Best 100 Dating Blogs For Those Seeking Love

Best 100 Dating Blogs For Those Seeking Love

Dating Blogs are wonderful resources for romantic hearts or those seeking love, for these blogs provide ample tips, advices, guides, ideas, and aid in the form of how-tos, signs, ways, and numerous insights and information.

To help all you love seekers, we present here this collection of Top dating blogs . Ranked on the basis of relevance, we have added a quick note of description under each of these top dating blogs. All for your aid.

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  • Independent Coming from Independent, that covers numerous fields, are various interesting feeds about dating. From bringing intriguing overall updates, like a quick report on bad dates in 2018, to interesting insights like the reason why your ex is constantly watching you Instagram story, is all covered and shared on Independents coverage on dating.

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  • Plenty Of Fish Blog Here is Plenty of Fish Blog presenting current trends on almost every aspect of relationships, love and dating. Along with that there are other interesting feeds, like a feature called Plenty of Fish Love Story, and other useful posts like tips, how-tos, guides, ideas, best practices and much more

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  • Glamour A source for what matters to women now, ranging between outfit ideas and makeup tutorials, celebrity news and politics, and more, Glamour provides a useful coverage on sex and relationships, with dating a strong part of it. From rules, say of being friends with benefits to best practices, like things you shouldn?t do on Tinder, expect to find plenty helpful info here.

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  • Love & HARMONY Catch advice from the eharmony experts on Love And Harmony. Talking especially about dating, this one provides extensive dating advice, including expert advice, followed by feeds about breaking up, communication, being single, relationship advice, online date tips, and about you among others.

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  • Seventeen Providing you with the latest in fashion, dating, beauty, and health tips is Seventeen. About dating, this one has a special section for dating advice, which it shares with you. Presented here are ideas, say for first dates; stories, say celebs? first kiss stories; how-tos, say how to kiss; and just so much more

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  • Christian connection Catch numerous feeds about dating and relationships on Christian Connection. To give you a quick glimpse, there are tips, insights, reasons, and other interesting feeds aimed at solving your dilemmas and help you nail the dating game with right techniques, style and ways

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  • Flirt Helping you boost your dating skills is Flirt?s special dedication to dating. It provides useful articles for when you play properly you receive all the profits. You have pretty insightful feeds to read here, helping you understand relationships and dating better, while honing your skills for better.

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  • Get the Guy Get The Guy, or How To Get The Guy, helps you in, well, getting the guy, through feeds must we mention. This one presents extensive coverage on dating with smart insights, tips, secrets, moments, steps, to dos, how-tos, treats and so much more.

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  • Talk Space Here is the Talk Space talking about dating among other things. Focusing on dating, Talk Space makes a strong case in favor of guide and information by providing tips exuberantly along with how-tos, and more with helpful features like dating someone with anxiety or ask a therapist. Read on.

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  • Whats your price Let?s catch dating etiquette on Whats Your Price, one that is taking science out of dating, saying that it is in fact all about economics. Back to dating etiquette on this one, there is best practices to catch and learn from, along with trends, stories, guide and more. Plus, there are other talks including about movies, whats, and dating at large.

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  • Cupid Blog There is a lot to pick, read and gain understanding from on the Cupid Blog. First up is dating advice, with discussions around signs, ways, how-tos, safe dating and more. Next are feeds tagged matchmakers, where the folks here share interesting and helpful insights. There?s that and there?s more.

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  • Gaydar You got it right from the name. Gaydar here covers various matters in feeds such as culture, gay lifestyle, health and fitness, LGBT community, and of course dating advice. From insightful feeds to helpful advices, this one wonderfully attempts at preparing you for the best, while shining a good deal of light on the worst.

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  • Coffee meets bagel With a fancy name here is Coffee Meets Bagel, a free dating service that aids members in making meaningful connections. And you have its blog to help you with dating tips, date ideas, date stories and more, say insights, say truths of a perfect kiss.

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  • Miss travel Miss Travel, an online dating site for ones with passion for travel, brings you travel dating tips. And you know you need them considering you have an abundant love for travel. Now, talking about the contents, expect to read feeds like top museums for a first date, or best cities for a

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  • Paging Dr. Nerdlove Dr. NerdLove of Paging Dr. NerdLove is Harris O?Malley, a dating coach and internationally recognized blogger who provides geeks of all stripes with dating advice. You have much to watch here, and by that we mean the podcasts, aka the Paging Dr. NerdLove Episodes. Watch them all and find out how he has been making nerds sexier since long.

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  • Nicknotas Nick Notas, the name and brain behind this blog, is a dating and confidence coach for men, who has already helped thousands of men in conquering their fears, develop charismatic social skills, and build genuine self-esteem. Catch how-tos on this blog, along with best practices, whys, whats and more.

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  • Evanmarckatz The man is called Evan Marc Katz, and he is author of this blog, as well as a dating coach specializing in aiding strong, smart, and successful women understand men and connect with them. Coming from him are myriad dating feeds here, with plenty questions and their insightful answers.

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  • Sixty and me Sixty And Me is a wonderful blog to be catching senior dating advice from. Valuing your questions and offering answers to those, answers that may surprise you, is Sixty And Me with its senior dating advice ? a place where you can read a lot about dating after fifty or sixty, with dos and don?ts and more.

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  • Love is respect org Full of helpful information about relationships and dating, this Loveisrespect blog for you. Along with features on dating and hooking up, there are other critical matters discussed here too, like dynamics of abuse, safety and self-care, and supporting others among others. Feel free to read about any, especially about dating and hooking up.

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  • Gotham club Here?s one with an interesting name. It is called Gotham Club for some reason, and has abundant aid to offer you. Whether it is about things you should know, or guides to help you, this one seems to have covered and provided much for your benefit.

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  • Baggage reclaim Here is the blog called Baggage Reclaim ? a blog that aids in learning to love with self-esteem by breaking detrimental patterns - by Natalie. She loves to help solve cases like relationship patterns as well as shady situations by playing detective. Coming from her are dating advices, with a special feature called advice Wednesday.

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  • Spiritual singles With a sprinkle and a twinkle of spirituality, here is Spiritual Singles, a dating advice blog with spiritual dating tips for men and women. Jill Crosby, the owner and founder of Conscious Dating Network launched this flagship site, that is Spiritual Singles, in 2000. That said, expect to find astrology overviews here, with forecasts and intriguing as well as useful feeds covering spiritual dating.

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  • Dear wendy It?s about to get personal on this blog called Dear Wendy ? a relationship advice blog inspired by the column of the same name which was featured regularly on Wendy of Dear Wendy launched this site in January 2011, and shares a lot to help you, from polls to updates to weekly forum highlights to morning quickies to other informational feeds.

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  • We love dates There is plenty to catch on this blog called WeLoveDates. First, there is the online dating section that covers mature dating, parent dating, casual dating, Christian dating, gay dating, and dating advice among others. Next, there are date ideas and more.

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  • Love life You have expert dating advice and opinion to read on Love Life ? a dating blog from There is much for him, and for her, which together makes up for a mind-blowing resource of dating advice. Further along, this one also discusses date ideas. A win-win we say.

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  • Stitch Helping mature adults, that is over fifty, find companionship they need is this community called Stitch. Available here are numerous feeds about dating, which generally discuss about dating after fifty, from getting ready to finding love, topped with how-tos and other aid.

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  • Love systems A dating resource for men, Love Systems is best known for its live training. Available on this blog is dating advice, including first date advice and relationship tips for men. Along with that there are how-tos, say about asking a girl out, or texting a girl, and tips, say professional photo tips, and more.

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  • Science of Relationships Science of Relationships is a rebuttal to opinion-based relationship advice. Instead here the folks behind it take research findings from various fields including sociology, communication, family studies, and psychology among others. From writers who are relationship gurus, as they say here, comes helpful insights, and interesting feeds

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  • Absolute Ability Here you have Absolute Ability, authored by Tony, a dating and life coach, and an author with ten years of experience where seven were spent as a professional confidence coach. Presented by him are helpful feeds with how-tos, explanations like differences, steps, and other insightful posts.

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  • Sexy confidence This blog called Sexy Confidence was founded by Adam LoDolce, a dating confidence expert. You can learn a lot from him and this blog that presents how-to guides like one about starting to date again; tips, say for first dates for women, or about getting over breakups; and much more

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  • EmLovz Em, aka Emyli, of EmLovz, is also the owner and founder of this site, and was a health and wellness coach. Today she coaches men on dating. Coming from here on the blog are dating advice for men, with feeds about first dates, conversation, confidence, attraction, relationships, online dating, and strategy among others.

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  • Here?s the shortcut to break-up recovery, in the form of ? a blog by Eddie Corbano. Available here are dating tips with feeds like one discussing pickup lines, or signs of male body language flirting, or a guide on being more attractive to men and more.

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  • 50 more This is the 50 More blog helping you with blogposts about dating over 50. You are most likely to catch myriad dating advices here, say the ones according to men that women should follow; along with things to know; how-tos, and more

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  • InstaBrainer Here?s a diverse group made of industry leaders including psychology research writers, tech professionals and web developers. It?s called InstaBrainer and it spreads ideas and tips while discussing about ways for improving life and work quality. A little off the hook as that may sound, there are numerous dating tips and feeds to read here too, with how-tos, signs, and more.

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  • Single dating diva Suzie is the Single Dating Diva here to help you attract the love that you desire. Suzie is a published academic author, public relations and communications professional, and a writer with an award-winning site. Here she shares best practices, how-tos, cheat sheets and more.

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  • The Urban Dater Here is a blog about relationships, online dating and sex. This is The Urban Dater for you. To catch here are various feeds about dating and relationships, covering fashion, self, opinions, and tips and advice as well. Along with that there are feeds about online dating covering dating apps, and others for men, and for women.

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  • Dating advice guy You have the online dating blog here called Dating Advice Guy. Brad is the guy of the Dating Advice Guy and created this site which was formerly called Coming from him is advice based on his own experiences, as well as from conversations he has had with others through internet of dating.

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  • Dating with Dignity Dating with Dignity is a blog by expert relationship coach Marni Battista. She holds a Master?s in Education and is also a certified life coach. There is a lot to learn from her by way of this blog and inside it, various podcasts, with how-tos, and more pieces of information

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  • Cyber-Dating Expert Cyber-Dating Expert is an interesting blog to read and learn from. Brought to you by Julie Spira, an online dating expert and digital matchmaker, this blog useful feeds discussing about apps, relationships, and overall the wide, wide world of cyberdating.

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  • The Guyliner Presenting dating 101 is The Guyliner. The man, The Guyliner himself, is called Justin, and he is a freelance writer and editor. Here he helps you with pretty interesting and insightful feeds, like reasoning why to ditch your boyfriend, pointing at ways to destroy relationship, and others.

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  • Onlinepersonalswatch Promising no ads, no fluffs but just raw news summaries and CEO interviews is Online Personals Watch. But that is not all that it offers. In fact, it also provides a pretty fascinating view of the dating world with feeds covering sites, apps, and more

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  • It's Never Too Late For Love Never Too Late, aka It?s Never Too Late For Love presents the Dating Advice Blog here. Ronnie Ann Ryan, the dating coach for women over 50, is the lady behind this blog. There are interesting insights brought to light by her, say for questions like why he won?t tell you the truth, or why he is still texting even if he is not interested, and others.

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  • Kate spring Kate Spring, the name and brain behind this blog, is a men?s attraction and dating coach from Vancouver in Canada, and teaches men on becoming irresistible to women. Here on the blog she shares free advice articles and videos, together with how-tos, signs, best practices and more.

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  • Susan winter A professional love and life mentor, Susan Winter is the name and brain behind this blog. She is a bestselling author and a relationship author. Shared by her are articles on this blog offering insights, guides, and informational feeds discussing about signs, red flags and more.

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  • Last First Date Coming with hope and confidence to love again is Last First Date. It is a blog by Sandy, a TedX speaker. She shares hot tips, tools and dating advice for single women over forty. Matters discussed by her include flirting, communication skills in dating, dating in midlife, and dating after divorce among others.

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  • The professional wingman This is The Professional Wingman Blog, and before we discuss what it is about or interesting in, let?s clear what it is not about and interested in, and that is getting people laid. Thomas is The Professional Wingman and comes with a touching story. Here, on the blog, he shares advices, how-tos, rules of dating and more.

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  • EZ Datinf Coach This is EZ Dating Coach, founded by Mike Goldstein, a professional dating coach, public speaker and author. Available the EZ Dating Coach ?s blog is a cornucopia of informational feeds covering matters such as dating, early relationship, and relationship advice among others.

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  • Doc Love Here you have the Doc Love Blog. Packed inside useful feeds is insightful information, especially when considering features like dating women advice, readers questions, and posts like must have strategies, and more aimed at helping those looking for sorting their dating scene.

alexa 2,177,803
  • Deanna lorraine The lady with a fascinating name, Deanna Lorraine, has spent a decade professionally coaching men and women across the globe. This here is DeAnnas Dating Blog. You will find here talks around dating, with a focus on emotions, dating success, and more

alexa 2,357,733
  • James Preece Here?s the dating guru James Preece, the name and brain behind this blog as well as a Dating Expert in the UK, bringing you relevant feeds with a prime focus on dating. From how-tos to dating and other tips, relationship tips to dating quotes, expect to find it all on this blog

alexa 2,701,627
  • DBAG Dating On DBAG Dating, a New York based chronicle, you have a series of diligently curated dating disasters, that are brought to you from both sides of the Atlantic. There are various intriguing features you can choose to catch here as well, like musings of the mind, and typecasting among others.

alexa 2,806,674
  • Alexis meads Alexi Meads, the lady with a spark building up this blog, is a dating expert and results coach for women, ones who are looking for love. She is also the founder of the Crazy Wild Love Academy and coaches Tony Robbins clients, between writing for Huffington Post and others. Read from her insightful and informational feeds with and without how-tos.

alexa 2,928,242
  • Love in 90 days This is the relationship advice blog by Love In 90 Days. Inside it are dating tips to explore and learn from, with much more including singularly or plurally, what-to-dos, how-tos, dating dilemmas, best ways, beliefs, dating confidence, tips, and much more.

alexa 2,991,383
  • Eflirt Get online dating tips here on eFlirt. It has a vast stock of how-tos with frequent updates. It also has guides, like holiday gift guides for new couples. Then it has answers to various whats, whys and hows. And there is so much more awaiting to be explored

alexa 3,177,743
  • Naomi Narrative Naomi of Naomi Narrative is a twenty something blue-eyed blonde-haired city girl who talks about sex and relationships. Feel free to read her blog and learn from her mistakes, while catching dating advice on the go, or slowing down and reading other helpful features showcasing guides, or simply, information.

alexa 3,429,607
  • Wendy newman Wendy Newman, the name and brain behind this blog, is a speaker, dating and relationship expert and a media celebrated author. And here she talks about dating with feeds like weird things which men fall in love with, dos and don?ts of online dating, and others.

alexa 3,818,234
  • Drawing Down the Moon It?s personal matchmaking on Drawing Down The Moon. About its dating blog, there is romance all over, and by that we mean feeds. Be it about romantic restaurants or dating Mr. Perfect, date with destiny or romantic Christmas date ideas, Drawing Down The Moon is the blog for you romantic hearts.

alexa 4,239,374
  • The Problem With Dating The Problem With Dating was created by Bruna and has now expanded sharing voices of many adults who venturing in or maneuvering their way through the world of love. With dating in the name how can there not be dating on the blog, we mean feeds. There is abundant information and aid in the form of how-tos, tips, guides and more.

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  • Datelicious Telling you where to meet them is Datelicious, your virtual guide to relationships and dating. From things to avoid to how-tos, tips to reviews, about apps to other pieces of information, there is enough to guide you through on this blog by Datelicious.

alexa 4,611,740
  • Agape match Agape Match, a New York City based award winning matchmaking service brings you various features about dating on its blog. There are first date tips to catch, amidst never-dos, dating advices, tips and more. So, get your reading glasses and get on Agape Match.

alexa 4,864,439
  • Lunch Dates Matchmakers in Boston for over 30 years, LunchDates brings you Boston dating advice. For women as well as men this one presents advice, with dating advice in general. Plus, this has feeds about online dating, dating over forty, holiday dating, and Boston dating among others.

alexa 5,116,786
  • Master Offline Dating Blog This is the blog of Master Offline Dating. Inside the blog are various features guiding you with beauty tips, and feeds covering body language, conversation skills, break-ups, mindsets and emotions, human behavior and general dating at large. Interestingly, this one presents case studies as well.

alexa 5,401,857
  • LUMA LUMA is short for Luxe Matchmaking, founded by April Davis. Bearing a peculiar blog of its own, this one offers dating advice and tips, say for dating profiles; followed by how-tos as well, say for meeting women successfully, and other insightful feeds like one discussing about keeping it real when dating

alexa 5,550,400
  • Romancoholic? Editor-in-Chief of Romancoholic says it is different. And it possibly may, we leave the decision at your discretion of course, as you look at all the dating posts. There are posts as intriguing as one talking the games to play with a guy over text, or rules to remember when dating older men.

alexa 5,761,242
  • SINGLEFIED Catch dating advice for guys, from a girl on SINGLEFIED. And that girl is Yue Xu, a dating advisor, and dating sociologist as well as the Founder of Singlefied. With a special feature called Ask Miss Singfield, you can expect to find useful answers for your various queries.

alexa 6,241,791
  • Joann cohen The name and brain behind this blog, Joann Cohen, is a matchmaker and a dating coach for successful single women and men. Provided by her are advices, both for men and women, with dating advice in general, followed by feeds about online dating and more.

alexa 6,681,031
  • Something more Here is the premier matchmaking service for executive singles in Austin. It reasons you well with feeds about why you are single again, and helps you well with how-tos, say for getting off first date hamster wheel, and many more informational and insightful feeds are available for your aid.

alexa 7,172,049
  • Hunt Ethridge Hunt Ethridge, the name behind this blog, the man himself is an award-winning dating and relationship expert. Catch his dating advice here, which also comes packed with how-tos and other useful features, making it a cool stop for your dating aid needs.

alexa 7,203,907
  • Wingmam What you can do with the aid of this one is fast-forward to your happily ever after. While you are up for that, do take a fine look at the blog which brings interesting updates and feeds like when you should text the girl, or benefits of friendzone and more.

alexa 7,347,988
  • Chantal Heide Chantal Heide is the name of the lady behind this blog. The lady herself is a believer of the healing power of love and so, presents useful feeds for your aid, while answering various questions on the blog, like one asking when should one be introducing a new relationship to kids.

alexa 7,485,593
  • One on One Matchmaking Located in Atlanta, One On One Matchmaking is a boutique dating service for such singles as ones interested in highest level of personal attention. And this is the One On One Matchmaking blog presenting feeds about dating challenges, dating for women, and more including dating 101

alexa 8,233,098
  • Damona Hoffman Damona Hoffman is the brain and name behind this blog. Along with that she is a dating expert of the new generation. Coming from her are tips, like dating profile tips, and various read-worthy aidfull features like why it is that you should now stop overlooking nice guys.

alexa 8,546,153
  • Amie the Dating Coach Amie The Dating Coach is here to help you take charge of your life. Amie Leadingham is the lady bringing you first date tips, and other tips; ways to know when he may be playing with your heart, and other guides; giving you insights about finding lasting love; and many more insights and pieces of information.

alexa 8,889,623
  • Get a love life Here is dating coaching for middle singles in the name of Get A Love Life. Annie is your coach here guiding you from dating to love, and providing expert relationship and dating advice as a

alexa 9,075,590
  • Single warehouse Catch feeds about dating on Single Warehouse, with Jonathan Bird as the Managing Director, and Meena Avery and Managing Editor. And about the feeds expect to find ones like finding the right woman, or how to start online dating, or tips for meeting family of your gay partner and more.

alexa 9,947,188
  • Its just lunch It?s Just Lunch, a personalized matchmaking service, brings you this blog, inside which are dating tips, trends and the singles scene. Expect to find here feeds like important first date questions to ask, or things to do before staring dating, and many more

alexa 10,145,357
  • Dating and Other Stories This dating blog called Dating and Other Stories is aimed at helping people get rid of toxic life patterns and find relationships they really want. Seek that aid over myriad feeds here covering breakups, dating, sex, and get your ex back, followed by tips for women and men.

alexa 10,398,043
  • Nine gps Here is the Modern Dating and Relationship blog by NineGPS. Feel free to draw aid off of the how-tos like one for telling whether you are a self-centered dater; and find reasons on, say why men pull away during dating; and catch tips, say for avoiding online dating scam; and read much more.

alexa 11,280,348
  • is a wonderful blog to read about dating. The Queen Of Hearts, that is Kim Sarasin is a relationship expert, specializing in helping women balance their masculine energy and more. Read from her numerous feeds covering dating and its elements.

alexa 11,863,302
  • The Dating Directory You have The Dating Directory here by Renee Slansky, an Autralian TV presenter, motivational speaker, and writer. Find dating tips from her with other feeds covering dating rules, and more, plus how-tos, ways, reasons, guides, dating 101 and a lot more stocked with information.

alexa 13,261,502
  • Gideon hanekom The man and the name behind this blog, Gideon Hanekom, is a relationship coach in New Zealand. From him, available on this blog, are several dating advices, with feeds covering matters like relationship issues, breaking up, understanding men, marriage, and communication among others.

alexa 13,763,062
  • Brand you max Brand You Max is founded by Laura Gub - a photographer, blogger and former model, carrying experience in legal administration, business management, and consultancy. Available on Brand You Max?s blog are feeds about first dates, dating apps, men dating, women dating, online dating tips, and more.

alexa NA
  • Girls' Guide to Healthy Dating Here is Girls? Guide To Healthy Dating, a blog by Kim, who has written a book with the same name. She is also an educator and online dating columnist, besides being and author. Catch dating and relationship ideas from her, followed by feeds covering compatibility, healthier dating, challenges in dating, and dating differently among others.

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  • Rachel Dack Rachel Dack, the name and brain behind this blog, is a dating and relationship coach, a licensed psychotherapist, nationally certified counselor and writer. Find aid from here on this blog in the form of how-tos, ways, tips, reasons, guides and more.

alexa NA
  • Consum mate Here is Consum-mate, a relationship news and all that blog. Read about dating technologies on this blog, which also covers research on dating and relationships, which together are as delightful to read as informational. A sure-shot guidance, you must read to decide

alexa NA
  • Motivated to marry On Motivated To Marry, Amy Schoen is illuminating your path to finding a lasting love. Schoen is a relationship and dating expert since 2004. This blog on Motivated To Marry brings you wonderful ways to up your dating game; with how-tos, insights and much more.

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  • Sarah Louise Ryan This name and blog, Sarah Louise Ryan, belongs to a brilliant woman. She is a dating and relationship expert. And here she brings you interesting insights while extending aid with steps, guides, tips, ways, signs and mumerous other helpful feeds.

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  • Dating Coach Jo Barnett is the Dating Coach and relationship expert, and a mother of two. Here she brings you this dating and relationship blog with intriguing feeds like one stating even celebrities need aid dating. So, before you swipe right or left on Tinder, consider reading this blog.

alexa NA
  • Dating With Confidence? You have Dating With Confidence here showing women how it is that they can create the kind of love life they desire. Behind this blog is a lovely lady, Raeeka Yaghmai, the founder and CEO. She is certified by International Coach Federation. Catch tips from her and more including feeds covering confidence and love, and dating mistakes to avoid among others.

Rejoice, ladies and gentleman for now you have a best 100 dating blogs to read and learn from. Each makes a strong case in favor of sorting your dating game with the right aid, though matter, of course, varies. So, pick any of these top hundred dating blogs to seek insights and information.

While you are up to it, do care to share the love. And you know a word from you will make our day. So, keep us informed about how it helped via an email or a comment.


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