Listed here are the best advertising and marketing agencies from around the world. Located in various parts of the globe, these best advertising agencies have carved a niche in the industry for their commendable work. Each comes with its own set of beliefs, creative talent, exceptional clientele, years of experience and inspiring versatility.

To curate this list, and rank these best advertising agencies here, we have followed a comprehensive criterion. The kind of details we have looked into to rank them on this list is evident in the detailed synopsis that follows each of these best marketing agencies.

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  • Ogilvy & Mather For advertisers, marketers, and advertising and marketing enthusiasts, the name of Ogilvy and Mather is enough. One of the top advertising agencies in the world, Ogilvy and Mather was founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy. Ever since, Ogilvy and Mather has created some phenomenally compelling advertisements that are an inspiration for anyone wishing to enter the industry

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  • Grey London Ranking widely among the world's top advertising and marketing agencies, Grey serves one-fifth of the Fortune 500. Offered by Grey are digital, activation, multicultural, public relations, advertising, media and other services. Its clientele ranges from Canon to Bose, HSBC to Regain, Kellog?s to Nestle, Volvo to SoundCloud and others.

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  • Y&R London Part of one of the world's most iconic global creative agencies, Y&R London has been awarded as Most Effective Creative Network at the European Effies, and a Top 4 Global Network at Cannes,

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  • Wieden & Kennedy Wieden & Kennedy is an independent advertising agency driven by creativity that creates strong as well as provocative relationships between good companies and their customers. Being driven so, it has served a vast clientele including Airbnb, Coca-Cola, KFC, Nike, Procter & Gamble, among others.

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  • Wunderman Wunderman inspires people to take action. It is creatively driven, data inspired, and a leading global digital agency. It has been named a leader in marketing database operations and also a strong performer in customer engagement strategy by Forrester Research. Headquartered in New York, it has two hundred offices in seventy markets.

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  • BBDO It started as a small agency named Batten Company in 1891, and came 1921, it merged with Barton, Durstine and Osborn. And that was the birth of BBDO. With over fifteen thousand people in 289 offices across 81 countries, BBDO Worldwide is focused on work that is phenomenal.

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  • Isobar Believing in ideas without limits, Isobar's 6,500 people in 85 locations spanning over 45 global markets are pushing boundaries of technology and creativity. Through their passion for the power of digital, they deliver digital transformation by creatively unlocking the digital potential of various businesses and brands.

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  • Mullen On a mission to work with the world's most innovative marketers, Mullen, one of the biggest and best marketing agencies, and a global creative boutique, is working with several courageous, thought-leader brands, such as Edgewell, Google, Netflix, VH-1, and Pearson among others.

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  • Droga5 Solving problems through creativity and collaboration is Droga5, a top advertising agency that is creatively led, humanity obsessed, and strategically driven. It is also One Show?s Independent Agency of the Year. Quite interestingly, it helps its clients create growth-driving communications as well as experience, and it does so by integrating brand purpose into every facet of the client?s business.

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  • Leo Burnett Leo Burnett, an American advertising company and one of the best advertising agencies here, was founded in 1935 by Leo Burnett. He started with a total of three accounts and today, the number and size of accounts is phenomenal. Vast clientele of Leo Burnett includes GM, P&G, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Fiat among others.

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  • OMD A global media communications agency, OMD is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group, and has been acknowledged as the Most Creative Media Agency by The Gunn Report for Media eleven times consecutively, and also Media Agency of the Year by Advertising Age.

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  • GTB Fueled by a powerful desire to create what?s next is GTB, a top advertising agency taking pride in its inspired thinking. It delivers true ?integration? within the speed, potential and diversity of modern communications. With method in their madness, the folks here make almost everything in GTBs idea factory.

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  • 72andSunny A global advertising, design and marketing company, 72andSunny is results driven and its people are obsessively committed to finding opportunities in every challenge because they believe that is more fun, productive and makes work better. With brand transformation as their craft, this leading advertising agency is on a mission to expand and diversify the creative class.

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  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty BBH, or Bartle Bogle Hegarty, is a global advertising agency that was founded in 1982 by John Bartle, Nigel Bogle, and John Hegarty. It is a full-service creative agency network for digital age rooted in difference, providing strategic brand ideas, pure play digital solutions, integrated communication and more to some of world?s beloved brands such as Google, Audi, Samsung, Absolut., Uber, Tesco and more.

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  • Crispin Porter & Bogusky These are not ad people but engineers, artists, filmmakers, rulebreakers, aspiring guitarists, anthropologists and everything in between. This is Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Chuck Porter is the partner and chairman here who joined Crispin Agency in 1988 as Creative Director and partner, before which he was an award-winning freelance copywriter.

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  • Deutsch Deutsch is not here to play the game unlike other best advertising agencies who play the game the same way, it says. Instead, Deutsch is here to change the game. What makes Deutsch more interesting is the fact that its people invent their future and constantly push themselves to innovate. And they invest.

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  • Anomaly London Established in 2004, Anomaly London has been acknowledged by the Adweek as the Agency of the Year, 2017, as well as Creativity Innovators, 2017. It is one such advertising agency that is praised by Business Week, Fast Company, Campaign, Adweek and various others.

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  • Fresh Interactive What people at Fresh Interactive does is, they understand the vision of their clients, learn the way they can grow and then put all that they have got into crafting a function, effective, fresh, and beautiful experience. Its clientele includes Nexton, HBC, Five Point, and Kennedy Wilson among others.

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  • VCCP Established in 2002, VCCP is a fully integrated advertising agency founded on the principles of simplicity, un-preciousness, collaboration and integration around ideas instead of channels. The people here describe themselves as transformation partners who exist to transform the fortunes of their clients.

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  • Gyro gyro is one of the first full service, global creative B2B powerhouse and best advertising agencies that was acknowledged by Advertising Age as B-to-B Agency of the Year in 2016. With a mission to create ideas that are humanly relevant, gyro serves clients such as ebay, hp, Midas, Givenchy, and Vodafone among others.

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  • Rapp Creating value everywhere is this top marketing agency that offers impeccable services including CRM/CMR, digital, social and mobile. The folks here work towards growing the value of individual, and consider their whole job is to convince one person, to make him/her click that button, watch that film, and buy that thing.

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  • Williams Lea Tag Williams Lea Tag is helping great companies in creating seamless customer experiences by providing marketing and communications services. The people behind it design, produce, manage and distribute brand messages and communications across the marketing and communications supply chain, and offer creative production, sourcing, document workflow and other services.

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  • B-Reel B-Reel is an independent creative, strategy and technology agency that provides brand communication through communication and product design. Behind it is a team of storytellers and technologists who create new ways to connect brands with their audience and vice versa.

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  • Iris Iris was founded in 1999 by a team of six people around a single client. Presently, Iris has a micro network of a thousand people in fourteen locations across the globe. Delivered by them are fully integrated specialisms within the realms of marketing technology, creative and consulting.

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  • M&C Saatchi Bringing brutal simplicity of thought is M&C Saatchi, an international advertising agency network formed in 1995 by two brothers Maurice Saatchi and Charles Saatchi. It offers advertising, CRM, brand and design consultancy, talent management, marketing consultancy and other services.

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  • Innocean Worldwide Founded in 2005, Innocean Worldwide aims at becoming a global leader by building future value through customized total marketing strategy service. A global communications and marketing company, it creates synergy of mutual blending and breathes the powerful slogan that states to discover innovative power in you.

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  • Karmarama Karmarama is a progressive creative business and is committed to doing right for its people, clients and their customers. It is one of the best advertising agencies in the UK and is now a part of Accenture Interactive. The people behind it combine creative intelligence with technology-inspired solutions.

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  • St Luke's Acknowledged by Campaign as Best Places to Work in 2018 St Luke?s has some wonderful policies and ideas that every leading and best marketing agency should adopt. Services offered by St. Luke?s include content production, agenda setting ideas, and consultancy.

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  • Doner reimagined Doner for the post-advertising era, the people at Doner help the most ambitious brands to thrive in this brave new world. Those brands, which Doner currently serves, include Fiat, Netflix, Maserati, and Acor Hotels among others.

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  • Adam & Eve DDB Adam & Eve DDB has a simple mission, to work with their clients in order to make brilliant work that works. Defined by having a highly interactive, open way of working, Adam & Eve DDB, have a fast-moving, fast-working and collaborative culture.

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  • Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, or in short AMV BBDO was founded by David Abbott, Peter Mead and Adrian Vickers forty years ago with a mission to become best communications agency in the UK. Ranked number second in world by WARC for strategy and effectiveness, AMV BBDO gives us more reasons than we presume for why it is one of the best marketing agencies in the world.

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  • Ignition A fiercely creative independent agency, Ignition unites the art of branding with the attitude of entertainment. Offered by this leading marketing agency are some remarkable services broadly categorized under strategy, creative, technology and social. And included in its clientele are big names such as Cinemax, YouTube Red, ESPN Films, AT&T Uverse, and NBC among others.

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  • Fold7 Fold7 is a 21st century advertising agency that helps brands become relevant in 21st century by moving beyond traditional ad agency model and creating ideas that connect. Working with some of the world?s most ambitious brands, Fold7 enjoys the status of being one of the best marketing agencies in the world.

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  • TVGla Here is TVGla, connecting people and brands moving at the speed of culture. Through its array of services covering strategy, social and design and development, it is channeling emerging innovations as well as ideas across technologies, platforms and categories.

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  • Big Dog Bringing ideas, you can?t ignore is Big Dog, a multi-award winning creative agency. Bringing those ideas and working on them, along with creating brand positioning, and offering social, design, digital, advertising et al services, is this one of the best advertising agencies? 130 talented integrated specialists.

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  • Struck Moth to the flame of ?greater than?, Struck and its people tolerate the what, embrace the how and leave a piece of themselves in every single thing that they create. They are creative thinkers, and that is something Struck?s website imbues as well.

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  • Union Union says, you cannot have great work without great people, and that their great people are some of the greatest great people. As one of the best advertising companies, Union serves companies like Infiniti, EQ Bank, Palm Bay, CREA, Best Buy, and Shoppers Drug Market among others.

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  • Bray Leino Bray Leino started up forty years ago in North Devon and comes with a history of adapting to the changing environment. People at Bray Leino are passionate about working with clients who share the same environmental and ethical principles as theirs.

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  • WCRS A creative agency, WCRS create work that people care about across all channels. This mantra runs across this top advertising agency. Perhaps, there work is the reason why organizations like Artemis, McCoy?s, Now TV, Sky, Warburtons and others opted for their services.

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  • Jaywing Idea says everything, they believe at Jaywing. Having a heritage in data science Jaywing delivers exceptional results by creating brilliant work that is quite impossible to ignore. Carrying a love for finding answers, the folks at Jaywing shape and reinvent brands, something they love doing equally.

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  • Thinking Juice One of the best marketing agencies, Thinking Juice brings fresh ideas that work. The people here take internal and external truths that surround a brand in order to bring these to life in a convincing and creative way. Range of services offered by Thinking Juice include brand, integrated, digital, and content.

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  • Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, or in short BSSP, is one of the largest independent agencies and best advertising agencies on the West Coast and in the world, respectively. It provides creative, and accountable marketing solutions to a variety of brands.

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  • J. Walter Thompson J. Walter Thompson, or in short JWT, is a London-based advertising agency that builds pioneering brands which connect with people, change culture and drive commerce. A team of over 350 curious, collaborative and courageous professionals is behind JWT who bring ideas to life.

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  • The Specialist Works An extraordinary growth demands an extraordinary team, states The Specialist Works ? one of best marketing agencies. The folks here recognize the fact that traditional media agency model is broken and therefore, put client?s objectives first and only book media they want and need.

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  • Fallon A fully-integrated creative, media and production agency that also happens to be one of the best marketing agency, Fallon believes in dignity of an individual, and that creativity is the last means to having an unfair advantage. List of their clients include Silk, Verizon, Danone Wave, and Tru TV among others.

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  • Brand Knew Creativity is the currency, it says on the Brand Knew?s homepage. As a creative agency and technology studio, Brand Knew provides these remarkable services ? web development, brand development, and social marketing to a wide array of clients including Fit Cause, Social Press Kit, and AMP Live among others.

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  • Cheil London Providing ideas that move is Cheil London, a limited company registered in England and Wales, wholly owned by Cheil Worldwide Inc. It is a full-service data-driven, one of the best marketing agencies that is creating meaningful connections and offering services that are centered around data and insight, new technologies, film and TV, content and social, experiences and retail, product innovation, and platforms.

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  • Recipe Recipe is a creative agency that is built to do the impossible, to break the good, find the spark and more. With honesty as their policy, the folks here are genuinely honest with their clients and themselves. Provided by them are services of production, strategy, digital, content creation, and community management among others.

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  • Something Massive Sometimes massive is a creative agency that lives at the intersection of culture and brand, and whose work is driven by insights. The folks at this one of the best advertising agencies make stuff, sometimes for money and always for love. Their goal is to propel ongoing brand/customer connections through timely, relevant and relatable content.

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  • Sensis Sensis is a cross-cultural marketing agency that is driving behavior change. For the people working at Sensis, action inspires perception, and they use primary research to understand about target audience that they need to influence and identify their most action-prone segments. Thereafter, they leverage these cultural insights to create experiences and change behavior.

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  • Deep Focus Here is the agency that works. The craftsmanship of Deep Focus brings ideas to life and the content its people create build brands. The capabilities of its people lie in research, strategy and analytics, proprietary trend research, creative and technology, content marketing, distribution strategy and planning, and client services and delivery.

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  • The Corner With a culture built on capabilities, The Corner puts right capabilities in one ambitious, can-do culture to offer services including advertising, events and activation, social, research and insight, design and UX, and content and production among others. Big buyers of these services by The Corner include names like Adidas, Diet Coke, L?oreal Paris, and Blu among others.

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  • Proximity Making people more valuable to brands is Proximity, one of the best marketing agencies in the world. It uses data-driven creativity for solving business problems. The folks here harness powerful insights and smart targeting to create behavior-changing ideas and experiences which ultimately deliver value to brands that they work with, brands like Disney, Procter & Gamble, Bacardi, The Economist, and John Lewis among others.

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  • Brothers and Sisters Brothers and Sisters is an independent and one of the best advertising agencies in the UK, founded by Andy Fowler in 2006. It offers exemplary services including advertising, identity development, mobile marketing, digital marketing, TV production, branding, strategic development, and social media among others.

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  • Publicis UK Having over four hundred highly motivated and talented individuals across five agencies, Publicis UK and the people behind it focus on helping its/their clients and manage change. They start by looking at the consumer journey and touchpoints and follow the course along the way.

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  • The&Partnership A future focused creative agency, The&Partnership brings creativity, technology and data together in new, exciting and effective ways to serve its clients, which include some big names such as Argos, Lexus International, British Gas, News UK, and Big yellow among others.

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  • Leith Creating bold ideas that work is Leith, one of the best advertising agencies in the world which is more than advertising agency. The people behind it still make ads but they also do so much more, and by that it means, everything that you would expect and then some. It is an ideas factory, and its ideas live in lots of different places.

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  • Conill Conill, one of the best marketing agencies, was founded in 1968. Today, it is among the most highly awarded multicultural agencies in the U.S. and serves clients including Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Haagen Dazs, Tide, Crest, and T Mobile among others.

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  • FCB Inferno The people at FCB Inferno believe that they are obliged, morally as well slays commercially, to make the world more interesting. They are media agnostic, fiercely and proudly, and they have won awards in diverse channels such as film, digital and social; and have been recognized as Integrated Agency of the Year at 2016 Campaign Big Awards.

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  • Creature of London Creature of London is home of intelligent misbehavior and is also a gloriously independent agency that is making game-changing advertising, something which real people can?t help but care about. It has already done so for brands like The British Red Cross, Carling, Tetley, and Photobox among others.

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  • Beattie McGuinness Bungay Ideas that create their own energy are created at BMB, short for Beattie McGuinness Bungay. The folks here create work that people want to be a part of, something that gets under the skin of culture and continues to grow after it?s been released.

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  • Brave Brave is a full-service creative agency that is strategically forensic, creatively courageous, digitally progressive, data smart and behavior driven. Offered by brave are these services packed with relative skills ? broadcast advertising, brand strategy, social strategy and community management, integrated campaigns, and content strategy and creation among others.

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  • Isobel Isobel supercharges brands to help them find their purpose and voice through advertising, production, content, social, media, digital and planning services. With their brand-first thinking, the folks here provide consistency across media, with genuine integration and the creative work a brand need.

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  • Red Brick Road Red Brick Road is an integrated creative agency based in Clerkenwell, London. The people behind it create ideas that are magnetic and memorable. Their expertise lie in strategic planning, through brand, reputation and data; communications, through advertising, retail, direct marketing, and digital; and engagement through content, social, PR, and events.

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  • White Noise Productions The connected experiences agency, White Noise Productions is a house full of talented filmmakers and marketing specialists, who make it one of the best marketing agencies in the world. Together the team ideates, creates and curates, and know their Comic Sans from their Helvetica.

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  • Krow Communications It is here where leaps are made. Krow Communications is a full-service creative communications agency that was founded in 2005 and helps clients to make leaps to provide momentum for success. Offered by Krow are some of the best advertising services, digital services, and planning and strategy services among others.

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  • Bark&Bite Bark&Bite is a creatively led advertising agency that specializes in visually disruptive moving content. Founded in 2006 and Headquartered in Leads, West Yorkshire, it is driving brands to become or stay relevant in tomorrow?s most popular channels. It specializes in graphics, visual effects, motions, advertising, and sound design among others.

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  • Havas London Havas London is an integrated communications and marketing company in the UK that build teams around clients? needs. It offers a plethora of services including advertising, media, digital, social, corporate communications, mobile, public relations, design, and research among others.

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  • Albion A creative transformation partner, Albion specializes in using creativity to reinvent businesses. It was founded in 2002 by Jason Goodman, and today its people works with established businesses, ones that want to innovate, and they also work with CEOs, CDOs, COOs, and CMOs to develop new business strategies, and later connect with their teams to act upon them.

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  • IDM Brand IDM, short for Innovation Driven Marketing, is your marketing-driven transformation and growth partner that offers strategy, creative content, technology data, and brand development activation solutions, and serves a wide clientele including brands like Amazon, Black & Decker, and Lifeway among others.

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  • Golley Slater Golley Slater is an independent creative agency that has been creating memorable ideas and campaigns since long, considering its first office opened in 1957. It widely offers insights and creativity across channels and is opted for by some of the most exciting brands in the world.

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  • Happy Hour Productions Happy Hour Productions is a TV commercial and corporate video production company based in the UK that has made it to our list of best advertising agencies. It specializes in video, film, and animation production, specifically TV commercial production.

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  • Founded A part of IRIS, Founded is a creative agency for brands that have a commercial agenda. The folks here fuse insight and strategy to develop creative solutions which shape the way in which people feel, think and act for the ultimate benefit of their client.

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  • Quiet Storm Quiet Storm, one of the best advertising agencies on our list, was founded by Trevor Robinson OBE in 1995. The people behind it constantly thrive to make things happen for clients? businesses and they do it by creating mindbombs which are big, media neutral ideas celebrating that what makes brands great.

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  • Quigley Simpson Amongst the best advertising companies here is Quigley Simpson which is home to thinkers, doers and dreamers, as well as strategizers, analyzers and organizers, and also, innovators, collaborators and problem solvers, who come together to put their collective strengths into offering strategic intelligence, media intelligence, creative intelligence, data intelligence, and diverse intelligence.

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  • George & Dragon London Helping brands become their best selves is George & Dragon, a part of Harbour agency collective and one of the best marketing companies on our list. With its exemplary services, it serves brands like NFU Mutual, Onken, Maisons Du Monde, LCH, and Daily Mail among others.

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  • ?ber ?ber, the integrated creative agency, and one of the best advertising agencies in the world, offers branding, advertising, creative, copywriting, digital, design, strategy, social media, and broadcast and motion solutions to a wide array of clients including Audi, Bentley, Topman, BAFTA, Casio, and WB among others.

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  • Quaintise Quaintise is a health, wellness, and medical marketing agency in Los Angeles. What makes it one of the best marketing agencies across the globe is its proven Quaintise Process that follows and focuses on these three pillars - craft, subtlety and beauty.

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  • Partners Andrews Aldridge Partners Andrews Aldridge cuts into our list of best advertising agencies for its remarkable services. The folks here follow a simple strategic framework which includes improving, upgrading, and inventing. It is through this that they make experiences effortless, empower people, create products and services, and help brands enhance peoples? lives.

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  • The Market Creative The Market Creative is an integrated agency that is on a mission to influence shopper behavior in order to drive business. What makes this one of the best advertising agency is a small responsive team carrying big retail and marketing agency experience.

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  • Cubo Cubo is an integrated creative agency and part of the Cubo Group. It is a group of specialist agencies who collaborate in central London in order to help its clients grow. Behind Cubo?s success as one of the best marketing agencies are experts in digital, PR, social, creative, strategy and content.

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  • Dailey Finding stories in Data is Dailey, one of the best advertising agencies in the world. The folks here are expert at storytelling and believe that every brand has a story to tell, which is why they deploy their data and analytics in connecting right stories to right people.

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  • WPN Chameleon A Campaign Top 40 agency, and one of the best, WPN Chameleon develop smart, persuasive, proven, and engaging solutions in order to deliver real numbers, ones that match its clients? goals. Behind it is an eclectic combination of fifty creatives, TV producers, techies, strategists and researchers who make digital, social, responsive TV, direct mail, press, and other work across commercial and non-profit sectors.

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  • Designate Made in Brighton, Designate is a creative agency that thinks, lives and breathes brand. Offered by Designate are services covering branding, creative, design, campaign, identity, print design, social, digital, strategy, TV, outdoor and print design among others. And the people behind Designate ensure their clients get the solutions that are right for them.

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  • BETC Believing the power of creativity, BETC connects through culture and drive business results. A global agency and one of the best marketing agencies, BETC has a unique vision for brands, the kind of vision that goes beyond advertising and into culture through fashion and music, and food, film, design and so on.

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  • Libertine Home of free thinking, Libertine began with a simple idea. Along with being one of the best advertising agencies that leads the way in social media, it is also a brand consultancy expert in internal communications. Based in Covent Garden, the heart of London it serves a vast clientele including brands like British Airways, Rusk, QFC, and New Look among others.

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  • Mediareach Connecting cultures and building awesome brands is Mediareach, a marketing and advertising agency that is based in London, the UK. The people behind it ensure that their work, from brand, advertising, creative, digital, social and media is cost-effective, consistent and measurable.

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  • Space City Space City offers complete service from script to screen. The folks here believe in learning, creative production, low cost adverts, and achieving worldwide impact. It?s these abilities and more that has made it the UK?s number one producers of cost-effective TV commercials, and one of the best advertising agencies.

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  • Echo Factory Helping good companies be better is Echo Factory, one of the top advertising agencies in Southern California. The dream job of people behind echo factory is growing their client?s business. And the list of the clients they have or are working with include JoeFroyo, Mag-Lite, and others.

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  • Cheetham Bell A J. Walter Thompson company, Cheetham Bell works with brands like JT, Dr. Oetker, Nobia, Magnet, Siemens, BBC, and Thai Union among others. Solutions offered by Cheetham Bell include brand strategy, advertising, design, digital, CRM, content and shopper marketing.

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  • Leap Leap is a leading independent creative services agency that works in collaboration with agencies and directly with brand advertisers. Behind Leap is an integrated team of over hundred creatives, language and culture experts, digital technologists, designers, content producers, image and film producers, and production stylists.

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  • Kovel Fuller An independent agency, Kovel Fuller is built to deliver strategically strong creative executions that are placed and optimized through performance-based media. The team at Kovel Fuller help brands discover and define their audience for being backed by strong digital, social, video and media capabilities

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  • Walker Agency Straightforward and on-point, that is how you can define The Walker Agency ? the top-rated integrated advertising agency in the south-west UK. Being a RAR Top 100 agency, The Walker Agency enjoys the status of being one of the best advertising agency in the world for working and having worked with brands like Fruitella, Chupa-Chups, Borro, Mentos, Procter & Gamble, and others.

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  • Now Now, one of the best advertising agency that is for the restless world, has won 4 Golds, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze at the Creative Circle. Sold at Now is only one thing, and that is unconstrained thinking. And major buyers of that unconstrained thinking, that is clients of Now are Butlin?s Warner Leisure Hotels, ECB, and Intu among others

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  • Snap London Creating ideas that bite is Snap London, one of the best advertising agencies across the globe that is based in London. The team behind Snap London are straightforward, responsible, agile, curious and tenacious. Snap London is borne out of VCCP and its management team having worked at the VCCP partnership for many years.

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  • TBWA Calling itself The Disruption Company, TBWA has disruption in its DNA. Through thirty years of being in action, TBWA has matured phenomenally and so has its disruption strategy. Today, it works with brands like Adidas, Nissan, Datsun and Intel among others.

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  • Mcgarrybowen An integrated advertising agency, mcgarrybowen is committed to delivering creative work that is outstanding and drives its clients? businesses. What they make is the kind of work that challenges, excites, and pushes things forward. Founded in 2002 in New York, mcgarrybowen is a change agency that believes in the power of creativity.

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  • FKC Small but mighty, FKC is a strategic marketing and advertising agency which helps brands that have big ambitions but smaller budgets or teams. Its clientele includes names like Givenchy, Equazen, Netflights, Titan, Sunkissed, Franky & Benny?s, and Miton among others.

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  • Complete Complete is an award-winning multimedia agency based in London that offers bespoke client-focused services, beginning with concept and ending in completion. It has over twenty-five years of experience in the industry which it extensively uses to help brands conceive, produce and promote their ideas.

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  • Love Creative Marketing Love Creative Marketing is a creative guerilla marketing and promotional staffing agency that works with brands and media agencies. It specializes in delivering bespoke marketing campaigns, train and tube station poster advertising and face to face guerilla marketing solutions capable of creating buzz, raising awareness and driving sales.


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