Best 100 Dental Blogs List Everyone Must Read

Top Dental Blogs

These Best Dental blogs are online dental hot-spots featuring abundant supplies of information on dental care, dental hygiene, dental implants, dental treatments, dental plans, dental laser, dental health, dental emergencies, dental insurance, dental anxiety, dental news, and dental injuries among plenty others including lots of tips.

For your benefit, we have deeply researched and collected these top dental blogs on the internet.

Here, we present them, the best 100 dental blogs ranked on the basis of relevance.

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  • Reddit On Reddit, the front page of the internet, are these informational dental feeds shared by people across the internet. From feeds on constant tooth ache to cavity or decay, differences to advice's, expect to find solutions and answers to your numerous problems, along with details and facts. Check-out this top dental blog now.

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  • New Dentist Blog From the American Dental Association, this is the New Dentist Blog with dental feeds that will aid in improving your dental health. We say this backed by all the tips, how-to and many more informational feeds shared here. Some for common people, and aplenty for dentists across the globe, these feeds impart abundant knowledge about dental health and practice.

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  • Dental Plans For people on a lookout for dental information, this one of the best dental blog called Dental plans will come across as a powerhouse. By providing information on diseases and dental risks, this blog helps you stay prepared, and by sharing about smile, eyes, nose and more, this top dental blog helps you have a better overall health.

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  • Dentistry IQ Dentistry IQ is a comprehensive resource for dental professionals. Sharing feeds on hygiene, and practice management, this blog also provides plenty information with clinical feeds as well. Make the most of all the information loaded and reloaded here on Dentistry IQ.

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  • Ask The Dentist Ask The Dentist is a blog by Dr. Mark Burheme, a B.S. in Biochemistry from University of British Columbia, and has studied in the University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. On this top dental blog he discusses extensively about dental and overall health, including about dental health mistakes and oral health among others.

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  • Dentistry & You Dentistry & You is the dental blog powered by Dear Doctor Magazine. We have lots to read about here, thanks to the folks behind Dentistry & You. We have feeds to pick on bad breath, dental emergencies, dental injuries, common symptoms, dental implants, and more including dental health tips.

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  • RDH Mag RDH Magazine, the national magazine for dental hygiene professionals, could easily be referred to as your dental hygienist with plethora on oral hygiene, patient education, hygiene therapy and even dental hygiene career information. Visit this one of the best dental blog now.

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  • 1Dental Get the required dental and health news from 1 Dental, along with tips on dental health improvement, followed by overall health improvement. There’s a lot for parents, seniors, and working individuals. Isn’t that enough enticement to be catching the latest news and tips on dental health at 1Dental.  

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  • Dental Health Dental Health is an oral health and hygiene blog by Oral Health Foundation – a foundation that focuses on better oral health for all, including those in the United Kingdom and those around the world. From dental implants to guide to great oral health, in the best dental blog there’s a lot information to help better your oral health.

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  • 123Dentist 123Dentist helps in finding dentists near you, from the 123 Dentist Community Network – which has these dental practitioners carefully selected by and are a part of the 123Dentist family. Find a lot helpful information on their blog which widely discusses oral health through details on various types of doctors, followed by tips and more.

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  • Riverrun Dental Spa Riverrun Dental Spa presents The Dental Hub, a top dental blog that discusses widely about dental hygiene, dental health, dental insurance, dental emergencies, dental insurance, oral cancer, cosmetic dentistry, dentistry at large, and teeth whitening along with dental tips and more.  

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  • 1st Family Dental Here’s 1st Family Dental with hot trends and topics in both the dental and health fields. The folks here help you understand dental care while aiding you in taking well-informed decisions when it comes to your and your family’s dental health, all through their detailed feeds.

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  • BIOLASE Presenting this top laser dentistry blog by BIOLASE, a medical device company into developing and manufacturing, marketing and selling laser systems in dentistry among others. The blog here provides updates on latest trends, along with how-tos, feeds on therapies, and more.  

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  • Dentistry Dentistry presents dentistry news and feeds on oral health, implants, ortho, and more. There’s a lot to catch on laboratory too like about equipment. With so much available to be read, we are certain our bags on knowledge are going to get major

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  • The Dawson Academy The Dawson Academy blog features dental articles and a plethora of those covering occlusion, restorative dentistry, centric relation, material and equipment, treatment planning, practice management and marketing, patient communication, and restorative and functional aesthetics among other things. Have a look on one of the best dental blog ever.

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  • Mouthing Off Mouthing Off is the blog of the American Student Dental Association, a national student run organization into protecting and advancing the rights and interests and welfare of dentistry students. For all interested in a career in dentistry, this blog covers matters and issues pertaining to dentistry and student life among other things.

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  • Dental Save Dental Save presents this top dental blog with a wide array of feeds covering dentistry and dental practice with feeds like how-toss for making your toddlers brush their teeth, like managing online reputation as a dentist, or like the future of dentistry, say with Robots in perspective .

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  • Campaign For Dental Health Campaign For Dental Health is a network of oral health advocates, numerous health professionals, and child and family health organizations among others. From the Front Like, the blog shares Flouride news, Campaign For Dental Health News, infographics, facts about Flouride and more.

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  • Dr. Michaels This one of the best dental blog by Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic discusses about everything dental and beyond. From reviews to informational feeds like preventing heavily strained teeth, this blog provides ample information to strengthen our understanding and widen our knowledge of dental health.  

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  • The Curious Dentist The Curious Dentist is a blog by Chris Salierno, a DDS, an author and lecturer. With areas of expertise including leadership development, practice management, occlusion, implant prostheses, and cosmetic dentistry, the discussions here run wide and far on similar matters while presenting latest updates like his features and interviews.  

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  • default Apollo While Dental is a part of Asia’s Apollo Hospitals. This top dental blog by Apollo White Dental discusses about myriad subjects under oral health like bad breath control, dental implants, sensitivity, dental floss, dental fluorosis, oral cavity, smile designing, tongue cleaning, and teeth whitening among others.

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  • The Dental Geek By a group of healthcare marketing specialists, The Dental Geek is a blog sharing features on unique, insightful and also at times controversial topics in the dentistry field. From acquiring patients to tips on lowering the costs of office occupancy, there’s aplenty intriguing stuff to read and learn from

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  • Dental Lifeline Dental Lifeline Network discusses about the latest ongoing and news from their network. You’ll find DLN success stories between Q&As, behind the scenes, and more updates. It’s interesting to look into the Dental Lifeline blog and learn about all the cool stuff and smiles therein. Check-out this top dental blog now.

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  • DentalEZ DentalEZ Integrated Solutions shares industry news and updates on this blog. Along with that there is Ergonomics featured and discussed at various points here. Plus, you have feeds featuring Oral Cancer Awareness. Then there are myriad products discussed about on DentalEZ.

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  • Pi Dental Center Blog Because you’re never fully dressed without a smile, you have the Pi Dental Center Blog help you have and maintain that vivacious smile. There’s dental care discussed followed by healthy teeth and feeds on dental injury, rebuilding a smile, and dental treatment among others. Visit this one of the best dental blog now.  

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  • Smile Solutions From the Melbourne’s home of dentistry called Smile Solutions, here’s the latest news and informational articles. Grab as much information as you can and want from the feeds here covering dental implants, teeth straightening trends, teeth whitening, and patient payment plans among others.

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  • Act Dental Catch videos, interviews and tips on Act Dental, a dental coaching practice team. Helping dentists build a better practice and life IRL, the folks here share many useful feeds on this top dental blog as well including numerous how-tos, several best practices, and interesting strategies, among other things.

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  • The Wealthy Dentist The Wealthy Dentist’s blog is a dental practice marketing and management blog by Jim Du Molin, an internet marketing expert. You can watch various dental survey videos to gain better insight, while reading about dental marketing which Jim Molin has extensively discussed on the blog.

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  • Evolve Dental This one of the best dental blog by Evolve Dental Healing, a holistic dental practice in Brisbane discusses about dentistry in depth. There are how-tos shared here on health eating habits for healthy teeth, stopping gum diseases beyond brushing and flossing, thus stopping it from spreading, among other posts.

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  • Practice Plan Practice Plan is into the business of dentistry. The folks here discuss about dental health with feeds covering how-tos, implants, tips, reasons, and lots more. Plus, there are posts on practice management, social media and digital marketing, HR and team development, and marketing and design among others.

alexa 2,059,135
  • Peaks View Dental Peaks View Dental blog is an interesting option for fellas looking to learn more about dentist in Bedford. Whether it is getting cosmetics or crowns, upgrading your smile or seeking help with jaw pain, this amazingly best dental blog online has all the answers and solutions with details on dentist in Bedford.

alexa 2,116,503
  • Legacy Dental This is a Salt Lake City dental blog by Legacy Dental. You have a lot to pick and learn from here, courtesy all those informational feeds covering matters like dental implants, dental literature, bad breath, oral hygiene, oral cancer, smile, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and cavities among others.

alexa 2,137,854
  • Dr. Joy Dental Clinic Dr. Joy Dental Clinic brings this dental blog and with it all the blogposts stuffed sufficiently with information. Helping you learn dental health better with feeds like steps to take during dental emergency, or the ways oral health can be affected by pregnancy, and many others, Dr. Joy Dental Clinic helps you get a step closer to a better oral health.  

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  • default Dr. Kevin B. Sands is brain behind this site, and a specialist overall dental care as well as cosmetic dentistry. On this cosmetic dentist blog he discusses about baby teeth care, dental care, gun disease, dental problems, dental treatments, sensitive teeth, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry among other things.

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  • Columbian Square Dental Columbian Square Dental blog features numerous dental feeds on dentist in Weymouth, with the latest news. There is plenty information about healthy gums shared on this one of the best dental blog ever and why they matter, to give you a preview, and about comprehensive care and comfort, among others.

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  • Alameda Pediatric Dentist With offices in Alameda, Pleasanton and Oakland, Alameda Pediatric Dentist has this dental blog. Here the folks at Alameda Pediatric Dentist discuss about adult teeth, brushing, dental care, flossing, dentistry, wellness, wisdom teeth, braces, cavity, and parent tips among other things.

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  • Batchelor Dentistry Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry offers special care for every smile. On this top dental blog, the team behind Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry offer informational dental feeds including dental health tips, answers to dental health problems, dental advices, pre and post brace dental care, and dental implants among plenty others.

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  • Parker Dental And Ortho This dental blog by Parker Dental and Orthodontics goes deeper into dental problems and brings some easy, some required solutions. With aplenty feeds offering solutions, you can expect to read about dental injuries, say for instance ones related to sports; unhealthy gums, braces; Invisalign and more.  

alexa 2,317,448
  • Archer Dental Archer Dental shares myriad dental posts for our greater good, or should we say our teeth’s. This one’s loaded with eye-opening feeds that will ensure you look after your oral health more rigorously. Say, what could be the possible dangers of avoiding a dentist – ghastly, as you’ll realize upon reading the feeds here. Find out more on ths amazing and best dental blog now.

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  • DeCare Dental DeCare Dental cares for your dental health profoundly. Perhaps, that seems the most apparent reason for the team behind DeCare Dental sharing these informative feeds, including oral health tips, did-you-knows, researches, and ask the dentist. There’s DeCare news to understand and learn more about your interim source of information.

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  • Dental Dreams Dental Dreams is dentistry for kids and adults. Having said that it is likely understood the kinds of feeds shared on Dental Dreams’ blog would be dedicated to better dental health of both kids and adults. Plus, to help us know the team and folks behind Dental Dream better, they keep sharing updates and news on this top dental blog.  

alexa 2,608,918
  • Lee Ann Brady Lee Ann Brady, the doctor, name and brain behind this blog is the owner of Desert Sun Smiles Dental Care in Phoenix, Arizona. On the blog, she and her team, has left and keep updating information concerning dental health like alternatives, composites, implants and more.

alexa 2,619,646
  • Grove Grove Dental Group is a team of dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and plenty others. The top dental blog hosted by Grove Dental Group’s team for common good offers useful feeds covering matters like dental insurance, dental crowns, mouth-guards, and more including updates from the team and dental group.

alexa 3,014,366
  • Futudent Futudent is a video dentistry blog sharing interesting videos to help dentists and others. This dental video blog has something for all, including dentists, dental hygienists, universities, dental technicians, and common folks with feeds offering knowledge base, dental education, and covering patient education, user stories, and oral health among others.

alexa 3,020,831
  • Caven Dental Caven Dental blog makes it easy to catch dental tips and tricks with its top dental blog. You’ll have surveys to catch on this blog. Plus, you’ll be introduced to many offbeat concepts and ideas like the effects of swimming on your teeth, or myths about tooth removal among others.  

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  • Generations Dental As an essential staple for Concord, NH community for over hundred years, Generations Dental brings abundant dental feeds on its dental blog for the general betterment. Coming from such experienced professionals are myriad useful feeds covering dental implants, braces and much more.

alexa 3,137,817
  • Specialist Dental Group This top dental blog by Specialist Dental Group endeavors at enhancing awareness of the importance of good oral health and beautiful smiles and the role it plays in overall well-being. Sharing various dental solutions on this blog, the team helps in increased understanding for attaining better health.

alexa 3,153,839
  • Seasons Of Smile Here’s the dental blog by Seasons Of Smile with feeds offering plenty reasons to smile. Bringing better understanding through extensive information relay, Seasons Of Smile talks matters like dental plan, tooth whitening, Invisalign, dental scrubs, pain medications and plenty more.

alexa 3,302,347
  • Simply Teeth Simply Teeth Dental Practices in Essex presents this one of the best dental blog ever stocked and restocked with useful blog feeds. We have plenty stuff to read and learn from here, be that for dentist or common man. There’re talks on braces, orthodontics, smile makeover, tooth decay, good oral hygiene and a lot more.

alexa 3,408,522
  • Convergent Dental A privately owned dental equipment and technology company, Convergent Dental is also the developer of Solea. From them comes this dental blog featuring updates from Convergent Dental between informational feeds covering plenty crucial matters like dental laser misconceptions among others.  

alexa 3,414,201
  • smiles By Payet Smiles By Payet is by Dr. Payet, the owner of this site and a dentist in Charlotte. Here he discusses about dental health and beautiful smiles through myriad feeds covering facts and myths, book reviews, and gum diseases, among plenty others. Visit this one of the best dental blog now.  

alexa 3,503,173
  • Fox Hall Dental Catch the latest news from Fox Hall Dental on the Fox Hall Dental blog. That is not all, for there’s lots more discussed and presented for read carrying matters like braces, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, teeth whitening, and dental implants among others.

alexa 3,574,158
  • CLT Pediatric Dentistry Find good news and more on children’s dental health presented by CLT Pediatric Dentistry. This top dental blog carries helpful feeds for parents to ensure healthier teeth and gums for their little ones. Read on between myriad feeds with discussions going around dental health tips, cavities, how-tos and lots more.

alexa 3,579,885
  • Healthy Mouth Project Healthy Mouth Project is created and run by Dr. Peter McPherson. He has made available easily understandable information about oral health, dental products and procedures. And also at times has discussed oral health’s relations with heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes among others.

alexa 3,895,223
  • Burg Children’s Dentistry This blog by Burg Children’s Dentistry shares dental care tips for kids. That’s just for starts though. Between the tips you’ll find many useful feeds covering children’s dental health and dental health at large, along with infant dental care, toothpaste, and sedation dentistry among other things. Check-out this top dental blog now.

alexa 3,965,204
  • Docklands Dental Docklands Dental offers next generation care. Established by Dr. Daniel Collins and Dr. Gregg Barry, Docklands Dental presents this dental blog with discussions going round and center about dental health, dental hygiene, whiter smile, and more including tips and best practices.

alexa 4,512,970
  • RiverRock Dental RiverRock Dental brings this top dental blog for the greater good of us all, thanks to all those dental health feeds and more posts covering healthy teeth, teenager dental health, overall teeth health, cleaning tips, hearth health and oral health, orthodontics, and teeth whitening among others.

alexa 4,693,341
  • Clear Choice Dental This dental blog by Clear Choice Dental makes a strong case in favor of backing dental healthcare with information. With some pretty crucial matters discussed on the blog, learning about your own dental health and ways to look after it may become extremely easy.  

alexa 5,101,001
  • Oral Care Solutions Expect to read a lot on oral care and oral health on this one of the best dental blog by Oral Care Solutions. You have plenty to sniffle through on this blog from oral hygiene to food for health, tooth couch to dental conditions, and oral care for kids to more.

alexa 5,235,726
  • The Daily Grind The Daily Grind is the kind of informational dental blog that lends you a sneak peek into the lives of general dentists practicing these days. From perspectives on managing a dental practice to achieving a balance outside of the practice, be prepared to get plenty insights here on The Daily Grind.

alexa 5,637,704
  • Brookside Dental This top dental blog by Brookside Dental shares latest news and promotions to help people from Redmond stay updated about their Redmond area family dentists. Catch informational feeds between that as well, including about how to smile for the camera, or tips for beating tooth sensitivity among plenty others.

alexa 5,637,704
  • Pride Dental Pride Dental presents this dental blog featuring interesting blog posts for your benefit. Helping you solve simple issues like when stuck between teeth whitening at home or at dentist, the folks at Pride Dental observe minute details and present their expert opinions and aid on the same.  

alexa 5,683,842
  • default The dental clinic of Roseman University brings impeccable feeds concerning dental health and more on its one of the best dental blog. You have simple and technical matters easily answered and discussed on the blog, for instance – whether you are brushing your teeth correctly or tips for preventing plaque buildup.

alexa 5,907,039
  • Tyngtown Dental Here’s affordable dental excellence offered by Tyngtown Dental. When talking about its blog, prepare yourself to be sufficiently stocked with information once through with its feeds like tips and more; with blogposts best suited for those looking up dentist in Wilton.

alexa 6,155,863
  • My Dental Agency My Dental Agency is a dental marketing blog sharing plenty dental marketing videos for your perusal. Along with that, the best dental blog feeds shared here on My Dental Agency cover various matters like email marketing, social media, and marketing at large.

alexa 6,602,722
  • St Mary’s Dental St Mary’s Dental provides a brilliant assortment of dental feeds that will enormously add to your understanding of dental and oral health. Answering simple and complex questions that might have been running in the back of your head like which is the best toothbrush or is DIY teeth whitening trends fact or fiction, this blog makes for a smart addition to your info watchlist.  

alexa 6,694,813
  • Go Ask Fred Here’s the ultimate blog for marketing dental practice. Fred Joyal of Go Ask Fred is one of the two founders of 1-800-Dentist and has been its CEO for over thirty years. Here on his top dental blog he shares interesting marketing practices for dentists and also the possible mistakes you might be making

alexa 6,807,246
  • Avanti Dentistry Offering a range of spa inspired amenities, Avanti Dentistry presents this Avanti Dental blog and inside it plenty pieces of useful information. There are how-tos to pick and enhance your dental care routine. There are differences elaborately discussed. And there’s plenty more you would want to read.

alexa 7,979,387
  • Rolling Hills Dental Smiles Rolling Hills Dental Smiles is creating beautiful smiles in Tennessee, courtesy Dr. Marty W. Lindahl. On the Rolling Hills best Dental blog, you can find more information on that along with on root canal, dental health routine, dental emergencies, and on plenty more.

alexa 8,074,326
  • default To help unleash the power of your smile here we direct you to the Delta Dental blog. It is one place where you can find abundant information on all these topics namely, parenting, dental benefits, dental health, and recipes and nutrition. Check these out.

alexa 8,083,758
  • Thomson Family Dentistry Thomson Family Dentistry offers a chance to learn more about Raleigh dentists, and through its top dental blog it offers a chance to learn more about dental care through various dental topics. Expect to read useful feeds like these: dental hacks, dental care, dental health and more.

alexa 8,255,304
  • Framingham Premier Dental From Framingham in Massachusetts we present one of these top hundred dental blogs by Framingham Premier Dental. It has varied information pertaining to dental care and health, like demystification of dental implants, or teeth whitening or cosmetic dentist among others.  

alexa 8,330,553
  • Galleria Dentistry Here’s one of the best dental blog by Galleria Dentistry lending you a keen insight into dental care and achieving great dental health. The folks here discuss about dentist in Naples formerly, along with sharing tips, dental implants, and cosmetic dentist among others.

alexa 8,414,070
  • Howard Family Dental Howard Family Dental has this mindbending dental blog leading you to a better dental health while lending you a deeper view of the Howard Family. From sharing oral care tips to discussing about adult braces, count on the team behind Howard Family to enhance your understanding of dental care and more.

alexa 9,312,388
  • Beaver’s Dentistry This top dental blog by Beaver’s Dentistry presents company news and dental care tips. To give you a preview on the former expect to read about dental health, and the various good and bad things affecting it, followed by maintaining oral hygiene, and alternate ways of flossing your teeth among others

alexa 9,345,814
  • Blue Sky Dental Blue Sky Dental admittedly speaks of it as the Center of Clinical Excellence. Coming from the experts here are detailed feeds on the blog covering hygiene, straight teeth, teeth whitening, facial aesthetics, gum diseases, specialist dentistry, and Invisalign among others.

alexa 9,370,252
  • Inspired Hygiene Inspired Hygiene, for all the information that it shares on its detailed top dental blog, first and foremost inspires hygiene. Then, discussing matters like   dental practice and sharing dental hygiene training videos, the folks behind Inspired Hygiene extends their expert guidance and support.

alexa 9,573,800
  • Fox Creek Family Dental Fox Creek Family Dental presents this dental blog with detailed discussions on almost all matters pertaining to dental care and dentistry. Having said that, the discussions cover matters like teeth whitening, cosmetic dental treatment, restorative dentistry treatment, and dental emergency among others.

alexa 9,806,526
  • Alamo Springs Dental Alamo Springs Dental blog has a very cheery vibe. The various features on smile, perhaps, has something to do with that. A lot gabs for kids, Alamo Springs Dental shows extensive care for kids and their parents by sharing myriad feeds like creative tooth fairy ideas. Find out more on ths amazing and best dental blog now.

alexa 10,043,868
  • Champagne Family Dentistry Blog Champagne Family Dentistry Blog talks about dental care and discusses many offbeat matters.  From discussing about prepping for next dental appointment to tips for valentine’s date, you might be pleasantly surprised by the discussions on the Champagne Family Dentistry blog.  

alexa 10,061,237
  • Elos Dental Elos Medtech top Dental blog is about inspiration, knowledge and success. For anyone and everyone interested in dentistry the team behind Elos Medtech Dental blog shares updates and insights on the dental industry, followed by tips, news, trends and events and more.  

alexa 10,478,836
  • Quiet Corner Dental Here on the Quiet Corner Dental’s blog, the dentist in Putnam talks about oral and overall health and how the two are connected, for starts. Then there are tips to brighten up your smile. That followed by a myriad more feeds and tips helping you take your dental care and health to the next level.

alexa 11,043,868
  • VL Dental VL Dental is a Texas based dental practice set up in Richmond and Pecan Grove. Its best dental blog features interesting helpful feeds for kids and their parents like back to school tips, oral health and pregnancy, dental implants, and more.

alexa 12,180,726
  • Benca and Dean Tukwila Dentistry Blog Benca and Dean Tukwila Dentistry Blog has plenty to offer in terms of information and knowledge. The matters being discussed on this blog range between dental news and dental tips, dental implants and sedation dentistry, teeth whitening and oral care among others.  

alexa 12,519,646
  • Smile Angels Smile Angels of Beverly Hills presents this dental blog discussing matters of crucial significance. To give you a brief insight, consider topics like dental insurance, holiday dental health tips and other tips, teeth whitening foods, the idea of color braces and many more.  

alexa 13,074,680
  • Valley Dental Health Valley Dental Health presents this family and cosmetic dentist blog loaded and reloaded with insightful and information feeds on dental care and oral health. You have matters like sedation dentistry, oral hygiene, dental anxiety, perfect smile, and more to read about.

alexa 13,375,688
  • The Smile Spot Children’s Dentistry Blog Stephen Kest, a DMD and pediatric dentist is the man behind this children’s top dental blog. Here he and his folks at The Smile Spot Children’s Dentistry discuss about numerous matters, included in which are diabetes and its effect on child’s oral health, among plenty others.

alexa 13,681,696
  • James Block Dentistry Here’s James Block Dentistry rockin’ smiles. Talking about the James Block Dentistry blog, there’s plenty you can pick in terms of information and ideas, like on flossing, cosmetic dentist, dental implants, healthy teeth tips, and teeth whitening, plus plenty more.  

alexa 14,123,994
  • Friendswood Dental Friendswood top Dental blog brings interesting dental updates for you to read and learn from. There are back to school tips. There are details on transforming your smile with cosmetic dentist. And there is plenty more revolving around dentist in Friendswood.

alexa 14,532,545
  • Joe Issacson Dental Joe Issacson Dental presents this dental blog and with it myriad informational feeds. While there are many relaying simple routine information helpful for everyday dental care, this blog has many intriguing feeds discussing complex matters like periodontal disease, and gum lift procedures among others.  

alexa 15,038,578
  • DentArana DentArana presents their top dental blog stocked and restocked with feeds helping you up your dental care game. From sharing the benefits of brushing and flossing to details about dental implants that you should be knowing, from treating yellow teeth to avoidable drinks, trust this blog to stuff you chock-full of information.

alexa 15,058,552
  • default A member of smile source, South Hill Dental was established in 1984. This dental blog by South Hill Dental shares plethora of dental tips followed by many useful feeds like DIY teeth whitening trends, or the ways to improving dental health, and more.  

alexa 15,158,839
  • The Dental Daily The Dental Daily’s founder and editor Arjun Chadha is dedicated towards creating oral health awareness among masses. That said, expect to read plenty helpful and plenty interesting stuff on The Dental Daily, for instance tooth jewelry, and micro brush stamp technique among others. Visit this one of the best dental blog now.

alexa 15,615,436
  • Smile Ballard Dr. Dominick Curalli is your Ballard dentist having purchased his Ballard practice from Dr. Craig Anderson. This Smile Ballard’s blog covers matters like dental anxiety, dentistry, dental news, dental implants, dental tips, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and news and events among others.  

alexa 15,850,351
  • Dr. Lordo Dr. Anthony Lordo, the name and brain behind this top dental blog is a DDS and a Worthington OH Dentist. On this dental blog by Dr. Lordo, you’ll find plenty to read on cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, dental health, sensitive teeth, and root canal among other things.

alexa 16,123,994
  • PCH Dental PCH Dental presents this Cherry Dental blog and the myriad dental feeds inside it. For those looking for and to read from Dentist in Long Beach, this blog will prove a boon. With discussions running left and center around smile, be it brightening or transforming it, among other things, you are up for an upgrade in your understanding of dental health and significance of smile.

alexa 16,478,836
  • Sonja Sproul Dentistry Sonja Sproul Dentistry provides plenty useful dental feeds to you by way of its Eugene Dentist blog. Featured on this best dental blog are discussions aimed at informing us readers about matters like modern dentistry and its benefits, and from design to dentistry. Though a tad less in quantity, it’s knowledge and information nonetheless.

alexa 16,602,722
  • CIPES Pediatric Dentistry CIPES Pediatric Dentistry offers a great chance at gathering information and knowledge on the blog, some off of the experience and some off the wisdom gained by the team. On the blog there’s industry news to catch followed by feeds covering dental health and smiles among others.

alexa 16,617,326
  • Legacy Dental Care Legacy Dental Care is based in Los Altos. Here for its interesting best dental blog that is loaded with tips that range from flossing tips to tips for healthy teeth, vacation and oral health to benefits of dental implants, among many other.  

alexa 17,968,012
  • Dix Hills Dentist Here’s the blog by Dix Hills Family Dentistry, bringing incredible feeds to you, topped with plenty knowledge and information. You’ll find how-tos here, kids tips from children’s dentist, info on work related dental injuries and healthy habits, plus many others.

Best 100 Dental Blogs

Here we are, done with the best 100 dental blogs. This is the point where we love to mention how incredibly abundant information you now have within easy reach.

Make the most of all that dental knowledge shared on the above mentioned top dental blogs. And when you have stocked your bags of knowledge well, do tell us how it all helped and how you found our endeavours. We’ll be waiting down at comments to read from you. Catch you soon.



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