Best 100 Nature Blogs For Nature Lovers

Top Nature Blogs

These Best Nature Blogs are the open virtual grounds of information covering various parts of nature, including wildlife, birds, animals, wetlands, park-lands, forests, valleys, bushes, and more while discussing ways for conserving nature, for inspiring people, families and their kids to go outdoors, for development, and a lot more along with mesmerizing photography featuring birds, animals, scenery, places et al.

For the nature lovers, naturalists, conservationists and simply anyone with an interest in nature, we bring the top, the top 100 nature blogs, ranked on the basis of relevance. Each of these blogs carry varied levels of information, inspiration and motivation. Feel free to take your pick.

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  • Reddit For nature lovers, Reddits hot, new, rising and top updates on nature might become the best thing you’ll read any day. Covering myriad genres of nature, from climate to biology, earthquakes to parks, forests to animals, Reddit has it all covered; in fact, a lot more.

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  • WordPress Wordpress, the ultra-blogging platform has its own incredible dedication to nature, collectively showcasing features from a myriad writers and bloggers, who are connected to Wordpress, and carry varied credentials and backgrounds. The feeds on Wordpress range widely between information and inspiration.

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  • Nature Nature, the international weekly journal of science, has the kind of top nature blog you might feel inclined to read all day, thanks to all these mind-blowing details and news shared here, frequently updating nature lovers and enthusiasts like us. Expect to read almost all kinds of cases pertaining to nature, broadly man-made and natural.

  • Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability runs this human and nature blog. Joining forces with the Michigan State University’s campus, and some of the best minds in sustainability science from all across the world, this top nature blog addresses complex issues connected to sustainability. Through this one of the best nature blog, the folks here aim at disseminating their research findings across the globe.  

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  • MNN MNN is short for Mother Nature Network, and for them, earth matters. We know it does for you too. And hence, we present the Mother Nature Network and its wide variety of top nature blogs revolving around nature, extensively covering animals, energy, space, climate and weather, and wilderness and resources.

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  • Inhabitat Inhabitat is as much an informational top nature blog as an inspirational one, for all that knowledge shared here widely sure inspires us, the readers, to do something better. Its environment blog is no different, indulging our minds over and over again with its regularly updated feeds covering nature and environment news wide and far, including innovations and new introductions.

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  • Care2 With a tagline as appealing and connecting as, ‘You Care. We Care2.’ Care2 has been winning hearts, by providing and helping us read updates and matters impacting our nature and environment and then by inviting us gently to take the action. It’s the wonderful circle you can be a part of for good. Read this one of the best nature blog now.

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  • Environmental Working Group EWG is short for Environmental Working Group and it is on a mission to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. There’s a lot that you can read on EWG. Starting with news, the feeds here cover all the way from energy to farming, food to water, children’s health to toxics to consumer products.

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  • Explore From a philanthropic media organization, Explore, this top nature blog with plenty on platter to indulge your nature love with. The feeds here discuss extensively about bears, cats, birds, dogs, and oceans. Loaded with daily dose of love, with much love updated daily, Explore’s nature blog makes a perfect fit for days which might otherwise seem regular.

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  • Grist Grist has almost everything to entice your information seeking self. Briefly – which is one of the spaces to begin with at Grist – serves you the stuff that matters. A nonprofit news organization Grist explains; it prepares you; it helps you to deny, bargain and adopt; it presents you with special reports, and a lot more. Explore this one of the best nature blog now.

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  • Cool Green Science Cool Green Science, smarter by nature, is a top nature blog by Nature, that is The Nature Conservancy. Helping answer some of the most compelling questions bearing profound implications on quality of our lives, Cool Green Science here tells the stories of The Nature Conservancy’s 600 scientists who are solving some of conservations major challenges.

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  • Earth 911 Earth 911 Media is a lifestyle and media publishing website, featuring impactful information, and through it inspiring consumers for living a lower waste lifestyle, beginning at work and moving on to food, home and style. Here you can find information on new ways of being sustainable. Read this awesome and one of the best nature blog now.

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  • Australian Museum Australian Museum inspires understanding, exploration and care for our world. Supporting such an inspiration are varied top nature blogs here discussing about science and lifelong learning. Between that are feeds covering animals, varied species, scientists, worms, diseases and a lot more from the nature.

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  • Endeavour Endeavor College of Natural Health has an intriguing wellspring top nature blog list and a magazine of the same name. A health and wellness blog, Wellspring, is dedicated to sharing useful opinions and insights to help you live an enriched life by covering acupuncture, natural health, nutrition, and natural aesthetics among other things.

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  • Human Nature By Conservation International Human Nature is a Conservation International Blog, written by diverse group of people. Illustrating the various ways that nature is needed by people to survive primarily, folks at Human Nature share new ideas and opinions from Conservation International’s experts, links to resources, and photos and videos among other things.

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  • Shutterbug Shutterbug’s Nature Photography How To is the top nature blog you need to read and possibly follow if nature photography is your niche. Loaded with tips and of course how-tos, Shutterbug’s blog gives you plenty information and inspiration to get going high in your photography game.

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  • Outdoor Photography Here’s another cool photography top nature blog you can choose to read and bookmark for getting photography ready. Available at your disposal are latest news, and more constantly updated, together with feeds on gear and technology, and many from pro-photographers. There’s inspiration too in the form of image spotlights from Outdoor Photography community.  

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  • default Northshore Nature presents and discussed about life on the upper Great Lakes. Enticing as that sounds, read further for there’s more excitement awaiting you. Captured and featured here are various birds, with words and photos, all to inspire and awe you.

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  • Ian Lunt Ecology Ian Lunt, the man and brain behind this one of the best nature blog, is a freelance science and nature writer, writing about animals and plants and the people who care and work to save them. With twenty-five years of experience working as a research ecologist and university lecturer he is the man to learn a thing or ten from.

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  • BioLogos Inviting the church and the world to see harmony that exists between science and biblical faith, BioLogos present an incredible understanding of God’s creation. Mostly created and curated by Ted Davis, who is the fellow of the history of science for the BioLogos foundation, reading the book of nature is what you need to read to understand the connection between science and faith. Read this one of the best nature blog list now.

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  • Good Nature Good Nature Travel is the official travel blog of Natural Habitat Adventures and WWF. Featured here are myriad feeds and reports and news, mostly covering wildlife and nature, conservation, travel tips, travel tales, nature photography, and news and more. Beyond more are videos.

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  • Blogflux Designed to be a central destination for the blogosphere, Blogflux presents one of the top nature blogs that feature nature from varied angles. Those angles include photography, art, garden, flowers, lifestyle, motivation, designs, books, news and more. So, tag along Blogflux best nature blog if you fancy catching nature from a different angle.

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  • Elephant Nature Park A project set in Chang Mai province of northern Thailand, Elephant Nature Park provides a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants. On this top nature blog are detailed feeds about Elephant Nature Park and Elephants in general, including elephant trails, elephant of the week, and elephant highlands among others.

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  • Nature World News With news in the very name, Nature World News has plenty details to update you with. Covering animals, biology, environment, health and medicine among others, Nature World News, brings nature to your very screen. Perhaps then, all you got to do is stay connected.

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  • Bay Nature Bay Nature’s blog has nature news to share about the exploration of nature from the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of the whys and hows of nature that might have been raking your thoughts find answers in this very one of the best nature blog list. You may even choose to ask the Naturalist if the questions are not answered anywhere else on the web.

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  • Biomimicry Bio Mimicry Institute suggests Asking Nature may be the answer to various nature related questions. Presenting news here on the Asking best Nature blog, the folks behind this one also shares ideas from the Biomimicry Global Network while discussing about nature at large.

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  • John Muir Laws John Muir Laws presents nature stewardship through science, education and art. There top nature blog showcases nature journals while combining art and nature through drawing birds, insects, landscapes, mammals, reptiles and amphibians and more. Besides, there are feeds covering natural history too.

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  • ClientEarth Behind ClientEarth are activist lawyers who are committed to securing a healthy planet. Working to protect environment through advocacy, litigation and science, Client Earth also talks about air pollution, sustainable seafood, environmental democracy, climate governance, and more through various articles.

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  • Ontario Nature Ontario Nature has been protecting wild species and wild spaces since 1931. Here on their best nature blog, the folks at Ontario Nature discuss about nature at large and Ontario nature in particular with feeds on birds, community, wetlands and more.

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  • The Nature of Cities The Nature of Cities is an international platform where ideas about cities as ecosystems of nature, people, and infrastructure are shared and discussed. To read here are essays discussing about various sides of nature, on science and tools, and people and communities, among other things.

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  • Bush Heritage From a nonprofit organization which is conserving biodiversity in Australia, Bushie Blog by Bush Heritage Australia is a top nature blog featuring posts that talk about nature in Australia and various activities and events that connect people back to the nature, and nature to the people.

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  • Mark Avery Mark Avery, the name and brain behind this top nature blog, is a scientist by profession who has served as Conservation Director of RSPB for thirteen years. Backed by an inclination towards nature Mark writes and comments about nature on his one of this best nature blog.

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  • Montessori Nature Montessori Nature is a top nature blog by Anastasia, who is an Early Montessori Teacher. This is her nature blog where she passionately works towards connecting children to nature, and writes to help parents, guardians and alike in connecting children to nature and people in a meaningful way.

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  • BioEd Online Here are the science teacher resources from Baylor College of Medicine. BioEd Online presents Nature News, covering biology and other sciences. An authoritative and accessible online roundup of the latest in science research, Nature News’ biology and other science news items is what’s shared on BioEd Online here.

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  • Nature Canada From the oldest national nature conservation charity based in Canada, this top nature blog has phenomenal feeds to share about nature in Canada and nature at large. There are posts about birds, nature leadership, visions, animals, right approach and more amazing details that will leave you in awe.

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  • Nature Bridge Cheers to a mission that fosters environmental literacy to sustain the planet. Folks at Nature Bridge are on that mission. And through their top nature blog they share much of the wisdom and information on ecology, environmental education, environmental literacy and national parks.

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  • Centennial Parklands Public Parklands located in Sydney, Australia, Centennial Parklands provide space for people to exercise, play, meet, greet and enjoy. This one of the best nature blog here shares stories about Centennial Parklands, that is the what, why, when and how. Read and get mesmerized, for there’s as much fun in reading as in looking here.

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  • Rainforest Expeditions Rainforest Expeditions with their commitment to sustainability share tales from the rainforest. Matter inside Rainforest Expeditions include rainforest research, harpy diaries, experiences and more interesting feeds to fill up your appetite for rainforest rhapsody and research.

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  • 10,000 Birds 10,000 Birds is all about birding, conservation, nature and the wide world. A great place for people who love birds and people who write about birds together with people who read about, 10,000 birds shares pictures of birds, that will mesmerize you, and in short make your day.

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  • The Nature Conservancy Australia The Nature Conservancy is one of the largest conservation organization, endeavoring towards conserving lands, and waters. Follow their top nature blog to stay updated with new pieces of information about nature, ecology, news about The Nature Conservancy and more, and to seek inspiration for sustainability.  

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  • Houston Arboretum Offering an opportunity to experience the natural world, The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center also runs this Houston Arboretum’s top nature blog that discusses about nature in its full bloom. Of course, there are beautiful pictures and feeds, but along with them are totally indulge-worthy facts.  

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  • Second Nature A Commonwealth of Massachusetts nonprofit public benefit corporation, Second Nature shares news and latest from nature, both political and worldly. Then there are resources. Besides that, there are feeds on policies affecting nature, one way or the other, along with useful information describing important facts and details.  

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  • Austravel Austravel are Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific specialist, offering tailormade holidays. On the Austravel best nature blog, the folks here, the Austravel experts share helpful nature blog posts carrying tips and ideas. That said, you can read about adventure, wildlife and nature, and culture and history among other things.

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  • Nikela Nikela is helping people save wildlife. Founded by Margrit Harris, Nikela has a strong direction and motivation. That is something you can witness on Nikela’s nature blog that features African wildlife, talks about birds, animals, illegal trade, wildlife conservation, wildlife species and even wildlife trafficking.

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  • Wild Ozark Wild Ozark is a veteran run company, where the veterans are Rob, who is a retired USAF, and Madison, who is the author and creator of The Madison Woods nature Blog. You can witness their connection with nature here, as they help their readers reconnect with nature through photography, sketching and writing.

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  • Handbook of Nature Study Handbook of Nature Study is home of the Outdoor Hour Challenge. Something you are most likely to find discussed about in abundance on the top nature blog. Started as a means to share Barb McCoy and her family’s adventures Handbook Of Nature Study has now developed into a community of nature study lovers.  

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  • Comox Valley Nature Comox Valley Nature is a charity in Central Vancouver Island of British Columbia in Canada. The folks here appear to know nature and endeavoring towards keeping it worth knowing. That said, there’s plenty discussed here, which means there is a lot for you to read on birding, botany, nature kids, wetland restoration and more.

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  • Nature Explore Nature Explore is a collaborative program of Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. Their community connection is the space where you can read about child development, nature education, designing outdoor spaces, and researches among other things.

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  • The Nature Conservancy in Washington The Nature Conservancy in Washington endeavors towards sustaining and enhancing a healthy relationship between people and nature. On that note, you can read the field notes here that discuss about various man made things and their impacts, while sharing news, and about various activities and events that connect humans and nature.

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  • Nature Play WA Nature Play WA is getting your kids outdoors. It’s a nonprofit association dedicated to increasing the time that Western Australian children spend playing outdoors and in nature. This one of the best nature blog here is your way to learn more about what the folks here have been up to and how, along with reading about various activities and interesting noteworthy points.

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  • The Blonde Coyote Here’s where to catch the travels with The Blonde Coyote, aka Mary Caperton MMorton, who is a freelance science and travel writer, holding degrees in biology, and geology, plus a master’s in science writing. Her best nature blog presents parts of everything, created and curated by her.

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  • Nature Photo Guides Nature Photo Guides is about three things primarily, namely, nature photography, travel and photo education. It features the photography of Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa, and photography resources, topped with travel stories around United States in an Airstream Trailed, as is presented by the folks here. Read this awesome best nature blog now.

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  • Explore Nature Explore Nature’s Nature Preschool best nature blog where the folks from Explore Nature share weekly updates of their learning adventures. Besides that there are gabs on their favourite activities, themes for the upcoming week, and suggested activities that you can try at home.  

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  • Valuing Nature Valuing Nature Programme is dedicated to understanding the complexities of natural environment in decision making and valuation analysis. Backed by such information this one of the best nature blog by Valuing Nature share latest update from the programme while discussing about important facts about nature today.

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  • PEEC Nature PEEC is short for Pajarito Environmental Education Center which is devoted to sharing the nature of the Pajarito Plateau. Because there’s always something happening outdoor on the Pajarito Plateau, there’s nature news covering it, and helping people from Los Alamos, New Mexico and the world know it better.

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  • Echidna Walkabout Echidna Walkabout are social enterprise tour operator on a mission to ensure the free-living future of Australian Wildlife. On their top nature blog you can read captivating Kangaroo news, Koala news, wildlife news, about the wild tours, the climate, and guide diaries, among other things.

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  • Common By Nature James Common, a wildlife conservationist, nature writer, and birder presents Common By Nature where he talks about nature, explores topics of interest, interact with other likeminded nature lovers. Feel free to read his features like signs of seasons, birders behaving badly and more.

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  • Nature’s Sunshine Nature’s Sunshine offers a range of products with a cause to improve the quality of life. You can sift through these health articles that the folks at Nature’s Sunshine have shared on the top nature blogs. Along with health articles, the folks here also keep us updating about their varied new products.

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  • default Nature Nattering shares wildlife blogs and conservation articles. The creator and author Nature Nattering has already been involved in various projects like helping barn owls with The Wildlife Trust. So, feel free to take a stroll down the blog and get closer to nature.

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  • Jake’s Nature Blog With Jake’s Top Nature Blog you are most likely to explore the natural world of the Rocky Mountains. Mark Danenhauer, the man behind this one of the best nature blog, is a writer who loves Rocky Mountains. On the blog he shares myriad stuff, like tips and types. Sounds intriguing, right?  

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  • Crane Lake Nature Blog Crane Lake Best Nature Blog presents the Northern Minnesota Wildlife and birding information. That said, there are delightfully captivating bird pictures to look and marvel at here too. So, you know where to look when in need for some fascinating pieces of birding information and pictures.Check out this one of the top nature blog now.  

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  • Hangry By Nature Hangry By Nature has a peculiar and quite intriguing way of discussing matters concerning nature. Presented by Tina, a self-admittedly potty-mouthed and clumsy parent, and Andy, her partner in crime content writer, this one of the best nature blog inspires parents to go outside and create meaningful memories with their kids.  

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  • Notes From Nature Notes From Nature is a Zooniverse project blog, discussing about botany, fossils, entomology, ornithology, and macro-fungi among other things. That said Zooniverse is one of the largest platforms for people powered research. And Nature’s Notebook is the top nature blog of Notes from Nature project, compiling varied stories concerning transcribing biodiversity records.  

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  • Experiment With Nature Experiment With Nature is a top nature blog list that showcases interesting and inspiring feeds, while documenting the experimental efforts of craftsmen of Shwood. Enthusiastic about encouraging hands-on work mentality, folks at Shwood Eye-wear presents exclusive mini-documentaries, interviews, playlists, and experiments on Experiment By Nature.Check out this one of the best nature blog now.  

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  • Landscapes For People, Food And Nature Landscapes For People, Food And Nature is an International collaborative initiative of knowledge sharing, dialogue and action. It’s though those actions that the folks here support integrated landscape. To read on this one of the best nature blog list here are opinions and news along with African Landscapes Dialogue, and feeds on landscapes around the world.

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  • Saving Wild By Lori Robinson, Saving Wild is an intriguing one of the best nature blog discussing and presenting a number of things including African tribes, African animals, animal experiences, conservationists, global wildlife conservation, children in Africa, animal stories, African bush, Safari, saving wild and wildlife.

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  • Old Field Old Field 1732 makes for a visually appealing one of the top nature blog. While the history at Oldfield is deep, the matters discussed here are deeply intriguing. First off is the community news here, which are aplenty. Then comes myriad discussions about nature, wellness, fishing, and children’s activities among other things.

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  • Gary Hart Blog Eloquent Nature by Gary Hart lends you insights, information, and inspiration, especially to the inquisitive nature photographer. That said, whether you are photographer or a varied professional, this one of the best nature blog lists and the images in it will incite your nature love to say the least.

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  • Texas Children In Nature Backed by a vision where all children and their families spend more time outdoors, Texas Children in nature is quite an inspiring top nature blog list, especially for families. With its varied features, competitions, tips, activities, suggestions, and ideas among other things, this is one best nature blog people from Texas, and possibly around the globe should take a cue from.

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  • default A New Nature Blog is created and curated by Mile King. He has been working in the UK nature conservation for 28 years. This is the place where he writes about things of his interest, like nature conservation, environmental policy, general politics and ethics.

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  • The Meadowlands Nature Blog The Meadowlands  Best Nature Blog is a celebration and exploration of North Jersey’s Meadowland District’s natural wonders. Catch the mesmerizing images of beautiful birds, read interesting stories, learn more about Meadowlands of New Jersey here on The Meadowlands top Nature Blog.

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  • Sitka Nature Sitka Nature is where the creator and author of this top nature blog lists chronicled observations of learnings about Natural History, from the area around Sitka, Alaska. Loaded with mind-blowing views, both in pictures and stories, Sitka Nature brings you closer to nature in a peculiarly amusing way.

alexa 5,820,497
  • Shetland Nature Shetland Nature is about wildlife, birding, and photography holidays. Focusing solely on Shetland Islands and its natural heritage, you can expect the kind of images awaiting to awe you and the kind of feeds about nature awaiting to blow your mind. Checkout this amazing & one of the best nature blog list now.

alexa 7,144,889
  • Nature Trust Malta With a mission as strong as the one that brings commitment to conservation of Maltese Nature, you know you are up for some brilliant reads by driven people. Nature Trust Malta and the folks behind it promotes environmental awareness, manages areas of natural and scientific interests, and lobbies for effective environmental legislation.

alexa 7,622,484
  • default After Nature is a top nature blog list by Leon Niemoczynski, who is a philosopher and a naturalist. He is also the visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Moravian College located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His researches focus primarily on philosophy of nature, and the discussion on his best nature blog run around that and more.

alexa 7,670,576
  • default Southern Rockies Best Nature Blog is where nature meets culture. That is not all, it’s where nature also meets wildlife, and dogs. That said, you can expect to read environmental news and writings from a southern Rockies perspective. Catch the nature in its full bloom here on Southern Rockies Top Nature Blog list.

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  • default Seeking what we find on Nature Rambling. The start date of this group dates back to 2011. That should make it easier to calculate just how much is ready to read on Nature Rambling, that when considering the intriguing Ramble Reports, accompanied by fascinating pictures of nature from various angles.

alexa 7,795,126
  • Tiffany Francis Tiffany Francis, the name and brain behind this one of the best nature blog is a writer and a naturalist from Hampshire. Her specialization lies in wildlife, landscape, and ethical living, that is primarily what you can expect to read about on her top nature blog, and indulge yourself visually with all those beautiful pictures and videos posted by her.

alexa 7,890,911
  • Shallotte River Swamp Park The Shallotte River Swamp Park presents this one of the best nature blog lists with a certain magnificent visual appeal. A clean, engaging layout smoothly draws attention and makes it merrier looking at those colourfully vivid pictures and reading the varied posts discussing animals, reptiles, activities and more at the Swamp Park.

alexa 8,662,445
  • default Valley Naturalist is a natural history journal for Gwent. A top class nature blog list for the new generation naturalist staying in Gwent, Valley Naturalist is a hub for news, identification and misidentification, field reports, opinions, commentary, culture, social history, thoughts and musings among other things.

alexa 9,404,686
  • Finding Nature Finding Nature is a Nature Connections Research related one of the best nature blog list presented by Dr. Miles Richardson. It is interesting to read Dr. Richardson discuss about researches and research papers, and events covering nature like Nature Connections, and his views and opinions about nature, as and when sighted.  

alexa 9,517,383
  • Nature Writing & Photography by Kirsten Hines Exploring nature around the world is quite fun with Kirsten Hines writing and photography. Her nature and travel blog is equal parts lovely and exciting. And the things she catches on the go are incredible, like Baby Eastern Screech Owl. This one of the best nature blog is worth a read.

alexa 10,517,383
  • default A Passion For Nature showcases WinterWoman’s, aka Jennifer Schlick’s observations. And what observations! Jennifer Schlick, a teacher-naturalist in Western New York, has a sharp eye can say after looking at all those incredible pictures and creatures, and after reading her stories.

alexa 11,637,493
  • Paperbark Writer Australian nature meets science and art at the Paperbark Writer, a top class nature blog list by Paula Peeters. She holds a PhD in Ecology and has about thirteen years of experience working for state government environmental agencies. She now spends her time writing, drawing, reading and learning and running nature journalism workshops. A lot of it can be seen on her best nature blog.  

alexa 11,763,483
  • default Ohio Nature Blog presents the observations of Tom Arbour, the man behind this one of the best nature blog list. There’s a lot to catch here off of his observations through photographs, pictures, and artwork of Ohio’s nature and wildlife. Sounds like quite an enticing mix. Well, it pretty much is.

alexa 11,857,005
  • Dan Rouse Dan Rouse is a Welsh naturalist and explorer and this is her's the best nature blog list. She is quite involved in creating ways wherein people, despite their age group get involved in nature. Plus, she is also involved in many wildlife surveys that concentrate on Cetaceans and birds.  

alexa 12,426,626
  • default The guy is called Logan Johnson and this is his way of discussing about nature with other nature lovers like us. He is a teenage birder, ringer and an all-round naturalist. His sightings, trips, and adventures from recurring world exploration can easily be amused by at Logan’s top Nature Blog list.

alexa 13,285,684
  • Knee Deep In Nature The nature blog of a young naturalist, Knee Deep In Nature showcases James Millers passion for nature photography. That and his love for wildlife can be witnessed in the ‘gallery’ page of this site. About this one of the best nature blog, there’s a lot to catch on nature, including art and animals and places.  

alexa 13,737,426
  • Lake Country Nature Lake Country Nature inspires you to find your niche. And they keep you informed of current natural events and offer useful suggestions for exploring local nature sites in Lake County, Illinois. That doesn’t mean people situated in other parts of the world can’t read and enjoy wonderful sights shared on Lake Country Nature. Read this one of the best nature blog now.

alexa 13,738,317
  • Nerds For Nature By techies and environs, Nerds For Nature is an all-volunteer group bringing people with a passion for technology and environment together. Working towards understanding and protecting and exploring the natural world, there best nature blog list brings you a refreshing taste of nature with newer outlooks and observations.

alexa 14,436,626
  • Prairie Nature Imagine Saskatchewan birds, animals, and scenery. Now, stop and witness it for real on the Prairie Nature blog. By Shelley Banks, a writer, editor and photographer, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Prairie Nature has mind-blowing pictures of mesmerizing birds and animals, and of course, scenery.

alexa 14,921,719
  • default Take a stroll through the diverse flora and fauna eminent in Ohio. And then witness timber rattlesnakes, prairie warblers, lakeside daisies, and woodchucks here. Jim McCormac, the name and brain behind this one of the best nature blog list has begun studying natural history since he was eight.

alexa 15,921,719
  • default It’s nature and art and inspiration on Mary Mageau’s best nature blog. Mary is a writer and a nature photographer residing in a small village of Samford Valley, Australia. Witness her side of the world through her photography, her writings and observations she shares on her top nature blog.

alexa 16,437,696
  • Nature Lovers Walks Nature Lovers Walks are bushwalks and hikes in Tasmania and around the world. Prepare yourself to sit with your mouth open and eyes mesmerized as you look at all those incredible pictures posted here. It sure is capable of loading you with information, though beware it could also render a major case of FOMO.

alexa 16,662,582
  • G J Griffiths G J Griffiths is a writer of wrongs, who grew up in midlands, in the UK. A graduate in physics and chemistry he taught science and technology for two decades in various schools. When you visit his best nature blog list you’ll realize there is something very connectable about the very essence of his top nature blog.

alexa 16,930,176
  • SPI Birding From The South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, this is the best nature blog that gives you a taste of both blogs and articles, that is you can sift between both whenever wished. Though, the numbers are a tad on the lower side, we know sometimes it’s more about quality than quantity.

alexa 17,561,576
  • Young Fermanagh Naturalist About nature, wildlife and conservation, this is the kind of best nature blog you would feel like keep returning to. Dara McAnulty is the mind behind this top nature blog list and is a thirteen-year-old aspiring naturalist, scientist and conservationist. From a young mind, this makes for a fascinating read.

alexa 17,672,484
  • Birds And Nature This one of the best nature blog list called Birds and Nature is dedicated to the conservation of bird and nature. With features dating as far back in time as 2008, you can expect to find bountiful feeds to indulge you nature loving self with, here on Birds and Nature.

alexa 18,567,383
  • The Nature of Bend The Nature of Bend is the insider’s guide to Central Plants and Animals. LeeAnn Kriegh is the author of this one of the best nature blog, and a bend-based writer who has spent two years researching and writing The Nature Of Bend. Read her views and observations of nature on this top nature blog.

alexa 19,637,593
  • Nature Bound Australia Nature Bound Australia are Australian tour operators, sharing latest news, advice and voice for nature on the blog. You can help yourself to the various how-tos the folks here have shared on the blog, along with feeds introducing you to and informing you about travel and adventure in Australia among other things.

This is where we ideally brood about the learnings and experience of witnessing the best of the best.

But this time, we’ll simply marvel in our hearts the beauty of mother nature, with about all that is available to us, and about all the ways we can conserve it, sustain it for the coming days, for the future.

How about we meet a couple blocks down, at the comments and discuss about the marvels of nature and ways of protecting it?



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