Best 100 Golf Blogs List To Improve Your Play

Top Golf Blogs

These Best Golf Blogs are online golf resources packed with feeds on golf tips and tricks, golf instructions, golf equipment and reviews, golf tours, golf championships, golf courses, golf travel, golf stats, golf players, golf style, golf guides, turf-grass, golf fitness, golf strategy and mental game, short game and long game, among many other things.

Here we have endeavoured to help you reach the top hundred, the top 100 golf blogs via one single place. Not only that, but we have also ensured you receive firsthand information on almost all that each of these blogs carry.

Each of these golf blogs have been picked and ranked on the basis of relevance and myriad data pulled from the oceans of the world wide web.

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  • Golf Channel Launched in 1995 as a single sport cable network in the United States, today Golf Channel does not only broadcast in eighty-four countries but also has this remarkable online presence, offering latest golf news and opinions. Apart from that there are also plenty videos to siffle through and watch on this one of the best golf blog ever.

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  • ESPN ESPN, originally acronym for Entertainment and Sports programming network, is the sports channel followed in majority of countries. Here, we acknowledge and admire its dedication to Golf and to bringing the latest Golf news to the fans. That and the details on scores, schedules, stats and players.

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  • Reddit Reddit’s renowned widely for its regularly updated feeds, and extensively curated and presented content. The curation and offering of Reddit for Golf fans is no different. Having said that, make the most of the hot, new, rising, and top golf feeds available with such phenomenal ease. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Practical Golf Practical Golf makes improving the game and enjoying it easier by providing a wide range of resources. From videos to practice games, ebooks to interviews, there’s a lot that golfers can benefit from. Plus, they have created and presented many thoughtful feeds, and also have reviewed products to help you up your game.

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  • Barry Rhodes Barry Rhodes presents Rules of Golf where golfers and golf enthusiasts of all abilities can read miscellaneous content, all created with aim to help improve their understanding and knowledge of golf and the rules of golf. Barry is an author, and an enthusiastic high handicap golfer. He is the mind behind this beautiful amazing and one of the top golf blog.

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  • Golf Now Golf Now was founded in 2001 and is now a leading tee-time marketplace with over three and a half million users, and offices in United States and Northern Ireland. On the Daily Tee, a Golf Now blog, golfers and golf enthusiasts can find latest updates on Golf as a sport, and on golf courses, among other things.

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  • Golf Monthly Golf Monthly brings you a plethora of updated and useful golf information. From latest golf news to latest gear news, gear reviews to gear videos, tour videos to course videos, tour news to golf tips, golf swing tips to putting tips, golf driving tips to betting tips, and so much more. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • MyGolfSpy Let’s start from the start. MyGolfSpy offers plenty reviews on woods, that is drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids; along with reviews on irons, wedges, putters, and courses. MyGolfSpy calls golfers and golf enthusiast to replace the hype with cold hard data. And data is something you will find in abundance on this blog.

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  • Golfstr Here’s to the one loaded with inspiration. Golfstr’s one of the best golf blog provides plenty blogs to help improve your swing including on finding the right positions. Having said that the discussions run wide on weight shifts, tricks, swings, thoughts and mind, and golf per se.

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  • Adam Young Golf This blog by Adam Young Golf aims at helping golfers and golf enthusiasts improve their game and know the game better. That is the reason why the folks here give a book called Golf Hacks: 16 Ways To Knock Shots Off Your Score Instantly, for free. More for free is all the knowledge and wisdom and how-tos on Golf that is shared on the blog

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  • Golf State of Mind Golf State of Mind one of the top golf blogs comes packed with loads of useful feeds on golf, that will propel any game to improvement. To read here are mental game tips, and feeds on practice drills, shot routine, target orientation, fundamentals, short game tips, and a lot on junior golf among other things.

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  • Andrew Rice Golf Those who play golf must be knowing the significance of tricks. And headwind. And skills. And swings. Andrew Rice Golf many insightful and thoughtful blog feeds on all those and a lot more, all to contribute in improving the game of fellow golfers across the globe.

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  • Golf News A free golf publication from the UK, Golf News presents topical news and exclusive features for club golfers and golf enthusiasts. To catch here is the latest news on golf, and many interviews. Beyond that, help yourself with all those golf product reviews and new gears. Since we are talking about reviews, the folks at Golf News offer course reviews, too which is one of the top golf blogs online.

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  • Global Golf Post Global Golf Post provides latest golf news for golfers and golf enthusiasts. The list of quick-take is long, and stuff to watch on golf, aplenty. Prepared and presented by a myriad of writers, and folks behind Global Golf Post, who share their valuable opinions in between all those feeds.

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  • Golftec Golftec is on a mission to help people play better golf. In operation since 1995, Golftec now has over two hundred training centers worldwide. With that credential soaring expectations are justified. Something duly met by Golftec too with their extensive feeds instructing on the game, long and short; on equipment from golf balls to wedges to iron, and more, including news coverage. Find out more on this amazing and best golf blog now.

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  • The Sand Trap The Sand Trap offers golf news, reviews, and commentary. That’s for the starters. Further down, The Sand Trap discusses about swing, rules, gears, accessories, clubs, courses, equipment, and more. Apart from that, The Sand Trap shares reviews, and playing tips too.

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  • Golf Dispute Resolution Golf Dispute Resolution is here on our list for the way it tracks the intersection of golf and law. On that note, expect to read about various disputes and proceedings, pertaining to Golf. Besides that, Golf Dispute Resolution also shares the latest news and disputes filed, plus the updates on the same and others. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Geoff Shackleford Geoff Shackleford, the name and brain behind this blog, is also a senior writer for Golfweek magazine, co-host of The Ringer’s Shackhouse, and also a weekly contributor to Golf Channel’s morning drive. Geoff, on his blog, shares latest Golf news, analysis and more.

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  • Tour Spec Golf This one of the top golf blog by Tour Spec Golf shares insightful blogs on golf equipment, primarily. The latest irons sets in the market, drivers, wedges, putters, shafts, and farway woods and utilities, and more are all vividly presented and brilliantly discussed on Tour Spec Golf’s blog.

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  • Trackman Golf The Trackman Golf blog presents something called Coach of The Month, showcasing an interview with the coach carrying The Trackman Golf’s title that month. It is one of those things which the coach seeking golfers would benefit from. Also available on the Trackman Golf blog are tips and tricks, videos, tutorials, and more for golfers aid.

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  • No Laying Up No Laying Up presents a remarkable thought, that is, following detachment from result and commitment to the process. On that note, No Laying Up’s blog presents tournament reviews, and podcasts, apart from presenting Randy’s, the author of No Laying Up, opinions and views. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Odyssey Golf From one of the leading putter providers in golf, Odyssey Golf brings interesting golf blogs. Mostly revolving around equipment, especially putters, and golf in general, these smartly curated blogs by Odyssey Golf also captures many latest updates from this putter’s brand.  

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  • American Golf American Golf is a golf management company that has operated many golf courses in United States. This top golf blog by American Golf provides the latest golf news, and golf guides, while further discussing about techniques, tips, rules, facts and more about Golf.

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  • Your Golf Travel Your Golf Travel features the latest golf news for golf enthusiasts. Not only that but it also reviews many golf courses and golf equipment. When that’s sorted, catch the tips, how-tos on golf between golf highlights, and some pretty interesting and cool golf features.

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  • The First Tee The First Tee is a sports program for kids and teens. With a mission to make teen and kids good golfers and better people, the essence of the same is present in their one of the best golf blog as well. Between posts on respect and skills.

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  • Global Golf Global Golf is a golf equipment retailer, in operation since 2006. On their blog, the folks at Global Golf discuss a lot about the golf equipment and accessories. With detailed posts on each, they help golfers choose the right equipment and accessories. Along with that, golfers can also siffle through their feeds on tips, and more.

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  • Haggin Oaks Haggin Oaks is a golf complex with two championship golf courses. Between sharing the latest updates on their golf courses, they also present golf news. Not only that but it also provides updates on special offers, new announcements, sales and more. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • The Golf Ball Guy The Golf Ball Guy offers golf help to high handicappers. Here on the blog, the folks at The Golf Ball Guy shares golf news, golf tips, golf quotes, press releases, rules of golf, scores, and reviews among many other things.

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  • Hooked On Golf Blog One of the very best golf blogs that were established, Hooked On Golf Blog has been running since 2004. It features reviews of golf equipment and accessories, discusses about apparel, travel, and courses to help golfers get the right equipment and plan their game better.

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  • Golf Blogger Golf Blogger shares a wide range of reviews from golf courses to golf accessory, golf accessory to golf book, golf equipment to golf gadget to golf health. Off all these, golfers and golf enthusiasts can back their decisions with facts, while reading golf news, essays, and musings.

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  • Aussie Golfer Aussie Golfer was founded in 2007 by Michael Green, who writes this amazing and one of the best golf blog, and also for Inside Golf Magazine and GolfLink. Here, Michael shares latest golf news, swing tips, rules of golf, product reviews and some cool places to play golf in Australia.

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  • Golf Walt Disney World Golf by Walt Disney World is a delight to read. Sharing many latest updates from Walt Disney World Golf, this blog brings a breath of fresh air, and breather from the hardcore golf updates, news, and feeds. So, tag along to catch the coolness.

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  • Score Golf Score Golf blog shares a myriad of golf feeds for avid golfers and golf enthusiasts. First off are lots of latest golf news from a number of talented writers. Count opinions in the mix too, which sure will help widen your view. Besides there is a lot on golf travel and a lot many golf instructions. Find out more on this amazing and best golf blog now.

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  • Three Guys Golf Blog Seeking and attempting to provide a unique perspective to golfers, Three Guy Golf Blog features international golf posts and videos. Apart from that, Three Guy Golf Blog offers reviews, for both kind of review seekers, that the golf product review seekers, and golf brand review seekers. A lot’s here on golf improvement too.

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  • Golf Care Golf Care is one of the largest specialist golf insurance provider in the UK. On their top golf blog, the folks at Golf Care share a lot informational and plenty cool stuff about golf. From golf insurance to golf history, kids golf to Olympic golf, tips to traditions to superstitions, Golf Care discusses about them all and more.

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  • Golf Is Mental Blog Golf Is Mental Blog offers thoughtful insights in the crazy game of golf, as it says here. Presenting many golf course reviews, that is on courses in USA and Canada, Golf Is Mental Blog also features golf tips, and product and apparel reviews.

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  • The Golfer Babe The Golfer Babe is Amy, who is passionate for golf. On her top golf blog, she shares a lot of her love for golf, and her acquired knowledge and experience. Helping fellow golfers, and golf enthusiasts, improve their game and understand the game better, she discusses about swings, golf belt, and game in general among other things.

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  • Golf Escapes Golf Escapes is nothing like the golf blogs you have read, and yet quite the same. This blogs discusses about golf apps with as much fervor as about the perks of being a golfer, that is Golf Escapes, which includes golf and spas, golf around the world and best golf and spa places to give a hint.

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  • Golf Unfiltered Adam Fonseca is the man behind Golf Unfiltered, and he has been blogging about Golf since 2003. Researching and reviewing the game equipment, and simply researching the game, Adam provides many useful pieces on information, a lot through feeds, and a lot more through podcasts. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • My Usual Game My Usual Game discusses about adventures in Golf, that is the adventures of David Owen, who is a staff writer for The New Yorker. On My Usual Game, apart from his adventures in Golf, he also writes about golf courses, golf trips, and much more, including of course cool adventurous stories.

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  • Golf Blogger Golf Blogger brings the latest golf news on European tours, champions tour, European seniors, ladies tour, and golf in general. A lot is rounded up, and regularly updated about equipment, travel, betting, players, and courses. Beyond that, there’s industry news as well. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Golf Stinks Golf Stinks, is says, is a blog for the rest of us. That said, it is a blog that carries a lighter element, a sunny side, which promises to keep its readers entertained. And yes, there’s no pressure on improving the handicap, for Golf Stinks is about taking frustration out of golf.

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  • The Irish Golf Blog The author of this top golf blog is also a golf writer and photographer, and the author of Hooked, admits of golf being in his blood. The blog reeks of that passion when presenting mind-blowing views of Ireland’s golf courses, and coverages of Irish Opens, among other golf stuff.

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  • Let’s Talk Golf Golf betters might be fancied by this blog. So, Let’s Talk About Golf and golf betting. But that is not all there is, that is PGA tour betting, golf betting, and betting on Rory. Because beyond that is some really ‘cool golf shit’, and talks around travel, golf books, and more opinions.

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  • Center Club Golf Center Club Golf discusses widely about golf. For those wishing and endeavoring for success in golf, there is plenty, and so is aplenty for golf learners, golfers seeking training and training tools and training tips, golfers gauging out to improve their game, and golf enthusiasts looking for info on golf, among others. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • Golf Babes Golf Babes is a blog dedicated to women golfers and golf enthusiasts. It brings the latest golf, women golf and women in golf news, along with videos of women golfers swinging like a pro. Plus, a lot more on lady’s golf, golf swings, and golf tours, among other golf stuff.

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  • Golf Business Monitor Golf Business Monitor is founded and run by Miklos Breitner, who has extensive experience in the golf industry. Golf Business Monitor is the official media partner of the PGA’s of Europe. On that note, this one of the best golf blog shares interesting posts on golf, many researched deeply and covering various parts of the world.

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  • Golf GooRoo Golf GooRoo is a blog by Cameron Stratchan, as it appears, so let’s stick with that. This blog covers Cameron’s thoughts, and insights on golf learning, among other things. Having said that, Cameron has shared interesting posts, many bearing ideas on improving your golf game, with swings, grips, shots, and more.

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  • Ottawa Golf Blog Ottawa Top Golf Blog shares the awesomeness in abundance. That is through posts on Kikkor, and Cabot links. Jumping to reviews, for golfers love and seek them, there are plenty presented on golf courses, apparel, and golf belts. About the next best thing, news is presented by Ottawa Golf Blog on PGA Tour, and PGA Tour in Canada.

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  • NCGA NCGA is acronym for Northern California Golf Association, which was formed in 1901. The blog by NCGA shares the latest golf news in general, and NCGA news and NorCal golf news in particular, along with feeds on golf instructions and rules tips, tournament results and more.

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  • Worldwide Golf Shops The Leading Edge is one of the best golf blog by Worldwide Golf Shops, that discusses about golf products and the brands for starters. Flowing with the currents, there is plenty inspiration and information on playing better golf, including feeds on fitness, putting, full swing, strategy, short game, fitness and more.

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  • PJKoenig PJKoenig is a blog by Patrick Koenig, who is a golfer and a photographer. So, with those credentials, PJKoenig blog becomes both a visual and an informational delight. There is as much to grab in terms of golf information as to marvel at golf inspiration.

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  • JC Golf JC Golf has a golf course in San Diego, and this top golf blog is by the San Diego golf course. Here, they share golf news and features about the current golf events happening in and around, including many shareworthy facts, thoughts, and opinions.

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  • Asian Turfgrass It’s a blog by the Asian Turfgrass Center, which was founded in 2006. As turfgrass researchers, the folks at Asian Turfgrass has shared blogs about greenkeeping, fertilizer, grass growth, tissue testing for turfgrass, and more deeds around trufgrass, among other things.

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  • Tiger Golf Traveler Jimmy, the author of this one of the top golf blog is on a quest to play the top hundred golf courses in the USA. Here on his best golf blog he shares about the courses he has visited and played in, with all the details he could provide, and they are lot many. Plus, he’s got some championships covered too.

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  • The Grateful Golfer The Grateful Golfer admits to sharing all things golf, freely. To be precise, that’s Jim Burton we read admitting, the man behind this blog, or in other words The Grateful Golfer himself. He shares quotes, infographics and predictions quite freely here, among various useful golf feeds, and all that is something we should be feeling grateful about while reading.

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  • Adept Golf Adept Golf shares many golf equipment reviews, covering golf GPS, golf carts, golf clubs, swing analyzers, range finders, and golf trolleys. Apart from reviews on golf courses, this one’s got plenty to read about golf courses per se. On top of this are many instructions and tips. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • 4 Deep Golf Blog 4 Deep Golf Blog provides predictions, picks, previews, and analysis of the coming week of PGA Tours. That said, this one fetches you latest updates on PGA tour, European tour, and also LGPA tour analysis, news, opinions, previews and picks, along with equipment reviews among other things.

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  • Golf Threads Golf Threads is founded and written by Greg M. who is a marketing and ecommerce professional. Here, on his top golf blog, he shares the stories and products of small, independent companies, dealing in various golf products from apparel to equipment to shoes and more.

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  • Wisco Golf Addict Wisco Golf Addict presents reviews of golf courses, rankings and equipment, reviewed by two self-admitted golf addicts, Paul Seifert and Joh Ziemer. Apart from reviews, there are also previews of PGA Championships to find and read here,

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  • Explore Minnesota Golf Explore Minnesota Golf provides Minnesota golf news and features golf courses, golf tips, special offers, among other things. Besides that, there are golf instructions to be followed and golf tips to be learnt, inspiration to be had, and news to be read. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • The Breakfast Ball The Breakfast Ball features reviews, stories, rants, tips and photos. All these make for a refreshing read, especially with those aplenty interviews. For golfers and golf enthusiasts, this blog will sure add a thing or twenty to the bag of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration.

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  • Caddy Pool Beginning with tips and guides, Caddy Pool which is one of the top glof blog has many presented under each. From choosing the right golf shoes to using rangefinder, they have discussed those in details for helping golfers improve their game. Apart from tips and guides, Caddy Pool has shared many reviews too.

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  • Costa Blanca Green Fees Costa Blanca Green Fee Services Golfing blog provides a wide variety of golfing blogs, covering rules of golf, attractions of golf, golf tips and ideas, golf courses, and more cool posts about golf. They sure take golfing to an interesting level with their blog feeds.

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  • Southern California Golf Blog Southern California Golf Blog is curated and created by Corey Ross, and carries Corey’s published works and blogs about golfing and traveling in California. It covers championship previews, news, and more. Read along as Corey shares his observations, travels, and opinions, along with acquired knowledge. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Online Golfer Online Golfer shares golf tips on driver swing, chip, pitching, putten, and bunker slag. On top of that, Online Golfer has also shared golf articles covering golf set, golf drivers, golf balls, golf watches, pitchfork, golf towel, golf trolley and more.

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  • Phuket Golf By Phuket’s well-known golf agents, the Phuket Golf blog offers multitude of feeds on golf holidays, Phuket golf courses, playing golf in Phuket and how that can be a wonderful experience. Follow this one if Phuket fancies you, or your golfer self-wishes to learn more about golfing in Phuket. Find out more on this amazing and best golf blog now.

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  • Golf In The UK Golf In The UK is a blog by two golfing brothers, where one is a low handicap golfer and the other is a qualified PGA professional. The duo works towards helping everyday golfers in improving their scores through many blog feeds on mental approach, short game, long game, along with presenting advices, opinions, and more.

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  • Fairway Foodie Fairway Foodie covers golf, food, and travel. This best Golf blogs on Fairway Foodie covers various championships. This one has provided many golf course reviews too, from Australia, Bolvia, Scotland, Spain, India, Ireland, Canada, England, United States of America, Northern Ireland and more.

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  • Geeked On Golf Geeked on Golf celebrates people and places making golf a great game. Tag along as Jason Way, the author of this blog, shares interviews and resources. Also, he discusses many golf courses in Canal Shore, among other interesting golf feeds.

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  • Patrick Law Golf Patrick Law Golf is a business offering golf merchandise, equipment, clothing, and others. This blog by Patrick Law Inc presents thoughts, reviews, details and more about golf clubs, golf courses, junior golf, Olympic golf, and golf per se in general. Check-out this top golf blog now.

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  • Victoria Park East Golf Victoria Park East Golf club was established in 1967 and now has two premier courses in Golder Triangle region, that is Victoria Park East and Victoria Park Valley. On their blog, they share latest updates on their golf club, and a lot related to golf and club.

alexa 7,564,256
  • Band Wagoners Guide To Golf Band Wagoners Guide To Golf is a top golf blog by Casie Norris. Here she writes about golf in general, and her life around golf along with covering her bandwagoning adventures, including crashing courses, bloggers, swings, and basics, among plenty other things.

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  • 36 A Day 36 A Day is a Canadian golf blog discussing about public golf courses, and golf travel between other things. Mike Johnny is the author of this blog sharing many of his opinions, and experiences about public golf opportunities in Canada.

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  • Golf Assessor Golf Assessor is an independent golf equipment review website, using its own unique scoring system, with their assessment model considering five key factors, namely design and appearance, control and feel, value for money, performance, and build quality. On that note, their equipment guides might catch many golfers’ interest. Find out more on this amazing and best golf blog now.

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  • William Hill William Hill is a sports blog covering golf extensively. To view here are many championship previews and tips, analysis of almost everything concerning golf. The folks at William Hill share expert golf prediction, while scrutinizing major tournaments including The Masters and The Open.

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  • The Golf Academy The Golf Academy shares golf tips, instructions, and commentary for golfers to help them improve their game. Sully is the author of this one of the top golf blog who has had been into golf since she was six years old. Here Sully’s got many lessons, and golfing basics covered for golfers and golf enthusiasts.

alexa 8,935,390
  • Ship Sticks Ship Stick is dedicated to making golf travel simpler, easier and affordable. On their blog, Ship Sticks shares latest golf news, including about Ship Sticks. Apart from new, the folks here also share useful feeds on planning golf vacation, golf travel bags, golf trends, among other things.

alexa 9,217,236
  • Pinoy Golfer Established in 2008, Pinoy Golfer is quite an internet news board discussing about golf in detail. From golf tournaments format and rules to golf cups, golf clubs to golf courses, golf equipment to golf swings, golf instructions to golf news, Pinoy Golfer covers it all, and a lot more which is one of the best golf blog ever.

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  • Rotary Swing Rotary Swing presents the anatomy of golf swing by sharing golf lessons in detail and abundance. Included in and apart from golf lessons are golf swings, golf release, golf hints, golf downswings, lags in golf, and golf injuries among other things, which are widely discussed here.

alexa 9,615,627
  • Miles Of Golf Miles Of Golf is one of the best golf blog that extensively covers golf and almost everything pertaining to golf, that is golf fitting, golf competition, golf news, golf reviews, golf tips, golf swing, golf technology, club fitting, driver reviews, and iron reviews, among many other things.

alexa 10,361,030
  • Florida Golf Florida Golf brings you latest golf news. Along with that Florida Golfs blogs cover many of Florida’s golf courses and golf clubs. Between these are many golf feeds, including on fitness, golf holes, golf travel, golf tips, and a lot more to help you to improve your game, and enjoy golf better.

alexa 10,851,124
  • One Bearded Golfer One Bearded Golfer is a top golf blog by David L. Hill, where he shares about Kentucky’s golf courses and happenings. Along with that David also discusses about golf equipment and accessories, while sharing golf lessons, questions, about golf trips, and more.

alexa 10,980,648
  • Golf Creators Golf Creators is a blog endeavoring well at helping golfers become better at the game. Relaying many golf course guides, Golf Creators certainly doesn’t stop there, for there are many golf tips to be read, along with techniques, including feeds covering the basics of golf.

alexa 12,817,541
  • Golfoy Golfoy presents the latest golf news covering wide and far of golf, from cups to tournaments. Apart from that there are many discussions to be read on golf equipment, golf accessories, how-tos and more, together with golf videos and reviews. Check-out this top golf blog now.

alexa 13,566,942
  • Elp Golf Elp Golf shares about plenty golf events from PGA Tour events and European Tour events, which are both covered in detail. There is also latest news on golf clubs to be read, plus hacks, DIYs, and a lot more for golfers and golf enthusiasts.

alexa 14,515,509
  • Invading The Green Invading The Green is a top golf blog for and about women in golf. It covers nutrition, guides, book reviews, learning golf and golf lessons, swing, and some more. Though a little less than the rest, but the useful feeds on Invading The Green sure will help women enhance their knowledge of the game and improve it.

alexa 14,758,919
  • Golf Dash Blog Founded in 2006 by two passionate golfers John Diekmann and Doug Farrick, Golf Dash Blog covers a lot of the founder’s wisdom and knowledge through various useful posts on golf equipment, golf apps, golf reviews, golf mental game, golf courses, golf fitness, golf travel, golf instructions and more.

alexa 16,791,343
  • Maderas Golf Here’s one of the top golf blog by Maderas Golf club, a place where the folks at the club brings interesting feeds and previews on championships, between many updates from the golf club about turfs, celebrations, improvements, and more, to keep us updates with the events and happenings of this golf club in Poway, CA.

alexa 17,608,494
  • Golf Ball Shack For those who are too deeply attached with the golf balls, here is one blog that will get you latest details on golf balls, along with golf ball reviews, while listing the best golf balls for various categories. There are plenty brands reviewed to help you get the information within easy reach.

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  • Cosmic Driving Cosmic Driving was created to help make night golfing a sustainable sport. On their top golf blog, they share highlights from various games, while also sharing updates and details from the cosmic events. For those who fancy night golfing this blog might come up as a good dose of inspiration and knowledge.

alexa 18,578,687
  • Correct2Compete Correct 2 Compete aims to serve the community through golf skill developments and cares to assist athletes in skill development, sports performance, program development, and meaningful practice and training. On their blog, they share about the ways Correct2Compete can help athletes, about golf equipment, golf training, swing, and golfing in general.

alexa 19,825,509
  • Powers Court Golf Powers Court Golf Club are from Ireland. Their one of the best golf blog shares about golf and improving the game through various how-tos, ideas, swing discussions; and feeds on strokes, right pressures, balances, putting, alignments, golf skills, tips, and a lot more useful feeds.

alexa 20,566,942
  • Golf Patents Golf Patents is by I.P. golf guy, David Dawsey, who is a patent attorney and registered professional engineer. Here on Golf Patents he shares about industry leaders, and their actions towards their intellectual property portfolios. So, there’s a lot to read here on golf industry patents, technology and more.

alexa 20,851,124
  • Golf Gal Golf Gal is a top golf blog that shares golf news and commentary, both from a business woman’s perspective. Packed with interesting ideas and blogposts, Golf Gal is a blog that discusses about golf marketing and presents golf course reviews for women interested in golf.

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  • The Hackers Paradise The Hackers Paradise focuses on golf lifestyle, being a golf media company. So, golf enthusiasts and golfers can expect find many reviews, tour coverages, latest golf news, contests, golf style, golf travel and more, all from The Hackers Paradise, a media company that dares to go above and beyond.

alexa 25,980,648
  • Wei Under Par Wei Under Par is one of the best golf blog by Stephanie Wei, who is a writer, blogger, and golf broadcaster, and also currently a golf reporter for Fox International Channels. Here on Wei Under Par she shares the latest golf news, considering she is a golf reporter, for golfers and golf enthusiasts.

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  • Golfshake Golfshake is a top golf blog that shares the latest golf news. On the sides Golfshake offers plenty cool golf feeds covering golf guides, golf tips, golf gears, golf courses, golf resources, videos, gear reviews, previews and wrap-ups, along with more such feeds.

alexa 30,817,541
  • Golf Tripper Golf Tripper writes about golf destinations, from South Carolina to New Mexico, Indiana to Hawaii, Oregon to California, Wyoming to Arizona, and more places in USA. It also presents the golf life by way of course reviews, interviews, feeds on gears and books, among other stuff. Visit this one of the best golf blog now.

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  • Golf Magic Golf Magic truly is magic when it comes to helping golfers and golf enthusiasts with useful information around golfing. Beginning with reviews, Golf Magic presents equipment reviews, along with many feeds on golf travel and golf courses. Plus, it shares golf tips and instructions, together with latest news.

Here we have reached the bottom of this best hundred golf blog list. The ideas and instructions, tips and tricks, advice’s and suggestions, news and reviews, presented in these best hundred golf blogs make one powerhouse of a golf go-to.

We hope these best hundred golf blogs help you improve your game and swing and putting, thereby helping you give the best golf shot of your life, and repeat.


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