Best 100 Electronic Music Blogs List To Match Every Mood

Top Electronic Music Blogs

These Best Electronic Music Blogs are the basis of attaining latest electronic music news, discovering new electro music and artists, reading reviews, previewing albums, listening electro playlists, reading about and from artists through interviews, streaming music, watching electro music videos and so much more.

Through the under-mentioned blogs, read the top, the best hundred electro music blogs, we aim at helping you find the best of electro music and various updates in one, solo place. For the record, we have curated the data and ranked these best hundred electro music blogs on the basis of relevance. And for a quick glimpse, we have discussed each of these top Electronic Music blogs briefly. Here, have a look.

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  • Reddit Reddit’s top electronic music blog renders ease in attaining latest updates on electronic music with its hot, new, rising, controversial and top. Providing assorted feeds on electronic music, like how-tos, guides, tutorials, Reddit’s blog also helps you find many answers through all those extensive blog feeds.

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  • The Guardian The Guardian presents this music blog that has a swag of its own. Charmed with a delectable color, rendering a true popstar vibe, this blog presents latest updates from the electronic music industry while bringing the best music and myriad opinions, something all you music lovers would enjoy reading.

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  • Pitchfork Pitchfork can easily be called one with beauty and brain, thanks to its appealing layout and intriguing information. What’s fascinating is all that electronic music loaded already and all that is frequently updated, making it one such one of the best electronic music blog to hit a bookmark on.

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  • Splice Splice blog spices up your fascination with electronic music with its rad posts covering splice news, tips and tutorials, artist features and more. Siffle through myriad posts here, gain a trick or ten to apply in creating electronic music of your own, plus even picking a tip or twenty on topping the charts, taking cue from famous music artists and their tracks and music.

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  • Your EDM Your EDM features editorials, interviews, industry spotlight and a lot inspiring stuff. Besides that, it also presents plenty feeds on house and bass music. That is from latest news to latest tracks and music. It’s your gateway to the hip and hustling electronic music feeds and info. Checkout this amazing and one of the best electronic music blog now.

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  • Pigeons and Planes Pigeons and Planes presents latest industry news along with latest music and aid in discovering music. For electronic music lovers that’s like a safe haven. Explore the site and discover music and musicians, where the latter might prove an inspiration and the former, the panacea for your ears.

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  • Plug There are high chances that you music lovers will be already aware of plug. If you are, well that’s great. If not, this is one online social music streaming website based in Los Angeles which helps you and international music communities share and discover music. Look for one of the best electronic music streaming blog now.

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  • Fact Mag Fact Mag is about two things primarily, and they are music news and new music. That said, there’s a lot more for you music lovers than just that, like aid at learning about the latest music instruments and appliances like synthesizers, besides getting you fact mixes.

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  • DJ Tech Tools All the DJs in the house might instantly be drawn to this top electronic music blog called DJ Tech and Tools. As is suggested by the name, the blog features and provides details on latest tech and tools you DJs can try while also sharing plenty how-tos, tips and techniques.

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  • Mix Mag Mix Mag brings you the latest music news along with helpful electronic music feeds. There are galleries to be explored here with artists taking a lot of the space. There are lists to be siffled through on everything from moments to artists and more. There are blogs to be read about festivals, tech, DJs and more.

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  • EDM Sauce This is the hot sauce of one of the best electronic music blogs here. Presenting the EDM Sauce with its dap style and feeds. You can easily get your hands on the latest electronic music news here, while discovering new music, and reading latest feeds covering artists and their music.

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  • Dancing Astronaut Dancing Astronaut is a brilliant space for music lovers. Being hailed as the voice of the EDM generation by the Billboard Magazine, Dancing Astronaut brings latest electronic music news covering festivals and events among other things. There are also many electronic music videos to pick and watch here. And then there are interviews, editorials and music features to be read.

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  • DJ City Here’s one city all DJ lovers would love to visit. Aptly called DJ City, this one has all the right to be top electronic music blog to engage you, inform you and entice you. From contests to must play tracks, DJ culture to music tech, mixes to news, there’s a lot to dwell on here at DJ City.

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  • Mixing For the seekers of popular mixes, Mixing is one place to get it easy and quick. So is the case with live sets and DJ mixes. That’s what sets Mixing apart from other EDM blogs. With its outstanding music selection and music mixes, it comes off as a pure piece of music delight.

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  • This Song Is Sick If discovering sick new music is the game for you, then This Song Is Sick is perhaps made for you. A match made in music heaven, this one of the best electronic music blog brings you fresh electronic music from various artists, who the folks at This Song Is Sick work with. So, you know it really is the place to pick some sick new music and get inspired or simply entertained.

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  • Run The Trap In case you are wondering what is Run the Trap, let’s briefly explain that to you. Run The Trap is one incredible site bringing you cool underground trap and electronic music, among other genres. Not only music but news is also featured and posted by folks at Run The Trap.

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  • EDM Tunes The name says it all here. EDM Tunes brings you the latest electronic music, and music news. This would be cool for those who love electronic music and has one eye on the events. So, if you fell in the category, then you know where to look. Checkout this amazing and one of the best electronic music blog now.

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  • XLR8R XLR8R speaks of accelerating music and culture. Loaded with captivating pictures, this one features interviews with folks from the industry. Getting real here, the people behind XLR8R do the real talk about the industry that is sure a mind-bender. And quite useful are those artist tips and studio essentials they have shared here. Go check.

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  • Attack Magazine Attack Magazine is a powerhouse of technique, ready to feed you electronic music lovers and music creators with intriguing and helpful information on hardware, beats, synths and notes. On top of that it also shares many tutorials, that might prove quite handy. Look for one of the best electronic music streaming blog now.

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  • Ear Milk Based out of United States and Canada, Ear Milk is an online publication with an international appeal. The folks here, backed by their experiences as journalists and musicians share their musical taste on latest hits and the discoveries they make over time. So, catch the latest reviews, interviews, mixtapes, contests and more here on Ear Milk.

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  • Magnetic Mag Magnetic Magazine brings the EDM culture to life with its top electronic music blog featuring EDM music and interviews. An EDM focused e-zine, it combines social media, culture, music and style. One of the best electronic music blog, read here the latest news, know what’s topping the charts, get gabs on gears and know music better among other things.

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  • EDMProd Sam Matla is the founder of EDMProd, and is also the author of The Producers Guide To Workflow and Creativity, and the creator of EDM foundations course. On the blog, there is ample for EDM music producers and music EDM music lovers, like tips, guides, how-tos, and many more useful feeds.

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  • UKF UKF initially began as two YouTube channels, but has now developed into a network of channels, international events and festival arena hosting among other things. To explore here are artists and music, and to hear are plenty podcasts, and to catch here are plenty event updates and coverage. Checkout this amazing and one of the best electronic music blog now.

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  • We Rave You We Rave You was founded in 2012 with the aim of sharing and promoting electronic dance music for both individual artists, and record labels. Keeping you updated with various aspects of the dance music, We Rave You features latest music news, event updates, technology, industry updates among other things.

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  • Dub Spot Dub Spot is a growing community of like-minded DJs, producers, musicians and sound designers. It’s a music school for aspiring and experienced artists. On this one of the best  electronic music blog, the folks here discuss about artists and labels, events, music technology while sharing DJ tips and tricks, production tips and tricks, sound design, mixing and mastering among other things.

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  • Aquarium Drunkard As fancy as this name sounds, Aquarium Drunkard is an equally fascinating independent audio blog featuring daily music, reviews, interviews, MP3s, sessions and more. The blog gets its life from all those incredible artists and their music and updates that the folks here have shared so skillfully.

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  • Smash The Club Smash The Club presents a wide range of feeds on electronic music. Covering series and collections, it’s quite like that extended paradise where good stuff is so readily available. Having said that there are new tracks to listen to here. Look for one of the best electronic music blog now.

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  • BacauHouseMafia Loaded with music and incredible amounts of it, BacauHouseMafia brings you latest electronic music, from myriad artists. Presenting it in almost every form that is original mix to club mix, extended mix to remix it makes for one particularly mind-blowing electronic music blog.

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  • Classical Music Being the official website of BBC Music Magazine, the Classical Music features outstanding music, and that sure includes electronic music too. There’s plenty that producers and music enthusiasts can learn and pick from this top electronic music blog, especially in terms of inspiration and information.

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  • Verge Campus Verge Campus presents Good Music All Day. Keeping the genre of this discussion alive, that good music here comes in the form of much electronic music. A lot from new artists too, this blog makes for one of those perfect places to discover music while reading latest music news.

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  • That Drop - An online top electronic music blog devoted to sharing EDM and covering music festivals, EDM culture features latest EDM news and presents free EDM downloads. With their focus on quality, unique, original content, the folks here aim at satisfying the consumer and strengthening the bond between electronic dance music community.

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  • Nialler9 Nialler9 is pronounced quite like the river in Egypt, that is Nile-er. Written and presented by Niall Byrne, Nialler9 brings new music within easy reach. From Dublin, Ireland, this blog shares latest news, covers festivals, while bringing plenty engaging feeds on electronic music.

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  • EDM Chicago EDM Chicago has a lot to share with you music fanatics and lovers. Count your Electronic music bought readily over previews, releases, free downloads, videos, live sets, and more. Of course, there’s plenty to read on electronic music too, along with news and interviews. Checkout this amazing and one of the best electronic music blog now.

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  • Stoney Roads Stoney Roads was founded in 2007. A quintessential stop for everything dance music in their words, Stoney Roads presents current dance scenes with a young and witty outlook. That sure makes it incredibly more fun to read all that latest news and features on Stoney Roads.

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  • Noise Porn Noise Porn presents a wide array of electronic music coverage on this top electronic music blog. To pick here are latest technology and fashion news, and bountiful electronic music in myriad genres, plus plenty interviews and deets and feeds on festivals. A grand blog it is for sure.

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  • Fist In The Air Fist In The Air sure will make you fist-pump for all the intriguing feeds posted here and music shared. Here’s your chance at getting your hands on latest electronic music and its remixes, along with new music releases among other things.

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  • Mix 247 Mix 247 brings a wide array of EDM news covering artists, top EDM tunes and tracks, EDM dance videos and fashion. Along with that this one of the best electronic music blog helps you keep a track on upcoming EDM events and gets you the livestream.

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  • This Song Slaps This Song Slaps brings bass to your face. Helping artists submit their songs, it also helps you, the music lovers discover new music and artists. Not only that but this blog also helps you in staying updated with latest news and details about the events.

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  • Daily Beat Daily Beat one of the best electronic music blog gets your love for electronic music going strong with all those readily available and regularly updated insights and details from the music world. Between that is the latest music news and are varied interviews to be read. Beyond that are cool fashion and other stuff to read.

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  • Dark Port Dark Port is the metal music blog easing album downloads, reviews and lyrics. For you electronic music lovers the folks here feature dark electro/EBM. There’s aplenty music to check out, a tad backdated though, with the latest coming from 2013.

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  • Live Music Blog Live Electronic Music Blog is driven by a myriad people. It’s their collective brilliance and effort that makes Live Music Blog so appealing. To learn just why, hit the editor’s favorite features before anything. When done with that head right back to indulge in news, reviews, photos and videos.  

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  • The Music Ninja A multi-genre music discovery site, The Music Ninja believes in sharing the music and artists that truly deserves to be shared. Having said that there is a lot to explore in electronic music here on The Music Ninja. There are also interviews to be read and events to be learnt about.  

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  • Raver Rafting Raver Rafting is your source for electronic dance music news, artist profiles, music reviews, and event information. This best electronic music blog was founded in 2011 and today it presents breaking headlines from the world of EDM. You know you want to take a look.  

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  • EDM Canada EDM Canada brings you updates on the latest EDM events happening in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton. Not only that but it also presents gabs on festival sets, artist interviews, latest tracks and more to suit your electronic music love.

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  • Inverted Audio An online top electronic music blog  based in London, Inverted Audio was launched in 2008. It aims at spotlighting electronic music and visual arts in a personal and detailed fashion. That sure sounds fancy, right? Right. Take a peek into their latest news pieces, well-researched features and more to indulge your music loving self.  

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  • Emerging Indie Brands Emerging Indie Brands is the place to look for new bands from around the world. You know you want to give it a try. After all, every famous artist was new once. Check out new music and bands from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  

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  • Club Dance Mixes Club Dance Mixes has all the right elements to entice DJs here and those looking upto DJs. This one discusses about best DJ equipment. Enticed already? Look at more at all that they have shared on this top electronic music blog, from original mixes to remixes to power hour mixes to even the stuff DJs hate.

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  • EDMDroid EDMDroid was previously known as Clubbing9ine. With an aim to guide party goers and expats traveling in Malaysia, this blog brings the easy go-to-place for grabbing nightlife guides vastly carrying clubbing, travel, and EDM festival survival guide. Plus, there’s no dearth of electronic music to listen to and have your day made.  

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  • Obscure Sound Obscure Sound is a top electronic music blog by Mike Mineo. Founded in February 2006, Obscure Sound aims at sharing latest music, mostly from new, unheard artists, with streaming and downloadable audios. There are also interviews shared by Mike Mineo, along with contests and compilations.  

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  • The Nocturnal Times The Nocturnal Times was launched in early 2015. It presents new music, reviews, interviews, and weekly Nocturnalist charts. That is not all for the folks behind The Nocturnal Times also cover music festivals and other events, among exclusives and more.  

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  • West Coast EDM West Coast EDM is your online source for electronic dance music events on the west coast. Their one of the best electronic music blog is one way to track and stay updated via feeds covering artists, events and more. Make the most of this plethora of information available and constantly updated on West Coast EDM.  

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  • Disco Belle Disco Belle is a Swedish blog. Posting only single tracks, remixes and videos, this one doesn’t go with the whole albums when posting music. Bringing exclusive mixes from DJs a couple times a month, Disco Belle serves your fetish for electronic music right.

alexa 789,282
  • Less Than 3 For the global electronic music community, Less Than 3 is quite an always-on audio-visual experience, as it says here. Tag along Less Than 3 for electronic music content, that is from series curated by genre, latest news, and culture pieces, among other things. Checkout this amazing and one of the best electronic music blog now.  

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  • LA Music Blog LA music blog is one that might remind you of the that one friend sending playlists to and burning mix CDs for you. Created by a myriad of people, this blog bestows a peculiar essence capable of enhancing your love for electronic music while keeping you updated.

alexa 821,766
  • High Clouds High Clouds calls itself music junkies holy bible. Aiming at giving the world a steady stream of news covering promising, emerging, and exciting new talent, this top electronic music blog brings latest new tracks, new videos, new albums, and plenty track, events and video reviews.  

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  • EDM Maniac EDM Maniac has intriguing news to share with you electronic music lovers. Covering festivals this blog gives you enough reason to have that love for electronic music growing stronger and firmer with every passing day. Here, have a look to know how.

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  • EDM Joy EDM Joy has a lot to share with you fellas. Starting with news and more it features latest from the industry while sharing DJ tips and how-tos. Then there are interviews featuring plenty talented artists that is both inspiring and of course informing. And further there are releases, events and free download.  

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  • Ear To The Ground Ear To The Ground brings you a myriad of music from various genres. Hidden between those is electro music. Featuring emerging artists, this blog reviews albums and features artist interviews while putting many artists in the spotlight. There’s plenty to be had here.  

alexa 1,278,253
  • My Old Kentucky Blog My Old Kentucky one of the best electronic music blog brings you a plethora of music feeds that sure will deepen your fetish for music. There are albums shared here, artists featured, interviews presented, mixtapes offered, news, remixes, songs and more shared with a lot more covered further.  

alexa 1,294,947
  • NG MP3 NG MP3 is a media based entertainment blog carrying overall entertainment including latest songs, albums, MP3 and MP4 download, music, videos and more. Between music from Zambia, this one has gospel music and music per se. Also, available here is the latest news.  

alexa 1,306,854
  • Indie Music Filter Indie Music Filter is a top electronic music blog based in Toronto. It shares new indie music, track features, videos, reviews and also streams playlists. Grab a look to serve your need for new music with monthly playlists and event updates among other things.

alexa 1,317,091
  • Blurred Culture Blurred Culture makes music adorable again. It’s got the latest gabs from the industry that will rock your world of music. The photos shared here are incredibly magnificent, capable of making you fell in love with the musicians. Check it out.

alexa 1,332,179
  • Hip Hop Music Hip Hop Music is one of the best electronic music blog featuring all African Music from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and more. Get your hands not only at the latest African music here but also videos, lyrics and album previews. Plus there’s news and editorial, so you know you’ve got your hands full at Hip Hop Music.

alexa 1,344,789
  • Mugatunes Mugatunes has a lot running for all you electronic music lovers, and by that we mean sooth, fit university work out playlist, high vibes, and no skips. Putting music curation back in the hands of the fans, Mugatunes lets students from various universities apply and become the tastemakers and then post new songs, create playlists, write articles and even interview artists. Cool, right!  

alexa 1,358,877
  • Underground Hip Hop Blog From underground to ground up, this top electronic music blog brings electro music in all styles, that is singles, videos, albums/mix-tapes. There are even mic sessions here, if that’s something you fancy. Yes or no, we are certain you would fancy their exclusive interviews and Q&A sessions. Look for one of the best electronic music blog now.

alexa 1,376,998
  • ET Musique Pour Tous A boutique creative group, ET Musique Pour Tous discusses about music culture with insightful writing, reviews and interesting music curation. Read, listen and enjoy for their love of music sure is going to uplift yours and vice versa. Can’t believe? Care to check.  

alexa 1,382,028
  • I Care If You Listen Founded about seven years ago in 2010, I Care If You Listen is Thomas Deneuville’s brain child. Discussing about new music, art and technology this is a top electronic music blog and video platform that shares track premiers, video premiers, albums, interviews and more.  

alexa 1,434,545
  • The Come-Up Show The Come-Up Show is where to get inspired. As a multi-media presentation of the hip-hop culture this one broadcasts online and also on a radio channel in London, Ontario. It’s dedication to playing the latest in Canadian hip-hop is quite apparent, and must we say interesting.

alexa 1,439,988
  • The Blue Walrus The Blue Walrus has three masterminds behind it, namely Tim, Hamish and Francisco. While Tim started TBW in 2006, Francisco is a recent addition. Here they share news and leaks about artists and their songs, making it a must check top electronic music blog.

alexa 1,482,909
  • Britznbeatz Britznbeatz is a music blog and a digital music platform showcasing music videos, live sessions and even spotlight playlist while sharing latest news, reviews, events and music interviews. When craving for more, read their blog which is a brilliant assortment of all the above.

alexa 1,517,689
  • Cover Lay Down Cover Lay Down presents the folk covers of familiar songs. Sounds interesting, right? Well, hold on, we must say, for there’s more. Reimagined version of folk songs on this one of the best electronic music blog. There. Caught your fancy? Catch this one celebrating folk artists and songwriters, and exploring the folk music in a 21st century world.

alexa 1,849,481
  • We All Want Someone To Shout For We All Want Someone To Shout For is a music blog based in New York City. Founded by Will Oliver in 2008, and written by him too, this blog covers latest music, good music as he says, for genres don’t exist here. Read concert reviews, hear music, get latest gabs and, well, and enjoy.

alexa 1,862,353
  • Next 2 Shine Next 2 Shine is a music community. You might find this top electronic music blog dedication towards discovering and showcasing talents imparting unique perspectives quite fascinating. And so would be the case with interviews, music videos, watch-list and news.  

alexa 1,891,121
  • Every Record Tells A Story With a name as astounding as Every Record Tells A Story, this blog is about music, vinyl and more music. Seriously, there’s so much music here that you’ll go gaga over it. And with such extravagant music info and updates, you’ll find all the beats to match your tunes.  

alexa 2,023,968
  • Caveman Sound A fresh site with fresh supply of music, as it says here, Caveman Sound brings myriad posts with many uploaded daily. That said, there’s music to be picked and listened to while on the go on this top electronic music blog. Plus, there are exclusive mixtapes and a cool thing called jam jar.

alexa 2,051,762
  • This Must Be Pop This Must Be Pop is Jessica’s take on music. She works in the music industry in London. With her mind set on discovering, developing and promoting new talent professionally, here on the blog she presents future hits, and future stars, you know you want to know about in the present.

alexa 2,058,871
  • EQ Music Blog Launched in 2005, EQ Music Blog is a pop and top electronic music blog. It features fresh, emerging artists. Created and curated by Raj Rudolph, an American born pop music enthusiast who lives in London. He is out there helping you electro music lovers get new music from inspiring and talented artists.  

alexa 2,106,887
  • Primal Music Blog Primal Music Blog posts latest reviews. First off are album reviews, long and detailed with music to listen and enjoy. Then, there are EP reviews. Beyond reviews are video premiers and latest videos to enjoy more music through. And finally, there are podcasts.

alexa 2,331,071
  • Ovrld Behind Ovrld are music fans from all over USA uniting in Austin. Get to the groove here, for these folks aim at helping you find vibrant music. They share songs, reviews, podcasts, interviews and more. Here’s some cool stuff from Austin that you might wish to check. Look for one of the best electronic music blog now.  

alexa 2,486,669
  • Nine Bullets Nine Bullets was founded in 2006 by Briand Childs. A blog about music and those people who make it. That said, to catch here are track premiers, exclusive tracks, playlists, podcasts, rock reports, and a lot more to catch your fancy.

alexa 2,490,436
  • Kings Of A&R King of A&R is a top electronic music blog that shares about and from new artists. It is a music industry site with intriguing new talent and aplenty of it, the latest from who you can listen on SoundCloud shared right here on Kings of A&R.

alexa 2,596,896
  • Wolf In A Suit Wolf In A Suit is a pretty dap music blog featuring interviews, articles, reviews and recommendations. On top of that this one presents videos covering acoustic sessions, video interviews, days in the life, and music videos. Plus it’s got playlists, mixtapes and more.  

alexa 2,812,561
  • Funkish Here’s a world of funky music. Joe Gatto is the man behind this top electronic music blog, that is intriguingly called Funkish. He is also an ex-DJ IN Maui, Hawaii and a music journalist in Caracas, Venezuela. Here at Funkish the music he loves and offers eclectic exploration in music. He is currently situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

alexa 3,047,677
  • Scientists Of Sound Scientists of Sound is a music blog by Matt who admittedly scores the web for latest and best music. Here he reviews albums and music to help you music lovers get a hand-down on the music before listening it for real. That said, Matt’s a cool dude for admitting we are here to listen music, not read, and hence keeps the word count when reviewing to a minimum

alexa 3,159,999
  • No Dough Music No Dough Music has plenty cool stuff to keep you hooked. Let’s begin with music, there are singles and EPs to be heard. Then there are LPs for those good lazy days. Then comes the talks about music, music production blogs, interviews and other general stuff.  

alexa 3,449,631
  • One Stop Record Shop Based in London, One Stop Record Shop is a music and entertainment platform that readily fights for the underdog. Having said that, this one presents music and entertainment news, reviews, new releases, covers festivals and shares funny musical mash-ups. Sounds dap, right.

alexa 3,604,036
  • That Mag That Mag is one of the best electronic music blog from Philadelphia. It helps giving original Philadelphia acts a range of exposure. So, here you’ll find album reviews, show reviews, festival and event coverages, and more cool stuff from Philadelphia. There’s also music news to catch.

alexa 3,919,435
  • Caesar Live N Loud Caesar Live N Loud is a music blog focusing on positivity and love for music and helping new artists get a platform for showcasing their talent. On that note, find plenty music videos, new music, artworks, tracklistings, interviews, tour dates and live performances among other things.

alexa 4,453,821
  • Music Enthusiast For the true believer, presented here is the Music Enthusiast, at the intersection of rock, blues, r&b, jazz, pop and soul. Up inside this top electronic music blog are constant updates of pop, punk, new waves, cool stuff, the music industry, one song/three versions and more.

alexa 4,485,816
  • Give It A Spin A music, arts and culture website, genrefully, Give It A Spin is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It’s dedication to covering the present and future music, including past, is quite enticing. Get some cool fresh spins here, and playlists, and many interviews, and of course many electro tunes to tap your feet to.

alexa 4,544,421
  • IndieBlogFest IndieBlogFest is an independent top electronic music blog that shares almost everything related to music, as it says here. Count new music and gig reviews, tour news and festivals in the mix too. So, feel free to get your hands on the myriad mind-blowing features and feeds here.

alexa 4,614,999
  • The Camp House The Camp House presents live country Texas music. Fascinating fact: The Camp House was built sometime in early twentieth century. The music blog from this astounding establishment features festivals, spotlights artists, reviews albums, and much more.  

alexa 6,013,603
  • Country Music News Blog Country Music News one of the best electronic music Blog features country music, country music artists, country music tour info, country music tour dates, music news and Nashville news among other things. That and there’s a lot to watch and preview here too. That’s plenty in one place, won’t you agree.  

alexa 6,309,199
  • Music Talks Music Talks was founded in October 2015 by singer Tracey Arbon. Born out of a thought to help remove confusion when trying to find music, Music Talks is a site where the artists can portray their personality and share their story. That said, this one features artists, presents tips, music news and new independent music.

alexa 6,514,156
  • For the Love Of Bands A source to discover new independent and emerging talent, For The Love Of Bands is the kind that promotes, reviews and features artists for free, with only one condition. They ought to be awesome, of course. In this top electronic music blog  you will find reviews, playlists, industry tips and more.  

alexa 6,564,415
  • On The Come Up TV Home to the music revolutions, taking the notes from this one, On The Come Up TV helps in discovering digital music, differently though. The folks behind it aims at presenting fresh, raw and unrivalled talent by means of sharing new bands, artists, musicians and albums.  

alexa 6,584,089
  • Brighton Music Blog Brighton one of the best electronic Music Blog revels in the fact that it is perhaps the only music blog that is about bands from Brighton. On that note, this is one site to catch new talent and bands from Brighton and listen their music.

alexa 10,626,191
  • Where The Music Meets Here’s Where The Music Meets with its captivating features. Take for instance the ‘meeting of the day’ that features artists and their music. Or take ‘thank god it’s Friday’ featuring interesting tracks. Or take new secrets, new recordings or premiere for more examples.

alexa 12,490,436
  • Underground Interviews Underground Interviews simply refers itself as the home of underground music. We choose not to debate that. Reason for that is the vastness of their coverage and multitude of shares featuring interviews, reviews and underground music of course among other things. Look for one of the best electronic music blog now.  

alexa 14,614,999
  • KMM Reviews Let’s start from the start. KMM reviews features many, read many, music reviews. Then it throws the spotlight on many talented artists with intriguing stories and music. If in search of completely new artists, the ‘introducing’ section here may just be the thing for you.

How every good thing comes to an end. We rather count this a new beginning where you can lean on to any or all of the abovementioned music blogs and listen new music, discover new artists, read music news or simply get inspired.

While we sure hope these best hundred electronic music blogs bring you the best of both discovered and undiscovered music, we’ll be delighted if you come and share your experiences, suggestions and advices. You know we’ll be waiting down at the comments. Or of course, you can write to us freely, knowing we always love to read from you.


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