrition shares ideas and recipes, how-tos and tips, and aplenty pieces of information on food and more. Catch them all on Market Basket Nutrition’s blog.  

alexa 5,563,199
  • Danielle Levy Nutrition Danielle Levy of Danielle Levy Nutrition is a registered nutrition practitioner and a plant-based-food consultant. She shares recipes on her blog. She also extensively shares her knowledge, wisdom, opinions and views on wellness, holistic health, seasonal eating, and plant based nutrition. You can also catch her cooking tips on the blog.  

alexa 5,593,895
  • Nutty 4 Nutrition One with a fancy name, Nutty For Nutrition is a lusciously nutritious blog that talks about nutrition and presents ample recipes. These feeds and recipes are created and curated by Chantal, the brain and soul behind this blog. She is a culinary nutrition expert and a retired registered massage therapist.  

alexa 5,651,702
  • 71) Elite Nutrition And Performance This blog by Elite Nutrition and Performance has a lot to enlighten you with, when it comes to nutrition and health. It presents how-tos, and shares importance of things like being a positive role model, and provides recipes, and do’s and don’ts and a lot more.

alexa 5,750,349
  • Bite Of Health Nutrition Bite Of Health Nutrition blog presents luscious yet healthy recipes. They are created and curated by Lauren Sharifi, the brain behind Bite of Health Nutrition. She is also a registered dietitian nutritionist, who shares her wide expanse of knowledge in the form of tips, insights and more with us on the blog.  

alexa 6,073,663
  • 360 Family Nutrition 360 Family Nutrition is carved and served by Kristen, a registered dietitian nutritionist located in Georgia. As founder Kristen makes this blog a brilliant resource of information and inspiration encouraging healthy eating habits. You can catch her delicious recipes on the blog.

alexa 6,127,056
  • Nutrition Nut On The Run Catch an active foodie’s pursuit of a healthy life on this blog called Nutrition Nut On The Run. That nutrition nut and active foodie is Hillary, a health coach and worksite wellness coordinator. She shares recipes, and interesting feeds on workouts, running, and more.

alexa 6,172,525
  • Tara Miller Nutrition Tara Miller of Tara Miller Nutrition is a holistic nutritionist, intuitive eating counselor, and founder of Health Hut based in Toronto. Her belief in healthy eating backs this blog where you’ll find guides, ideas, recipes, best practices, nutrition gabs and more.

alexa 6,279,993
  • Lemond Nutrition Get simple tasty health on Lemond Nutrition. You may have already deduced what simple tasty health means. Yes, they are recipes, and they are in abundance here on Lemond Nutrition. Along with that, there are also ample feeds on child nutrition, food therapy, family feeding, family nutrition, and nutrition therapy among other things.

alexa 6,392,213
  • Christy Wilson Nutrition Christy Wilson of Christy Wilson Nutritionist is a registered dietitian nutritionist. Her blog is here to help you with your health and wellness needs with posts on the same and nutrition, followed by recipes that sure appear delicious and incredibly healthy.  

alexa 6,477,086
  • Your Health Is On Your Plate Making us ponder deeply with its very name, this blog called Your Health Is On Your Plate discusses elaborately about nutrition. The folks here have ample information to fill your mind before guiding you on filling your plate. The matter discussed here include various food items and meals, recipes and remedies, treats and mindfulness and nutrition in general.  

alexa 6,657,165
  • Madeline Nutrition Madeline Nutrition takes and promotes a holistic approach to women’s wellness. Madeline Given, the brain and soul of this blog, is a certified holistic nutritionist. She talks about women’s wellness, as mentioned, including pregnancy and post-pregnancy wellness, and holistic nutrition among others.

alexa 6,840,099
  • Miranda Malisani Miranda Malisani is as much an informational blog, as its name bearer, a brilliant woman. She is a nutritionist based in Toronto, specializing in creating customized nutrition solutions. Having said that, expect to read extensively about food that you should or should not include in your meal and diet, among other things.  

alexa 7,267,245
  • Yes Nutrition LLC This blog called Yes Nutrition has the power to sift your diet and food intake to a more nutritious side. Reason being these remarkably informational feeds, some stocked with tips, others with recipes, and others yet with facts, data and details on nutrition and more.  

alexa 7,462,673
  • Nutrition Ala Natalie All the athletes, wanna-be athletes, and those wishing to have an athlete’s body will find solace in this blog, or section of the site that talks extensively about sports nutrition.  There are how-tos like for building muscles on a vegetarian diet, there are whats, and reasons, best practices and a lot more info on sports nutrition.

alexa 7,610,522
  • The Healthy Grain There’s so much to catch about nutrition on this food and nutrition blog by The Healthy Grain. It talks about health and health check, about cholesterol and wholegrains, and more. Though limited in number, the blogs sure make up for that with the information enclosed in each.  

alexa 7,683,146
  • The Family Nutrition Expert One for your whole family, this blog brings nutrition to your dining table. The Family Nutrition Expert presents recipes, for starts. The folks here talk about weight loss, health, about getting in shape, and lots more. They also share tips like for better meal planning.  

alexa 7,740,390
  • Nutrition Sheila Catch the numerous nutrition feeds on the nutrition applied blog by Nutrition Sheila. There are ideas and info on healthy skin. There are tips. There are truths, like about weight loss. There are things to know. And there’s just so much more, on allergies, nutrients, and healthy lifestyle among others..

alexa 7,903,399
  • Sports Nutrition Vlog Find your sports nutrition questions answered on Sports Nutrition Vlog. You have interesting discussions on matters of your benefit, like understanding how you can reach your weight loss target. You also have to learn a lot about your own body through these detailed vlogs present on Sports Nutrition Vlog.  

alexa 7,918,082
  • Karen Roth Nutrition Karen Roth of Karen Roth Nutrition is a holistic nutritionist with a Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition. She’s here to help you take control of your health and one of the ways she does that is by sharing her knowledge and observations on the blog covering matters like vitamins and minerals, allergies, anti-aging, weight loss or weight gain and others.  

alexa 8,074,354
  • Block Crossfit Here’s the nutrition blog by Block Crossfit. It talks extensively about health and healthy eating, along with mindful eating. It also discusses about nutrition, meal planning, and food. For the latter, that is food, this blog offers many recipes and food gabs that you can pick and add to your daily food intake.

alexa 9,339,481
  • Hearty Nutrition Hearty Nutrition and its blog provides effective nutrition advice, thus helping you achieve your goals. Having said that you have feeds on nutrition and health related matters like sugar, eggs, cholesterol, dairy, calcium, alcohol, gluten free, and fiber among others.  

alexa 9,384,793
  • Shahzadi Devje Shahzadi Devje, the name and brain behind this blog, is an award-winning south Asian registered dietitian, and also a yogi. She has interesting new ideas and wide knowledge which she keeps sharing on the blog like managing blood sugars, plant-based diets, recipes and more.  

alexa 9,667,042
  • Tasty Balance Nutrition Tasty Balance Nutrition is a blog by Lindsey Pine. She is a culinary driven dietitian backed by a passion for food. When talking about food, expect to read much about meal planning, and recipes. She also shares tips and book reviews among other things.  

alexa 10,067,909
  • Sweet Spot Nutrition Sweet Spot Nutrition has perhaps what accurately matches your sweet spot for nutrition. Chery Strachan, the mind and soul behind this blog, is a registered dietitian who ensures your sweet spot is brilliantly served with information and inspiration on this blog. That said, you have guides here, and gabs on meal planning among other things.  

alexa 10,297,093
  • Nutrition In Recovery Nutrition In Recovery, dedicated to promotion of physical and nutritional wellness is founded by David Wiss, a Master’s degree holder in Nutrition and Dietetics. This blog by Nutrition In Recovery presents info on eating disorders, and general wellness among other things including nutrition news.

alexa 12,792,851
  • The Nutrition Clinician Inspiring simplicity and clarity is The Nutrition Clinician aka Casey Dick. This is the Nutrition Clinician’s Health and Nutrition Library. Available inside the library are recipes and feeds on gut health, mind, health weight management, and health and nutrition among others.

alexa 13,387,693
  • My Intake Pro Here’s lots of information to help you simplify your diet and personalize it. Intake shares updates and information on nutrition and personalized diet covering matters like health, minerals, lifestyle, habits, diet, deficiencies and more. Catch them all on this blog by Intake.  

alexa 17,464,898
  • The Nutrition Nomad There are three things that The Nutrition Nomad aims at inspiring. These are eating healthily, eating locally, and eating simply. You’ll find interesting ideas on this blog, including recipes, and lots of interesting posts covering this blogger’s journey to eating healthy, locally and simply

alexa 4176670
  • The Nude Nutritionist Lindy Cohen is The Nude Nutritionist. She a real-food loving dietitian in Australia who believes one can be healthy without dieting. You have her easy steps to catch, what she does and what she doesn’t and why to read, how-tos to learn from, and lots to pick and apply to your routine.  

  • April Saunders Nutrition April Saunders of April Saunders Nutrition is a Love Carbs Coach and she helps you in reversing pre-diabetes without quitting your favorite food. That said, she shares interesting recipes to help you do that, along with useful information around it.  

alexa NA
  • Ashvini Mashru Ashvini Mashru, the name and brain behind this blog, is a registered dietitian nutritionist. This blog is where she shares her views and knowledge covering trending nutrition topics, besides sharing tasty recipes, and tips and tricks on healthy living among other things.  

alexa NA
  • Boulder Nutrition You have plenty interesting options to read on and pick from this blog called Boulder Nutrition, brought to you by Sue, a nutritional therapist, and food psychology specialist among other things. Through this blog and other means, she helps women heal through food, pleasure and mind-body connection.

With myriad different ideas and recipes available on these blogs, you won’t have to compromise with tasteless salads to set your nutrition game on point. And that’s a breath of fresh air, isn’t it?

Now, this means your nutrition and health is sorted, courtesy these world’s best hundred nutrition blogs. On that note, you have just so much to pick and read, and prepare like a delicious desert, or a sumptuous breakfast.

Make the most of your meal and meal planning, and do tell us how it turned out, and that how our collection of best hundred nutrition blogs helped you. We’ll be waiting down at comments or contact us for your suggestions.


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