Top Wedding Planners

Here you have the best wedding planners in the world, found and listed by our team of polymaths who have deeply looked into each or these best wedding company’s or planner’s work and profile to rank them on the basis of relevance. Because of their detailed research, you will find an informative synopsis of the company’s profile, services, team and portfolio.

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  • Corsini Events Founded in 2015, Corsini Events Group is based in Florence. The brother duo, Tommaso Corsini and Lorenzo Corsini bring over fifty years of their family?s experience into planning events, such as weddings, which is one of their many offerings. As wedding planners, they and their team propose creative and innovative solutions to register every memorable moment.

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  • Sarah Haywood Sarah Haywood, the name and brain behind this service, is the ultimate wedding planner extraordinaire, as quoted by CNN. As international luxury wedding, party producers and one of the best wedding planners, Haywood and her team plan, design and manage exceptional celebrations across the globe.

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  • Preston Bailey Preston Bailey has recently been named one of the best wedding designers in the world by Vogue Magazine. He is celebrated across the globe for his unique ability to transform basic, ordinary spaces into theatrical environments. As premier event designer he works for elites including royal families, celebrities, athletes and CEOs.

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  • Shelter Co Founded in 2012 by Kelsey & Mike Sheofsky in San Francisco, CA Shelter Co. has produced events in eight states and counting. Not only weddings but the folks here plan and organize corporate retreats, music festivals, product launches and more. From concept to execution, the folks here design beautiful weddings in breathtaking places.

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  • Colin Cowie Colin Cowie, also known as Colin Cowie Lifestyle, or simply CCL, is a full-service event design and production company that uses five-senses approach to create exceptional experiences. The man behind it, Colin Cowie, has traveled 13 million miles and visited almost a hundred countries. One of the best wedding planners, he and his team offer such phenomenal services as venue research and contracting, initial concept and design, event coordination and on-site management and more.

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  • Nomad Nomad is a Geelong based event and photoshoot styling business owned and led by Shonel, a nomadic personality who thrives on working on new and exciting projects and connecting new people with other like-minded souls. Having said that, looking at her wedding portfolio of projects is a mesmerizing delight.

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  • Wedniksha Wedniksha is crafting dreams and giving weddings a magic touch. The folks here work on everything from creative conceptualization to flawless execution. Doing so they have delivered fabulous wedding experiences over that last two decades. Major list of services offered by Wedniksha include exquisitely designed personalized invitation cards, and elaborate d?cor with exclusive floral designs.

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  • David Tutera David Tutera, the name and brain behind this is one of the best wedding planners and a leading wedding and entertaining expert who continuously exceeds the expected with unmatched level of inspiration and innovation. With his masterful techniques and vivid imagination, he has designed and planned some brilliantly themed beautiful weddings.

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  • Wedding Concepts Dedicated to the art of distinctive celebrations, Wedding Concepts is a full-service wedding planning business. As one of the best wedding planners in South Africa, the folks here have coordinated and managed 400 unforgettable weddings, right from conceptualization and supplier selection to briefing.

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  • The Wedding Bliss Thailand One of the leading destination wedding planners in Thailand, and one of the best wedding planners in the world, The Wedding Bliss Thailand has a team of qualified wedding planners who ensure every wedding concept is different and reflects couple?s personalities and preferences.

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  • The Twelve Events An event management company founded by Panagiotis Kouloukakos, The Twelve Events has a collective experience of over twelve years and a proficient team specialized in conceiving, designing, and coordination, that provides services of higher caliber to discerning stylish clientele across the globe.

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  • Savvy Event Studio Savvy Event Studio, one of the best wedding planner in Tuscany, is founded by Juliana Calvo, a native of Miamian, she hails from Colombia. She and her team conduct a thoughtful research, spend time listening, coordinates with all vendors, timelines and logistics to make their client?s dreams a reality.

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  • Elite Established in 2011, Elite Wedding Planners was founded by Sujay Pathak, Ruchita Parelkar and Aloha Mehta. Together, they and their team have planned about 140 weddings in eighteen locations. When it comes to weddings, they offer a wide variety, from complete wedding planning to partial wedding planning, international destination wedding planning to theme decoration and styling among others.

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  • The Bridal Planner The Bridal Planner was founded in 2013 by Chonlada Lafferty after her own destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand. Behind The Bridal Planner is a team of compassionate, fun loving, and hardworking professionals who provide a range of services including planning, styling, coordination and rental for destination weddings and premium events in Thailand.

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  • Niemerko Wedding Planners Mr. Mark Niemierko, one of the best wedding planners in the world with over ten years of experience, is the man behind Niemerko Wedding Planners. He and his team design awe-striking wedding themes and venues making every wedding and event an experience to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

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  • Cira Lombardo Cira Lombardo is a wedding planner and event creator who entered this industry about fifteen years ago. When Lombardo and her team plans a wedding they mostly look after the legal, practical, organizational and promotional aspects and combines it with her knowledge of photography, fashion, trends and flowers to make a couple?s wedding the best day of their lives.

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  • The Lake Como Wedding Planner One of the best wedding planners based in Lake Como, Cernobbio, The Lake Como Wedding Planner follows a simple philosophy of perfectly seamless and beautifully styled events that provide most stunning backdrop imaginable. Rachel Birthistle is the owner of and CEO at The Lake Como Wedding Planner.

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  • Ferns N Petals In 1994 Vikaas Gutgutia curated India?s premier brand of floral solutions and named it Ferns N Petals. An extension of Ferns N Petals, FNP Weddings offer a one-stop for all wedding requirements. The team here provides professional advice to couples and aim at creating a wedding that reflects the couple?s personality, style and taste.

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  • Momente Wedding Planners A professional wedding planning company, Momente has a team of professionals whose expertise, contacts and training help couples have an as close to perfect wedding as possible. Together they offer various commendable services including d?cor, hospitality, entertainment, food and beverages, wedding communications, transport and logistics and photography and cinematography.

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  • Sasha Souza Events Creating the most memorable guest experiences is Sasha Souza Events, one of the best wedding planners in the world. The folks here handle all types of events from weddings to fundraisers, corporate events to conferences and more. Sasha Souza, a celebrity wedding planner and the name behind Sasha Souza Events, has been planning wedding since 1995.

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  • SposiamoVi SposiamoVi are one of the best wedding planners in Italy who create moments in time, and the that is what the team behind SposiamoVi has been doing since 2006. With Italian elegance at the core of their operations, and Italian passion at the heart of everything they create such mesmerizing weddings like none other.

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  • Alison Events Alison Events is a team of passionate and design-savvy individuals who work and play together to produce successful events. Alison Hotchkiss Rinderknecht is the Creative Director here who wants to create that completely original and unforgettable event. She and her team plan six to eight weddings a year in northern California and across the globe.

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  • Divya Vithika A full-service wedding planning company that was founded in 2009, Divya Vithika draws its name from its two founders Divya Chauhan and Vithika Agarwal. Together with the team they have handled many high profile and NRI weddings as well as smaller scale creative weddings.

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  • Daughter of Design Considered the designer boutique hotel of wedding planners, Daughter of Design is focused on understated elegance and is recognized for its downtown approach to classic wedding traditions. Annie Lee, who is the daughter of an interior designer IRL, is the founder and principal planner of Daughter of Design.

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  • Matthew Oliver Matthew Oliver is an international wedding planner who, with his team, works with couples from across the globe to create weddings, somethings he has immense passion for. Services offered by Matthew and his team include full destination wedding planning, full UK wedding planning, proposal planning, and events and party planning.

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  • Rings & Roses Rings & Roses, a brainchild of Christopher and Rosemary Ratnam, is one of the best wedding planners in Bangalore, India. Since 1998 Rings & Roses has organized over 300 weddings. Offered by Rings & Roses are various services including wedding budgeting, food and beverage, wedding decoration, photography and videography, and hospitality and travel among others.

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  • Girl Friday Weddings Girl Friday Weddings are luxury wedding planners for busy professionals who help couples with wedding styling, wedding planning, wedding consulting, and wedding day coordination. Its award-winning wedding planning team with professional expertise do weddings best, and interestingly, that is all they do.

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  • Van Wyck and Van Wyck A leading environmental design and event production firm with over fifteen years of experience, Van Wyck & Van Wyck produce celebrations ranging from weddings and private celebrations on beaches and mountaintops to international destination experiences as well as not-for-profit events. The team here works by focusing on age-old notions and hospitality, graciousness and generosity.

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  • Kristin Banta Events Among the country's leading event design, planning, and production houses is Kristin Banta Events, the event and wedding planners in Los Angeles renowned for uniquely creative concepts and flawless attention to detail. Been the innovator for over fifteen years, Kristin Banta Events takes clients? vision to an epic new level.

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  • L?amoreweddings Helping couples turn their dream wedding to a reality is L?amore Weddings one of the best wedding planners in the world. The folks here have planned intimate weddings of dreamy grandeur and extravagance and have established a benchmark in the new trend of destination weddings.

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  • Laurie Arons Special Events Laurie Arons Special Events is a full-service event planning company that has been crafting beautifully designed and impeccably executed weddings since 1994. The team of professionals at Laurie Arons Special Events guide clients and couples through planning process with expert advice, imaginative vision, and a warm smile.

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  • Athithi Wedding Planner A one-stop solution for all wedding needs, Athithi Wedding Planner is the brainchild of Mr. T.V. Mohan and Ms. Neerja Ngarajan. As one of the best wedding planners in India it offers customized services to fit every preference including wedding location, floral arrangement, food, makeup and more.

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  • Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events is a Toronto based wedding planner that specializes in planning beautiful, luxury weddings and events. The team of professionals here understand the significance of beautifully styled and seamlessly executed wedding and ensure their clients get the same.

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  • Giorgia Fantin Borghi One of the best wedding planners in the world, Giorgia Fantin Borghi create palpitant emotions and indelible memories of an unforgettable marriage through planning, design and production. The kind of weddings planned by the team here include intimate family wedding, urban wedding in Milan, and Christmas wedding in town, among others.

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  • The Wedding Co Since 2003, The Wedding Company has focused on planning luxury wedding celebrations in Hong Kong and Asia. Talented team of professionals here work with couples and their families closely to plan the wedding to the finest detail and express the persona style and signature of the couple.

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  • The Style Co Behind The Style Co. are designers and producers who design thoughtfully and deliver smoothly, and work with cool people believing in the power of experiences. Together they work on event styling, wedding planning, parties and weddings in general. A glance at their portfolio would tell you why they are one of the best wedding planners in the world.

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  • Ema Giangreco Ema Giangreco is the founder and principal wedding planner here who provides event design, planning, coordination and styling, and full event production services. Providing full services design and coordination planning she walks her clients through discovering and scouting possible venues until the dream wedding.

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  • The Bijou Bride The Bijou Bride is a wedding planning and styling company that is based in London, UK. The folks here work with only a limited number of couples every year to create unique celebrations and everlasting memories across the UK and Europe.

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  • Infinity Weddings For the couples who recognize quality and style, professionals at Infinity Weddings design, produce and plan exclusive weddings in Italy. The kind of weddings that folks at Infinity Weddings create can be imagined from their previous wedding designs like chic jungle wedding in Florence, wedding in a Florence villa, Tuscany, and majestic Lebanese wedding in Rome.

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  • Cocoon Events Cocoon Events is an award-winning event planning agency that creates bespoke events and weddings. Dedicated to producing luxury events and weddings in Marrakech and abroad, the folks here provide premium service, and serve exotic destinations worldwide.

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  • Quintessentially Weddings Quintessentially Weddings are wedding planners in London, UK, that is a team of over sixty mutli-skilled and multi-cultural event planning specialists, who adopt a bespoke approach, offer a full wedding planning service and produce exceptional wedding experiences for all faiths, cultures, and denominations. It was founded by Anabel Fielding and Caroline Villamizar Duque.

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  • Yuna Weddings
An Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. group company, based in Delhi, India, Yuna Weddings offers a range of services namely, catering, destination wedding, wedding functions, theme and d?cor, photography and entertainment, venues, and guest management. Because Yuna Weddings is a part of Old World Hospitality, it has the advantage of offering various in-house venues such as Rose Garden at Chattarpur and Habitat World, India Habitat Center.

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  • Ch?re One of the best wedding planners, Ch?re has a talented team of professionals that work relentlessly as much through an extravagant gala dinner as through an intimate reception for nearest and dearest. Expect to receive various commendable services from them including concept design, budget planning, vendor management, event management, program design and logistics management.

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  • Lyndsey Hamilton Events Founded in 2003, Lyndsey Hamilton Events crafts events by approaching the design and production process with a unique perspective, distinct ideas and a discerning eye by being like adhesive that bond all elements together. Lindsey Hamilton is the Creative Director here.

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  • Regal Weddings Founded some fifteen years back, Regal Weddings is one of the best wedding planners with a proficient team of professionals who have tie-ups with several reputed hotels and resorts. The team here has assisted over four hundred overseas couples in planning their dream weddings in India.

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  • George and Smee George & Smee is an event styling, floral design, furniture and pop hire company based in Sydney, Australia. With over twenty years of experience in event design and styling, George & Smee specializes in thoughtfully creative and enchantingly beautiful events.

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  • Easton Events Named top planner by Vogue Weddigns Easton Events is an award-winning wedding and social events planning company that was founded in 1998. The team behind it is dedicated to crafting elegant, refined and truly memorable weddings, private events and corporate events for domestic as well as international clients.

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  • Haute Wedding Selected as American Vogue as Top 5 international wedding planners, Haute Weddings is one of the best wedding planners that specializes in luxury destination weddings through France including Alps and Riviera. Provided by the team here are personally tailored wedding planning for couples who are looking for and loving all things French.

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  • Love By Lynzie The go-to Toronto Event Planner and Designer, Love By Lynzie, one of the best wedding planners, has worked on hundreds of events and creative projects in Toronto and Muskoka. The skilled, dedicated and artistic team of event planning and design professionals here help with both big and small arrangements smoothly and awesomely.

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  • Luxury Events Phuket A leading luxury wedding planning company in Thailand, Luxury Events Phuket was established in 2008 in Phuket. Today, it caters for weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events, renewal of vows and more. Luxury Events, interestingly has expanded its horizons and arranges weddings internationally, as well as in other beautiful areas of Thailand such as Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Bangkok and Chiang Mai among others.

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  • Lavender and Rose Lavender and Rose is one the best wedding planning companies in the world that provides a complete range of wedding planning services. It works with couples from across the globe to design, plan and coordinate destination weddings in France and Italy.

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  • De Plan V? De Plan V is an event agency in Greece that specializes in the luxury sector. It was founded by artistic director Vanesa Souravlia, who is an artistic visionary. Her ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation has made her a successful creator and planner in the lifestyle arena.

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  • Rosette Designs Rosette Designs & Co., based in Singapore, is a creative and one of the best wedding planner and d?cor company that specializes in creating gorgeous and stylish weddings by covering every aspect of a wedding be it styling or stationery design or floristry.

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  • Reynold Weddings One of India?s leading wedding planning companies, located in south Goa, Reynold Weddings is a division of Reynolds Events and Promotion. Having started in 1990 the company now has almost twenty-eight years of experience in weddings of all backgrounds and religions, as well as theme parties and business conferences.

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  • Melissa Andre Events Owned and creatively directed by Melissa Andre, this firm, Melissa Andre Events is a leading full-full-service special events planning and design firm based in Los Angeles and Toronto. It has been awarded for producing some of the most imaginative and luxurious celebrations worldwide.

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  • Aislinn Events Annie started Aislinn Events in 2009 to help couples plan weddings in Ireland from abroad. Having extensive experience in all areas of hospitality, weddings, catering and corporate events management, she has been involved in planning and execution of hundreds of stunning weddings and fabulous events for the last ten years.

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  • Katrina Otter Weddings Katrina Otter Weddings was launched by Katrina Otter after a successful career in London planning events across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and America. With this venture she offers a personalized and individual approach to wedding and party planning.

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  • Wedding Diary An event company that focuses on customized d?cor, styling and planning management, Wedding Diary was founded by Lily Lu in 2009. What makes it one of the best wedding planning companies in the world is a fin, creative and enthusiastic team.

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  • Orenco Founded by Yifat Oren, Oren Co is one of the world?s leading luxury experience firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York. With her unique ability to create completely personalized, unforgettable and authentic affairs, she and the Oren Co team provides a full range of services to both domestic and international clients.

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  • NinaWeddings NINA Weddings is a planning and design company that makes handcrafted weddings. As one of the best weddings planning companies in the world, NINA Weddings caters to all kinds of weddings be it an intimate wedding in the backyard of an idyllic vineyard in Italy or a beach wedding in Curacao.

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  • Marcy Blum Named one of the best planners in the world by Vogue, Harper?s Bazaar, and The New York Times among others, Marcy Blum is an internationally sought-after event planner and entertaining expert with thirty years of experience. She crafts events with sanity, humor, innovation and style.

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  • Ali Bakhtiar Designs Ali Bakhtiar Designs LLC is an international company with offices in south of France, and Dubai, UAE; and over twenty years of experience in weddings and events, interior design and architecture. As one of the best wedding planning compan it is focused on high end projects for clients across the globe.

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  • Devoted to You Started in 2006, Devoted to You has delivered years of wedding planning excellence helping couples and their families as not just assistant and wedding expert but also as friend, confidant, and go-to person during the event. The folks here plan not just niche Chinese weddings but also weddings of other ethnicities, marriage of mixed couples, and same-sex couples.

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  • Moments by Wayne Gurnick Wayne Gurnick is a celebrated designer and event maker who planned his event in 1985. With his passion for design, a sensitive eye for detail and calm and organized demeanor he works closely with people to help them realize their vision. Offered by him and his team at Moments by Wayne Gurnick are full range of wedding services.

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  • Karina Lemke Karina Lemke is a celebrated wedding and event planner based out of Toronto, Canada. She has appeared on Canada AM, CBC Morning News, Global National News, and Toronto Star among others; and her weddings have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Bells, Style Me Pretty, and other publications.

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  • Snapdragon Luxury wedding planners and event planners in London, Snapdragon delivers events worldwide from its headquarters in London. Renowned for the creativity of their events and extreme attention to detail, the team behind Snapdragon create unique, luxury parties tailed to their clients? personal style.

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  • Laura & Co. Events Specializing in luxury weddings and events is Laura & Co. Events, an award-winning team of lead event planners in Toronto. Since the last thirteen years they team here has been working with an eye for detail, a flare for style and a passion for organization and flow in order to perfect the art of event planning, production and design.

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  • Sumptuous Events Sumptuous Events is a full-service wedding planning, design production and communication agency that is headquartered in Paris and serves global elite clients in other luxury destinations, The French Riviera, Miami, New York, Marrakech and Phuket. Jean Charles and his team at Sumptuous Events are capable enough to transform any space into an enchanting scene by working right from conceptualization to design and planning.

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  • Alicia Keats Weddings and Events One of the top wedding planners, as quoted by Vogue Magazie, Alicia Keats Wedding and Events provide inspiration, experience, and integrity that is necessary for a perfectly unique event. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, this award-winning full-service event planning company caters to individuality, something that the team here believes is the key to an extraordinary wedding.

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  • Chic Weddings in Italy Founded and creatively directed by Clara and Eva, Chic Weddings has produced hundreds of years since its inception about ten years ago. It is backed by an international team of eclectic, dedicated, extravagant and passionate experts in wedding production, unique trends, creative experiences and everything Italian.

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  • The Bespoke Wedding Company One of the best wedding companies in the world, The Bespoke Wedding Company designs exquisitely planned weddings and events in London and around as well as in South East of England. The folks here are experts in the art of celebration for they have been creating elegant weddings and luxury events since 2003.

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  • Santorini Glam Weddings Santorini Glam Weddings is a boutique planning and design studio in Greece that crafts beautifully designed and impeccably executed weddings and has been doing so since 2006. The team behind it ensures that every event is spectacular and unique, right from first impression to the smallest detail.

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  • Sapphire Events One Of the best wedding planners in the world, Sapphire Events specializes in not only weddings but also private events, corporate parties, debutant balls, and non-profit galas. The team has a of talented professionals here is focused on planning, design, production, and management of these events.

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  • Joanna Loukaki Joanna Loukaki is a destination wedding planner who began working at weddings when she was nineteen and started her company in 2010. In her planning endeavors she uses her eye for detail, love for style, passion for beauty, commitment to excellence and unparalleled work ethic in order to define and interpret the style of each couple.

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  • Jenna Lam Events A fully-integrated event planning and design firm, Jenna Lam Events produces seamless events and weddings across the globe. Operating since 2012 and headquartered in Northern California?s Nappa Valley, Jenna and her team at Jenna Lam Events create refined gatherings for a cultivated clientele.

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  • Louise Perry Weddings An award-winning and one of the best wedding planning companies, Louise Perry Weddings has been planning bespoke weddings and parties across the UK and worldwide since 2012, that?s the year it was founded by Louise Perry, the Creative Director here.

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  • Invision Events Invision Events, Inc., a full-service boutique design company, was founded in 2000. The team of professionals here provide chic custom d?cor for events ranging from intimate dinner parties to large scale galas, covering almost every stage from concept to completion.

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  • Le Jour du Oui A creative event, weddings and styling production team, Le Jour Du Oui was founded by Cristina Di Giovanna in 2012. Cristina and her team offers a range of services including design, location scouting, logistical management, styling, decorations, rentals and more.

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  • Lisa Vorce Co. Lisa of Lisa Vorce Co. is the name and brain behind this distinct event design and production studio which creates one of a kind celebratory experience. As one of the best wedding planning companies in the world, Lisa Vorce Co. focuses on experience and innovation.

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  • Ashley Douglass Weddings and Events Offering seamless planning for luxury events is Ashley Douglass Weddings and Events. Ashley Douglass with her team of talented professionals has planned events for both Democratic and Republican parties, and on both west and east coast. They have also planned events for celebrity families.

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  • Dream Weddings Europe Dream Weddings Europe is a destination weddings agency that is based in both Portugal and France. It offers first-class services to discerning clients. The team here works with best wedding professionals from across the globe to create their client couple?s dream wedding.

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  • Designs by Abhishek Founded by Abhishek Kaushik who hails from Chandigarh, India, Designs by Kaushik has been operating and planning weddings for seven years now. Working closely with clients in India and abroad, Abhishek turns dreams to reality with his impeccable sence of design, spatial expertise and systematic approach.

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  • Joy Proctor Providing world renowned event designs for couples with impeccable taste is Joy Proctor, an international wedding planning and design firm founded in 2007 by Joy Proctor and reputed for elegant yet understated design. Having designed over four hundred weddings from Bali to Italy, France to Napa Valley proves why it is one of the most sought-after destination wedding stylists in the world.

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  • Absolute Perfection Absolute Perfection is a small ream of discreet wedding planners in London who have a passion for creating stylish and exquisite weddings. It was established in 2003 and since then, has acquired a strong clientele in London, Surrey and Home Counties.

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  • Firefly Events A luxury wedding and event planning and design company with offices in New York, California, and Wyoming, Firefly Events take care of logistics and work with clients to design beautiful, innovative and highly personal events. The planners here aim at alleviating the stress and frustration that often accompanies wedding planning.

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  • WedStyle wedstyle is a design and planning studio that specializes in wedding as well as events, parties and floristry. Behind wedstyle is a passionate and creative team obsessed with creating an ultimate experience for clients. As one of the best wedding planners in the world, the folks at wedstyle ensure that everything from venue to d?cor, photographers to entertainment, styling to flowers is perfect.

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  • Muriel Saldalamacchia A destination wedding-planner agency, Muriel Sadalamacchia?s agency has been organizing destination weddings for ten years now. Muriel Sadalamacchia and her team deal with heart to when listening to their clients and implementing those desires to design their dream wedding.

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  • Matthew Robbins Design An event planning firm focused on design and production for weddings and special events, Matthew Robbins Design has produced events across the globe, from intimate dinner parties to weekend long celebrations during last fifteen years. Matthew Robbins is the founder and creative director here who contributes regularly to the Martha Stewarts Weddings blog.

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  • Lindeman Weddings Linderman Weddings is a full-service event planning company that is also an IATA certified travel agency specializing in destination weddings by offering services including day of coordination, travel management and concierge services. Erin Lindeman is the owner and full-service wedding planner and travel agent here.

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  • By Emily B A boutique design collective based in New England and Carribean, By Emily B. specializes in event, brand and life styling with unique as well as personalized creative direction. The team here offers a young, fresh perspective whether it is for planning a wedding, or an editorial shoot.

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  • Blue Lavender Events Blue Lavender is a boutique based in Toronto. It specializes in celebrations filled with style and offers beautiful designs and expert logistics management. Founded by Iris Li who has a background in retail marketing, Blue Lavender Events is recognized in the industry for producing personal weddings that are infused with style.

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  • Angel Lion Founded by Amber Mollison, Angel Lion Weddings and Events is a boutique event planning company based in Venice. As a full-service and one of the best wedding planning companies, it offers event design, creative direction, logistical management, prop building, d?cor sourcing, destination scouting, vendor curation, photoshoot direction, interior styling, and consulting among other services.

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  • House of Hannah House of Hannah is owned and creatively directed by Lindsay Moynagh, who has a romantic but organic design aesthetic. Named after Moynagh?s grandmother, House of Hannah has already been featured in both Ireland and internationally in various magazines including The Knot, Martha Stewart, Fly Away Bride, and Once Wed among others.

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  • Grit and Grace Inc One of the best wedding planners, Grit and Grace Inc is run by a team of diverse individuals having a broad range of backgrounds in hotels, project management, catering, fashion and film. They are committed to creating experiences for their clients and empowering the industry. Offered by them are event planning, consulting and mentoring, speaking engagements and styling and photoshoot services.

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  • Lindsay Landman Events Since 2001 Lindsay Landman Events has been producing special events not only in New York but around the world. It is widely known for its seamless integration of planning, design and production. Lindsay Landman, the Creative Director and President here is the driving force behind every event.

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  • Calder Clark Named Best Planner by Vogue, Harper?s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Southern Living among others, Calder Clark is a full-service consulting and design firm whose people have strong vendor relationships, extensive experience, and old-fashioned know-how with which they expose each client to the art of fine entertaining.

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  • Euphoria Global Events Euphoria Global Events are luxury wedding planners and wedding designers, and event planners and event designers. The talented team at Euphoria Global Events is made of international wedding planners, wedding coordinators in Spain, and event planners in London and across the UK.

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  • La Fleur Weddings & Events La Fleur Weddings & Events is a full-service destination event planning and design company that has a design and planning team inclusive of event managers and floral and event designers who ensure that every event is uniquely personalized, beautifully curated and is simply seamless.

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  • Cathrin D'Entremont Weddings Producing unique, beautiful, fun and stylish weddings and events is Cathrin D?Entremont Weddings. Cathrin D?Entremont, owner and founder of CD Weddings is an internationally published fine art wedding planner and stylist who helps clients discover and develop their vision and pairs them with most talented vendors in Perth.

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  • Wanderlust Weddings One of the best wedding planners, Lisa and Franck are the duo behind Wanderlust Weddings. Together with they team they create the perfect chemistry to plan a memorable and unique wedding. Based in South of France they take care of every last detail of a wedding and work with distinct design elements, unique collaborations with dynamic vendors and clear communication.


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