Best 100 Christian Blogs List To Explore Christianity

Top Christian Blogs

These Best Christian Blogs provide inspirational and informational feeds on faith, spirituality, love, scripture, theology, persecution, bible, compassion, courage, relationships, sexuality, soul, struggle, worship, music, Christology, Baptism, truth, beauty, sacrifice, grace and more, including a lot on Christianity per se. Through all that, they help spreading the love and keeping faith in the God existent and stronger.

It is to make the task of finding the top 100 Christian blogs list easier for you that we have curated and created this list of Christian blogs. Each of these best Christian blogs has been picked and ranked on the basis of relevance and myriad data pulled from the oceans of the world wide web.

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  • Christian Century For the world’s biggest religion, there’s a lot that Christian Century has covered, and created and curated for its followers, and the religion’s followers. Dedication of the folks here is commendable and so are their efforts of bringing the latest news on Christianity for its readers, along with feeds on Church, art and culture, scripture, theology and more. Find out more stuff on this one of the top christian blog.

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  • Reddit Reddit is one of the best places to pick latest feeds easily. On Christianity, Reddit has a plethora of feeds, with myriad more updated daily, mostly every other hour. Consider it one of your go-tos for picking the latest news and more, with many posts submitted by authors worldwide.  

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  • Bible Gateway Bible Gateway is an online platform to search over two hundred versions of bible in more than seventy languages. This top christian blog by Bible Gateway bring bible news to its followers. Besides, it also explains presents interviews with authors and more, and also showcases many stories of and/or from various people.

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  • Patheos An inspiring blog, Patheos is for followers of any of many religions. For Christians and followers of Christianity, and people looking to learn more about Christianity, Patheos provides detailed feeds on books about Christianity, and Christianity per se, along with many podcasts, and interviews.

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  • Equip Blog Equip Blog is one of the best Christian blog, also discussing about apologetic and Christian books. God resides in all of us, and that is what Equip Blog primarily talks about through the myriad feeds. Home to many observations, opinions, and more on various social causes, Equip blog mostly discusses about bible and Christianity.

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  • Christianity Today Christianity Today is a magazine with an online blog that shares news on important developments in the world and the church. To read here along with news are tributes to various Christians and their contributions. Also available on Christianity Today are various opinions and devotions, among many other things.  

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  • The Gospel Coalition The Gospel Coalition is a network of churches. With a desire to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity, compassion and courage, The Gospel Coalition endeavours to renew the contemporary church to the ancient gospel of Christ. Follow their top christian blog for latest news and blogs from a myriad of devoted authors.

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  • Logos Logos is a developer of bible software, and a multilingual electronic publisher. It also offers bible study tools. Logos blog helps you get the latest news and updates on Logos, feeds on bible, author opinions, how-tos, faithlife, and much more.  

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  • What Christians Want To Know What Christians Want To Know justifies its title by offering top christian blog feeds on bible verses, quotes, Christian answers, songs and more. You can also easily refer to bible Jesus prayers, and read Bible easily here. There are also many opinions and observations here to refer to as well.

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  • Christianity Christianity, the blog here, believes that God’s truth should be available to everyone. Hence, the group of writers and editors behind Christianity, the blog, offers wide resource of text, audio and video highlighting Christianity, the religion, and its history. Read from a plethora of posts widely covered under Christian thought, Christian theology, and Christian life.

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  • New Advent New Advent brings the latest news on church, Christians and more. There are ample opinions and observations from followers and scholars, who have a keen insight and many interesting viewpoints. These observations and viewpoints make for a brilliant mind-bender at times. Checkout this one of the best christian blog now.

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  • Challies Challies is a blog by Tim Challies. He is a Pastor at Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. On his blog he writes about Christian living covering humility, devotion and more. He has curated many interviews from other pastors and influencers. He also reviews books, and discusses about Catholicism, ministry and more.

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  • Christian Today An independent Christian Media company with main editorial office based in London, and additional staff in New York, Christian Today provides daily news and analysis on the latest church, religious affairs, theology, culture, spirituality and more. Besides, they endeavor well at reasoning the events happening around. To know more grab more on this cool & best christian blog now.

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  • Faith Life Crossway was founded in 1938. This online establishment of Crossway publishes gospel and bible centered feeds that honors Jesus. Through the vast feeds here, the people behind Crossway endeavor to help people in understanding the implications of gospel and more. Find out more stuff on this one of the top christian blog.

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  • iBelieve iBelieve comes with a bigger aim of helping women who fight with deeper issues like faith. A lot picked from personal experiences, the writers and folks at iBelieve inspires women and aids at keeping their faith strong with many tips, how-tos, suggestions, and advices, among other things.

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  • Thoughts About God - The mentors and prayer partners at Thoughts About God helps you have a closer walk with God. Thblogs here are full of inspiration and lessons aiding in knowing God better. The details, descriptions and suggestions here are indulging and motivating to say the least. Checkout this one of the best christian blog now.

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  • InterVarsity InterVarsity’s history dates back to 1877 when a group of Christian students would meet and study Bible which led to the present-day InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. The blog by InterVarsity covers Discipleship for life, which further carries inspirational feeds on god and faith, and more.

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  • Ancient Faith Ancient Faith’s Glory To God For All Things lends a wider view at Christianity. It is faith packed in the holy light of truth. From morality to Christ, soul to struggle, heart to mind, spiritual life to depression, Ancient Faith and its writers covers many crucial topics relevant to existence in present times. To know more grab more on this cool & best christian blog now.

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  • Christian Headlines Christian Headlines captures the updates on the latest occurrences around the world from a Christian worldview. The group of Christian writers and editors at Christian Headlines present current events, Christian media, news, and more in the form of assorted blog feeds.

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  • Albert Mohler Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. is the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Recognized by publications like Time and Christianity Today, Dr. Mohler has also been quoted in The New York Times, USA Today and more. His top christian blog here covers Christian analysis of critical issues.

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  • School of Christian Thought Houstan Baptist University’s School Of Christian Thought is on a mission to serve and equip the Church. Their blog discusses theology, philosophy, and apologetics in detail. Their posts are both intriguing and informing, which widens the view on Christianity and lends a deeper thought.

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  • Alpha And Omega Ministries As a Christians apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Alpha And Omega Ministries shares latest updates and feeds on Christianity, including observations, opinions, and more, with plenty through podcasts as well. James White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, who is an author having written over twenty books. Visit this one of the best christian blog now.

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  • Revive Our Hearts Revive Our Hearts True Woman Movement is a Christ-centered revival and biblical womanhood aimed at helping women in discovering God’s design and embracing it, among other things. The True Woman Blog here shares ideas and motivational blogposts that encourage the same.

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  • Spectrum Magazine Spectrum Magazine works on the goal of fostering community through conversation. The magazines website and blog covers spirituality and spiritual reflections in depth. It helps in gaining a positive outlook and viewing things from a positive perspective, along with aiding in the development of compassion and peace within. Check-out this top christian blog now.

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  • Mark Driscoll Named as one of the top 25 most influential pastors of the past twenty-five years in 2010, Mark Driscoll, the name and man behind this blog discusses about Christianity and helps people understand the religiously backed aspects of life, like the reason behind continuous temptations, or behind desires of sinful things, among many other.

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  • Ann Voskamp Ann Voskamp is a beautiful soul and is living a peaceful life, looking around for deep peace and true beauty. Spirituality reflects off her top christian blog as she shares such beautiful thoughts like god will calm down the storm for you or the reason why those times when we feel unseen by the world are really our best times, among many more such beautiful thoughts.

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  • Blog & Mablog Blog and Mablog is a blog by Douglas Wilson. On his blog, the point comes down to, ‘all of Christ for all of life’. Here he desires to advance Chestertonian Calvinism and bring that same attitude to education, sex and culture, theology, politics, book reviews, expository studies, postmodernism and more.

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  • The Poached Egg The Poached Egg is a Christian Worldview and Apologetics Journal being founded and edited by Greg West. The man behind The Poached Egg one of the best christian blog is dedicated to Christian Apologetics. The Poached Egg’s blog bears a virtual library of articles and essays covering scholarly commentary, Christian news, controversial issues, among other things.

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  • Escape To Reality Escape To Reality is a blog by Dr. Paul Ellis who became a Pastor in Hong Kong by accident and believes in a remarkable thing that real life is an adventure where you learn your true identity. On his blog he shares gospels, observations, opinions, and more all to help us understand life, and what life brings, better.

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  • Ehrman Blog Ehrman Blog draws its name from its author and creator Bart D. Ehrman who is a professor at the University of North Carolina. On his top christian blog Bart shares his ideas and thoughts around Christianity and life, latest updates from his life, and his life as an author, among other things.

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  • Frank Viola Frank Viola, the name and heart behind this blog is an author of over twenty books. Here, through his blog, he aims at helping followers of Jesus learn more about their lord. He writes about spirituality and church, in between Christianity and sharing other thoughts.

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  • Mere Orthodoxy Mere Orthodoxy discusses about Christianity and its shape in the public square. Writers of this top christian blog believes that Gospel has something to say about arts, movies, literature, politics, sexuality and more. It is that this one shares and discusses about among other things.  

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  • Head Heart Hand Taking three most crucial things behind our actions, Head Heart Hand, shares feeds affecting and capturing each and all in various proportions. Also taking cues from various events/happenings, David Murray, a pastor, professor, and author, and also write of this blog presents his observations, opinions and thoughts on this blog.

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  • Red Letter Christians Red Letter Christians’ blog shares a lot on church life. Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne are the co-founders of Red Letter Christians. Together with other authors and speakers, they share articles challenging the modern way of thinking and living, while sharing love for Jesus. Find out more on this amazing and best christian blog now.

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  • Christian Pop Culture Christian Pop Culture has a various editors sharing thoughts, observations, opinions, and more on film, tv, music, books, politics, sci/tech, sports, games, and more, with plenty from a spiritual point of view. There are also stories from real life around Christianity, among other things.

  • American Association of Christian Counselors American Association of Christian Counselors is an association assisting Christian counselors, pastors, ‘community of care’ licensed professionals, and lay church members. On their one of the best christian blog the folks at American Association of Christian Counselors shares thoughts and observations, along with rendering a wider Christianity and spirituality backed view.

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  • Brian McLaren Brian McLaren, the name and heart behind this blog, is an author, speaker, activist and a public theologian. Here he shares a wide variety of posts on spirituality, Christianity and more while presenting his ideas, thoughts, and observations on things happening around him and the world.

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  • Women Of Faith Women of Faith is a community full of faith based connections and audience, creating an atmosphere of love, encouragement, and a sense of belonging. Through their site and top christian blog Women of Faith encourage and inspire women by sharing stories, humor, music, spirituality and more.

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  • Ecclezzia Ecclezzia commits to representing the gospel. There are many motivating videos on this blog, rooting a lot from spirituality. For the seekers of faith, the blog shares articles filled with motivation and inspiration to help keep the faith stronger. There’s much on holy spirit too.

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  • The Blazing Center The Blazing Center is created by Stephen Altrogge, who is an author of a number of books. He along with other authors of this top christian blog share about other authors and their work, along with discussing about God and spirituality while inspiring readers to keep their faith strong in god despite the kind of things happening to the masses individually.

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  • The Wintery Knight The Wintery Knight integrates Christian faith and knowledge in the public square. The views, especially political views presented on The Wintery Knight by its author are admittedly a blend of conservative and libertarian. The author shares news, and posts rooting in or from or around Christianity, mostly.

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  • Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder is a top christian blog by Michael J Kruger, who is the president of New Testament and Erly Christianity at Reformed Theological seminary in Charlotte, NC. Here, on his site, bearing his name, he explores the origins of New Testament Canons, among other biblical and theological issues.

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  • Jen Hatmaker Jen Hatmaker loves Jesus. On her blog, she discusses about faith on her blog. She also keeps sharing updates from her life every now and then. It’s a refreshing blog with a fresh, straight-from-the-heart take on many things. With that, chances of it touching the hearts far and wide are quite likely.

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  • Reading Acts Here are some thoughts on the Book of Acts and Pauline theology. Between that this blog called Reading Acts shares book reviews and book previews. There are many more top christian blogs revolving around Christianity and its visions, which make for a remarkable read.

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  • Tony Morgan Live Tony Morgan, the name and heart behind this blog, is the founder and lead strategist of The Unstuck group, along with being a consultant, writer, and leadership coach. On his blog he shares blogs on Christianity and other feeds backed supported by or revolving around Christianity.

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  • CBMW CBMW is short for Coalition for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. CBMW revolves around teachings of the Bible aiding in understanding the differences between men and women. This one of the best christian blog by CBMW shares thoughts, observations and more about the same, often picking things from things happening around the world.

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  • Christian Mom Thoughts Christian Mom Thoughts presents this Christian Parenting Blog that helps Christian parents around the globe in raising kids who understand and knows Christianity well. Here, parents will not only find answers around Christian parenting but also on questions asked by kids about God and more.

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  • White Horse Inn White Horse Inn is a top christian blog for modern reformation. The blog shares many interesting views and observations from the Bible. White Horse Inn believes that application of gospel may differ for each generation, something that each generation must rediscover for themselves and apply thereafter.

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  • Progressive Christianity Progressive Christianity dedicates its spiritual networking and resources to an evolving faith. With a strong offering as that, Progressive Christianity creates and curates thoughtful and practical resources which individuals, families, and communities can use to explore the religion of Christianity, spirituality, and more.

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  • Radically Christian Something commendable comes off of Radically Christian, and it is formerly the words – first century Christianity in a twenty-first century world. There are many articles here to siffle through, from Christian living to theology, parenting to book reviews. Articles on Christian living particularly are mind-bending and hope-giving. Check-out this top christian blog now.

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  • Frame Poythress Frame Poythress is a blog by John Frame and Vern Poythress. Together they write about myriad of stuff revolving around Christianity and spirituality. To give you a minute glimpse of the topics, consider Christianity, Christmas, Christology, Christian Reconstruction, Christian Activism, covered among many other things.

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  • Communicate Jesus Communicate Jesus is founded and run by Steve Kryger, who works at Katoomba Christian Convention, and has also been an Executive Pastor. On his top christian blog, he discusses about Christian Living and Church Life among news, event management, marketing and communication and more.

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  • Worship Matters Worship Matters offers music and worship resources among other things. A blog by Bob Kauflin, who is the Director of Sovereign Grace Music for Sovereign Grace Churches, Worship Matters is for those who present their prayers and like worshiping through songs, even those who don’t know much about music and still want to use it words to worship the God.

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  • ExChristian ExChristian encourages de-converting and former Christians by discussing about faith and spirituality, troubles faced in life, sharing real stories from people, and more. There are letters shared here from real people, along with opinions from various people, many readers and followers of this one of the best christian blog.

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  • The Worship Community The Worship Community believes in the strength of that is in community. It is a community of worship leaders, singers, musicians, artists and technicians from across the globe. There are ideas here and resources shared by the community, and lots of support.

alexa 996,110
  • Zack Hunt Zack Hunt, the name and brain of this top christian blog, is a writer, speaker, and blogger currently living in Nashville, TN. He has a peculiar point of view and a more peculiar sense of writing and sharing which comes as a breath-of-fresh-air. He writes about Christianity and spirituality with modern, present day references, which brings many smartly thought points to light.

alexa 1,038,438
  • Naked Pastor Naked Pastor believes in art beyond belief. David Hayford is the man behind this blog. He is a Master of Theology and holds a Diploma in Ministry, besides carrying over thirty years of pastoral experience. Initiating his public undressing of religion, religious community and spirituality in 2006 with this blog, he still does the same with his writing, art and cartoons.

alexa 1,198,997
  • Hacking Christianity A blog by a United Methodist’s pastor, Hacking Christianity debugs the contemporary expression of Christianity by using tenets of hacking. Through this, the blog aims at smooth operation of faith. Backed by such aim and actions, Hacking Christianity’s blogs are quite refreshing and helpful in looking things from a different point of view. Visit this one of the best christian blog now.

alexa 1,225,784
  • Life Stream Life Stream is about living feeling loved, free, and living full. Coming from Wayne Jacobsen, a remarkably positive man, Life Stream. On Lifestream he shares his opinions, observations, ideas, thoughts, and more on encouragement, finding church, and news from the world among other things.

alexa 1,336,698
  • Courageous Christian Father Courageous Christian Father is a top Christian blog that offers blogs about God, bible, Jesus. That is not all. There are also discussions and blogs on Christian family. Again, there is more. There are blogs here on Christian Ministries and Christian based businesses.

alexa 1,372,290
  • Jarrid Wilson Jarrid Wilson, the name and heart behind this blog, is a pastor, author and an inspirational blogger. With beliefs like real faith doesn’t have to be perfect, shared on the blog, Jarrid Wilson brings hope to light, and helps readers follow the path to faith, and strengthen their belief in Jesus.

alexa 1,414,688
  • Home Brewed Christianity Home Brewed Christianity offers audiological feeds on faith and more, including conversations between friends, philosophers, scholars, and theologians. Their top christian blog carries a lot of that essence in the form of latest updates on their work, and many feeds on Bible, Christianity and more.

alexa 1,504,622
  • CAFO CAFO is short for Christian Alliance for Orphans, and is an institution that unites about a hundred and ninety organizations and six hundred and fifty churches. Through this initiative of inspiring and equipping Christians to care for orphans, as is a call of Bible, and this blog CAFO helps in creating a better life for orphans.

alexa 1,553,961
  • Faith and Theology Faith and Theology. Here the name speaks for itself. A blog providing thoughtful feeds on faith, spirituality, Christianity, theology, Christology, baptism, and more, Faith and Theology creates an atmosphere of togetherness, with a belief that the holy light is indeed shining upon all of us. Check-out this top christian blog now.

alexa 1,884,924
  • Gospel Relevance Gospel Relevance is a blog by David Qaoud. He has created and curated many gospel centered articles on the blog, along with interviews with many prominent Christian leaders and authors. He also shares his observations, thoughts, ideas, and more on life, faith, God, among other things, including books and about books.

alexa 1,919,753
  • God Space God Space is a community and one of the best christian blog by Mustard Seed Associates play a major role. There are a myriad of writers behind God Space sharing their thoughts, ideas, observations, and more on spirituality, Christianity, faith, life, self among other things.

alexa 1,971,359
  • The Christian Left Blog The Christian Left Blog is actually about leaving hate, prejudice, and callous attitudes behind. With an understanding that the wrong priorities has been focused on by political and Christian right-wing, The Christian Left blog talks about God, life, Christianity, Christ, and more from a The Christian Left point of view.

alexa 1,986,067
  • ACFW ACFW is short for American Christian Fiction Writers, which is a professional organization dedicated to Christian Fiction. On their top christian blog, they discuss writing, building characters, brand, audience, readers, and more to help Christian Fiction Writers in their art and craft.

alexa 2,049,564
  • Religious Affections Religious Affections has a mission to help churches conserve historic Biblical Christianity. It supports that by articulating the teachings of Bible bearing truth, beauty, goodness, those affections of life and ministry. The blog discusses a lot about that along with updates from Religious Affections Ministries, feeds on conservative Christianity, worship, aesthetics, and more.

alexa 2,098,748
  • Istoria Ministries Blog Istoria Ministries one of the best christian Blog covers Christianity and faith in a rather refreshing manner. It discusses about strength, grace, self, sacrifice, compassion, God, immortality, atonement, church, love, Baptism, news, and much more through blogs. With a peculiar way of writing that touches the heart, Istoria Ministries Blog makes for wonderful read.

alexa 2,219,803
  • Stuff Fundies Like Stuff Fundies Like is a blog about fundamentalists, and the slow movement of Independent Fundamental Baptists to oblivion. The latter is something that the folks at Stuff Fundies Like note and scrutinize. Sometimes satirical, sometimes serious, and many a times this blog presents Fundamentalists in their own words.

alexa 2,246,730
  • Curious Christian Curious Christian presents ‘Christian art that makes you think’. Matt Stone is the man behind Curious Christian. What he writes on his top christian blog mostly emerges out of his experiences with, amongst, and around, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Neopagans, not religious but spiritual fols.

alexa 2,484,486
  • Daily Paradigm Shift Daily Paradigm Shift discusses Christianity in detail. The Christian blogs by Daily Paradigm Shift talks about church and ministry, discipleship, giving and serving, praise and worship, prayer and fasting, salvation, and spiritual growth. The posts unequivocally are motivational, and full of inspiration.

alexa 2,691,139
  • Dash House Health ministry in complicated times, Dash House is one of the best christian blog by Darryl Dash, who is pastor and church planter from Canada. For Christian leaders struggling through complexities of life and ministry, Dash House encourages you to preserve with the aid of helpful blogs, inspiring thoughts and more.  

alexa 2,704,987
  • Christian Vision For Men Christian Vision For Men shares blogs on life, Christianity, faith, kindness, grace, music, evil, bible, endurance, stories, Jesus, myths and more. These wide variety of ideas, thoughts, observations, opinions and more are shared by a myriad of CVM (Christian Vision For Men) authors.

alexa 2,808,082
  • Christianity Now Christianity Now is one of the best christian blog that attempts to articulate Christian Theology to the mod world. Their blog covers descriptions of, and discussions on, church life, culture and language, Christian testimony, and more about God and faith, written and created by various editors and contributors.

alexa 3,343,769
  • More Than Cake More Than Cake discusses the contrast between one group of people starving and other group of people living in absolute abundance. Dr. J.R. Miller, the author and creator of this blog writes his thoughts, ideas, observations and opinions about the same, many times backed by history and Christianity references.

alexa 3,448,992
  • CMF Blog Christian Medical Fellowship’s is a top christian blog on Christianity discusses about God and the current times, along with Christianity, Jesus, church, God, spirituality, sexuality, myths, humans, love, mortality, Bible, and more. Uniting and equipping Christian doctors in UK, CMF blog aims at discipleship, evangelism, values and more.

alexa 3,700,460
  • Judeo Christian Church Judeo Christian Church believes strongly in Yeshua being our Messiah, and that Christianity cannot exist without Judaism. The blog by Judeo Christian Church carries perspectives, Christian news, videos, warnings, and more, with distinct ideas and observations from the authors and writers of this blog.

alexa 3,704,987
  • Living The Life God Intended Living The Life God Intended writes first and foremost about love for God, and belief and faith. Karen, the lady behind Living The Life God Intended, has run many life groups and taught in teen church. Her one of the best christian blog is an inspiration for followers of Christ and spirituality.

alexa 3,939,651
  • Blogs By Christian Women Blogs By Christian Women is a way how and place where Christian women share their lives and experiences through stories. Apart from that, the blogs on this blog, written by many Christin Women share ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on current issues, fashion, beauty, dating for Christian women. There are plenty discussions on God, faith and more.

alexa 4,579,320
  • Skye Jethani This top christian blog offers bountiful of inspiration by sharing about blessings, worship, faith, politics, sermons, and more, through words both spoken and written. It is as blog by Skye Jethani, an author, consultant, and ordained pastor, and also the co-host of popular show Phil. V.Fer Podeas.

alexa 5,169,540
  • Internet Café Devotions Internet Café Devotions is a blog that inspires women for developing a deeper relationship and connection with Jesus, that is through daily interaction with God, and God’s word. It unites women of faith and encourages them through varied blogs talking about God and devotion, Christianity and compassion, among plenty other things.

alexa 5,202,464
  • Persecution Blog It’s the voice of martyr’s blog that shares stories and information which are quite inspiring, and inviting especially for the American Christians, imbuing motivation in them to join fellowships with their persecuted family. Feel free to check out one of the best christian blog for inspiration.

alexa 6,135,925
  • The Church Of Jesus Christ The Church Of Jesus Christ works at providing its members a strong foundation for a life centered around faith. The blog by The Church of Jesus Christ offers writings on spirituality, God and God’s people, Christianity, peace, beliefs, among Gospel news and other things.

  • Inspirational Christians For Today Inspirational Christians For Today offers Inspirational top Christian blogs and inspirational word from the present day’s best Christian authors. To read here are blogs on body of Christ loaded with inspirational articles and devotions, faith and word for the day, worship music, and more. Also available for reading are U.S.A. and world news, and a lot more.

alexa 7,925,135
  • Jayson Bradley Jayson Bradley, the name and heart behind this blog, is a guy who has been small church pastor, worship leader, and as he says, a failed church planter. On his blog, he writes about Christianity, pastors, fundamentalists, Jesus, and plenty more.

alexa 8,969,927
  • More Precious More Precious is one of the best christian blog focusing on encouraging girls to have a strong Christian faith through their most formative years. Helping girls put God at the heart of their decisions and trust him with their fears and insecurities, and hopes and dreams. It is a beautiful blog chockfull of inspiration.

alexa 11,085,576
  • Undeniably God Ministries Undeniably God Ministries is a community of bloggers placing Jesus Christ at the front of their lives and inspiring the same, especially through their blog and writings. This blog shares inspirational posts, among interesting point of views that sound absolutely positive.

alexa 13,243,566
  • Thoughts Theological Thoughts Theological is a top christian blog by Terence L. Ties                sen, who is a professor at Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary in Canada. On his blog, he presents his thoughts and point of views both put theologically.

alexa 13,700,460
  • Youth Blog Youth Blog puts young lives to high priority and shares about them, inspiring, motivating, and informing them. It shares about youth work and ministry, for those who are inclined towards the same. This blog also presents blogs on faith, among other things.

alexa 15,243,566
  • Cyberfizh Cyberfizh is a top christian blog inspired and that inspires to find faith in the net of life, that is inner space, outer space, and cyberspace. This blog presents ideas, thoughts, views, and observations of Derek Chandler, who is also the author and creator of this blog.

  • The Jesus Pursuit The Jesus Pursuit is about pursuing Jesus without fear. On that note, this blog inspires readers with a myriad of posts by Alana Flowers Gibson, the author of this blog and a follower of Christ. She shares updates from her life, and posts her views and thoughts on worship, faith, and spirituality, among other things.

alexa 25,243,566
  • Lucy Mills Lucy Mills, the name and heart behind this one of the best christian blog, and also a writer, editor and speaker, writes about faith, writing, and life on her blog. Along with that, she also presents her views and thoughts on the general state of things, spirituality and more.

alexa 26,448,992
  • The Tactical Christian The Tactical Chrsitian aims for an end beyond. There is a lot about Christianity and Christ to read here, along with blog feeds on love, God, faith, beliefs, relationships, persecution, politics, suffering, mental toughness, the world, among many other things.

alexa  520,081
  • Christianity Cove Christianity Cove presents bible lessons for kids. There are many games that help kids learn about and from Bible better, along with understanding the religion, God, and more. This one of the best christian blog presents a wonderful way for parents to engage their kids in fun activities while building their base with Biblical knowledge.

alexa 20,214
  • Crosswalk Crosswalk is that kind of top Christian blog which walks with Christ followers, in times of strong faith, in times of stumbling faith, in times of worship, in times of prayers, and in times of simply going on with life. Crosswalk shares a lot about faith, devotion, family, church, and more.

Our faith in God is strong. There is no doubt about that. Quite like the fact that God is one. On that note, these best hundred blogs have a lot for the seekers of God.

Followers of Christianity will find inspiration in many of these blogs. For those struggling with faith, these blogs will motivate you into keeping your faith strong, for God is watching us all. For the seekers of information on Christianity, these are hundred best Christian blogs will help you understand the religion deeply.

Finally, it is for all of us, children of God, to understand the message of God which these Christian bloggers, writers, and thinkers have tried to decipher, and present to us. In the least, they have helped us find back the inspiration, motivation, and love to keep going forward.

We hope this list helps you to your best possible needs.

Do tell us how it helped you. We will be watching out for you in the comments. May Christ bless us all!


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