About us

What Is World’s Best 100?

World’s Best 100 is where the quest for information ends. It is where the best one hundred of almost everything is curated and presented, which means there is the top one hundred from the world of business, politics, science, fashion, entertainment et al.

Concisely, World’s Best 100 is an initiative to ease the trouble faced by masses while searching for relevant, reliable, accurate and helpful information online.

As a one stop shore for web-surfers, World’s Best 100 offers deeply researched, highly analyzed, and smartly organized collection of the world-wide-web’s or internet’s best hundred answers for varied queries.

Who is Behind World’s Best 100?

Behind World’s Best 100 is a team of tech geeks and polymaths who are always in search of the most relevant and detailed information. It is their quest that has given birth to World’s Best 100 and the concept behind it.

What You Can Expect From World’s Best 100?

Broadly covered in nine categories are best hundred results of almost everything. So, you can expect to find the top hundred suggestions/recommendations/answers/etc for a simple or complex query you would otherwise key into google.

To exemplify that, consider this, you wish to stay fit but don’t know where to begin and how. So, you visit the lord of information, aka Google, and request for, say, best fitness tips or best fitness blogs or so on. Google serves your query with tens of thousands of answers, or as they call it, search results. On the other hand, there is World’s Best 100 that picks out only the best hundred results, like a magnet picks out iron nails. So, with World’s Best 100 you get a hundred best fitness blogs, just like that.

How Do We Rank The Best 100 In Any Category?

For varied Worlds Best 100 collections we – that is, our team of tech geeks, researchers, polymaths, and curiosity mongers – follow one or both of the undermentioned ways:

  1. Best options/top results in each category are sorted on the basis of their Alexa Traffic Ranking*.
  2. Further analysis of best options/top results is conducted by the Worlds Best 100 Team, which considers numerous variables based on the requirements and feasibility. Displayed in no particular order and limitations, they are:
    1. Net Worth
    2. Social Media Presence
    3. Response Rate/Service (or other) Reviews
    4. Frequency of updates/posts/releases
    5. Longevity of web presence
    6. Respective contributions to the world wide web
    7. Number of WB100 Votes received (For lists under second review/impending update)
    8. And others

*Alexa Traffic Ranking is a ranking system by the subsidiary of amazon.com called alexa.com, which audits and publicizes various websites’ frequency of visits.

**In places where Alexa Traffic Ranking is not available or applicable, other ranking systems are followed, including industry specific ranking systems.