Best 100 Book Blogs Bookworms Must Follow

Top Book Blogs

Best book blogs are the platforms showcasing a myriad of books to be read, the authors to be followed, the book genres to be tried and the wait-list to be entered. For book lovers, these are the second-best places to be at, right after the libraries. Talking about libraries, while they offer you- the infamous book lovers- books to read for free or at a minimal subscription, the book blogs ease your choice of picking certain specific books you would like, what with their smartly framed reviews and the book bloggers fav picks.

Having said that, it’s time to dive in the ocean of books with our handpicked list of best hundred book blogs to read today. Without much ado, we open the gates of wisdom for you to wander in the gardens of words, with the leaves of trees as pages of the books and flowers and fruits as their ignited emotions.

  • New Yorker The New Yorker is widely famous for their news and extensively curated stories from across the globe. Fascinatingly the New Yorker is also the top-ranking website on our best hundred books blog for its awe-inspiring collection of books and blogs on books, authors and their stories.

  • Bustle t’s all hustle and bustle when it comes to hunting for the right book, the kinda book intriguing enough to make us forget everything else. But if we remove hustle, then Bustle is all about those kinda books that we would love and the kinda books that are topping the charts and even those that are making news with moviemakers. Oh yes, and there is a lot about authors too.

  • Brain Pickings Every book lovers delight, the Brain Pickings is the shiz you need to follow immediately. No kidding. With its picks on authors and their books, dating as far back as the eighteenth century, even earlier, Brain Pickings brilliantly put up blogs on book and authors are enticing, making you leave everything and read them the moment your eyes catch their sight.

  • Lit Hub That one place where both writers and readers can find stuff to read, and much to be inspired from is Lit Hub. Laying down personal essays and details on crime reads and nonfictions with interviews and criticisms, Lit Hub ensures book lovers get what they truly want, even more. Consider writing life, the name is enough.

  • Book Riot All things, everything, book, this blog is a giant leap into the modern world. Seriously. To satisfy your quest, feel free to look at all those incredible blogs. And then there are deals on books. Oh, did we mention they also talk comics. And that they have lots of book goodies too. Win-win.

  • Kirkus Reviews First things first, we love how they advise on the books that could be skipped, those which should be borrowed and the ones which must be bought. Thus, easily justifying their name-Kirkus Reviews. That aside, when on their blog look for the Kirkus star to find the exceptionally awesome books.

  • Powells This blog, by the city of books, reining since 1971, is intriguing to indulge our curious minds with. Stocked with sufficient author interviews, Powells book blog is a reader’s delight, what with all those books lists and essays. Keep a close tab on this one for all the cool book blahs.

  • Electric Literature We particularly are fan of two things here. One is the Scuttlebutt. And the other is Okey Panky. Enough said about the two wonderful things on Electric Literature, let’s quickly ponder over the other cool stuff here. See their recommended reading before adding any books in any cart anywhere online or offline.

  • The Book Designer Did that name entice you? Well then, first mission accomplished. Why, theirs of course. The Book Designer is not only about book reviews, though it is much about that, but it is also about writing and blogging and self-publishing and book cover designs, including design awards and so much more.

  • Omnivoracious So much about books in one place. Current feels are to simply sit here, gauging at the screen displaying Omnivoracious, with endless supply of coffee and muffins and pizza and shakes. That said, there are lists and reviews with best books in each genre, including monthly amazon best books, and then there’s author interviews and stuff. And of course, news and features.

  • Helping Writers Become Authors For the writers struggling to become authors or writers with a story, even not, but with a dream to be an author, Helping Writers Become Authors, is the place for you. Why, you ask? Coming from a bestselling author laying down all the tips and tricks on writing, creating characters and much more, that’s why.

  • Signature Reads Signature Reads’ books section is pure delight. Their blogs for book lovers are so quirky and fun that it would sure leave you either tantalized or in splits at one point or the other. More than that, however, it’s the information overload you would love bearing. Of course, all for the mutual love of books.

  • Smart Bitches Trashy Books Well, their tagline says – ‘All things romance, none of the bullshit’. True to that, romanticists in the house and romance lovers, strictly speaking in terms of books, will find their eternal love right on Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Checkout their reviews and podcasts for more on romantic books.

  • Teen Reads Teen Reads has much to fill your empty appetite with. Book lovers might find their simple, sunny side up, book blogs intriguing. Some about reading, some about writing, some about shows and much about reviews and authors, Teen Reads gives you enough stuff to keep you read-ready.

  • Book Page The Book Page’s Book Case seems to have a life of its own. All the book lovers will know what we mean, more so if they have seen the Book Page at some point. From book reviews to author interviews, Book Page makes a strong (Book) Case in favor of their book love.

  • Fantasy Faction Lovers of fantasy genre in books will be excited at the mention of this group, dedicated to fantasy fictions. Fantasy Faction covers under its umbrella fantasy fiction and stuff so fascinatingly that you might actually would dim the lights, sit in the balcony or your lawn and read all that you fancy.

  • Books Tell You Why Do you love first editions? And how about legendary authors? Well, no worries even if you don’t. For who cares much when you have so much more about books to actually care about, like signed books. Alright, what about rare books then? Why, you ask? Let Books Tell You Why.

  • The Book Smugglers The Book Smugglers, perhaps, the only kind of smugglers we would gladly follow, won’t you agree? Having said that, much as that name entices, the actual blog is equally enticing. There’s much rad about this blog, what with all those interesting topics and discussions.

  • Growing Book By Book Isn’t that how we have grown this far, book by book. But Growing Book By Book is much about both the real growth in height as it is in mind. For the mums and dads around the world, Growing Book By Book is your fix for igniting that fire of knowledge in your kid, of course, book by book.

  • H Book The H Book, aka Horn Book has long list of informational book blogs to help us gain more wisdom outside of books but through books, one way or the other, isn’t it? There is something very soothing about their blogs. Now, that is the first you have ever read from us. But truly, you might love this subtlety.

  • Aestas Book Blog First of all, visit here to be enchanted by a vintage aura. Though, not everything is vintage here. Say, new releases for example and upcoming books for another. And then there are lots of recommendations for you, not only from this year but as early as 2012. For rest, check Aestas Book Blog out.

  • Quill And Quire So, you have a long list of favorite authors or bucketlist books with bucketlist authors and yet you have perhaps, not a real place to learn more about them. Say thanks later, but now let’s rejoice in the fact that Quill and Quire brings you loads of author profiles, and on top of that, there’re kids books too in between book reviews and job board.  

  • Maryse Mostly romantic fiction, Maryse’s blog captures the latest book releases, of course primarily in the said genre. Then there are book reviews by Maryse, which certainly includes recommendations with 4 and 5 star reviews. Also, she has sorted ebook deals for you too. So, it’s a major win.

  • Travelling Book Junkie What’s travel without books? And then again, what’re books without travel. Though, the latter can be squinted at sometimes, but never neglected. Back to the point here, Travelling Book Junkie has much of all us book junkies need, read inspiring book lists, literary trails, lit fests, must visit book shops and so much more to be had here.

  • The Childrens Book Review Mommy and daddys, love is in the air, err we mean, book love. And to sow that seed of love for books in your kids heart, there’s The Children’s Book Review. With the best kids book, you can sure seat your kid in the lawn and teach him some really good stuff about science, and life.

  • default What’s New In Books? We know what, through New In Books of course. So, for us, and probably soon for you, finding new releases in almost every genre under the roof is a kids play. And if you are a fan of certain authors and wish to read from them, then possibly you’ll like New In Books’ interview section too.

  • New In Books What’s New In Books? We know what, through New In Books of course. So, for us, and probably soon for you, finding new releases in almost every genre under the roof is a kids play. And if you are a fan of certain authors and wish to read from them, then possibly you’ll like New In Books’ interview section too.

  • 101 Books Right after 101 Dalmatians, is 101 Books. And that’s for your reading appetite. Though equally lovable, books from 101 Books are listed per the tried and tested route. By that we mean, the blogger here has read those books, and then ranked them per his findings. Cool stuff up for grabs, totally. We mean blogs, before words are lost in translation.

  • Awful Library Books You know what dearies, ‘hoarding is not collection development’. No those are not our words. That’s Awful Library Books for you. And coming with the deal are Mary and Holly. Tag alongside them for some really quirky and many fancy book blogs.

  • default We like the simplicity in disguise of The Nervous Breakdown. The quick excerpts laid down here for book lovers like us is totally rad and absolutely worth a daily visit. But better than that are the surprisingly varied and awesome blogs you find while scrolling down or simply wandering around this blog.

  • Kids Book Review If you are a kid reading our blog, this one’s for you. And if it’s the kid’s parents, case remains the same, tag along. Kids Book Review has everything you wish to know about any kids book you have been eyeing on. It’s got book reviews, resources, labels, events and even giveaways.

  • Stacked Books Easy layout, both for surfing and your eyes, Stacked Books offers much of what you visit a book blog for. Lots of book lists, cover design inspiration, blogs on the publishing world, reading life and habits among others. Indulge yourself in some cool shiz.

  • The Indie View Isn’t it an outstanding feeling when after ten hours of reading straight you finally finish the last page of the book and put it down. That’s the kind of feeling you get on The Indie View, starting from their smartly put reviews to their intriguing interviews. It’s a happy lane down there.

  • DRB Straight from Dublin, this blog aka Dublin Review of Books is a delightful experience to be had at least once in your reading lifetime. That said, it’s a must read, much for its essays and list of new books. The blog, however, is next level with its simply put complex stuff.

  • The Bookwheel Blog On all things book and politics, The Book Wheel Blog is much like the wheel of fortune, where there is a fortune all the way through, no matter where the wheel ends up pointing at. Their #30Authors is a must check section if you love to read book reviews.

  • Playing By The Book Understanding of what kids must be reading and what sure is apt to pass on, is a click away on this blog. Playing By The Book puts reviews of kids book up for read and the fun stuff they inspire to do up on priority. Keep a tab on this one to bring the best of books to your kids.

  • Raptis Rare Books How we love rare books, don’t we? Raptis Rare Books is much about those rare books hard to find. And their blog is as much about books as the love for books. We love the fact how smartly they put up opinions, and ideas, boggling our minds much at times.

  • Book Review Directory All about book reviews, Book Review Directory is your place to read countless reviews on innumerable books. It’s fascinating how they crisply put the details for always-on-the-go readers like us. To add just the right amount of spices to that, they have their own book quote corner. Fancy, right!

  • Totally Booked Blog Something’s totally cool about the Totally Booked Blog. It could be their wide range of romances which they cover in their reviews or it could just be the charm of their writing. Either way, this one’s hard to skip, especially by the diggers of romantic fiction.

  • Perpetual Page Turner While we believe in such page turner books where page turns on in its own, figuratively, Perpetual Page Turner is much about those books. The other things it is about is visual retreat, for visually delighted is how it is going to leave you within a couple of scrolls.

  • Under The Covers Book Blog One way of putting this is Under The Covers Book Blog is much about the books you would read under your blanket with your phone’s flashlight lighting the atmosphere. Another way, however, is this blog is all about romantic novels and their reviews.

  • Book Geeks All the Book Geeks in the house say yay! We have found our brothers from other mothers. We say tantalize your excited eyes with the stories section of the Book Geeks. Blogs there, are pure delight. And once you are done with that, brother or sister you are a free bird, see and read whatever fancies you there.

  • Science Book A Day Once upon a time… Nah, they are a millennium old. Now’s the century of science and all we need to read, okay much of what we need to read, is science- science fiction, science non-fiction, science stories, science stuff, all things science. Making that possible through their high-tech blogs are Science Book A Day.

  • Anu Reviews Bringing you the book reviews by Anuradha Goyal, here we are with the list of this best 100 book blogs. So, what exactly does Anu Reviews? Everything, as long as they are books. From fiction to non-fiction books, books on places to general books, Anu Reviews everything.

  • Pure Imagination Blog How else are fiction books created, if not from pure imagination? Pure Imagination Blog is much about book reviews. Though, a good chunk of it is about motherhood too. So, mothers reading our blog might fancy reading Pure Imagination Blog too. For others, you know there’s much to be had still.

  • Farm Lane Books Here’s the blog which reviews prize winning fictions, new releases and random recommendations. That’s how we love to read reviews, in that particular order, isn’t it? And then there are opinions, something they seem to bring to the table brilliantly.

  • Caffeinated Book Reviewer Kimberly of Caffeinated Book Reviewer is almost every book reader summed in a single bio. Having said that, Caffeinated Book Reviewer justifies its name incredibly with its reviews, possibly caffeine infused reviews. Fun to follow nonetheless.

  • The Book Geek A little after Book Geeks, here’s The Book Geek for you. Frankly, there’s not a thing we didn’t like about these geeks book blog. It’s simple and pleasant to look at, much as it is easy and fun to read. With their coffee marks instead of stars, they totally have impressed us beyond words.

  • So Many Books Blog What’s the agony of a reading life? And then, what’s the ecstasy of a reading life? Don’t look at us for the answers, for they are all with So Many Books Blog. Fancy thing about this one is the bookish quotes. Once done, help yourself to about nine years of book reviews.

  • Urban Epics Let’s say this out first, that name is epic, isn’t it? Now coming to Urban Epics, their prime offering is book reviews on young adult fictions. So, the fans of young adult fiction can steer their wheels in this direction while they, the Urban Epics, lead you to all the reviews they have curated this far.

  • Rebel Mommy Book Blog While they rebel against reality with one book at a time, much in their words, we read all the stuff they have put for us to rebel against the said reality. Featuring book challenge and top ten Tuesday, they have been able to hook us in for far longer than we anticipated.

  • She Reads She Reads is actually about couple lot of shes curating new and fancy book blogs for you on this book blog. Just saying, to clear the confusion. When that’s sorted, see what they have under recommended reads to clear your confusion on what to read this weekend.

  • Unconventional Book Reviews Wait is it conventional reviews or unconventional reviews? Much of what we care about is in the book reviews, which they have laid down in plenty, both numbers and quality. Lexie of the Unconventional Book Reviews, has quite a peculiar taste when it comes to books. And how we like that peculiar taste!

  • Escape With Dolly Cas This one’s totally an escape in every sense, we mean every literary sense. To exemplify that consider this, literary escapes are not about escaping life or troubles with lit adventures but about books set in certain specific regions. A must escape, err we mean read.

  • Book Briefs About adult book reviews, if that’s what you have been waiting for, Book Briefs present plenty of those on a platter. Michelle of book briefs, a twenty-something reader of adult fiction brings you reviews by whichever category you fancy, author, series, rating, your pick.

  • Chapter By Chapter A mother-daughter duo bringing you honest reviews of adult fiction books. Chapter By Chapter sticks much to the theme with adult book reviews but occasionally shifts to interviews in order to bring you the best of adult fiction world just like that.

  • Anas Attic Anas Attic is all about romance and fantasy and adult fiction. When referring that genre and combining it with Anas Attic, the result is alpha males in sexy tales, strictly speaking much in her words. So, all the peeps in the house looking to read about males in sexy tales, this is your place.

  • Vintage Novels No deal goofing around with this one, the name says it all. Vintage Novels talks such serenely about vintage novels and old writings, that you’ll find yourself drawn by inevitable vintage vibes. So, if you are a fan of books from another era, written in another era, it’s Vintage Novels you should be sneaking inside.

  • The Guardian The infamous Guardians phenomenal books blog is a galactic space to be tracked and followed for all its goss on latest and old books in every genre. Now, when we said galactic space we mean every bit of it. See the stars of book space talking about their experiences and what built them stronger among others. We are talking about authors here

  • Rock Star Book Tours This one looks after all sorts of author book tours. Their reputation precedes our words, for having set book tours for some of the New York Times Bestselling Authors. So, once there you would know what’s going to hit the New York Times after looking at the book tour and possibly the book before others get the hint.

  • Twirling Pages Chances are you’ll like Alexandra as much as you’ll like her blog, Twirling Pages. A lot about book reviews and a little about blog tours, somewhere in between all those book blogs about books, book reviews, best books, and some more books. Oh, and a piece of advice. Do check her Instagram account for a little drool and major FOMO.

  • This Kid Reviews Books We love kids. Well, at least plenty of us do. Majorly those who have kids. So, if you are one of those lovely parents showering their love on kids check this kids book blog out ‘coz This Kid Reviews Books, all sorts of books. Chances are once you introduce your kid to Erik aka This Kid, they’ll become instant book mates. And you, the kid reading this, feel free to see what Erik is upto with his books.

  • Para Junkee So, which one do you consider yourself, a book junkie or a para junkee? Para Junkees come this side and while we are discussing things with the book junkies feel free to checkout Para Junkee. Now, book junkies here’s what Para Junkees will be looking at soon. Must read books from romance to horror to more. Then, about designs, book blogger graphics and, well how about you see for yourself?

  • Crime By The Book So, here’s the thing, this girl here, aka Abby, investigates crime fiction from around the globe, jots their reviews and brings them to you right here, we mean at her blog called Crime By The Book. Now, there’s hardly anything about crime fictions that’s not worth a heart. You know then, crime fiction lovers, where to hit.

  • The Book Trail Don’t we just love a cool book trail? And about The Book Trail, it’s one of the coolest thing you’ll see today. It’s beautiful, it’s about books and hence, it’s bookly beautiful. So, let’s book our book trail a couple minutes from now with ‘cuppa and cake’.

  • The Book Binders Daughter We have always loved this name, right from the very moment we laid our eyes on this blog. The Book Binders Daughter is as sweet as the name sounds. We also love how she puts the reviews on for us to read with such details. She even pulls out info of the author for us to relate better and understand the authors more.

  • A Little Blog Of Books A Little Blog of Books is actually giant with no less than almost six years of book reviews ready to be read and adored. And if you are wondering whether they carry just fiction or just non-fiction, then the answer is, they carry both, review both and discuss both.

  • All Things UF All things Urban Fantasy, where, as they say, para is normal. So, check them out for their range of bats, err we mean reviews rated with the number of bats. In saying that, we hope you got the clue where to find five bats worthy of a read.

  • Happy Indulgence Now, let’s begin by discussing when are books not a happy indulgence? Okay, not taking that lane let’s discuss when they are, and most importantly, where are books a Happy Indulgence. On this blog, not only would you find big reviews but fascinatingly, mini reviews too. Jean seriously knows how to indulge you happily with books and all things books.

  • Deliberate Reader All the readers in house, at this juncture of our book trail, let’s introduce you to the Deliberate Reader. Yes, quite like you, Sheila, the Deliberate Reader we are discussing here, is a pretty bookworm herself undoubtedly what with all those book clubs and book lists. Oh, and for mothers, she has laid down stuff about reading with kids.

  • Story Snug Wondering how to open a whole new world to your kids out there, parents this is where you should be looking. Story Snug is pretty fancy when it comes to getting your kids book ready with stories and learning. Talking about learning, Story Snug talk much about those learning activities with which you can indulge your kids in book inspired learning.

  • Apa Books A book blog by American Philosophical Association, you get the clue what APA Books blog would be carrying for you. There’s a lot about mindfulness and the related therapies. Closely bind with that are blogs on anxiety and aggressions, the kinda things that can easily mess with a person’s psyche.

  • Portobello Book Blog Portobello Book Blog features lots of author interviews for you to relish the taste of an author’s life and what makes them work so deeply on those writings. Post that, indulge yourself with the book reviews reviewed on the Portobello Book Blog. And finally, feel free to be fascinated by the Friday Fun Feature.

  • Compulsive Readers Dear Compulsive Readers, this one’s your current stop. Let’s get down the wagon and walk the trail. So, Tracy the bookaholic fetches you reviews on all sorts of books in all kinds of genres, including thrillers, mysteries, humor, young adult, biographies and much more.

  • Social Book Shelves Fancy thing about the Social Book Shelves blog is the fact that their reviews carry the same number of words as the number of pages in the book reviewed. The other cool thing is Dane, blogger of the Social Book Shelves, has reviewed over a thousand books this far.

  • City Of Tongues Now don’t send your creative head running wild with that name, the City of Tongues is indeed a book blog by James Bradley who is as much a novelist as critic. On his blog, you’ll find fiction which are mostly his books and non-fiction which is perhaps a long list of blogs, mostly on of course nonfiction books.

  • Rose City Reader Bringing book notes from a compulsive list reader is Rose City Reader, said in the words of Gilion Dumas, the reader, writer and blogger behind Rose City Reader. Having participated in plenty of book read challenges, Gilion fetches you his views on books he has read and a list of his favorite authors for you to see the tried and tested routes

  • The YA Book Traveler A name that’s as fancy as the blog it belongs to, the YA Book Traveler is about, mostly about, young adult fictions. A junction of plenty book tours, The YA Book Traveler brings intriguing blogs to you on books to read, new books and a little something more.

  • The Book Review Café Here’s the café without coffee that you are still going to love, provided you love books too. The Book Review Café, of course, per the name is primarily about book reviews. And when this blog feels the touch of versatility, it brings something we can’t resist at any cost, i.e. they fetch us author interviews.

  • Boston Bibliophile Coming from Marie, a bookseller and also a background actor from NYC, Boston Bibliophile carries lots of books, also favorites of Marie. There’s a long list of books reviewed by title conveniently for you to read and relish, or reviewed by author if that’s how you like your platter of book reviews.

  • The Novel Life Here’s to The Novel Life. Cheers! Raising a toast to Stacy who’s been so noble so as to bring us her ‘favorite bookish resources’. Between that serve yourself a hot cup of beverage and relish the taste of reviews. And when in mood for something fun, checkout her Sunday Serenade.

  • Aurora B’S Book Blog Aurora B’s Book Blog is something YA fiction lovers would fancy indulging themselves in. With its long list containing stuff such as ‘bad boys I love’ and ‘more than two’ among sci-fi and suspense, there are chances you might find yourself hooked to this blog.

  • Spines And Covers Mostly young adult fiction book blog, by Samantha, Hollye and Anna, Spines and Covers have a phenomenal number of YA books reviewed and shelved for you to read and reminisce, or not. Dig their archives between your review sessions for blogging tips and discussions.

  • Book Baristas The race between hot and hotter has been a widely extensive one. But to help solve that dilemma is Natasha, the alpha Book Barista, with Alex and Lindsay, who come together every moon night (hypothetically) to bring you hotter reads for your hot beverage. Between reviews and news, check their ‘fave reads’ to get the sweet taste of what we mean.

  • Hello Beautiful Book Blog Well hello there, beautiful girls and handsome guys, here’s what we call a beauty in covers ready for you to unveil its mystery. We are talking about books here, of course, and with it about Hello beautiful Book Blog. Gauge out at the ‘bookish memes’ for ‘judging by the cover Tuesdays’

  • Book Review Mama We agree it’s kinda tiring raising readers. So, we went a step ahead to bring you the tips and tricks on raising your kids with a reading bug. Bethany Armstrong, aka Book Review Mama helps you accomplish that while bringing you much for yourself with books she is reading and interviews with authors.

  • Rather Too Fond Of Books Would you rather be too fond of books or simply despise them? You would choose the former any day, everyday, hands down, right? Following the same belief is Rather Too Fond Of Books for you, with its favorite books of all time along with plenty book reviews.

  • Emerald City Book Review Welcome the Emerald City where everything is gorgeous and a page turner, well mostly. What our personal favorite segment of the Emerald City is their ECBR Gems laying down the best books from fiction to nonfiction, fantasy to historical, for us to pick from.

  • By The Letter Book Reviews Somethings are so simple that you are awed by the simplicity of their brilliance. By The Letter Book Reviews is one such book blog in our list of best hundred book blogs. With its simply laid down book reviews, by letter of course, it is a must-see-atleast-once kinda book blog.

  • default Emmy Ruijven, the author of this blog brings you reviews of young adult and fantasy fictions, mostly. To side your main course with, there are lots of blogging and reading tips she offers, in case you are enticed with the entire concept of writing your own blog.

  • One More Page So, you are reading a novel and it is past midnight. Now, there is nothing stopping you from reading your fav book but those two eyes which keep shutting every ten seconds. What’s got you running still is the chance to read just One More Page. Bringing that thrill, that suspense, that will to go on for another minute is One More Page for you with this year’s book reviews.

  • My Little Book Blog My little Book Blog is Lizzy’s way of showering her love for books on you too. Or it’s just her will to share her love of books with you. Either way, she is here on My Little Book Blog with her blogs on books and plenty book reviews.

  • Midnight Book Girl So, who’s Midnight Book Girl? Oh, it’s Kate. And Kim. Yes, there are two. So, there’s two times more fun, two times more reviews, two times more book blogs and two times more book love. Check there ‘Sundays in bed with’ section under ‘memes’ to know what they have been reading, on Sundays of course.

  • Liezels Book Blog Liezels Book Blog is like fire on ice, sometimes figuratively and sometimes for real. Angie and Liezel of the Liezels book blog reviews books, and then rejuvenates to review some more books, many for them but many, many more for you and us.

  • Oh My Book Shelf Book Blog It appears, quite like us, Janet also wakes up every morning with three simple words, Oh My Book Shelf. Okay, that’s four but three seemed better to tease you with. Back to the bookshelf, we have been quite fascinated by Janet and her picks and her reviews.

  • Home Is Where The Wine Is What do you think? Is for you too, Home Is Where The Wine Is? At least that is how it is for the author of this blog. With quite a peculiar choice of books, this author hardly ever ceases to surprise us. See how you find the surprises, we mean the choice of books and their reviews.

  • The Heart Of A Book Lover What’s the color of The Heart Of A Book Lover? Green, yellow, purple. We would think white, the color (or not for it’s not a color) of a book page. We like Jordan’s, the author of The Heart Of A Book Lovers blogs on new releases, curated and uploaded every month.

  • Fig Tree Books This one’s by the publishers of literatures with American Jewish experience, much said in their words. Their book blog carries a blend of book and book experiences with much about the stuff detailing Fig Tree Books publishers and Jewish experiences. There we are, totally sorted. With a hundred best book blogs, don’t we now have a hundred more reasons to read, a hundred times more books to read, a hundred more stuff to tweet and a hundred

  • Birdie Book Worm Blog So, the little birdie, this time, has bought a lot of reviews through that window of yours. Birdie Bookworm travels the world to bring you one story at a time. There’re as many stories and stuff for mama’s baby chick as there are for the birdie mama.

  • Romancing The Book If at all such a thing existed, we would have romanced the books every single day. Forget romance, we would have gone as far as putting a ring on it. But that is not the case so we would simply romance through books while Romancing The Book, we mean reading Romancing The Book blogs on romantic fictions.


There we are, totally sorted. With a hundred best book blogs, don’t we now have a hundred more reasons to read, a hundred times more books to read, a hundred more stuff to tweet and a hundred more book lovers to meet. It’s a hundred percent more reason to look forward to those weekends or lunch breaks or tea breaks, actually breaks in general, including breaks from monotony. Isn’t it now super easy to switch genres and see why your S.O. or BFF fancies whatever it is that they fancy in specific book genres? When you find those answers and time between your breaks and reading excursions, meet us a little way from here, down in the comments to talk a hundred more reasons to read books and a hundred more books to read without reasons.


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