Best 100 Kids Blogs List For Smart Kids Growing Smarter

Top Kids Blogs

Best Kids Blogs are the apt places to find the best desired information on parenting, kids learning and education, creative exposures through art and craft with DIY activities, kids reading and writing indulgences, the kind of books to read to your kids, ways to teach your kids playfully, merging learning with fun, about kids fashion and photography, traveling with kid and family and so much more.

It is a continuous learning process as much for you as a parent as it is for your kids.These are the perfect spaces to enter when stuck with one thing or another pertaining to kids growth, learning, exposure and creative indulgences. To help you gain the maximum out of these wide treasures of information, we have collected the top kids blogs list off the internet and brought them all to you for your perusal. Make the most of it.

  • Time Out For all the apparent dedication towards bringing the latest updates on news, events, attractions, museums and more to the kids and their families, Time out’s top kids blog stands atop all others, winning the top spot on our list of best hundred kids blog. Grab as much information as you can from this one.

  • Barnes And Noble Barnes And Noble, the booksellers, have a lot for you kids or your kids if you are a parent. There are many talks on the latest books, including picture books, books on the art, books for the middle grade and even, books for the parents. So, making your task of finding the right book to read as a kid or to your kid, is all sorted, courtesy Barnes and Noble.

  • Lonely Planet Much for you outgoing kids, Lonely Planet’s is a top kids blog is a perfect place to be at and getting introduced to the, as they say, Lonely Planet. There are many discussions and plenty information on family travels, competitions, and a lot on and about kids activities. So, go get as much info from this one as you can.

  • default For the creative little geniuses, Pottery Barns art and craft blog for kids is sure going to be a refreshing delight. Indulging your kids minds with plenty creative ideas on decorating and more, this blog will help ignite that urge to learn and create more in your kids mind, through new, creative ideas.

  • Common Sense Media ‘Making kids our nation’s top priority’ is how Common Sense’s top kids blog primarily operates. It has all the right feeds for kids and kids parents, discussing kids toys, environment, and all the action that is happening around the globe revolving around kids, kids families and common sense.

  • Oriental Trading The craft loving kids here will love this blog by Oriental Trading. Loaded with interesting ideas on crafting something new artfully, this blog sure provides as much learning through words as through the possible actions propelled by all those crafty ideas.

  • Super Simple Learning Here is your gateway to super simple learning. For all the kids and their parents, this is one best kids blog imparting knowledge in cool and interesting new ways. Much for the toddlers and the kindergarten kids, Super Simple Learning provides ample ways to learn it all smart.

  • Kid Blog Discussing a lot about the kids world is the Kid Blog. Laying down the gabs on the latest events, introductions, ideas, analysis, reflections and a lot more, this blog aims at the providing maximum knowledge pertaining to kids through all its amply informational blogs.

  • default Helping kids grow and learn better and faster, Kids Activities blog prepares and presents all sorts of essential information on raising babies and toddlers, prepping them for preschool, for kindergarten and elementary school. Included in the mix is enough information on family and significance of family in a kids life as well.Browse this top kids blog now.

  • default A lot on parenting and child care for preschool kids, this best kids blog lends deep insight into overall development and growth of kids. Bringing interesting facts and ideas to our sight, this top kids blog by Bright Horizons makes for a perfect read on childcare and learning.

  • Super Healthy Kids For Super Healthy Kids, here is the blog with super awesome meal ideas. There are loads of fresh, healthy recipes to be picked and prepared for the unpredictable appetite of kids. Feel free to pick as many ideas and recipes as you wish to and see what is it that catches your kids fancy the most.

  • NAEYC This top kids blog by the National Association For The Education Of Young Children presents thoughtfully created ideas on educating kids in multiple better ways. Discussing many things that matter in a kids education and those that don’t or those requiring modifications among other things, this one presents the ways and ideas every parent and teacher should read once.

  • Story Park Story Park here presents resources for educators and the parents. Blowing our minds with some offbeat ideas and realizations like why children need stress and how to help them identify their feelings to name a few, this blog also features learning activities and ideas to indulge a kids mind.

  • Hands On As We Grow This one of the best kids blog prepares you for having fun with your kids in plenty different ways. There are all sorts of activities for every age group, be it for toddlers or for preschoolers. Included in their range of activities are simple crafts, motor skills, kid’s art project ideas, and holiday and seasonal engagement.

  • Red Ted Art Showcasing cute and easy craft for kids is the Red Ted Art. There is a lot to be learnt and applied in real life from easy kids craft activities to paper crafts among others. Maggy, the mind behind Red Ted Art generously shares her craft ideas and how tos for parents and kids to benefit from.

  • Pre-K Pages Pre-K Pages is a top kids blog by Vanessa Levin who is an early childhood teacher, author, consultant and public speaker. By way of putting her experiences on her blog she is helping parents, teachers and kids out there with interesting teaching tips, lesson plans and various dramatic plays.

  • Kids Discover There is a lot that kids can learn on their own and a lot that still requires proper education and lessons. Helping much in the former is Kids Discover with its ideas on creative activities. For the latter there are plenty cool ideas on making learning more fun.

  • Crafty Morning This one puts crafting to action when the sun comes up. There is such profound amount and variety of DIY activities for kids to indulge in, either alone, or with parents or a group of friends. More on this one of the best kids blog includes various holiday crafts and interesting recipes for families.

  • Artful Parent Helping parents spark creativity in kids through simple, fun and creative activities is this blog called Artful Parent. Loaded with inspiring ideas and tools, Artful Parent works on lighting that creative fire in the kids mind through activities they would love to indulge in.

  • Consumer Crafts Here is craft unleashed for you, presented by Consumer Crafts. With cool ideas on kids craft and activities, including many DIYs, Consumer Crafts aims at making that spare time more interesting for kids, with as many playful activities as opportunities for better mental and creative growth. Checkout this one of the best kids blog now.

  • Flintobox This blog by Flintobox provides interesting fun activities for kids. Loaded with the kind of activities which kids can indulge in over evening snacks with friends, Flintobox helps in challenging kids minds smartly, thus resulting in activated thinking in kids. Set their minds free with this one and then see what they create.

  • Edu Cents Edu Cents is a lot about parenting and those tips and tricks and ideas which prove a major aid in the child’s mental and physical growth. Providing many DIY activities for kids to indulge in, Edu Cents’ top kids blog helps in making growing more fun and learning, an adventure.

  • The Imagination Tree Building creative ingenious in kids brick by brick, The Imagination Tree provides fascinating activities including many on literacy, numeracy, physical and science. There is a lot for kids of different ages, from babies to toddlers, preschoolers to elementary kids, to busy themselves with here.

  • Art Project For Kids Kathy Barbro, an art teacher presents interesting art projects for kids. She has presented many educational and informational feeds on how to draw. There are tutorials on portraits, many ideas and lessons on beach drawings, drawing dogs and lots of other projects to learn from. Checkout this cool & top blog now.

  • Teaching Mama Teaching Mama helps moms around the globe create a playful learning at home. With her profound amount of blogs in a delightful variety ranging from those for babies to toddlers to preschoolers, Teaching Mama aids in making growth fun, both physically and mentally.

  • Tot Schooling Tot Schooling offers creative resources for teachers and parents, which will ultimately benefit the tots, aka your little ones. There is enough wisdom and bountiful learning for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Introduce your kids to fun new ways of learning through ideas picked off Tot Schooling best kids blog.

  • Darice A lot about craft and learning through creativity, Darice’s blog on kids craft is a breath of fresh air. If your kid is a fan of those DIY things, he/she sure is going to like the ideas here and would undoubtedly wish to try them as soon as possible.

  • Safe Kids This one discusses parenthood in detail. Along with that, it ensures the kids worldwide are safe, regardless of being in or out. The prime reason behind all those safety tips and how tos, discussing in depth about kids safety be it when camping or playing out in the sun.

  • Dr. Greene If you are bothered with questions of your own on parenting and kids learning, then perhaps Dr. Greene’s blog is the answer for you. It talks in great detail about almost all those physical issues your kids might have put across for you to answer. Through Dr. Greene’s top kids blog you would know exactly how answer those, after relieving your own worries and/or curiosities.

  • Tinker Lab Folks at Tinker Labs say, ‘a creative future is in one’s own hands’, and that creative future can easily appear in your kids hands with all these interesting ideas about activities and learning here. Rachel Doorley, the maker of Tinker Lab, is also an arts educator, girls scout leader and creativity enabler among other things. Checkout this awesome kids blog now.

  • Science Sparks Science Sparks is a lot about blazing ideas and much more about making science fun for kids. This blog helps you prep your kid for science beginning from the early years, say preschool. Sufficiently loaded with ideas, it enables mental growth in kids through its blogs covering early years of science and various key stages, among other things.

  • Free Range Kids Lenore Skenazy is the creator of this top kids blog called Free Range Kids. She is here to help us raise safe and self-reliant children. And yes, she knows how we wreck our mind with worry, going nuts thinking about that. Her blogs here are our knights in shining armor loaded with advices and tips.

  • Imagination Soup Melissa Taylor, the mind behind Free Range Kids is a writer, mom and former elementary school teacher, among other things. This blog is her way of helping the parents sow the seeds of wisdom in their kids. That is a lot through books, a little more through activities and much more through her ideas and advices.

  • Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds is one of the best kids blog that renders a wider view of playful learning for toddlers and preschoolers. So, basis that viewpoint it discusses plenty ideas on activities ranging from art to cooking, math to literacy, science to sensory bins, and music and movement to motors.

  • KC Edventures Edventures with kids are one of the most adventurous activities. Reason behind that is the fact that you learn a lot through the process too, as a parent. Pick some cool, fun and interesting ways of propelling your kids to discover, learn and connect, to people, nature and the world at large.

  • Kiwi Kids News Covering the kids world and bringing the latest news on sport, odd stuff and more from across the world, Kiwi Kids News ensures kids around the globe stay updated with things that folks their same age are up to. So, keep your kid, if you are parent reading this, or yourself, if you are a kid reading this, with the latest buzz in town. Read this top kids blog now.

  • default Vicky is the founder and content creator of Mess For Less. On her blog here, she shares interesting learning activities for you to indulge your kid in. There is a lot fun with food here too, including all meals, from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. Also, up for grabs are plenty art and craft ideas.

  • Artsy Craftsy Mom Artsy Craftsy Mom, as a top kids blog, aims at inspiring creativity in the young ones. Once here, you would find yourself wandering around many art and craft ideas ranging between folk art and printmaking, holiday crafts and paper collages, clay crafts and button crafts and more.

  • Fantastic Fun And Learning During the early years of kids growth, it is important to introduce them to various learning experiences. But it is the ways of doing so which poses major trouble for the parents. Not anymore, with availability of incredible ideas on Fantastic Fun And Learning, for almost every age until kindergarten.

  • Babyccino Kids This top kids blog by Babyccino Kids discusses many things pertaining to kids growth, including kids fashion and style, protection and safety, interesting DIY ideas and summer activities, family travel and bay books among plenty other things. So, feel free to pick an idea or a hundred here.

  • Home School Tracker Home School Tracker presents its opinions, ideas, advices, tips and plenty beneficial feeds on homeschooling kids. Starting from your kids homeschool routine to planning a homeschool year, there is something on everything when it comes to homeschooling.

  • Kids With Food Allergies As a division of Asthama and Allergy Foundation of America, this one of the best kids blog called Kids With Food Allergies has done a pretty great job at discussing recipes and diets for various food allergies, involving the details on latest researches and news on the said matter.

  • Modern Parents Messy Kids Modern Parents Messy Kids discusses modernism of parenting pretty elaboratively. Covering various intricate details of parenting modern kids, this one also prepares and presents various hacks, learning activities, fun events, travelling with kids and a lot more.

  • The Educators Spin On It Learning games and activities off The Educators Spin On It could actually be quite fun for your kid. There are plenty tips and ideas here around writing, reading, math, science and gardening to indulge your kid with. On top of that, there are various interesting recipes to try out too. Find the latest info for your kid in this awesome & top kids blog now.

  • Hip Home Schooling Blog Here they believe in teaching the kids the way they learn. So, have ‘faith’ that your kids will learn the best lessons through ‘homeschooling’ if that is your plan. To help you get started with that learning process, they have many tips and ideas. Make the most of them.

  • WCL WCL has an elaborate dedication to kids’ reading interests and has an entire section discussing kids books. There are many reading booklists here to grab and begin your hunt for the best books as a kid. Also, if you are the type of kid who fancies challenges, go ahead and see if their summer reading challenge entices you.Checkout this one of the best kids blog now.

  • Homeschooling Ideas This blog called Homeschooling Ideas inspires a love of learning, quite like your goal as a parent. Chances are together you will be able to ‘start homeschooling’ your kid picking ideas off their offerings and ultimately achieve that goal of inspiring a love of learning beginning possibly with books and puzzles.

  • Homeschool Academy Homeschool Academy offers homeschooling help and tips to help you homeschool your kid in the best way possible. They offer a variety of learning styles suiting your kids needs, including special needs. Plus, there is an overload of tips and ideas here for you to homeschool your kids and even plan their future. Read this top kids blog now.

  • Growing Hands-On Kids This is a comprehensive blog to back your goal of Growing Hands-On Kids. How do they do that? By ideating and presenting plenty ‘hands-on activities’ for you. Then, they discuss child development in detail with you, including child behavior and preschooler development. That is not all. There is a lot more here to benefit from.

  • default Bounceback Parenting backs your parenting with its maximum support, where support is extended in the form of a guide loading you with ideas on connecting with your kids, dealing with their anger right and ultimately creating resilient families. That is for the hint. There is more to be picked from this top kids blog.

  • Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten has many interesting ideas on kindergarten learning and writing. Take the idea of animal rainbow for example. Sounds quite fascinating, doesn’t it. But that is not all. There are math problems and ideas on solving them. Feel free to pick tips and tricks here for your kindergarten genius.

  • Hip Homeschool Moms This is a vibrant community for homeschooling families, speaking in their words. Hip Homeschool Moms is indeed one of the best kids blog about homeschooling and offers a wide collection of feeds on crafts and activities, on where to start, on making learning fun, and on encouragement among many other things.

  • Artbar Blog Artbar Blog here is raising creative thinkers. When someone believes such strongly in their offerings, you sure feel motivated to take a chance on them. And true to its core, it sure doesn’t disappoint. Indulge your kids in artful activities picking ideas off their galore and see what our little genius folks create.

  • CBC Books Children’s Book Council believes that every child is a reader. And bearing that in mind this one presents latest kids lit news served hot on the platter. There is almost every latest gab on almost every kids author and every kids book to be read here on the CBC Books one of the best kids blog.

  • Laughing Kids Learn Here learning is made fun, and possibly that is how this one makes Laughing Kids Learn. Quite a strategy we say. Won’t you feel enticed to give this one a shot. We sure are, after looking at all those extensive feeds laid down by Kate on sensory play, art and craft, science and recipes.

  • Our Journey Westward Its simplicity is its USP here. Making homeschooling easier for you and interesting for your kid, Our Journey Westward’s which is one of the best kids blog lists ideas and mentions people and authors. These people’s names carry a substantial weight in the industry, so you know your kids would be learning from the masterminds of their respective fields.

  • Playful Learning This blog by Playful Learning attempts at reaching the widest range of parents and through them, their kids to promote and present playful ways of learning. They do so by offering many free guides, charts, tips, ideas and more. So, all you need to do is encourage that playfulness in your kid instead of putting it down.

  • Inner Child Fun True, our inner child is at its best when we are still a child. Let that inner child in your child grow with his/her regular mental and physical growth with Inner Child Fun. Pick the ideas and tips off this blog and indulge your kid in rainy day activities, have a candy necklace party, create a paper hair salon for your kid and a lot more that is to be done with this one of the top kids blog online.

  • Meri Cherry Sharing arts and crafts is Meri Cherry with her wide range of blogs. Meri Cherry, the lady behind this blog is pretty creative herself, something you’ll realize thirty seconds into the blog. Watch her help you create magic with your kids, for your kids. After all, creating and creativity is almost always fun.

  • default Let’s make art together with Carle Museum. There is a lot here with which you can indulge your kid’s inquisitive and creative mind. Encouraging learning as much through the eyes as through the other four senses, Carle Museums which is one of the best kids blogs help your kids begin with small things that matter so that one day your little geniuses grow into big geniuses creating huge masterpieces.

  • Supercharged Science Here’s to teaching science the easy way; and why not. Tough things don’t necessarily have to be learnt the tough way. Look at their blogs for more, which discusses not only homeschooled kids but also homeschooling teachers. Feel free to sneak a peek at the blog for more.

  • Paul & Paula Paul & Paula is a top kids blog about kids, design and lifestyle. Let’s discuss their kids section here, which is stocked with artsy crafty ideas. Take superhero masks for example which you can create with your kids and help him/her DIY his/her favorite superhero mask after learning the trick quickly.

  • Smudge Tikka Smudge Tikka is a kids designer fashion blog, specializing in kids fashion trends and lifestyle. It is for you to see what’s trending in terms of kids fashion and include the latest trends in your kids wardrobe. Imbue the sense of fashion in your kids from early on so they know what fits them best.

  • Art Is Basic We adore this blogs presentation of art here, quite like its words which speak of art as something that is essential, vital and basic. There’s a lot here in terms of inspiration and ideas. Have your kid choose one to begin with and then make the activity as much fun as you can, just so to have them call for a second round and be unstoppable beyond that.Checkout this awesome kids blog now.

  • Kids On A Plane If you are a parent who loves to travel and see or wish to see your kids following your footsteps, we recommend Kids On A Plane to you. It is descriptive. It is elaborative. It is helpful. It is also loaded with blog feeds to help you manage your travel with kids right.

  • Year Round Homeschooling It’s a lot about loving, learning and living. Year Round Homeschoolings which is one of the top kids blog lends you helpful resources for homeschooling and teaching kids various subjects, from math to literature. There are also plenty ways to learn and teach science here that you can benefit from.

  • This Girl’s Life Blog It is one of the perfect blogs to instill art and craft in your kids mind and propel their creativity. This Girl’s Life Blog makes crafting with kids as much interesting as fun with its cool and fancy ideas. Though we can provide plenty hints like popsicle stick craft and cereal art, but it is most surprising when seen in real life.

  • Kidoz Kidoz one of the best kids blog discusses modern kid in detail. There is a lot here on kids and kidoz, from kids behavior to kids tech and tech impacting kids, from case studies on and about kids’ stuff and tech to advertising for kids, from kids behavior towards apps to helpful stuff for kids app developers, and a lot more.

  • Mother Goose Time Mother Goose Time blog runs with the name, Inspired Learning, quite apt to what they offer by means of their blog. And what exactly it is that they offer is a valid question. Up for grabs are new ideas, kids art and craft, inspiring creative thinking in kids, writing and reading among other things.

  • The Preschool Toolbox Blog The Preschool Toolbox Blog makes kids learning easier and experience for both the parents and the kids. First, there are lots of theme based learning, from preschool themes to fall theme activities for kids. Then there are top kids blogs on ideas and activities around learning math and science.

  • Ellison Education Ellison Education blog is all about kids and educating them through direct lessons and through activities. There are lots of project ideas here to pick and include in your kids routine. On top of that there are various other artsy ideas for special days which will be fun and educating for your kids.

  • Kitchen Pantry Scientist Here are simple recipes for real science, this one says. Kitchen Pantry Scientist begins your young science genius’s scientific journey from the kitchen, perhaps because the ingredients there are readily available. We say back the Kitchen Pantry Scientist at your home as he takes the lead and his/her first step into the scientific sojourn. Checkout this awesome & top kids blog now.

  • Out With The Kids Out With The Kids discusses travel, parenting, sports, cars and all things childhood. There is a lot that you as a parent can pick from this blog, and there is plenty which you as a kid can learn from this blog like recipes, things about cars, sports, toys, books, gaming, gift guides, and much more.

  • Homeschool Your Boys Homeschool Your Boys with this top kids blog. There is a lot to be had here by moms, dads and kids, young or old alike, from life-skill lessons to book lists, easier ways of learning maths to helping kids write creatively with new ideas, public speaking to science lessons and a lot more.  

  • Babiekins Mag This is a magazine for the trendsetting child as they say. Babiekins Mag brings interesting fashion ideas, trend updates, best of kids fashion photography, lessons on dressing up and dressing down for various occasions and so much more for your perusal. Indulge yourself and your kids to bring out the trendsetter in them.

  • Classically Homeschooling Classically Homeschooling imbibes classical education in your kids at a well-run homeschool with apt curriculum choices. It is a descriptive & top kids blog lending interesting viewpoints and ideas making homeschool both fun and educational, with a personal touch. See how this transforms your kid as much as yourself.

  • Creative Connections For Kids Creative Connections For Kids is inclined towards connecting kids with creativity. This one does it through books, through motor, arts, even math and science. It does that through widely covered feeds helping kids grow prepared of almost everything under their sun.

  • Scout The City Scout The City lends you a glimpse into the life of a fashionable four year old, preferably famous under the name, London Scout. This one  of the best kids blog is created and presented by her mother, Sai De Silva. So, all the mothers and kiddies in here looking to up their kids’ or their fashion game, this is your place.

  • Craft Paper Scissors They say everything’s better handmade and we wouldn’t debate that. Craft Paper Scissors makes crafting just anything easier with its easy tutorials on almost everything. So, DIY anything that your kids fancy, or you fancy and then watch them tease their friends with their new creations.

  • Amp Kids This is a top kid’s blog by AMP Comics, who seem to believe in smart learning. For instance, take their impressive idea of teaching kids with comics. Something fun, something new with pictures and characters. Introduce your kid to this new way of learning and all the others presented here on AMP Kids.

  • Science Podcast For Kids Name says it all. Science Podcast For Kids introduces kids to basic and offbeat concepts of science, many through Podcasts. There is a whole library of podcasts here, cruising through various of fields of science and offering a wider view of concepts and latest events.

  • Live Life With Your Kids Live Life With Your Kids is a top kids blog for and about your kids, and how you as a parent can make a better life for them. Whether it is a crucial thing as building confidence in one’s own personality and self or about a significant thing like homeschooling, Live Life With Your Kids covers much of all with equal intensity.

  • KinderTown KinderTown is for the kindergarten kids. The education blog here is a cute new way of learning through apps and ideas. Get your mod kid the right kind of exposure to both technology and the world through the myriad of apps listed here along with descriptions.

  • Healthy Church Healthy Church offers perspectives to guide your kid toward something of a spirit empowered life as they say. With this one of the best kids blog you can do your part of introducing your kid to God and making your kid a God loving humble chap, who sees everyone with equality.

  • Let’s Grow Kids Focusing on the first years of a kids growth is this blog called Let’s Grow Kids. It discusses various factors important for a kids growth and the elements required for a kids learning. Visit the blog to get a good hands-on experience of what awaits your kids grander growth.  

  • Sand In Your Shorts Kids Blog Sand In Your Shorts Kids Blog discusses fashion, photography, and lifestyle in detail. Kirsi, a children’s fashion stylist is the mind behind this top kids  blog. There is a lot that can be picked from Kirsi’s blog, like trending brands in kids fashion, kids fashion photography among other things.

  • Smarter Toddler Smarter Toddler is the apt blog for your smart kid if he/she is inclined towards learning. This blog is a comprehensively covers the learning process and how kids far and near are engaged in learning, along with how parents can indulge their kids in learning.

  • Kid Magazine Kid Magazine discovers the intricacies of lives as kids and parents, indulges kids in activities and learning and ultimately makes them and you laugh. It’s as fascinating as that. It talks a lot about the cool life of a kid, the inclusions and exclusions in it to make their lives better and hearts, warmer. Checkout this awesome & one of the best kids blog now.

  • Whole Family Learning Whole Family Learning is a lot about the natural way of doing things – of learning, parenting and living. It is Kerry McDonald’s way of caring for kids and parents out there. This is where she, with her two decades of education policy and practice experience, shares her experiences, opinions and views on kids learning and growth.  

  • Baby Friendly America Baby Friendly America discusses dining, shopping and fun primarily. Beyond that there is a lot about kids learning and education. Beyond these are detailed discussions on parenting through the present and preparing for your kids growth and their future. There is more and for that check Baby Friendly America. Checkout this one of the best kids blog now.  

  • Homeschoolers Of Maine This is the blog by Homeschoolers Of Maine. Here the discussions run wide and long on learning and tests. A lot for the kids and a lot more for the parents, Homeschoolers Of Maine sure is a blog that covers this two way street well and fills it up with interesting stuff.

  • Happy Healthy Kids Happy Healthy Kids makes a strong case in favor of teaching kids more than just math, science and literature. It helps parents around the globe find the meaning behind the most basic things and how they could be impacting the kids growth, both mental and physical. There is a lot more to be read on Happy Healthy Kids blog and implemented IRL.

  • Speak Now For Kids Speak Now For Kids has many interesting speakers lending a deeper view into their lives. It is a great place for parents to be at, to read and learn about other parents and their kids and the kind of situations they faced before being where they are in life now. There is a lot that can be learned by simply reading this blog.

  • Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup is a top kids blog for kids who love reading and writing and of course, books. This one discusses in details about the young writers and their love for writing. They also talk about books, through blogs, books reviews, top reads and more.  

  • Team For Kids Blog Team For Kids Blog believes much in outdoor activities like running. There is a lot that is happening in the world of Team For Kids and they seem quite excited sharing it with us folks, something we have come to like. Good thing is they will load you with many tips and tricks. Checkout this one of the best kids blog now.

  • Shrimp And Grits Kids Blog Bringing the southern styles for little ladies and gentlemen is Shrimp and Grits Kids Blog. There is a lot cuteness on the blog that you might loose your hearts to it. See what all new trends will be heating up the kids market soon on Shrimp And Grits Blog.

  • The Learning Child Blog The Learning Child Blog brings the power of learning to your kids. It is like a near perfect amalgamation of learning and play, which would erase every need of holding kids back from doing one and running after another. Feel free to dive in and pick all the cool ideas off their detailed top kids blogs now.

  • Hello Creative Family Hello Creative Family is an elusive blog for parents wishing to light the fire of creativity in the mind and feet and hands of their kids. Pick any or all activities off their wide galore of DIY ideas that you can indulge in with your kid and teach them the importance of teamwork along with that of creativity.

This is it. The time has now arrived for you to begin that final hunt down these best kids blogs looking for the ideas and activities to indulge your kids with. That is about activities. Talking about fashion, there are innumerable ways you can dress your kids for the occasions and see them shine like the star that they are.

Coming to our favourite space, the social media, how do you think all those amazing pictures of them and you and that little piece of creativity they have made on their own, or the new discovery they have stumbled upon while learning about science, or the new way of solving a simple multiplication, would look.

If nothing, revel in the fact that your little genius is walking his/her own way, at his/her own speed, treading freely to create one day what none has dared to think of. And if you do your part in setting him/her free and backing his/her visions and crazy ideas, that day would arrive sooner. Check out these top kids blogs now.


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