Best 100 Architecture Blogs List For Architects Around The World

Top Architecture Blogs

These Best Architecture blogs are quite like those foundations on which buildings are formed, thanks to all the architectural features, tips, tutorials, how-to, news, industry trends, observations; design, software, home decor, modern landscaping, books, and history feeds; and architectural photography; among plenty other things shared on these top architecture blogs.

To make the matters easier for you, we have searched deep and wide and fetched you the world’s best hundred architecture blogs list on the internet. Here, they are ranked on the basis of relevance and presented with a short description to render a quick insight.

Take your pick from these top 100 architecture blogs list and make the most of the feeds shared therein.

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  • Reddit Reddit’s collection of architecture feeds is sure to add up to your knowledge. Stocked in abundance with many added frequently, architecture feeds on Reddit features best off of the web, from inspiration to information. Catch the gabs on the go on Reddit’s top architecture blog.

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  • Arch Daily This architecture blog called Arch Daily is apt for your daily dose of architecture feeds. Started in 2008, Arch Daily is now a means for architects all around to see good, up-to-date examples of architectural products and projects. On top of that there is ample information for architects to create better architecture between drawing inspiration off of Arch Daily, along with tools and knowledge.  

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  • Dezeen Dezeen, the ultimate architecture design blog, shares highlights from the industry. The highlights shared include designs and various interesting facts and bits about the featured design, while the brilliant minds behind Dezeen search and bring new ideas and trends from the industry. Find out more on this amazing and best architecture blog now.

alexa 8,366
  • School Of Architecture And Built Environment This architecture blog by School Of Architecture and Built Environment shares news and events from the school. For architecture students, this blog may prove a boon, for it captures students interest smartly with its vivid posts on architecture design from various parts of the world. That is of course between highlights and important information relay from the school.  

alexa 11,685
  • Design Boom Enter the Design Boom top architecture blog, highlighting mind-blowing pieces and parts of architecture, with many innovative and others, well, highly creative. On top of that there is latest news from the industry shared here on Design Boom to read and update your creative mind .

alexa 12,071
  • Architzer For architects, and design enthusiasts, Architizer is the blog with lots of potential – potential to inspire and inform you tremendously. They have designs shared here to watch and marvel at before drawing inspiration. And then, there are new updates with how-tos and more information to learn from, making Architizer a perfect blog to binge on and follow

alexa 22,496
  • Architonic Architonic is a top architecture blog list for architects and designers to get information and inspiration; a platform where architects and design enthusiasts can find products, retailers, brands and expertise from product recommendations to important furniture for home. Plus, there’s industry news and latest stories to catch.  

alexa 42,027
  • Contemporist Architecture blogposts on Contemporist are nothing short of phenomenal. The reason behind that are all those intriguing designs captured and shared on this blog followed by the details and more. That sure makes for a huge collection to be used for gathering as much inspiration from as you can.

alexa 57,106
  • Decoist Decoist gives you plenty reasons to love it. One of those reasons are the bundles of inspiration off of design ideas and dream homes. To help you get creative the folks at Decoist have also shared feeds about makeovers, design stories and many DIY projects. Visit this one of the best architecture blog now.

alexa 67,538
  • Ronen Bekerman This architecture visualization blog called Ronen Bekerman has a plethora of fancy feeds to entice and inspire your creative mind. It provides and/or discusses tutorials, showcases, and articles on 3D modeling and rendering. Plus, there are podcasts to pick information from. Catch Romen at work on the blog along with case studies, too.  

alexa 95,488
  • Visualizing Architecture Visualizing Architecture is a top architecture blog by Alex Hogrefe, who has a background in Architecture and is constantly experimenting with things related to visuals. On the blog he talks about design in depth with examples, like site texture study, or Philly diagram study, while presenting inspiration in interesting ways.  

alexa 150,972
  • Architectural Record Architectural Record shares latest news from the industry and interviews. For the students of architecture and design, Architectural Record shares feeds on college and universities. For architects and design enthusiasts this blog presents inspiration of the month, house of the month, products, glass and glazing and more.

alexa 157,457
  • World Architecture World Architecture community helps you meet, share, and compete. Besides that, there is the latest architecture news to read here featuring various prizes, upcoming reveals, competitions and more. To ideate and create better, feel free to siffle through the projects submitted by the community here. Check-out this top architecture blog now.

alexa 173,344
  • Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid, a well-known architect in the industry, is the name and fame behind this blog. The folks working here are dedicated to creating transformative corporate, cultural, residential and other spaces. Catch their latest projects on site and fills your bags of information.

alexa 182,901
  • Bustler Bustler is the sister site of Archinet, a leading architecture platform. Presented on Bustler is latest news on activities around the globe, featuring stories, competitions and events. Catch the industry gabs on Bustler while sneaking in some inspiration off of the features on winners. Find out more on this amazing and best architecture blog now.  

alexa 184,683
  • HOK This architecture blog by HOK, a global firm dealing in architecture, design, planning and engineering, features latest HOK news. Seekers of information can learn more through interviews shared on HOK, though of experienced folks at HOK, like Director of Interiors among others.

alexa 190,611
  • A as Architecture Discover architecture with A as architecture. For starts there are hotels to seek inspiration from showcased on this top architecture blog. Further down there are news updates to catch the industry trends. Beyond that are featured designs from various architects that will take you on a creative ride to say the least.

alexa 197,900
  • Life Of An Architect This blog called Life of An Architect is presented by Bob Barson, the name and brain behind it all, and a licensed architect in Texas. Designing modern residential projects mostly, he shares interesting new architecture designs and feeds that will sure imbue enthusiasm in just any creative junkie and design lover.

alexa 204,018
  • Design Rulz Design Rulz has a fancy aura about it, especially when sharing magnificent feeds on architecture, including original ideas, and house and villas. That said, there are interesting informational feeds shared here too, like important do’s and don’ts, various ideas, and a lot more on one of the best architecture blog ever.

alexa 214,499
  • The Architecture Blog The Glass in Architecture blog by Saint Gobain Glass features insights and trends in architecture with a prime focus on glass. And how we know glasses make an important part of just about any architecture, well almost every architecture. Checkout fancy new inspiring ideas and features on The Architecture blog.  

alexa 223,046
  • Architectural Digest Architectural Digest, the ultimate architecture magazine, brings you marvellous architecture design feeds from multiple genres. Picked from various parts of the world, this top architecture blog showcases brilliant pieces of architecture and plenty information on them, like the inspiration behind the design, or sneak peaks inside the architectures

alexa 289,759
  • MIMOA Dicover modern architecture on MIMOA. Up on this blog are latest developments, news, experience, tips and tricks and inside stories. That said, there’s lots to pick and learn from on MIMOAs blog, while also picking the latest news from and of MIMOA.

alexa 371,688
  • Deavita Presented on this best architecture blog are modern architecture and interior design projects from across the globe. Between those are interesting feeds stuffed with information like how-tos, and ideas, and plans, and a lot gabs on construction and the overall design and architecture. Catch the details on Deavita.

alexa 383,434
  • Landscape Architecture Magazine Landscape Architecture Magazine is the magazine of American Society of Landscapes. Featured inside are new interesting ideas like the streets of tomorrow, and fan favorites among others. These have the power to render new ideas in your creative mind, which is something worth grabbing a look for.  

alexa 435,707
  • Young Architect This top architecture blog by Young Architect is refreshing and loaded with intriguing feeds. There are how-tos that will fascinate the young minds, along with features like training and mentoring which young architects can learn a lot from. Checkout this blog if you are starting out as an architect or planning to be an architect.

alexa 460,955
  • BLDG Blog Written by Geoff Manaugh, BLDG Blog talks about design at large. Geoff Manaugh is an author with two published books and has his writings published in The New York Times Magazine among others. We have many mind-bending feeds to read and concepts to catch here, which certainly are worth a glance to begin with.

alexa 546,069
  • Daily Tonic Daily Tonic can easily be called your daily architecture and design inspiration for the fantastic new features shared daily. A project by Architonic, Daily Tonic provides daily project-relevant information for architects primarily, and planners, followed by interior designers, and furnishing specialists. Visit this one of the best architecture blog now.

alexa 549,294
  • Busy Boo Rediscover the power of simple design with Busyboo. Sharing feeds on modern architecture, that is homes we wish we could live in, Busyboo brings inspiration off of houses extensively featured with details. Make the most of all that information and inspiration when creating your next plan

alexa 554,127
  • Homeli Homeli design one of the best architecture blog has a lot shared on architecture and interiors. For starts there are features on interesting designs and constructions, from cabins to treehouses, stairs to architectural models. You know how all that would help your creatively architectural mind.

alexa 578,038
  • Interior Architects dIAmeter presents Interior Architects that discusses about integrated design and technology to start with. You have discussion on hidden rooms to read for a quick preview of Interior Architect’s contents. Then you have project files, and many more informational feeds to read on workplaces and more.

alexa 594,223
  • Architecture Lab Architecture Lab is an online architecture magazine with a goal to connect architects and designers from around the world who are looking for latest architectural news. Checkout fancy DIYs, interesting lessons, how-tos, various thought provoking and awe-inspiring pieces of architecture among other things on this amazingly best architecture blog.  

alexa 655,154
  • Urban Realm Urban Realm, a PPA Magazine of the Year 2010, lends you interesting insights on urban architecture. From Scotland’s new buildings to Edinburgh’s colony houses, you have plenty to peek into and draw inspiration from. Then checkout the Urban Realm blogs for lively commentators and hot debates.

alexa 705,458
  • 33) Archiseek Archiseek presents Irish architecture. There’s buildings to read about. There’s news to catch up here. And there’s history to learn from. For all we know, all three of these form an integral part of architecture and catching up on them will only add to our understanding of architecture on this one of the best architecture blog.  

alexa 717,981
  • Chicago Architecture Chicago Architecture has been sharing downtown Chicago news since 2003. We have new architectures to catch here, many with the inside tours. That makes it an abundantly stocked source of inspiration and information, and of course news, coming straight from Chicago.

alexa 753,144
  • PLASTOLUX PLASTOLUX combines modern, design, interior and art to bring this remarkable top architecture blog list that talks about modern interiors, modern homes, modern home décor, modern art, modern landscaping, furniture, office and landscape and design. Plus, there’s DIY designs and the methods behind to catch too.

alexa 842,259
  • Interactive Architecture A multi-disciplinary research group and Masters programme at University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, Interactive Architecture Lab is the apt blog for those interested in behavior and interaction of things, the environments and its inhabitants.  

alexa 968,282
  • RMJM RMJM is a network that serves private, corporate and institutional clients from the real estate industry. Shared on RMJMs best architecture blog are bountiful feeds on interior design, master planning, and urban planning among other things like history and design, awards, and more.

alexa 1,046,623
  • Gravity Home Blog Gravity Home is an interior design and architecture blog letting you inside interesting new apartments and other marvelous pieces of architecture. The man behind this blog and its remarkable feeds is Astrid who shares inspiring home tours and new interior collections among other things.

alexa 1,057,286
  • EntreArchitect EntreArchitect top architecture blog talks about success in architecture along with leadership and life as a small architect firms. You can expect to read how-tos, best practices, fascinating viewpoints and observations, secrets, books, skills, and tips among other things that will help small architect firms in going big.

alexa 1,117,663
  • Volume Zero Volume Zero is an architecture and design magazine, basically a brilliant platform for folks like us who like indulging in fresh new design domain. From highlighting designer’s sole principle to the process behind shaping a concept into reality, Volume Zero has it all covered, well almost.  

alexa 1,155,686
  • Hidden Architecture Hidden Architecture is an offbeat architecture blog that attempts at recovering almost any kind of architectural building, product or thought or theory that in the point of view of the folks behind Hidden Architecture is important and worthy. It is one of the best architecture blog worth spending time on.

alexa 1,256,701
  • Municipal Dreams Celebrating the efforts and achievements of our early municipal reformers is this architecture blog with a justifying name, Municipal Dreams. Shared on the blog are interesting pieces of architecture, homes and more, which are neatly aligned with the concept of Municipal Dreams.

alexa 1,283,735
  • default Brandon Donnelly, the name and brain behind this top architecture blog is a real estate developer, a trained architect and one with the obsession of technology. It’s a daily blog best suited for city builders. There are talks about new concepts and case studies to give you a quick glimpse.  

alexa 1,388,743
  • HMH Architecture Interiors A Colorado Design Studio, HMH Architecture Interiors guides people in realizing their dreams, by creating beautiful functional homes, that are livable and environment friendly. On their blog you can see their new developments and read the news from them between catching feeds on design, and other important elements of architecture like light.  

alexa 1,421,416
  • Landscape Architecture Foundation Landscape Architecture Foundation is on a mission to support the improvement, preservation and enhancement of the environment. Through its one of the best architecture blog you can read about their initiatives and more to get an insight on the reformational side of the architecture industry.  

alexa 1,432,018
  • A + D A blog by Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles, this one talks about current events. This one also explores. And it also presents interesting observations from the industry and the world at large, we are talking architectural observations, like Gateway to Santa Monica.  

alexa 1,493,415
  • C20 Society Campaigning for Twentieth Century Architecture, this is the Twentieth Century Society, founded as the Thirties Society in 1979. In existence to safeguard Britain’s heritage of architecture and design from 1914’s, the society conserves and educates. Learn more about them and all that they are upto on this top Architecture blog, which is a delightful read and a visual masterpiece.

alexa 1,582,471
  • Denver Urban Review Denver Urban Review is founded by Justin Marvin, who is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Colorado State University. Here on Denver Urban Review he discusses about Skyscrapers of Denver and historic photographs of Denver among other things. Along with that there’s construction and development news to read here.

alexa 1,664,940
  • Think Architect Helping you think openly and extensively about architecture, Think one of the best Architecture blog talks about architectures from various spaces, sketches, and also about architects and their lives among other things. Catch this top architecture blog to grab cool insights into architects and an architects mind and life.  

alexa 1,780,292
  • MF Architecture MF Architecture is an interesting place to hop into for your architectural feeds. There are tips to pick here and up your design and development game. Then there are interviews to read and catch insight on the functioning of architecture industry and an architects mind.  

alexa 1,831,544
  • Archidose Get the daily dose of images and architectural musings from New York City through this best architecture blog called Archidose. Plus, there are book reviews shared here too. It’s a fancy blog to pick for inspiration when out for some creative kick.

alexa 1,970,073
  • Flodeau Flodeau is an online workspace and design blog that is hosted by Florence Deau, a French Interior Designer. You can peek into her projects for a quick view and inspiration before or after looking into various product design, and interiors and architecture features she has shared on the blog.

alexa 1,978,733
  • Urbanist Architecture Specializing in planning applications, architectural and interior design, Urbanist architecture works primarily on residential projects. This one of the best architecture blog by Urbanist Architecture shares news, including on their team, and projects, along with sharing informational feeds like how-tos, tips, and best practices among others.  

alexa 2,032,726
  • Modernist Australia Modernist Australia is an architecture blog with a focus on mid-century Australian Architecture. You can check the current listings shared on the blog. There is also latest news to read here, covering important updates from Australia and its interesting pieces of architecture.  

alexa 2,165,509
  • La Vardera Architecture Design There is a vast variety of houses to catch and draw inspiration from on this top architecture blog featuring modern house plans by Gregory La Vardera. To offer you a glimpse of the kind of houses and/or designs featured here, there are plat house, tray house, pump house, suburban house, steel case house, and cube house among others.

alexa 2,273,986
  • CAD Details Blog Presenting design ideas for the built world is this blog called CAD Details. You have feeds here packed with information like most walkable cities, spooky buildings, blobitecture, purge command, and drawings for communication just to give you a preview. With tips and how-tos shared too, this is a powerpacked blog if you are looking to fill your bag of knowledge

alexa 2,279,322
  • Architecture For London Architecture For London was founded by Ben in 2009. On this best architecture blog is the latest news shared by Ben. From exhibition updates to information like vision of housing, workshops to project completions and a lot more. For design and architecture enthusiasts looking for quick bites of news and updates, this blog can prove a helpful pick.

alexa 2,391,533
  • Escea Escea gas fireplaces shares style and design tips for modern interiors on the blog. For creative minds and seekers of information there are case studies, and trends case studies, and fireplace tips, followed by design feeds, and renovation feeds among other things.

alexa 2,490,689
  • Core Architects Catch one of the top Architecture blog and news by Core Architects. Featured here are industry updates like awards and competitions, followed by inspirational and informational feeds covering architectural drawings, 12 degrees feeds, architecture examples, and news from Core Architects and its team among other things.

alexa 2,699,839
  • Architecture Here and There Catch the style wars in action between classism and modernism on Architecture Here And There. Find architecture in various forms here for instance photoshopped decoration, new building, and more updates from the industry with a focus on classism and modernism.  

alexa 2,798,103
  • Wolf Howl Wolf Howl is one of the top architecture blog by Wolf Architects. The range of architectural blogs shared and featured here range between informational feeds like the amount of energy needed to build a home and inspirational feeds like intentional design. Take your pick and then set yourself free to grab as much of either as you can.

alexa 3,032,940
  • Knowledge Architecture Edited by the staff of Knowledge Architecture, a software company into building intranets for architects and engineers, Knowledge Architecture shares insights through videos and articles, along with intranet ideas like on synthesis, and generating momentum among others, plus general architecture blogposts.  

alexa 3,140,385
  • Heimsath Architects Heimsath Architects’ blog provides helpful information and useful resources to help churches, non-profits and religious communities among others who face challenges when preparing for building projects. From dealing with church conflict to resolving church conflict to church transition programs, there are many useful posts to read and learn from. Visit this one of the best architecture blog now.

alexa 3,311,787
  • Bleuscape Bleuscape Design’s Architecture blog shares amazing quotes for starts. There are interesting architecture discussions to binge on and/or follow, along with catching on architecture that inspires, and design tips. Plus, there’re Bleuscape’s design projects to pick tabs and draw inspiration from.  

alexa 3,503,068
  • DC By Design Blog DC By Design Blog talks about architecture in depth. You can expect to find vacation posts here by Jennifer Sergent, a freelance design writer and blogger, who has served as Washington Design Center’s marketing director. On that note, catch behind the scenes with designers or design firms and more architecture and design feeds. Check-out this top architecture blog now.

alexa 3,931,207
  • BrandNu Design Here’s hip hop architecture by Brand Nu Design, a sound design LLC focusing on community engagement, capital campaigns for new development and pre-development strategies. The Hip Hop Architecture blog mostly talks about Hip Hop Architecture camps between news and updates

alexa 3,975,110
  • Design Hunter Hunting the designs is now super easy, thanks to Design Hunter’s top architecture blog. There’s architecture style of various countries to catch here, from Australian to Spanish. Plus, numerous architecture feeds are shared here discussing about cabins, interiors, home extension, treehouse and aplenty more.

alexa 4,062,291
  • Chambers Architects Catch the blogs and news from Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc. here on the blog. The architectural firm Stephen B. Chambers Architects specializes in residential design, remodeling, and historic renovation. Learn from their experience and achievements through the feeds shared on the blog.

alexa 4,523,068
  • AluK From United Kingdom, Aluk shares latest news and updates from the team and more. Catch all that’s being processed inside the firm and what all the folks behind this firm and blog are up to, among other things, through their top architecture blog.

alexa 5,231,528
  • Number Ten Capturing through the passion, knowledge and ideas of their award-winning architects and supporting staff, Number Ten covers their journey as they navigate through complexities of modern design landscape. Shared here are their knowledge and ideas and more which might prove helpful and useful to interior designers, architects, property developers, and building managers among others.

alexa 5,527,108
  • Hart Wright Architects Bay Area modern architects Eliza Hart and Stuart Wright present Hart Wright Architects. These two long time transplants chose California as their home and inspiration working on residential and urban projects. Check out their one of the best architecture blog to find inspiration from California and information that these folks have extensively shared.  

alexa 5,767,900
  • Hapa Cobo A landscape architecture and urban design practice in Vancouver, Canada, Hapa Cobo discusses about architecture extensively. From Haba Cobo’s achievements to news from Hapa Cobo, the folks here also share informational feeds on architecture like future of landscape architecture to give you a give a quick glimpse.

alexa 6,230,174
  • Clare Nash Architecture Clare Nash Architecture presents this top architecture blog list and feeds inside it. There’s co-housing series. And then there are myriad feeds that will help architects all around. For instance, there are benefits and drawbacks of pre-fabricating a house showcased here, and many more cool feeds.  

alexa 6,262,303
  • Architecture Tourist Terry Kearns is the Architecture Tourist here who enjoys architecture, art, and design. Neither an architect nor a designer nor a photographer but a computer programmer and computer bureaucrat here shares interesting pieces of architecture he finds on the go, mostly.  

alexa 6,290,206
  • default Historic LDS Architecture explores and documents LDS temples, chapels, and tabernacles among other things. The folks here study important architecture in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints aka LDS, which they share on this one of the best architecture blog for us folks to enhance our understanding of the same.

alexa 6,452,398
  • At Home And Afield At Home And Afield is an architect’s journal – Michael G. Imber’s journal. There are a couple more writers working on this blog, sharing their views, muse and findings. Michael is the principal architect of Michael G. Imber Architects, a modern classical design firm in San Antonio.  

alexa 7,056,449
  • Portland Architecture Portland Architecture is a top architecture blog about design in the rose city. We have myriad posts to read here discussing about design and design processes, DIYs and engineering, history and infrastructure, and industry news and musing, among plenty others including architecture outside Portland.  

alexa 7,372,872
  • Seven Architecture Seven Architecture’s blog has plenty to share in terms of information and inspiration. It’s got features talking about design at large along with sustainable design. Then, it features discussions around heritage and conservation. Plus, there’s team news and project to find what the folks here are up to.

alexa 7,595,649
  • Archi-Fied Archi-Fied is about an architect in making featuring inspirational and educational posts on interior design, modern architecture, and urban design. There are tips to pick on this best architecture blog, followed by interesting features on landscapes and architectures, further followed by trends and more. Pick any or everything, the choice is yours.

alexa 7,599,917
  • Modern Architecture Concept - Find great style and good ideas on Modern Architecture Concept. Checkout myriad useful how-tos shared on the blog, and best practices for starts. Then, catch various reviews on the blog for a pre-hand experienced guide. And then grab all the loads of information for it’s so alluring.  

alexa 7,697,098
  • Snug Architects Snug Architects captures the brilliance of architecture sharply with abundant feeds covering design philosophy, houses and housing, planning, renovation, urban design, vision, conservation, training, place making, master planning, extensions and competition among plenty other things. Grab all that catches your fancy here, some for inspiration and a lot for information, or vice versa. Find out more on this amazing and best architecture blog now.

alexa 7,769,311
  • Barnes Vanze Barnes Vanze Inc presents this architecture and interior design blog sharing these magnificent pieces of architecture and interiors. From feed helping create sinuous, sexy staircases to new design, architectural tours to thoughts, this blog, though with limited feeds is an information relay at its best.

alexa 9,305,188
  • Eckersley Garden Architecture Eckersley Garden Architecture shares myriad useful feeds offering top tips on pools and more. Then for creative minds and architects there are instances and inspiration from new romantics to long and luscious among plenty others. We leave on you to find the genius inside these feeds and more on this one of the best architecture blog.

alexa 9,651,816
  • default Curated news and opinions on architecture are shared on the Archata blog. Covering Paris one week to Chicago in another, the folks here seem relentless in inspiring us fellow design and architecture admirers, including coverages like best Russian architects, and new museums among others.  

alexa 10,651,906
  • Mangan Group Mangan Group Architects present this top architecture blog, a resource for building sciences, architectural software and technology, and homeowner tips among others. Taking pride in educating and informing the community at large about architecture and architectural concepts, we say they have every reason to do that for all the how-tos and more shared here.  

alexa 10,930,816
  • default Take meetings with remarkable buildings on this architecture blog called English Buildings. Philip Wilkinson, the man behind this blog, and an author of several architecture and building books discusses about brilliant pieces of architecture from various parts of England.

alexa 11,721,142
  • Niven Architects Backed by a strong belief Niven’s dedication to architecture is quite evident in all the news the folks have shared. It’s like learning from one of the top architectures about the industry, about architecture, about operations, about team building, about business, and a lot more through all that information provided on the website. Check-out this top architecture blog now.

alexa 11,943,533
  • Joas Photographer Joas Souza, the name and brain behind this blog is an architectural and aerial photographer. On his blog you’ll find impeccable images with interesting pieces of architecture. He often discusses about camera and photography, majorly focusing on various segments of architecture, something that he brilliantly captures through his camera and presents on the blog.

alexa 12,021,698
  • Architects For Urbanity A collaborative design and research office founded in 2015 and based in Rotterdam, Architects for Urbanity focuses on analyzing and designing cultural and mix use buildings which is quite evident on this top architecture blog here.

alexa 12,318,925
  • Urban Design Associates Ltd Urban Design Associates Ltd is a design blog for high end custom residential architecture. That said, you’re mostly likely to find plenty dream homes here followed by a lot of sighs, your sighs. Beyond inspiration is abundant information which you can easily seek on and pick from this blog.

alexa 12,806,719
  • LEAP Architecture LEAP Architecture is Passive House Certified architecture firm specializing in green building design and passive house design along with sustainability. Shared by the folks of LEAP Architecture are feeds on workplaces, homes, news from LEAP, interviews with architects and a lot more read-worthy and look-worthy feeds. Visit this one of the best architecture blog now.  

alexa 13,100,130
  • Fougeron Architecture Blog Fouregon Architecture Blog is by Anne Fougeron, one with her own architecture firm up and running for over thirty years now. Here she shares her thoughts on architecture and everyday life, from feminism to sexism to bias in architecture. There are plenty interesting pieces of furniture and others discussed and presented here too that would enliven just any architecture.  

alexa 13,117,116
  • Zanoply By London planning permission experts, Zanoply, this top architecture blog lists plenty matters being discussed and to discuss about. You can expect to read about plan conversion, home conversion, London planning permission, and property development among others. Learn more about it all through the myriad feeds loaded and reloaded on the Zanoply blog.  

alexa 13,868,429
  • Architect’s Trace Cogitate Design presents Architect’s Trace, an architecture themed blog, with features on 3D modeling, SketchUp, design process, software, and a lot more. Between that expect to find plenty tips, tutorials, thoughts, advices followed by home projects, ArchiTalks, and Arch Cheat Sheets among other things.

alexa 14,213,839
  • ArchiDiaries ArchiDiaries is an architect’s attempt of connecting dots. A blog by architect Mohammed Ayaz Khan, ArchiDiaries offers information and inspiration on architecture through feeds like timber structure, urban design studio and projects, and plenty more with keen insights, pictures and data. Check-out this top architecture blog now.

alexa 14,582,471
  • Architect Design From a residential architect who is obsessed with design, Architect Design shares intriguing pieces of architecture from various places covered and presented by the blogger behind Architect Design. That said, prepare to be pleasantly surprised and inspired by myriad pictures of several pieces of supreme architectural built and design.

alexa 15,238,689
  • Square One Catch architecture and more on this one of the best architecture blog by Square One, which has been working with various renowned builders and architects. There’s architectural marvels to look at on this blog, along with numerous pieces of architecture like Indian homes, interiors like architect’s office, and general architectural feeds like must have gadgets for architects, and interviews among others.

alexa 15,767,900
  • VanderPoel Architecture Residential architecture is the prime focus of VanderPoel Architects and the blog. Discussions go wide and far on this blog with design and architecture as major matters, often joined by art. There are various architectural marvels shared on this blog to draw inspiration from between those aplenty discussions.  

alexa 16,980,994
  • Fuse Architecture Fuse Architecture is a modern architectural design firm located in Santa Cruz, California. When talking about this top architecture blog, expect to read about various awards, finding design and ideas, and many interesting feeds showcasing the culture of this architecture firm.  

alexa 18,183,173
  • Mark Hadden Mark Hadden, the name and brain behind this blog, is an architecture photographer, along with photographing art and portraits in London, Amsterdam and across the globe. Thanks to his background as an architect, the feeds on his architecture blog are delightful with a peculiarly pleasant point of view, or shoot should we say.  

This is a good thing that despite all things coming to an end, it really is not an end, not in the absolute, actual sense. Having said that, we may have reached the end of this incredible relay of best architecture blogs, we still have abundant information to pick and aplenty inspiration to draw.

That is as fascinating a task as is quite arduous. Take your time, pick as much as you want and can from these top hundred architecture blogs. We will be waiting right here, down at comments, looking forward to hearing your words of advice, ideas, and how you found all this information we have shared here.

Catch you soon.


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