Best 100 Homeschool Blogs To Read Before or During Homeschooling

Top Homeschool Blogs

These Best Homeschooling blogs are the virtual opensource of information on homeschooling with homeschool tips and tricks, homeschool ideas, homeschool information and inspiration, homeschool best practices, homeschool procedures, homeschool hacks, including feeds on grades, subjects, activities, skill building, curriculum, goals, how-to guides and so much more.

To help you gain those insights in the best possible manner, from the best possible resources, we have looked deeper and farther into the world wide web. Our search has found us the top hundred home-school blogs. These we then have ranked on the basis of relevance and brought you the worlds best hundred homeschool blogs. Here they are. Read on.

alexa 27,544
  • Time For Learning Grab your bags fellas ‘coz it’s Time For Learning. Up for learning on this blog are activities when homeschooling various age groups, like activities for toddlers. There is also abundant information on homeschooling, and afterschool and skill building on this blog to pick and read.

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  • The Measured Mom Catch tools for teaching on this homeschooling blog called The Measured Mom. From books to cards, you have interesting pieces to pick. Plus, you have games, like a rhyming game, to make learning and homeschooling fun for kids. And there’s more provided by Anna, aka The Measured Mom. She’s a teacher who turned stay at home mom of six.

alexa 73,521
  • Alpha Omega Publications Alpha Omega Publications presents its homeschooling blog and with it a homeschooling view. That’s for starts. Along with the view, there is homeschooling latest news to catch. There are also these interesting suggestions and info, with many feeds answering such questions as may have been running in your head concerning homeschooling. Checkout.

alexa 129,013
  • Living Montessori Now Presenting information and inspiration for parents and teachers is Living Montessori Now, a homeschooling blog by Terry. She has a Montessori certification for teaching children between two and a half and five years of age. Constantly updated by her are activities, and homeschool resources among other things.

alexa 139,327
  • Confessions of A Homeschooler Presenting a homeschool mom blog with curriculum, printable, preschool and more. Confessions of A Homeschooler is a blog by Erica, a homeschooler sharing tips with us on her blog, along with how-tos and more. She also shares homeschooling 101, to help us further.

alexa 150,285
  • Art Projects for Kids Art Projects For Kids is one of the best blogs to incite creativity in your kids. This blog is amply stocked and restocked with new ideas and creative projects, topped with how-tos, step-by-steps, and lots more. Pick any with your kid and then see his/her creativity bloom.

alexa 156,274
  • HSLDA Here’s encouragement for the next generation home schoolers presented by HSLDA. Homeschooling Now shares plethora of information, insights and ideas on homeschooling, teaching children, inspiring them, and yourself as a parent, along with informing you with teaching tips, reviews and more.

alexa 165,451
  • I Can Teach My Child Here’s the blog helping you in being your child’s first teacher. I Can Team My Child shares interesting updates and ideas for DIYs, art, printable and more, prepared and presented to you by Jenae, who is a mother of three and a former first grade teacher.

alexa 176,242
  • Educents There’s lots to pick and read on this homeschooling blog by Educents. You have homeschool guidance to catch. Then you have quizzes and lists. That followed by parents’ reviews, infographics and feeds on special needs. Catch it all on Educents’ homeschooling blog.

alexa 213,866
  • The Homeschool Mom The Homeschool Mom presents homeschooling thoughts, which mostly appear like your thoughts, the thoughts that may have been bothering you about homeschooling like what curriculum you should use for your four-year-old. That and this blog also helps you as a parent with feeds like coping with stress et al.

alexa 227,356
  • Intoxicated On Life Here’s Intoxicated On Life with Luke and Trisha. This homeschooling blog brings ample useful tips, how-tos and suggestions that will help ease your homeschooling tasks. From teaching cursive to guide to stargazing, homeschool mistakes to homeschooling kids, expect to find these and more.

alexa 243,883
  • 1+1+1=1 Coming with a fascinating name 1+1+1=1 is an intriguing homeschooling blog with interesting ideas, deals and more. It’s one creative blog stocked amply with ingenious feeds that cover printable, calendar, curriculum choices and so much more to pick and read.

alexa 251,484
  • Growing Hands On Kids Growing Hands On Kids is a blog by Heather, a certified occupational therapy assistant who’s now a hands-on-activity and therapy blogger. She shares ideas on the blog like sensory tool gift ideas, DIYs, activities, and lots more. Catch them all on this blog.

alexa 255,687
  • Homeschool Creations Homeschool Creations present resources and encouragement along with free printable for homeschool families. This also shares deals for homeschool parents to benefit from. That and recipes among other things, making it one brilliant blog to read and follow and learn from.

alexa 283,973
  • The Crafty Classroom With its name denoting its coverage, The Crafty Classroom presents plethora creative ideas with art tutorials for kids. There are artists crafts for kids here, arctic craft, fall leaf art, geology crafts and so much more, making it one brilliant blog to ignite the brilliance of your children.

alexa 349,020
  • Living Life And Learning You have one incredible blog in the name of Living Life and Learning’s blog. It’s created and curated by Monique. She’s a homeschooling mother to 3. Here she shares homeschooling tips, interesting activities and printable that you can benefit from.

alexa 352,403
  • Hip Homeschooling Blog Hip Homeschooling is the kind of homeschooling blog that will fill you with inspiration and load you with information. Presented by Rebecca, the owner and author of Hip Homeschooling Blog presents curriculums, feeds on every day homeschooling, homeschooling deals and more.

alexa 393,868
  • Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus You have many interesting ideas and feeds to pick on Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus. Tina Robertson is the brain and soul behind this blog who has homeschooled from the very beginning. She shares how-tos like on homeschooling middle school, and best practices like on choosing homeschool curriculum among other things.

alexa 398,441
  • Life Of A Homeschool Mom Life Of A Homeschool Mom is pretty interesting both in meaning and in feeds. Heather Bowen, the creator and curator this blog is balancing marriage, homemaking, motherhood and education. Off of her acquired knowledge, experience and wisdom she discusses widely about homeschooling, values, best practices, how-tos and more.  

alexa 402,182
  • The Educators Spin On It The Educators Spin on It helps in learning games and activities. From books to keeping preschoolers active, myriad activities to numerous games, ideas to advices, info to details, expect to find them all on The Educators Spin On It, in fact more.

alexa 413,605
  • Homeschool Base You know you have lots of doubts when you see a blog like Homeschool Base. It’s the blog that introduces you to such matters and thoughts as you may encounter in the future, like those questions that homeschoolers mostly get asked, or the way to respond when your family seems unfavorable of homeschooling.

alexa 416,224
  • Schooling A Monkey Catch hands-on teaching ideas on Schooling A Monkey. There are stem activities here to check out. There are early learning themes to draw inspiration from. There are learning worksheets to pick. There are popular freebies to consider as well.  There are DIYs too among many other interesting things.

alexa 417,436
  • Homeschooling Help Bridgeway Academy presents this blog called Homeschooling Help. Up on the blog are homeschooling tips and help. This one presents ideas like for community service, curriculum like for homeschool writing, how-tos like succeeding in online homeschooling, and guides like for college prep, among other things.

alexa 464,905
  • Homeschool Den This blog called Homeschool Den is a brilliant one in its genre. Liesl, the creator of this blog, brings aplenty helpful feeds for homeschoolers and parents. You can expect to find feeds like mid-year homeschool assessment, homeschool snacks aka is recipes, crayon crafts and many more.

alexa 467,085
  • Homeschooling Ideas Inspiring you to inspire a love of learning is this blog called Homeschooling Ideas. It presents interesting, innovative and creative ways of homeschooling and teaching like creative ways of teaching history, or guide to kids science books, and more. There are aplenty feeds covering education, books, parenting, technology and more.

alexa 482,025
  • Inspiration Laboratories This is where you’ll find inspiration in abundance, at least for homeschooling your kids. You have aplenty new ideas to pick on this blog which is aptly named Inspiration Laboratories. Some in the form of how-tos, others in the form of printable, and yet many in the form of experiments among other things.

alexa 485,688
  • Only Passionate Curiosity This one is a lot about passionate curiosity, so much so that calling it Only Passionate Curiosity won’t be wrong. That’s what, perhaps, Heather would have thought while naming the blog. Heather is the creator and curator here, and also a homeschooling mom who shares homeschool 101, and extends homeschool support among other things.

alexa 568,156
  • iHomeschool Network iHomeschool Network’s blog is one with plethora of information, so be prepared to rake in large number of ideas and loads of inspiration. That said, you’ll find many how-tos on curriculum and more, many ideas and by that we mean homeschool study ideas, tips, guides and lots more.

alexa 581,794
  • Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers There’s in fact everything great about Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Kris Bales, the mind and soul behind this blog, and her husband are parents to two teens and a homeschool grad. She shares updates on homeschooling, along with her knowledge and wisdom here on the blog, in the form of tips and tricks, and more.

alexa 582,316
  • An Everyday Story Here’s something the homeschoolers might be able to relate to. We’re talking about An Everyday Story, a blog featuring inquiry based learning. Brought to you by Kate, a former teacher and homeschooling mom of two, An Everyday Story shares her homeschooling tips, ways, procedures and experiences in the form of feeds here.

alexa 585,874
  • Our Journey Westward Our Journey Westward is a homeschooling blog by Cindy West. She’s a homeschooling mom to three and here on the blog she shares her unique ways, interesting ideas, fascinating thoughts, brilliant practices and procedures, smart how-tos and a lot more.

alexa 592,275
  • Heart Of Wisdom Heart Of Wisdom promotes and presents bible based homeschooling. It’s an interesting place to get encouragement and information. Robin, the lady behind this blog shares printable, and interesting insights and opinions like homeschoolers mistakes, homeschool lessons, and more Christianity and bible backed learning.

alexa 602,344
  • Raising Lifelong Learners You have an intriguing blog in the name of Raising Lifelong Learners. This one talks about science, and shares ideas. Colleen is the education consultant, speaker, author and homeschool mom who shares her knowledge and observations along with feeds on activities, books, recipes and more.

alexa 622,341
  • Practical Pages With practical in its very name, expect to find practical tips, pages, plans, projects, and art ideas, apt for homeschooling, on Practical Pages. Presented by Nadene here are her thoughts, sketch ideas, booklists, and feeds on handwriting among other things.

alexa 622,492
  • Simple Homeschool Simple Homeschool is the homeschool blog ready to shower detailed information on you, something you’ll pleasantly embrace and collect. This one shares links, ideas like educational stocking ideas, do’s and don’ts like the things a homeschooler should stop saying, and more.

alexa 678,025
  • Hip Homeschool Moms These homeschool moms are incredible. Hip Homeschool Moms talks about various aspects of homeschooling, and even various aspects of homeschooling moms, which is why this blog shares such interesting posts as homeschooling children while working, or those with ideas or resources or activities among other things.

alexa 735,963
  • Homegrown Learners Here’s to growing learners taking one day at a time. Homegrown Learners talk child education, about truths, about books, about quiet time, presents activities and treats, shares how-tos and much more. That’s all prepared and presented by Mary Prather, a mother, an educator, a curriculum author, and a speaker along with being a mother.

alexa 767,113
  • The Pinay Homeschooler The Pinay Homeschooler is a brilliant mind in action. Jae, the creative mind and heart behind this blog, showcases and discusses the learning adventure of her two kids. She shares activities, activity sheets, ideas, and lots more. Catch it all on The Pinay Homeschooler.

alexa 789,493
  • Large Family Table This is the virtual place where motherhood and real life meets. It’s the Large Family Table, a blog by Jamerill, a blogging and Youtubing mom eight. The talks run wide and far around large family food, big time homeschooling and mega motherhood which sure are interesting.

alexa 811,722
  • Year-Round Homeschooling It’s learning, loving and living with Year-Round Homeschooling. With a lot on loving and living, and we do mean a lot, there’s plenty on learning too, for instance features on books, and activity packs, and planning packs, and homeschooling special needs among other things.

alexa 1,007,515
  • The Canadian Homeschooler The Canadian Homeschooler presents home education but from a Canadian’s perspective. It has wide range of feeds on maths, French, science, English, geography, history, pre-school and high school among others. There are also many tips available on this blog, making it one to bookmark.

alexa 1,015,040
  • Spell Out Loud Though that name, Spell Out Loud, might compel you to think it’s about spelling here, but it’s not. In fact it has lots to with learning, formerly for you and ultimately for your kids. And by that we mean to point at posts like ways to make math more fun, or art lessons, how-tos and more.

alexa 1,101,117
  • The Unlikely Homeschool The Unlikely Homeschool is a blog by Jamie Erikson. She’s a mother of five, and the creator and author of this blog, sharing her homeschooling experience and knowledge with us along with talking books, homeschooling curriculum, tips and tricks and homeschooling in general.

alexa 1,108,147
  • Psycho With 6 Psycho With 6 gives you a brilliant insight into homeschooling a good number of kids. This blog bears a fancy conglomerate of information and inspiration with feeds like how-tos, homeschool schedules, curriculum, goals, tips, and more brought to you by Melanie, a Christian psychologist who’s now a mom of six, hence the name.

alexa 1,142,836
  • HEAV This blog by HEAV brings you news and insights. HEAV serves the homeschoolers of Virginia with information, resources and legislation, and it has been doing so for thirty-five years now. Short for Home Educators Association for Virginia, HEAV through its blog shares homeschool items, and talks international homeschooling among other things.

alexa 1,177,747
  • Teach Them Diligently This blog called Teach Them Diligently is one covering Christian homeschool, along with matters like marriage, parenting and discipleship. About homeschool, this blog discusses academics, early childhood education, activities, deschooling, high school, and assessments among other things.

alexa 1,201,111
  • My Little Poppies My Little Poppies talks home-schooling masterfully. Cait, a school psychologist, writer, and mom to three is the brain and soul of this blog. She talks about homeschooling and parenting with ideas, reasons, thoughts, books, and more on My Little Poppies.

alexa 1,222,899
  • Freely Homeschool Because we are all homeschooling, well to a degree, this blog will make lots sense. It categorizes feeds smartly segregating these by interest, by subject and by grade. Inside those are gabs and features on curriculum, music, lessons, how-tos, and much more.

alexa 1,315,215
  • The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Here’s one living an abundant life, though not on an abundant budget. It’s the Frugal Homeschooling Mom fellas, aka Deana Hipwell, a happy stay-at-home homeschooling mom who works from home too. She talks about unit studies, and shares printable, and homeschool for free among other things.

alexa 1,343,362
  • Kingdom First Homeschool Kingdom First Homeschool is a brilliant kingdom to enter for homeschooling encouragement, resources, and tips, all created, curated and shared for moms and homeschoolers. There’s interesting ways, and ideas, craft feeds, and best practices, and lots more to catch on Kingdom First Homeschool.

alexa 1,371,125
  • Design Your Homeschool Shaping individuals here is Design Your Homeschool, a homeschool blog discussing educational learning plans, DIYs, homeschooling guides, homeschool curriculum, goals, confidence, and more. It’s an intriguing blog to catch homeschooling on and pick a post, feed or twenty.

alexa 1,401,714
  • A Muslim Homeschool Raising children, along with other things, to know the purpose we were created, is a perspective this blog suggests. A Muslim Homeschool blog answers various homeschool questions, discusses homeschool projects, home education in general, learning styles, various subjects individually, and parenting among other things.

alexa 1,416,055
  • Filipino Homeschooler Here’s the Filipino Homeschooler with discussions around homeschool life. That’s for starts. There are many feeds already added and constantly shared discussing bible, math, science, worksheets and more, including English and Filipino. Catch them all on Filipino Homeschooler, along with learning tips.

alexa 1,483,989
  • Life In Grace Blog Catch inspiration for life well lived on Life In Grace blog. Edie, the maker and master creator of this blog, besides being a writer and a speaker and an author, talks homeschooling and in it curriculum, education, among other things.

alexa 1,502,582
  • HSBA Post HSBA Post or The Homeschool Post is created and curated by Sara. She provides us with resources and encouragement, the duo we can always do with more in our homeschooling endeavors. She presents guidance in the form of how-tos like how to go about choosing the best curriculum. She also shares ideas, deals and more.

alexa 1,539,527
  • After Thoughts Blog After Thoughts Blog makes us brood well on good thoughts, considering all good thoughts first belonged to God. Brandy the one sharing most of the thoughts and feeds on After Thoughts Blog is a mother of four. And she shares some thought provoking brilliant feeds like more important than intelligence, or the one on moving forward.

alexa 1,541,023
  • Rock Your Homeschool Rock Your Homeschool is a wonderfully prepared and presented blog with an array of homeschooling tips, tricks, ideas, planners, printable and more fun stuff among others. It’s Amy, the brain and soul this blog, who brings all these interesting things on the blog for us and other people.

alexa 1,580,893
  • The Curriculum Choice Making homeschool decisions easy here’s The Curriculum Choice, brought to you by a veteran group of home educators. You have a wide range of feeds covering homeschool and home learning, from homeschool history studies to homeschool middle school, homeschool math to Latin.

alexa 1,644,376
  • Homeschool Your Boys Homeschool Your Boys is a blog by Michelle Caskey. And she is here to inspire and encourage you while you homeschool your boys. From finding learning resources to recommending books for teens, from tips on teaching boys to displaying ways for teaching young sons, expect to read them all and more on Homeschool Your Boys.

alexa 1,794,019
  • The Homeschool Village It’s all things homeschool organization on The Homeschool Village. A blog by Sheryl, who’s a busy mom raising her children, this one features tips from Sheryl, feeds on and around learning, homeschool organization, lesson plans, and more on and around homeschooling.

alexa 1,848,282
  • Classically Homeschooling It’s about giving your kids a classical education at home on this blog called Classically Homeschooling. This blog features how-to guides like how-to go about having a discussion with your teenagers. It also features easy solutions, ideas. solutions and more.

alexa 1,861,935
  • Delightful Learning With a delightful name, this blog called Delightful Learning discusses homeschooling and its various aspects extensively. There are reviews to begin with. Then there are the blogger’s experiences with homeschooling, and her experience based feeds, sided with suggestions and ideas

alexa 1,866,409
  • More Than A Homeschool Mom More Than A Homeschool Mom is a marvelous homeschooling blog with mind-blowing details. It captures the blogger’s homeschooling experiences and observations plus thoughts. You have plenty interesting feeds to read here on More Than A Homeschool Mom, many that you might relate well with.

alexa 1,902,984
  • Bible Based Homeschooling This is the Bible Based Homeschooling blog, with much of its contents already apparent by that name. It’s an interesting hub of deals and resources, so feel free to pick as many as you wish. It’s also an information galore showcasing homeschool plans, advices and more.

alexa 1,940,813
  • Homeschool Curriculum On Homeschool Curriculum you have aplenty interesting feeds to catch up and look forward to. You have how-to guides like how to identify holes in homeschool curriculum. You also have feeds with useful aids like on inspiring unmotivated child. You have resources and other things to pick too, like homeschooling basics.

alexa 2,447,174
  • The Homescholar Here’s The Homescholar, helping parents homeschool high school. It features plenty informational and useful feeds like tips, how-to guides, and more. It’s one blog that can add amply to your homeschooling database, giving you insights and filling your mind with ideas.

alexa 2,504,263
  • Homeschool Facts You might be quite intrigued by this blog called Homeschool Facts. The reason behind that are these incredibly useful reads we are looking at here, like homeschool hacks, homeschool applications, how’s of homeschooling, budget homeschooling, and personalized learning among others.

alexa 2,541,889
  • Practical By Default Here’s the blog called Practical By Default, making it easier for the working homeschool moms to find solutions. It’s a blog by Jen. And Jen, apart from being the voice behind Practical By Default is also the one who helps parents in balancing work and homeschooling. She does so by extending support, encouragement and inspiration.

alexa 2,606,388
  • Lavender’s Blue Homeschool Lavender’s Blue Homeschool is a blog by Kelly. She writes about Waldorf-inspired homeschooling and peaceful parenting among other things. To offer you a glimpse, you can expect to find how-to guides, and discussions like on homeschool planning among other things.

alexa 2,777,685
  • Nourishing My Scholar Nourishing My Scholar is a homeschool blog by Erin, who’s a homeschooling mom to two. She shares a lot of interesting feeds on homeschooling, topped with ideas, inspiration, and more. There are other offbeat feeds like about reading program, on games, books and more.

alexa 2,925,225
  • Homeschoolin’ Mama The mama behind Homeschoolin’ Mama is Meg Hykes, a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. She talks about homeschooling from an interesting point of view. And that is exactly what her experiences and feeds are too, that is interesting to say the least.

alexa 3,256,549
  • Modern Homeschool Family You have a lot already shared to catch on Modern Homeschool Family. One there are interesting insights and viewpoint that sure will catch the fancy of homeschoolers and parents considering homeschooling. Then there are ideas to add fun to your homeschooling days and make them more interesting.

alexa 3,419,616
  • Homeschooling Today This is one splendid virtual place to catch encouragement and practical help from. There are printable for starts to pick. Then there are how-to guides like for creating homeschool schedule that works. Then you have genre specific posts like on literature, and art. And there’s more.

alexa 3,596,265
  • TJ Homeschooling Here’s one providing homeschooling resources since 2002. The blog by TJ Homeschooling brings interesting homeschooling thoughts to light. From eating etiquette in Islam to explaining left and right hands or side in Islam to posters of alphabets expect to find an interesting variety on this blog.

alexa 3,781,396
  • Special Needs Homeschooling Helping your family excel, admittedly, is Special Needs Homeschooling, a blog by Heather Laurie. She started the blog because four of her five children got diagnosed with Autism. Having her homeschooling filled with therapy, her experiences are a great way for similar moms at catching insights on homeschooling with special needs.

alexa 4,394,834
  • A Mothers Random Thoughts This blog called A Mother’s Random Thoughts, presents well, thoughts of a mother on Disney, homeschooling and Autism. Plus, she also shares interesting thoughts, like on sensory toys, along with interesting ideas like for fall apple craft. And many varied feeds.

alexa 4,849,408
  • High Hill Homeschool Here’s a cool source of educational activities for kids. It’s the High Hill Homeschool created and curated by an American mother of three. On this blog you can expect to find fun educational activities for kids, like microscope lessons, art lessons, sports and more.

alexa 5,210,958
  • Lit Mama Homeschool Lit Mama here educates with a fire for literature. She shares lit backed feeds, mostly, like story time with interesting stories to read to your kids, or book gifts for kids, or list of season specific books like autumn books for kids, and lots more.

alexa 5,372,107
  • Raising Olives You have aplenty to read on this blog called Raising Olives. There are many mind-blowing posts here like one called husbands and homeschooling, or the one with an overview on how the blogger behind Raising Olives homeschool, or the one that discusses about teaching older children.

alexa 5,680,656
  • Our Muslim Homeschool Here’s Our Muslim Homeschool started with the intention of inspiring Muslim families who are considering home education, and assisting the ones having taken the decision in favor of homeschooling. That said, you can expect to read features on games and activities, on teaching new language and more.

alexa 6,588,077
  • Christian Homeschool Moms One of the many best blogs for Christian moms homeschooling their kids is this blog aptly called Christian Homeschool Moms, being brought to you by Demetria, a homeschooling mompreneur of two. This blog presents reasons, ideas, lessons and lots more.

alexa 6,676,502
  • My Sweet Homeschool My Sweet Homeschool is a blog by Katie Sullivan, M.S. SLP-CCC. She is a mother of five children, and has been a homeschooler for nine years, and a pediatric speech-language pathologist for twenty-two years. You can read her varied homeschool feeds covering tips and how-to guide.

alexa 10,372,595
  • Homeschool Life Mag Here’s a secular homeschool magazine for families into homeschooling or homeschooling their kids. This one keeps it real and helps you do so too with its feeds that include how-to guides, gift guides and ideas, and mindful homeschool among others.

alexa 10,372,595
  • San Antonio Home Education For the folks residing in or planning to move in San Antonio Area, here’s your homeschooling guide. From secular homeschooling curriculum to guiding you into choosing a curriculum, expect to read many such insightful and thoughtful feeds on the San Antonio Home Education Blog.

alexa 10,636,163
  • Homeschool Story Covering pre-school to high school with its feeds, this is the Homeschool Story, brought to you by Jaime. Having been a homeschool mom for fifteen years, and passionate for helping homeschool moms, she shares numerous useful feeds on the blog, covering homeschool planners to classical conversations.

alexa 10,870,650
  • Adventures In Homeschooling When an element of fun is added with a sprinkle of mindfulness anything becomes an adventure. Somewhat similar is this blog named Adventures in Homeschooling, brought to you by Tawnee, a mother to four kids living in Indiana. She has many interesting ideas, viewpoints and experience to share with you folks, along with resources here on Adventures In Homeschooling blog.

alexa 11,779,778
  • Adventures In Homeschool Moving in a school, here’s Adventures In Homeschool, but everyone’s a teacher, it says. You know you want to look forth with that name and that tag. And we suggest you should. There’s a lot that will catch your fancy here, like feeds on books, sneak peek into home ed life, how-to guide and more.

alexa 12,653,208
  • Homeschool Math We know how difficult it could get teaching math to kids. Well, rejoice fellas, for here’s a blog to help you up that math game. This one shares math teaching ideas, worksheets, links, articles, reviews, news, and math mammoth stuff among other things. Catch them all on Homeschool Math blog.

alexa 12,839,401
  • Grace Christian Homeschool From two highschool sweethearts, married for twenty years, in their tenth year of homeschooling (as it says on the site) with three children, this is Grace Christian Homeschool blog. The discuss curriculum on the blog, and share homeschool highlights between many interesting feeds.

alexa 12,898,548
  • Re-Minded Homeschooling Re-Minded Homeschooling is a blog by Cherie. She is mother to a gifted and learning challenged daughter. Here on the blog she has provided a homeschooling resource with varied feeds, including delicious recipes, and mindful homeschooling feeds, also many for those who are new to homeschooling.

alexa 16,045,417
  • Buehler Education The homeschool blog by Buehler Education comes topped with interesting viewpoints, information and thoughts. You’ll find lots to read about here, for lots is covered from bullying to dropout, public school system to education reforms, age based instruction to more.

alexa 17,517,259
  • Homeschool Escapade Here’s the Homeschool Escapade with its peculiar blend of homeschool blogs. Zelda, the creator and curator of Homeschool Escapade is a LDS Christian, wife and mother to four. She discusses about English, geometry, elementary, nature, science, history among other things on the blog.  

alexa 18,851,584
  • Homeschool Power Presenting the homeschool blog by Tracy Kelly, a Christian wife and homeschooling mom to four has a superpower. That superpower is homeschooling. By way of this blog she extends support, encouragement and provides resources to homeschoolers and homeschooling families at large.

alexa 3,312,267 
  • Homeschooling On A Dime This blog called Homeschooling On A Dime is an interesting homeschool resource with homeschool freebies, and homeschool deals. We saved the best for last, and by that we mean homeschool tips and helps, along with learning activities, provided by Stacie, the lady behind this blog.

  • Let’s Learn With Style Here’s one with all the stylish vibes. Let’s Learn With Style is a fascinating blog bringing homeschooling with style into spotlight. This one talks about gratitude, about language arts, about reading, about recipes, about parenting, about beauty, about grades and about lots more.

alexa NA
  • Homeschool 411 This is one fascinating blog with mindbending feeds. Homeschool 411 talks extensively about homeschooling, learning, evaluation, about homeschoolers and more. The feeds here make for a brilliant read backed by an interesting thought process. And that would be saying the least.

  • Homeschooling Large Family Style From a mother of nine children, here’s the blog called Homeschooling Large Family Style. You have Tristan, the maker and mastermind behind this blog, bring you interesting homeschool experience and updates, between ideas and inspiration, making it a pretty interesting blog to follow.

alexa NA
  • Homeschool Buzz Catch homeschooling in the news on Homeschool Buzz. Presented here are homeschool related posts, on this side of the Homeschool Buzz. There are stories here to begin with. Then, there are updates on homeschool program and more. That followed by insights, thoughts and observations.

alexa NA
  • Homeschool Evangelist Here’s one to gain confidence from to teach your own kids, for that’s what Charity, the lady behind this blog, is offering. She has shared many how-to guides to start with. She has also shared interesting ideas that you can employ in your homeschool techniques and benefit from.  

alexa NA
  • Hands-On Homeschool Resources Your Mondays and Fridays won’t be the same after reading the Hands-On Homeschool Resources blog. This one presents Monday Motivators and Friday Fun Ideas to begin with. It also brings interesting thoughts, and observations to light which may prove beneficial when read and deployed.

And here, we reach the end of this homeschool feed. But we are certain that your homeschool journey has yet to see many interesting milestones. And we are also certain, these best hundred homeschool blogs will help you gain many of those milestones.


It has been in our best efforts to bring you a giant heap of neatly sorted information, ideas, observations, advice’s, tips and tricks, suggestions, updates, news and so much more in the form of these top 100 homeschool blogs. We hope they prove a great help. Apart from that, you know we would love to read how this feed helped. So, do share your views in comments. We’ll be waiting.


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