Best 100 Fashion Blogs For Quick Fashion Fixes And Inspiration

Top Fashion Blogs

Best Fashion blogs are the perfect place to learn what’s trending and what’s not, what should be had and what not, what should be worn and what not, and what others are wearing and what not. The propellers and presenters of latest in fashion and style, fashion bloggers are the smart peeps answering what’s, if’s, how’s and why’s of fashion and style. And between that, they are all about glam and poses and fancy backgrounds adorning the best available in the market.

Fashion blogs are the easiest way of learning from others successes and when saying that, from failures too. Check out our list of best 100 fashion blogs and find what fits for you and what not, while catching the latest buzz in fashion, designers world and celebrity style.

  • Nordstrom Nordstrom, the ultimate fashion online store takes the crown away with its incredibly loaded blog. Now of course, who wouldn’t love to read from the flagbearers of fashion. You’ll find each of those things that your fashion appetite craves for, including fashion on sale and fashion on tale.

  • Pop Sugar Like the most delectable dessert for the ones with a sweet tooth, Pop Sugar is the most delectable assortment on the menu for ones with sweet fashion cravings. Your eyes will pop out, just like those hearts in the eye heart emoji, with the first glance on their fashion feeds, which includes lots of whats, whens, hows, wheres and whys of all things fashion and more.

  • GQ GQ, the ultimate fashion magazine cares for us far too much. We mean look at all that’s available online for no extra cost. And how? Such a smooth interface and layout with remarkably placed and presented fashion stories, fashion news, fashion picks, style guides and so much more. Did we mention it’s all about men?

  • Mod Cloth Mod Cloth is your fashion fix for both warm and cold days, what with its supercool fashion stories and superhot fashion picks. Best part is, they love you the way you are. Size plays the least role, mostly when guiding you forward with the best things in fashion.

  • Harpers Bazaar No girl can hide her love from this gem of a fashion magazine. And again, none can deny having seen it, forget seen, read it at some point or the other. Yes, dear one, we know you have an annual subscription and that your day is incomplete without catching the latest in fashion on Harpers Bazaar.

  • Yes Style Yes. Yes. Yes. A hundred times yes. It’s a yes all the way through when it comes to style and fashion. Yes Style is your perfect fashion blog with feeds on fashion in the day, fashion in the noon, fashion in the eve and fashion in the night. And between that, it’s fashion for your face, fashion for your arms, fashion for torso and fashion for bottom including feet.

  • The Fashion Spot You know where to spot fashion now. Fashion spot, spotlessly brings you the best in fashion with what your favorite celebs are wearing and where to find those including most dapper fashion finds from the coolest brands on and off the internet today.

  • The Idle Man For all the men out there, rejoice, this one’s for you. The Idle Man makes you feel so glad to be a man alive in the twentieth century, and how. With its mind-blowing fashion guides and incredible reasons why, the Idle Man can very easily become that friend on the couch staying with you since a time you can’t recall.

  • Look Book We love look books. We mean it’s like that second crush we couldn’t help stalking. And Look Book is like that infamous second crush, even better. You don’t know who you would end up meeting here, err we mean reading about here. With so many cool conversations on fashion and plenty of times with fashion insiders, it’s a fistpump all the way.

  • Man Repeller Quick Alert: You won’t be able to save yourself from falling for the quirkiness on this blog. Truly Man Repelling, it is one place you can hide in from all your men troubles. For when they talk fashion, you forget everything else. Seriously, no kidding. Don’t believe us, read what Leandra or Amelia has to say.

  • London College Of Fashion Coming straight from the latest masterminds or professional masterminds in the making and in some cases made up, London College of Fashion’s blog is something you need to follow straightaway. We mean, there is one thing to see what fashion peeps and fashion insiders are up to and then it is a totally different thing to see what fashion insiders and fashion-insiders-in-the-making are up to.

  • Maurices Maurices fashion blog is subtle and smart. And on top of that it’s got that very familiar personal vibe. For the minimalist girls, this one is a match made in virtual heaven. You’ll be mesmerized by the sheer pleasure of looking and learning how simplicity and fashion are two lost sisters found again by Maurices.

  • Vogue What’s in Vogue? Take it either way, Vogue has the best of the best of fashion from one of the top four fashion countries, Italy. Vogue Italia covers three hundred and sixty degrees of fashion. And that it does with fashion stories and feeds not only from Italy but from other major fashion cities.

  • Fashion Lady One from India, Fashion Lady covers east and west of fashion for all you Asian girls out there. Right from the fashion picks to hairstyles, Fashion Lady catches your fashion butterflies perfectly, making you swoon over all the amazing fashion nectar there is in the garden of fashion senses.

  • The Blonde Salad Half of the fashion world is already in love with Chiara’s smile and the other half is in love with Chiara’s style. You find yourself caught up in the flux, unable to decide between smile and style, we say fall for both and catch the latest trends brilliantly mixed and matched on Chiara, by Chiara, right inside The Blonde Salad.

  • Glamour That word is enough to entice us fashion forward girls, won’t you agree? And just like that Glamour will entice you subtly and enchant you with its pinks and purples and all things magical. Best part is every other thing your appetite demands is right around the corner- fashion, beauty, fragrances, news et al.

  • Gal Meets Glam If you ask us, we would meet glam every single hour of every single day. And, so would you, right? Having said that, this Gal Meets Glam so merrily that you can’t help but tread the same way, taking the same route. Julia Engel, the beautiful face, mind and body behind Gal Meets Glam is a delight to watch and follow.

  • Extra Petite While Supermodels are all tall and tantalizing, us super pretty petite girls are a tad short and scrumptious. And Jean of Extra Petite is extra lovely to come up online and help us petite girls find the right ways of donning all things fashion and extra gorgeous what with all those amazing pictures.

  • default There is so much blush and pretty pink and coral colors on Pink Blush’s blog. For the moms or moms-to-be, Pink Blush is a safe haven to safely scroll and see what looks better, where and how. To make the most of your motherhood and that extra glow on your face, coming straight from all that love living inside you or nestling in your arms, checkout Pink Blush blooming feeds on moms fashion.

  • In Style Staying In Style is totally a cakewalk now with this blog. Covering a to z of fashion from celebrity style to street style, clothing guide to fashion news, and then there’s beauty and hair, and even culture and lifestyle. And those are just categories. Once you dive in, that’s when you realize the depth.

  • default He Spoke Style and how smartly. You won’t be able to resist the amazing fashion feeds on this blog, just like how girls won’t be able to resist being pulled by your rad style. Checkout their style guides for sexiest ways of donning those fascinating fashion picks, them be basics or brilliant.

  • Flare Canada’s very own incredulous fashion blog, flare has everything to flare up your style and with it, the number of your Instagram followers, courtesy it’s dapper fashion picks and style checks. It’s hard to miss their fashion stories, right from celebrity style to the culture of fashion.

  • Song Of Style Imbibed with Asian vibes, Amie Song is an American girl with all things cool. Song of Style is like your favorite playlist full of country songs, rap songs, EDM and much more, only convert that to the tunes of fashion. Get inspired by Amie’s look books and fashion picks and then tune the world to your own Song of Style.

  • Et Pourquoi Pas Coline Every non-French girl loves French style and fashion. Et Pourquoi Pas Coline is from the same land of fashion, aka France. Its look books are as enticing as inspiring. Managed by ten hands, in their words, Et Pourquoi Pas Coline is a perfect place to learn, be inspired and keep a tab on all things a fashion girl loves.

  • The Curvy Fashionista Whoever said size matters hasn’t seen the marvels of twenty first century. The perfect description of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, The Curvy Fashionista is this century’s fashion eyeball. With perfect plus size picks for your wavering moods The Curvy Fashionista is an inspiration in every way possible.

  • The Atlantic Pacific Blair will swipe you off your feet with glam-in-the-air-kind of vibe. Her blog, The Atlantic Pacific, has the best of style served on the plate to be had either raw or cooked with sides and desserts. You will soon find yourself falling in love with her lookbooks and locations. And no, we haven’t started talking about her in those pictures yet.

  • Wendys Lookbook Wendy knows how to style right. And we know how to be inspired by right style and dazzle others with our charm. Wendys Lookbook is your place to be inspired with incredible fashion picks, style checks, quirky colors including subtle pastels and color blocks.

  • Inside Out Style Blog Consider it your S.O. when it comes to fashion and styling. Covering fashion and style inside out, the Inside Out Style Blog, straight from the realms of Australia, thinks quite like you and on your behalf. This is the reason behind their incredible range of style blogs which are as thoughtful as they are inspiring.

  • Le Fashion Being a minimalist or a maximalist is a choice. And finding what would look good on you before even trying is an option made available by Le Fashion. Since we are already talking about options, leave it on Le Fashion to satisfy your cravings for interesting fashion options.

  • Sincerely Jules What fits where, finds perfect answer in Sincerely Jules. And after looking at Jules, of Sincerely Jules, blog and her looks you’ll go gaga over her style. No, we are not exaggerating here. We mean, look at her lifestyle. It’s like Heaven in Havana or wherever it is she’s visiting.

  • The Closet Lover And that we all are, aren’t we closet lovers? But she has taken the tag to create something magical online and babe, is it wonderland or what. The best shiz there is in the market today, she has the best of those donned and dazzled on her blog.

  • Fashion Me Now Fashion Me Now, later and every second of my life, we are ought to say. Really. And looking at this blog on fashion, we can feel nothing but envy for Lucy. She has got a brilliant sense of style and on top of that she has got an extravagant sense of existence. Now who wouldn’t be envious of such a deadly combination beheld by one girl.

  • Damsel In Dior Damsel makes us wonder if at all life is what we have. Seriously, look at her donning all those amazing outfits, visiting all those incredulous places, getting all those mesmerizing shots while we tackle our daily problems like how to get away from pimples and our equally obnoxious boss. That said, let’s have howmuchever fun as we can have looking at those pictures and blog.

  • Strand Of Silk Though just a phrase when read on the white screen, Strand of Silk is indeed a strand imbibing silky vibes. From the country of silky smooth culture, India, Strand of Silk is all about fabulous colors and adorning those colors in your everyday style, including those very special occasions.

  • Olivia Palermo Olivia is the style goddess for plenty of It Girls. Seriously, you know the times you think if ever there is someone somewhere who gets the style right every single time, it’s her you have been thinking about. Olivia Palermo’s blog is about subtle perfectionism which of course we commoners might take some time to perfect.

  • Menswear Style Capturing the street style from the busiest and fanciest streets, Menswear Style gets men’s fashion right on point. Laying down the big ideas on how to’s and whats, this blog will come down in your style book support and guides as a martyr, winning the top spot among all the others.

  • Sequins and Stripes Two major things we fashionistas won’t tire of, Sequins and Stripes, solves all our dilemmas on styling for the cameras and then, smiling for the cameras. From liking her style to buying her style, Liz has left no stone unturned in being your guiding angel fashionista.

  • The Viva Luxury Falling for a luxury lifestyle is easy but falling for The Viva Luxury is easier. Her rendezvous with the fanciest locations in the surrealist attires will make you drool over her finesse wishing you were there, adoring those attires, and sipping those margaritas.

  • The Frugality The Frugality is the new black. Why put hundreds into stuff when you can get it for tens, right. And The Frugality, we mean the blog, shows us that not everything worth tens is tramp. When donned in style, it’s not money you wear on sleeves but confidence and an incredible style sense.

  • Kelly In The City Kelly Larkin knows her way around. How else would she stroll around the city looking so dap? Catch a glimpse of her style sense to see what makes her rock every look. And then, while you are there look around her lifestyle, get your dose of envy. Later move on to her family and, well see how you feel, or fell for her little package of cuteness overload, we mean her daughter.

  • Advanced Style Brainchild of Ari Seth Cohen, the famous photographer and author, Advanced Style captures the sartorial savvy of the senior set, in her words. So, if you are planning to buy something for your mom or want to give her look a makeover, go nowhere else. Advanced style brings you all the coolness to collect and shower on your mum, or on yourself if you are the mum.

  • Me And Em If you are a fan of Me and Em then you sure would love this blog. It’s got everything to help you stay updated with what’s happening in Me and Em world and the fashion world in general. Now, if you don’t know what Me and Em is, then brace yourself, dear dorothies, ‘coz you are in for a major treat.

  • US Trendy For all the fashionistas in the house, this is a call from UsTrendy. They love you, you love fashion and so, or not so, but they love fashion too. How much is what you’ll see on their blog. Hop in the wagon and catch them in action wearing bedazzling attire and donning that million-dollar smile. Don’t forget to check out their weekly trendsetters, not that you won’t.

  • Forever Amber How to live life to the fullest? Let Amber teach you that. Not only does she know and show a great deal about fashion but she knows a lot, read a giant lot, about other crazy stuff including beauty. But when we talk strictly about fashion Amber knows how to load you with tons of inspiration.

  • We Wore What We Wore What has been having an incredible impact on social media, courtesy their super awesome posts. And on top of their awesome posts, well actually on the bottom, are the mentions of that dress and accessories and where to find them at. Read it might be one dress but a couple of places to buy it or its doppelganger. Convenient enough, eh?

  • Style Bubble Without bursting the bubble, we mean, breaking the suspense, Style Bubble is a fancily put style and fashion blog straight from UK. We love how they talk, err we mean write. It’s as entertaining as informative. And the pictures, well you ought to see it to admire it.

  • Stylishly Me Vanessa and Peter lets you in their stylish life, well stylishly. As a fun couple, with major couple goals and FOMO for us, they show us what a life with ‘two as one’ could really be like. And talking of Vanessa, when you know your S.O. is your major partner in crime no matter what you do, results will be super fun for her and outstanding for us, heart eyeing at them from the virtual window.

  • Gary Pepper Girl Fashion will never be the same again when viewed from Nicole’s eyes. It’s hard not to fell in love with her escapades as much as her attires as she leisure around the world. What’s more? Handpicked stuff from the bests of the bests, read brands and designers.

  • Kayture Kayture is a surprise package. There’s just so much glam and we mean so much glam that your eyes will glow soon after this fashion fix. Kristina Bazan, the founder of Kayture embodies fashion like a true diva and once on Kayture there’s nothing fancier than watching her glam that style quotient up.

  • Magalic Straight from the urban streets of Mumbai, Magalic is a much-needed street fashion fix. It’s quite interesting to see what Magali wears and how she carries what she wears. For the ones marrying style with travel, this one’s going to give you a major FOMO.

  • Akanksha Redhu Akanksha Redhu is a beloved Indian fashionista hitting right at the bull’s eye with her fashion and style sense every single time. Watching her blog is like watching a movie with a perfectly put theme, east meets west. Want to test your eyes, take this joy ride.

  • What Olivia Did What Olivia Did? She teased and tested us with all those glammed up posts. And between that she donned those amazing attires, perfectly matched them with tempting accessories and put them for us to gauge and get inspired. She’s a sweetheart to say the least.

  • J’s Everyday Fashion Looking for budget friendly ideas? Hunting down every day fashion? Look no further. J’s Everyday Fashion brings you awesomely good inspiration on everyday wear at affordable prices. So, you see your daily fix of style talk and fashion inspiration is sorted.

  • Peaches and Blush If given a choice, which one would you choose? Peaches or blush? We say go with both and choose Peaches and Blush. Much love for Indian brides on the blog, find a to z of fashion, beauty and makeup. And when you get time between that, enjoy the new launches to decide how you would be splurging.

  • That’s Not My Age When they ask you, what’s your age, simply say That’s Not My Age and move on to this very blog. ‘Coz it’s not about age, it’s about style. So, all you ladies and girls who give a rat’s eye about the age and simply focus on style, catch Alyson Walsh in action stylishly, right on That’s Not My Age.

  • With Love From Kat Kat Tanita loves you. Why else would she shower all her love, in style, on you? Her list of outfits, style, décor, beauty, wellness and travel among loads, read humongous load of fashion fixes. And when she dons those fashion picks in style, you bow down to her and say ay.

  • Cocos Tea Party How fun would it be to discuss fashion with your BFFs or simply anyone who talks style over a cup of tea and a platter of cupcakes and biscotti. While that dream in reality could be far standing, in virtual life it’s absolutely possible right away with Cocos Tea Party.

  • Not Dressed As Lamb Surely Not Dressed As Lamb. Take it either way, Not Dressed As Lamb is synonymous to dressed as smart as they can. Catherine’s fashion blog makes you wonder if personal style married all the right choices, what would the result be. Well, result would undoubtedly be a gorgeous girl Not Dressed As A Lamb.

  • default Yes, we like it fresh. And fresh it is. All things fresh and sexy, Gabi Fresh picks and presents style in a mesmerizing way. Primarily focused on plus size fashion, Gabi Fresh reminds you style sees personality and confidence to appeal and everything else just follows.

  • Raindrops Of Sapphire Lorna is the loveliest girl you’ll come across. Seriously. She’s like, ask me all your questions on life, fashion and style and I’ll answer. And for those who don’t fancy questioning, Lorna has presented much of what she knows about fashion, style and even blogging, she has laid it down for you to read, see, enjoy and get inspired.

  • Lly Mlrs Lily Melrose knows what works. And she has laid down all her fashion knowledge on the blog by way of her fabulous looks and lookbooks. Catch all her style on What Lily Wears. Then check out how she manages to look so beautiful when she travels across the globe.

  • Gia Says That Gia knows what you care about and she cares about your care or the object of your care, as long as it falls into fashion and lifestyles category. On Gia Says That expect to find lots of ideas to be inspired from and lots of new and cool stuff to try. And between that don’t forget to close your mouth that is much likely to fell open looking at all her feeds.

  • Stylish By Nature Ah, that’s what we are, Stylish By Nature, aren’t we? Shining some light on how to smartly be so, is Shalini with all her knowledge and wisdom on fashion. Much so for the Indian girls. Learn a trick or ten as she lays down her secrets and very brilliantly presents them to you, much through her pictures.

  • My Fantabulous World When someone claims such a thing with high intensity, you pick your attention and find how right they are. Very right, we say, giving you a heads up. Bringing the breeze in style all the way from Italy, Elisa’s fantabulous world is just as amazing as she claims to be. And her blogs are, well, what else can we say but fantabulous.

  • Nadia Aboulhosn With this blog, Nadia welcomes you to her world of many things fashion and much more style. See how she walks through some days looking all glammed up and at others, being the girl next door, never leaving that peculiar x-factor.

  • Style At Certain Age All the mamas in the house, carefree and worriless about the age, catch another carefree soul, Beth, on her blog Style At Certain Age. It’s all about being you and dressing how you like. When you feel good, care the least about those who don’t (for you). And for inspiration in doing how, catch up with Beth.

  • The Fashion Fruit Veronica is one of the prettiest girl you’ll see all day. We love how she dons those incredible outfits on her glamorously toned body. Find her secrets of staying fit and gorgeous right on her blog, The Fashion Fruit, as she sways in style visiting the fanciest places.

  • Mrs. Noone Mrs. Noone brings the best of fashion, lifestyle beauty and makeup to you in the most adorable manner possible. Find what she wears and how and to where on her blog. Not leaving men out of the mix, Mrs. Noone showers all the wisdom and ideas on mens fashion and style here as well.

  • Yoyo Kulala Yoyokulala’s fashion tips are right on mark. When you have served yourself a hot dose of fashion tips from Yoyokulala, catch all the action including behind the scenes of major shoots done in collaboration with major brands. Yes, Jimmy Choo is in the mix too.

  • default Fashion For Real Women subtly answers your fashion queries which you might or might not have asked anyone, including google. About matching colors to the latest pantone shades Fashion For Real Women simply makes your fashion life simpler.

  • Disney Roller Girl Brainchild of Nawaz Battliwala, a former Fashion Editor, Disney Roller Girl smartly puts forth her observations and opinions on fashion and lifestyle. Catch what she shops, where she shops and how she looks in those shopped pieces right on Disney Roller Girl. And when you are at it, catch her opinions on latest happenings in the fashion world and squint.

  • Grey Fox Blog Sidelining men and bringing them its thrilling fashion picks and stories, Grey Fox Blog is one to live with and learn and pick and style your look. Best thing is, nothing misses Grey Fox Blog’s eye for detail. Yes, not even buttons. Covering every wide and narrow angle of fashion, Grey Fox Blog is the shiz you need.

  • default Kayla Seah shows you how to take down the troublemakers in style. Through Not Your Standard Kayla inspires us how to dress per our mood and rock that look, giving a rat’s eye to what people think or say. Amidst that inspiration, see what all creatively put outfits you can use as inspiration while you speak through the language of fashion, Not Your Standard.

  • Cosa Mi Metto Solving the dilemma of every girl, Cosa Mi Metto’s Fabrizia Spinelli answers brilliantly, what should we wear. A beauty reporter for Glamour, Italy, Fabrizia is a diehard fashion lover. So, you know what you’ll see on Cosa Mi Metto comes straight from Italy with lots of love and much more knowledge, of fashion and style.

  • Beauty And Fashion Freaks An Indian beauty blog, Beauty and Fashion Freaks, is your best bet against knowing how to don colors and look gorgeous. Covering everything from bridal to celeb fashion, Hollywood to hairstyles to jewelry, under fashion, that’s Beauty and Fashion Freaks for you.

  • The Lady Loves Couture Oh, sure The Lady Loves Couture, here and everywhere. And this lady, aka Marjorie Harvey, totally loves couture. And you can find much of that love on her blog, where she hasn’t shied away from showering her love on you too with all those amazing blog posts.

  • Let’s Expresso Let’s Expresso is as much about food including coffee as it is about fashion. From Bollywood to streets of Delhi, the capital of India, Let’s Expresso covers everything that can be named under the fashion umbrella including tips and tricks.

  • Breakfast With Audrey Cutting the distance from Breakfast at Tiffany’s straight to Breakfast With Audrey, this blog is all about fashion, justifying that name brilliantly. While our interest rests in fashion, theirs perhaps also wanders between beauty, weddings and lifestyle. One thing is clear, however, and that is this blog will leave you in awe.

  • Hannah Louisef Hannah’s blog is a perfect drift you need from work right now. Okay, maybe not right now, a couple of minutes would do. That aside, Hannah Louisef’s fashion section gives you umpteen ways of mixing and matching with her incredibly sharp fashion sense.

  • St Laurent Shopping Center St Laurent Shopping Center’s fashion blog is a delight to watch and read for all the fashionistas. Loaded with plenty fashion finds, this blog imparts all the knowledge and wisdom you would need on fashion, so meticulously and effortlessly. Worth your every minute spend here.

  • The Belle Voyage One with an itchy foot, we mean travelers, will love this blog, much so for all the travel fashion feeds. And not so frequent travelers will definitely find solace in The Belle Voyage. What to pack and how to travel in style is all listed and described in detail here. Yes, dear one, with example.

  • The Daileigh For all the fashion tips you would need, The Daileigh is one sure place to get them from. The what’s and how to’s are immaculately answered here by Ashleigh. And not only that, she has also gone ahead and curated feeds on blogging and business tips for you to gain from.

  • Brooke Testoni It’s hard not to heart Brooke Testoni. And all those pictures with all that swag. Brooke Testoni is your lady to be inspired from today. Each of her look is a hundred, both in style and temperature. What’s more? You can shop the look too, goes without saying.

  • Fashion Hyper What’s all that hype about? Learn it on Fashion Hyper, of course as long as it is about fashion and style. You’ll like its clean, pinterest kind of layout, finding it easier to make your way through the large gallery of fashion feeds. So go, get inspired right after a couple more minutes here. Or more, your pick.

  • Lust For Life Yes, that’s true. How else will you get all those amazing things fashion has to offer. Lust For Life makes way for wonderful lustworthy fashion picks and fashion feeds. With incredulous inspiration, your life, or should we say, Lust For Life is sorted.

  • Busbee Style To ignore Erin is impossible and to ignore her blog, Busbee Style, is pointless, considering all that’s available and all that you would be missing. To elaborate, there are these lovely feeds on the trending styles and places online where you can buy those. What would you say to that now?

  • Over 50 Feeling 40 Whatever your feelings are after turning fifty and living a post fifty life, they are going to get a solid makeover. There is so much to do after fifty and to do it right, you need the right style. And to help you in that is Over 50 Feeling 40 and how, you’ll find out soon.

  • Nicolette Mason So, what you think a diary on style, beauty and travel should be like? Well, the answer is exactly like Nicolette Masons blog here. Her love for fashion and life is quite apparent from her diary, we mean blog. Checkout how to style right with a plus here on Nicolette’s blog.

  • default Ella Catliff’s blog for petite girls is as amazing as it sounds. With bold lips or subtle shades, layering or going plain Ella tells you what works well, how and when. Before you find time to think about that, she will swoon you with all those lifestyle and beauty posts. You are up for a great read, dear ones.

  • Mid Life Chic Coming from the brilliant mind of Nikki Garnett, former editor of Selfridges Magazine, Mid Life Chic is a power packed fashion blog, certainly not to be missed. Why? For all the inspiration it bestows, not only on fashion but also beauty, family, midlife and travel.

  • default Plenty are fashion linked. This one, however, is fashion inked. And that it is with so many colors. Really, look at how playfully Manvi, the one style inked, post colors on her blog. Bestowing her creativity on fascinating ideas like draping sarees in different ways, Manvi makes you scroll for more with such ease.

  • Love And Other Drugs We know the power of love. We also know the power of drugs. But do we know the power of Love And Other Drugs? Not yet. Not until this blog. So, Love And Other Drugs is a powerful fashion blog on love and other stuff. And how they guide you, it’s just love-ly.

  • Kyzayda Kyrzayda has a very fascinating sense of style. Whatever she dons looks so rad on her that it becomes a pure love at first sight. We, in particular, are talking about the attires. And trust us, it just gets more interesting and inspiring with every scroll.

  • Urban Eye The ultimate mens fashion blog, Urban Eye not only sees every fashion piece with an Urban Eye, but it also bestows you the same too. Finding what fits where and how and learning the do’s and don’ts, at times from Riaan George’s blogs and at times from his experiences, is totally amazing.

  • Chic At Any Age We can’t say about the rest but we totally believe one can be and perhaps, should be chic at any age or every age. Josephine’s blog is for all those who do or do not believe in the said statement. For those who do, it’s loaded with guides and inspirations. For those who don’t, it’s better late than never to try, at least.

  • Edit By Lauren Edit By Lauren takes you down a very fancy fashion lane. It’s so full of charming fashion blogs with tantalizing style feeds that you won’t realize minutes passing like seconds while you google eye the blog posts. No kidding, seriously. How about you see for yourself.

  • Wide Eyed Legless Wide eyed you sure will be while legless, the blog feeds will be, mostly. Wide Eyed Legless showcases all the brilliant looks of Madelynn, the mind and body behind this blog. It’s enchanting to see her style every attire right and so wonderfully.

  • Kelly Augustine In the style of NYC born Kelly, you might find inspiration for your style. Sharing her interest and experiences around her personal style, while focusing on plus size fashion mostly, Kelly Augustine bedazzles you with her comfortable-in-one’s-own-skin aura.

  • Curious Fancy Do you fancy curious. Or your curious others fancy. Either way you sure will fancy this blog if you fancy plus size fashion. A Curious Fancy will entice you with all its brilliantly formulated and carried down looks. And the picture backgrounds! You must see for yourself.

  • default From the dream city of India aka Mumbai, Fashion Bombay is a fancy blog capturing all things beautifully fashionable. That said, catch Sonu and Jasleen, with team, as they capture wonderful shots, some from life, others from places and all from the fashion’s point of view, well mostly.

Wait, didn’t we just start with this list like a second ago? Well, that’s what happens when you love something dearly. You lose the track of time. And that’s the best thing about fashion. You do lose time but then when you miss it, you bring it back. Quite like the 60’s trend making a comeback, what with wide pants and super high heels. Having said that, how many of these fashion blogs did you already know and how much did we introduce you to? How many were so irresistible that you took a quickie and sneaked a glance? Don’t forget to tell us all that and how you liked our blog. Call, email or skype, your pick. And if you are sorta lazy like us, meet us in the comments. Let’s have a hearty chat.


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