Best 100 Makeup Blogs With Top Takeaways

Top Makeup Blogs

We have heard them say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But when we have the option of upping our chances, why won’t we? Especially when we have so much at our disposal. You know what we mean, don’t you? All those best makeup blogs, showcasing plenty of makeup tutorials and even more beauty product reviews, with unremitting endeavors towards making the world a beautiful place, quite literally.

We, as the lovely, gorgeous, pretty natives of planet earth would not let those fellow Eartheans efforts go to vain. So, with no pain, considering they were curated for you, dear ones, we present this fancily made up the list of 100 best makeup blogs in the world-wide-web. Tag along and feel the power of makeup add that beautiful glow to your face.

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  • Makeup Addiction And girl are we addicted! Stealing the top rank, Makeup Addiction by Reddit has us addicted to their blogs and stories, and tricks and treasures. Being fascinated already, wouldn’t you agree us humans have inbuilt sensors for catching anything controversial? Why not check all that controversial stuff out after warming your heart up with all that hot info they serve fresh out of oven?

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  • Smink and makeup Smink and Makeup sure believes in being limitless. Perhaps, that’s the reason why there’s something about everything concerning beauty and makeup. Follow Katushka, the blogger of Smink and Makeup to offer you with valuable makeup tips and go as far as testing the products to give you a first-hand review. For more, watch her makeup videos and see how she redefines outer beauty.

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  • Hello Giggles Loaded and constantly updated with latest makeup news and reviews, Hello Giggles makeup section is going to give you every reason to believe in the power of makeup. Their Beauty Chatter is the hottest gossip in town. And bae, should you see their adventures in beauty? Piece of advice: Fetch a hot tub of popcorns while you can.

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  • Makeup and Beauty Are you a lover of reviews? If yes, consider this your holy grail. When we come to think about it, there are a massive number of beauty weapons in close to infinite number of brands, making picking one final product for our personal use, a task more to contemplate about than rejoice. But with Makeup and Beautys very own reviews, consider more than half of your job done.

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  • ELF ELF, covering the prime canvas of your makeup brushes- the Eyes, Lips and Face, offers a myriad of blogs in each. The things, however, which grabbed our attention were their ‘what’s new’ and ‘best sellers’ sections. Although, their ‘beauty tools’ section was an equally competent contender. What are you waiting for? Go, ‘get inspired’!

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  • Temptalia Don’t we just love the top 100 rankings? Check Temptalia for their own list of ‘top 100 products of 2016’. And that’s not all. There’s much more to be picked from Temptalia what with their ‘editor’s choice awards’, ‘reader’s choice awards’, and ‘recommended products’. Then, if you fancy some dupes, look right over their ‘dupe list’.

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  • Too Faced Get ready to be pampered. Too Faced’s blog has got all your BFFs on board to help you nail that perfect look. Or at least that’s how it seems. Even Jerrod, the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Too Faced, shows how much he loves you with all those blogs.

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  • BH Cosmetics Blog Are you in a mood for some fabulous beauty inspiration? Right there, when are we not. Catch some inspiration right off the Influencer Spotlight. And when that is done, spring to your right for some more inspiration, only this time go about sealing the deal with beauty’s soul sister- fashion.

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  • London Drugs How can so much beauty fit in on place? When we talk about London Drugs, beauty seems more real than just a fragment of mind. There urge to redefine beauty is evident through all those makeup tutorials created only to assist you gorgeous girls into keeping the best you got and making the most out of it.

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  • Loreal Paris Blog Loreal Paris has been recreating the most iconic beauty products since ages. It is however their innovation with beauty products that win us over every time. The same love, care and innovation has they bestowed on their beauty blog. Count on them to bring you the best makeup tutorials, latest hairstyles backed by experts, skin care, hair care and much more.

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  • Lauren Conrad Over the years, Lauren Conrad has become the beauty worlds household name. Her beautiful blog design, perhaps, a lot to do with that. Trust Lauren to guide you through everything from wear to primp, dine to decorate, craft, family to getting fit. What you’ll realize soon enough is, Lauren never disappoints.

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  • Beauty Department If you thought all those makeup brushes and cosmetic shades could do only so much, you might want to grab a look at the Beauty Departments Makeup Section. We mean, think how one shade can render two finishes, or how your browbone could be worn three days. Don’t fret dear ones, let the beauty department explain you how.

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  • Wise She And is she wise? Wise She’s make up section is loaded with information on makeup looks, hairstyles, recreating iconic looks, beauty products reviews, skin care, tricks and hacks and so much more. There’s hardly any makeup bit Wise She hasn’t bestowed her wisdom on. Consider instant skin rejuvenation by refreshing drugstore face packs.

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  • Real Techniques It’s easy to stop hunting for trends when you know where you should rather be at. You know, when you read a name that propels action, you ought to stop and read. Real techniques have all kinds of quick and easy makeup techniques which you very certainly can leverage from.

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  • The Small Things Blog Don’t we just love simple tricks? We mean who would want to spend tens of minutes, sometimes even hours righting the wrong. And we all know how tiring that gets when we talk in terms of makeup. Now that’s where The Small Things make big differences. Believe in Kate to treat you with lots of easy tricks for a perfect look.

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  • GS Loves Me Makeup and Hair, two things which can change the game entirely. They are like those married couple who can spoil the game with a little tiff or be on top of the game with a little extra care. GS Loves Me doesn’t say that but it sure teaches you to achieve the right compatibility between your hair and makeup with all those tricks and tutorials.

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  • Curly Nikki Curly Nikki is so versatile that she will make your eyes pop. Curly Nikki is so smart that she will make your mind boggle. Curly Nikki is so humble and kind that she will share all her tricks and hacks from hair to makeup, travel to life, food to covering the basics with you so cheerfully.

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  • Beautiful Hamesha All hail the power of DIY. Won’t we all agree how wonderful life becomes with a little ease. Seconding that thought is Beautiful Hamesha with its quick and easy DIY Makeup Tutorials and home remedies. And yes, it covers every single thing under the roof be it anti-ageing DIY serum, hair fall remedies, DIY eye creams and so much more.

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  • Makeup and Beauty Blog Karen, the blogger of Makeup and Beauty blog and your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, has best hacks for your makeup routine. Not only that but she also offers step by step makeup tips for you. We mean how many times have we thought about the resemblance between blush and eye shadows? But Karen goes a step further and shows you how to blend and use the two brilliantly.

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  • Lisa Eldridge Coming from one of the most renowned and experienced makeup artists of the red-carpet magic and the international beauty circuits, Lisa Aldridge’s blog is your gift straight from the heaven. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Oscars red carpet and those makeup looks we drooled over. Let Lisa teach you all the right tricks to create a red carpet for yourself where you go.

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  • Makeup tutorials Quick headsup- hold your heart tight for there are high chances it might fell for this blog. We are talking about makeup looks and we are talking about loads and loads of it. For all you know, hereafter you won’t be worrying about your day looks or night looks, work looks or seasonal looks, celebrity looks or that special day’s bridal looks.

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  • Janiere Dale The Good Glow is all about making you achieve your highest beauty goals while letting you stick to your natural beauty. There’s a lot you can pick from their makeup tutorials, concisely for teasers sake let’s say they have got eye makeup tutorials, eyebrow tutorials, lip makeup tutorials, and of course including makeup tools.

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  • A Model Recommends Being a makeup artists muse, a model sure knows a lot of new and trendy makeup tips. Through A Model Recommends, Ruth Crilly, a fashion model for over ten years now, recommends her beauty favorites, skincare routines, tried and tested makeup tricks and so much more. Tag along with Ruth to know how models get that perfect skin and looks.

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  • My Beauty Bunny This honest to god blog will steal your heart right away. For all of you who love a hearty conversation about makeup and beauty you are going to find a friend in My Beauty Bunny. Sit back, relax and wander around the My Beauty Bunny territory for all things glittery, sometimes colorful and plenty of times natural and cruelty free.

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  • Corallista Every Indian girl would either love her Indian skin or hate it. Either way, they would keep on trying and testing products to make their skin look better and more beautiful than it already is. Solving that dilemma and bringing the best makeup tips for Indian skin is Corallista. No gorgeous, we are not forgetting a myriad of Indian functions and festivities and neither is Corallista.

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  • Huda Beauty Making makeup an easy drive down and around the face is Huda with her beauty and makeup blog. Her care for you and your beauty is evident in the way she guides and teaches you her favorite makeup tricks, so you don’t have to walk the treacherous hit and trial road and get all bumpy and grumpy.

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  • Chrislie Chrislies blog shows how love for your own skin and beauty can take you far away from ageing. Not just that, it also shows you exactly how to do that. Stocked with tricks and tips, Chrislies blog shares all its wisdom and knowledge topped with ideas on skincare, make up, haircare and beauty.

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  • Make Up and Beauty Forever Makeup and Beauty Forever, if only such a world existed. Weren’t you thinking that? Well, what if we say your wish has been granted. Is that claps and cheers we hear? Makeup and Beauty forever is neither just a statement nor just a blog. It is an ocean of makeup and beauty tips which you can dive right in and come out as a gorgeous mermaid.

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  • Everything That Matters It’s a very elusive statement- Everything That Matters, won’t you agree? That could be for all the beauty products out there. Or it could be referring to those makeup tricks and tips. Or could mean to refer all those gorgeous parts of that beautiful face of yours. Don’t fret, dear ones, for it refers to all of the above. Learn all that and more on Everything That Matters.

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  • default Who doesn’t love MUA beauty products? Having said that who wouldn’t love expert advice right from the house of MUA. We all would. Wouldn’t we? Surf right over the MUA blog and treat yourself with glosses of information, shades of new ideas, glitters of festive makeup tips and so much more.

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  • Budget Beauty Blog Budget Beauty! All the men in our lives, especially the better halves will rejoice at just that name. Mark it with your favorite shade of lip gloss that this one is going to become your go to for all beauty and makeup advice, especially when you have a budget to keep. Thanks to the wise men, and women in our lives.

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  • The Style And Beauty Doctor Danielle Gray, aka The Style and Beauty Doctor, is fun and resourceful, so much so that all you would want is read her talk, teach and review products all day. There is so much more in world than beauty. And when we say that, we mean there is style and fashion, fitness and travel. Let Danielle take you a long, long journey. And doubt not dear ones, for you’ll look your best.

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  • A Fro Bella Leave it on A Fro Bella to be your complete makeup and beauty guide. Yes, that includes hair as well. Wait, did we mention pop culture and style? Ah, our memory. Perhaps, if there was a drugstore product or trick for that. We digressed. There are plenty of drugstore beauty products tried and reviewed on A Fro Bella. And a lot of tricks on using and applying them.

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  • Missy Sue Do you remember the days when we were kids, braiding our dolls hair? How much we wanted to braid our own hair with cool, trendy braids? Well, revive the old days and find your muse in your BFF, or daughter and let Missy Sue teach you how to do Dutch braid or mermaid braids and many more.

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  • QC Makeup Academy Let a makeup academy tutor you makeup, not just ways on doing it but also guide to becoming a makeup artist yourself, even if it’s part time. We know who can benefit the most from this, moms, with their busy schedules and drive to be independent. For all the rest, relish the taste of fresh ideas and new benchmark of makeup goals.

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  • Keiko Lynn Are you always on a lookout for new beauty trends? Are you always up for applying makeup the hundred and tenth different way? Then Keiko Lynn is the girl of your makeup dreams. Her beauty and makeup blog is a breath of fresh air. And somehow everything she applies looks fabulous on her.

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  • Nigel Beauty This one’s a makeup heaven. How does it matter if it’s only virtual? You’ll be crazed by the amount of everything about everything pertaining to makeup on this blog. Think Friday night tutorial video. Consider it sorted. Think Oscars glam makeup video. Consider it sorted. Think Holday glitter makeup. Consider it sorted.

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  • GLO Professional You’ll learn a lot from this blog. The amount of information here will first surprise you, then intrigue you, and then will appear a big smirk on you face, the kind of smirk that appears upon knowing something your other friends don’t. And then, we all know, where you would be going, why you would be going, and how amazing you’ll look while walking out that door.

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  • Sazan Leave it on Sazan to load you with innumerable different ways of enhancing that wonderful beauty of yours. Every blog on Sazan is worth spending your time on. Being there makes you feel like there’s so much to learn and so much to apply. One thing you won’t be bothered about will be where to start from. It’s as magical as that.

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  • The Teacher Diva When The Teacher Diva teaches, you learn like an attentive kid about to learn her favorite subject. Check out her summer beauty essentials for fighting hundred degrees like a diva. Already been caught by the whole drama about brows but would love to keep yours quite the same? How about meeting halfway and letting The Teacher Diva tutor you on attaining natural looking brow.

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  • Posh Beauty Blog Having recently passed by the awards season with heavy red carpet mentions on the social media with the beauty looks to die for, let the Posh Beauty Blog teach you beauty trends from the award season. After that’s done, pick some fresh tips and tricks on getting the best out of your makeup.

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  • Makeup Savvy Don’t we all want to be one? Makeup savvy. Tell us though, do you wear glasses? How about we say there are not five or ten but twelve makeup tips for glasses? And that ladies is offered by someone who wears glasses herself. Tempted enough aren’t you. Oh baes, don’t go glass shopping just yet, because there’s plenty about no glasses makeup too.

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  • Mask Cara Why we love Mask Cara so much? For her enlightening belief that women are much more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. And girl, how is she on the mission for changing that. Leave it on Cara to revive your beauty with helpful makeup tips and support that you’ll end up falling in love with yourself all over again.

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  • B For Bun Bun You are bound to be hit by cuteness overload on this blog. Once you survive that something from your favorite part of face is going to find its ultimate solace. It could be your lips finding solace in the nude shades. Or your lashes finding solace burgundy mascara. Or your skin finding solace in revival.

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  • The Indian Beauty Something you might be fetched in by while on this blog, could be How NOT To Makeup. Picking up those makeup failures from past or recent events, the Indian Beauty Blog will teach you the big Nos of the makeup business. From there, when you move just a little the previous menu , you will find something called-hold your breath- DIY. Yay!

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  • Slashed Beauty Are you a fan of festivals? Do you love the Boho vibes? Have you ever thought of clubbing the two together and rejuvenating your gorgeousness? Well, if you have, catch the boho makeup tutorial on Slashed beauty among plenty other things. If you haven’t, it’s never too late to give it a try.

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  • It Starts With Coffee We know a couple of things which start with coffee. A date for example or love at first site while waiting in the cue for your hot skimmed latte. We also know a smudged lipstick happens over coffee when you kiss the coffee mug. But some really fancy makeup ideas and tutorials starts with coffee too, we mean It Starts With Coffee. The blog, baes.

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  • She’s In The Glow We might be young or we might be old, but there are still plenty of things in the world we know nothing about. Yes, even on the subject of beauty and makeup. For example- do you know about Hygge? It’s the kind of Nordic trend that’s totally next level and will completely revive your beauty routine. You know now what we are talking about and what all this blog talks about. Go check.

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  • Shameless Fripperies Karima has a flair for makeup. Yes, we are considering make up as art and Karima, an artist. Who can, but the choicest few, can nail the art of no makeup makeup? Or soft cut crease makeup tutorial topped with puppy liner? It’s hard to explain this to people but those with us, are with us.

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  • I Covet Thee It’s a fail of heart not being able to heart Alix, writer of I Covet Thee. She is lovely and lovelier because she care, for you. Why else would she go to all this trouble finding right kind of products to review and share with you? Not only this, she feels great when you tag along on her travel expeditions and style sojourns.

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  • default We know when it comes to makeup and beauty, one or two things are not enough. Those things could be cosmetics, makeup tips or parts of your face. Finding and fitting the right one in has always been our major trouble. Best thing about Kiss and Makeups Beauty blogs is the beauty products applications and finding how they look in real life.

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  • Simply Sona With spring already entering through the doors, we know we are on a major lookout for fresh spring makeup tutorials. In which case, we all know, more is always less. Get along with Sona to learn the latests in spring makeup, followed by spring make up trends. Oh, and in case you are a fan of French beauty, check what Sona has to offer.

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  • Makeup Obsessed Mom Mom knows better. Haven’t we all heard that? Stacie, owing to her obsession with all things beauty has so much stashed for your peruse. Wishers for smoother skin, go the Makeup Obsessed Mom way and try things differently this time. Lovers of sandals, get your feet ready with Makeup Obsessed Moms special tips.

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  • Monsoon Salon There is so much useful makeup feeds in the archives of Monsoon Salon. Curated primarily for Indian girls, especially the ones from Delhi, this blog has special picks and mentions for the makeup artists and studios in Delhi. Have Monsoon Salon fill up your spring season with beauty tips and tricks.

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  • The Makeup Blogger We all have read and heard about beauty rules that we should follow. Allow The Makeup Blogger to enlighten you with the bogus beauty rules worth breaking. And then, for the perfect dose of straight from the runway makeup trends, watch her teach you the fashion week makeup trends which could and should be pulled off.

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  • Pretty Connected Sometimes it’s fun to tag alongside others while they gather experiences of a lifetime. Like on this one, with Lara, where she experiences new products, visits the new styling bar opening in her town, or her twenty eight days journey with Olay. Somethings are just fun from either side of the bridge.

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  • Rent Frock Repeat You’ll be enticed by their beauty reviews. If you have an oily skin, you might like catching their blog on best oil control products. In case you love your body as much as your face, you might be interested in their body makeup description. For more, why not surprise yourself with a quick visit.

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  • Mens-Makeup While all the better-halves in the random corners of the world are trying to separate their wives from the makeup dogma, how about you, the wives pull them right into this world. Grab a look at this Mens-Makeup blog, learn a thing or ten and then, return to your better halves for a quick trial. Why should girls have all the fun, when we have finally got something called man bun!

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  • Expat Makeup Addict Everything is so beautiful about this blog. Or is it the fact that Stacey, the first Expat Makeup Addict and writer of this blog, makes it beautiful with her makeup addiction and genius. You’ll love hearing her talk, even if that is by reading her blogs. Her selection of beauty products sure is going to make your life easy.

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  • Crystal Candy Makeup Every girl with an inclination towards beauty and makeup would know just how much peppy candy shades are. Adding the similar peppiness to your make up routine is Kristelle, the blogger of Crystal Candy Makeup. Want to up your spring game? Haul over Crystal Candy Makeups Spring 2017 section and rejoice.

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  • Talk Beauty Talk Beauty. Talk Pretty. Say goodbye to frizzy hair. Bid adieu to acne. Welcome the correct order of applying makeup. Say hello to natural skincare. Talk beauty is full of such amazing tips and tricks, you might for once be dazed with what to learn first. Piece of advice, start from the start.

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  • Shruti Arjun Anand Let Shruti teach you- life is too short to keep procrastinating. So, while you are out following your passion, make sure you look your fabulous best. Let Shruti quickly guide you through some cool makeup and beauty hacks before you go out and dazzle the world with your brilliance.

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  • Miss Maven Miss Maven redefines beauty with sheer elegance. You’ll love her makeup tricks as much as the output of it. The product of her techniques appears as stunning as the products she reviews. Not to miss is her 20’s inspired makeup. Is it too good to be true or is it the fact that she has worn it? We’ll leave that on you to find out.

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  • Bridal Liz Bridal by Liz opens up with four beautiful words – Makeup Artistry by Liz. What’s so beautiful you ask? Her artistry. Doubts are good, so feel free to check her galleries section. Her bridal editorials prove how much she loves to make your special day especially beautiful with picture perfect you. Once done, hop on her blog wagon and treat yourself with ‘too much love’.

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  • Kate Loves Makeup Kate Loves Makeup and her love is evident in this blog she writes. Her quest for finding the best beauty products lands you in a wonderland with so many products and many more reviews. For all you know, you would come out knowing the best beauty products for your style and skin.

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  • Makeup Tips Makeup tips says it offers, ‘tips and tricks and advice you wish you knew sooner’. It seems quite possible you would be wishing the same. We know because we did. Evangeline, the founder of Makeup Tips, teaches us so much and so fast, that calling ourselves a pro a few months into this blog won’t be, in any way, unjustified.

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  • Contour Cosmetics Contour Cosmetics very own blog enlists a plethora of ways for applying your makeup. You may start with the basic smoky eye trick or easy contouring guide or their secrets to long lasting contour, whatever be your pick, it sure is going to take a good chunk of time off your makeup routine.

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  • Make-up Sessions Make-up sessions is going to make up your day with its beauty picks and makeup tricks. Beti, the blogger of Make-up Sessions and a makeup and photography lover puts the best on display be it her choice of beauty products or makeup routines. Must check her ‘blogroll’ for her pick of favorite blogs to be read on daily basis.

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  • Wakeup For Makeup One thing this one’s got right is, soon after we wake up, we have got to make up, what with our tiring schedules. To make our tiring life easier, Wakeup For Makeups Ivy has enough product reviews, hair and makeup tips and beauty counsel to offer. Our day’s sorted, isn’t it?

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  • Jenny Sue Makeup A perfect blend of beauty and style, Jenny Sue Makeup has some fancy cool ideas to offer. Yes, there are product reviews too. But Jenny ensures that you get as much from the review as from the beauty product. And there’s a bagful of style check too. Win-win, we say.

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  • Irene Sarah Beauty, travel and style are majority of girls top reads, aren’t they? Covering each of these in depth, and such wonderfully, is Irene Sarah’s blog. With over eighteen million YouTube views, she sure knows what she is bringing on the table. Check her blog for beauty, makeup and style inspiration.

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  • Perky Megs Perky Megs funky vibes are going to grip you on, more so if you are an Indian or admire Indian culture. There are interesting things to learn here like fixing dry gel eyeliner or how to apply Kajal like Kareena, or mixing and matching your traditional outfits. Plus, rely on her for some fun off-street styling.

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  • Pampadour Believing in the power of ten, Pampadour, offers all her guidance, tricks and treats in a bundle of ten. It could be liquid lipsticks on must try list or beauty essentials for gym bag, beauty products for spring or products for shiny silky hair, tag along Pampadour believing in the power of ten.

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  • Kerei Makeup Kerie’s Makeup propels love at first sight. That love is as much yours to gain from the world IRL as it is, in the virtual world. Kerie’s Makeup offers almost every kind of makeup trick and tutorial under the roof, be it spring makeup or smoky eyes, festival makeup or pastel halo eyes. There’s plenty offbeat tutorials as well like making your own flower crown.

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  • The Haute Blogger There is absolute hauteness in this blog. We are talking lots of haute beauty products. And then there are Ulta, Nars, Mac, Becca, L’Oreal, La Girl. Don’t just stop at reviews while you are on this blog, because there are lots of demos for you to choose and pick from. Oh, and add the celebrity makeup artists interviews to the list too.

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  • Makeup Monster Makeup Monsters blog is going to hook you up. There’s so much peace just scrolling down this blog, looking at all those makeup products, what with being so beautifully placed and captured. Plus, get your fix of product comparisons, though minimally done over words. Bottom line, it is as much a delight to see as it is to read.

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  • The Skinny Scout Beware, for you might be pulled in by The Skinny Scouts fascinating list of blogs. If not, then something about how to’s sure is going to leave you intrigued. Perhaps, their intrigue inspiring day dedicated blogs will do the bit. The thing is, you won’t tire from reading, and watching The Skinny Scouts blogs.

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  • Stephanie Lange Makeup Stephany Lange is absolutely pretty. And it appears like she is on a job to make every girl realize their own prettiness, thus making them prettier in the process. There’s a very high possibility you might love Stephanie’s tutorials and an even high possibility that you’ll be counting the moments until you try it in real life.

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  • Your Beauty Pal Yes, she is absolutely right to call herself that. Your beauty pal has everything of need lined up for you to take home and use. Payal Thaker, is your pal when she brings you easy highlighting tutorial for everyday look, or when she walks you step by step through feather light contouring.

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  • Makeup In rust Makeup In to bring you the best of beauty and makeup from around the globe. Not only that but they also fetch you latest beauty news, interviews and reports on the makeup industry, not from one or two countries but the whole wide world. Consider makeup in Seoul, the new makeup Eldorado from China et al.

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  • Glam Express Latests of everything is a craze plenty of us are infected with. What if we say we have found the perfect dose to keep you going? Or saying the perfect speed would be more appropriate. While your latests in makeup is sorted, tab a little more for latests in DIYs, reviews, vlogs and tutorials.

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  • Sophies Makeup Sophies Makeup blog is like a beautiful dream we wouldn’t like to be woken from. While you are already lazing around, thinking about Sunday, let Sophie slip you in a simple three step Sunday facial. Possibly add peachy cheeks for Spring to the list before it is too late.

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  • Glitter Girl C Who doesn’t love a cool girl eye makeup? Or a hot girl eye makeup for that matter. Glitter Girl C owns the crown for an entirely mindboggling eye makeup style. Her creativity in current times is totally next level. Think Harley Quinn and then, think no further. Only let Cecilie show you the power of thought and magic of makeup.

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  • Mineralogie Makeup Mineralogie Makeup is gorgeousness redefined. You might be impressed by Katie’s benevolence towards sharing with us all her makeup techniques. On top of that she has taken special care into offering her advice on skincare and yoga. Her seasonal picks are additional packets of information we would love to receive, won’t we.

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  • The Glamourist Chase The Glamourist for the best in beauty. And trust us when we say that’s not all. For there’s so much a blog can capture, for example, face, fashion, skincare, product reviews, tutorials, leisure and lifestyle, people, personal, work and then tutorials. We personally heart their tutorial section.

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  • Style Speaks Style Speaks speaks about so much more than just style. You got us right. We are talking about makeup. Walk down the beauty lane with Style Speaks for interesting makeup stuff. In need to save time, you might want to watch their easy five minutes’ makeup tutorial.

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  • Shake Your Beauty How much are we in awe of beauty editors. And how much there still is to learn from them. Yes, we do believe more is always less when it comes to that. Coming from a beauty editor who has been associated with magazines like Elle, YM, Glamour, Lucky and Essence, there is so much to explore in her blog. So, Shake Your Beauty, already.

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  • Lucy Jane Lucy Jane’s blog is a treat for the eye. We say so because it’s right there. It’s so clear and alive that for once you’ll feel like swimming in its ocean of magnificence. And we are talking about pictures here. Ahead of that, there is of course lots of makeup tips in the treasure, only this treasure is open for all.

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  • The Unabridged Sass There are somethings not to be taken casually and beauty is one of those things. So, seriously speaking, The Unabridged Sass has some serious beauty advice to offer in terms of her beauty reviews, tricks and tips, beauty routines, wish lists and so much more. Stay gorgeous forever, dear ones.

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  • Vicariously Me Tv Vicariously Me stands dedicated to the makeup fraternity, despite being engaged in fashion and lifestyle. Covering under her makeup umbrella, beauty tips, tricks and tutorials, Vicariously Me offers a collection of intricately reviewed products. Add to the top of that list some pretty fascinating makeup tutorials.

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  • London Makeup Blog London Makeup Blog is pure love. And we are speaking it for the peck of perkiness one is bound to receive while on this blog. Corrina, the blogger of London Makeup, keeps it simple but completely lifted in spirits. Her tutorials are as much fun to watch as informational.

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  • Mado Keki Karman is kute. Yes, with a K, to add a sense of peculiar personality. Her smartly curated looks are absolutely versatile. It sure carries the feels of a bunch of godly red roses. You might like her Korean styled makeup tutorials, for who among us doesn’t like all things Korean in the name of beauty.

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  • Sara Drury Local Looks Sara Drurys blog comes as a beauty revival, you know, something that you get after spending a long day in Salon. Knowing you are not a Kardashian and unwilling to hire a makeup artist day in and day out, Sara brings to you all the right information on how to make the best use of those makeup stuff you have already lightened your pockets on.

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  • default An Irish makeup artist, Grainne sure has got all the right colors about her. And don’t we have all the hearts for professional makeup artists already. Leave it on Grainne to make you over in the most fab to glam way through her blog. How much we would love to read more from her.

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  • Chimere Nicole For all you ladies who are comfortable in their own skin, grab a chair and watch Nicole show you how to up your game. For all those still trying to figure their skin out, worry not, for Nicole’s here to teach you how to know and love your own skin. And hair and eyes and nose.

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  • default Jasmina Bharwani, once you reach her blog, comes out as your friendly girl next door. And how much we like having a good chat with ones. Though, this comes out as a one-sided conversation initially by way of her incredible blog and tutorials, it sure is a good place to start, won’t you agree.

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  • Casidhe Lots to learn from Casidhe, you may decide in favor of laying on your couch with pizza by your side while you lean your way in Casidhes makeup tutorials. From contouring and highlighting for beginners to Kylie Jenner inspired makeup tutorial to Gothic witch makeup tutorial, Casidhe will both surprise you and engage you while you learn the best.

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  • Makeup Weapons Ah, how we have always wished to relate with our beauty products. Makeup weapons is like a box of assorted chocolates you would love to finish in one go. Consider swiss chocolates, consider unmissable beauty hacks. And then there are chocolates from the best of the bests, consider fast chat with Heidi Scarlett King.

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  • Alexandra Dale Makeup Alexandra Dale collects most of the remaining stock of our hearts with her makeup as art consideration and taking makeup from everyday to high fashion application. Her makeup show series is enrapturing with so much to benefit from. Check Alexandra Dales Makeup blog for her portfolio which is absolutely enticing.

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  • Saara MUA Saara is a freelance makeup artist based in Kelowna. You’ll find some of the best beauty looks you can ever expect to see right on her website. Her bridal looks are simply brilliant. That definitely defines a special day where nothing but you are the most gorgeous creature with all other creatures regaining their sight only to watch you glow.

So, how do you feel about your health and then, health in particular? Doesn’t this Best 100 blog make you feel just how lightly you might have taken health prior to this, occasionally or not? And you know we are not talking about individual health, but state health, national health and of course, global health. How one reform, one policy brings a reign of change in the entire nation. With the current changes, we don’t know yet how the things will shape in the future. But coming back to our individual health, something within our limit, wouldn’t you agree upon having a pretty good idea about shaping yourself around a healthy lifestyle? How about we discuss in comments about that?



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