Best 100 Nail Art Blogs Every Nail Artist and Manicurist Must See

Top Nail Art Blogs

These Best Nail Art blogs are the creative showcases of new nail art ideas and nail art designs along with nail art trends, and new nail paint color swatches, among other things including nail art tutorials, how-tos and more. It is in these nail art blogs that you find inspiration for your next nail art adventure.

Because there are aplenty nail art blogs already available on the internet, it is likely to lose time finding the best one. Don’t fret just yet dear one, for we have taken the task upon ourselves to bring you the worlds best hundred nail art blogs.

Here they are, best and top 100 nail art blogs ranked on the basis of relevance. Go, dive in.

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  • Reddit Reddit, commonly known as the front page of the internet, is here on our list of best nail art blogs for its creatively affluent feeds on nail art coming from a myriad people across the globe. There are vivid shades and colors and nail art stories you hardly knew existed before this.  

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  • WordPress WordPress, the infamous bloggers paradise, has a whole new paradise for nail art lovers. The blogs with nail art tags across WordPress can be found here. In other words, here’s your source of abundant widespread nail art inspiration and nail art ideas to pick, and then flaunt those lovely nails.

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  • Refinery29 Every It Girls web go-to for style and more, Refinery29 is here on our list for its gorgeous collection of nail art feeds. We have best nail polishes shades here to pick from, DIY manicure details, best polishes, Halloween nail art, nail trends and so much more.  

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  • Harpers Bazaar The incredible fashion magazine, Harpers Bazaar brings you magnificent nail art blog feeds, going right, left and center with its coverage of nail art. There are best nail polishes for the fall. There are cool nail art ideas. There are various inspired nail designs. And there’s just so much more on nail art that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  

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  • Style Caster Hair and nails coverage by Style Caster is an absolute delight. It’s like having two of our favorite things covered under one roof. While hair is another story for another day, we have lots on nail to up our nail game with feeds covering winter nail tutorials, winter polishes and much more.  

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  • Brit + Co Nail Art by Brit + Co is extravagant in a good way. Say, what else should we speak of a blog offering nineties nail designs, fall nail trends, marble nail designs, simple nail art ideas, and best chrome nails on Instagram among other aplenty ideas, designs, trend updates, and feeds.  

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  • Total Beauty What a beauty is Total Beauty and its dedication to nail art. We mean with so many DIYs flashed and fed, Total Beauty is a strong contender for your new total game changer when talking about nails. And when talking about nails and nail art you have cutest DIY nail art, minimalist nail designs, summer nail colors and so much more to pick from this blog.  

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  • Essence On Essence you can find the true essence of nails and nail art through its enchanting feeds. News and updates on best nail polishes, and nail art from across the globe can be found on this part of Essence. Also, can be had plenty nail art feeds covering nail polish colors, nail trends, and even nail polish removers among others.

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  • OPI OPI opens its nail art gallery, we mean virtual nail art gallery, to one and all. Helping transform and upgrade your traditional manicure to a bold, expressive one, the folks at OPI share interesting ideas for new nail designs, and ideas that you can easily achieve with OPIs products.

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  • Nails Magazine Expecting anything less than wow from Nail Magazine would be a crime, not literally of course. Dedicated to unending joy of nail art and design, Nails Magazine features innovative nail art ideas and designs like sweater nail art, boho nail art tutorial inspired by autumn, and many more.

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  • Womens Health Womens Health extends its expert guidance and advice in the field of nail art as well. Be prepared to be spoiled with tremendous ideas and designs like one with sequins, or gel manicure, wedding nail art ideas, nail art glitter and so on.  

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  • Beautiful Hamesha Blog Nail Art featured on Beautiful Hamesha blog is a colorful delight. Blended with myriad vivid colors, Beautiful Hamesha Blogs dedication to nail art brings a brilliant combo of inspiration and information with nail art how-tos, and nail art designs, trends and ideas, and more.

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  • Tit Tac Nail Art on Tit Tac makes total sense and sensation. Featuring interesting ideas and posts for nail art addicts, Tit Tacs blog also shares ideas and more for anyone just starting out on the road to nail art. There are yellow delights with jewels, tips for delicate floral, and much more.  

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  • Makeup Savvy A makeup and beauty blog, Makeup Savvy is a brilliant pick for any and every nail art lover and addict. From budget nail polish to alternative summer nail polish covers Makeup Savvy has covered almost all. A blog by Fee, Makeup Savvy also features all the nail art adventures of Fee, along with her choices and picks.

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  • Furious Filer Here on Furious Filer, is where the self-stated most impatient girl on the planet does nails. Along with new collections and trends, there’s lots of inspiration on nail art that can be picked from this blog, like spray water marble nail art, or glitter and negative space.

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  • incoco Incoco Applique presents this nail art blog better known as Incoco Insider. Inside Incoco Insider are aplenty tutorials, tips and tricks, and trends and inspiration. On top of that there are plenty feeds on fashion and celebs between news.

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  • Neiru Neiru is here on the worlds best hundred nail art blogs for its detailed and smartly laid tutorials. Well, of course, that’s for starters, because a tad farther down are lot more useful feeds covering how-tos, techniques, interviews, and so on.

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  • Nail It Mag Prepare yourself for a full power packed nail art blog abundantly stocked and restocked with information and inspiration. When talking about information, expect to find loads of how-tos and nails 101, and gabs on indie brands. Now talking about inspiration, there are trends to catch, followed by news.

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  • Nail Pro Try this nail art blog to widen your knowledge and up your level of inspiration. On Nail Pro feel free to get inspired through user gallery, and get prepared through step by step tutorials. When in mood for catching the trends, check out the news here, and for ideas, catch the style feeds.

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  • SensatioNail Brace yourself, for we are introducing you to SensatioNail – a nail art blog with enough oomphs and awws that will make your day. From red nail trends to autumn/winter nail trends, there’s plenty to sooth your eyes. For the mind you have how-tos and aplenty informational feeds like differences and what ares.

alexa 1,278,159
  • So Nailicious One blog that will take you on a creative roller coaster is this nail art blog by So Nailicious. It’s impeccable. It’s enchanting. In short, it’s a visual masterpiece. Under nail art you’ll find such mindblowing nail art ideas that your mind will go ‘Whoa!’ while planning on trying those ideas asap.  

alexa 1,534,241
  • PSHIIIT PSHIIIT is a French nail art blog bringing you these lovely nail art feeds. Backed by a beautiful presentation and vivid colors, PSHIIIT’s feeds are brilliant pieces of imagination and creativity. Good thing there are DIYs featured on this blog. So, we can recreate those nail art designs on our own nails.

alexa 1,835,968
  • Be Happy And Buy Polish Here comes this wonderfully creative nail art blog featuring adventures in beauty, creativity and happiness. Created and curated by Jessica W. Be Happy And Buy Polish shares new colors and shades, and presents feeds on manicure, different lacquers, and a lot more.

alexa 1,854,102
  • Kester Black Kester Black was established by Anna Ross. This nail art blog by Kester Black shares useful pieces of information on nail and nail art, like nail staining, tutorials, whats and whys, how-tos and guides, nail polish reviews, interviews, tips, and a lot more.  

alexa 1,911,447
  • Pics Nails Pics Nails’ nail art blog features questions and answers helping you understand nail art better while clearing your doubts and curiosities. For instance, there’s information on what sideways French is. For other days, there are nail art tutorials, and how-tos for you.

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  • Aquariann Art Known as The Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann, shares something so delightful that it will make your Mondays. We are talking about the Manicure Mondays shared on the blog. Along with that there are giveaways, and flower photos to inspire you.  

alexa 1,940,588
  • DeLishious Nails Loaded well with nail art, swatches and tutorials, this is DeLishious Nails for you. By a licensed nail tech in the state of PA and mother of two amazing boys who’s married to her best friend, this blog features new collections and news, nail art designs, and more.  

alexa 1,988,974
  • The Nailsaurus The Nailsaurus is nail art with bite. A UK nail art blog, The Nailsaurus discusses extensively about nail art and nail polish, while sharing tutorials and feeds on nail care. Get on it ladies, for that and fresh color combos, nail art trends, art deco inspiration and more.  

alexa 1,995,753
  • Piggie Luv Sharing her personal experience, and tips and advice off of it is this nail art blogger, the brain behind Piggie Luv. We must tell you she has an eye for design and a brilliant mind. Backed by that she brings these incredible designs, we mean look at her romantic nail art, or pastry murder nail art.

alexa 2,061,854
  • Chalkboard Nails Prepare to be profusely enticed for featured on Chalkboard Nails are these mind-blowing designs. From Disney characters nail art to constellation nail art, pizza bunting nail art to modern romance nail art, this one will make your days special and compliments, abundant.  

alexa 2,136,254
  • Black Cat Nails Black Cat Nails is a nail art blog by Arden, a self-employed bookkeeper who enjoys music and art and craft projects. Here on the blog she shares her personal experience, followed by tips and tricks, and tutorials, and guides and how-tos, among others.

alexa 2,221,673
  • NSI Nails NSI Nails, short for Nail Systems International features plenty useful feeds on nail art. There are application techniques shared with us nail art lovers. Plus, there are latest updates and news, followed by info on colors like color mixes, color theory, horoscope inspired nails and more.  

alexa 2,244,532
  • Nail Bees Nail Bees here has everything nails, bee inspired though. A nail art blog by Minnie, a nail art lover like us, there’re interesting ideas and designs with new techniques on display. Chances are it’s beautiful nail artwork will leave you awestruck. Try if you don’t believe us.  

alexa 2,364,773
  • What The Gel Nails On this nail art blog called What The Gel Nails you will find gel polish swatches and nail art among other things. By Kirstylee, a lover of gel polish, What The Gel Nails features lots of colors and their brilliant use with simple and creatable nail arts.

alexa 2,384,191
  • Fashion Polish Fashion Polish is a nail arts blog by Sam, a nail polish and nail art fan, nearing nail art addiction. This blog features her experiences with nail art, including myriad pastels, lacquer, stamping and more. Catch them all on Fashion Polish.

alexa 2,410,868
  • Nail Lacquer Available on Nail Lacquer are beautiful nail art, swatches and tutorials. From high street brands to indie polishes, you’ll find almost all of them on this blog. Loaded with brilliant colors, and lacquer collectibles this blog brings you humongous nail art inspiration and ideas.

alexa 2,482,473
  • Cosmetic Proof Cosmetic Proof is the nail art blog by a thirty something professional currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are interesting ideas and designs created and displayed by her which you can draw inspiration from to recreate or create something of your own with a twist.

alexa 2,573,724
  • Bio Sculpture Nail Art by Bio Sculpture is a pleasant sight. It’s the information that steals the show after all those nail ideas, and designs. Speaking of designs, you have nail arts here covering beach scene and trolls among others.  

alexa 2,584,111
  • Polish And Paws Polish And Paws, a blog about nails makes life so colorful with all those swatches and nail art. Covered under the latter are myriad hues, various collections, and more. See what all’s new in the market and catch numerous themed collections on Polish and Paws.  

alexa 2,665,058
  • Paulina’s Passions One major part of Paulina’s Passions is the nail art. It is on nail art that you’ll find these fancy feeds, colorfully extravagant, and creatively enchanting. A cool place to find interesting new nail art ideas for everyday as well as special occasions like Halloween.

alexa 2,760,835
  • More Nail Polish More Nail Polish, a blog that would attract with every inch of it, even with its name. You have some brilliant nail art masterpieces to look at and get inspired while marveling the creative nail art ideas and thoughts behind it. Enough said, you ought to look at this one.  

alexa 2,809,057
  • Nail That Accent Nail That Accent, an uber-cool blog, is here for its phenomenal nail feeds. While the generosity is evident in the amount of feeds stocked sufficiently with new nail art ideas, designs, swatches and more, the said generosity is extended in discussions about nails and us, like how our choice of nail lacquer colors can affect our mood and so on.

alexa 2,809,460
  • Ithinity Beauty Ithinity Beauty is a blog by Ithfifi, a twenty something nail art blogger from the United Kingdom. Here on the blog she brings impressive nail art ideas and designs, like freehand cupcake and party design, or neon glitter palette. Plus, she often accompanies her blogs and designs with fancy poetry. Do check.  

alexa 2,825,462
  • Grape Fizz Grape Fizz Nails makes for a drool worthy blog, strictly talking in terms of nail art designs and ideas. Plus, the shades shared here are catchy. Once on it, you might feel the pull towards recreating all the designs your sight fells on.

alexa 2,844,208
  • The Little Canvas The Little Canvas is a blog by Alaina, and these are her nail art designs you would be witnessing and possibly admiring on this blog. From leopard manicure, sided with interesting blend of shades, to neon spider webs, prepare to be surprised.

alexa 2,846,246
  • Moonshine And Sunlight On this blog aptly named Moonshine and Sunlight, expect to find fascinating contrasts and interesting combinations. A cool décor style nail art is perhaps the USP of this blog. On that note consider teal and gold nail art with negative space. Sounds enticing? The view is worth the wait.

alexa 3,112,536
  • Talonted Lex By Lex, a London beauty blogger obsessed with skincare and nail, Talonted Lex is one with ideas to make your day. Like a Stranger Things inspired nail art. Or a pastel camouflage for those hazy days. There’s a lot more to check and find on Talonted Lex.  

alexa 3,487,147
  • Lucy’s Stash It’s your daily dose of nails. It’s Lucy’s Stash for you, fellas. And what stash! We mean nail art designs and ideas. Splendid is the word. To exemplify there’s this abstract hand painted nail with brilliant choice of colors, adding subtlety when needed, and punk for the fun.

alexa 3,708,046
  • Workaday Beauty All you beauties out there, we present this beautilicious nail art blog called Workaday Beauty, here to take your creative mind for a spin. You’ll find these mind-bending new nail art ideas stuffed with inspiration and motivation to make you go try them the next moment. Sunset lace, to give you a clue.

alexa 3,720,901
  • The Trendy Nail Looking for trendy nail art? Head right here to The Trendy Nail, the nail art blog stocked abundantly with nail art ideas. There are reviews to pick here as well, for when it comes to polishes, we want nothing but the best, right? Right. Also, there are video tutorials available here too. So, win-win.

alexa 3,756,344
  • Polish Those Nails With a good advice in its very name, this blog has plenty pleasant stuff to beautify those nails. Polish Those Nails shares many nail art ideas ranging from florals to Halloween, digital to other challenges. This is where you can pick interesting new ideas, one for every day.  

alexa 3,958,324
  • Natasha Lee Natasha Lee, the name and brain behind this blog is an award-winning nail professional. Coming from her are intriguing new ideas accompanied by tutorials. Thus, making it easy for us nail art lovers to pick and try the ideas without any delay. Sounds perfect, right.  

alexa 4,104,874
  • The Polished Mommy The Polished Mommy comes with various nail feeds for our perusal. There are feeds on collections to pick here. There are reviews to check. And then, our favorite part, there are tutorials to watch and learn from. Like one on using striping tape, or one with creating dry marble nail design.

alexa 4,379,115
  • Cherry Nail Art Cherry Nail Art is a French blog discussing about and sharing nail art with us nail art lovers. It’s interesting what the blogger here does with colors and lacquers. For instance, consider splatter nail art, or ethnic nail art. Gets better with pictures and more so with videos. Check them on Cherry Nail Art.

alexa 4,662,646
  • The Polish List The Polish List is a nail art blog by Vicky. This is where she shares nail swatches, tutorials and reviews and more. Beyond collections there are ideas like beach silhouette to draw inspiration and ideas from. Plus, of course there are lacquers in wonderful shades to add wings to your imagination.  

alexa 4,771,429
  • Nails Of Aquarius Nails of Aquarius presents zealous creations of a zany sign. Along with sign, behind those creations is also the mind of Karolyn who loves all things pretty and sparkly. And what sparkles, we mean sparks of creativity she adds to her creative nail art designs. A must see to say the least.

alexa 4,960,681
  • Lacquer Heads Of Oz Here on Lacquer Heads Of Oz are tips, tricks and tutorials, from admittedly Australia’s most obsessed. Let’s talk about nail art, under which there are a plethora of options and of course tutorials, like marbling nail art tutorial, and how-tos like how to use studs on nail art.  

alexa 5,161,503
  • One Nail To Rule Them all With a meaning behind the name so powerful, you can expect nothing but a power packed nail art blog, and your expectations are duly met. One Nail To Rule Them All shares interesting ideas like geometric, or moon phases, or tribal.  

alexa 5,253,491
  • The Daily Nail Blog There are 365 days in a year. There are admittedly 365 nail designs on The Daily Nail Blog.  The blogger behind the Daily Nail Blog has completed her original 365 days, 365 nail designs in October of 2010, and now she shares her designs as and when she finds time. Checkout her fancy ideas and designs on this blog.  

alexa 5,329,112
  • Nailed It What would be better than nailing it, right girls? And helping us nail it better is the Nailed It blog with its brilliant nail art designs in delicious colors. Sometimes subtle, sometimes flashy this blog is perfect to catch our varying moods and with it the choice of designs.  

alexa 5,504,247
  • Brit Nails Catch nail art on this blog called Brit Nails, a nail art blog by Allie. First up, there are color swatches and we must mention they look delightful. Then there are these mesmerizing nail art designs, accompanied by tutorials on stamping or gradient or freehand or tape.  

alexa 5,550,812
  • DenDiva DenDiva is a blog by Madhu, a US based Indian beauty blogger. She has a knack for nail art, and that is quite apparent on her blog which has impressive nail art designs like geometric nail art, and tutorials, like sunset, and reviews and more.

alexa 5,776,496
  • Lady Crappo Lady Crappo is a brilliant nail art blog. Breaking the stereotype, this blog by an art, science, and book nerd has these magnificently gorgeous nail art designs that will leave you in awe. We have inspiration to draw from nail art inspired from interesting things like nature, and Indian textiles among others

alexa 5,867,267
  • Not Your Average Nails Not Your Average Nails is a blog by Becca, a nail artist based in Canada. Prepare yourself to mind blown, for the designs here are marvelous. Speaking of marvelous, there are high chances you would want to try them right away so have your tools ready before you visit this blog.  

alexa 6,113,785
  • Glamour Nail Bar Glamour Nail Bar was launched in August 2014. This blog by Glamour Nail Bar has everything to entice and excite you. For starts news and updates. That followed by interesting tips and feeds. That followed by nail art, but differently, in Glamour Nail Bar style.

alexa 6,412,126
  • Kerruticles By a UK nails blogger, Claire Kerr, Kerruticles presents new nail art ideas and designs by Claire. These designs vary between a wide range including neon bright and stamping. There are also new collections and swatches featured here by Claire to help you pick between shades.  

alexa 6,711,646
  • Ordinary Misfit Michelle is the Ordinary Misfit, we mean the mind behind this blog called Ordinary Misfit. With views, reviews, loves and life of Michelle you’ll also find fancy nail arts on this blog, like these stylishly called pastel sin, jack skellington and more.  

alexa 7,421,498
  • Kelsie’s Nail Files Kelsie of Kelsie’s Nail Files and the mind behind it has a Master of Physiotherapy and is born and raised in Wabush, Labrador, Canada. With her nail polish obsession that started in high school, this blog shares pretty mind-blowing nail art ideas making it a blog to hunt down for more and more.

alexa 7,449,936
  • Ten Little Canvases Get polish addict and become a nail art enthusiast with Ten Little Canvases, a nail art blog by Kim. Like they say where there’s obsession there are swatches, or that’s not what they say, either way there are swatches here and creative nail art designs fancily displayed.

alexa 7,512,281
  • Hey, Nice Nails! Speaking each of our nail art lovers heart out with its very name, this blog called Hey, Nice Nails! has, well, nice nail art ideas. Both creative and colorful, these designs will have you connect instantly with the blogger here as you tread along trying various designs showcased here.

alexa 7,512,281
  • Pro Nails Pro Nails presents this Naily News Blog featuring outstanding nail art designs, and simultaneously helping you get the look. From Zhostovo technique to futuristic flakes, street tribe to    African French, you’ll find plenty cool nail art ideas on the Pro Nails blog.

alexa 7,786,700
  • 25 Sweetpeas The blogger at 25 Sweetpeas can easily be called a creative genius upon looking at all those brilliant nail art designs. To give you a glimpse of what lay inside this blog consider fall floral wrath in pretty dark shades, or palm trees for another.

alexa 8,223,795
  • Vicariously Me Nails and nail designs on Vicariously Me are both contemporary and artistic, brilliantly artistic we meant to say. There are designs for various occasions here, like Christmas. Plus, there are everyday designs and in plenty numbers. And yes, there are how-tos and tutorials here as well.  

alexa 8,303,164
  • Chelsea King Chelsea King, the name and brain behind this blog is Los Angeles based nail artist and manicurist. Coming from her are these masterpieces for various nail sizes, mostly short. Abundance is in how much you’ll find these designs, with each topping other in creativity and innovation.  

alexa 8,313,801
  • Nail Zini This is the kind of nail art blog you might want to consider bookmarking for all those incredible nail art designs frequently shared. Nail Zini brings interesting new ideas like mandala nail art in beautiful luscious shades, or holographic unicorn nail art. Interesting, right?

alexa 8,734,627
  • Ehmkay Nails Checkout a different take on nail polish at Ehmkay Nails. We must along with different the take is refreshing. Consider acorn nail art or Neon rainbow cat nail art. These are beautiful with a conceptual kind of essence about it. A must try.

alexa 8,843,668
  • Glitter Fingersss Glitter Fingersss simply sums every nail polish lovers emotions with just that name. But there’s more beyond that name which is fancy and something you ought to check. First there are color swatches to check. Then there are these nail arts to catch either by technique or by pattern, we leave that choice on you.

alexa 9,109,249
  • Freckles In Suburbia Freckles In Suburbia is a blog by Chris, a stay at home mom of three who lives in Brisbane, Australia. She shares interesting new color palettes on her blog along with simple and subtle nail art designs, well mostly that.  

alexa 9,479,819
  • Planet Nails Welcome to the Planet Nails, a place for you to catch new how-tos and tips. That’s for starts. Further along there are nail tech FAQs, followed by interesting informational and educational feeds on nail art and nails per se, making it one in the league of helpful blogs.  

alexa 9,593,730
  • Muxe Catch nail polish reviews, nail art and more on Mari Lumme, a blog by Mari who loves talking and sharing about nail art and nail polishes. Here on the blog she has shared just that with new and interesting nail art ideas and nail art designs, totally try-worthy.  

alexa 10,483,911
  • Alps Nail Art Get designer nails in five minutes, says the folks at Alps Nail Art. Whether it is exploring the secrets to a perfect nail art or getting new nail art designs, leave it on Alps Nail Arts blog to get that to you and get that near perfection.

alexa 10,769,875
  • Nail Art And Things Kejal Shah from Mumbai, India is the lady behind this blog called Nail Art And Things. When we are talking about nail art, we are certainly talking about new ideas, new interesting ideas should we say considering designs like chevron nails, stamping roses nail art and more.

alexa 10,775,236
  • Nail Art And Beauty Eat Pray Nails with Nail art and Beauty. This blog has colorful paisley nails shared and showcased for you to inspire yourself into polishing those nails stylishly. You have tangy peach nails here, cherry blossom nails for when you are feeling all happy and merry, and more such cool ideas, available on Nail Art And Beauty.

alexa 10,930,281
  • Miss Ladyfinger Miss Taryn Multak is the producer and nail artist behind Miss Ladyfinger. A fashion professional in New York City, Miss Ladyfinger aka Taryn Multak shares interesting nail art ideas and designs with many inspired from runway collections, making it a blog definitely worth giving a shot.  

alexa 11,611,003
  • Sakura Nail Art A French nail art blog by Sabrina, Sakura Nail Art has its essence in its very name meaning ephemeral beauty. That beauty is extensively evident in its nail art designs that equal part lovely and equal parts enchanting. And all parts inspiring. Do check.  

alexa 12,614,040
  • Nail Polish Society Celebrate your right to bear polish with Emiline Harris, the mind behind this blog called Nail Polish Society, and also a women’s beauty rights activist. Checkout all those magnificent designs she has shared on the blog, and new lacquer releases too, you know, just to stay updated.  

alexa 13,497,078
  • Painted Fingertips Get your nails brilliantly painted by drawing inspiration from myriad nail art designs shared on Painted Fingertips. From mermaid to matte leaf stamping, starry stamping to fun neon circle glitters, this blog will make your day with designs so endearing.

alexa 13,573,942
  • MP Nails M.P. Nails is the kind of nail art blog where nails come out alive, or at least that is something you would wish upon after looking at all the brilliant designs shared and added on M.P. Nails. It’s fancy, however, when looking at the places the blogger behind M.P. nails draws inspiration from, which sure includes runways.

alexa 13,798,261
  • Nailside Nailside is a nail art blog by Jane, from the Netherlands. Here she shares her love for polish and what love it is. Look at the designs and you’ll forget the rest of the tasks in hand, pick your polish and brushes and head straight to your comfort zones. After all what’s better a side than the Nailside.

alexa 13,953,713
  • Mama Hearts Polish Mama of Mama Hearts Polish is Nadia, a Porto Rican mother of two, now living in Florida. A book and sci-fi nerd with an art degree is here sharing her love of nail polish and artistic side with us, producing nail art designs like marble art that glows in the dark. Fancy, right?  

alexa 15,716,671
  • Nails Art Nails Art is a French blog with feeds so inspiring and awesome you would want to keep scrolling and biting your nails. Our advice, don’t bite those nails for you’ll have plenty to paint on them, like one stroke autumn flowers, or night flowers. We all love flowers, don’t we?

alexa 15,821,560
  • Unpretty But Well Polished Here’s the Unpretty Girl Who Does Nail Art. That girl is Jennifer and she is obsessed with nail polishes. How much, you ask? Too much, at least that is what’s evident from her blog and her nail art designs which sometimes include glitters, and sometimes lovely pastels.  

alexa 15,919,125
  • Buff And Polish Buff And Polish presents this nail art and beauty blog. Stocking up many fancy nail art ideas, Buff and Polish’s blog brings beauty to life at every point with every post and we men posts with nail art like supernatural, haute punk, galaxies and more.

alexa 16,716,670
  • Dry, Dammit! Putting every girls dilemma in its name, this blog called Dry, Dammit! has what you need from a cool nail art blog. And we sure mean cool nail art designs and cool pastel swatches. Catch them on the go for inspiration and ideas to plan your next nail art.  

alexa 16,782,700
  • Robin Moses Nail Art Teaching you magic is this blog called Robin Moses Nail Art. Robin Moses is the nail art wizard here showcasing myriad nail art designs, all of them with a brilliant idea, being further brilliantly executed. Feel free to see for yourself.  

alexa NA
  • Beaching Nails Surfer Girl aka Beaching Nails presents a refreshing take on nail art, drawing inspiration from interesting places. Surf with her on this beach as she takes you on a nail art spree where beautiful design makes the base and gorgeous textures, the waves.  

alexa NA
  • Nails Always Polished Nails Always Polished is a beautiful nail art blog by Louise, a twenty-two-year-old from Denmark. She shares her experiments and achievements with nail art here on Nails Always Polished. Fancy luscious pastels, added in a delightful combination and pattern, makes enough reason to check this blog.

alexa NA
  • Polished Techie Polished Techie is an Indian nail art blog by Rajini where she showcases her crazy way of doing nail art. Those nail arts experimented to excellence by her are interesting to say the least. From double stamping gradient to freehand roses, she has done it fascinatingly.

alexa NA
  • Nail Art By KRP Nail Art By KRP is a charming blog where KRP is short for Krishna Pankhaniya. Coming back to nail art, there are plethora options to pick from here, thanks to all those nail art designs generously shared by Krishna Pankhaniya here.

alexa NA
  • Freaky Nails By three Friends in Germany comes this fancy nail art blog with lots of nail art ideas and designs. Different textures, different styles, different ideas, it’s one blog to follow for three different minds creating three different types of nail art patterns.

Best 100 Nail Art Blogs

So, how did you find them? We have been dearly waiting on asking that question, for we sure loved those best hundred nail art blogs .

Being totally loaded with inspiration we can’t wait to see more that will soon be updated by these nail-art bloggers.

Now, you sure have plenty up your plate to pick and polish your nails, we are gladly looking forward to see your new nail art ideas along with how you found our pick and presentation of these top hundred blogs.

You know we’ll be waiting down at comments to read a word from you. While you’ll be busy experimenting and falling head over heels for polish all over again, don’t forget to stay inspired.



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