Best 100 Baking Blogs List To Follow For Luscious Bakes

Top Baking Blogs

Best baking blogs are the brilliant presentation of baking ideas, recipes, innovations, food photography, gluten-free bakes, cake decorating ideas, tips and tricks, celebratory bake ideas and their recipes, ingredient galore, ingredient-focused recipes, egg-less bakes and their recipes, healthy baking and so much more.

A lot of that is available on the top baking blogs are as much for the pros as it is for the beginners. But primarily, it is the for the love of baking and the spirit of spreading sweetness around. This is what makes baking blogs so heartwarming and benign. So, for the love of baking and to spread the joy of receiving extra sweetness, here we have curated and presented the best hundred baking blogs off the internet for you. Go indulge your sweet tooth and craving for bakes.

  • Minimalist Baker Entertaining your craving since 2012 is the Minimalist Baker. Its coolness, ravishing dishes, creative ideas and care to share attitude has made it the reining blog on our list of best hundred baking blogs. One of the examples you will find on this one’s care to share attitude is the long list of detailed how-tos.

  • Smitten Kitchen Smitten Kitchen surprises us with mouthwatering recipes, with plenty of those in season. One thing that is sure to awe you is the surprise me feature with which you can land yourself a dose of random awesomeness, that is the recipe of a randomly picked sumptuous dish.

  • King Arthur Flour What a bagfull of flour can do, or less, is what this one of the best baking blog from King Arthur Flour teaches us so beautifully. Seriously, all those beautiful breads awaiting to be munched on. And the recipes, which include gluten free, seasonal, cakes, pies, and a lot more are worth spending your weekends on.

  • Cookie And Kate Cookie and Kate celebrate whole food so temptingly. Kate is your girl next door cooking fresh vegetarian dishes and inviting you in for a bit or two or for trying her recipes. She is so generous. You see now, don’t you? Let her indulge your thoughts in the types of bakes, from desserts to dinners and repeat.

  • Sally’s Baking Addiction Sally’s Baking Addiction comes with a sprinkle of fun and adventure. And the fun fact is that Sally’s Baking Addiction is for everyone. Even if you happen to be someone starting from the start and are looking up for learning the basics of baking. For the pros, you have a lot to fill up your plates with, literally. Checkout this one of the top baking blogs now.

  • RecipeTin Eats RecipeTin Eats is the food blog for the ones always on the go or the ones looking for interesting recipes of fast meals prepared with everyday ingredients, readily available at home. Follow Nag, the mind behind RecipeTin Eats as she shares those mind-blowing ideas with recipes to eat well and relish the taste too.

  • Chocolate Covered Katie For the ones who haven’t visited Katie’s best baking blog called Chocolate Covered Katie, this might come as a surprise. This blog has been voted number one for its healthy and comfort food recipes. We know why it did. It’s for all those fascinating recipes with a personal touch, that makes Chocolate Covered Katie too hard to ignore.

  • Half Baked Harvest Writing about the food she makes and the chaos that comes with it, in her own words, Tieghan Gerard of the Half Baked Harvest is as amazing as her recipes, something you are ought to realize after visiting her blog. There are loads of recipes to be tried, tasted and marveled at here.

  • The Fresh Loaf It says The Fresh Loaf brings news and information for Amateur Bakers, and the artisan bread enthusiasts. Pick and learn from those generously loaded lessons here. Also, up for grabs are all the recipes which the mind behind The Fresh Loaf has loaded for our varied tastes. Checkout this top baking blog now.

  • Brown Eyed Baker If you are an urban girl or guy, living away from your family, Michelle’s story, aka the Brown Eyed Baker’s story, might remind you of your own daily struggle. Perhaps, that’s the reason why all her recipes seem reachable and easy to make, soaring the level of our temptations high up to the ceiling.

  • Eat The Love Eat The Love provides you irresistible recipes of sweets for the mouth and mind. Irvin Lin, your blogger of the Eat The Love, is an IACP award winning photographer. Not only that but he is also an award-winning baker and an award-winning graphic designer. With so many awards, you know you ought to see his grounded recipes. Check out this amazing & top baking blog now.

  • David Le Bovitz David Le Bovitz is living the sweet life in Paris. From Paris, he ensures you stay loaded with recipes for every mood and every taste, mostly sweet to set the record straight. Between all those intriguing and inspiring recipes, that is, inspiring us to get our hands working in preparation, read about the man behind this name and blog’s story.

  • Joy Of Baking Joy Of Baking offers twenty years of award winning baking and dessert recipes, in their own words. There are plenty of dessert video recipes for you to indulge yourself in, from cakes, even chiffon cakes to baguettes, doughnuts to pies, cookies to ice creams, rolls to icing and more.Check out this amazing & best baking blog now.

  • The Country Cook The Country Cook makes recipes for the busy cook accessible. Quite generous with its offerings, The Country Cook is also quite delightful in appearance and manners, that is presentation. The kind of recipes it presents come packed with offbeat ideas and fascinating names. Seriously.

  • I Am Baker Fancy and flamboyant, I Am Baker is totally tempting and slurpy. Amanda, aka the girl saying I Am Baker a well known top baking blogger, is also a mother and calls herself a servant too. If she has your attention now, then it’s time you let your guard down and respond to her interesting introduction. What do you say?

  • Joy The Baker Joy The Baker is a colorful girl. And that is as much evident in her personality as in her recipes. There is a wide variety of recipes available and awaiting to be put to action. To give you a glimpse, there’re ice cream sandwiches, hand pies, cookies, pound cakes and more.

  • Crazy For Crust Here’s baking for you, with a slice of life. So, if you are perhaps not fond of baking let alone, crazy for baking, then believe in the power of crust for Crazy For Crust sure is going to convert you into one. And yes, it’s you who would be doing it yourself, after looking at all those sumptuous recipes in this one of the best baking blog.

  • Amys Healthy Baking Providing you easy recipes for all occasions is Amy of the Amy’s Healthy Baking. There are ample recipes for all, breakfast, snacks, desserts, clean eating and gluten free. Now to see what all lay behind those and the kind of tempting recipes each carry, check out Amys Healthy Living.

  • Baker By Nature Baker By Nature has innovation in the very root of it, or should we say ingredients. Perhaps you’ll get the idea from the visuals of something called lemon blueberry bunt cake. But that is for starters, or should we say dessert. To set your hands on these marvelous recipes, you know the drill. Check out this amazingly best baking blog now.

  • My Baking Addiction My Baking Addiction is a power-packed baking blog with three major ingredients, namely, modern, delicious and addictive. You are in for a treat here. With all those incredible recipes, it would be impossible for you to resist the temptations and hold yourself from baking. And hence, the treat.

  • Baking Bites Helping you bite the goodness of your own baking with luscious delicious bakes is Baking Bites, more so Nicole Weston, who is a pastry chef, food writer,  a recipe developer and a well known best baking blogger. While she serves awesome bakes from Los Angeles, there is no point you miss her amazing bakes just because you are sitting in the opposite side of the world.

  • My Name Is Yeh Molly Yeh of My Name Is Yeh has recently moved to a farm on North Dakota and Minnesota’s border. It is such fun looking at her mouthwatering bakes. Yes, look, because they are so beautiful. The best part is they can be sitting on your dining table too, if you make the effort.

  • Not Quite Nigella Not Quite Nigella is a baking blog by Lorraine Elliot. Fascinating thing is that she believes that cakes belong in an art gallery. So, from that you can deduce two things. One, her cakes are going to be the most gorgeous sight at your dinner parties. Two, she is quite creative. Here she is sharing her creativity and recipes with you.

  • Rock Recipes Rock Recipes or rock with recipes, that is a free choice you get to make on this blog. Barry, dad to two amazing kids, and being quite amazing himself lends you his incredible baking recipes. Incredible for a simple reason, they are easy and so tempting. Count your parties sorted and yourself, the life of those parties.

  • Bakerita Short, sweet and a little salty. That is Bakerita for you. With these tantalising recipes, your mouth is going to be tempted enough, while your eyes bedazzled and senses, bewitched. Open the windows right to welcome Bakerita and its baking goodness with open arms and a warm heart, quite like its bakes, fresh out of the oven. Check out this amazing & top baking blog now.

  • Frankie A bi-monthly magazine based in Australia, Frankie is also this amazing online baking blog, with bakes so good that you would literally be tempted to try. Now, trying obviously would mean picking the recipe here and preparing it in your kitchen before ultimately trying or rather tasting the dish out.

  • The Cake Blog Help yourself to some of the most gorgeous DIY cakes you would have ever seen. These sure are going to put your name on the top of your pals and acquaintances best host list. That is after looking at your amazing bakes and relishing their sumptuous tastes, courtesy The Cake Blog which is one of the best baking blog. Read now.

  • Desserts With Benefits All the amazing goodness that you’ll witness on Desserts With Benefits has bud up from the mind of Jessica, who has a giant sweet tooth. Now, that is quite evident from her blog which in true sense is a giant galore of mind-blowing bakes. We bet you won’t be able to decide what to try first.

  • Cup Cake Project Stef of the Cup Cake Project is a darling. Why? She has shared over a thousand recipes on her top baking blog, that’s why. And what recipes they are. Simply delightful, would be like saying the least.There are just so many cakes. Cakes are everywhere in all sizes and shapes and they are all for you to try.

  • Gretchen’s Bakery Coming from professional pastry chef, Gretchen’s Bakery loads us with recipes. Worry not if you are a vegan pal for they have plenty for the vegans too. Yes, including cakes. For all the love of baking, there is a lot to be had from cheesecakes to layer cakes and lots of how to’s. So, feel free to indulge.

  • Baking A Moment Baking A Moment is the brainchild of Allie, a former pastry chef. So, treat yourself with sweet serves of awesomeness here. There is everything that a cake lover like us would love here. Perhaps Baking A Moment is aptly named, considering it would just take a moment to tantalize us with its baking awesomeness in this one of the best baking blog.

  • Eggless Cooking For all those who fancy food but are wary of eggs, this is the place you ought to visit. Eggless cooking is all about eggless, yet tasty dishes, including cakes, lots of them. There are eggless pretzels as well. Also, bars and brownies, breads and cupcakes, pancakes and waffles and a lot more.

  • Sprinkle Bakes Sprinkle Bakes is a baking and desserts blog, they say. We say it is a cake baker’s wonderland. Seriously. Look around while on Sprinkle Bakes, if your heart won’t melt then perhaps it wasn’t butter. These cakes will make you drop dead dreaming on either baking them, if you are the baker variety, or tasting them, if you are the foodie kind. Check out this awesome & top baking blog now.

  • Persian Mama Homa is the Persian Mama and with that a lovely lady. Follow her exact instructions when recreating her recipes and you’ll welcome folks at your dinner parties as your guests but bid them adieu as your admirers. Really. See what we are talking about on this blog.

  • The Little Epicurean A top baking blog where food and love meet, they call it The Little Epicurean. We call it heaven. Look at all those dishes and recipes, from doughnut cake, read giant donut cake to ice cream bars, chamomile cake to crumb cake, layer cakes to muffins and more, all in delicious flavors and combinations.

  • Humming Bird Bakery The blogs on baking offered by Humming Bird Bakery are phenomenal. There is almost all that you can think of in terms of baking here, from baking advice to ingredient guides, recipes to videos and a lot more. Certainly reasons enough for you to fix your fascinating with baking.

  • Completely Delicious Being Completely Delicious since 2008, this awesome & one of the best baking blog has maintained to add sweetness to our lives, by getting a little sweeter every day. Annalise of Completely Delicious loves to bake and we love that – the reason how we get all her sumptuous, or should we say, complete delicious baking recipes.

  • Oh Lady Cakes Oh lady, look there. Cakes! And lots of them. Oh Lady Cakes is like that sprinkle of chocolate over a pineapple cake. Simply awesome and awesomely delicious. So many great baking ideas bundled in one blog together with the recipes. This one’s again a pure baker’s delight.

  • default Baking Mad provides you many cool and hot baking recipes for days when you crave a bake or baking, for that matter. Loaded with tips and tricks and incredible ideas on baking delightful stuff, Baking Mad which is one of the best baking blogs prepares you well for mastering the art of baking and being the centre of compliment every time you bake.

  • Bake Or Break So folks, would you Bake Or Break? While choice could be either, our choice is both, and by that we mean Bake Or Break. With all those delicious bakes and tantalizing cakes who would dare break. Even if someone boasts of doing that, their choice will get a makeover by simply looking at this blog.

  • Baker Ella Bakerella a reputed top baking blogger is a baking genius. Look at all those cookies she makes, and the cakes, and the cones, the breads, and sundaes, and waffles, and chunkers, and cupcakes, and cake pops, and brownies. We digressed. But you got the cue and stars in your eyes, haven’t you?

  • Bake Play Smile Bake Play Smile and repeat. Then, get right on to this blog and see those pies with a twist, a little too literally. Lucy, a mum, wife, lover of all things sweet and oh, also the mind and hands behind Bake Play Smile, has loaded her blog with amazing bakes and baking recipes. Help yourself to them all.

  • Pastry Affair Let’s get into an affair, you and us, an affair with all things sweet and soft. Let’s get into the Pastry Affair. With all things lovely, imagine grandma’s chocolate cupcake, this one of the best baking blog blows our minds and takes our hearts away. It’s got all the right recipes which will make just any day worth living.

  • That Skinny Chick Can Bake That Skinny Chick Can Bake such delicious cakes and pies, bars and roulades, brownies and macarons, and so much more that you’ll feel like finding that skinny chick and learning how to bake all that. Good thing is, she has already laid the details down for you. So, yay.

  • Baker Bettie Baker Bettie helps you be a better baker through plenty of her interesting recipes, and many video tutorials. Fascinating thing about her recipes are the ingredients and the way she blends them together into making an incredible recipe. Indulge yourself in baking with Baker Bettie and her recipes. Check out this awesome & top baking blog now.

  • Top With Cinnamon Top With Cinnamon is Izy Hossack’s rendezvous with baking. Izy, a nineteen-year-old Londoner studying food and nutrition, is a brilliant artist and chef as seen on her blog, Top With Cinnamon. We like her subtlety of baking and all the recipes she has loaded up her blog with.

  • Girl Versus Dough In the game of baking between girl and dough, the girl is the clear winner hands down. The Girl, a.k.a. Stephanie is as amazing a chef as she is an top baking blogger. We loved surfing through her blog, looking at all the stuff she has baked, all of which, to say the least, seemed fascinating and totally swoon-worthy.

  • Humming Bird High Presenting the recipes to make you hum in delight is Michelle of Humming Bird High. Her blog is a colorful presentation of her ideas still imbuing subtlety and serenity. Humming to a different tune, this one sure is a notch high, courtesy all the brilliant recipes it showcases. This is Humming Bird High for you fellas.

  • Passion For Baking With a true Passion For Baking you are ought to find lots and lots of recipes here for baking cupcakes, cakes, pastries, cookies, frosting and more. Manuela, the author, baker and mind behind this top baking blog has done an incredible job to keep us hooked and our baking game, on point.

  • Willow Bird Baking Willow Bird Baking is as much an inspiration for making something as it is for baking something. There are ideas here on Willow Bird Baking like there are sprinkles on a beautiful chocolate cake. Make the most of these interesting recipes and turn your meal to something stupendous.

  • The Faux Martha It’s your designer, maker, baker, aka Melissa in the house aka The Faux Martha. And she is an angel from the sky down on earth with her heavenly bakes. They are all for us to try. Unbelievable as it sounds, you ought to see The Faux Martha, that is her top baking blog making you believe in our words.

  • Janes Patisserie Quick heads up number one – you are going to fell head over heels for Janes Patisserie. Quick heads up number two – you are going to go gaga over Jane. We love how she presents all those recipes she has picked or invented. One thing is that they all sure look tempting.

  • 365 Days Of Baking And More How many days of baking do you need? Is it 365, because a well known top baking blogger here sure needs that many days. In a year that is. 365 Days Of Baking And More is a lot about baking every day of the year such amazing dishes as will not only tempt your folks but will make them swoon over your baking skills.

  • The Beeroness It’s a whole island of incredibility here. The Beerones gives a fine message that goes something like, have your beer and eat it too. How fascinated you are by that is something we leave on to you. What we’ll take charge of here is the heads up, concisely completed in five simple words which are – lots of incredible baking recipes.

  • Butter Baking Butter baking is utterly butterly awesome. Have you ever wondered about baking conversions? Yes, they are pain when reading a recipe. Once you have your dose of it on this top baking blog, set yourself free in the wilderness with wonderful cakes, bars and brownies, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and more, all hanging to the trees and bushes like fruits and flowers.

  • Butter and Brioche Butter and Brioche is a wonderful escapade into the world of baking. Thalia, the creative mind and dexterous hands behind Butter and Brioche is as good a chef and baker as a writer. With her working to feed your baking appetite, you won’t ever go out of options or off that joyful mood.

  • Apt. 2B Baking Co. It’s sweetness all over here on Apt. 2 B Baking Co. And in the fancy corners where it is not, it’s all salty with a little bit of spice. See what Yossy Arefi is on to next with her delightful baking skills and cheerfully creative mind. A quick hint, it might include something in the writing and a lot in the pictures. Take your guess. Check out this amazing & top baking blog now.

  • Bake To The Roots So Marc, the one who Bake To The Roots, is a graphic designer who loves his job but also loves to bake. He is a fun fellow to follow who would load you as much with quirky feeds through written words, as he would with his amazing recipes. Care to join him on this adventure?

  • Cookie Madness Cookie Madness believes in one simple mantra and that is, keep life sweet with one cookie at a time, quite like how this one does. But as the well known top baking blogger here says, a girl can’t survive on cookies only, so feel free to use all those cake recipes and muffins and breads and a lot more.

  • My Sweet Mission Heather of My Sweet Mission shares tried and tested true-family style recipes. There is a lot that you can pick from My Sweet Mission. There are popsicles, granola bar recipes, party ideas, cake recipes, bread loaf recipes in interesting combinations, cookie ideas and much more.

  • The Vanilla Bean Blog The Vanilla Bean one of the best baking blog is a baker’s soliloquy. And what soliloquy that is. It’s visually enchanting, incredibly tasteful, creatively indulging and incredibly smart. There are chances you will love her cakes and the way she has made them and ultimately presented. It’s quite a visual treat, this one.

  • The Baking Fairy Say hello to Valentina, aka your baking fairy. She has an incredible combination of a life when passing through her days, that is being a physician assistant student by day and food blogger by night. They say the best ideas come at night. You can very well imagine the kind of ideas this one is awaiting to delight you with.

  • Hint Of Vanilla Megan is that girl next door who seems quite confident speaking her mind out and more so, the truth. So, believe her when she says she just make things she wants to eat and clicks pictures of those. We say, her idea is incredible, both in thought and those pictures. She is one talented baker and her top baking blog, a must-follow.

  • Tutti Dolci For the ones in favor of effortless cooking, Tutti Dolci is the blog for you. It’s loaded with some amazing recipes, many of which require considerably less efforts. The outputs, despite the less efforts, are mind blasting. It seems rather fun to see what new intriguing recipe Laura of Tutti Dolci will surprise us with.

  • Create Bake Make Lauren of Create Bake Make speaks of baking her way through motherhood. So, saying it is a great gift for the mothers out there would be like speaking the least. There seems to be some interesting factor about Laurens bakes here. Or is it the thoughtfully creative element/s she put/s in her bakes. Find for yourself. Check out this amazing & top baking blog now.

  • Sweet 2 Eat Baking Well, that name sure sums many of our feelings. Sweet 2 Eat Baking is Lisa’s way of sharing her love for baking. Lisa, the mind behind Sweet 2 Eat Baking, is a baker and lover of all things sweet, as she says. Her bakes come with an interesting twist, something fueling us to go try the recipe at least once.

  • Passionate About Baking Sharing much on food is Passionate About Baking. And their passion for baking is quite evident in the baking posts and all the beautiful bakes. One thing you are going to find in abundance here is the ideas, offbeat and indulging baking ideas worth trying. Check out this amazing & top baking blog now.

  • Bake For Happy Kids From a Singaporean mother now living in Melbourne, Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids is an angel. Loading us with recipes of all the baking goodness she could, Zoe ensures all the kids around the world stay happy, courtesy their mothers baking for them through recipes by Zoe on Bake For Happy Kids.

  • Thermomix Baking Blogger Sophia is your top Thermomix Baking Blogger. Chances are you might instantly be filled with intense happiness charging up your cells into baking something right away. Take the chocolate millefeuille for instance, or sausage mummies, which are an instant pacifier.

  • The Cupcake Daily Blog Extending delicious cupcake inspiration with one bite at a time is The Cupcake Daily Blog. So, if you are a major fan or baker of cupcakes, you know where to look now. Reason being, the wide variety of recipes, which are mouthwatering, in lots of flavors, and so enchanting.

  • Real Baking With Rose So, Rose Levy Beranbanm is your baker and maker behind Real Baking With Rose. Her baking ideas are intriguing and so are the stories she shares on one of the best baking blog, all on baking and bakers and a little bit on life. Follow her to get a glimpse of a baker’s life and what makes a baking blog so interesting.

  • Pastries Like A Pro Here is your chance at discovering the art of pastry and baking. Helen S. Fletcher, the one showing you how to bake Pastries Like A Pro, has over twenty five years of operating and running a specialty bakery which serviced hotels, restaurants and caterers. So, you know you are indeed learning from a pro here.

  • Erica’s Sweet Tooth Erica’s Sweet tooth has led her into the world of baking and how. It’s such a magnificent sight, her top baking blog, and her magical love affair with baking. Look at all those colorful delights to believe in what we are saying here. Her blog is an indulgence to be carried for long, perhaps decades or so.

  • Lovin’ The Oven A mom, baker, blogger, and ex-flight attendant, Kim of Lovin’ The Oven is also the mind behind this droolworthy blog. If there are enough words to express the joy of looking at colorful cookies and ultimately eating them, they will all go for expressing our emotions for Lovin’ The Oven.

  • Renshaw Baking Established in 1898, the brand, Renshaw Baking calls itself the professional’s choice. It is after looking at one of the best baking blog that we realized exactly why. When the blogs here are so tempting, intriguing and absolutely fascinating, no words can justify the baking genius of this brilliant bakery.

  • Mummy Mishaps Mummy Mishaps is a delight to read and look at and learn from as the mummy here, aka Jenny, clumsily raises her boys and bakes cakes. And what cakes they are. We mean, at least from the sight of it they sure look delicious. Oh, and must we say colorful.

  • Easy Baked Easy Baked is a lot about easy bakes, much of what many of us here adore from the bottom of our hearts and tick tocks of our clocks. Whatever be your fascination with bakes, especially Easy Bakes, it sure is going to find perfect solace in this top baking blog.

  • Flour Box Bakery Flour Box Bakery is Topher and Anne’s way of sharing their baking experiences. Chances are you will be both inspired and awestruck simply looking at the sheer number of variety of icing for cakes displayed, showcased and explained in detail here. Feel free to dig deep and find your dream icing here.

  • What Jessica Baked Next So, the question is What Jessica Baked Next. After looking at her top baking blog for this long, we can sum that answer in two words, which are, something amazing. It’s an experience following Jessica through her baking and other experiences. One sure to be experienced to be believed.

  • Baking Ginger Baking Ginger bakes all things delicious, per what it says on the blog. The fascinating thing is, the blog depicts much of that too. It’s a delicious land down this blog. Jane, as it seems, has made tremendous efforts into nailing the baking game like a pro. A blog sure to learn a thing or thousand from.

  • Rodelle Kitchen Rodelle, established in 1936 is as incredible as the history it carries. There is such a wide variety of bakes here to grab the idea and recipe from and flaunt your baking skills at Thanksgiving or any of those parties which you host. Feel free to pick a recipe or a hundred from this top baking blog, for they are so amazing that one simply won’t suffice.

  • Giraffes Can Bake Giraffes Can Bake says it is a blog filled with delicious recipes which are perfect for a family meal or party. That’s true. We agree for there are some seriously brilliant baking ideas here to try and bake your own stuff filled with sweetly goodness or goodly sweetness.

  • Twigg Studios Before you indulge yourself in awesomeness of delicious sweets, do read the story behind the name of this one of the best baking blog, that is Twigg Studios. Chances are it will make your day. Then, breathe in the aroma of freshly baked stuff, hypothetically, but again chances are you would be able to breathe in the baked goodness straight off those pictures.

  • Blahnik Baker Blahnik Baker provides you with elegant desserts for everyday celebrations. A good reason to dive into the pool of recipes here and make everyday a celebration worth having. Invite your long-lost friends or surprise your neighbors by spreading sweetness through the love of baking.

  • The Biz Of Baking It is at The Biz Of Baking where bakers find inspiration, motivation and of course education, says Michelle, the creative mind behind this top baking blog. To be had in abundance here are creatively mind-blowing baking recipes. They are beautiful. They are tempting. And they sure are incredible.

  • Ninja Baker Kim Watkinson is your Ninja Baker. As an American, she has spent the first eighteen years of her life in Tokyo, Japan. So, the kind of variety she has here of her tasteful fusion bakes can easily be deduced. Tag along Kim to indulge in baking, perhaps, like never before.

  • Cream Puffs In Venice This one is a delightful place that endeavors at making your sweet dreams come true. Fascinating as that sounds, the bakes here are equally drool worthy. Interesting thing apart from the stuff she bakes is the way she puts it up on her one of the best baking blog for us to drool some more.

  • Suzie Sweet Tooth Suzie, the creator of Suzie Sweet Tooth, has an eye for colors and the kind of colors that seems to appear straight off our dreams. The reason why and how her bakes and all that she makes look so appealing and tempting, motivating us to bake the stuff right from wherever it is that we are sitting.

  • Wee Love Baking There is a lot that you can borrow from this top baking blog called Wee Love Baking. For starters, there are cake decorating ideas. For further indulgence, there are baking recipes. Then, there are tutorials. For those who are still seeking more, there is a lot goss from the industry as well.

  • Rhodes Kids Baking For the love of kids, and for the kids love of all things sweet, here is the Rhodes Kids Baking blog. There are ample things awaiting to be picked here, like pizza bunnies, monkey breads, fruit pizzas and a lot more. Now, with those funky names and fun presentations, you sure get to feed your kid just any healthy thing you want.

  • Nick Malgieri Prepare to be delighted for Nick Malgieri’s best baking blog is as much for the eye as for the heart, the taste-buds and the tummy. A former Executive Pastry Chef at the Windows On The World and having lots of books in his name, he sure is your man to learn the art and science of baking from.

  • Baking In A Tornado Making baking super fun is Karen. With poems baking her bakes, many a times, Karen makes a strong case for being as original in baking as you want and can be. She has made available plenty of dishes including bakes for you to try and serve at your family dinners or the parties you host.

  • Stiers Aesthetic Stiers Aesthetic is a lot about fine foods, spaces and things. Jonathan Stiers, the man behind Stiers Aesthetics is a designer, photographer and quasi-foodie in his own words. On his top baking blog he has extended much of his wisdom and a lot of recipes for you to benefit from.

  • Sugar Thumb Sugar Thumb is a clear thumbs-up. It has got some of the most fascinating bakes for folks like us, who loves all stuff baked, with a little cheese here and a little crème there. What makes this one fascinating is along with adding and using our favorite ingredients, this one also makes the final thing look like an absolute piece of art

  • Irish Baking Adventures Here is Irish Baking Adventures, an adventurous blog sharing amazingly delicious recipes and hence, making every day taste better, much said in this best baking blog’s words. Feel free to tag along for a subtle dose of serenity from the sheer sight of all those amazing bakes.

  • Baking For Friends Life is sweet when you bake for friends, more so when you have the friends worth baking for. Making you indulge much in that and helping you bake more awesome stuff for your own friends, is Alex with her incredible bakes and more incredible recipes.

  • Little Box Brownie This one’s a top baking blog from Melbourne, Australia. Loaded with goodness of chocolates, fruits, creams and many things sweet, Little Box Brownie is the perfect way to indulge your baking fetish. Pick up a recipe or ten here, which Sophia Purvis, an award-winning author, has curated and laid down for you.

  • Bake Fresh Showcasing personalized cakes and bake-at-home recipes for the bake adorers, Bake Fresh has done a rather commendable job at being one stop shop for all your baking indulgencies. There are lots here to be seen and admired, and plenty to be baked and relished.

  • Gluten-Free Makeovers Beth, the mind behind Gluten-Free Makeovers has done the job for you by ideating, creating and making your favorite recipes the gluten-free way. So, you know your indulgence in the goodness of bakes is going to work well with yours and your loved one’s diet plans. Checkout this amazing and one of the best baking blog now.

  • Bake And Destroy This is your best bet at nailing the baking game heads on. Bake And Destroy makes the case of guilt-free baking stronger with its mind-blowing recipes and baking ideas. Pick all that you can from this blog for the days you feel low and ultimately Bake And Destroy the gloominess around.

That leads us to the end of this amazing journey, cruising through the sweetness of goodly good bakes. Making our journey awesome beyond this are all those delightful bakes we would be indulging in a while from now, or perhaps some time sooner.

Mostly, it is the idea of indulging the baking fantasies of our loved near and dear ones which is making us all giddy inside. So, without much talk let’s swim once again through this wide ocean of recipes and baking ideas before ultimately baking the cake of our lives, or whatever it is that you are fancying. And don’t forget to tell us how it turned out.


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