Best 100 Art Blogs List To Boost Creativity

Top Art Blogs

Best Art blogs are the ingenious mediums through which artists present their art, and knowledge and wisdom in the field, and where art lovers present their love for art and acquired knowledge.

These top Art blogs are these online spaces presenting the latest art news, updates on art events and exhibitions in various parts of the world.

Art blogs are also the channels where artists and art lovers get to read about art at large and its past, present and future, and its various forms, from abstract to contemporary, visual to modern, watercolour to acrylic, painting to geometric, space to sci, and many others.

That said, there is plenty provided by art blogs to please the eyes as well, that is images and pictures in myriad varieties, shapes and sizes.

To help widen the bubble of curiosity within art lovers and artists we have sifted through the tides of world wide web and collected the top 100 art blogs list. Here, they are ranked on the basis relevance and reviewed to offer a quick idea.

alexa 8,428
  • Archives of American Art Blog Archives of American Art is a research center with a focus on visual arts in the United States, the history of which it collects and preserves, while making available those primary sources that document the history of visual arts. The one of the best art blog list is frequently updated with new finds, stories and interesting viewpoints.

alexa 13,949
  • Colossal Colossal covers the creative world rather colossally, bringing feeds on art, design, photography, illustration and craft. Talking about art, there’s art from almost all timelines, that is past aka art history, present and future. Colossal as a top art blog was launched in 2010, and explores the world of art and art per se, including visual culture.  

alexa 19,465
  • Canvas Canvas is a top art blog lists by Saatchi Art, which is an online art gallery offering paintings, sculptures, drawings and photography. The best art blog Canvas showcases bountiful art caressed with creative ingenuity. It features art news, fair news, artist tips, design inspiration, art history and much more.

alexa 20,073
  • Get Inspired Get Inspired is the perfect destination to, well, get inspired. The folks behind this one of the best art blog share fascinating ways for incorporating art into home, while featuring plenty artists through interviews. Between that, there’s art news to pick and read. It’s a whole new world of home decor here, but the artsy way. Take the cue.

  • Georgetown Elementary Art Blog Josette Brouwer presents the Georgetown Elementary Art blog. The lady behind this top art blog, aka Mrs. Brouwer has taught art at Hudsonville Public School since 1998. Her one of the best art blog lists, Georgetown Elementary Art showcases art for kids and art from kids, which is unequivocally a delight to see.

alexa 33,081
  • Hyper Allergic Hyper Allergic is apparently, and as the folks here put it, sensitive to art and its discontents. Showcasing playful and radical, at times serious perspectives on art and culture in the mod world, Hyper Allergic creates a surreal impact leading to a wonderful arena full of art news, comics, mysteries and more.

alexa 34,387
  • UFUNK UFUNK has a lot to presents under art for art lovers and artists. There’s street art here to marvel at. There are fragile but fabulous pieces knocking the brains out with their technique and genius. There are ingenious illustration, redefining the meaning of beauty. There’s just so much more, making you see art in an super curiosity light.

alexa 52,119
  • Booooooom Booooooom, with seven ‘O’s is certainly impactful, quite like a blast, only here the blast is in terms of creativity and art. True that art can appear in any way, any place. This best art blog lists renders tangibility to that thought. Showcasing works of some talented artists, this top art blog justifies that name with every feed.

alexa 54,922
  • The Art Story The Art Story offers modern art insight. And what a delightful sight that is indeed. With myriad varieties of art, from existential to conceptual, feminist to performance, illustration to popular, art nouveau to even art psychology, this one of the best art blog lists such feeds as would enlighten any art lover.  

alexa 69,885
  • LACMA LACMA, short for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is an art museum that collects artworks spanning distinct times and places. This informational rendition of artworks and art per se, LACMA offers a lot in terms of art for art lovers, ranging from reading room, that is art books, infamy, gallery, collections and more. Check this one of the best art blog now.

alexa 81,868
  • Parka Blogs Here’s the one of the best art blog that lists features art book reviews, art products and supplies. Parka top art Blogs makes it easier for art lovers, art enthusiast and artists among other people to pick their art supplies backed by sufficient information and hands on reviews.

alexa 88,812
  • The Art of Education The Art of Education is an institute dedicated to professional development of art educators. This best art blog by The Art of Education is perhaps a remarkable way for art educators of spending time learning about lifting up the skills. There are discussions around technology, strategies, techniques, and professional development among other things.

alexa 9,991
  • Art Forum For art lovers and artists anywhere in the world, Art Forum is a place to learn and realize the depth of art and being an artist. Filled with remarkable feeds that touch deeply, Art Forum not only showcases art but artists too in an intriguing light.

alexa 105,772
  • Spoon & Tamago Based out of New York in USA and Tokyo in Japan, Spoon and Tamago is an one of the best art blog written by artist and writer Johnny Strategy. This top art blog is Johnny’s attempt to cover all aspects of Japanese art and design, including architecture and graphic design.

alexa 123,814
  • Red Ted Art Red Ted Art presents, as they say it, cute and easy craft for kids. By Maggy Woodly, who is partly Australian and partly Spanish and currently residing in the UK, Red Ted Art showcases kids craft, kids art projects and teen or adult focused how-tos.  

alexa 129,169
  • Cass Art It is hard to not be impressed by Cass Art, especially with a mission like filling every town of the world with artists. And a heartful sort of an encouragement for everyone to realize their creative talents and abilities. Cass top Art’s blog features myriad interviews, and feeds on craft, material, drawing, painting, kids art, and more.

alexa 129,579
  • Contemporary Art Daily Calling itself a daily journal of international exhibitions, Contemporary Art Daily makes art an analogy to divine grace. Presenting such marvelous pieces and works of art, often jaw dropping and mostly eye-pleasing, this one of the best art blog list brings a positive spirit to action.

alexa 138,377
  • We And The Color A magazine for daily art and design inspiration, We and The Color features captivating projects of various fields. We and The Color on art showcases myriad artists and multitude arts, from graphics to illustrations to tattoos to murals to many others.

alexa 145,628
  • Empty Vessel Empty Vessel is a top art blog capable of filling any art lovers and artists empty appetite. How? Through how-tos. Through tips. Through drawings. And through calligraphy, illustrations, inspiration, and so much more, that this best art blog could literally become your art tutor.

alexa 199,043
  • Art 21 Art 21 magazine offers intriguing insights on contemporary art and artists. Bringing art news right to the screen of artists, art lovers, and art enthusiasts and others, Art 21 magazine presents artists; artwork, many inspired by true stories; artist introspective, and a lot more. Check out this one of the best art blog list now.

alexa 686,100
  • Big 4 Big 4 has myriad pieces of information already stocked and many frequently updated on this top art blog lists. Starting with accounting and auditing, there are analysis discussed and tactics shared among other things. Following that there are many best art blogs discussing about and around advisory and consulting, tax, technology and more.

alexa 250,121
  • Cleveland Art Here’s the one of the best art blog by The Cleveland Museum of Art. This top art blog lists latest updates from the art museum, exhibition previews, interviews of various folks from the art industry, behind the scenes, community art, contemporary art, on views, and a lot more on art.

alexa 254,303
  • Frankie Frankie is an art magazine founded by Louise Bannister and Lara Burke. This top Australian art blog and magazine presents interesting pieces and works of art from a smorgasbord of artists. For art lovers and artists it is a wonderful place to grab inspiration from.

alexa 259,340
  • The Jealous Curator For those with a thought resembling this, ‘I wish I thought of that’, The Jealous Curator is a near perfect ultimate solace. A brainchild of Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator features artists and artworks incredible enough to bestow bountiful inspiration with every view, with every scroll. Check out this one of the best art blog list now.

alexa 278,680
  • Artsy Shark Artsy Shark is created by Carolyn Edlund who is on a mission to inspire artists into building better businesses. What to expect of Artsy Shark? Features on artworks and artists, including interviews. Tips, advices and help for artists aiding in building better businesses. And more stocked inside for inspiration.  

alexa 285,413
  • Beautiful/Decay Beautiful/Decay is an art magazine first printed in 1996. From featuring artists to artworks Beautiful/Decay is a beautiful piece of inspiration with inherent capability of awing one with every scroll. Bringing news from the art industry to the artists and art lovers screen, Beautiful/Decay does a commendable job at keeping the updates and inspiration flowing.  

alexa 336,553
  • Rise Art Rise Art, as it mentions here, is more than just a place to buy art from. We agree, for we see they have lots of inspiration and information to offer. Talking about inspiration this one features artists and their artwork. Now about information, art is discussed freely here, including art exhibitions and events.  

alexa 343,381
  • Lost Art Press Seeking to help modern woodworkers learn traditional hand-tool skills, Lost Art Press is a midwestern publishing company founded by Christopher Schwarz and John Hoffman. This one shares mind-bending artworks from back in time, that will inspire woodworkers and help them ideate.  

alexa 345,661
  • Art Gallery Art Gallery from the UK shares feeds for the art lovers, discussing about art history, from artists inspired by mothers to heart shapes to beauty of the rain. There are also feeds about being an artist, covering stories and thoughts of artists from various genres. Check out this one of the best art blog list now.

alexa 368,726
  • Mousse Magazine Mousse Magazine is about contemporary art. It presents interviews, conversation and essays by folks in the art industry, mostly important professionals in visual arts, international criticism, and more. Mouse Magazine also presents reviews and books, besides discussing about exhibitions and other art stuff.

alexa 395,819
  • Global Street Art For fans of street art, this one will come out the most enthralling delicacy on the platter. Global Street Art is based in London but supports artists globally. Presenting street art from a myriad of places, Global Street Art comes off as a powerhouse of inspiration, ideas, and chockfull of art.  

alexa 417,317
  • The Fool Dot The Fool Dot speaks of presenting a world wide web parody. When that sounds appealing, the art blogs inside are mind blowing. Covering absolutely anything from around the world wide web with a creative bend, the ultimate thing this one tries to bend is, a) mind, and b) the usual trends.  

alexa 425,760
  • Artist A Day Connecting those who love art with those who make it, Artist A Day is not only a best art blog but benevolent too. Per the name, and the deeds, Artist A Day features an emerging artist each day. Thereby making gaining inspiration a daily game, and so is the deal with motivation.

alexa 434,083
  • Street Art News There is always something captivating about street art. Here’s one best art blog lists that will render the same emotions seeing street art on the web as when seen in real life. Street Art News presents news from myriad streets, that is streets with art in it, while also featuring the artists making the news, that is behind the street art.

alexa 443,527
  • Red Dot Blog Red Dot Art Blog presents art marketing news for artists. One of the best art blog listed by Jason Horejs, who is the owner of Xanadu Gallery, and passionate about the business side of art. It is the kind of top art blog that will help enormously in not only creating art but selling it too.

alexa 459,232
  • We Make Money Not Art A visual masterpiece, We Make Money Not Art is a treat for the mind too. By Régine Debatty, who is known for writings exploring art, technology, science and social issues, We Make Money Not Art has received two Webby Awards, and an honorary mention at the Start Prize.  

alexa 461,352
  • Spoke Art Spoke Art is an enthralling & one of the best art blog wthich lists specialization in contemporary painting, illustration and sculpture. Covering a lot of pop-up shows, conventions, and art fairs in the USA, on their top art blog, Spoke Art brings plenty inspiration and art news for art seekers, art lovers and artists.

alexa 463,187
  • Art Web This is a top art blog for aspiring and professional artists on the internet. Art Web features technology and tech updates from the world wide web that could come in handy for artists, by discussing around and about it, besides discussing about the evolution of an artist, and his/her role.  

alexa 485,126
  • 50 Watts Known as A Journey Round My Skull from August 2007 to February 2011, this best art blog changed to a new name, that is 50 Watts, bearing electrifying feeds. This top art blog lists artists and their artworks, that boggles the mind in a rather subtle manner.  

alexa 491,112
  • Design Faves True they say, world is a beautiful place, and artists can find beauty anywhere they look. We say what a beauty they find. Design Faves brings and presents such incredible artworks and the artists behind it that will make one believe there indeed is beauty all around.

alexa 509,761
  • Honolulu Museum of Art From the Honolulu Museum of Art, this top art blog lists behind-the-scenes news. There is a certain exhilarating flavor in the artworks that are presented by art museums. The vision and experience behind selections and taste of the staff from these museums is alluring. Similar is the case with Honolulu Museum of Art’s blogs.  

alexa 518,451
  • Creativity in Action by The Art League The Art League is a visual arts organization that serves artists in DC metro area and beyond. Creativity in Action is the art blog by The Art League featuring art classes, art events, artful resources, artist opportunities, and art exhibitions among other things.

alexa 603,115
  • Supersonic Art Created by Zach Tutor, who is an artist living in Oxford, Mississippi. A contemporary & best art blog Supersonic focuses on international art and artists and presents their work, and them as well through interviews. Supersonic Art is a visual masterpiece, for the selective art it showcases.

alexa 609,972
  • ARTBAR Blog ARTBAR is one of the best art blog mostly for kids. Believing in raising creating thinkers and that everyone is born creative, the blogger of ARTBAR teaches art in her living room. For the young creative thinkers ARTBAR has a lot on platter. From ideas to inspiration, this one is fully loaded.

alexa 635,037
  • Storyboard by Carnegie Museum Of Art A digital journal of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Storyboard is also a forum for engagement with art and visual culture. Here, as they say it, the stories that matter are artfully told. It is indeed as artful as blissful, reading about myriad artworks and from myriad artists through interviews. Check out this one of the best art blog list now.  

alexa 645,661
  • Open Space Open Space comes off as a peculiarly distinct art blog from the very sight of it. Standing aside of the crowd, bearing its own varied torch and shining light on matters of art that deem worth holding a place in the world wide web, SFMOMA’s open space supports critical, experimental and poetic ruminations of artists, writers and thinkers.

alexa 685,456
  • Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art A single institution that is located across two adjacent rivers, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art is one that holds over seventeen thousand artworks, all between historical, modern and contemporary. Their top nature blog lists art that comes off as both inspiration and instant gratification.  

alexa 693,397
  • Art Is Basic An elementary art blog, Art Is Basic is one of the best art blog by Marcia who teaches K-6 art at a school in Wisconsin. There is a log that Art is Basic presents. For starters, there is art by grade levels. Then, there are art projects. Beyond that are teacher tips to pick and deploy.

alexa 697,067
  • Art Biz Blog Alyson Stanfield is the art biz coach here, who has worked with artists for eleven years. Her best art blog called the Art Biz blog discusses about art at large, but mostly it is artists and their life that she discusses about. There is plenty that artists can learn from her top art blog, which also showcases many successful artists and their work, and at times their stories.

alexa 718,709
  • 123 Inspiration Inspiration is one thing that almost every artist desires and wishes to have an unlimited stock of. Here is one place artists can fill in their bags of inspiration as and when they seem depleted. 123 Inspiration presents intriguing artworks that are loaded with creativity.

alexa 749,510
  • Columbus Museum of Art Here’s a top art blog by Columbus Museum of Art, whose art galleries are filled with creativity manifested works. This best art blog lists musings from the Center Of Creativity, Notes from Nanette, Photo Hunts, and Exhibitions among plenty other things.

alexa 764,455
  • The Baltimore Museum of Art This is a top art blog by the Baltimore Museum of Art. Here the folks at the museum share behind the scenes buzz, connections with current events, about various people and their works, and latest art news. For all we know, it sure is loaded with inspiration.

alexa 807,224
  • Painters Table A daily online magazine created by the artist Brett Baker, Painters Table presents art in a wonderful way. It is for artists, curators, collectors, and art lovers with an innate love for painting. The reason why everything you find here, from original reviews to artist interviews to commentary to artworks leave an impact.

alexa 873,992
  • portland Museum of Art Here at the best art blog of the Portland Museum of Art there are engaging dialogues about the relevance of art and culture in our daily lives. Also, here on this top art blog the folks at the Portland Museum of Art present latest art updates from Maine, and around the country.

alexa 896,037
  • Children’s Museum of The Arts Children’s Museum of The Arts is on a mission to help children and their families see and realize the transformative power of arts. They do this by providing opportunities to children and their families for making art alongside working artists. Such stories can be read and seen on their best art blog, along with fun facts, news, events, exhibition and more.  

alexa 929,554
  • Bmore Art This one critically discusses about art and culture in Baltimore. As an award-winning art magazine, it provides creative, critical and intriguing coverage of Baltimore by a team of local writer, editors and artists. There’s plenty to pick here on visual art, craft and more.  

alexa 982,897
  • Daily Art Fixx Here’s where to a get a daily fix of art. Having begun in April 2009 as a way share art for education and inspiration, Daily Art Fixx a well known best art blog now also presents artist profiles, both historical and current, many genres of visual art and plenty themes.

alexa 1,045,467
  • The Art Blog Backed by a phenomenal belief stating the discussion of art that is based on beauty, truth, value, and power can make the world a better place, The Art Blog presents latest art news, community feeds, reviews, interviews, feeds on art fairs, artists and more.

alexa 1,250,121
  • Lynne Cameron Artworks Lynne Cameron Artworks is a top art blog by Lynne Cameron, who is a Senior Fellow and Artist-In-Residence at Cinepoetics Center for Advanced Film Studios at Freie University in Berlin. On her best art blog she writes about art while presenting many captivating artworks, among exhibitions and events.

alexa 1,296,628
  • Textile Arts Center Textile Arts Center blends art with textiles. Or textiles with art. Covering plenty under that, Textile Arts Center presents information and details and feeds on and around exhibitions and events, artists along with interviews, inspiration boards, tutorials and techniques among other things. Check out this one of the best art blog list now.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is dedicated to exploring and presenting art of our time created since 1950. Their top art blog discusses about art in detail, along with artists, besides presenting latest art news, and news from the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.  

alexa 1,590,343
  • Fine Art And You A top art blog presenting mesmerizing paintings, photography, sculpture, and more interesting works. The blogger of Fine Art And You is a commerce professional who is in love with fine arts, illustration, photography, fashion and beauty. Those are mostly the things discussed about here on Fine Art And You.

alexa 1,660,936
  • Vandalog A place to stay updated with the latests on street art, Vandalog presents street art, graffiti and viral art, the kind that’s unique, in almost all the cases. On top of that the stories presented on Vandalog, as is mentioned by the folks here, are overly-intellectual while being analytical, investigative, and opinionated among other things.  

alexa 1,760,975
  • Cianelli Studios Cianelli Studios draws its name from Jaison Cianelli, an abstract artist and also the man behind this best art blog lists and the owner of Cianelli Studios. Sharing inspiring thoughts here, Jaison Cianelli also presents many enthralling abstract artworks, form energy art to sacred art, flower art to abstract landscapes, seascape paintings to abstract paintings.  

alexa 1,808,544
  • Art With Mr. E Art With Mr. E is a top class art blog by Ted Daniel Edinger. He presents his thoughts and artwork through this blog. That’s for starters. Through his best art blog lists Ted helps kids learn art better by sharing interesting art updates, ideas, art supplies, art activities and a lot more.  

alexa 1,821,435
  • Pikaland Here’s one of the best art blog that connects dots between creativity, illustration and entrepreneurship. Amy Ng is the mayor at Pikaland and an adjunct lecturer in Malaysia. At Pikaland she provides art updates and covers art events, speaks with artists while discussing about art in general.  

alexa 1,848,660
  • Hooked Blog Hooked Blog presents street art from London and beyond. The street art and murals captured on the Hooked Blog are brilliant enough to make just any art lovers day. Picked from such incredible corners of the streets, this best art blog list will make one wonder who the artist is and who the art locator is.

alexa 1,895,178
  • Small Hands Big Art Small Hands Big Art is a Children’s art studio in Charlotte. From the studio comes this very best art blog list that presents feeds for elementary kids, toddlers, teens, preschool kids, and middle school kids. There are many tutorials to pick and learn from here too.  

alexa 2,278,930
  • Art Marketing News By Barney Davey, Art Marketing News helps artists, photographers and entrepreneurs from creative fields in creating a prosperous career. On the Art Marketing News blog are plenty useful feeds, like career advice, how-tos, best practices, tips, and ideas, among other things. Check this amazing and top blog now.  

alexa 2,302,704
  • The Artist With a heart touching intent of telling people why it is that art matters, The Artist features art, design and culture, along with great artworks from around the globe. That is one thing, the other thing it presents is the ideas, the inspirations, the personality of various artists.

alexa 2,616,427
  • Tim Wilmot Tim Wilmot, the name and brain behind this one of the best art blog is a semi-professional watercolour artist based In Bristol, UK. On this top art blog, he lists many watercolour paintings that are often breathtaking and thought inducing, almost all of which are created by Tim Wilmot himself.  

alexa 2,956,848
  • Seattle Art Blog Seattle Art Blog brings the latest news on art galleries and museum from Seattle and Western Washington. This includes a pretty fascinating thing called Seattle First Thursday, which is a weekly calendar showcasing art walks, art festivals, and visual art events.  

alexa 2,982,820
  • Street Art 360 Laurent Jacquet is the man behind Street Art 360. He is a social media and digital communication consultant with a passion for art. On Street Art 360 one of the best art blog he lists latest street art news, interviews with artists, photos, city guides, festivals and events.

alexa 3,013,715
  • The Artist’s Road The Artist’s road speaks of painting the world’s beautiful places. On that note, the stuff to find and read and see on The Artist’s Road is aplenty. From Russian art to sculpture, artist interviews to how-tos, oil paintings to painting at night, watercolor painting to books on art, there’s that and plenty more. Check out this one of the best art blog now.

alexa 3,196,788
  • The Arts Club of Chicago Exhibiting international art since 1916, The Arts Club of Chicago is also a forum for established emerging artists, and a venue for performers around the globe. Their best art blog features art events held at The Arts Club of Chicago, among other things.

alexa 3,199,440
  • Fazzino Fazzino is a top art blog by Charles Fazzino, who is a pop-artist with over thirty years of experience. His artworks have been exhibited in hundreds of galleries and museums spanning over twenty countries. His best art blog lists many of his works, along with other artists work and the artists themselves.

alexa 3,257,972
  • The Miami Art Scene The Miami Art Scene is an influential visual arts blog which cover art news and information locally, nationally and internationally. With a mission to promote, develop and support artists, along with art venues and art per se, this top art blog lists art news, and art information, between featuring artists, among other things.

alexa 3,600,404
  • Center For Italian Modern Art Situated in New York City, Center for Italian Modern Art is a non-profit research and exhibition Center, dedicated to promoting public appreciation and advancement of modern and Contemporary Italian art studies in the USA. The CIMA blog features CIMA news, travel, exhibitions and insights among other things.  

alexa 3,603,060
  • Saeta Studio Saeta Studio draws its name, essence and existence from Leslie Saeta. She has painted oils with a palette knife for years and has now started painting abstracts with acrylics. On this best art blog, she lists everyday life of a working artist, along with advices, tips and more.  

alexa 3,859,519
  • Leopold Gallery Paul Dorrell established Leopold Gallery in 1991. With a mission to build regional culture, Leopold Gallery strikes as one bearing dedicated professionals. The same seems to be the case with its one of the best art blog that lists various artists, along with news and updates from the gallery.  

alexa 3,899,571
  • Henry Domke Fine Art Henry Domke, the name and brain behind this one of the best art blog is an artist who creates nature art for hospitals. On that remarkable note, Henry Domke’s art blog features artists, interviews, news, research, trends, tips, how-tos, books and journals among other things.  

alexa 4,569,362
  • SACI Art SACI is a non-profit College of Art and Design in Florence, Italy. Their best art blog here lists the latest SACI news, as well as updates from various art exhibitions and events in Florence, SACI alumni exhibitions and projects, SACI Gallery exhibitions, International art exhibitions and events, among other things.

alexa 4,936,411
  • Criticismism Criticismism here blogs for art’s sake. If that sounds intriguing, the artists Criticisimism has featured and interviewed are even more intriguing. So are varied blogs covering art from various angles and ages, making reading this as delightful as seeing it. Read this one of the best art blog now.

alexa 4,946,477
  • Nieto Fine Art Nieto Fine Art derives its name from John Nieto, the artist and brain behind this top art blog. He is a contemporary artist from the USA, who discusses about collecting art, contemporary art, abstract art, fine art, southwest art, artists and art at large on his top art blog at Nieto Fine Art.

alexa 4,965,189
  • VoCA VoCA, short for Voices in Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization into addressing the production, presentation and preservation of contemporary art. This best art blog by Voices of Contemporary Art takes leap into that mission with its descriptive feeds on contemporary art collection and conservation, between conversations and more.  

alexa 5,223,815
  • Cindy Chinn Cindy Chinn, the name and brain behind this top art blog is a fine artist, who is fond of creating artwork from regular items. Her best art blog is a representation of her artworks, as she freely shares them with her readers. There’s more that she shares about art and the life of an artist, that is her life

alexa 5,700,725
  • Phyllis Sharpe Fine Art Phyllis Sharpe, an artist who has studied composition, technique, color theory and perspective from various teachers, is also a member of American Impressionist Society. On her best art blog she lists about watercolor, waterscapes, exhibits, palette knife, techniques, oil painting, events and process among other things.

alexa 5,916,873
  • Yvonne Coomber Yvonne Coomber Art presents the name and creativity of Yvonne Coomber, who is an artist sharing her knowledge and wisdom on her blog. Along with that, there’s news that she has presented, and updates on art events, plus lots of inspiration

alexa 6,147,311
  • Art The Science Art The Science blog features global sciart. Fascinating as that seems, the works of artists who self-identify as scientists, that is artists drawing inspiration from science for their artworks are presented on this one of the best art blog, along with the artists themselves, between promotion of scientific art.  

alexa 6,184,322
  • Earl Senchuk Earl Senchuk seems to have quite a vivid personality, something that is particularly evident in his artworks. The same vividness can be found in his varied art blogposts, that mostly cover his life. About art, there’s plenty to be picked from here, including living tree art, message art, metal art, watercolours and more.

alexa 6,856,108
  • Eva Lewarne Eva Lewarne, the lady behind this one of the best art blog is a painter, photographer, poet and blogger. With those versatile talents, she presents engaging feeds on her top art blog, discussing about art and artists at large, matching them many a times with multiple things like technology, entrepreneurship, food, among other things.

alexa 8,022,032
  • Another Art Blog Another Top Art Blog is a treat for the eye. Presenting art in multiple shapes, sizes and forms Another Best Art Blog makes for a ravishing read as well. What’s fascinating is the creativity, ideas, vision, thought process and innovation that goes into creating such magnificent pieces infused with immense creativity.

alexa 8,311,878
  • Lil Creative Kids Lil Creative Kids, the one of the best art blog here, helps nurturing the creativity in kids. That is something it does formerly by presenting lots of techniques into developing myriad art-forms. Then by helping parents with multiple feeds, that would in turn help their kids get a better hand on creativity through art. And finally by providing age-wise aid, exploring artists and providing products overview.  

alexa 8,725,110
  • Art Law Art Law is a top art blog by Sheppard Mullin, a global 100 firm with seven hundred and fifty attorneys. Their Art Law blog presents news and updates on legal issues prevailing in the art world. For artists and art lovers, this one of the best art blog is a wonderful way for learning the other side of the art world.

alexa 9,006,922
  • Maine Art Scene Maine Art Scene is an arts and culture online magazine, presenting art news from Maine, in a rather delectable way. It’s beauty is in the reverence for creativity and creative marvels which this one has shared so freely and passionately.  

alexa 9,116,807
  • Sally Trace Sally Trace, the top art blog drawing name from its author Sally Trace, who by means of this best art blog captures her life and adventures in the art making business. She widely discusses about art, abstract expressionism, paintings, space art, and more, including plenty under each of these mentioned categories.

alexa 10,170,544
  • OC Art Blog OC Art Blog has a presentable way of discussing about art. There are beautiful artworks and images to welcome one into their depiction and coverage of art and the art world through events, reviews, interviews, events coverage, among other things.

alexa 13,730,566
  • Duealberi A.F. Duealberi, short for Antonio and Fabio, is a creative international duo specializing in creation of abstract paintings and large art prints. Based in Rome, Italy, the creations of Duealberi enliven the home décor, interior, and contemporary spaces. Their work can easily be seen and admired through their best art blog lists.

alexa 14,730,566
  • Street Art NYC For street artists, street art lovers, and all those who care a dime about it, Street Art NYC is the enticing sight of delight worth gaining. That said, one is street art, and the other is presentation of street art. Now, if that hasn’t been clear enough, the way street art is depicted on this best art blog will make just anyone’s day.  

alexa 14,864,231
  • Streetsy Pictures and videos from street-art and graffiti marvels and underdogs decorate the space brilliantly on Streetsy’s wall, which is one of the best art blog. Letting artists add their own graffiti and/or street art on the walls of Streetsy, that is on this top art blog, makes it a remarkable gem worth following.

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  • Irish Museum of Modern Art Irish Museum of Modern Art aims at fostering awareness, understanding, and involvement of visual art in the society. That is something it does through policies and programs. It is also Ireland’s leading institution for modern and contemporary art’s collection and presentation. Find interesting updates and news from the art world, specifically art in Ireland on this best art blog lists.

It’s now time to make the most of art, its purity, idea, thought, innovation, substance and simply the vision that turned to reality.

Each of these best hundred art blogs list holds high capabilities of inspiring artists and art lovers, along with informing them of why art still matters enormously and what it can do to humanity and humans at large.



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