Best 100 Cycling Blogs To Paddle Your Way

Top Cycling Blogs

Blogs have become the widest resource of learning just anything and everything that we fancy. And today, much like us, you are fancying cycling. So, as your partners in crime, here we bring you the widest resource of the blogs on cycling and biking.Best Cycling blogs make the perfect basis for knowing the best places for cycling, the best bikes to go biking on, the best trails to pick for biking, the best ways for fixing bicycles, the best routes for biking, the best ideas about biking, the best tips and tricks for bikers and there’s so much more.

How about you find the rest for yourself, quite like that wonderful scenic place, to be experienced much by visiting IRL than on the world wide web. Here are the world’s best 100 cycling blogs for you to gauge, follow, learn and find what fits best for you and your bicycle.

  • Telegraph So, here’s Telegraph informing you on the latests in the sports of cycling. Flashing and covering plenty of major tours around the globe. This is accompanied by plenty of their cycling podcasts. And when backed by news and opinions n biking, they make for a perfect recipe to be served fresh on top of our best hundred cycling blog list.

  • MIT From the MIT Cycling Club, this blog offers tremendously intriguing feeds on cycling. Catch the MIT Cycling Team Blog for the latest news on cycling, followed by race reports. Many a times these cycling reports and blogs are presented with recaps on the cycling haps, over the weekends, mostly.

  • Mirror Now we have heard of Mirror at one point or the other. Being a conglomerate of all things an online information galore should bear, including news, politics, celebs, TV, film, finance, money, travel fashion and sports, it fetches the latests on whatever’s trending in the world. And on cycling it has some pretty fancy stuff to quench our thirst of information.

  • Euro Sport Euro Sports cycling blog is the best thing you’ll see today if you are a cycling enthusiast. It’s loaded with feeds on cycling tours, like a three-sixty-degree coverage with videos as well. To top it, Euro Sport fetches you the latest news on the sports of cycling, making you drool and follow for more.

  • Bike Radar Bike Radar is your urban dude who knows pretty much everything, only convert it to a cycling blog, talking all things it knows on the sport of cycling. So, what is it that you can expect to read on Bike Radar? Pretty much everything, like we mentioned, bike reviews, bike how-to’s, news, features and even deals.

  • Cycling News A major FOMO on this one, Cycling News will simply make you pick your bike and helmet right away, load it in the cab of your truck or just leave like that, paddling and gearing it up. There’s plenty to be read here, much on the latest cycling news, races, teams, cycling tech among others.

  • Rick Steves Rick Steves excursions are pretty fancy. His ideas and execution of those ideas into exploring Europe are powerful enough to make you switch from wonder to wander with such magnificent ease. When talking about cycling, he has traveled places on bike and how that has turned out, see for yourself.

  • Bike Rumor So, rumor has it that you love biking. And so do we. How else you think we could have heard the rumor and therefore, brought you the Bike Rumor. When talking about this blog, you are in for a major surprise. There is just so much to read and learn and ultimately deploy.

  • Cycling Tips Are you here for some interesting cycling tips? Cool, let’s fetch you those. And if you are not, dear one, then you should. Seriously, you won’t regret taking our advice. First, there’s news on racing and cycling. But what’s new, you say? It’s the featured adventures. And they are breathtaking. Then there’s this deal with women’s cycling which you as woman will love.

  • default What’s your plan then? That new bike you bought or are planning to buy, where do you think you would take it? Right, let’s take one step at a time and begin with bike buying guides on Merlin Cycles. And while you are at it, we know reviews always prove a major aid. For the riders, already with a ride, we mean bike, check their how to guides.

  • Peak Endurance This blog by Peak Endurance Coaching, brings you enough blogs on cycling to fill your backpack with cool cycling feeds. There’s plenty on how tos, for instance ideas on rescuing your cycle season. Then, they serve you feeds on reviews and the other kinda stuff you know you need, like tips on strength building.

  • Trainer Road Trainer Road trains you not only in biking on the road but also in surviving on the road. Much on the similar track, their blog posts help you build your strength, manage the training plans, get faster with your bike and much more.

  • The Adventure Junkie It’s a badge of honor in a very peculiar way, being The Adventure Junkie and to be able to give the non-junkies something to look on the Instagram and awe at. This blog, The Adventure Junkie, undoubtedly talks enough on cycling, including touring tips majorly.

  • Felt Bicycles Felt, the brand making cool bikes ready to be paddled by you, has this amazing blog you may or may not have encountered until now. Bringing to you the latest news from the biking world, Felt Bicycle fills your appetite right with the winners and the races, the tours and updates on their bikes, and much more.

  • Sus Trance The cycling blog by Sus Trance makes it easy for you to fell in love with cycling, and if you already are in love with cycling then brace yourself for you are about to fell in love all over again. On this blog, you can expect to read majorly inspiring opinions and ideas revolving around cycling, along with news and reports around cycling.

  • Inrng The Inner Ring blog on cycling is a complete package you need today. It prepares, packs and presents the latest news on cycling along with covering and wrapping the major cycling tours. With many tips and tricks, and roads to ride, you know your bike life is pretty sorted.

  • Love To Ride Don’t we just love to ride. The times when cool breezes touch our faces and we breathe in the fresh air, riding through the greens on either side, what a mesmerizing feeling. Love To Ride brings you much of that love in the form of their multi-dimensional blogs on bikes and biking.

  • Bike Portland One from Portland, this blog makes our decision to bike and keep biking stronger. Seriously. Capturing all things revolving around biking, minutely or majorly, Bike Portland stays firm on the ground with its relatively stronger blog feeds.

  • Reid Cycles Reid Cycles blog takes their love for cycling and your love for cycling to whole different level. With its posts on exercising and staying fit for cycling they make a fact to indulge all, new and old, young and bold, through their posts. So, there’s something for all and all on biking.

  • PEZ Cycling News PEZ Cycling news is pretty amazing. Why, is a pretty good question to ask. Allow us to put down the details and then you decide for yourself. One, they share latest news on cycling, of course goes without saying. Two, they share gabs on tech and spec. Three, they cover features and present interviews. Four, enough reasons to see more for yourself.

  • Sticky Bottle Though blogs and bottle do not rhyme but they make for a perfect match when put this way, bike blogs on Sticky Bottle. They cover tours on cycles, a major plus. They cover cycling in various cities, second major plus. They opinionate on cycling and stuff with cool ideas, third major plus

  • Castelli Cycling Castelli Cycling fetches you insider news on cycling. Their coverage is bang on with some interesting inputs and additions, hard to find anywhere else. Fetching you details and coverage on triathlons and tours, they ensure you don’t miss on anything and hence, presents the journey through photos.

  • The Guardian The Guardian makes a fair presence in our list, and a well-deserved one at that. This bike blog presentation of The Guardian is quite appealing and as inspiring as it is informing. Their Cycles Week coverage is entertaining and makes for a cool read. So does their bike rides and news.

  • London Cyclist London Cyclist brings you much of all you wish to know about cycling. Right from cycling gear including clothing and cycling accessories and even services to the cycle routes in London, this one’s your London cyclist pal, you can follow or simply stalk for more words of wisdom.

  • Train Right Train Right’s blogs on cycling trains you right with their information on training, nutrition, motivation, strategy and simply cycling it right and training it right. Every nick nack under the tyres is covered by Train Right, well mostly, including mental toughness.

  • Podium Café For cycling fans and cyclists, Podium Cafes posts are the kind of darts which hit the bulls eye every single time. With blogs from cyclists, experts and fans, Podium Café will come out as a pile of information your best mate shared and at the same time the knowledge your mentor bestowed. It’s that good

  • Bicycle Tutor They are the tutors you need to fill the void of information and knowledge on biking and bikers. Bicycle Tours loads you with plenty how to’s, helping you fix your own bikes, add cool stuff to it. And we must add how to’s on installing stuff in your bicycle like front and back derailleur.

  • Vulpine Vulpine’s cycle blogs have all the good vibes. It’s that one place online, capable of infusing serenity in you instantly. Having said that, consider their post called every cyclist is a good cyclist. And then, simply scroll and read, that’s the best way to create your own inspiring weekend.

  • Red Kite Prayer Here’s the soul of cycling. Truly. When we look at their blogs, cycling is sprayed, casted, scented, melted and what not. And then when we look at their categories, we couldn’t help but thank them silently for all their efforts. In case you are wondering what all it beholds and offers, then it’s got feeds on cycle’s body, the mind aka mechanism of it and sound and stuff.

  • Bums On The Saddle We like how they care about cycling in India and have aimed at redefining the way cycling is experienced in India. So, it’s pretty much clear that Bums On The Saddle captures events in India, mostly. And many of their blogs revolve around imparting knowledge on cycling and training centers and stuff to Indians primarily. But still, there’s plenty to find for others.

  • Free Wheeling France And the name says it all again. This one has rode all the way from France to reach our best hundred blog list. Free Wheeling France makes a point about cycling in France, actually plenty, with their feeds on bike ride routes, carrying bikes while commuting and more.

  • Bike Hacks Hack that whip! They say. And how? Well, they have laid down pretty interesting feeds to find for ourselves. Bike Hacks have a fascinating way of putting across things which could easily be taken for quirky. So, sometimes fascinating and sometimes quirky, they present blogs with two constant things, biking and love for biking.

  • Seattle Bike Blog Seattle Bike Blog reaches you with feeds from Seattle. Their smartly and subtly laid down bike maps of places in and around Seattle can prove a major aid at the right time. Plus, if you are in Seattle and riding a bike, you can easily track the right routes, thanks to their bike route alerts.

  • Cyclocosm If you are a fan of videos and love your cycling feeds in the form of videos, then Cyclocosm is the place for you. Covering the tours and races from stage one until the final stage, they give you plenty such reasons to follow their tracks and stay merrier.

  • Irish Cycle Here’s a blog for the Irish men and women. Irish Cycle brings the news and their views on cycling in Ireland. Begin with news, if that’s something you fancy more than anything else but might we suggest you must visit their comment and analysis sooner or later.

  • LCC LCC, short for London Cycling Campaign brings to you the latest from the cycling city of London. From routes to roads that work for cyclists, their blogs are the best way to stay updated with the riding and biking feeds when living in the London city.

  • Sportive Cyclist We like how they define their basis as the ones Extending training advice and motivation for no-pro cyclists. And true to their words there is no dearth of either training advice or motivation advice on Sportive Cyclist. And between that there are lots of intriguing, offbeat feeds.

  • NCNCA Northern California Nevada Cycling Association makes it interesting to be a cyclist in the twenty first century. With their galore of information ready to be availed and benefitted from, anyone from non-pro to pro cyclist can know the races that are happening and the races that has happened, among other things.

  • Holland Cycling Presenting your internet guide to cycling in Holland. We like how they create and write their blogs on cycling in Holland. With their interesting ideas, one is sure to churn out as much fun as one can from this super fun activity. And that is not all there is, count some serious stuff in the mix too.

  • Cycle Chic To help you cycle in style, here’s the Cycle Chic for you. There’s much to be inspired from when visiting the Cycle Chic, right from Cycle Chic style quotient to Cycle Chic heroes. Later, when in need for some more inspiration, look at their awards and trends.

  • Skedaddle Saddle Skedaddle is going to give you a major FOMO, making you plan to check all that’s left to cover on your bucket list. As you sight and sigh at every blog, make a note of reading what all they have covered and how, including all the challenges they keep talking about.

  • Cycling Challenge Cycling Challenge brings you the best of cycling in the alps along with plenty tips and tricks on making that ride successfully. Feel free to dig in their galore of maps which include Switzerland, Vosges Mountains, French alps and more. Also, keep a tab on their mountain bikes.

  • Blaze Blaze’s biking blog is a captivating one, much with its picturesque layout and much more with its interesting blog feed. Making biking more fun, their subtle presentation of ideas between the blog feeds make Blaze’s biking blog a cool read.

  • Cyclelicious Quite like that sumptuous dish on your table or that picture of a delicious dish on the web, Cyclelicious is a pretty tempting blog for cycling enthusiasts. Fetching the latest cycling news, Cyclelicious makes for as tempting a cycling blog as an informative blog on biking.

  • Bike Commuters Bike your drive is how they say it at Bike Commuters. From cycling book reviews to bike to work month, they sure know how to make biking more fun an adventure, something to be decidedly and definitely included in ones daily life. And did we mention they do it so subtly?

  • FYXO FYXO is over a decade and a half old venture of Andy, a traveler and adventurer. Being born out of an adventurous man, it’s hard to expect anything less from FYXO. Bundled with loads of blogs on all things biking, including bikers and latest developments in the world of biking, FYXO is like a bikes gear. You would know it’s significance now.

  • Outdoor NI From the realms of Northern Ireland, Outdoor Norther Ireland is the biking fix you need if NI is where you belong. Their interesting ideas and reasons behind them are totally on point, more so when talking about safety in biking, especially when on road, read busy road.

  • Dave’s Bike Blog Dave’s Bike Blog is an ex-bicycle frame builders personal thoughts on a myriad of topics pertaining to biking, including history, tech, bike culture and, as he says, often life in general. At this point, we should mention, some of his blogs can leave you in splits and others can make you bite your nails.

  • Cycle Plan So, what’s your plan? Let’s cycle! While the timing of that question is a little too late, the mention of Cycle Plan, possibly not. We like how they cover the bike tours and the pictures they present, which are pretty fascinating to say the least.

  • Yellow Jersey Yellow Jersey’s Cycle Hub is where you can plan to spend time between the breaks from work or on the weekends when you are not out, having another biking adventure. From advices and tips on bikes, biking and bike maintenance to guides and other blogs, they make up for every minute spent on their blog.

  • Bespoke Cycling Bespoke Cycling is your place to be at when thinking why is it that you decided in favor of biking and undoubtedly during times when in need of quick bike reviews, to learn which one works better than the other. Between that it’s all bikes and biking, routes and travels.

  • TDA Global Cycling The biking blogs you will find at TDA Global Cycling are bound to lift your spirits, at least that’s where chances are pointing at. Helping all the global cyclists learn the best ways to make that cycle tour around the routes on the checklist, TDA Global Cycling makes for a must-follow cycling blog on our list.

  • ProWomen’s Cycling Keeping feminism aside, this blog proves the fact that there are plenty of women pro-cyclists and two that being a pro-cyclist requires courage, dedication, and diligence. Enough said, ProWomen’s Cycling captures and presents women’s cycling tours, along with podcasts and tips and trick on cycling.

  • Challenge Sophie With a motto of breathe, smile, believe, Sophie Radcliffe of Challenge Sophie has plenty credentials to flaunt, like being the only person to have climbed highest mountains in eight alpine countries or cycled 300 kms from London to Paris in 24 hours. You know you are up for a great treat when visiting her blog.

  • The Bike Show So, this one’s a podcast and blog coming straight from world’s most popular bicycling radio show, as they say. The Bike Show presents, through audios and videos and words, cycle races, rides, opinions and plenty more. As we love to say, feel free to tag along.

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  • default Sure, Wheek Worx, but it’s how that we are fancying right now. To answer that, let’s pick the word how, so all the how to’s you have been wondering about, even the ones which have not passed your mind yet, are all answered here. To make matters cooler, there are new ideas, ride coverage and more.

  • Hooked On Cycling For those who are, you know, hooked on cycling, life’s an amazing adventure. For those who are not, and perhaps are exploring this sport, your life’s going to get a major upgrade. Between that all the stuff Hooked On Cycling brings you, starting with cycling and ending with cycling, lends you a keen insight on the trends, races and rides and also, through disguise, how to make your life more fun.

  • Bicycle Adventures Some adventures are best had at a tad slower pace. Think sky diving, how fun would it be if instead of dropping at 124 miles per hour one could drop at say 50 miles per hour. Quite like that, cycling makes speed a tad slower and adventure so fast and furious. Bicycle Adventures blog is much about laying down those adventures and ensuring they are backed with enough info.

  • Community Cycling Center Community Cycling Center’s blog keeps you updated with their world of cycling as much as the general world of cycling. You can learn through their blog what’s trending in their community, the upcoming camps in Portland, volunteer spotlights and more about biking in Portland where they are based.

  • BFW This is the Bicycle blog of Wisconsin. And from Wisconsin they bring the latest races and covers some of those races. Their bike week blogs are pretty dap too. Their words and talks can have an instant effect on everything around you, making all appear too good in the world. Really.

  • Cycling Embassy Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s blog lends an interesting view on cycling, even on others varied views on cycling. Many a times, their feeds are strong enough to intrigue with completely fascinating points of views on a number of ideas and news revolving around cycling.

  • Bike Transalp There’s nothing like having all things in one place, ain’t it all the procrastinator fellas. Well, it is for us at least. And so, we love Bike Transalp’s media library loaded with tour and race photos and videos. The best they do is biking across the alps and better than the best they do is inspire folks like us to go on a biking adventure right away.

  • The Washing Machine Post Higher. Further. Faster. With an as motivating statement as that, won’t we just fell in love with them and biking, like getting totally ready to take that time out to climb. They put forth plenty of their views and experiences on cycling and plenty more others views. And both of them are simply amazing to read.

  • Ireland Ways Through cycling the wild Atlantic way, Ireland Ways gives us another reason to deroute and gear up our bikes towards the Atlantic. While Ireland is a beautiful country, needing neither any introduction nor sugarcoated praises, and to be able to cycle there, now that would be some kind of a bucketlist. Won’t you agree? If you do, get more details and ideas on Ireland Ways.

  • Ciclismo Classico Bike lovers and passionate cyclists are going to adore Ciclismo Classico for all the amazing blogposts on cycling and biking. Where to go for biking this fall? Let Ciclismo Classico tell you about the warm rides, harvest trips and all. Care for some mountain madness, bike right here.

  • Bikes And Stuff Juliet Elliott has been names one of the bike business’ most influential women in cycling. Not only that she has been featured in plenty of publications including Vogue Espania and Vogue Italia. Her blog, Bikes and Stuff, gives you all the right feeds on biking including plenty stuff on gear, mountain bike, touring, training and stuff.

  • Bike Blog NYC It’s nothing like anything. The Bike Blog NYC settles your quest for news on biking, including biking biz. With their interviews on bikers and stuff on bike shares, you as a biker, pro or not, will benefit much from all those details and loads of inspiration. Your biking life sure is going to get merrier.

  • Headset Express Here’s a place where you can read about all types of cycles under the sun from all type of people in the world, stealing a couple of their words. Headset Express was founded in 2014 by three cyclists and today their blog has ample amounts of knowledge and inspiration to imbibe in other fellow cyclists with varying interests in cycling.

  • Kevin Ellwood Kevin’s blog renders us a new way of living life. If haven’t seen his blog or read about him, you are in for major bow down. And his blog makes you love life as much as you love cycling, only more. He lays down many of his rides and their details for cyclists and bike enthusiasts to read and learn.

  • Cycling Europe What would Europe on a bicycle look like? Quite like Cycling Europe’s blog. Besides that revelation, you can expect to see and read about travel and cycling in various parts of Europe, and how beautiful such a travel experience looks like, right on Cycling Europe.

  • Women Who Cycle For all the Women Who Cycle, this blog comes as a piece of cake on a sunny morning. Coming from one woman to another, Women On Cycle talks about races, cyclists, precautions to be considered before heading to the road and a lot more.

  • John S Allen This is about what John S Allen comments on bicycling issues, more or less. John S Allen’s blog picks up places and issues plenty would have missed. His blog is a breath of fresh air, like the one in the alps or the county you have been riding your bike to.

  • The Cycling Blog Where’s that one place you can find all the tips and tricks and hints in doing the things right when it comes to biking. And the place teaching you all the how to’s you have been raving about or don’t even know exists. Now about the equipments that eat your mind like a maniac. Well, that place, with all those details is right here. That place is The Cycling Blog.

  • Total Coatia Cycling About Croatia, you know it’s a mesmerizing place to be in. About cycling, you know it’s an incredible activity to be engaged in. About Total Croatia Cycling, you would know there’s all the cycling news, fueling in Croatia, races rides and much more.

  • Saddle Drunk Are you intoxicated with the freedom of cycling? So, are they. Saddle Drunks blog is a lot about cycling as a non-pro as it is about the pros. From the riders who have learnt as much from training and guidance as from observations, one more than the other, Saddle Drunk offers you plenty blogs on cycling and stuff and rides and more.

  • The Bike Institute When something’s coming from an as dedicated a biking resource as The Bike Institute, you know you ought to see their offerings. So, The Bike Institute’s blog has stocked some cool informational feeds on biking and cycling, both the ins and outs of it.

  • Ordinary Cycling Girl Cheers to loving life and travel on two wheels as is the view of the Ordinary Cycling Girl. Donna, the Ordinary Cycling Girl lays down plenty stuff for cyclists to build their stamina and people at large to have a healthy life. Here, she talks about her travels, yoga, cycling with family and wellbeing.

  • Michael Valenti Sometimes an idea is good, but it’s the brilliant presentation that bowls us over. At Michael Valenti’s blog, you’ll find amazing ideas with brilliant execution and equally brilliant presentation. Talking on plenty things cycling, besides many things on art of cycling, Michael Valenti’s blog is keeper.

  • Cycling In India What’s Cycling In India like? It’s amazing take it either way. The answers you are most likely to find, apart from how’s and what’s of Cycling In India, are where to cycle in India, ways to merge cycling and trek and basically, how to actually start.

  • default First, be prepared to be enticed by the look of it. And then prepare yourself against major FOMO from all those enchanting pictures. Then when you get time, read all these pretty interesting blogposts on the cycling routes, cycle travels, and a lot more, even something on the art of writing a cycling book.

  • The Dandenong Ranges The Dandenong Ranges comes as a blog that will remind you of your latest excavation when the sky was grey and green all around. It’s amazing to sit back and read all that this blog has compiled up from travels to tours, mountain biking at steep pinches with an elevation of 21% and much more

  • default Here’s the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network with its blogposts on cycling and cyclist and updates in a cyclists life through cycling, including that of political genre. Much do they also talk about cycling safety and health benefits of cycling, and plenty more updates on cycling in Ireland.

  • Andalucian Cycling Experience When people care it shows, doesn’t it? That is exactly the case with Andalucian Cycling Experience’s blog. Coming straight from Spain and run by Ashley and Claire, this blog shows much of their invested energies into guiding us and preparing us for great cycling adventure.

  • India Cycle Trails Along with putting India’s scenic beauty at your disposal, India Cycle Trails, showcases what a cycling adventure in India could look like. Be it cycling through deserts of trailing through the mountains, India Cycle Trails prepares you for that impending adventure, visually and verbally.

  • Silber Procycling Blog by Silber ProCycling, indulges you much as it entices you. Though a lot for Pro Cyclists we recommend it to the non-procyclists as well, like you know inspiration comes from strangest and smartest of places. Once at it, don’t forget to checkout their cycle races.

  • default Not talking about life’s vicious circle, this is perhaps about the circle of a Vicious Cycle. This blog makes you understand much about cycling and a tad more about the bloggers escapades. One thing is certain, your spirits are up for a major lift.

  • Vamper If you have been looking out for the cycle and cycle kit reviews, Vamper is one place you will find that in abundance. Written, curated and presented by Matt and Victoria, Vamper gets an edge for being a dedicated source for both men and women cyclists. Must we mention, how we like their 60 seconds section.

  • Cycling Scot For the Cyclists living in Scotland or folks developing a soft corner for cycling or cyclists, in Scotland, Cycling Scot is the blog for you. We hit the treasure with this one when referring to advices about cycling in Scotland. But it’s the blogs which makes our hearts pop here.

  • Bike SA Blog Compiling adventurous experiences, best kits and accessories, odysseys and much more is Bike SA Blog for you. It’s quite pleasing to look at all those odysseys and adventures with such lively pictures making you wish you were in one of those, living that experience.

  • Cycle It Bringing the cycling adventure trips in India this time is Cycle It. There blogs, though of course a tad directed towards the Indian audience, are equipped sufficiently to capture the interest of global audience, especially for those planning a trip, be it in India or someplace else.

  • default It seems they have set the mojo pretty right. And so have they set the standards high. For cyclists this is a great place to be in for reading the kinda stuff you have always been fancying like challenges, road races, bike reviews, bike news and of course a lot more.

  • The Cycling Mayor Jennifer Trotman is The Cycling Mayor. And on this blog she is a power packed cyclist bringing her biking adventures, escapades and experiences to you. You might find it hard to part ways after entering this blog or move on easily without cycling, be it on the busy street and lanes of your city.

  • Total Cycling Performance Solving your concerns about the cycling performance is this blog bringing to you the Total Cycling Performance with their tips and tricks and cycling updates and news. Turn your handles in this direction to know where to head next and how.

  • Granville Bike Marks Cycling and Hiking Blog has fetched you much from many places, a first hand experience of places he has traveled, hiked or cycled to. Checkout the ride reports here to learn what’s been happening in other parts of the world when you may or may not have been sitting on your desk doing your day job.

  • Ride Cycle Spin Ride Cycle Spinis Steve’s Cycling Blog with weekly and monthly updates mostly about destination cycling and cycling thoughts and random thoughts about cycling. It’s fun to read what other bikers have been thinking between their cycling adventures.

  • Friendly Cyclist Quite a Friendly Cyclist here, seriously. Reading blogs here would make you feel you have known this person since ages. And as you read the thoughts and ideas here, making you fistpump reminiscing ‘dude that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking’.

  • Bikes And The City Bikes and The City’s cycling blog keeps us hooked with its brisk talks and lovely messages sometimes hidden in the feeds and at others flashed out in the open. With its base camp in San Francisco, Bikes And The City is Meli’s way of spreading the love of biking and joy of living.

  • Bicycle Lawyer For all your law needs, pertaining to biking, now you know where to head. Quite stuck to the theme of helping folks like us keep up with the law and order, Bicycle Lawyer not only presents the latest inclusions and exclusions, but also how certain laws could affect the biking and how biking events could affect the laws and more.

  • Towards 640 From Andrew living the city of Geelong, Australia, Towards 640 is his way of sharing all the training and stuff leading to the RAAM challenge in Ohia. One, if you are planning for the same, you know where to go. And if not, there’s plenty on the plate to be relished.

  • default Enth Degree blog captures plenty experiences and cycling escapades sometimes stretching to about a week. Plus they cover tours at length, minutely flashing all the details for us to rejoice the experience as if we had been living the moments much with the blogger.

And hence we reach the end of this best 100 cycling blogs list. It has been quite an experience, filling our souls with major FOMO. Also, much enticing has it been to see people having the best adventures of their lives, biking along the rocky trails of the mountains or the golden spreads of deserts.

Covering the world through this list we have tried to spread as much love for biking and adventure back in the world as we could. Now it’s up to you, from whichever part of the world you are, to help us know how you liked it, loved it, benefited from it or simply enjoyed this virtual escapade.

See you in the comments or over emails or wherever it is you prefer virtually.



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