Best 100 Legal Blogs Every Law Practitioner And Student Must Read

Top Legal Blogs

These Top Legal blogs are apt sources for gaining insights, analysis and updates on myriad legal subjects, from criminal law to personal injury; art law to employment law; food, drug, and device law to EU Law; and much more.

Easing your search for information, here we present the worlds best legal blogs, ranked on the basis of relevance. Each of these top legal blogs carry ample amounts of information that you can benefit from.

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  • NC Criminal Law NC Criminal Law, a UNC school of Government blog presents news round up. That’s for starts. Further up, there are feeds on crimes and elements, sentencing, evidence, procedure, and search and seizures. It’s administered by Jeff Welty, a faculty member at the School of Government at UNC, and specializes in criminal law and procedure.

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  • Rocket Lawyer Rocket Lawyer’s Everyday Law blog aids you in identifying the ways, both small and big, in which law can make your life better. That said, you’ll find tips, and stories among other things reading which you’ll be able to learn how people like you and us manage their issues.  

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  • Above The Law Grab a behind the scenes look of the world of law at Above The Law, published by Breaking Media. It is where to read news and insights on the most colorful personalities of this profession. It is also where to catch original commentary on breaking legal developments.  

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  • Lawctopus One for the law students in India, Lawctopus is the place to look for advice on career in law, along with things to do and internships. Learn through latest posts on Lawctopus, the opportunities in the market, internship experiences, and news at large.  

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  • SCOTUS Blog SCOTUS blog is the Supreme Court of the United States Blog, that features Petition of The Day. There is also this interesting column on here called ‘ask the author’, and others in the form of daily roundups, symposiums and more. For the fellas in the United States it is one blog to catch at any cost.  

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  • iPleaders iPleaders offer intelligent legal solutions. Its blog, on the other hand, feature intellectual feeds, covering laws in India, disputes, sexual harassment and more. There are how-tos to pick and read on this blog, along with many informational feeds presenting details on matters like shareholder activism and corporate governance.

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  • Legally India Legally India brings insights, news, updates and details on laws in India. Matters covered on this blog include litigation, private equity and venture capital, finance, real estate, legal process outsourcing, capital markets, corporate advisory, and corporate merger and acquisition among others.

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  • The Fashion Law This legal blog is one independent source for objective fashion law, culture, and business analysis. Founded by Julie Zerbo, who is also the Editor-In-Chief here, The Fashion Law also serves as a community for lawyers, fashion industry insiders, business executives and students.  

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  • Lawyerist Helping lawyers manage and grow small firms is Lawyerist, an online community of solo and small-firm lawyers. The folks here help lawyers start practicing, and manage and grow to successful practices. There is a vast coverage of legal technology, legal marketing, and legal conferences and events on the blog here.

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  • Patently-O A patent law blog, Patently-O features abstract ideas. You are up for a grand discussion here. Prepare yourself to read about matters like conflict of interest, copyright, invalidity, infringement, jurisdiction, patent cases, and law firm practice among plenty others, along with claim drafting tips.

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  • Jonathan Turley Jonathan Turley, the name and brain behind this legal blog, is a nationally recognized legal scholar. He has written on matters ranging from legal theory to constitutional law to tort law. With aplenty credentials, Professors Jonathan Turley writes about supreme court, lawyering, free speech, criminal law, and constitutional law among other things on the blog.

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  • Canna Law Blog Providing legal support since 2010 for the Cannabis Business Community is Canna Law Blog. It is a place of discussion about practical aspects of Cannabis law and the various ways it impacts the ones involved in this industry. The folks here share insights on how the canna business people can benefit from the law.  

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  • The Expert Institute A platform driven by thousands of data sources, The Expert Institute offers insights on experts in almost every field and discipline. Its blog presents news and varied feeds on working with experts, and also on litigation monitor, among other things.

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  • Proskauer Privacy Law blog by Proskauer, a law firm focused on creating value, with its roots going back to 1875, discuss law extensively among other things. Under law, the Privacy Law blog covers privacy law, privacy litigation, online privacy, mobile privacy, medical privacy and more.  

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  • Law Technology Launched in 2012, and published by ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, Law Technology provides practical guidance to the legal community for present and sensible strategies for the future. It brings together tech professionals, practicing lawyers and practice management experts from an array of practice settings and backgrounds.

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  • Biglaw Investor The Biglaw Investor is a blog by a private equity lawyer who works in NYC Biglaw. With a threefold mission, this legal blog educates lawyers and other high-income professionals about investing and personal finance. It also connects readers with similar readers. And finally helps the blogger here express his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. You can read about personal finance, taxes, financial independence and more.

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  • Liberty Law Site Liberty Law Site clubs commentary, essay, debates, interviews, book reviews, and more. Considering an array of foundational and contemporary legal issues, pedagogy, and legal philosophy, it presents myriad of law feeds to encourage the study of free and responsible individuals.

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  • The Korean Law Blog Catch updates on Korean Law by English-speaking Korean Lawyers. This legal blog covers a myriad section of Korean Law, from Korean family law to adoption, Korean franchise law to Korean employment law, Korean constitutional law to Korean entertainment law and more.  

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  • China Law Blog Discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law is China Law Blog. It talks about how Chinese law impacts businesses there, along with sharing insights on what works and what does not. For business persons, this legal blog suggests best practices, while assisting businesses operating in China, or planning to get into China.

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  • Eric Goldman Eric Goldman, the name and man behind this legal blog, is a professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law. He teaches and publishes matters of internet law, intellectual property, and advertising and marketing law. His Technology and Marketing Law blog covers features on copyright, derivative liability, spams, patents, and trademarks among others.

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  • Aish M Ghrana Aish M Ghrana, short for Aishwarya Mohan Ghrana, is a fellow member of Institute of Company secretaries of India. Among other credentials, he is a practicing company secretary and Insolvency Professional. This is his legal blog where he discusses law at large.

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  • Legal Desire Legal Desire, set up in July 2012, is devoted to providing news, lawful assets, notices, online courses, instructive material, and legitimate administration to experts across the world and students. There also are analysis and interviews to catch on this legal blog.  

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  • Strictly Business Law Blog A business law blog for entrepreneurs, and venture capital, the private fund industry, Strictly Business Law Blog discusses and provides informational feeds on mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, private equity and hedge funds, startups and venture capital, and general business law. Written and presented by Alexander J. Davie, an attorney at Riggs Davie PLC.  

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  • European Law Blog Catch news and comments on EU law here on the European Law blog. Written by experienced and young academics, along with practitioners across the globe, this legal blog provides extensive analyses of EU Law, plus ideas on the same. It also highlights and comments on current developments in legislation and case law of EU.  

  • UK Constitutional Law Association UK Constitutional Law Association, the UKs national body of constitutional law scholars affiliated to the International Association of Constitutional Law, presents the UKCLA blog – sponsored by The Constitution Society. There’s lots to catch on and learn from this legal blog.

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  • Lawyard Nigeria’s leading legal portal, Lawyard shares legal opinions and articles. It is an apt place to be at for social interactions around Nigerian Law. This legal blog also enlightens about law, and rights and duties of citizens, between sharing analysis of contemporary societal issues.

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  • The Court Here is the online source for data and debate about the Supreme Court of Canada. The Court discusses about various matters including criminal law, administrative law, jurisdiction, torts, civil litigation, patents, family law, trademarks, competition law, and corporate law among others.

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  • Michigan Auto Law From a personal injury law firm, Michigan Auto Law, comes myriad feeds on the blog. Authored by Steven M. Gursten, this legal blog discusses latest news from the industry; causes, say of motorcycle accidents; insurances, say car insurances and their covers; among others.

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  • Election Law Blog Catch the law of politics and the politics of law on the Election Law Blog. That’s for starts. Moving further there are details, data and discussions on election law, legislation, campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting, initiatives, and the Supreme Court nomination process.

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  • Law In Sport Law In Sport, an informal sports law blog for sports lawyers, governing bodies, and clubs and sports businesses, shares news and updates on sports law. There’s lots to read on this legal blog and gain insights from, like reviews, explanations and more.

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  • Constangy A blog Robin Shea, who has over twenty years of experience in employment litigation, Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete LLP discusses various matters of law in depth, like civil procedure, data privacy, defamation, elections, evidence, sexual harassment, and immigration among others.

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  • Kluwer Competition Law Blog Kluwer Competition Law Blog is authored by Philip Wener, a competition partner in the Brussels Office. On this legal blog he and team discuss about antitrust, about various jurisdictions, about court of appeal, European Commission, European Union, mergers, and policy among other things.

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  • Trademark And Copyright Law Blog Trademark And Copyright Law Blog is presented by Foley Hoag. It talks about licensing, patent, trademark, copyright, defamation, counterfeit goods, false advertising, legislation, and criminal liability among others, which are intriguing and insightful. So, read on to gain various perspectives and views.  

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  • Carter Law AZ Carter Law, an umbrella company for Ruth Carter’s professional speaking and writing activities. Here Ruth Carter aims at giving legal foundation and educational tools to people which they will be required to run with their ideas. His blogs are impressive, courtesy the authenticity he writes them with.

  • California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog is apt for in-house attorneys, business owners, HR professionals, and managers, facing real issues on a rather daily basis, and hence, need practical solutions for addressing them. Those fellas, then, can expect to find timely, topical information on such challenges as faced by California employers.

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  • Legal Reader Having provided commentary on the legal profession for more than ten years, Legal Reader offers coverage of various matters in the world of law. That said, discussions here revolve around lawsuits and litigation, civil rights, and business among other things.  

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  • FDA Law Blog Bearing expertise as deep as wide, FDA Law Blog features feeds from over thirty lawyers who are focused on food, drug and device law. With its finger on the pulse of FDA, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara has extensive experience with myriad issued faced by the companies that are regulated by FDA.

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  • BC Injury Law This legal blog is the BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog authored by Erik Magraken, a British Columbia ICBC injury claims lawyer. He is also a partner with the British Columbia personal injury law firm called MacIsaac & Company. Here he discusses latest developments in matters pertaining to the BC personal injury and ICBC claims.

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  • Justipedia Legal terms, definitions, artciles, and education – you’ll find it all on the Justipedia blog. Topics discusses here range between disability and debt, criminal and social security, injuries and personal injury, and bankruptcy and family law. There are features on other matters as well like your rights, intellectual property, and courts among others.

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  • My Shingle Here’s one that’s inspiring, empowering, and celebrating solo and small law firms. My Shingle discusses about annuals, and ethics and malpractice to begin with. Then, there are future and trends to catch on My Shingle, followed by inspiration and encouragement, and ideas and tips among others.

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  • Talk Left Talk Left talks the politics of crime. It is the online source for liberal coverage of injustice and crime-related political news. Created in 2000, by Jeralyn Merritt, a Denver-based criminal defense lawyer, Talk Left is on a mission to examine intelligently and thoroughly issues, candidates, legal cases, and legislative initiatives pertaining to constitutional rights.

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  • EUtopia Law Founded by members of Matrix Chambers’ EU Law group, EUtpia Law aims at selectively commenting on new and interesting developments in EU law, especially as they affect practice areas of lawyers. Plus, it also aims at contributing to the debates concerning topical issues.

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  • JetLaw JetLaw is the Vanderbilt journal of entertainment & technology law. It discusses about entertainment, technology and intellectual property law, relaying interesting insights, updates certain to intrigue any lawyers and law enthusiast’s mind. That makes it one significant blog to read, and possibly follow.  

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  • New York Personal Injury New York Personal Injury is a blog by Erik Turkewitz, an attorney who has tried injury cases to verdict in Bronx, New York, Queens, Brooklyn and more. This legal blog discusses about personal injury law, medical malpractice, the civil system of justice and cases of interest.

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  • Its Art Law Here’s the art and cultural heritage law aggregator that serves artists and students, legal practitioners and academics, dealers and collectors, professionals and government officials in the related fields across the globe. The folks here explore the various facets of legal practice related to visual arts and cultural heritage.  

alexa 2,252,661
  • Labor & Employment Law Blog Catch up-to-date information on labor and employment law on Labor & Employment Law Blog. Employers wide and far have breaking news, insights and legal analysis to pick and read here on almost every labor and employment law issue faced by employers.  

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  • Fire law Blog Fire Law Blog is created and curated by Curt Varone, an author with over forty years of fire service experience, and thirty as a practicing attorney. Through this legal blog he hopes folks wide and far would be able to learn about the connection between fire and law.

alexa 2,344,406
  • Koehler Law Koehler Law presents plenty to meet your quest for knowledge and information on legal matters. There are discussions here on domestic violence, criminal procedure, evidence, juvenile, sentencing, theft or fraud, legal concepts or principles, assaults, defenses to criminal charges and others.

alexa 2,416,945
  • ITC Blog The ITC Blog presents fact based reporting of interesting developments litigation trends, political insights into administrative law judges, new and pending investigations, statistics and commentary on important ITC decisions. Been serving information for over five years, ITC Blog provides up-to-date information on issues pertaining to section337 investigations at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

alexa 2,454,153
  • The Intellectual Property Law Blog This legal blog called The Intellectual Property Law Blog provides counsel in relation to false advertising, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and licensing and promotions and sweepstakes. As a forum it discusses IP strategies which provide protection to a person’s or business’ intangible assets.  

alexa 2,497,893
  • UK Criminal Law Blog Explaining the criminal law to us information seekers is the UK Criminal Law Blog. It presents fact sheets and discusses high-profile cases. That’s for starts. Further up, there’s current awareness to binge on, bizarre law to read about, and catch the explanations on law.

alexa 2,565,175
  • Diamond & Diamond Lawyers Diamond & Diamond Lawyers presents its personal injury law blog discussing the right side of the law. Their blog shares tips, like for safer cycling in winter; how-tos, like avoiding black Friday injuries; steps, like those everyone can take for ensuring pedestrian safety; and much more.

alexa 2,622,241
  • Employment Law Group Employment Law Group presents the Whistleblower law blog. Providing general news and information about the whistleblower law field, it discusses about various matters like tax fraud, medicare fraud, securities fraud, internal revenue service, and more. That said, this legal blog does not carry any legal advice that you should rely on or act upon.  

alexa 2,804,539
  • The Rainmaker Blog Catchlaw firm marketing and business development strategies on The Rainmaker Blog. From how-tos like using blog for SEO gains to steps like for keeping referrals flowing, The Rainmaker blog discusses myriad matters including legal marketing, email marketing, lead conversion, and law firm development among others.

alexa 2,810,620
  • IP Tech Blog Global IP and Technology Law blog follows and discusses significant developments in intellectual property and IT law, that’s of interest to such businesses as are engaged in global economy. On that note, this legal blog presents news and insights on international legal issues which involve intellectual property and tech like trademark, trade secrets and others.  

alexa 2,961,053
  • Berkley Travaux Travaux is Berkeley’s International Law Blog, drawing inspiration from ‘travaux preparatoires’, which translates to preparatory work in French. Founded in 2012 by a group of law students from Berkley Law, situated in Berkley, California, USA, Berkley Travaux, aka Berkley Journal of International Law Blog, helps students and practitioners debate international issues.  

alexa 3,064,200
  • Ottawa Employment Law Ottawa Employment Law, aka Labour Pains, is an employment law blog for employers and employees. That said, this legal blog discusses about matters like absenteeism, active employment, asset sale, collateral benefits, constructive dismissal, employment standards, equal pay, human rights, and more.

alexa 3,194,906
  • Labour And Employment Law Canadian Labour And Employment Law discusses about various law, like Canadian Fraud Law, and tech law. This legal blog also shares employment law insights that employers and employees can learn from and stay updated. It also presents global compliance news, with latest updates.

alexa 3,207,346
  • Pennsylvania Labor And Employment Blog Pennsylvania Labor And Employment Blog is brought to you by McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC. This legal blog, also called The McNees Labor And Employment Blog endeavors at providing employers operating in Pennsylvania with updates, analysis, and commentary on the ways law impacts employers at various levels, that is local, state and national level.

alexa 3,235,677
  • William Goren William Goren, the name and brain behind this legal blog, is one of the foremost authorities of the country on American With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Mr. Goren is also an author; and founder, founding member and the President of National Association of Attorneys with Disabilities (NAAD).  

  • Customs And International Trade Law Catch news and updates on customs and international trade law on the Customs and International Trade Law blog. The blog also discusses best practices, and about export, FDA issues, international law, international trade, food, currency seizure and other important matters.

  • Public Citizen Consumer Law & Policy Blog Public Citizen’s Consumer Law & Policy Blog presents insights and updates on various matters that will pique any law practitioner and law enthusiast’s interest. These matters include arbitrations, auto issues, consumer litigation, law and economics, and identity theft among others.

alexa 3,370,714
  • Privacy and Security Blog Available on the Privacy and Security Blog are insights and commentary on information management and protection. Topics covered on the blog include marketing and consumer privacy, deals and technology, cyber and national security, litigation, and policy and regulatory positioning among others.  

alexa 3,485,730
  • TechnoLlama Not just another technology blog, TehcnoLlama is the online persona of Dr. Andres Gaudamuz. This legal blog covers various cyberlaw topics, with emphasis on digital rights, virtual worlds, licensing, software protection, and llamas. Plus, there are book reviews to catch here too.  

alexa 3,762,541
  • Gravel2Gavel A construction and real estate law blog, Gravel2Gavel is published by construction and real estate law attorneys Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. You can expect to read about various construction and real estate matters here like distressed real estate, joint ventures, construction loans, and construction finance among others.

alexa 3,840,756
  • Employers’ Lawyers Blog Employers’ Lawyers Blog is Holland & Hart’s guide to the latest employment and labor news. Along with unions, you have plenty matters to catch updates on, pertaining to employer and employee, like sexual harassment, unions, labor law, employee privacy, and others.

alexa 3,962,617
  • My Defence My Defence, aka O’Connell Law blog shares interesting blog feeds discussing various matters. There are two sections of this legal blog, one the criminal blog, and other the civil litigation blog. Both discussing extensively about the specific categories, helping professionals looking to enhance their knowledge.

alexa 3,967,814
  • Who is My Employee? Here’s the blog that explores independent contractor misclassification and joint employee issues. Who Is My Employee? talks arbitration, discrimination, consequences, franchise, tax, joint employment, construction, contingent workers, contracts, temporary workers and more in depth.

alexa 5,092,037
  • Louisiana Law Blog Available on Louisiana Law Blog are insights and information on Louisiana law, legal culture and litigation. Brought to you by Kean Miller LLP, a full-service law firm based in Louisiana, Louisiana Law blog discusses constitutional law, construction law, health law, and labor and employment law among others.

alexa 5,362,378
  • Workplace Class Action This legal blog called Workplace Class Action is presented by Seyfarth Shaw LLP. It is a brilliant resource for corporate employers, C-Suite executives, HR professionals, and corporate counsel facing workplace litigation. Other matters that the said professionals will find information and coverage on include class certification, settlement issues, and defense strategies among others.  

alexa 5,365,717
  • Texas Appellate Law Blog Smith Law Group presents Texas Appellate Law Blog – a legal blog sharing commentary and insight on litigation and civil appeal, and issues connected to in-house counsel, trial and appellate judges and trial lawyers. Edited by D. Todd Smith, this blog focuses on Texas civil appellate practice.

alexa 5,581,197
  • Ohio Family Law Blog Ohio Family Law Blog is published by Robert L. Mues, a member of various local, state and national bar associations, and has been practicing law in Dayton, with emphasis on Domestic Relations Litigation. There are several guest contributors sharing family law and divorce information for families in Ohio who are searching solutions.  

alexa 5,719,528
  • Mack’s Criminal Law Mack’s Criminal Law blog discusses criminal law in detail. The varied feeds available on this legal blog bring smart insights and viewpoints to lift the level of understanding. Dallas Mack, creator and blogger here, prosecutes criminal matters in Ontario, and authors several publications.

alexa 5,772,874
  • KL Construction Law Blog Catch news, legal issues, and regulations relevant to the construction industry on KL Construction Law Blog. It presents and discusses case summaries. There also are intelligibly crafted and created feeds on international arbitration, and industry events among others with interesting insights.

alexa 5,793,311
  • Lerner Personal Injury A personal injury law blog Lerner Personal Injury presents information and resources on various matters connected to personal injury. There are interesting updates to catch on this blog, like case highlights. Plus, there are testimonials, advices and more to read on Lerner Personal Injury blog.

alexa 6,115,618
  • Nationwide Employment Lawyers Catch news and comment from the team of Nationwide Employment Lawyers. Shared here are insights in the articles, coming from these specialists in employment law. Employment Law News here captures the latest updates and shares interesting insights, be it on equality rights or discrimination, or others.

alexa 6,285,117
  • Jane’s Law Blog Jane’s Law Blog offers insights into what’s happening in the Mississippi Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. A product of Jane Tucker – a licensed attorney operating in Mississippi since 1988 – this blog presents decisions and updates of the aforementioned court.

alexa 6,687,914
  • Ohio Employer’s Law Blog Ohio Employer’s Law Blog is presented by Meyers Roman, having seventeen years of experience. This blog features extensive coverage on matters like disability discrimination, employment policies, harassment, race discrimination, supreme court, and age discrimination among others.  

alexa 6,754,175
  • Security Privacy And The Law Shared on this legal blog called Security Privacy And The Law are legal perspectives on information security and privacy issues. The Foley Hoag Security’s Privacy and Law Blog covers topics coming from guiding their clients, which makes it an interesting blog to read.  

alexa 6,829,472
  • Eloise Gratton Eloise Gratton, the name and brain behind this blog, is a partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. She is also a national co-leader of Privacy and Data Protection Practice Group. Here she talks legal, sharing news and updates, including feeds in events as well.

alexa 7,076,602
  • Power Legal Group Power Legal Group, PC presents this personal injury law blog. There’s news to catch here along with insights, like this feed update discussing about the drop-in motor vehicle deaths, or another on marijuana and alcohol, plus many other updates.

alexa 7,667,797
  • Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog This legal blog called Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog covers varied intriguing matters, thus providing updates and insights to law practitioners and law enthusiasts. These matters widely include theft crimes, assault and battery, sexual crimes, vehicular crimes, drug offenses, felonies and violent crimes and others.  

alexa 7,988,105
  • Privacy And Cyber Security Law Coverage and commentary can be found on developments in data protection inside the Privacy and Cyber Security Law blog. Produced by Dentons’ Global Privacy and Cybersecurity group, this blog provides information pertaining to managing data with relation to regulatory compliance and more.

alexa 8,275,217
  • Children And The Law Blog Here’s the publication of the Southwest Juvenile Defender Center, and Center for Children, Law & Policy. Children And The Law Blog presents interesting feeds with many researched and written by second and third year law students, writing under the guidance of experienced legal faculty and practicing attorneys.

alexa 8,655,622
  • Dwyer Law Dwyer Law group presents this blog and the varied information shared therein. You can read and learn from various features on matters like public liability, medical claims, insurance, accident compensation, local lawyers, workers compensation, motor vehicle claims, and areas of law.

alexa 9,006,589
  • Employer Law Blog Helping business people in navigating employment law is this blog. Sandberg Phoenix attorneys share their knowledge of employment law and their experience with the same. This blog addresses current issues, matters of statutory and regulatory compliance, and recent case studies and thus, provides advices and analysis of various aspects of employment law.  

alexa 9,119,218
  • The Law Blog The Law Blog, aka The Labor And Employment Law blog, provides up-to-date information for helping employers and human resource professionals react to swiftly evolving case laws, regulations and statutes which control the California workplace. It also serves as a forum to discuss issues and topics of labor employment along with legal news

alexa 9,159,807
  • Export Law Blog Written and maintained by Clif Burns, Export Law Blog presents information and feeds on myriad matters like arms export, foreign export controls, agriculture exports, entity list and more. Clif Burns is a lawyer at Bryan Cave in Washington D.C. and also an adjunct professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center.  

alexa 9,513,715
  • The Blog For Business Law An expression of Evans and Dixon’s core mission of providing sophisticated legal advice, industry knowledge, and responsive communications to Midwest business clients. The Blog for Business Law not only talks business law but also patent law, environmental law, and labor and employment law among others.

alexa 10,037,431
  • Five Minute Law Five Minute Law is an interesting place to reach at and catch thoughts and information on various intriguing matters. These include discussion about lawyers, fiduciary duty, trademark litigation, personal jurisdiction, trade secret litigation, and defend trade secrets act among others.

alexa 10,628,200
  • David Christensen Law David Christensen Law blog presents car accident and brain injury articles. These articles are provided by David Christensen. The blog presents news on car crashes, informational feeds like details on how Michigan’s lifetime medical benefits work.

alexa 10,718,690
  • Jeffrey Miller Law is an integral part of the rest of our culture. Operating on that premise is Jeffrey Miller’s Law Blog. The thoughts and opinions shared are mind-bending. That said expect to read about law, including contempt law, and judicial notice, and about justice with law and literature, and law and music covered in it.  

alexa 11,834,717
  • Sports Law Insider Here’s the all access pass to the latest legal developments, such developments as will impact the business of entertainment and sports. The discussions and blogs here tackle the challenges and legal requirements as faced by professional sports leagues, athletes, teams, owners, movie studios among others.

alexa 12,200,489
  • Equine Law Blog Presented by Foster Swift, Equine Law Blog dedicatedly educates the horse industry about legal developments, and law at large. The folks here also discuss fine points in law bearing significant consequences for companies, businesses, non-profits, associations, and also individual horse owners.

alexa 12,493,651
  • Kuzyk Law Kuzyk Law presents this personal injury law blog with myriad helpful feeds. You can learn amply through guides like burn injury lawsuit guide; how-tos like how-to get maximum payout; and other feeds including interview questions to ask your attorney, three things to prove in order to win a slip and fall injury case, among other feeds.

alexa 12,815,410
  • Construction Law Now Blog As a legal blog, Construction Law Now Blog shares insights and information concerning current and emerging developments that affect the construction industry. Along with that there’s news to catch on construction connected issues in the Mid-Atlantic region; and ssalso, commentary and analysis presented by the Cohen Seglias Construction Group.

alexa 12,997,358
  • Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal An arts and entertainment law journal, Cardozo AELJ presents topical legal analyses on entertainment, art, and intellectual property, along with on sports, cyberlaw, first amendment, and media and telecommunications law. Interesting point to note about Cardozo AELJ is that it has been recognized by legal practitioners, academics and others.

alexa 13,090,594
  • Texas Employment Law Blog Catch articles and information on Texas Employment Law Blog coming from the lawyers at the McKinney Law Firm. Here you can read abundantly about workplace harassment, whistleblower law, overtime law, age discrimination, sex discrimination, retaliation cases, and disability discrimination among others.

alexa 15,523,011
  • Seigel Law Seigel Law protects the injured with its practice and its personal injury and medical malpractice law blog. This is where law enthusiasts at large and simply anyone can read and learn more about personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability and more.

alexa 15,632,249
  • Him Pro Him Pro, short for Himelfarb Proszanski covers personal injury on its blog. From how much money you can get from a slip and fall at work to how much amount a personal injury lawyer charge, this blog aids phenomenally in accelerating the understanding about personal injury laws.

With this hundredth Worlds Best Hundred Legal Blog we have now arrived at the end of this legal journey. Available inside each are abundant packs of information on various legal elements from business to personal injury.

A master in its own peculiar way each of these top hundred legal blogs make a perfect channel for information upgrade that we know we all need. Help yourself to this wide galore of information and when you do so, remember to tell us how it helped and more.


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